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Vaccines: Reasons for Concern (Alex Berenson)
European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths (TN)
The ‘Big Lie’ Of Jabs Comes Unglued (Denninger)
Singapore’s Surprising New Plan To ‘Live With Covid’ (News.com.au)
J&J To Stop Selling Opioids In US, Reaches $230 Million Settlement (MSN)
A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction (Whitney Webb)
United States Ranks Last In Media Trust (Turley)
US Food Banks Warn Soaring Prices Will Affect Distributions (ZH)
Stella Moris Says She Plans To Marry Julian Assange In Belmarsh Prison (RT)
Key Witness In Assange Case Admits To Lies In Indictment (Stundin)





McCullough: early treatment can’t be stopped



Why is the R rate highest in the most vaccinated countries?



Part 2: Why does the CDC keep calling post-Covid vaccine heart problems in young men “rare” and “mild” when they are neither?

Vaccines: Reasons for Concern (Alex Berenson)

At [Wednesday’s CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)] meeting, CDC scientists presented horrendous data. It showed that even without accounting for underreporting, a second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could increase the risk of problems up to 200-fold in young men. But the scientists then went on to suggest the vaccines should still given – even to kids already suffering from heart problems. The CDC’s focus yesterday was on two illnesses, myocarditis and pericarditis, forms of heart inflammation that can occasionally progress to heart failure and even death. The CDC and many reporters insist on calling the cases mild. In fact 95 percent of the 300+ post-vaccination cases the CDC has reviewed have led to hospitalization.

Keep in mind cases are continuing to come in, and the agency hasn’t reviewed all the cases it has already received. This issue is part of a bigger problem, which is that the volume of side effects reports that the CDC has received on the Covid vaccines has overwhelmed its monitoring system. To give you a sense of the problem: In all of 2019, the CDC’s voluntary vaccine side effect reporting system received about 48,000 reports for ALL vaccines. So far in 2021 it has received at least seven times that many for Covid vaccines alone. Also keep in mind that heart inflammation is only ONE potential problem the vaccines may cause. The CDC and journalists generally like to compare each individual vaccine side effect to ALL the risks of Covid, a slight-of-hand that has the effect of making the vaccines seem safer. In fact, the CDC’s own data shows that for every 100,000 vaccines given to young people, more than 25,000 will have temporary side effects that prevent them from “normal activities,” 700 will require medical care and 200 will be hospitalized.

In contrast, the CDC estimates that only about 50 out of 100,000 adolescents have EVER been hospitalized for Covid-related illness.

Of course, not everyone has gotten Covid – the CDC estimates that about 1/3 of Americans have. (Most never had a positive test, and many never even knew.) Thus, if EVERYONE got Covid, it is reasonable to assume the 50 Covid hospitalizations out of 100,000 adolescents rate might be about three times as high – or 150 per 100,000. But even the 150 per 100,000 rate is LOWER than the 200 per 100,000 rate of adolescents who are hospitalized in the first week after being vaccinated. In other words, even if vaccinations stopped every case of Covid in 12-17 year olds forever, and even if they never had side effects after the first week, it is hard to see how the risk-benefit ratio supports vaccination.

That’s especially true for healthy teens. Most Covid hospitalizations occur in people with other illnesses, including diabetes or chronic lung conditions. But in its presentation Wednesday, the CDC instead claimed that the rate of hospitalization in adolescents was roughly 400 out of 14,000 cases, or close to 2,900 per 100,000 – almost 20 times what its own data shows. (Estimating three deaths out of 14,000 adolescent cases is even less credible.) And it did not look at the combined rate of all post-vaccine hospitalizations, only those related to myocarditis.

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“From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (753,657) are serious injuries..”

European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths (TN)

A subscriber from Europe recently emailed us and reminded us that this database maintained at EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe who are part of the European Union (EU), which comprises 27 countries. The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50, although there are some differences of opinion as to which countries are technically part of Europe. So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured due to COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here. The EudraVigilance database reports that through June 19, 2021 there are 15,472 deaths and 1,509,266 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (753,657) are serious injuries. “Seriousness provides information on the suspected undesirable effect; it can be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.” A Health Impact News subscriber in Europe ran the reports for each of the four COVID-19 shots we are including here. This subscriber has volunteered to do this, and it is a lot of work to tabulate each reaction with injuries and fatalities, since there is no place on the EudraVigilance system we have found that tabulates all the results.

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“Fortunately there are enough un-vaccinated people that the Marek’s Disease sort of disaster will not happen so long as enough people refuse..”

