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Paul Klee Carnival in the snow 1923


Flood-tide of Darkness (Jim Kunstler)
The “If It Does Not Work Do It More” Stage Of The Pandemic (Gato Malo)
Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” (SN)
Virginia Hospital In Contempt Of Court For Denying Patient Ivermectin (DW)
Doctor Fired for Trying to Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin (ET)
Why You Can’t Get COMIRNATY (Steve Kirsch)
First UK Death Recorded With Omicron Variant (BBC)
Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder (Chudov)
Queensland to Allow Grocery Stores to Ban the Unvaccinated (SN)
What Leads To More Spike Protein In The Body: Vaccine Or Virus? Part 2 (Joomi)
Reduced Neutralisation Of Omicron By Post-immunisation Serum (medRxiv)
Norway Bans Booze To Tackle Omicron (RT)
Federal Lawmakers Invest Big In Vaccines, Treatments, And Tests Producers (BI)
One In Three UK Small Firms Plan Major Staff Cuts (G.)
The Execution of Julian Assange (Chris Hedges)



They are literally telling us that we must get vaccinated because omicron is vaccine resistant.











ICU patients in Holland.



Pilot deaths



“For the moment everything is just froth and noise, and most everybody is in too much of a panic to make sense.”

Flood-tide of Darkness (Jim Kunstler)

The frenzy around the Christmas holiday conceals deeper currents running through advanced techno-industrial societies like froth on the surface of a raging river that surges with dangerous, hidden flotsam. We’re informed that the next James Bond might be a transsexual. But, you see, it’s not just that Hollywood is running out of gimmicks for its floundering “franchises,” but rather that there has been no place for men these days in the struggle to prevent civilization from drowning. The lifeguards are cancelled. All that’s left in the commotion of the flood is the shrieking of women. Thus, the hysteria over Trumpism. America actually needed a rescue operation and, defective as he was personality-wise, Mr. Trump rose above the surge and called for exactly that, and was pulled under for the effrontery of saying so.

It was a bad time to be a man standing out among men. The torrent is in charge now, not the people bobbing and flailing in it. Ride it out, if you can. By and by, the flood will subside and the survivors will be cast back on shore. The shrieking women will also subside, because the men will tell them to cut it out. And then the men and women will go forth reconstructing the human project here in North America. The landscape will not look the same and we will not act like we did before, when we were just carried along helplessly in the flood. There will be fewer of us. All the giant things, too large to save themselves — the corporations, the institutions, the agencies — will be swept away, but we’ll be back on dry land, with a lot debris to sort through, some of it useful for rebuilding a way of life. We’ll be too busy for any more shrieking and hand-wringing, and crybabies will get whapped upside their heads.

That is what you can expect in the decade ahead. For the moment everything is just froth and noise, and most everybody is in too much of a panic to make sense. Humans don’t do well without sense-making. What makes sense is having a roof over your head, something to eat, some purposeful activities to provide those things, some other people to exist with and care for, and some ceremonies to honor our efforts and declare our gratitude for being here in the first place.

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The explanations for why boosters “work” are hilarious. But yes, they will “work” for two weeks or so, so it’s not strictly a lie.

The “If It Does Not Work Do It More” Stage Of The Pandemic (Gato Malo)

We’re clearly going through a round of “the vaccines don’t work so you need to take more vaccines” or even more hilarious and wrongheaded “omicron is vaccine evading, so you need boosters.” This clearly makes no sense and the argument is rapidly falling apart as what sure looks like OAS is causing omi to pop up disproportionately IN the boosted. This is going to be WAY too big to hide. It’s already become utterly apparent that the vaccines do not stop spread. It’s going to take little time for this to spread to boosters. Alas, if you think this is going to discredit the pushers of public health pablum and pseudoscience (or their acolytes), you may want to think again. That’s not how it’s going to go. Doomsday cults become more, not less devout when the world fails to end on tuesday. and they have cards left to play.

The next round is going to be the return of lockdowns. It’s clear they want it, perhaps in general, perhaps only for the unvaxxed. It’s already heating up with the “we need lockdowns to prevent more lockdowns” absurdity and the “we must lock down those not vaxxed with a vaccine that does not stop spread so that they will not spread covid” nonsense. To swallow this after 2 years requires credulity to beggar belief, but the sad fact is: many still buy it. [..] the sunk cost fallacy has set in and all the past sacrifice and belief and proselytization and identity commitment to the cause weighs heavier and heavier. they NEED it to have meant something. It’s a classic behavioral trap. economists study it. they build business models (like gym membership structures) around it.

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“We have 57 for Christmas, no vaccine passport. The only requirement is that you have read and understand the Constitution..”

Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” (SN)

Appearing on Hannity Friday night, Senator Rand Paul noted that COVID vaccine pushers are becoming more militant in their demands and efforts to force as many people as possible to take jabs. “You know, these people won’t be happy until they get your newborn,” Paul urged. “I mean, they really want to get your newborn inoculated before they leave the hospital. They’re going to restrict certain things. You know, they’re not going to dispense schooling. But they’re also going to try to get them before they leave the hospital. I think it’s outrageous and ignores the science,” the Senator emphasised. Paul continued, “It’s all based on this misreading of the science that says we haven’t been vaccinating enough and that we’re under-vaccinated.”

“The truth from the CDC is quite the opposite. Over age 75, 97% of people have voluntarily chosen to be vaccinated. Between ages 64 and 75, 99% of people have been vaccinated,” Paul further explained. “So we are voluntarily accepting this,” Paul continued, adding “Most people at high risk have been vaccinated. This is a disease of the elderly, not of children.” Commenting on Anthony Fauci spearheading the medical tyranny, Paul noted “he’s not obeying science. He’s sort of granting his impulse to authoritarianism. His default position is always, how can I control people? How can I regulate people?” The Senator added that Fauci would be apoplectic with the Paul family Christmas plans. “I can tell you — he’s not going to be too happy with the Paul family Christmas. We have 57 for Christmas, no vaccine passport. The only requirement is that you have read and understand the Constitution,” the Senator quipped.

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“..when Chris and a registered nurse went to administer the drug on the night of December 7 on the orders of Maturi, “hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin.”

Virginia Hospital In Contempt Of Court For Denying Patient Ivermectin (DW)

Chris Davies and his father Donald have been fighting for their mother and wife Kathy Davies’ right to try the drug Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment at Fauquier Health hospital in Warrenton, Virginia, for the past few weeks. But the hospital — where Chris happens to work as a radiologic technologist — had put his mother through a series of legal hoops seemingly designed to block the treatment from being given to her. On Monday, December 13, Virginia’s 20th Judicial Court found Fauquier Health in contempt of court after refusing to comply with previous orders and ruled that by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight, Kathy Davies must be given the dose of Ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor retained by the Davies family. Additionally — if the hospital did not comply — the state had the right to fine the hospital $10,000 per day.

