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William Sauro Yoko Ono and John Lennon, “War Is Over If You Want It,” Times Square, New York 1969



On February 24 2022, after either 30+ years, or 8 years, or 6 months, take your pick, of increasingly ominous and deadly provocation, Russian troops entered Ukraine territory. The very next day, February 25, the Russian forces were largely in position. The broader Ukrainian army had been bogged down in pockets, largely in the east, where military action had likely been planned vs the Donbass, and the Azov battalion that was their most aggressive part, was being squeezed into an even tighter spot.

That’s the story so far, really; not much has changed since then.

It’s also perhaps jut a starting point. Not for Ukraine, mind you, that goes back a very long time, during which it very rarely if ever was a “nation”, but the starting point for the Russian Special Military Operation – or war, or invasion, take your pick. That’s all. And I’m sorry I’ve been silent for most of it, other than through the daily Debt Rattle news aggregators, but that is not a coincidence.

All the time, I see every paper and TV channel trying to decide my opinion for me, and I don’t want to fall into that same trap. I want people to make up their own minds. And the news aggregators are a very good approach for that. But still… Here’s some MSM headlines that I think perhaps need more explaining. April 13, Guardian:

Joe Biden Accuses Vladimir Putin Of Committing Genocide In Ukraine

Joe Biden has accused Russia of carrying out genocide in Ukraine, saying that Vladimir Putin is “trying to wipe out the idea of even being Ukrainian”. Biden has been consistently outspoken in denouncing Russian wholesale killing of Ukrainian civilians, labelling Putin as a “war criminal” in mid-March. Multiple investigations are under way into Russian atrocities in Ukraine, which include the razing of Mariupol and the executions of civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha.

The prosecutor at the international criminal court in the Hague opened a case in February saying there was “a reasonable basis to believe that both alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in Ukraine”. Proving a case under the 1948 Genocide Convention requires an “intent [by the accused] to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”. Biden first used the word in passing on Tuesday at a domestic policy event in Iowa about the use of ethanol in petrol. “Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away,” he said.

It should be obvious that 1/ There is no evidence of Russia committing anything close to a genocide, 2/ There is plenty evidence of the US, while Biden is/was Senator/VP/President, committing war crimes/genocide, and 3/ Very few people understand what the term genocide actually means, so Biden -and the media- can throw it around as a scary sounding word without risking being called on that. April 5, Greek Reporter:

Zelensky Tells Security Council that “Russians Killed for Pleasure”

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky showed the UN Security Council a harrowing video from Ukraine in an apparent attempt to embarrass Russia and rally international sympathy and support. The clip lasted about a minute and showed image after image of dead Ukrainians, including burned and disfigured bodies. Speaking to the Security Council for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, Zelensky reported Russian troops have killed civilians and raped women.

Zelensky’s comments follow his Monday visit to the town of Bucha, where the bodies of dead Ukrainian civilians were found. He claimed that in the town, people were shot in the street, their homes, thrown into wells, and crushed by tanks in the middle of the road “just for the pleasure” of the Russian soldiers. “The Russian military searched for and purposefully killed anyone who served our country,” he said, as Russia’s UN ambassador was looking on.

My first reaction when I saw this 10 days ago was: this is infantile. But that is what our conversation has fallen/sunk/degraded into. That’s what the clown/actor president got to say at the UN, and nobody raised an objection; indeed, so-called serious politicians applauded him for it. But it is Hannibal/Napoleon/Hitler/Putin eat babies territory. It’s medieval, except that the Brothers Grimm had more nuance and credibility in their tales then our modern media.