The ‘Big Lie’ Of Jabs Comes Unglued (Denninger)

Here it is folks… “According to multiple sources, two unvaccinated NC State players tested positive for COVID-19 this week, prompting the NCAA to test the entire roster, including vaccinated players. Four positive tests came back from that round of testing, prompting the no-contest ruling. All four of the latest positive tests came from vaccinated individuals who were in the dugout for Friday’s game against Vanderbilt, per multiple sources.”

So in other words: 1. The team members originally subject to testing were only subject to testing because they refused to risk having their heart destroyed by the jabs (along with the risk of occlusive strokes and similar.) Thus the NCAA demanded they, and only they, have swabs shoved up their nose. 2. This shoving of swabs “disclosed” (such as it is, knowing the PCR false-positive and not-infectious-but-positive problems) two “infections”, neither of which were in obviously-ill people. 3. That prompted the testing of those who were coerced into taking the risk of heart failure via the jabs and when they were tested, all of whom were allegedly immune which is the claimed outcome of such jabs and the claimed reason to let someone give you them, it was disclosed they were in fact not immune at all and four of those people were also positive.

In other words the shots are worthless to prevent acquisition and propagation of the disease; their failure rate in doing so is enormous and their efficacy in that regard is nowhere near the percentages claimed by all the *******s involved, including Vanderbilt, the CDC, TNDOH and others. There are 35 players on a D1 roster by NCAA rules so at best the jabs failed to prevent acquisition and propagation of the virus more than 11% of the time and it likely is worse than that since the odds are high a third or more of the players had pre-existing immunity via prior infection, most without knowing it, before they got jabbed. This in turn means that the likely actual failure rate for sterilizing immunity is probably somewhere between 30-50% while the science thus far for infection-conferred sterilizing immunity (study out of the Cleveland Clinic) is nearly 100%.

IT IS NOW CONCLUSIVELY PROVED THE JABS DO NOT WORK TO PREVENT ACQUISITION AND PROPAGATION OF THE VIRUS SO SHUT THE **** UP SCREAMING KAREN. Of course nobody sequenced all six of these people to figure out whether one of them was the index. It would be wildly embarrassing to find out that one of the vaccinated players was in fact the index, so that will not be looked at, deliberately, because to find and report that would instantly destroy any and all argument of alleged “community protection” from said shots.

[..] This garbage continues today in that this incident proves that the shots do not provide sterilizing immunity even among immuno-competent individuals which is arguably presumptive in someone in good enough physical condition to be competitive in D1 collegiate baseball. It is always true that an immune-compromised person may not get sterilizing (or any) immunity for a vaccine because their immune system is not working properly but the lack of sterilizing immunity on a broad basis in immune-competent individuals is what produces recombination and ultimately mutation. Fortunately there are enough un-vaccinated people that the Marek’s Disease sort of disaster will not happen so long as enough people refuse, as if the mutation produced by all the idiots who took the jabs is more-virulent it still leads to shunning as soon as it finds an unvaccinated host and thus loses the genetic lottery.

Ivermectin in media lockdown

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“The bad news is that Covid-19 may never go away. The good news is that it is possible to live normally with it in our midst..”

Singapore’s Surprising New Plan To ‘Live With Covid’ (News.com.au)

A country that has been one of the world’s most successful at combating Covid-19 has announced it will soon fundamentally change how it manages the pandemic. The city state of Singapore has stated covid will be treated like other endemic diseases such as flu. There will be no goals of zero transmission. Quarantine will be dumped for travellers and close contact of cases will not have to isolate. It also plans to no longer announce daily case numbers. But you may need to take tests to head to the shops or go to work. Senior Singaporean ministers have said it is the “new normal” of “living with covid”.

“The bad news is that Covid-19 may never go away. The good news is that it is possible to live normally with it in our midst,” wrote Singapore’s trade Minister Gan Kim Yong, finance minister Lawrence Wong and health minister Ong Ye Kung said in an editorial in the Straits Times this week. “It means that the virus will continue to mutate, and thereby survive in our community.” Like most countries, Singapore had an initial peak of cases last year, topping out at 600 cases a day in mid-April. Following a smaller wave in August, Covid-19 hasn’t flared up since. However, the nation of 5.7 million, slightly larger than Sydney, has had a steady undercurrent of around 20-30 cases every day. The nation has recorded 35 deaths in total.

Singapore has strict border controls in place with most countries including tests on arrival, hotel quarantine and stay at home orders. It’s not dissimilar to Australia, but Singapore varies the demands on travellers depending on the risk in the location where they last visited. But all that would be eventually done away with under the plan put out by ministers Kung, Yong and Wong who make up Singapore’s Covid-19 multi-ministry task force. “Every year, many people catch the flu. The overwhelming majority recover without needing to be hospitalised, and with little or no medication. But a minority, especially the elderly and those with comorbidities, can get very ill, and some succumb.