That order would have been applied retroactively from December 9 onwards. The court also ordered that the Davies family be given police escort if necessary to administer the drug to their mother. But, the court also said that the hospital had an opportunity to purge the contempt charge by complying with the order. The hospital is reportedly now opting to comply with that order after a week of arguing why they could not allow the drug to be given to Kathy Davies as the family requested. The story offers hope for legal respite for many families who have found themselves in similar situations while trying to battle a medical establishment arguably opposed to any treatment not supported by the FDA to fight COVID-19.

The Davies’ saga started in October when Chris Davies’ mother was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. She was placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit (ICU) on November 3. Donald was to serve as her medical proxy — and after consultation with Chris and his siblings — wanted doctors to give Kathy Ivermectin in hopes of finding success against COVID-19. The doctors and hospital refused that request and were adamant they would not administer the drug despite the family’s wishes. On December 3, the Davies family notified Fauquier Health that they were hiring attorneys on Kathy’s behalf and filing a lawsuit.

“Pray we get a compassionate judge and that litigation goes smoothly,” Chris emailed friends supporting his mother on December 5. “We just want the right to try Ivermectin!” “Let us pray we can get it to her and it will help her out of this long-suffering!!” he added. “Thanks all and God Bless!!!” On Monday, December 6, according to a court document obtained by The Daily Wire, the court had ruled that Kathy had the right under Virginia law to try Ivermectin or any other order and prescription provided by Dr. Martha Maturi — the doctor retained by the Davies family who had prescribed Ivermectin — regardless of her employment with the hospital. But, when Chris and a registered nurse went to administer the drug on the night of December 7 on the orders of Maturi, “hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin.”

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How and when did we forget that treatment procedure, including medicines, is a doctor’s responsibility?

Doctor Fired for Trying to Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin (ET)

A Mississippi doctor said he was fired for attempting to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat parasites, although the hospital in question said he was not an employee but instead was an independent contractor. Dr. John Witcher, an emergency room physician at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, said was “told not to come back” after taking several COVID-19 patients off Remdesivir, which is approved by the FDA to treat the virus, and allowed them to use ivermectin. “I was very surprised that I was basically told to not come back at the end of the day,” Witcher said on the Stew Peters podcast. “These patients were under my direct care, and so I felt like taking them off Remdesivir and putting them on ivermectin was the right thing to do at the time.”

Baptist Memorial told news outlets that Witcher “no longer practices medicine as an independent physician” at the Yazoo City facility, adding that he was an independent contractor, not an employee at the facility. The hospital system said that it follows “the standards of care recommended by the scientific community and our medical team in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19” such as vaccines and monoclonal antibody treatments. But Witcher said that he was working at the Baptist Memorial emergency room when three new COVID-19 patients arrived on Dec. 10. They were prescribed Remdesivir, but Witcher said that he has concerns about the drug.

“I was there at the hospital for three days straight in the ER and so I felt like this would be a good opportunity to try ivermectin on these inpatient patients that I had been following very closely and just see how well it worked,” Witcher remarked. The hospital couldn’t prescribe ivermectin, he said, adding that he had to call a local pharmacy. The pharmacy, Witcher said, then delivered the drug to the hospital and switched their prescriptions from Remdesivir to ivermectin. However, according to Witcher, Baptist Memorial severed ties with him before he could administer the ivermectin. “There’s a first time for everything, but I wouldn’t say it was experimental,” he said. “There’s been plenty of evidence with patients right here in Mississippi that have taken ivermectin, and they’ve done well.”

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“Do you know the difference between the Pfizer EUA vaccine and the approved vaccine COMIRNATY?”

Why You Can’t Get COMIRNATY (Steve Kirsch)

Do you know the difference between the Pfizer EUA vaccine and the approved vaccine COMIRNATY? Do you know why COMIRNATY isn’t available anywhere? Do you know if it is even approved? Are vaccine mandates legal? Are employers that mandate vaccination, then fire you if you refuse, liable for damages? If you know the answers to all of these questions, then there is no need to watch my latest interview of Alix Mayer, President of Children’s Health Defense, California. But if you don’t, watch it now. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

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You just knew they’d come up with a first. No details, because privacy etc. How old was the person, co-morbidities, we have no idea.

And within minutes outlets with the exact same information produced headlines that said the death was FROM Omicron.

First UK Death Recorded With Omicron Variant (BBC)

At least one person in the UK has died with the Omicron coronavirus variant, the prime minister has said. Boris Johnson said the new variant was also resulting in hospital admissions and the “best thing” people could do was get their booster jab. Visiting a vaccination clinic in London, he said people should set aside the idea Omicron was a milder variant. On Sunday, the PM set a new target for all adults in England to be offered a booster by the end of the month. Speaking during a visit near Paddington, west London, Mr Johnson said: “Sadly yes, Omicron is producing hospitalisations and sadly at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron.

“So I think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus, I think that’s something we need to set on one side and just recognise the sheer pace at which it accelerates through the population.” On Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said 10 people were in hospital in England with the Omicron variant. The booster rollout has been accelerated in response to Omicron, after early analysis suggested two doses of a Covid vaccine were not enough to stop people catching the variant. However, a third booster dose gives around 70% to 75% protection against symptomatic infection with Omicron, analysis by the UK Health Security Agency found.

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“If it does turn out that Omicron triggers ADE in Wuhan spike-vaccinated, it would be extremely dangerous for the course of the Omicron wave in the West.”

Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder (Chudov)

Antibody Dependent Enhancement is a frequently encountered problem when developing vaccines. It describes a situation when antibodies developed for a particular antigen (for example, for Wuhan virus spike), when encountering a different virus (for example, Omicron), do not neutralize the virus but instead aid in its infection. ADE happened when scientists were developing vaccines for RSV and measles, for example. On a few occasions ADE has resulted from vaccination: • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — RSV is a virus that commonly causes pneumonia in children. A vaccine was made by growing RSV, purifying it, and inactivating it with the chemical formaldehyde. In clinical trials, children who were given the vaccine were more likely to develop or die from pneumonia after infection with RSV. As a result of this finding, the vaccine trials stopped, and the vaccine was never submitted for approval or released to the public.