If you saw that headline, and you still thought/think Zelensky is a credible source for anything at all, you yourself have a major credibility issue. Zelensky disqualified himself right then and there when he said that (and repeated similar claims on 100 other occasions). But, you know, he’s a clown and an actor, so give him some leeway.. . Still, if Putin or anyone near him would accuse Ukrainian or NATO troops of “killing for pleasure”, what would be your reaction? On to April 10:

Putin’s Target Is ‘Entire European Project’, Says Zelenskiy

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said Russia is targeting all of Europe with its aggression and that stopping the invasion of Ukraine is essential for the security of all democracies. Officials have said a grave with dozens of Ukrainians civilians was found in Buzova village near Kyiv, the latest such discovery as Russian forces retreat from their offensive on the capital and shift their assault to the east. In his late-night address to Ukrainians on Saturday, the Ukrainian president said Russian aggression “was not intended to be limited to Ukraine alone” and the “entire European project is a target for Russia”.

“That is why it is not just the moral duty of all democracies, all the forces of Europe, to support Ukraine’s desire for peace,” he said. “This is, in fact, a strategy of defence for every civilised state. “This will be a hard battle, we believe in this fight and our victory. We are ready to simultaneously fight and look for diplomatic ways to put an end to this war.” His address came as civilians continued to flee eastern parts of the country before an expected onslaught and firefighters searched for survivors in a northern town no longer occupied by Russian forces.

Zelenskiy thanked the leaders of Britain and Austria for their visits on Saturday to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and pledges of further support. He also thanked the European Commission president and Canada’s prime minister for a global fundraising event that brought in more than €10bn for Ukrainians who have fled their homes. Zelenskiy repeated his call for a complete embargo on Russian oil and gas, which he called the sources of Russia’s “self-confidence and impunity”. “Freedom does not have time to wait,” Zelenskiy said. “When tyranny begins its aggression against everything that keeps the peace in Europe, action must be taken immediately.”

There is no sign anywhere that Putin wants to attack the Entire European Project. None. He wants No Nato, No Nukes, and No Nazis in Ukraine. Russia does not have the power to invade all of Europe, nor does it want to. It wants the threat that Ukraine poses on its doorstep to dissolve. No nuke warheads in Ukraine. Step 1.

And what do we see? Sweden and Finland may now join NATO, and they, and Poland, may station nuke warheads on their territory. For hypersonic missiles, that are minutes from Moscow. Given that NATO has no functioning hypersonic missiles today, what would you do if you were Moscow? Wait till they do have them?

I found a better, more elaborate, version of this:

Before the war started, Zelenskyy refused an offer for peace. Russia required 3 things;
1) Water in Crimea: no water was destroying the economy there.
2) Minsk 2 imposed: peace for the people of Donbas, within Ukraine, but greater autonomy.
3) Ukraine to remain neutral: no NATO.

Zelenskyy actually increased the provocation against Russia in January 2022 by;
1) Intensifying the bombardment of Donbas
2) Threatening to retake Crimea
3) A group of Republican congressmen intended to introduce a bill declaring Ukraine a NATO-plus country.

More April 10:

US ‘Deeply Concerned’ At Report Of Mariupol Chemical Attack

The Azov battalion, which has been heavily involved in fighting in Mariupol and has strong ties to the far-right, wrote in a Telegram post that Russian forces had dropped “a poisonous substance of unknown origin” during a drone attack at the city’s large Azovstal metals plant. It said that its fighters had suffered minor injuries, including shortness of breath. One injured man described a “sweet-tasting” white smoke covering an area of the plant after an explosion. Another said he felt immediately unable to breathe and had collapsed with “cotton legs”.

The reported incident – which the BBC cannot independently verify – came hours after a spokesperson for the Moscow-backed Donetsk People’s Republic urged Russia to bring in “chemical forces” to the besieged south-eastern city. Eduard Basurin told Russian state TV the remaining Ukrainian forces in Mariupol were entrenched at the Azovstal plant and that Russia should encircle it and “smoke out the moles”. Speaking on Monday night, President Volodymyr Zelensky said any use of chemical weapons would mark a “new stage of terror against Ukraine” and called on Western nations to arm his forces with the weapons needed to defend his country.

“Unfortunately, we are not getting as much as we need to end this war sooner,” Mr Zelensky said. “I am sure that we will get almost everything we need, but not only time is being lost. The lives of Ukrainians are being lost — lives that can no longer be returned.”