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Will pay the settlement from vaccine profits…

J&J To Stop Selling Opioids In US, Reaches $230 Million Settlement (MSN)

Johnson & Johnson, one of the pharmaceutical giants accused of fueling the deadly US opioid crisis, has reached a settlement with the state of New York for $230 million and confirmed it will stop making or selling opioids in the United States. The agreement announced Saturday allows Johnson & Johnson to resolve litigation over its role in the epidemic, which has killed more than half a million people since 1999, according to a statement from New York attorney general Letitia James. For its part, in a separate statement J&J said the settlement allowed it to avoid a trial that was scheduled to begin Monday, and said the group had “made the business decision in 2020 to discontinue all of its prescription pain medications in the United States.”

The settlement “is not an admission of liability or wrongdoing by the company,” it said, noting that other nationwide legal proceedings are underway, including a trial in California. The prosecutor’s statement said the company would spread the payments over nine years. J&J could also pay an additional $30 million in the first year if the state enacts new legislation creating an opioid settlement fund. “The opioid epidemic has wreaked havoc on countless communities across New York state and the rest of the nation, leaving millions still addicted to dangerous and deadly opioids,” James said in the statement. “Johnson & Johnson helped fuel this fire, but today they’re committing to leaving the opioid business — not only in New York, but across the entire country,” she added.

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Medical surveillance.

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction (Whitney Webb)

The world’s richest medical research foundation, the Wellcome Trust, has teamed up with a pair of former DARPA directors who built Silicon Valley’s skunkworks to usher in an age of nightmarish surveillance, including for babies as young as three months old. Their agenda can only advance if we allow it. A UK nonprofit with ties to global corruption throughout the COVID-19 crisis as well as historical and current ties to the UK eugenics movement launched a global health-focused DARPA equivalent last year. The move went largely unnoticed by both mainstream and independent media.

The Wellcome Trust, which has arguably been second only to Bill Gates in its ability to influence events during the COVID-19 crisis and vaccination campaign, launched its own global equivalent of the Pentagon’s secretive research agency last year, officially to combat the “most pressing health challenges of our time.” Though first conceived of in 2018, this particular Wellcome Trust initiative was spun off from the Trust last May with $300 million in initial funding. It quickly attracted two former DARPA executives, who had previously served in the upper echelons of Silicon Valley, to manage and plan its portfolio of projects.

This global health DARPA, known as Wellcome Leap, seeks to achieve “breakthrough scientific and technological solutions” by or before 2030, with a focus on “complex global health challenges.” The Wellcome Trust is open about how Wellcome Leap will apply the approaches of Silicon Valley and venture capital firms to the health and life science sector. Unsurprisingly, their three current programs are poised to develop incredibly invasive tech-focused, and in some cases overtly transhumanist, medical technologies, including a program exclusively focused on using artificial intelligence (AI), mobile sensors, and wearable brain-mapping tech for children three years old and younger.

This Unlimited Hangout investigation explores not only the four current programs of Wellcome Leap but also the people behind it. The resulting picture is of an incredibly sinister project that poses not only a great threat to current society but to the future of humanity itself. An upcoming Unlimited Hangout investigation will examine the history of the Wellcome Trust along with its role in recent and current events.

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“It will not publish a column from a Republican senator on protests in the United States but it will publish columns from one of the Chinese leaders crushing protests for freedom in Hong Kong.”

United States Ranks Last In Media Trust (Turley)

For years, we have been discussing the decline of journalism values with the rise of open bias in the media. Now, a newly released report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford has found something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The United States ranked dead last in media trust among 49 countries with just 29% saying that they trusted the media. The most tragic aspect is that it does not matter. The media has embraced the advocacy journalism and anyone questioning that trend risks instant cancellation. The result is a type of state media where journalists are bound to the government by ideology rather than law. The plunging level of trust reflects the loss of the premier news organizations to a type of woke journalism.

We have have been discussing how writers, editors, commentators, and academics have embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls, including President-elect Joe Biden and his key advisers. Even journalists are leading attacks on free speech and the free press. This includes academics rejecting the very concept of objectivity in journalism in favor of open advocacy. Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll has denounced how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. Likewise, the University of North Carolina recently offered an academic chair in Journalism to New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones. While Hannah-Jones was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her writing on The 1619 Project, she has been criticized for her role in purging dissenting views from the New York Times pages and embracing absurd anti-police conspiracy theories.

Even waiting for the facts is viewed as unethical today by journalism professors who demand that reporters make political or social declarations through their coverage. One of the lowest moments came with the New York Times’ mea culpa for publishing an opinion column by a conservative senator. The New York Times was denounced by many of us for its cringing apology after publishing a column by Sen. Tom Cotton (R, Ark.). and promising not to publish future such columns. It will not publish a column from a Republican senator on protests in the United States but it will publish columns from one of the Chinese leaders crushing protests for freedom in Hong Kong. Cotton was arguing that the use of national guard troops may be necessary to quell violent riots, noting the historical use of this option in past protests. This option was used most recently after the Capitol riot.