• Measles — An early version of measles vaccine was made by inactivating measles virus using formaldehyde. Children who were vaccinated and later became infected with measles in the community developed high fevers, unusual rash, and an atypical form of pneumonia. Upon seeing these results, the vaccine was withdrawn from use, and those who received this version of the vaccine were recommended to be vaccinated again using the live, weakened measles vaccine, which does not cause ADE and is still in use today.

The three epidemiological signs of ADE are: 1/ Preferential infection of the vaccinees, compared to the unvaccinated. We definitely see this with Omicron. I discussed this in my previous article. 2/ Worse outcomes in the vaccinated, compared to the unvaccinated. We do NOT yet have any data about that. We might not get this data for a while as it should lead to instant firing of all vaccinators, which they obviously do not want. So if this occurs, this information will be suppressed for a while. 3/ Specific symptoms in the vaccinated, that the unvaccinated do not display. Information about this might come out sooner than the second item. Most likely, my prediction is that it would be cardiac events from Omicron that occur mostly in the vaxxed.

If it does turn out that Omicron triggers ADE in Wuhan spike-vaccinated, it would be extremely dangerous for the course of the Omicron wave in the West. The unvaccinated persons who had Covid previously, have a number of other antibodies (N-antibodies and others) that would likely assist in neutralizing Omicron. It explains why in the barely vaccinated South Africa, where most people had Covid, the outcomes appear to be milder so far than in Denmark. This may, unfortunately, NOT be the case for highly vaccinated and Covid-naive Denmark, UK or USA. What about vaccinated persons who had a breakthrough infection? Plenty of people who were double jabbed, unfortunately, had breakthrough infections, mostly with Delta, post-vaccination.

It seems that they do NOT develop lasting and multi-epitope immunity (different kinds of antibodies) due to the Original Antigenic Sin. Thus, all that these Covid-surviving vaccinees have, is the useless Wuhan antibodies from their vaccines and more from Covid infection, but not a multitude of neutralizing antibodies such as N-antibodies. Therefore, these people are just as open to ADE from Omicron as the Covid-naive vaccinees.

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The Christmas spirit in all its glory.

Queensland to Allow Grocery Stores to Ban the Unvaccinated (SN)

Authorities in Queensland, Australia have told grocery stores that they are free to impose vaccine passport schemes that would ban the unjabbed from being able to buy food. Yes, really. With Queensland set to re-open its borders as a state lockdown comes to an end, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath revealed that new directives will take effect. “In the coming days, the Government will issue the guidelines required for business and industry as our border reopens,” she said in a statement. Citizens will be required to show vaccine passports to enter innumerable venues after December 17, including pubs, restaurants, museums, and cinemas.

However, venues deemed to provide “essential services” like supermarkets, grocery stores, post offices and pharmacies are supposed to be exempt from that requirement. That didn’t stop authorities from inviting all businesses to ban the unvaccinated. “There will also be a range of other businesses who may make the choice just to only have their vaccinated staff and patrons using their business,” said Small Business Minister Di Farmer. “Any business is able to make that decision, and a lot of them are actually thinking about that very seriously,” she said.

“[When Queensland opens up] you will need to be protected and businesses all over Queensland will be making that decision. If a person decides not to be vaccinated, then those are the things that they will take into consideration,” Farmer added. Australia has imposed the most draconian system of COVID-19 population control out of any developed country in the world and can no longer technically be considered a free nation given that it literally imprisons people in COVID gulags and doesn’t allow them to leave without permission. While governments have yet to take the final leap into the fully vaxxed dictatorship by outright banning the unvaccinated from being able to feed themselves, they’re giving businesses free reign to impose similar measures.

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Good long read.

What Leads To More Spike Protein In The Body: Vaccine Or Virus? Part 2 (Joomi)

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has a protein on its surface called the spike protein. The COVID vaccines available in the U.S. work by getting the body to produce this protein, with some modifications. In a previous article, I went over multiple pieces of evidence showing that the spike protein alone, either from the virus or vaccine, was harmful. In Part 1 of this article, I responded to an article by Uri Manor and Jeremy Howard. Their article claimed that: (1) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was harmless or physiologically negligible. (2) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was much lower than what one would get under viral infection from SARS-CoV-2. They used these claims to argued that if you were trying to gain immunity, it was safer to get it via the vaccines than with infection by the virus.

In Part 1, I argued that the study that Manor and Howard used to make claim (1) did not actually measure all physiologically relevant spike protein. I also argued that we already had evidence that the levels of spike protein from the vaccines were physiologically relevant. In this article, I’ll examine claim (2).

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The competing interests are something to behold.

Reduced Neutralisation Of Omicron By Post-immunisation Serum (medRxiv)

In this report, we present live neutralisation titres against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, compared with neutralisation against Victoria, Beta and Delta variants. Sera from day-28 post second-dose were obtained from participants in the Com-COV2 study who had received a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination schedule with either AstraZeneca (AZD1222) or Pfizer (BNT162b2) vaccines. There was a substantial fall in neutralisation titres in recipients of both AZD1222 and BNT162b2 primary courses, with evidence of some recipients failing to neutralise at all. This will likely lead to increased breakthrough infections in previously infected or double vaccinated individuals, which could drive a further wave of infection, although there is currently no evidence of increased potential to cause severe disease, hospitalisation or death.

Competing Interest Statement G.R.S sits on the GSK Vaccines Scientific Advisory Board and is a founder member of RQ Biotechnology. MDS acts on behalf of the University of Oxford as an investigator on studies funded or sponsored by vaccine manufacturers, including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novavax, Janssen, Medimmune, and MCM Vaccines. He receives no personal financial payment for this work. AJP reports grants from UKRI, CEPI and NIHR, during the conduct of the study. AJP is Chair of DHSCs Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation (JCVI), but does not participate in discussions on COVID19 vaccines, and is a member of the WHOs SAGE. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of DHSC, JCVI, NIHR or WHO. The University of Oxford has entered into a partnership with AstraZeneca for the development of a coronavirus vaccine. JSN-V-T is seconded to the Department of Health and Social Care, England (DHSC). The views expressed in this manuscript are those of its authors and not necessarily those of DHSC.

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Banning booze always works….

Norway Bans Booze To Tackle Omicron (RT)

Norway has banned the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants in an effort to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, which continues to push infections in the country on a sharp rise. New Covid-19 rules will prohibit the sale of alcohol at bars, restaurants, and other service-based venues from Wednesday, while Norwegians are also being urged to work from home if possible. “Infection rates in Norway are increasing sharply, and we have now gained new knowledge about the Omicron variant and how fast it can spread. We are in a more serious situation,” declared Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who claimed that the “stricter measures” were necessary “to maintain control of the pandemic.” Store said there was “no doubt the new variant changes the rules,” before acknowledging that the new rules “will feel like a lockdown” for many, “if not of society then of their lives and of their livelihoods.”