There have been tons of reports of Russian war crimes in Mariupol. Maternity ward, theater, arts academy, they keep on coming so fast no-one can fact check them. And that’s not a coincidence. But when the Azov battalion delivers the “news”, even the MSM inserts a few ifs and buts and maybes. The headline works for propaganda, but they don’t want to get caught in outright nonsense or lies. Yeah, well, way too late. you’ve been doing it for 50-odd days now. April 13:

Zelenskiy: War Will Become ‘Endless Bloodbath’ Without More Weapons

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has released a new video in which he warns that the war will become an “endless bloodbath, spreading misery, suffering, and destruction” without additional weaponry. Speaking in English, Zelenskiy says Ukraine has been defending itself against Russia “much longer than the invaders planned”. But Russia still has the capacity to attack “not only against Ukraine”, Zelenskiy continues: Poland, Moldova, Romania, and the Baltic states will become the next targets if the freedom of Ukraine falls.

More weapons were needed to “save millions of Ukrainians as well as millions of Europeans”, he says: We need heavy artillery, armoured vehicles, air defence systems and combat aircraft. Zelenskiy concludes the video by saying: “Freedom must be armed better than tyranny. Western countries have everything to make it happen. The final victory over the tyranny and the number of people saved depends on them.”

We are all smart enough to understand that the opposite is true: the more weapons US/NATO delivers inside Ukraine, the longer the bloodbath will be. AND the Ukraine troops are stuck in pockets (cauldrons), so what can possibly be delivered to them? AND Russia will not continue to sit idly by while such deliveries are attempted. Russia simply wants Ukraine and US/NATO to recognize the reality February 24 created.

And agree that Ukraine cannot enter NATO on Russia’s doorstep, cannot have nuclear weapons, and cannot have (neo-) nazi troops decide its politics. When Zelensky signs for that on the dotted line, the Russians could be gone within days. Provided sufficient guarantees are given, which will require a substantial commitment by NATO as well. But it can surely be done.


About “War Is Over If You Want It,” do you think Zelensky and his handlers want it to be over? Well, other than in a total Russian defeat, which will not happen? Do you think US/NATO wants it to be over? Or would they maybe think it’s acceptable to see a few million more Ukrainians perish if that means a few billion in weapons can be sold? Do you think Russia wants it to be over? I think they would sign up yesterday if their demands are met.

And these demands are serious, it’s not like leaving behind a bunch of nazis is negotiable, or a halfway house towards NATO, or a few biolabs, or a nuke installation here and there. For the Russians all that must go to zero, or they would never have invaded.

Here’s thinking it’s up to you after all. “War Is Over If YOU Want It.” But you have just been through 2+ years of believing and following the leader with Covid, so which part is actually your opinion, and which part are you just parroting? Might be a good idea to make up your minds, and soon, because your leaders are itching to push a few consequential buttons, and make up your minds for you.

You may actually need to go into the streets to demand that this war be over. And you will have to do it without a mask on. Can you handle that?




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    William Sauro Yoko Ono and John Lennon, “War Is Over If You Want It,” Times Square, New York1969     On February 24 2022, after either 30+ y
    [See the full post at: War Is Over If You Want It]


    Must listen.


    Around the time of the Syrian conflict I had numerous online conversations about war. One was with a member of the UK Green party whose response to UK involvement in Syria was to arm the KDP with stinger missiles.

    War in the hands of politicians becomes just another abstract notion of bean counting bureaucracy. The last people who should be in charge of anything to do with conflict are politicians. The military have a conflict of interest despite them being best equipped to strike, their whole purpose is to bomb, blitz and barrage the enemy into oblivion. Not a particularly good strategy to building any lasting peace. With crooked politicians and trigger-happy military in full control, we are up the creek without a paddle.