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Now add record heat in the west.

US Food Banks Warn Soaring Prices Will Affect Distributions (ZH)

Soaring food prices aren’t just impacting financially strapped families and the working poor. They’re also affecting the mission of US food banks who are spending a lot more on food than ever before. “We’re already spending a lot more on food than we have in years past,” said Greg Trotter, a spokesman for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a large food bank, who spoke with VOA News. “Our food purchasing budget has doubled this year.” In the coming weeks and or months, food banks across the country may experience a surge in food demand from millions of folks who are set to have their stimmy checks expire. At least 25 states are ending federal unemployment benefits.

The perfect storm of factors (soaring food costs and unemployment benefits expiring) may stress food banks even further. “The high prices are costing us more to feed a family in need,” said Alison Padget, development and outreach director at Food for Others. “We’ll have to rethink our purchasing decisions because economists say the prices are going to be high for at least a year.” In Phoenix, Arizona, Jerry Brown, director of public relations at St. Mary’s Food Bank, told VOA that food banks could face severe difficulty once federal money dries up. It seems the problem has already begun at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, which covers a large portion of the state. Impact leader Triada Stampas said the food bank serves more people than ever because of out-of-control prices at grocery stores.

According to Father English Food Pantry officials in Paterson, New Jersey, the food bank is already experiencing financial strain. Kelly Mott, external affairs director at the Mississippi Food Network, said, “We already see the price changes will affect us soon, adding that “we are in the process of buying turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday in November. And since they are so expensive, we won’t be able to purchase as many as we usually do, especially for the families with children who rely on us.”

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“The most likely thing is that we’ll get married in the prison and then we’ll have another kind of wedding celebration with friends and family once he’s free.”

Stella Moris Says She Plans To Marry Julian Assange In Belmarsh Prison (RT)

Stella Moris, the partner of Julian Assange, has said that she and the WikiLeaks co-founder will tie the knot while he is in Belmarsh prison, and expressed hope he will be released soon so that there can be a proper celebration. Moris, a lawyer who began her relationship with Assange during the years he spent claiming political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, told German news agency DPA that the couple has been engaged since 2016 and will press ahead with their wedding plans, even if it means getting married in the maximum-security London prison. Moris and Assange have two sons, aged four and two and a half.

She acknowledged, however, that the “bureaucratic process” to obtain permission for the ceremony would take time, and that the ceremony has been further complicated by Covid-19 restrictions. Apart from needing to obtain relevant documents from their respective home countries, there is concern that the marriage could be hampered by the fact that Assange’s UK visa has expired. It’s also unclear if any guests would be allowed to attend the prison ceremony due to the health crisis. In theory, Assange could be let out of Belmarsh for a day so that he could get married, but there is already a large backlog of delayed weddings due to the country’s lockdown. “[I]f we get married in the prison, then I don’t think that will be the only celebration,” Moris told the outlet. “The most likely thing is that we’ll get married in the prison and then we’ll have another kind of wedding celebration with friends and family once he’s free.”

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Problem is, we’ve known for years that Thordarson is a convicted pedophile and a serial liar. But his “testimony” is still there.

Edward Snowden @Snowden: “This is the end of the case against Julian Assange.”

“If Biden continues to seek the extradition of a publisher under an indictment poisoned top-to-bottom with false testimony admitted by its own star witness, the damage to the United States’ reputation on press freedom would last for a generation. It’s unavoidable.”

Key Witness In Assange Case Admits To Lies In Indictment (Stundin)

A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder. The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution. The man in question, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, was recruited by US authorities to build a case against Assange after misleading them to believe he was previously a close associate of his.

In fact he had volunteered on a limited basis to raise money for Wikileaks in 2010 but was found to have used that opportunity to embezzle more than $50,000 from the organization. Julian Assange was visiting Thordarson’s home country of Iceland around this time due to his work with Icelandic media and members of parliament in preparing the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, a press freedom project that produced a parliamentary resolution supporting whistleblowers and investigative journalism. [..] The court documents refer to Mr Thordarson simply as “Teenager” (a reference to his youthful appearance rather than true age, he is 28 years old) and Iceland as “NATO Country 1” but make no real effort to hide the identity of either. They purport to show that Assange instructed Thordarson to commit computer intrusions or hacking in Iceland.