Norway’s previous rules – put in place just days before the latest measures, which were announced on Monday – allowed alcohol to be served at bars and restaurants until midnight, though only at tables and only if the venue had enough socially distanced seating to accommodate customers. Covid-19 cases in Norway have experienced a sharp rise since October – recording its highest daily numbers since the start of the pandemic. Last week, Norway recorded 21,457 confirmed cases and 33 deaths. Other countries have had a different response to the rise of the Omicron variant. On Friday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hinted that relaxed Covid-19 restrictions could allow for orgies of up to 25 people.

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A vested interest in keeping the pandemic going.

Federal Lawmakers Invest Big In Vaccines, Treatments, And Tests Producers (BI)

Dozens of Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill have invested in companies that have a direct stake in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an Insider analysis of federal financial records. In 2020, at least 13 senators and 35 US representatives held shares of Johnson & Johnson, the medical behemoth that produced the single-shot COVID-19 vaccine that more than 15 million Americans have received. At least 11 senators and 34 representatives also held shares in 2020 of another COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer. Two representatives or their spouses held shares of Moderna during the same year that the world went on lockdown in response to the pandemic. Lawmakers held these investments in COVID-19-minded companies as Congress was at the center of pandemic relief efforts.

In 2020 and 2021, members of Congress voted on six relief bills together worth nearly $6 trillion. Congress also authorized more than $10 billion to help drug companies develop and distribute vaccines and forced health insurers to cover the cost of getting the shot. Policymakers especially viewed the coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna — which each spent substantial amounts of money lobbying the federal government in 2020 — as critical to helping countries around the planet overcome the grip of the pandemic. The tally of investments is part of the exhaustive Conflicted Congress project, in which Insider reviewed nearly 9,000 financial-disclosure reports for every sitting lawmaker and their top-ranking staffers.

[..] In early January 2020, a share of Moderna traded below $20. As the pandemic took hold, the stock’s value grew exponentially. Moderna peaked in September 2021 at more than $455 a share. After dropping steadily through the autumn, it began rising again in late November. By early December, a share of Moderna traded above $280.

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It will get worse.

One In Three UK Small Firms Plan Major Staff Cuts (G.)

A third of UK small businesses are planning to make staff redundant over the next few months, rising to more than four in 10 in London, according to a new survey. In a clear sign of the financial stress felt by many owner-run businesses as they head into a potentially difficult new year period, many also said they would be forced to raise prices, with Britain’s supply chain meltdown being cited as the main reason – adding further to inflationary pressures. The poll of 442 businesses found many were struggling with repaying the debts they racked up to get them through the pandemic as well as grappling with other challenges from supply chain disruption to shortages of key staff such as drivers and chefs, and high energy costs.

A separate study by the accountants EY, which reveals a clear divide between the winners and losers in the pandemic, found that thousands of firms, mostly major corporate entities, paid down existing debt far faster than predicted in 2021. It said UK businesses would repay £1.6bn over 2021 after borrowing £35bn in 2020, an amount driven by firms that have fared well over the past 20 months. Recently introduced rules relating to the new Omicron variant, which have dealt a blow to many city centre outlets reliant on commuters and made life harder for hospitality businesses such as nightclubs, coupled with the end of the furlough scheme in September, could turn the screw further on many small firms.

Accountancy firm Moore UK said its latest quarterly survey of owner-managed businesses found that 33% were planning to make redundancies over the next six months now that the safety net of furlough had been removed. Businesses in London were more likely than those in any other part of the UK to be planning redundancies, with 42% considering laying off staff. This is likely to reflect the effects of the pandemic on the finances of the hospitality sector – restaurants, pubs, hotels and so on – which makes up a significant part of the capital’s economy. Those UK small businesses planning to make redundancies were, on average, considering shedding 45% of their staff over the next six months.

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Assange’s biggest crime is not jounalism, it’s building an infrastructure that is impenetrable for the CIA with all its money and expertise.

The Execution of Julian Assange (Chris Hedges)

That Assange, who is in precarious physical and psychological health, and who suffered a stroke during court video proceedings on October 27, has been condemned to death should not come as a surprise. The 10 years he has been detained, seven in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and nearly three in the high-security Belmarsh prison, were accompanied by a lack of sunlight and exercise, and unrelenting threats, pressure, anxiety and stress. “His eyes were out of sync, his right eyelid would not close, his memory was blurry,” his fiancée Stella Moris said of the stroke.

His steady deterioration has led to hallucinations and depression. He takes antidepressant medication and the antipsychotic quetiapine. He has been observed pacing his cell until he collapses, punching himself in the face and banging his head against the wall. He has spent weeks in the medical wing of Belmarsh. Prison authorities found “half of a razor blade” hidden under his socks. He has repeatedly called the suicide hotline run by the Samaritans because he has thought about killing himself “hundreds of times a day.” The executioners have not yet completed their grim work.

Toussaint L’Ouverture, who led the Haitian independence movement, the only successful slave revolt in human history, was physically destroyed in the same manner, locked by the French in an unheated and cramped prison cell and left to die of exhaustion, malnutrition, apoplexy, pneumonia and probably tuberculosis. Assange committed empire’s greatest sin. He exposed it as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, callous disregard for human life, rampant corruption and innumerable war crimes. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Labour. Trump or Biden. It does not matter. The goons who oversee the empire sing from the same Satanic songbook. Empires always kill those who inflict deep and serious wounds.


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Nail man





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    V. Arnold

    Don’t miss it…

    The winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere occurs on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 10:59 a.m. EST


    I just did some numbers: 8.49 billion divided by 365 = approx. 2.39 billion divided by 24 = approx. 96.9 million divided by 60 = approx 1.61 million divided again by 60 = approx. 26,921 thousand per second for one year. So the manufactures have produced and distributed 8.49 billion jabs in less than one year. Does this sound right or was there some already to go before January of 2021?


    8.49 billion divided by 365 = approx. 2.39 billion



    When asked if the booster dose caused the death of elders who had previously had COVID-19, Zhang refused to give a clear answer: “It’s a really tricky question. When a senior in a nursing home dies, how do you say it was the vaccine or not the vaccine [that caused the death]?”

    A postmortem might help with that.


    “Omicron causes lower back pain as a symptom.”




    Basseterre Kitona

    Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” (SN)

    Oh, I expect the vaccine zealots to exceed the newborn goal. These fanatics will likely want to vaccinate the dead too. After all vaccination is a signal of religious devotion. No funeral ceremony for the untaxed/uncowed.

