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Why Putin Invaded Ukraine – And What’s Really Going On (Maajid Nawaz)
War, Conflict & Enemies of Truth (Brenner)
Not Exactly Chernobyl (Dmitry Orlov)
How Russia Will Counterpunch the U.S./EU Declaration of War (Escobar)
US/NATO Is in the Grip of a Demonic Death-Wish (Edward Curtin)
Zelensky And The Fascists (MoA)
Putin Will Declare War On Any Country Creating A Ukraine No-Fly Zone (ZH)
When Ukraine Was Mightier Than China (Bivens)
Germany Warns Against Ban On Energy Imports From Russia (DW)
‘Key To White Survival’: How Putin Has Morphed Into A Far-right Savior (G.)
Most Already Had Robust Immunity (Girardot)
License to Kill (Steve Kirsch)
CDC Admits They Lied, And Granny Died (Denninger)
On the Cusp of an Economic Singularity (Doomberg)





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“Ukraine had a long history of cultural and political ties with Russia, dating to Kievan Rus of the 10th century that was founded by the Rurikid dynasty from Swedish vikings..”

Why Putin Invaded Ukraine – And What’s Really Going On (Maajid Nawaz)

To emphasise, this article serves to analyse how to prevent the danger of World War III. Its purpose is not to defend Putin’s actions. To understand the conflict requires understanding the recent history, and what Russia’s national interests are in the region. Ukraine had a long history of cultural and political ties with Russia, dating to Kievan Rus of the 10th century that was founded by the Rurikid dynasty from Swedish vikings. It had been formally a part of the Russian Empire since the 18th century and remained in its sphere of influence. In 2010 Ukraine elected the pro-Russia Yanukovych as their president. Leaning towards Russia as he did, the new president Yanukovych was however not the US establishment’s preferred candidate. In 2013, Yanukovych cancelled an association deal between Ukraine and the EU.

In short, such an action required a response. With the second largest oil reserves in the world, and by controlling most of Europe’s gas supplies (which pass through Ukraine) Russia was perilously close to creating a Eurasian superpower to rival the US and end the hegemony of the US petrodollar. This is something that was recognised by Trump, despite the now proven hoax that he was captured by Putin. The US response came in 2014 as a Western backed bloody Maidan uprising (Putin would call this a coup) led to a change of regime. This uprising was backed and funded by the US establishment and her allies. Most worrying of all, it was perpetrated by the Neo-Nazi group Svoboda, founded by Andriy Parubiy.

Despite corporatist media denials, the neo-Nazi nature of Ukraine’s new pro-American regime is by now well established. With western backing, Svoboda swiftly began raising the armed neo-Nazi Azov battalion, which now serves as the Ukrainian National Guard. The US was arming the Nazi Azov battalion for three years, until it finally ended the open part of this cooperation in 2018. “House-passed spending bills for the past three years have included a ban on U.S. aid to Ukraine from going to the Azov Battalion, but the provision was stripped out before final passage each year…The Azov Battalion was founded in 2014, and its first commander was Andriy Biletsky, who previously headed the neo-Nazi group Patriot of Ukraine.

Several members of the militia, which has been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard, are self-avowed neo-Nazis..Last year, online posts by the militia’s news service showed members testing U.S.-made grenade launchers at a firing range. The posts have since been deleted”. Canada, surprise surprise, was also involved in this arming and funding of Ukrainian Nazis. Replete with Western funds, the group promptly appears to have begun organising Nazi summer camps for children. As well as organising street patrols for Nazi blackshirts in order to maintain their grip on power. And mass Nazi rallies, glorifying Nazi collaborators. Russia responded to this regime change by helping Crimea secede, and by recognising Luhansk’s and Donetsk’s independence. The above is the background to the eight year war that had been waging in Donbas, which you would be forgiven for not knowing about due to a corporatist media blackout.


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“Two-way mendacity between the chief executive and the so-called Fourth Estate. Cozy.”

War, Conflict & Enemies of Truth (Brenner)

Here’s a stark example. On March 2 Biden was asked whether Russian forces are deliberately targeting civilian areas in Ukraine, the president says, “It’s clear they are.” An outright lie – picked up and transmitted without comment. The wrinkle in this instance is that this is the same lie that the MSM had been disseminating for days. Two-way mendacity between the chief executive and the so-called Fourth Estate. Cozy. Those who know better will be kept at bay – non-persons. So, we read in the august New York Times that Russia launches missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, while civilian casualties mount and the Russian offensive on Kharkiv stalls. All nonsense, all lies. Never corrected. They are just sub-heads in a fictional story designed to mythologize, to entertain, and to control thought. Straight out of 1984; who needs censorship?

A body politique incapable of enunciating and observing reasonable ethical standards of behavior should still find it within itself to engage in an honest discussion and debate on matters of supposed national consequence. Ukraine has shown, once again, that the U.S. is not so capable. Why does a president so casually lie in public? Well, for one thing, long experience tells him that he could get away with it. After all, most Americans still take at face value whatever they are told about the international scene despite their being lied to and deceived by their leaders. They lied about WMD in Iraq; they lied about the reception to be expected from the Iraq people, they lied repeatedly about the insurrection, they lied repeatedly about torture, they lied about General David Petraeus’ magnificent Iraqi national army that fled before Mosul.

Douglas MacGregor

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“..the rest of the world, which will still have to listen to fake news of Europe’s largest nuclear plant being blown up by evil Russians.”

Not Exactly Chernobyl (Dmitry Orlov)

I guess I’ll have to keep publishing some short notes on the situation in the Ukraine, since it’s all over the news and most of that is fake news. Overnight there was a ridiculous amount of noise about Zaporozhskaya AES, which is the largest nuke plant in Europe. President Zelensky proclaimed that it is the new Chernobyl and that all of Europe will need to be evacuated. He was obviously drunk at the time. What actually happened was: At 11:11 AM Moscow time (about an hour ago) the authorities of Zaporozhye Region announced that Zaporozhskaya AES is under control of the Russian forces. At 6:20 AM Moscow time the fire at the administrative building at Zaporozhskaya AES was extinguished with no casualties. It was probably set on purpose to create the media picture of “Europe’s largest nuke plant on fire!”

At 5:36 AM Moscow time the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that the fire in the area of Zaporozhskaya AES did not affect any of the main equipment at the plant. At 4:47 AM Moscow time president Zelensky goes live to announce that the Russians are trying to create a new Chernobyl. A likely story, that. Between 3:51 AM and 3:59 AM Moscow time fire crews were on site putting out the fire. Apparently, there wasn’t a lot for them to do. Between 2:00 AM and 3:30 AM Moscow time there was a shootout at the power plant’s administrative building. Somehow it resulted in a fire at the administrative building. So much for a new Chernobyl.

In other news, this morning the Ukrainian army launched a rocket attack on the headquarters of the Ukrainian Nazi “Azov” battalion. Ten Nazis were killed in the attack. This was punishment for their refusal to follow orders. In other news from this morning, Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, is tightening up control by shutting down sources of disinformation and enemy propaganda, including: • Facebook • Meduza • BBC • Deutsche Welle • Radio Free Europe. Previously, “Echo of Moscow” and “Dozhd” were shut down. What this means is that fighting fake news in Russia is going to get a lot easier. Of course, it doesn’t mean anything for the rest of the world, which will still have to listen to fake news of Europe’s largest nuclear plant being blown up by evil Russians.