The aim of this addition to the indictment was apparently to shore up and support the conspiracy charge against Assange in relation to his interactions with Chelsea Manning. Those occurred around the same time he resided in Iceland and the authors of the indictment felt they could strengthen their case by alleging he was involved in illegal activity there as well. This activity was said to include attempts to hack into the computers of members of parliament and record their conversations. In fact, Thordarson now admits to Stundin that Assange never asked him to hack or access phone recordings of MPs. His new claim is that he had in fact received some files from a third party who claimed to have recorded MPs and had offered to share them with Assange without having any idea what they actually contained.

He claims he never checked the contents of the files or even if they contained audio recordings as his third party source suggested. He further admits the claim, that Assange had instructed or asked him to access computers in order to find any such recordings, is false. Nonetheless, the tactics employed by US officials appear to have been successful as can be gleaned from the ruling of Magistrate Court Judge Vanessa Baraitser on January 4th of this year. Although she ruled against extradition, she did so purely on humanitarian grounds relating to Assange’s health concerns, suicide risk and the conditions he would face in confinement in US prisons. With regards to the actual accusations made in the indictment Baraitser sided with the arguments of the American legal team, including citing the specific samples from Iceland which are now seriously called into question.

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    @Kimo: “USA Socialism: The debate is over.”


    But … how to flush “A generation of progressive leaders, and those farther left” from the system …


    There is some hope. London protest.


    @ct: Thank you. GO LONDON!!!!

    Oracle films has a lovely video of an earlier London protest. You can still view it on youtube: “Humanity on its Feet | Oracle Films | London 24.04.2021”

    I watch it each time I start losing hope. So, a few times a day ….

    TAE Summary

    * The internet is a poisoned well with too many ads; 20% still trust journalists; You can’t give someone a small dose of Covid truth; Drink deep, or taste not that Pierian Spring

    * The State
    – Look to the state for help with scams
    – Military-Medical-Media-Financial-Educational-Industrial Complex rapes and pillages
    – Anti-police is anti-poor; Support your 2nd amendment right to arm guards
    – Fed does opposite of mandate; Unstable prices and unemployment are good
    – Rumsfield/Cebrowski Doctrine needs to be applied to all areas not integrated into the global economy

    * Immunity: n. Inherited, acquired, or induced resistance to infection by a specific pathogen; “I have immunity. I was prescribed an Anthelmitic developed by Merck making me immune from Covid.”

    * The echo chamber: If a tree falls in TAE and everyone has already heard it 20 times does it make a sound?

    * Colbert and Stewart have been married so long they finish each other’s sentences; Live TV is dead; Long live live TV

    * Vaccine
    – Only the machine cares if you’re vaccinated
    – The unvaccinated will save us from Marek’s Disaster
    – It now appears mRNA vaccines were invented by Eratosthenes
    – Four deaths per 100K from vaccines; 2 to 11 deaths from 100K from Covid
    – Fall variant will require vaccine booster
    – Highly vaccinated countries have higher R ratings; Many say they are only getting this rating because of their use of the F-word when discussing Ivermectin

    * Someday the Covid response will be called The War of the Worlds on Leeches

    * It’s over; We now know what Socialism looks like in the US; It came wrapped in the drag and carrying the tribal

    * “We are not aware if it is thought possible that there is no way to know if there are no known risks”
    Modern Science on Covid Vaccines


    @TAE Summary: I don’t know how the heck you do it but … good golly … got no words … multiple hat tips! Thank you.

    absolute galore

    Upstater: yes, I’m Downstate, Hudson Valley. Weirdly, the supermarket in question is mostly the “old city” residents shopping here, not so much the folks up from the city in the last decade. So doesn’t quite compute, as the bigger supermarket out on the highway strip mall had many more maskless, even a week ago.

    …”In a future sane world, people will view the orchestrated panic of the COVID era with the same bemused condescension we might view the supposed War of the Worlds radio invasion scare of 1938, or the bygone use of leeches for seemingly every ailment…”

    Uh, what sane future world would that be? Based on energy, finance, drought, heat waves, war, infrastructure, ransomware, disease, civic strife, and all around general idiocy, I fail to spot a sane future in my crystal ball that would have the capability of looking back with condescension.

    Here is some MSM on Covid breakthrough. I pulled a couple of interesting sentences.

    “You are just as likely to be killed by a meteorite as die from Covid after a vaccine,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease expert at the University of California San Francisco, told CNBC. “In the big scheme of things, the vaccines are tremendously powerful.”

    The article says 750 people have died after being fully vaccinated (most however are over 65, which makes sense.) I have not seen the articles about people being killed by meteorites. Probably just on the local stations, it being so common.

    This was also interesting:
    Most Americans have received at least one shot of the two currently authorized mRNA vaccines. The U.S. has administered 178.3 million shots and fully vaccinated 46% of its population.