    Wouldn’t surprise me either if they then try to vax all of the dead, kind of like the Mormons were baptizing deceased ancestors at one point.

    But why stop with people? We know that animals are in play too.

    How about plants? Corona virus is a respiratory disease and do trees not breathe too? In with the CO2 and out with the oxygen? Come to think of it, maybe the miracle vaccine can cure “climate change” too.

    I’d like to say that I’m being sarcastic…but I fear that I’m just giving the nut jobs more bad ideas.


    Nice Raul,

    Should explode a head or too.


    What this means to the authors is that vaccine-breakthrough and antibody-resistant mutations will increase transmission once most people are carrying antibodies through either vaccination or infection. The authors call for use of this information in vaccine programs (!). That, of course, will lead to further selection pressure.

    What this means to me is that the infamous “new variants” Delta and Omicron variants have the mutations in the RBD now make all existing spike-only vaccines obsolete. Once Omicron dominates, another evolutionary arms race will take place – as long as we are targeting only the spike protein in so many people.


    Wait a minute, Tyler.

    Pfizer Jab Prevents 70% Of Hospitalizations In South Africa

    South Africa’s Discovery Health, one of the country’s biggest health insurers, has just briefed the public on the results of its latest study, and it’s findings aren’t exactly a surprise.

    While the omicron variant, first discovered in South Africa, is efficient at surpassing protections afforded by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Discovery data showed that Pfizer’s jab is actually 70% effective at reducing hospitalizations.

    That might help explain why the omicron variant has coincided with a surge in cases in South Africa, even while the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths have declined.

    The exact same thing would occur if Omicron is mild. Doesn’t involve any Pfizer.


    Totally off topic but worth it.
    From a post at ZH- just for laughs. A conversation between the US navy and Spain…

    John Day

    I just caught up on yesterday’s comments, attended by the upper-level human intelligence version of “deflationista”, not the perfunctory bot version.
    This voice is the highest human voice assigned to the “deflationista” Avatar, and should be treated as any intelligent human.
    The situation with government internet warrior operations, of which the US and Israel reportedly have the largest, is that there are layers of competence mingling bots and human operators of the bots.
    For the longest time, we had the “nuevo deflationista” bot, with a lower level human minder sometimes adding flavorful insults and pejoratives, but that was not working on this crowd.
    This commentariat is not Zero Hedge.
    Immediately yesterday the highly intelligent human manager of “deflationista” responded to individuals, explored gray edges of WW-2 guilt, taking the opposite position that “anti-vaxxers” are like those who persecuted and ignored the crimes against Jews and minorities. This was a subtle and intelligent and clearly human voice, responding repeatedly to other humans in this commentariat. Insults and disparagement focused on mockery and insulting intelligence of comenters.
    This was enticement to name calling and rudeness, and that was pointed out as degrading this forum, which it does.
    I think this forum is a training ground for the current governmental propaganda operations to hone their game. Where we have clarity on an issue, especially moral clarity, the opposite view does not work, but clouding the focus of the moral clarity, as clouding what is the current fascist position, paralleling the Nazis, is a more useful tack.
    Sowing dissension among the regulars helps break a special place that this blog has, a place of kindly helping each other. It breaks the kindness when “we” call names.
    Most readers do not comment, but are affected by the tenor of comments.
    Encouraging name calling and attacks on intelligence and clouding the issues, especially moral issues, are the reasonable objectives here for psy-ops.
    The bot version of “deflationista” can hammer away with more usual propaganda pieces, but has also taken a more subtle tack recently, choosing more intellectually explorative pieces, which are written intelligently, appealing to the intelligent readers. This is a level of discernment that AI can be set to use, if lists of articles are graded for what readership to target by central command. It’s list-picking.
    This blog gets the intellectual list now, and has earned it.
    The extended visit (“all day and all of the night” , Kinks) by the upper level supervisor, someone I would rank as “Captain” in the military, and a good Captain, getting regular promotions, is a compliment to this blog, should be taken as such, and we should engage this intelligent human, who is doing a good job, of his (masculine voice) “job”.
    People who are intelligent, engage other humans intelligently (including insults and name calling, when used to specific ends) should be engaged as intelligent humans. We should hone our skills of public-discourse, just as those in the internet-propaganda battalions do when they engage us.
    Human-Captain “deflationista” cannot visit us very often, but yesterday was a high-comment day, maybe a high traffic day. A military operation would commit a mid-level officer when he (or she) would have the most effect on public perceptions, on a high traffic day. This can be monitored in real time, and they can probably predict it to some degree if they are monitoring traffic patterns at a site like this.

    Again, we, R.I.M. and all of us in the regular commentariat, are being paid a compliment whenever the intelligent human voice of “deflationista” visits, especially yesterday, the most extended visit yet for this competent internet-propaganda officer, not just a “soldier”.
    I welcome these visits from “Captain Deflationista”, if I may coin that term. “Captain Deflationista’s” personal views are not identical to sparring information displayed in the line of duty.
    “Captain Deflationista” will keep a personal oker face, but I will address that dutiful human as such, myself.
    Again, welcome to our conversation, “Captain Deflationista”. I respect your intelligence and ability.

    Doc Robinson

    • Why You Can’t Get COMIRNATY (Steve Kirsch)

    Straight from CDC.GOV and current as of December 10:

    COMIRNATY still cannot be ordered in the US.

    Pfizer isn’t planning to make any COMIRNATY for US distribution over the next few months, while the unapproved EUA-authorized product is being made available by Pfizer.

    It’s up to Pfizer to determine, at some time in the future, when the approved COMIRNATY will be made available in the US.

    COMINARTY products are not orderable at this time. NDCs are listed per FDA Structured Product Label (SPL) document for the BLA licensed product. These codes are not included in CDC Vaccine Code Set files at this time. Pfizer has provided the following statement regarding the COMINARTY branded NDCs and labels:
    “Pfizer received FDA BLA license on 8/23/2021 for its COVID-19 vaccine for use in individuals 16 and older (COMIRNATY). At that time, the FDA published a BLA package insert that included the approved new COVID-19 vaccine tradename COMIRNATY and listed 2 new NDCs (0069-1000-03, 0069-1000-02) and images of labels with the new tradename.
    At present, Pfizer does not plan to produce any product with these new NDCs and labels over the next few months while EUA authorized product is still available and being made available for U.S. distribution. As such, the CDC, AMA, and drug compendia may not publish these new codes until Pfizer has determined when the product will be produced with the BLA labels.”

