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Salvador Dalí The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1959



And just like that, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg belatedly found they had fallen on their own swords, as these were already sticking out of their backs. Let’s see it as poetic justice. They thought they had the power- after all, they’re just private companies!- to restrict Donald Trump’s access to their organizations, and then ban him altogether, only to find that they themselves will now be restricted and perhaps even banned as a result.

They figured since most of the world doesn’t like Trump, it would applaud the moves as much as the US Democratic party does. But most of the world doesn’t. What it sees, what its leaders see, is a threat to everyone else’s freedom of speech, not just Trump’s. Those countries and their leaders have been suspicious of the might of US tech companies for longer, and they will now look elsewhere for social media functionality. It’s no accident that Facebook alone lost some $47 billion in market cap since the Trump ban.

This does not come from Trump supporters. Angela Merkel, not a Trump fun at all, summarizes the worries: “Her spokesman said Monday the German leader found it “problematic” that corporate managers could deny someone access under rules not defined by law.” That’s it right there, the heart of the matter: “law”. Twitter and Facebook act as judge, jury and henchman, and that is not legal, not even for private companies.

Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Facebook of all places (love the irony): “Algorithms or the owners of corporate giants should not decide which views are right and which are not.” “There can be no consent to censorship.” Poland is drafting legislation which would make it illegal for social media companies to remove posts that did not break Polish law. “Removing lawful content would directly violate the law, and this will have to be respected by the platforms that operate in Poland.”

While Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said: “Yes, social media should not be used to incite violence and all that, but this cannot be used as a pretext to suspend freedom of expression.” “How can a company act as if it was all powerful, omnipotent, as a sort of Spanish Inquisition on what is expressed?” AMLO is actively seeking a coalation of countries in the world to counter social media’s recent policies.

It’s quite something that Dorsey and Zuckerberg were/are blind to this. That they were apparently thinking in “American terms” only when banning Trump, and given political sentiments thought they could get away with it, but did not see the broader international implications. Their shareholders will not appreciate that blind spot. The US is not their only market.


The first things that will happen now is that the EU will look at measures to curtail social media’s freedoms in its territory. This is not an obvious matter, many of its countries – see Poland’s example- will claim they have their own laws and standards, and they often do, but, if only for internal EU political reasons, that won’t stick.

Social media are important platforms in politics these days. In EU elections, national parties form coalitions with each other, and these then form bigger coalitions (blocs). A candidate for the European Parliament could potentially be banned in one country, while one from another country, but belonging to the same party or bloc, would not. That can’t be, it’s too messy even by EU standards, so legislation will have to be pan-EU.

The funniest thing that might come of this is Facebook and Twitter re-opening Trump’s accounts to appease Merkel et al, but it’s too late. There are plenty EU companies more than eager to fill the void that Silicon Valley would leave behind (or they can order Chinese). And Jack and Mark will not win the world’s trust back in time, they stepped over the line.

Replacing Facebook won’t happen overnight. But if access to it is cut in large parts of the world, it could happen faster than you think. As for Twitter and WhatsApp, oh well, dime a dozen. They can kill Parler, but already large numbers of people are switching over to Signal and Telegram. Can’t kill ’em all, @jack.

Talking of which, did you see the Project Veritas video secretly made by a Twitter employee? This is exactly why Twitter will be restricted and banned. @jack threatening to give many other people the same treatment as Trump is a scary sight for many people across the world, politicians or citizens. You know who’s next? You are next.



@jack Veritas



Plenty politicians want to ban people from all manner of things, but they want to be the ones doing the banning, not @jack. But as Merkel observes, banning someone with no basis whatsoever in law is not what anyone should want. In the end, refusing someone access to social media turns into the same thing as refusing them access to a computer. Or, maybe an even better example, to a phone. Things like that happen very rarely, and never to a President of the United States. Ma Bell, Baby Bells, AT&T, maybe that’s the future of Facebook and Twitter. If they’re lucky.