    As used in that sentence, right or wrong, it implied to me a large number, perhaps 80% or more. I realize it does not mention how many received one shot. Why not just report that percentage,like the 46% that have been fully vaccinated, instead of using “most.”It’s kind of like when you are at the supermarket trying to compare prices, and one beer price is listed in ounces, and another is in, I swear, pounds. Take a look at unit pricing next time you go. If it’s anything like my store, it is completely useless.


    “@TAE Summary: I don’t know how the heck you do it …..”
    He uses a black felt pen to highlight the lines between the dots
    🙂 …… 🙂


    @zero: funny! 🙂


    @absolute: Hello! 🙂 The Hudson Valley is lovely. Sorry about the mask thing going on there. Y’all live a bit too close to the levers of power in Albany and NYC. Keep leaving your mask off, maybe you’ll convince others. Maybe my early-on, maskless shopping helped convince others? I’d literally be the only one in the store maskless. Keep trying!

    Like you, I was going to comment on that little tidbit: “In a future sane world, people will view the orchestrated panic of the COVID era with the same bemused condescension we might view the supposed War of the Worlds radio invasion scare of 1938, or the bygone use of leeches for seemingly every ailment.”

    There is nothing bemusing about what is going on now. People’s lives have been destroyed via extended lockdowns, lack of medical assistance, experimental vaccines and totalitarian policies. Sorry, but there is no comparison here to a 1938 radio show. And, you’ve done well describing the reasons you fail to spot a “sane future” in your crystal ball … enough said.

    Stats? None of the numbers make sense anymore. We’ve been failing for decades but kept it under wraps with a girdle. It’s all hanging out now.


    Bottom line, either avoid the landmine or find a new “real life” local pub to hang out in. 😉
    Thanks upstateNYer – I needed that


    Wow, upstateNYer, you have tickled my interest. What would it look like to separate into cities and outlying areas? How would representation go? It would certainly be a fairer system- with consumers paying the prices set by the producers, and the producers setting the prices according to demands….
    Large cities have ceased to be job-hubs. They now seem to be tourist and service centers.


    @oxy: Good morning!! 🙂 (I think? You’re in Australia, ay?) Glad you took that positively. Worried I was too blunt.

    Doc Robinson

    “Contra Costa… virtually all those now being infected have not gotten their shots.”

    To me, “virtually all,” as used here, is an exaggeration which can be misleading if the numbers aren’t actually revealed and understood. In addition to the questions raised earlier (by upstateNYer) about testing and “cases,” I have some comments.

    “As of Friday, the daily average of new cases in Contra Costa County over the previous week among those who have been fully vaccinated was 0.6 per 100,000 residents. But it was 6 per 100,000 among those who are not inoculated — 10 times higher.”

    Assuming that their 7-day sample is sufficient data… the 10-times higher infection rate for the unvaccinated is about what would be expected with a 90% effective vaccine. Doesn’t seem as big a deal as it’s made out to be. But I wonder how low this 10-times factor has dropped in other weeks (which could be evidence that the vaccines aren’t actually working as advertised)? Sometimes what’s left out speaks louder than what’s included.

    The absolute risk reduction (by what percentage does the vaccine reduce my chances of becoming infected) is very low (about 1% on average, and much less for younger people), and this seems more relevant to the “vaccine hesitant” than the relative risk reduction (especially when considering the actual likelihood of Covid infection), along with concerns about adverse reactions and potentially harmful long-term effects of the vaccines.

    Going beyond the number of infections (which are mostly mild cases anyway), the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 in Contra Costa County has been only 1 per week since the beginning of June. (The published data doesn’t disclose how many of the fatalities were vaccinated.) One death per week out of more than a million people.

    And the Covid deaths in that county have been mostly among older people. Since the pandemic started, there have been only 2 deaths from Covid for people age 30 and under, in that county. Meanwhile, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death every year among Contra Costa County residents ages 15 – 34.” That’s during a normal year without lockdowns.

    An ABC News story from Contra Costa County last year:

    Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek [in Contra Costa County] say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus.

    The head of the trauma in the department believes mental health is suffering so much, it is time to end the shelter-in-place order… The numbers are unprecedented, he said.

    “We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time,” he said. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.




    @my parents said: interesting concept, isn’t it? A couple months ago, in response to something DeSantis did, Madamski commented that it was the “first shot across the bow” in the Balkanization of the US. I won’t argue with that premise.

    How “far down” can/will Balkanization go? Will states themselves Balkanize at some point in the future? (here’s looking at you, Chicago/IL … Boston/MA … New York City/NY … Portland/OR … Seattle/WA …etc.)