Yesterday’s negotiations between the Ukraine (the regime) and Russia resulted in an agreement on humanitarian corridors so that civilians can get out of cities where there is fighting going on. The problem with that is that the remaining Nazi battalions don’t particularly obey orders from the regime and like to use civilians as hostages and human shields. In all, the Russian demilitariazation campaign is going according to schedule. Ukraine’s nuclear installations are passing under Russian control undamaged. Infrastructure damage is quite limited (unless it is military infrastructure, in which case it gets blown up).

As far as denazification—the other goal of the Russian campaign—people are scratching their heads trying to figure out what that means and how it might happen. On the one hand, the Russians know them by name, face, voice print and perhaps even fingerprints, so it’s just a matter of hunting them down. On the other hand, the high-ranking Ukrainian Nazis and their families are currently fleeing the Ukraine and filtering out to the surrounding countries while simultaneously trying to organize terrorist attacks within Russia (unsuccessfully so far). To add spice, Ramzan Kadyrov, the intrepid Chechen chieftain, promised to track them down and kill them wherever they are. “We are everywhere in the world,” he said.

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“Russia will be showing the way: only self-sufficiency affords total independence.”

How Russia Will Counterpunch the U.S./EU Declaration of War (Escobar)

Michael Hudson told me, “the U.S. and Western Europe expected a Froelicher Krieg (“happy war”). Germany and other countries haven’t begun to feel the pain of gas and mineral and food deprivation. THAT’S going to be the real game. The aim would be to break Europe away from U.S. control via NATO. This will involve “meddling” by creating a New World Order political movement and party, like Communism was a century ago. You could call it a new Great Awakening.” A possible Great Awakening certainly will not involve the NATOstan sphere anytime soon. The collective West is rather in serious Great Decoupling mode, its entire economy weaponized with the aim, expressed in the open, of destroying Russia and even – the perennial wet dream – provoking regime change.

Sergey Naryshkin, the head of the SVR, succinctly described it: “Masks have dropped. The West is not just trying to enclose Russia with a new ‘Iron Curtain’. We are talking about attempts to destroy our state – its ‘abolition’, as it is now customary to say in the ‘tolerant’ liberal-fascist environment. Since the United States and its allies have neither the opportunity nor the spirit to try to do this in an open and honest military-political confrontation, sneaky attempts are being made to establish an economic, informational and humanitarian “blockade”’. Arguably the apex of Western hysteria is the onset of a 2022 Neo-Nazi Jihad: a 20,000-strong mercenary army being assembled in Poland under CIA supervision. The bulk comes from private military companies such as Blackwater/Academi and DynCorp.

Their cover: “return of Ukrainians from the French Foreign Legion.” This Afghan remix comes straight from the only playbook the CIA knows. Back in reality, facts on the ground will eventually lead entire economies in the West to become roadkill – with chaos in the commodities sphere leading to skyrocketing energy and food costs. As an example, up to 60% of German and 70% of Italian manufacturing industries may be forced to shut down for good – with catastrophic social consequences. The unelected, uber-Kafkaesque EU machine in Brussels has chosen to commit a triple hara-kiri by grandstanding as abject vassals of the Empire, destroying any remaining French and German sovereignty impulses and imposing alienation from Russia-China.

Meanwhile, Russia will be showing the way: only self-sufficiency affords total independence. And the Big Picture has also been keenly understood by the Global South: one day someone had to stand up and say, “That’s Enough”. With maximum raw power to back it up.

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“If Russia had such missiles encircling the United States from Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, what American would find it tolerable?”

US/NATO Is in the Grip of a Demonic Death-Wish (Edward Curtin)

Not wanting to sound hyperbolic, but I am starting to conclude that the nuclear madmen running the U.S./NATO New Cold War they started decades ago are itching to start a nuclear war with Russia. Their hypocrisy and nihilistic thirst for death and destruction are so extreme that it boggles my mind. They accuse Russia of starting a New Cold War when they did so decades ago and have been pushing the envelope ever since. Now they act shocked that Russia, after many years of patience, has struck back in Ukraine. In 2017, Oliver Stone released his four part interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Putin Interviews were conducted between 2015, the year after the US engineered the coup d’état in Ukraine installing Nazis to power in that country bordering Russia, and 2017.

Stone was of course bashed for daring to respectfully ask questions and receive answers from the Russian leader who the American media has always cast, like all the mythic bogeymen, as the new Hitler intent on conquering the world, when it is the United States, not Russia, that has over 750 military bases throughout the world and has attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – the list is endless. In his Putin interviews, Oliver Stone, a man of truth and honor, lets viewers catch a glimpse of the real Vladimir Putin and the matters that concern him as the leader of Russia. In 2018, I wrote of those interviews: . . . he [Putin] makes factual points that should ring loud and clear to anyone conversant with facts. One: that the US needs an external enemy (“I know that, I feel that.”).

Two: the U.S.A. engineered the coup d’état in the Ukraine on Russia’s border. Three: the US has surrounded Russia with US/NATO troops and bases armed with anti-ballistic missiles that can, as Putin rightly says to Stone, be converted in hours to regular offensive nuclear missile aimed at Russia. This is a factual and true statement that should make any fair-minded person stand up in horror. If Russia had such missiles encircling the United States from Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, what American would find it tolerable? What would CNN and The New York Times have to say? Yet these same people readily find it impossible to see the legitimacy in Russia’s position, resorting to name calling and illogical rhetoric. Russia is surrounded with US/NATO troops and missiles and yet Russia is the aggressor.

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“The fascists in Ukraine are relatively few. But they have the guns and they will kill anyone who opposes them and their aims.”

Zelensky And The Fascists (MoA)

On February 19, at the hight of the fire, Zelensky gave a speech at the Munich Security Conference. He prominently mentioned the Budapest Memorandum under which the Ukraine had given up the nuclear weapons it had inherited from the USSR*: “Since 2014, Ukraine has tried three times to convene consultations with the guarantor states of the Budapest Memorandum. Three times without success. Today Ukraine will do it for the fourth time. I, as President, will do this for the first time. But both Ukraine and I are doing this for the last time. I am initiating consultations in the framework of the Budapest Memorandum. The Minister of Foreign Affairs was commissioned to convene them. If they do not happen again or their results do not guarantee security for our country, Ukraine will have every right to believe that the Budapest Memorandum is not working and all the package decisions of 1994 are in doubt.”

One of the package decision Ukraine took in 1994 was the entering of Ukraine into the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Russia understood Zelensky’s remark in Munich as a threat by Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons. It already has the expertise, materials and means to do that. A fascist controlled government with nukes on Russia’s border? This is not about Putin at all. No Russian government of any kind could ever condone that. I believe that this credible threat, together with the artillery preparations for a new war on Donbas, was what convinced Russia’s government to intervene by force. On February 22 Russia recognized the Donbas republics as independent states. On February 24 Russian troops crossed the borders into the Ukraine.

The aim set for the Russian military is to de-militarize the Ukraine and to de-nazify it. The first is easy to understand. The Russian military will simple destroy or disable all heavy weapons the Ukraine has. The second aim requires more explanation than the above interview with Dmytro Yarosh. As the Grayzone notes: “In November 2021, one of Ukraine’s most prominent ultra-nationalist militiamen, Dmytro Yarosh, announced that he had been appointed as an advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yarosh is an avowed follower of the Nazi collaborator Bandera who led Right Sector from 2013 to 2015, vowing to lead the “de-Russification” of Ukraine.” The threats from the fascists make it impossible for any Ukrainian politician to implement a sane policy that would lead to peace in the country. The fascists in Ukraine are relatively few. But they have the guns and they will kill anyone who opposes them and their aims.