And while we’re at it, we haven’t even mentioned Google yet. Let’s turn them into baby-Googles too. Because the biggest threat that Silicon Valley poses is not that they ban Trump and actively tried to influence a US presidential election (remember Zuckerberg’s $500 million election fund)?

No, the biggest threat is their algorithms used to spy on you and me to “optimize” us as victims clients for their advertizers. That’s why this is not just about Facebook and Twitter, but certainly also about Google. These are virtual monopolies we’re talking about. And while you’re at it, add Apple and Amazon. It’s their ties to intelligence services that make these companies the most threatening. In the US, this is too far advanced to stop now. But in Europe, there may still be a chance.

This is a big fight when it comes to liberty and personal space. And if you don’t fight it now, you’ve already lost. Pay attention please.




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    Salvador Dalí The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1959     And just like that, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg belatedly found
    [See the full post at: Baby Social Media]

    Big Dick Kennedy

    Ok but… I thought those platforms were dying with the youth?
    Facebook is for Grandparents. Tiktok beats Twitter with the group that counts.
    Merkel didn’t really give a shit when she found out the NSA had been spying on her.
    I would say those platforms were on the decline as the newest ones rise.
    Oh and most of the popular platforms are owned/created/run by China.
    FB/Twitter were CIA/NSA US funded and tied.
    The REAL players know what platforms are safe and sound and which you never use.
    Maybe the EU moves to Chinese spyware and away from US spyware.
    Which is nice because the Chinese already know how to control their spyware and information access.
    I think you missed Russia.
    Russia fine Starlink users
    “Russia’s legislative body, the State Duma, is considering fines for individuals and companies in the country that use Western-based satellite Internet services. The proposed law seeks to prevent accessing the Internet by means of SpaceX’s Starlink service, OneWeb, or other non-Russian satellite constellations under development.

    According to a recent report in the Russian edition of Popular Mechanics, the recommended fines range from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles ($135-$405) for ordinary users, and from 500,000 to 1 million rubles ($6,750 to $13,500) for legal entities who use the Western satellite services.

    In the Russian-language article, translated for Ars by Robinson Mitchell, members of the Duma assert that accessing the Internet independently would bypass the country’s System of Operational Search Measures, which monitors Internet use and mobile communications. As part of the country’s tight control on media and communications, all Russian Internet traffic must pass through a Russian communications provider.”

    Which in no surprise because Musk is tight with US military and intelligence.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    So if you are these guys spying on everyone all the time, who do you trust? What medium do use to communicate?
    How paranoid are you?
    Who can you really trust?
    Moscow rules?

    In the end are you a Harry Caul

    The Conversation final scene</

    Remember when Johnny Fever was scared of the phone cops?
    Phone cops


    I have this gut feeling jack and zack etc. banned Trump on the behest of uniparty figures like Mitch who desires to purge Trump supporters from the republican party.

    They (uniparty political leaders) probably hoped to also fracture conservatives (and liberals next) into smaller irrelevant groups through the twitter, facebook, google, bans.

    Stupidly, these corporation’s CEOs also played themselves directly into the hands of government regulators! More than being just short sighted!

    Hope Krama is a bitch!

    D Benton Smith

    I used to think that political accusations that someone or other in high position was “Trying to destroy the country !” was just stupid hyperbole.

    I’ve changed my mind.

    I now do think that certain people in high position America are, indeed, proactively trying to destroy this country.

    But that’s crazy, you might say (as I used to say myself, in fact), no one in their right mind would try to destroy the power structure that they are standing on and depend on for their own personal power.

    That’s true. They wouldn’t. But what if the power structure they’re standing on and depend on for their personal power is NOT the United States of America ?

    Well in that case then trying to destroy America makes all the sense in the world, especially if doing so is in the interests of the folks you actually do work for and depend on for your juice.