    Mister Roboto

    ‘Captain Deflationista’s’ personal views are not identical to sparring information displayed in the line of duty.

    So you are proposing we make a distinction between “Captain Deflationista” and “Cylon-Deflationista”? 😉

    Mister Roboto

    I did notice one difference in “Captain Deflationista” as opposed to past visits. When they did a block-quote yesterday, they did what I do and “backspace out” the superfluous line-spaces the blog software inserts before the quote. In the past, I don’t think who or whatever this poster is ever did that. I’m not even sure that it’s worth pointing out as it’s such a very minor thing, but I noticed it because until now, I thought I was the only person around here who did that. (My Taurean Sun nature detests any sort of gratuitous wastefulness, even if it’s just space on a web-page.)

    Peter 47

    @Red you are off by 3 zeros, your first calculation was wrong 8.49 billion divided by 365 can not be 2.39 billion , it is 23 million.

    Doc Robinson

    About that list of airline pilot deaths, as Steve Kirsch puts it, “However, they only list the “new” deaths they heard about in each issue. So let’s not jump to conclusions just yet…We have a team of 40 people looking at all the back issues of the magazine and researching all the deaths. Stay tuned for what they find.


    John Day
    ” …… objectives here for psy-ops.”

    In a few words.

    Name calling of a sensitive egos is an effective tool by the snobs to destroy and intimidate ordinary mortals.


    Omicron, our savior name, is being used in vain.
    Omicron, is a danger to the cash flow and must be harnessed to keep the cash flow going steady.


    Thanks P47. That makes more sense now. I gotta stop doing math problems when I first get up. Wait until I’ve had at least one tea!


    For those of you that have Spotify – here’s Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Peter McCollough –



    “Pfizer raised prices because of increased demand.” – Oh, I bet they did!!


    Did you know, Dr Eilish proclaims the vaxx to be ” fucking amazing”.

    Thank you Dr. for those words of wisdom.

    John Day

    @Mistecommanding officer (Captain, though, not colonel)r Roboto: Yes, people who do not want to kill other people will do so in the line of duty. Their personal feelings are usually very different, and are spoken to therapists later.
    Manipulating public opinions in comment sections of blogs is a regular-military job now.
    TAE conflict-zone has been assigned a competent commanding officer, who sometimes engages the battle-for-hearts-and-minds directly and competently, as would a Captain commanding a comapany of battle tanks. Occasionally the Commander’s tank will lead some critical action.
    We rate!

    John Day

    Oh, my, something jumped around and misplaced text:

    @ Mr Roboto: Yes, people who do not want to kill other people will do so in the line of duty. Their personal feelings are usually very different, and are spoken to therapists later.

    Manipulating public opinions in comment sections of blogs is a regular-military job now.
    TAE conflict-zone has been assigned a competent commanding officer (Captain, though, not Colonel) , who sometimes engages the battle-for-hearts-and-minds directly and competently, as would a Captain commanding a company of battle tanks.
    Occasionally the Commander’s tank will lead some critical action.
    We rate!

    John Day

    Blog has photo of progress again:

    Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: Developing a PLAN for the future

    ​ Did you read that? Did you read the title or the whole paper?​ (Thanks for the link, Susan)
    I read the whole paper, and I think it’s ok to just read the title, because the authors did not have a plan.
    Charles Hugh Smith, who has been a college-age construction contractor, guitarist, vegetable gardener, and lives/adapts on the corner of cheap and liveable, has a book out, which I plan to get, as I have some of his other books. (Susan is going to get it, too.)
    Global Crisis, National Renewal: A (Revolutionary) Grand Strategy for the United States
    I know Charles has done a lifetime of homework, as have many of us, if we put our experiences into useful context.
    I’m not going to say anybody has to read a book. I will posit that “Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits” is obviously true upon its face.
    Let’s Go!

    I can’t necessarily adapt to a future without fossil fuels, but I am already adapting to a future of less fossil fuel, less transport of my food for thousands of miles, less reliable cooling and heating, an erratic economy, and schemes to get rid of me and take my stuff as resources decline. Concepts and plans are not enough.
    Taking steps while you can to be less vulnerable to approaching changes, with an eye to a fairly rapid decline in fossil fuel availability everywhere in the next few years.
    The rumor is “Oil-Crisis-in-2023”. It’s a reasonable rumor. The exploration binge ended in 2015, after spending a lot and coming up with a little for the 8-10 years before that. I remember Oil-Crisis in the 1970s, when we lived a lot closer to everything and had fewer cars, and I didn’t have a car at all. I did not even have a bicycle in the 1970s. It was normal to walk 5 miles to work and 5 miles back at numerous times while I was in college. I moved closer, though.. I borrowed a bike and a guy in a truck hit me, ruined the bike, cussed me out and drove off. I had to pay for the bike. I moved closer to campus and work. There are a lot of problems that come up that we can’t prepare for, but just have to deal with. Proximity to essentials and bike access are important. There is a lot more property theft in our Austin suburb lately. There are more desperate people.
    It’s hard to live in Austin; expensive. Other people’s problems become your problems when times are hard. Cities have a lot of people. Cities with a lot of people living marginally become toxic to everybody.
    We all have social capital where we are. Most of us have jobs. Building alternatives means extra work. Ride a bike for an hour a few times a week and think about stuff while you’re riding. Cook at home. Garden if you can. If you can’t, is there an option for you to garden somewhere that you can bike to, a community garden?
    I know that’s not a plan for the looming oil-crisis-that-won’t-end, but the grand plan is to get rid of most of us. That’s what humans always do when there is not enough, get rid of a lot of other humans. That’s what kings and rulers and nobles specialize in.
    The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Build Back Better (without me) are all about that. Having digital currency on your smart phone tied to your social credit score is being beta tested in China. Bad citizens eventually won’t buy food, clothing or shelter, nor ride the train.
    Who is at the top decides who gets cut out, like Obama deciding who gets droned in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Mistakes were made”, they may say…

    I’m advocating bike commuting, and being able to get groceries and get to work by bike in a pinch, growing a substantial vegetable garden, keeping beans, rice, onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, dried peppers, dried fruit, oil, salt, and spices around. Be a good neighbor. Spend locally. Use cash. Don’t shop where it’s not accepted. These are all little things. If you do them, you’ll meet other people doing them. We live in a big self-organized social economic system. When we make strategic changes away from convenience, towards autonomy and resilience, we reorganize the system a little. I don’t think we can do more than that. Big plans are like Fascism, Stalinism, and “You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy With A Chip In Your Brain”. Big, top down plans always put all of the losses onto those not making the plans.
    People with a lot of valuable, mobile, unprotected stuff get hit first. Nobody steals sweet potatoes from the ground, as a rule. We can get around Yoakum on bikes, and Jenny could get around Austin on a bike if she worked closer. It keeps being a consideration. I usually do bike to work, but wimp out when it rains. Adapting your body and situation to the next stress is better than dealing with it through wealth, because wealth will be stolen. Vegetable gardens, cooking oil, bags of beans and rice are not things that usually get stolen. Bikes get stolen. Sorry. Bikes do get stolen regularly. I use a big U-lock for the frame and front wheel, with a cable through the rear wheel into the U-lock. I still would not leave it outside overnight.