They have been put into important state positions. (Besides that oligarchs like Kolomoyskyy pay and use them for their own purposes.) The problem is that such ideological groups, once firmly established, tend to grow. The Right Sector is holding ‘patriotic’ summer camps for young Ukrainians and the Ukrainian state is financing those. They are successful and Ukrainian youths is looking up to them. These developments are what Russia is afraid off. As Patrick Armstrong wrote at the start of the current intervention: “What [Putin] is talking about is what the Soviet Union tried to do from 1933 onwards: namely to stop Hitler before he got started. This time Russia is able to do it by itself. In other words, Putin feels that he is making a pre-emptive attack to stop June 1941. This is very serious indeed and indicates that the Russians are going to keep going until they feel that they can safely stop.”

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“That very second, we will view them as participants of the military conflict, and it would not matter what members they are..”

Putin Will Declare War On Any Country Creating A Ukraine No-Fly Zone (ZH)

Ukraine’s President Zelensky and his top officials have over the past days been very openly urging a US and NATO imposed no-fly zone over the country, which would effectively bring American forces into a direct shooting war with Russia. On Saturday Russian President Putin issued a stern threat to any external power thinking about intervening by sending direct military forces. Putin made clear a no-fly zone would result in the Kremlin’s immediate declaration of war on any country intervening in such a way. The AP reported and translated his fresh comments made before civilian aviation industry members and pilots as follows: A no-fly-zone would spell war for any third party who tries to enforce one over Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has said. Speaking at a meeting with female pilots on Saturday, Putin said Russia would view “any move in this direction” as an intervention that “will pose a threat to our service members.”

“That very second, we will view them as participants of the military conflict, and it would not matter what members they are,” the Russian president said. Further he addressed the ratcheted up sanctions on Russia from the West, which are now serving to isolate Russia almost on levels akin to the US sanctions regimen on Iran – with of course the important exception that the US has not yet directly targeted Russian oil and gas exports. “Sanctions against us are like declaring war on Russia,” Putin said additionally in the meeting with military members. He further painted a positive picture of Russia’s strategy and military operations on the ground, at a moment many Western officials and pundits in the media have pointed out major problems for the invaders as Ukraine mounts a fierce ground resistance…

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“The average annual income for an entire household in recent years hovered around $2,000. (Or about $38 a week — how’s that for a paycheck?)”

When Ukraine Was Mightier Than China (Bivens)

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine’s nuclear inheritance was second only to Russia’s. It included more than 2,600 (!) tactical weapons (for battlefield use), more than 1,200 on ICBMs, and a nuclear-armed bomber force. It was an arsenal larger than the arsenals of China, the U.K. and France combined. Ukraine gave it all away. That was a more hopeful time; the Chernobyl power plant disaster in the 1980s had turned many there against all-things nuclear, and the weapons seemed like an expensive headache. They were handed over to Russia to decommission and dismantle. It seemed logical since Russia already held all of the command and control infrastructure, as well as all facilities to design and manufacture warheads, enrich uranium, and dismantle decommissioned weapons.

In exchange, Ukraine got the Budapest Memorandum, a 1994 document in which the United States and Russia pledged to respect Ukraine’s borders; to never use military force against Ukraine; and to initiate UN Security Council actions and other consultations if those pledges were ever breached. The memo fell short of a full treaty, was filed away and essentially never heard from again. Isn’t it funny how a formal document like this is now meaningless “because it’s not a treaty.” It was signed, in public ceremony, by top government leaders, as part of an incredibly solemn matter — Ukraine handing over all nuclear weapons in return for security guarantees. But it’s not a ratified treaty. So, oh well. Next time you sign something Ukraine, get a lawyer!

Contrast that with official attitudes toward a mere public assertion in 2008 — in paragraph 23 of what was basically a press release — that Ukraine will someday join NATO. That is not a treaty either, but somehow it’s worshipped like holy writ. It’s a press release summary of a meeting we Americans never voted on. Yet Washington’s more rabid foreign policy circles have long insisted upon it as a point of honor, and the White House refused to renounce it even unto the last days before the Russian invasion. In the years after Ukraine handed over its nuclear weapons, that poor nation became ever more dysfunctional, corrupt, chaotic. The average annual income for an entire household in recent years hovered around $2,000. (Or about $38 a week — how’s that for a paycheck?)

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“If you want to hurt Putin a little, then save energy..”

Germany Warns Against Ban On Energy Imports From Russia (DW)

Germany is currently still dependent on Russian fossil fuels, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Thursday. He spoke out against a ban on energy imports from Russia in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. “I would not advocate an embargo on Russian imports of fossil fuels. I would even oppose it,” he said after meeting German business leaders. “We need these energy supplies to maintain the price stability and energy security in Germany,” Habeck added. A shortage in supply could threaten social cohesion in Germany, he warned. Habeck stressed Germany “must free ourselves” from imports of Russia’s gas, coal, and oil. In February, Germany stopped the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. It has since joined other European nations in introducing a raft of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

Berlin even overturned its longstanding practice of blocking weapons exports to conflict zones. Habeck, however, said Germany has already begun to feel the effects of those decisions. “The impact of the sanctions and of the war on all sectors of the economy is so strong that we can fear a big impact,” Habeck said. The minister said any hopes that Europe’s largest economy would return to post-pandemic levels later this year were dashed. “We had hoped that we will experience an upswing this spring, a recovery phase. But now we have the consequences of the war,” he warned. Habeck urged consumers do their bit by reducing consumption. “If you want to hurt Putin a little, then save energy,” he said.

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For the MSM, the narrative demands that Putin is an evil white supremacist. Never mind that it’s exactly what he’s fighting.

‘Key To White Survival’: How Putin Has Morphed Into A Far-right Savior (G.)

“Can we get a round of applause for Russia?” asked Nick Fuentes, on stage last week at a white nationalist event. Amid a roar of applause for the Russian president, just days after he invaded Ukraine, many attendees responded by shouting: “Putin! Putin!” It would be easy to dismiss the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) in Orlando, Florida, as a radical fringe. But speeches by two Republican members of Congress – one in person, the other via video – guaranteed national attention and controversy. The backlash showed how the war in Ukraine has exposed the American far right’s affinity with Putin. That affinity is complicated by the tortured relationship between Russia and former president Donald Trump, whose rise Moscow supported with a covert operation to undermine US democracy.

Fuentes, a notorious antisemite, created AFPAC to coincide with the more mainstream Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where Trump was the headline speaker last Saturday. At AFPAC, Fuentes introduced the Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who would this week interrupt the State of the Union address, rising to yell “Build the wall!” as an objection to Joe Biden’s immigration policy. But here she did not interrupt to object to the chanting of the Russian president’s name. “I don’t believe anyone should be canceled,” Taylor Greene told the attendees of the white nationalist conference. She lashed out at a wide range of topics from Marxism to cancel culture but avoided the invasion of Ukraine, saying even less on the topic than Russian state media.

Devin Burghart, executive director of Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, said: “In the world of the white nationalists, you are seeing a lot of support for Putin, as expressed by the cheerleading at AFPAC over the weekend.” Others agree, pointing to a shared socially and culturally conservative ideology, disdain for democratic systems and appreciation for a “strong man” form of government. There was also the fact that it was the current Ukrainian government whom Trump attempted – and failed – to bribe to investigate his political rival Biden: actions which led to his first impeachment.