    Such is the case for a whole bevy of bureaucrats and billionaires ( far too numerous to list by name here. Besides, you already know their names) who are hysterically attempting to simultaneously do the following crazy shit :

    Remove Trump ,
    censor the internet,
    eliminate free speech and replace it with approved speech [ approved by whom ?],
    revise the biological fact of gender, use pandemic as a means of dictatorial populace control,
    “Great Reset” the financial and governing structure of the entire world,
    restore the suicidally imbalanced trade arrangements with China,
    criminalize previously accepted standards of political thought,
    track & record the movements and communicated thoughts and behaviors of all human beings,
    surreptitiously influence (control) the movements thoughts and behaviors of all human beings,
    replace the nuclear family as the primary unit of social order and replace it with government authorities, redefine the word “racist” to mean “anyone who opposes our agenda”,
    remove the individual as the primary unit deciding political power limits and replace it with organized associations which already have political authority over individuals.

    I could go on at greater length. So could you.

    What do those crazy intentions all have in common ? They are all evolved from the works of Karl Marx, and they also constitute the openly admitted and publicly promoted agenda of the Chinese Communist Party.

    The solution is so extremely simple as to sound overly simplistic, but in fact it really is this simple : individuals who espouse that Communist agenda are to be financially, legally and politically removed from their positions of authority and made to play the persuasion game by the same rules as the rest of us. No more cheating. Some of the worst cheaters have seriously violated very big and important laws. Consequently, many of them must be prosecuted and , if found guilty, put in prison to safeguard lawful society.

    But before I sign off I want to include one more point, and it is a very very important point : These damn Marxist idiots would not keep popping up over and over and over again if there were not some underlying serious problem forcing people to turn to them for solutions. In other words, a real problem suffered by real people with legitimate grievances.

    You know as well as I do that grasping , greedy psychopathic robber baron types are causing incalculable suffering and truly outrageous injustices . . . and there are ZERO proposed antidotes to that deadly poison under consideration by our official brain-trust. Just for example, the very concept of trillionaires is an affront to the logical worldview of every rational human being. We have got to solve that problem, fellow citizens, because until we do the angry lunatics are going to keep whipping up the truly downtrodden . . . and you can look out your window (or into your video feed) and see where that leads.

    Look at it this way: In every contest there will eventually be a winner and a loser. Because of innumerable differences in circumstances and in skills of individual humans close to half of those people are going to land on the losing side so often that they can’t go on living.

    Do you “owe” them a living, like the Commies say ? No, of course not (its not even physically possible) BUT , by the same token, can you reasonably expect them to NOT try to change things around so that they can win in the future ? If they have to form conspiracies or mobs of Commie agitators to gang up and win next time , can you reasonably expect them NOT to ?

    Of course not. People are going to do whatever it takes to survive.

    Allow greedy oligarchs to rewrite the rules and capture all of the positions of power, in such a way it becomes impossible to survive by playing fair and guess what happens next.


    Isn’t it amazing how smart that jack and zach are, that they can be so stupid!

    They do stupidity on a grand scale!

    Maybe we should be eternally grateful for their incredible stupidity?

    They do, after all, work for the government!


    WES posted, I have this gut feeling jack and zack etc. banned Trump on the behest of uniparty figures like Mitch who desires to purge Trump supporters from the republican party.

    That, or some variant (fash word but in Covid realm) of a similar story, see my post on last thread, is most surely the case, imho.


    When is some bulldog law firm going to assemble around 50,000,000 or so plaintiffs, in a class action against these “National Socialists?”

    Dr. D

    Benton, that is very smart. And I am also very sorry to have come to this realization simply by not denying obvious conclusions.

    “If it’s three times, it’s enemy action.”

    It is not a pleasant world to know, and there are not that many allies in it. However, the truth is the truth, “Though the heavens fall.” The truth is God’s truth, and I would know it.

    On the upside, it looks not nearly as unpopulated on this side as it used to be. They’ve reached a point where there’s no other explanation.