    My initial thought was, no, states can’t Balkanize because how would that look from a “governing” standpoint? But then I started thinking … what governing? From where? Who is governing which people? How are they doing that? Who is complying? Can “they” make people comply? How? (Americans have guns)

    Covid is proving to be one of the key pieces in a puzzle that opened pandora’s box (talk about mixed metaphors) because it has impacted nearly everyone on this planet. Hard to stop the energy flow of *that* once you’ve pushed it out of inertia. I’ve thought for awhile the elite parasites got a bit over their skis on this one.

    What would representation look like in smaller localized areas? Similar to what it is now … but the big thumb of big state wouldn’t be squashing local people to keep them from looking out for their own area’s best interests.So local infighting? Yes. Big gov’t? Hopefully not.


    Re: Contra Costa. Doc Robinson has a very sharp, double-edged sword. lol


    @ Doc Robinson I appreciate your contributions to TAE. Thank you

    Veracious Poet

    – Military-Medical-Media-Financial-Educational-Industrial Complex rapes and pillages

    You misquoted me, I wouldn’t add Media-Financial-Educational to the – Military-Medical Industrial Complex rape and pillage.

    I might add Banking though, as it was part of when the system was created, but now like Media-Financial-Educational it is just subservient to the parasitic/predatory psychopaths…


    Thank you for the compliment. The easy answer is that the Marxist Democrat politicians will be flushed out when a replacement is recognized. Who will that be? It may be tough to swallow, but it’s Trump is part of that answer. He’s perfectly willing to let states go their own way, and I would love a state to make a go of it, sans Federal help. I would expect a comprehensive plan laid out first, and it would need to be small business friendly, and reward co-operative citizens in a way the encourages productivity. Mainstream media would hate it. I’m liking it already! 😉


    Bottom line, either avoid the landmine or find a new “real life” local pub to hang out in. 😉
    Thanks upstateNYer – I needed that


    Anal pcr tests for the people you are ‘just not that into’ – no joke



    @ poet: are you responding to @TAE Summary with your “misquoted me” comment? I don’t think TAE Summary directly quotes anyone. It’s merely a clever encapsulation of what’s been posted here over a period of time. At least that’s my take on it.


    @Kimo: Your earlier comment was thought provoking, and I appreciated that, but I think trump was simply an interesting blow back to the obama presidency, which failed spectacularly on nearly every level. I do think trump’s presidency was a catalyst that, like covid, pushed energy out of its inertia. Do I think he is the future? No.

    Coincidentally, this morning I reread Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1978 Harvard University commencement address. Well worth a read and contemplation, which is why I reread it this morning.

    PS … this is Raul’s house and out of respect to him, I’m not going to discuss political figures from this point forward. 🙂

    Doc Robinson

    Some late editing to my Contra Costa County Comment:

    I wrote that the Absolute Risk Reduction is “is very low (about 1% on average, and much less for younger people)” but I was jumbling several concepts I wanted to include in that paragraph.

    I should have written that the ARR “is very low (about 1% on average), and the ostensible benefits of the vaccines are much less for younger people.”

    I forgot to include this link which is a reference for one of the quotes I used.


    A late last comment that I’ll probably add again tomorrow:
    My esteemed governor is up for reelection (2022) and has sent a blurb with a boxed comment that says:
    [Jensen] Backs Move to Block COVID Shots for Kids
    All I could think was I was tickled that Scott Jensen is running for governor. I was going to email Walz, but why give him a heads up?
    I voted for him. I won’t be doing it again.

    Mister Roboto

    Dr. D

    Yes but this is an anti-Marek vaccine. The unvaxxed are no worse off while the vaxxed get the higher risk. …Exactly as 10 years of mRNA research showed. Thank God. So all you need to do to not take on higher risk is to do nothing. …However, that’s the single thing they are not capable of. Can’t stop meddling, can’t stop helping. I’ll MAKE you take my help, if I have to tie you up and throw you in a well to do it! Mommy knows best. She loves you and will never-ever-ever leave you alone.

    Food banks are getting common. I can’t calculate how much food is wasted. All of it? Food banks here have someone pick up – mostly Church people since they think “charity” and do actual work – and they can never give away the amount of food received. People complain about food instead, because we like complaining far, far better than acting, far more than eating. It’s a bit discouraging. Also they’re like “I’ll DIE rather than talk to a church person! ” (who won’t say anything, has a car, and will feed your kids.) Yeah, that’ll show them. Can anyone figure? A tiny approbation on ego, which you could laugh in their face for is more a primary goal than digging yourself out? Or your kids? Yes, actually. This is totally true. So piles, school-size carloads of food are wasted. High-quality gourmet stuff.