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But do they still?

Most Already Had Robust Immunity (Girardot)

Collectively, research and the pharmaceutical industry has been making the same mistake on Covid-19 as these well-intended smart American airforce engineers did nearly 80 years ago. They have essentially focused on the wrong information, the non universal part of the genetic material of the virus, which has been found to mutate the most. In January 2020, SARS-Cov2 was rapidly sequenced (see illustration), and immediately the research community started investigating its novelty (the red dot areas). How was Covid-19 unique? and different from SARS-Cov1? What was its mode of action?… Naturally, research started focusing on the now infamous Spike protein, the foundation for these upcoming mRNA and viral vector vaccines.But everyone was oblivious of the elephant in the room: Covid-19 shares 65-82% genome with other Coronaviruses!

Why is this so critical? Roughly 21,000 nucleotides are shared between SARS-Cov2 and other HCovs. And mild forms of coronaviruses, common colds, are permanently circulating the planet and have been infecting people for centuries: Billions of people have had to gain immunity against the most immunogenic parts of this long string of common RNA. Past infections have had to act as “vaccination campaigns”, only with a universal stable material: immunising against COVID-19 even before it ever existed. The concept is well known: it’s a phenomenon called “Cross-immunity”.Working in biotech, I am a big believer in biotechnology and the future of mRNA/DNA vaccines, notably in the fight against cancer. And if one believes in mRNA vaccines for Covid; one necessarily needs to believe that past coronaviruses have already immunised a big part of the population. They are based on the same underlying immunological processes.

As I have already described in several articles, beyond the breadth of antigen targets (larger from natural immunity), the main difference currently between current vaccines and natural immunity is the fact that natural immunity provides not only systemic immunity – like vaccines – but also sterilising mucosal immunity for a limited period (<2yrs) – which the vaccines do not provide unfortunately. The most prominent and visible clinical evidence of that sterilising immunity was the wide pervasiveness of the asymptomatic population witnessed throughout the globe, notably in very dense regions like Asia and Africa. Indeed, density-induced incidence levels are so high that a form of permanent immunity seems to exist in these countries through the form of a mucosal sterilising immunity

Makary masks kids

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“Is there a viable cause of action to stop any of this? I haven’t found it.”

License to Kill (Steve Kirsch)

The most frustrating thing about this pandemic is that there is no doubt that the drug companies have killed over 150,000 Americans, yet nobody with authority to stop these vaccines wants to talk about the evidence. The vaccine program is done under the pretext of saving 10,000 lives (the Pfizer Phase 3 trial showed the drug saved approximately one COVID life for every 22,000 people fully vaccinated for the COVID variants existing over 1 year ago), but nobody really wants to look at the excess all-cause mortality caused by the vaccines (aka “the collateral damage”). Is there a viable cause of action to stop any of this? I haven’t found it. The law shields the drug companies, and everyone associated with the vaccination process from all liability. They basically have a license to kill.

The CDC should be criminally negligent for not recognizing the obvious safety signals. However, because they are an authority in the minds of the court, they can do no wrong. There is a “reasonable minds may differ” defense here and our courts believe that the CDC has reasonable minds. So how can there be negligence when reasonable minds don’t find a safety signal? It’s the perfect crime. You can literally get away with murder. People are being killed but nobody is being charged with a crime, AFAIK. Are there any district attorneys or state or federal prosecutors that can find a viable cause of action? The evidence of harm has been hiding in plain sight including:

  1. An estimated reportable adverse event rate of 20% of those fully vaccinated (there are over 200M vaccinated, 1M VAERS reports and VAERS is at least 41X underreported)
  2. An estimated death due to vaccine of over 150K Americans
  3. Embalmers reporting up to 93% of cases have telltale blood clots associated with the vaccine
  4. Blood before/after vaccination is visually very different
  5. Rates of myocarditis as high as 2% (Monte Vista Christian School and a private conversation with a DoD doctor)
  6. Rates of neurological damage as high as 4.5% (Israeli MOH survey).
  7. A minimum of 30% (Peter Schirmacher’s study) to 93% (Bhakdi’s study) of deaths post vaccine attributed to the vaccine
  8. A post-marketing survey disclosed by Pfizer consistent with the VAERS data reports
  9. An estimate of deaths and URF by Joel Smalley using death data in Massachusetts that confirms earlier numbers (Joel calculated a URF of 41, matching mine exactly as well as a deaths per million doses (dpmd) of 945 which is even higher than the 411 dpmd calculated by Mathew Crawford).
  10. The Skidmore paper, “How Many People Died from the Covid-19 Inoculations? An Estimate Based on a Survey of the United States Population,”
  11. German insurance company data estimate done by Mathew Crawford yielding an estimate of 120,000 deaths in the US caused by the vaccines

Blood clots

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“..the odds that bad things will happen goes up exponentially..”

CDC Admits They Lied, And Granny Died (Denninger)

In fact we now have a very high level of evidence that the manufacturers, including specifically Pfizer and Moderna, gamed the trials by at least deliberate refusal to look. We know this because the trial in young people showed that protection goes negative within just a couple of months, that is, it makes you more likely rather than less to get infected. But the trials were designed only against symptomatic disease, they deliberately did not do surveillance testing on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis in the trial subjects to see if the shots were sterilizing and if they made infection more-likely in the first few weeks, they deliberately ignored or hid adverse events including deaths that were not reported where the public could see them and the doses were set inexplicably high which produced an antibody titer that, coincidentally, lasted the required three months to get the EUAs but were basically worthless or even enhanced infection by six months and the trial was….. coincidentally….. three months.

It was claimed this was not “gene therapy” yet the head pharmacy person from Bayer just said in public that it is, which of course we all knew if you had any sort of competence in reading anything because the jabs all were designed to be taken up into your cells and hijack their genetic machinery to make spike proteins. That’s gene therapy by definition yet if you say that on Twitter it gets your post restricted and if you say it on a Google ad-supported site or on Youtube it draws either a black ball ban on advertising or a strike on your channel — or even a ban. Yet it is absolutely true — and has always been true. The media won’t allow this to be discussed because they know damn well that the public perception is that gene therapy is a last resort sort of thing (e.g. if you have cancer) because it is dangerous and thus the public would refuse to take them.

Drug companies run trials for every single drug they produce. They are THE subject-matter experts in doing so because they have done it dozens or hundreds of times. This means they are in a perfect position to design trials to fit the test and if, in that environment, you give them a liability shield so they can’t be sued if they designed to the test and bad things happen the odds that bad things will happen goes up exponentially. I warned people repeatedly that I saw discontinuities in the public trial data — that is, intentional omissions that, were I trying to design an honest trial to prove that a given therapy was sterilizing and thus would increase public safety, not just personal safety, I would have included. I also pointed out that surveillance for adverse events, specifically full blood work before and after injections, would have almost-certainly detected the most-severe adverse events before the EUAs were issued and that work was intentionally not done because the “test” that the FDA set forth did not require it.

Chip Roy

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“If $20-30 trillion or more of global GDP spurns the preexisting reserve currency, is it still the reserve currency?”

On the Cusp of an Economic Singularity (Doomberg)

The simple truth of a singularity applies whether it occurred in the past or will in the future: what transpires on the other side is unknowable from here. Given the horrific and still-unfolding events of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s collective response to it, one can’t help but wonder whether we are on the cusp of an economic singularity in which the laws and bedrock beliefs that formed the foundation of international economic order for decades break down. The consequences are similarly unknowable, but we suspect a great reset may indeed be upon us. Even if a ceasefire is announced moments after we publish this piece, shocking damage to the global economic system has undoubtedly already been done and certain genies won’t easily be put back into their bottles.