    Veracious Poet

    Allow greedy oligarchs psychopaths to rewrite the rules and capture all of the positions of power, in such a way it becomes impossible to survive by playing fair and guess what happens next.

    We the Sheeple have chosen poorly, and the rest as they say is baked-in-the-cake.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    “What do those crazy intentions all have in common ? They are all evolved from the works of Karl Marx”


    Here I thought it was the Jews, wait the Fundamentalist Christians, no the Muslims.
    Forgot the Illuminati and the Lizard People.

    This fucker came before Marx

    “Oct 6 1014

    Czar Samuil of Bulgaria dies after an army of 15,000 of his men is returned, blinded by his enemy Emperor Basil of the Byzantine Empire. One out of every hundred of his men was permitted to keep one eye, such that they were able to return home. For this victory Basil earned the title Bulgaroctonus, slayer of Bulgars.”

    Let’s make it even more simple.
    People want more power and have no clue what to do with when they get it.
    Everywhere in History the same pattern gets repeated.
    In the end it is always the stupid fucking peasants that go along with their rulers.
    A little pussy, a little beer, some scavenged gold or silver and the peasants are happy.
    Marx and the Chinese please my man your scope is pretty narrow.

    The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.
    Edmund Burke

    Baron de Montesquieu
    ”Liberty… is there only when there is no abuse of power.”

    “Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.” — Plato
    “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.” — Aristotle
    “A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.” – Chinese Proverb

    Dude face facts people are fucking stupid and WANT to be lead. WWWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYY before Marx. Way before the Chinese. Way back in our Monkey mind.
    We are the fucking problem. We allow shit to happen.
    What about those fucking Christians that robbed and raped their way through the world way before Marx?
    What about every indigenous tribe that waged horrific warfare on another, way before Marx.
    What about the framers of the constitution who forgot about Indians and Women and other minorities including other white folk like the Irish, as being human.
    I know you are NOT that simple.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    Veracious Poet

    Chosen poorly?
    We played the game. We knew the rules. We lost.
    Well we all didn’t lose.
    Some of us saw the rapids and just rode it out.
    Continue to ride it out.
    All things must pass.

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    Big Dick Kennedy

    Dr. D

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
    George Orwell

    D Benton Smith

    @ Big Dick Kennedy

    I assume from your moniker that you are less than well endowed. That’s okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed about have a small penis. It’s not the sword, it’ the swordsmanship, right ?

    Speaking of swords, yours seems to be slicing in only one direction. That’s okay too. There is nothing to be ashamed about thinking of just one side of issue. Being a halfwit is 50% better than being totally stupid, but please do keep trying.

    Judging from the babbling nonsense you responded with you are almost halfway there.

    Good list of quotations from people wiser than thee or me. You should invest less time in being rude and more time in understanding what you read.

    Kerry Wilson

    Nowhere in this article is it mentioned that “freedom of speech” does not extend to fomenting insurrection, coordinating criminal activity, or creating a climate that can reasonably be expected to result in violence. As is usual with advancing technologies, the law trails behind, and should be amended. But the argument you’re advancing applies to a far different scenario than the one that got Trump banned.

    Veracious Poet

    Being a halfwit is 50% better than being totally stupid, but please do keep trying.

    Judging from the babbling nonsense you responded with you are almost halfway there.

    The debauched are immune to reason ~ The disturbed only know pleasure and pain.

    The war whoops of the disturbed now fill the air, as they compulsively lay siege upon reason, seething in their bestial dreams of monsters to destroy…

    The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions ~ John Locke 1690


    Big Dick Kennedy

    D Benton Smith
    Veracious Poet

    One fell into the penis trap, the other the intellectual one.
    At least you didn’t hit the inevitable Nazi trap.
    Neither one of you had any valid argument. Thus the Monkey mind need for insults.
    Obviously I tweaked some nerve to cause you both so much psychic trauma.
    But I really don’t care.
    I post things of interest to me. Parts of a very large web.
    If no one reads them, at least I did my civic duty.
    Not my loss.
    Spiritual right poet, wink, wink.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    D Benton Smith
    “Good list of quotations from people wiser than thee or me. You should invest less time in being rude and more time in understanding what you read.”