    After I die, I’ll leave behind a direction of endeavor in my life that may be helpful to those continuing the journey into the world of less fuel, transportation and manufacturing. I have worked out succession-rotation gardening schemes and use them. I am drip-watering with city water. This would be a lot different without it. I can’t go there now. Maybe another generation will have to. Dirt farming without diesel is really a hard life, and depends on undependable weather. The house I’ve designed, has windows to let the prevailing summer winds blow through to keep heat from building up, and will have a screen porch. It’s still a hard to live without electricity when it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity at midnight. Maybe I can’t live that life very many days. Some people do, already.
    People who can’t live in a place under prevailing circumstances will move or die. I would not start this journey from Phoenix, Arizona if I could help it.
    I really expect a lot of migration in the next few decades. People from Chicago might move to Texas and dies in the summer when the electricity goes out. People from Honduras might move to Texas and feel ok about it. People from Chicago might move to farmland in the region. Most people can’t farm unless they grew up doing it.
    Charles Hugh Smith recently put up an article about when to move, now, or when you have to? You probably can’t move when you need to, which is why there are refugee tent camps. Maybe you can’t move now, either. Maybe you have family that you would house or that would house you. Maybe.. “Become the change which you would see in the world.”
    We are preparing a homestead where family can meet, maybe stay, if necessary. It has mostly tolerable weather except for those summer nights, and has a vegetable garden.
    We might benefit from rain catchment. We may work on that. Everybody around here used to store rainwater in cisterns. There’s no groundwater shallow, and the deep stuff is still no good. Czech and German farming communities moved here in the 1830s to 1850s and farmed, farmed it themselves, no slaves, no cotton.
    This area pumps natural gas. Texas has not been able to liquefy and ship much of that, due to expense. Economies break down when the fuel is too expensive.
    I kind of hope we keep having natural gas in Texas while I live.
    So I will keep working on the problems coming sooner, with an eye to general shape of the problems coming later. The biggest help is divine guidance. Boy do I pray daily for divine guidance, and really try to listen to that kind, calm and quiet voice.
    That’s not like “Build Back Better”, but I’m not plotting to dispossess and kill you, either. Just be aware of those schemes and work against them at every step.

    Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’
    Vandana Shiva and Russell Brand dissect the Great Reset and the motives and psychology of the ruling elite
    ​ ​Destroying people’s life support systems “is an ecocidal and genocidal instinct,” she said.
    Shiva told Brand:
    ​ ​“If you are creating conditions for most of humanity to not meet their basic needs, and creating a condition in which they can’t exercise their fundamental right to clean air, food, water, freedom, education or mobility … it’s an idea of dispensability equal to the idea of extermination.”
    ​ ​She said, “This is not just happening, it is being made to happen through deliberate action.”

    Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’


    @cooch: it’s painful to watch the “smell of napalm” clip (or any segment from AN). The TRUTH hurts.

    I married that soldier in the movie – or one like him to be more accurate. My guy was wearing a flight helmet with hand-painted words “kill for peace”; the door gunners nicknamed him “Death Wish” because he would not lift off until everyone running for his “ship” was on board (he flew UH-1 Huey Med-Evac). I was married to him for the final 10 years of his life (William Davis, died December 15, 2016). They were happy and sad years as the war never left him – even tho he rarely told anyone about his time/experiences in Vietnam. He was brilliant, an accomplished engineer and IT specialist, captain (boats!) fisherman, and brew-master. His 4th marriage (clue/hint) and my 3rd to a feisty rebel with 8 years on me. Early on deep anger issues surfaced – and we “dealt” with them. He did everything to run and hide from the war’s demons – an impossible task in the great unwinnable war.

    What do the the Apocalypse Now clip, the Chris Hedges piece linked above and yesterday’s b&w photo from the Holocaust Museum of a dead child laying alone on the sidewalk as emaciated young people walk by – all have in common?

    There is a TRUTH behind these man-made tragedies. It has been hidden from us, deliberately. The “hiders” will stay hidden if we let them.

    That child, my Bill, – and Julian are giving (or have given) their lives in exchange for knowing/living/REMEMBERING an ugly TRUTH. I purposely watch the napalm clip, closely scan the b&w photo of the dead child alone on a sidewalk, and read informed/educated analysis of Julian’s struggle because I WANT TO REMEMBER.

    What does it mean “never forget”? We say we won’t…why do we?

    John Day

    Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story’
    “VAERS is telling a very frightening story,” data scientist and immunology researcher Jessica Rose, Ph.D. told Kennedy.
    ​ ​VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data show 618,548 adverse event reports (as of Oct. 29), but that number doesn’t account for under-reporting, explained Rose. (As of Nov. 19, the latest VAERS data show 664,745 adverse events, excluding foreign reports).
    ​ ​“If you consider the under-reporting factor, which I’ve based on the Pfizer phase 3 clinical data — which is probably questionable data anyway — the under-reporting factor is 31,” she said. So to get an accurate count of adverse events, “you need to multiply the VAERS numbers by at least 31,” Rose explained. “It’s really staggering. We’re in the millions.”

    Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story’

    ​A couple of friends sent me this. Long list of successful ilumni, indeed. Hi Bill. Hi Angela. Hi Emanuel. Hi Pete. Hi Justin. (Hi Boris? Oh. my!)
    ​Klaus Schwab’s School for Covid Dictators, a Plan for the ‘Great Reset’
    …In 1992 Schwab established a parallel institution, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, which was re-established as Young Global Leaders in 2004. Attendees at the school must apply for admission and are then subjected to a rigorous selection process. Members of the school’s very first class in 1992 already included many who went on to become important liberal political figures, such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Tony Blair. There are currently about 1,300 graduates of this school…

    ​Killing people to steal what they have that can be ​taken elsewhere (unless they prevent you) Thanks Eleni.
    Afghanistan: Same, Same; Again, Again​ , Patrick Armstrong​
    The difference between the U.S. performances in Vietnam and Afghanistan is that in the first, the vehicles were painted green and in the second, sand.
    ​ ​Bill Ehrhart arrived in Vietnam in 1967 believing everything. His first indication that all was not as expected came when he wasn’t welcomed the way Allied soldiers had been in 1944. A couple of days later he was shocked to see “detainees”, bound hand and foot, casually tossed off a high vehicle by other Marines. This didn’t seem to be the way to treat people the Americans were there to help said he to his companion who told him to keep his mouth shut “until you know what’s going on​ ​around here”.​..