Before proceeding, we should state clearly that what follows is not a critique of the Western response to the invasion but rather an assessment of the potential first- and second-order consequences of these historic moves, as well as speculation on where some of the harshest economic crises might manifest in the near future. While we join in the hope that these measures achieve their desired direct effect, there’s no denying these are truly unprecedented times. The most stunning move by the US and its allies was cutting off the Russian central bank’s access to most of its $630 billion of foreign reserves. Without access, one wonders if these funds are really “its” reserves at all? What is ownership without access? No matter how justified that move might seem today, there’s no escaping that this action will reverberate for years to come. In a blunt opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal titled “If Russian Currency Reserves Aren’t Really Money, the World Is in for a Shock,” reporter Jon Sindreu had this to say about how central banks everywhere must now view their reserves:

“Many economists have long equated this money to savings in a piggy bank, which in turn correspond to investments made abroad in the real economy. Recent events highlight the error in this thinking: Barring gold, these assets are someone else’s liability—someone who can just decide they are worth nothing. Last year, the IMF suspended Taliban-controlled Afghanistan’s access to funds and SDR. Sanctions on Iran have confirmed that holding reserves offshore doesn’t stop the U.S. Treasury from taking action. As New England Law Professor Christine Abely points out, the 2017 settlement with Singapore’s CSE TransTel shows that the mere use of the dollar abroad can violate sanctions on the premise that some payment clearing ultimately happens on U.S. soil.” In for a shock, indeed.

In essence, Sindreu’s piece argues that this move substantially increases the risk that the US dollar loses its privileged status as the global reserve currency and, at a minimum, likely ensures a polarization of the global economy into at least two camps – the West in one and Russia/China/Iran/Saudi Arabia plus other targeted or aligned countries in the other. If $20-30 trillion or more of global GDP spurns the preexisting reserve currency, is it still the reserve currency? If reserves can be negated overnight, are they even reserves? How many other countries must hedge against the possibility of similar sanctions? Should we add India to the list?

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And you thought you were rid of him…







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    Marcel Duchamp The chess game 1910   • Why Putin Invaded Ukraine – And What’s Really Going On (Maajid Nawaz) • War, Conflict & Enemies of Tru
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    A great option for untracked internet browsing with a built-in VPN is the Epic browser:

    It’s basically Chrome but they removed all tracking features and added a VPN with servers in US, EU, India, and Singapore. works perfectly well for me using the India servers. Epic is an Indian company, btw. Just click the plug icon in the upper right-hand corner and select.

    It also works well for reading Twitter without an account. With other browsers, Twitter would block me from reading accounts unless I signed up. With epic, I can read all accounts without limit and without registering.

    Dr. D

    I guess Nelson Mandela isn’t black anymore. Biden is the arbiter of blackness, so he would know.

    “the US response came in 2014 as a Western backed bloody Maidan uprising (Putin would call this a coup) led to a change of regime. This uprising was backed and funded by the US”

    Putin CALLS it a coup? That IS an illegal, foreign-backed, election-meddling coup. Definition.

    “Zelensky is a puppet & he is putting huge numbers of his own population at unnecessary risk”

    I think he’s not even in control and mostly never was. But it’s a heck of a tough neighborhood. If you don’t want to tango with and wipe out the whole Azov battalion and a few oligarchs you might want to stay home.

    “fire at the administrative building” Nailed it. How did I know? Every word of every adult in the West is always a lie. If they said it, it’s a lie. You just need to figure out WHICH lie.

    Rub my eyes I’m seeing things:

    “the U.S. erred in its efforts to prevent the breakout of war by refusing to offer to retract support for Ukraine to one day join NATO or substantially reconsider its terms of entry. And they argue that Russia’s willingness to go to war over Ukraine’s NATO status, which it perceived as an existential national security threat and listed as a fundamental part of its rationale for the invasion, was so clear for so long that dropping support for its eventual entry could have averted the invasion.” –Zeeshan Aleem, Vox, HuffPo, Atlantic

    Read the whole thing. Short.

    Biden surrendered before the war even began, if it’s being printed does that mean the glue-sniffing Derp State and their illiterate lackeys are surrendering too?

    Of course they have to add “Recognizing this possibility does not excuse Moscow’s actions, which are heinous.” If it’s an existential threat that Biden could have easily avoided, how is it heinous and inexcusable for Russia? Pick one.

    “what’s more cruel is that Ukrainians might be paying with their lives for the United States’ reckless flirtation with Ukraine as a future NATO member without ever committing to its defense.” .

    He also admits the U.S. was always bluffing Russia by doing this. (Duh, we have no men) The rest is a similarly cautious mea culpa that like Great Barrington, admits everything everybody knows and we say here.

    “George Beebe, a former director of Russia analysis at the CIA and special adviser on Russia to former Vice President Dick Cheney. “And we elected to make sure that the veto was exercised on the battlefield, hoping that either Putin would stay his hand or that the military operation would fail.”

    Adding: “ overlooked, forgotten warnings”, “I’m using the past tense there intentionally” “What’s happened has happened, and there’s no going back”

    They’re saying: “We FORGOT that goading Russia into WWIII would be a mistake and backfire on us and Ukraine. But let’s not worry about who did what to whom in the past. We all thought this same (stupid, failing) thing, amirite?”

    “The U.S. must do everything it can do to end this war … as swiftly as possible.”

    Does that include surrendering, and also cutting Ukraine and Poland into pieces, or what?

    “Expanding NATO was always hugely controversial” –MSNBC

    Really? That’s not what you said last week before catastrophically losing.

    George Kennan, the living legend who had fathered America’s policy of containment against the Soviet Union, called NATO expansion “a strategic blunder of potentially epic proportions.” Thomas Friedman, America’s most prominent foreign policy columnist, declared it the “most ill-conceived project of the post-Cold War era.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan, widely considered the most erudite member of the US Senate, warned, “We have no idea what we’re getting into.” John Lewis Gaddis, the dean of America’s Cold War historians, noted that, “historians—normally so contentious—are in uncharacteristic agreement: with remarkably few exceptions, they see NATO enlargement as ill-conceived, ill-timed, and above all ill-suited to the realities of the post-Cold War world.”

    No kidding! Where did you dredge this up from and how did all you brainiacs “Forget” it?

    “The major concern was that expansion would backfire” Huh. And five administrations and 30 years did it every day anyway. Every day, every way. Weird to do a well-known, ill-conceived thing so reliably for so long. I guess it was a big, durn “accident”.

    “After the end of the Cold War, NATO’s raison d’être no longer existed, but instead of disbanding, its mission shifted to democracy promotion.”

    What does that mean? Were there kings in Romania and if so why was it our job to change them? Did they have two administratives of the same oligarchic families with the promise of three more by 2024?? (Examples excluding Jeb; Megan, Chelsea, and Jr.) Other political families: Cuomos, Kennedys, Pauls, Pelosis, Cheneys, McCains… Maybe they needed us to show them how to really do it.