    I have treated you with much Grandmotherly kindness.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    D Benton Smith
    “Good list of quotations from people wiser than thee or me.”

    Prove they are wiser than you?
    I have stated who I am. I know my place, better then some worse than others.
    But you claim they are wiser men than you. So how wise are you?
    How do you know they are wiser than me?
    What wisdom gauge do you posses and where was it found?
    Was it god given or self realized?
    Which god gave it to you?
    What part of yourself uncovered this great and wondrous aspect?
    Did you awaken from a dream disclaiming” EUREKA! I have the means to understand and rank the wisdom of others! Now I must apply it on internet forums where others have not and most likely never will perceive my visage nor my home. I must rank all posts and keep records thereof. I must hasten off and immediately empower myself with this gauge of wisdom”.
    Did it come in a drunken or drugged stupor?
    Were you hit upon the head prior to this realization?
    What price have you paid for this so painful a gift?
    Surely your gauge must have revealed which family and friend were more or less wise than you. That must cause must joy and pain. It must force you to speak down to those with less wisdom and bend a knee to those with more.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    Veracious Poet
    Was that a self portrait?

    Big Dick Kennedy

    I read every post from everyone. I follow every link.
    Just so y’all know.

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    Salvador Dalí The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1959

    That would seem naive at the least…

    I have always eyed “social media” with suspicion; which is why I don’t use it…
    This also being the only blog I post on…


    Note to myself: Never, ever post anything “Marx”. People grown on baby powder milk, McCarthy brand are set for life.


    When things are rough and it looks like the end-
    Can I eat the critter that ate my friend?


    Advertisers feed the web

    D Benton Smith

    @Kerry Wilson

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Not only is the language of the First Amendment crystal clear and unambiguous, it closes the door on criminals, authoritarians or tyrants trying to fiddle some way around it. It bars that door by beginning with the words, “Congress shall make no law . . .etc.” America’s Constitution guarantees absolute freedom of speech, and forbids writing new laws to get around the blockade. It is a cornerstone of human rights .

    In other words, you have the right to yell any damned thing you want in a crowded theater. If people are killed as a consequence, then it is you causing their deaths that is the crime . . . not the yelling. It’s the same reason that in a shooting the law accuses the shooter, not the bullets.

    If there was a law against yelling FIRE in crowded theaters, then people might die because you saw a fire but were forbidden by law to yell out a warning. Just like believing that Trump should not have freedom of speech to publicly accuse the criminals who stole the election. Rigging the National Election was a crime, so the people who did it are criminals. What if you witnessed Trump committing election fraud, but, you were forbidden by law from saying anything about it to others?

    Should Trump NOT tell the 75 million people who voted for him that their victory had been stolen , because it might upset them ? They should let an election thief be their President instead of the one they voted for? . On January 6th , 2021, 100,000 people or so peacefully assembled to petition their government for a redress of their grievance that the election had been stolen . They were obeying both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution, the most fundamental law of the nation. They did their duty, broke no law , and neither did Trump. He honored his duty to his citizens, and they did their duty.

    How can any of that that be construed as bad in anyone’s mind ?

    If Trump was inciting then why didn’t they incite? If he was “fomenting” an insurrection then why didn’t they foam ? Where, exactly is this insurrection, anyway, under my porch? What I see in Washington is 40,000 armed National Guard standing around with each other inside a barbed wire fence. No flames, smoke or gunfire. Pretty boring insurrection if you ask me.

    And in closing let me you remind everyone dropping in that Infringing Freedom of Speech is not only unjust, it is also very illegal.

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