    Expiration dates mean nothing. Products used to have them, but thanks to “Helping”, the government required all companies to put dates on. Being a science-free society, obviously nobody paid half-a-mil for 20 years of research of how long canned beans last. What would “expire” mean anyway? It’s not peak? It will kill you? So companies said, “What’s the shortest date I can get away with while hoping all my customers throw away their dry pasta like scared ninny-pants and buy my product AGAIN? 12 months for a 30-year item? Done.” Yogurt and such obviously expire, but is no better. One batch might be fading on the date while the next it still fine 3 months post-date. But we gotta have those people starve! It’s for their own good. Do NOT let them decide, as self-actualizing human beings with free agency what they want to do. “DO AS YOU’RE TOLD! Now I told you to starve and I expect you do it with feeling! It’s funnier to me that way.” Do NOT use cream 1 day past date although you do that all the time without noticing in your fridge. And that tag on your mattress? Boy-howdy if we catch you… Your kids can go somewhere safe like the foster system kids vanish into regularly.

    Please make use of food banks. There’s so much food you could be a millionaire and no one would ask or care. And make use of your common sense as well. You’ll be the only one in town.

    Maybe TDS and CDS have the same root: fear. Irrational, animal fear, easily leveraged according to Bernays by AVOIDING logic and argument. This is why religious people are more immune: if you go through it, you’re more inured to your ultimate death, more focused on rules of morality and what life is for. So mental children are susceptible to it, which is not meant to be a slight. Many people have to mature in ages of single digits, while many very old have never had to face the Meaning of Life, which is not small. We come in our own time, but you do have this weakness until you go through it, harden up, deepen. Obviously easy living keeps men in puppyhood, wearing tattoos and clown-pants far longer, thus the cities, Blue areas have the great luxury of fearing trifles like “microagressions”, not working 18 hours and getting wrapped around the shaft of large machinery 2 hours from a hospital. The fears are real to THEM. It’s the same psychological reality, and your fears of death or dislike, or whatever are just as small and silly from an even higher view. But it’s FEAR that does it. People who fear, are encouraged and rewarded for fear, and fear everything, and those who don’t. One victimizes themselves, even to refusing gourmet food, and the other usually takes responsibility and action as the usual response to fear.

    Saying that: imagine a war in these conditions. Everybody afraid of everything and begging to surrender every minute of every hour of every day. …As if surrendering doesn’t mean you’ll be trampled and wiped out far worse than fighting.

    That’s why it’s scattered all over. You’d think tough living in Code Blue lie South Philly would protect you from fear, but not until YOU overcome it, which means taking action. There’s no choice BUT to take action in Team Red since you’ll die as no one will help you unless you ask and act. So no perfect template, but looking layers in, it’s there.

    “Fear is the mind-killer”, the discussion-killer. The evidence and the friend-killer.

    Tactically we can’t abandon Code Blue, as the strategy is to cut off the coasts, the ports, and have Red surrounded to kill them off. You can’t allow China a foothold in PNW, California, to block the whole West but the desert. Sorry, there can’t be a divorce. Red wouldn’t die: Blue would, colonized and treated as an African colony as planned. Red would be laid low though, and pressed to penury from all sides. …I mean more than now, if that’s possible. For both our sakes, please come back to a standard of logic and human rights.

    I guess cutting off the bloodsucking cities from their state hosts would be an important first step in bringing them to heel. What was that about “representation”?


    Brief Australia Report

    The attitude here overwhelmingly is pro-vaccine. Endless propaganda. Doubters are ignored. The precautionary principle is ignored. Politicians, much of the medical community, academics, left- and right-wing media, and so on all suport jabbing. (Hmmm: new Star Wars character: Jabba the Nut ?)

    Sydney and now Canberra are resuming mandatory mask-wearing, for 2 weeks initially while the NSW government attempts to trace a small number of people. Is the Delta variant really so incredibly infectious? I have no way of telling.

    We’ve had the beta and delta variants, and maybe an epsilon is around the corner. Don’t know if a gamma was identified. At this rate we can make our way through the Greek alphabet and when we get to the omega variant we all drop dead. I’m getting to the stage where I would welcome that…

    Then we get stories such as the one in the ABC yesterday about a super-spreader party somewhere in Sydney where 40-odd people got infected and 6 didn’t. The 6 were all vaccinated.True? Why not? This vaccine must be good to some extent for something, otherwise the public would notice (if the media let them) and turn against it.

    There is serious talk among TPTB in at least NSW to introduce vaccine passports, based of course on apps on the almost ubiquitous mobile cell phone. Ownership and carriage of a cell phone isn’t mandatory yet, but I suspect it will become so.

    I’m fed up with The Conversation website, a site written by academics only aimed at spreading accurate information and dispelling myths. Much of it is good, but at the same time there are far too many academics who seem to see only one side of an issue. Impossible to argue with them. They’re only human after all.

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