    The Russians were shocked by NATO’s bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, where NATO not only intervened in the affairs of a non-NATO country, but took sides against the Serbs, allies of the Russians, and did so without United Nations Security Council approval. NATO has also been involved in regime change and nation-building projects in places like Libya and Afghanistan. “NATO is a defensive organization; I don’t think it had any plans on Russia,” Thomas Graham said”

    O Rly? Since NATO bombs everything they find, everywhere on earth, with no UN approval, what exactly are they “Defensive” about? Their unrelenting war crimes? NATO member Lindsey Graham says we should assassinate and regime change Russia immediately. Is that defensive?

    we should have made a deal” Bebee said. “Graham, the former NSC official, also said the U.S. made a mistake in its approach.” Could we be more specific? WHO made this mistake, and WHEN will they lose their job or at least be thrown the Ukrainian mob? No? “Mistakes were made” passive tense, not by any person specifically, and certainly –I– didn’t make them, but made somewhere by some amorphous weird alien groupthink hive-mind we all inhabit here.

    “Ukraine’s Formidable, not-so-secret Weapon: Women” –MSNBC

    Apparently a weapon that loses faster than anything Russia could dream of. Brilliant insights such as “Women have also been central to Ukrainian society” ou mean YUkrainians families weren’t made of just men before now? As the Left here dreams of?

    “the front page on the New York Times of Ukrainian women volunteers, weeping, rifles in hand, as they headed to the front lines” Yes, nothing scares me more than weak, tiny humans crying in fear. This is what I said about handing 15 and 60 year old civilians their first rifle: stay at home if you want to live.

    Ukraine is about many things but certainly protecting democracy in the face of tyranny is most important” Except Ukraine was openly under a coup and Putin was legitimately elected.

    And including a full hour of the late great “Now THAT’S What I Call Propaganda, 2022 Edition”: the Sunflower seed lady, the Nazi grandma, Ms. Ukraine with an airsoft, and much, much more!

    Back to back: “Vindman on ‘Russia’s lack of strategy & tactics’” and “Zelenskyy pleas for more aid from U.S. lawmakers”Including completely entering the war with airplanes and nukes.

    If Russia is so stupid and sloppy, why does Ze need help from us? Because it’s a LIE? Pick one.

    Sen. Leahy: Putin Has Miscalculated the United States” –MSNBC

    In the sense that we surrendered even FASTER than expected, before it began? And officially Putin invaded UKRAINE, which, Senator, I believe is some small distance from the United States. So what do we have to do with “miscalculating” if we’re not involved? Directing the whole thing? As an open de-facto war on Russia, just as Russia says.

    And Hillary admits they’ve lost and surrendering:

    It’s subtle, but it’s there. She says “We can only do…” economic sanctions basically, which have no effect. And double back on them years or decades later, which the NBC article proposed. And she’s aware of it. On TV. So clearly they are also surrendering.

    That Alabama has interesting stuff, that Ze was under attack long before yesterdays “I’m not weak” video. But pointedly, Russia is taking Ukee to denazify, so they will kill everyone in Azov or on certain lists. So…aren’t they all hiding among the civilian evacuations like usual cowards and opportunists? So then what? The CIA hides them on our base in Poland with our other 20,000 men, trains them better, and send them back tomorrow? Or Russia takes Poland to remove them? In fact, since the US loves them so much, do they have to go all the way to Fairfax to remove them all? I mean, the entire (official) West has declared they are all Ukrainians now, in full support and alliance with Azov. Canada is carrying Azov banners. So what’s the plan?

    “high-ranking Ukrainian Nazis and their families are currently fleeing the Ukraine and filtering out to the surrounding countries while simultaneously trying to organize terrorist attacks within Russia” – Orlov

    You see, if they can merely withdraw to Prague and Paris, nothing’s being accomplished in Ukraine at all. In fact, they’ve helped the CIA get hold of an train them, Euro-wide. When they say they want a longer resistance to bleed Russia over time, that’s what they’re revealing. Only the loss of money in the West will stop this, keep them too busy and too broke. That’s coming shortly, we thinks.

    Dr. D

    But it’s a heck of a tough neighborhood.

    Actors and comedians call it a “tough crowd”.

    Ze went from comedian to president and right back to comedian. 2 days ago, he said 6,000 Russians had died (today, it’s 10,000…), while the press mentioned 227 civilians. “Give me planes!” “Putin has given the order to erase our entire people and our culture.” He’s on pills.



    Thanks Raul, thanks Dr D. Still… trying to wrap my head around Sparticus. the links are well… it’s a wild frontier out there. So much craziness.
    Going in for surgery to remove the big old screws drilled down into the bones of my forearm and hand on Wednesday. Removal of external cage will be a big relief. One day I can get back to work, but I will be repaying kindness to me along the way.

    Be at peace and where ever possible be reminded of the universal silence that holds all things – victims and victimisers alike.

    Just a holy instant of closing ones eyes and seeking the second place to gain the first will do.
    It’s after midnight and time for my bed


    What I have not heard about is how the people of the Ukraine feel.

    Over a third of Ukraine could be pro-Russian. Zelensky shut down several TV stations who were critical. Most people want a quiet life. So how much support does Zelensky have in Ukraine? How many support the neo-nazis?

    I am not sure about today but the bulk of the Ukrainian army were conscripts. How many, apart from the Azov battalion, would want to fight the Russians? There is a report that regular Ukrainian soldiers attacked a group of Azov troops. Was this on purpose?

    I suppose I am really asking whether the Ukrainian army has two factions who will fight each other?

    The Azov Battalion may be more aggressive but are fewer than the regular army so could be wiped out.

    D Benton Smith

    God help us !

    “God helps those who help each other”

    D Benton Smith

    The following was accidentally posted to yesterday’s TAE about 30 minutes after Raul posted today’s TAE. It’s probably worth reading, for those with a n investigator’s or historian’s approach to current events.

    I feel compelled to say again that it all started to with a former mental patient named Paul, whose last name I don’t even remember, and whose very existence is almost absent from the historic record. Without Paul, NONE of the earth changing events of the past 50 years (culminating in humankinds’ near-death experience . . . it’s brush with extinction . . . would have occurred.

    ( refer you to post #103474 for details about the mysterious figure “Paul”, spoken of in what follows)

    Paul collected documentation that was the first and ONLY early exposure of CIA’s MK Ultra program.
    The documents revealed incontrovertible evidence of the BIGGEST pharmaceutical companies involvement in INCREDIBLY evil human experimentation on human subjects for American, English, Swiss and UK intelligence/financial interests.
    Paul gave the documentary material to Fred Rock (a brave smart decent man and cultist wack-job extraordinaire)
    Fred used the documents to stir up a media shit storm against the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry (I helped Fred in a minor capacity to stir up the shit storm).
    The shit storm naturally drew the ALARMED attention of CIA (and in particular CIA Directors of that 70’s era Colby and Helms).
    Helms and Colby attempted to sweep MK Ultra atrocities it under the rug by nuking Fred and the cult . . . but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag and the scandal kept growing, little by little.
    This eventually led to the so-called “Church Committee” investigation and minor curtailment of CIA’s MK programs ( MK, possibly a Nazi Germanized moniker for “Mind Kontrol”, the mind set and evil Nazi purposes from which it had originated).
    The myriad of “leads” generated by these scandals fed uncounted “conspiracy theories”, many of which did of course have vague and imprecise ( but basically legitimate) links and ties back into older the older evils that had led the Nazi’s and spies and oligarchs to dream up MK Ultra shit in the first place.
    It all gets very very very very messy at that point . . . not to mention more evil and dangerous . . . with the foray into genetic engineering, bio weaponry . . . with computers and artificial intelligence providing the means of actually DOING what would never have been technically possible without computers and artificial intelligence.
    And so so and so until we reach today, and the impending major setback for the forces of evil as people all over the world start revealing more and more bigger and bigger truths out into the light of day . . . but the START of those revelations was the mental patient, Paul. He’s the guy who kicked the lid off. Through these bombshell reports of previously suppressed truths it looks like like humankind will narrowly escapes destruction once again.. . but they couldn’t have done it if Paul had not gathered those documents nd spilled them to the world.
    So the entire world owes its survival to an almost anonymous fundamentally decent souled paranoid delusional mad-bomber mental patient named Paul.
    History and the true importance of crucial events is usually only apparent in the rear-view mirror.