    No U.S. Boots – But Plenty of Arms – on the Ground in Ukraine​ , Finian Cunningham​ Thanks Eleni
    By sending massive shipments of offensive weapons to a rabidly Russophobic regime Washington is demonstrating its witting culpability.

    No U.S. Boots – But Plenty of Arms – on the Ground in Ukraine

    ​All the stories say “The first person in the UK has died ‘WITH’ the Omicron variant”, AND what else, if I may ask? Gunshot to the liver? IV heroin and cocaine?
    Appendicitis? I would really like to know because all the stories have this beguiling little snippet, the same exact words, and no details.​

    John Day

    “Susan” is Susmarie108


    (If this is a duplicate, my apologies)

    Regarding the zeal to retry “socialism” over and over, with new attempts to “get it right”…in my view ANY pro social “-ism” that is imposed on a population from above (I.e, in an authoritarian manner) will by default suffer corruption to a degree that negates any pro social intent.

    There *can* exist pro social “authoritarian” structures, a healthy parent-child relationship will (of necessity) contain a measure of authoritarianism. However, there are biological (and often cultural and mythic) “checks” that exist to keep the relationship healthy. For example, face to face interaction causing mirror neurons and empathy circuits to light up, physical expressions of affection which cause oxytocin to be released, etc. These processes (and others) cause the parent to value highly the well-being of the child, and the child to want to please the parent. When authoritarian structures are translated to large bodies of people, there are usually no effective translations of the structures that serve the parent-child relationship to keep it healthy. The most common structures to be lacking are those that cause the “authority” to understand the needs of the directed in an intrinsic way and to value the well-being of the directed as equal to (or even greater than) the needs of the authority figure.

    (This is not to say that every parent-child relationship is healthy — but many are healthy.)

    Not every authoritarian structure outside of the nuclear family is unhealthy. There are teachers and doctors and pastors and coaches who exemplify healthy authoritarian structures. And many do not. I enjoy the writings of Diana Gabaldon. She envisions an honorable Scottish man, raised to be a small-time “laird,” who leads all who follow him with compassion and strength. I recognize that the basic feudal system had many structures and customs which, when appropriately applied, ideally served to help the “laird” to understand and care for his tenants. Of course, it often didn’t work as intended, and — as we are so familiar with today — when such structures involve too many people and too many layers, the “checks and balances” don’t function.

    So it is with socialism. Here is one example. One of the tenets of socialism is “from each according to ability, to each according to need.” When implemented from above the results are deleterious. However, we see this come into play in our churches regularly and it functions reasonably well. Wealthier parishioners contribute larger sums, impoverished parishioners contribute few or no monies, yet both are welcomed and receive religious services. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it functions reasonably well. So well, in fact, that it is a part of our cultural mythos surrounding religion. Yesterday I watched about half of the posted video with Gerald Celente. He spoke about his new church, and how it helps people get vaccine exemptions. The interview asked Celente if people had to pay to receive help. Celente stated, sure, there is a donation, as with any church, but if they can’t pay “ we still help them.” This version of “religious socialism” is not mandated from an authority — it spreads via culture and myths.

    Anti-social ideas and myths can promulgate this way as well…however, let’s take away the coercion and authoritarianism and let people choose what to follow. The faith of the US founding fathers was that, when given the opportunity, enough humans would choose pro social ideas and behavior over antisocial ones. To be human is to have the ability to choose our behavior.


    “To be human is to have the ability to choose our behavior.”


    Meanwhile, here’s how we “explain” and “understand” “science” these days:


    I fergit if .gifs work as .img here. We’ll see.


    @John Day: regarding “Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits, Developing a PLAN for the future” – did read the whole thing…couldn’t help it!

    Really appreciated the way in which the author framed the “problem”. There were ideas and insights that sounded different + a very comprehensive case was made for why we need a plan. Am for whatever it takes to get people enrolled/engaged in moving forward.

    Your new homestead is really taking shape! You look HAPPY.


    So….”science” is still all Greek to us here (for now)…. when will we have to change to a new lexicon for our future?



    When science comes through and shows that the “vaccine activists” were dead wrong, will society remember that?

    Maybe what stops us from remembering, is that we still think we have something to lose.

    Feeling a CCR vibe.


    My father is 72. When my mom came down with Covid in Oct ‘20 he never tested positive, never had symptoms, but subsequently had antibodies to the Covid spike protein. He had blood work done again last week, and received the results today. Instead of waning, his antibodies to the Covid spike protein were slightly higher than the last time the test was done (about 5 months ago.). We know that my parents were exposed when they spent an afternoon here and my son had tested positive for Covid in Oct ‘21.

    those darned kids

    doc day: a quote from bender’s last post last night: “It could probably be argued that your the morbid one’s”.

    i think this terrible grammar was left there for me. bait, let’s call it.

    this is my guess (although i’m certain to be called some expletive + body part for being so expletive dumb):

    The Brigade uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook as well as psyop techniques to influence populations and behaviour. David Miller, a professor of political sociology at the University of Bristol who studies British government propaganda and public relations, said that it is “involved in manipulation of the media including using fake online profiles”.[28][29][30]

    In September 2019, Middle East Eye reported that Gordon MacMillan, a Twitter executive with editorial control over the Middle East and North Africa, is also a reservist officer in the 77th Brigade. Both Twitter and the British Army denied that they have a relationship or agreement. Miller said it was hypocritical of Twitter to close accounts alleged to be connected with non-Western governments while having links to the British Army.[31][32]

    On 22 April 2020, during the UK government’s daily coronavirus briefing, General Nick Carter confirmed that 77th Brigade are working with the Home Office Rapid Response Unit “helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation”.[33][34][35]

    On 7 May 2020, The Economist interviewed Carter on the role of 77th Brigade in fighting coronavirus disinformation.[36] The Defence Cultural Specialist Unit was used to monitor the internet for content on COVID-19 and to look for evidence of disinformation related to COVID-19 vaccines.[37]



    At the end of the day, does it really matter? Just curious.

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