    The tails (tales) of human imagination,

    “Self-proclaimed “prophet” Johnny Enlow is merging QAnon conspiracy theories with his love of Russia, claiming that Putin is fighting “Luciferian pedophiles” who were using Ukraine to carry out the Illuminati’s plans to use 5G and vaccines to create transhumanist semi-robots.”

    If you think Putin’s invasion of Ukraine seems so cruel, unnecessary and pointless, let me tell you how Syria started. A few kids in Dara’a sprayed anti-Assad graffiti on a high school wall. 15 kids were arrested, beaten, tortured, had their fingernails ripped out.

    I am fairly certain that many want Russia to stand down and the US to abandon is neocon ways, this is our common ground but it’s not what I am reading or seeing. I found this to be very insightful tough not reassuring.

    Conducting sudden, top-secret special operations is the main pattern of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior. As a former chekist [security official], he always wants to catch everyone off-guard, in order to frighten them and to impress on them that he can do whatever he wants. We witnessed this once again during the emergency meeting of the Security Council three days before the war. The stammering of foreign intelligence head Sergei Naryshkin, the confusion of deputy Kremlin administration head Dmitry Kozak, and the worried face of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin were evidence enough. The most influential people in Russia sat before Putin like schoolchildren before a teacher who had suddenly announced an exam. And this meeting wasn’t even about a war — they were only discussing the recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics.”


    The Word of the Day


    What countries are capable of it, which countries aren’t.

    The Russian people have quite a historic track record in this.

    EU countries to a lesser extent.

    Aside from the American Civil War, over a hundred and fifty years ago, the US and it’s populous, not so much.

    Any conflicts and wars the US has been involved in always seem to be on someone else’s turf.

    The US just finished spending 22 years fighting in Afghanistan, destroying the place, only to turn tail like thieves in the night, leaving 80 billion plus dollars in weapons behind and accomplishing zero, accept to enrich the Military Industrial Mafia Racket for those two decades.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Did the same in Iraq

    Have US citizens ever suffered a modern war in their cities and country side.

    Nope, and they couldn’t handle a major war on their turf as a culture because they’re soft as a grape in the enduring suffering department.

    The US as a whole has devolved into a fragile tiggered snowflake kulture of foam latte, extra cinnamon, half-caffe sipping spoiled brats and psychopaths.

    Putin’s term, the Empire of Lies, is perfect.

    And a country based on lies has no backbone or ability to shoulder the collective burden of suffering.

    It will splinter into a violent blaming orgy as to who’s responsible for the suffering and then be consumed in the flames of hate that follow.

    There is no collective sense of common good left in the US.

    Pockets of it here and there, but no national cohesion or unity of purpose.

    Just, “I’ve got mine, you get yours” as far as the eye can see from sea to shining sea.

    The rural culture against the city culture, the North vs the South, the East vs the West, and now the genders against each other and worse of all the Class Divide which is never mentioned by the Media Whores that masquerade as ’News”.

    It’s all lies, all the time, 24/7

    There will be no shared burden of suffering in the US, it’s always the other guy’s fault.

    And a Greatest Depression of All Times approaches this Land of Lies.

    Even the faux term, Homeland Security, was always an authoritarian psy-op mindfuck. A gender neutral replacement for Motherland or Fatherland, which have their own baggage.

    Lies über alles

    Uncle Sam is off his meds and melting down.

    Look out below!



    “The gas price in Europe has more than doubled since February 23: from 88 euros per megawatt hour to a record peak of 212 euros on Friday afternoon. Compared to a year ago (less than 17 euros), that is about a twelvefold increase.”


    Figmund Sreud

    That graphic green bird on Russia sanctions, … closes with:

    “A big bang is coming. Brace for impact.”

    On the Cusp of an Economic Singularity

    … sobering read!


    D Benton Smith


    So glad to hear that you’re back and as off key as ever. Not only is your music a dissonant screech, but you aren’t even singing the right song!

    Here’s where it’s at, flatbro, and if you have aspirations of a satisfactory life span then you better listen up. The perpetrators, sycophants, minions and dupes of the Covid attempted genocide are fast approaching the day when their victims will drag their sorry asses out into the streets for a right good and proper slaughtering. If you have been as mouthy and evil at home as you have been around here then your neighbors and associates are well aware of your predilections and “loyalties” (I use the term loosely).

    Rather than waste more of your time trolling for no measurable effect you would be far better advised to invest your time , effort and treasure in creating a false identity and relocating to some remote place where they won’t find you. Otherwise, you are in a for a short life and a bad end.

    Figmund Sreud

    … oops, just noticed that Doombrg piece already listed an showing up there. Sorry, …




    There is a report that regular Ukrainian soldiers attacked a group of Azov troops.

    I’ve seen multiple reports that the Azov guys refuse to follow orders from army brass, and obey only their own leadership. And army within an army. This is likely the cause for the 2nd consecutive failure of the Mariupol evacuation too.



    “I’ve seen multiple reports that the Azov guys refuse to follow orders from army brass, and obey only their own leadership. And army within an army.”

    This is what the SS was during WWII, an army within an army. Always generates friction within military leadership. The assassination plots against Hitler came from within the Wehrmacht to a large extent. Erwin Rommel is a case in point.

    One can only hope that sane members of the regular Ukrainian military will consider the same against the maggot Zelinsky.



    Trudeau’s freedom fighters

    Trudeau has gone to Europe to motivate the people, ( Ukrainian freedom fighters), to seek freedom.
    Meanwhile ……

    The convoy left a rural parking lot in Adelanto, California, on Feb. 22 and is now at its last staging area, about 73 miles outside of D.C.
    Here’s the convoy’s route across America as it appears Hagerstown is the last staging area before D.C.

    Adelanto, California
    Kingman, Arizona
    Lupton, Arizona
    Glenrio, Texas
    Elk City, Oklahoma
    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Sullivan, Missouri
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Cambridge, Ohio
    Hagerstown, Maryland
    The D.C. Beltway area
    Ukrainian freedom fighters
    Quote: anticlimactic

    What I have not heard about is how the people of the Ukraine feel.

    Over a third of Ukraine could be pro-Russian. Zelensky shut down several TV stations who were critical. Most people want a quiet life. So how much support does Zelensky have in Ukraine? How many support the neo-nazis?

    I am not sure about today but the bulk of the Ukrainian army were conscripts. How many, apart from the Azov battalion, would want to fight the Russians? There is a report that regular Ukrainian soldiers attacked a group of Azov troops. Was this on purpose?

    I suppose I am really asking whether the Ukrainian army has two factions who will fight each other?

    The Azov Battalion may be more aggressive but are fewer than the regular army so could be wiped out.


    fast approaching the day when their victims will drag their sorry asses out into the streets for a right good and proper slaughtering. If you have been as mouthy and evil at home as you have been around here then your neighbors and associates are well aware of your predilections and “loyalties” (I use the term loosely).

    Rather than waste more of your time trolling for no measurable effect you would be far better advised to invest your time , effort and treasure in creating a false identity and relocating to some remote place where they won’t find you. Otherwise, you are in a for a short life and a bad end.

    Veiled threats from our very own Hiroo Onoda. The projection is thick with this one.

    Maybe Hiroo can explain why his group of moron “patriots” is protesting federal mandates, when federal mandates don’t exist?

    The war never ended!

    D Benton Smith

    @deflationista “Veiled threats from . . . ”

    Veiled ?! VEILED ?!

    You must be as blind and deaf as you are evil and stupid.


    When you live your life like Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda and Pierre Kory, you fight battles that don’t even exist. You live entirely in a world created by your paranoid imagination and then threaten others when they point out the simple flaws in your BS.


    Should Russia have the right to ban certain Social/media platforms or should the company have that right?
    (good for the goose, good for the gander)

    Figmund Sreud


    You go, Raùl! Thanks for posting Michael Brenner article at near the top. Perhaps the most important one to read today, … anyday, in fact. A must read suggestion, …

    But, … but that article has to be read with most properly screwed on head: … one has to place all his/her inner predisposes aside. For most, … that’s a hardest task.






    @deflationista “Veiled threats from . . . ”

    Veiled ?! VEILED ?!

    You must be as blind and deaf as you are evil and stupid.

    Evil now = saying something that Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda disagrees with. And opinions that are not in line with Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda’s paranoid narrative are worthy of actual threats.

    Look at the world that “patriot” Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda yearns for. This is who you are throwing in with. If this is the world you desire, stop the world and let me off. Hell, maybe this is Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda himself?

    Good luck with that:


    I think it was chooch who wrote “I miss the virus.”

    So do I, it still scares me horribly, not the virus itself, but the moves to kill off old and handicapped ppl, as well as the vaccines, which may turn out to be extremely harmful in the mid- to long-term, half my family is double vaxxed, oh oh…

    Big Pharma in cahoots with Globalists were able to trick and manipulate much of the world, for financial gain, crackpot ideology maybe a part driver, it worked, without a hitch, no oppo, or whatever did exist was marginalised, repressed, derided, etc. and didn’t effect or change Gvmt. policies on the vaxxes.

    == Terrifying. Yet the virus was intellectually interesting, challenging, scientifically, medically, int. politics wise (GOF research, labs.), etc. ==

    The Covid alarmist, pro-vax narrative, slows, is gradually abandoned, not because of demos or moves by ordinary ppl, Freedom Truckers etc. (though the specter of workers being outlawed in some industries probably played a role) merely because it gets boring, tiresome, mega-stellar profits have been made, enough already, let’s move on, ppl won’t put up with this for much longer, hide the bad evidence, move forward, plan the next ‘pandemic’, etc.

    World (WHO, UN, criminal court, etc.) and local Gvmts (USA, GB, D, etc.) as well as lower-level actors such as hospital managers, insurers, doctors, nurses, labs.. have now been publically shown to favor profits (or keeping one’s job, which is ? comprehensible) over taking care of ppl who are sick, suffering, doing right by them, with whatever means at hand.

    The protection – safeguard rules in the area of medecine, medications, treatments, public health, which includes water and nutrition (to mention only those, and such as they were..) have been ‘cancelled, junked.’

    No discussion of all that, now as a New crisis is upon us…

    We move onto hysteria re. the anti-vax to be shunned and put in camps (internal to one country) towards excluding, and if possible attacking, killing, Russians first of all, soon to encompass half the world (those who won’t join the W in supporting US sanctions.) Virtue signalling is no longer banning no-vax mopes, but preventing Russian handicapped ppl from competing in the paralympics, banning Russian cats, etc.

    Jumping from the low level (cats and Russian folklore records) to the high level:

    The USA will not accept a multi-polar world, with e.g. Russia, Iran, China, and more, co-existing mostly (..?) peacefully and trading amongst each other, and having (e.g. per UN statutes or other) a sort of ‘equal say’ in World Affairs, with World court(s) treating Commerce or War Atrocities, etc.

    The ‘now’ model is a separation into two camps (hopefully it might be 3, with some kind of status of non-aligned, but I wouldn’t count on that), where the US and its lackeys / occupied territories, Europe, Japan, 5 eyes, Baltics … are totally blocked off from the other camp, Russia, Belarus, Kaskh., China, Iran, Syria.


    Here is Stew Peters being no stewpeter than Hiroo “D Benton Smith” Onoda.

    Do you people really throw in with this descent into madness and hatred?

    Will Ilargi ever post anything from Stew Peter again?

    Are these really your peeps?


    Raul: I went looking for the CNN story about Chernobyl and couldn’t find it. Either it was so outrageous that they backed off on it and took it down, or it is a fake banner that was posted somewhere.

    Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is insane. I am a 40-year veteran of the nuclear industry and know what I’m talking about.

    Figmund Sreud

    @noiretteThe USA will not accept a multi-polar world,

    I’m not sure that is correct. The USA, Russia, China, … the whole world understands following picture, … or any alike:

    The USA non-acceptance of multipolar world, in the end, will result with no one’s on the winner’s side to celebrate the win, … and no one on the losers side to burry the dead!

    Anyway, to think this thing through bit further, there may be some life left after that point, … The Wump World by Bill Peet children’s book comes to mind, … small group of Wumps did survive somewhere on the planet, … but that’s idle speculation at this point, …



    Formerly T-Bear

    willem at # 103629
    Reading at either or Sputnik the other day, was informed that Russian and Ukrainian military were jointly guarding the Chernobyl plant. One way to invade I suppose.

    Long time ago had an encounter with a nuclear engineer working construction of a new plant. The take-away statement was:
    “Making a nuclear reactor fool proof was easy; making that reactor PhD proof was the hard part”. Is that so?


    What does this say about human behavior?


    Oh, and anticlimactic,

    Over a third of Ukraine could be pro-Russian.

    Given that Yanukovich was elected as president in 2010(?!), that would be 50%+. Maybe some change, but surely not from 50 down to 33%. There wouldn’t seem to be any reason for it.


    Can’t get to RT from tor brwsr

    Figmund Sreud

    metronomes will synchronize … “What does this say about human behavior?”

    Yes. Conformity. We all hail to others, … “I’m an independent thinker!”, so we belief, … pride ourselves of speaking the truth. In practice, however, we succumb to our own prejudices – like being an American (part of a large, large group), or the pressure of propaganda ( like being Polish, but wanting to be American – Hi there, Radio Free Europe! I’m now in Canada now instead, … so there!), or the penalties inflicted on us being dissidents. Most people avoid to flout, …


    D Benton Smith

    @RaulIlargiMeijer “What does this say about human nature?”

    Oh, that video demo with the metronomes was SO cool, so true, entertaining and instructive . And on so many deeper and deeper different levels ! That’s really something. Like a word pun that works four separate ways and each way funny. Thanks, man.

    D Benton Smith

    @RaulIlargiMeijer Metronomes

    I guess I should have spelled out the deepest and most profoundly true of the 4 ways that the metronome demo could be interpreted.

    Without getting into the nuts and bolts of Newtonian physics (a total bore for most folks . . . and not even that much fun for a geek like me) here is the takeaway Universal Truth that has profound value to everyone:

    In this Universe there are NO “closed systems”. It is ALL of a piece, including the Awareness that perceives it.


    metronome demo
    Where is the butterfly?

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