    We have a West which has long past having any moral compass. Siding with Kolomoyskyi’s puppet who partners with Nationalist killers and heralds Stephan Bandera as a national hero for Ukraine puts Western nations in a particularly ominous spot. We deserve worse than a few nukes should the US/UK/Europe/NATO and its willing partners continue on this path. Scenes like those from Mad Max will greet us with open arms for many future generations by beckoning such moral degeneracy. The Russians are not to be messed with but they do not commit Genocide. That is the territory for Right Sector, Azov Battalion and Svoboda.

    John Day

    But the failing petrobuck-empire NEEDS WW-3, needs it badly, and should properly lose it…


    I have been hoping you would augment your news aggregate with one of your essays, and in this you did not disappoint.

    I follow the Ukraine situation mainly through the words of the Saker, Pepe Escobar, Mike Hudson, Andrei Martynov, Scott Ritter and others who present the “other” view. As such, I was reading your take above and was impressed that you seem to read the same aforementioned analysts. I am looking forward to the AE community’s comments as they often have additional perspectives to factor in.

    Thanks for this Easter present Raul.


    WHAT …… Russia has WWIII military hardware …..
    “On April 14, two Russian strategic heavy bombers Tu-95/-160 have launched cruise missiles hitting the territory of Ukraine from Krasnodar Krai of Russian Federation airspace,” he said. “Also for the first time from the start of the armed aggression bombs were dropped by a long-range bombers Tu-22M3. This airstrike took place, hitting Mariupol.”

    Does the USA listen
    Additionally, Moscow has freshly warned Washington this week to stop supplying arms to Kiev, warning of “unpredictable consequences” to come by continuing down this path. Indeed given Russia is now losing entire warships, and with a crew of over 500 having to be evacuated, the war has just entered a new unpredictable phase.
    Impunity – exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action:

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day

    You go Dr. Day! It’s precisely what’s going on, … and there is no stoping this madness! Neocons believe that WW-3 will be just like the other two worldly wars, … will be fought just in Europe and perhaps parts of Asia, … and the U.S. will simply watch from the distance – from its North American Island – and profiting from it through sales and shipments of armaments to the epicentre! And upon the final end of the war, will continue to profit from rebuilding the war ravaged lands. Fools!

    Anyway, … It is just 100 seconds to midnight! ( Just sayin’, … )


    Figmund Sreud

    “Also for the first time from the start of the armed aggression bombs were dropped by a long-range bombers Tu-22M3. This airstrike took place, hitting Mariupol.”

    Probably just a propaganda fib. Why would you use long-range bombers if Krasnodar Krai is just relatively short skip and a jump distance from Mariupol to the east? Now, if Mariupol was in a vicinity of say, … Warshington, … that certainly would make military sense.



    I have found the Duran to provide the most cogent daily analysis of the ongoing conflict.
    Highly recommend:



    This editorial opinion piece is an excellent companion to Raul’s fine essay. Imo, it is not hyperbole that civilization as we know it is at stake.



    Sorry for the duplication of links.

    The military conflict in Ukraine is not about a narrow conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is but the outward sign of a bigger confrontation between, on the one hand, the U.S.-led Western order and, on the other, nations like Russia, China, and others who refuse to accept a subordinate role. Our interview with Bruce Gagnon this week elucidates the bigger geopolitical picture and what is at stake.

    A sure sign of the bigger dimensions is the way the U.S., NATO, and European allies have rapidly deployed a total hybrid war on Russia, in an attempt to destroy the latter’s economy. The Western claims about “defending democracy, sovereignty, and international law” are contemptible and fraudulent. By funneling weapons to a repressive, corrupt regime whose military is infested with Nazi regiments?

    No, the U.S. and its Western allies are using the conflict – one which Russia assiduously tried to avoid by making reasonable appeals for security treaties with NATO – as an opportunity to crush Russia. And it’s not simply about crushing Russia. It’s about crushing any challenge to the Western order. That inevitably involves confrontation with China and others who seek to defy the “Washington Consensus”.


    Very much appreciate your thoughts when you “step in” amongst the exhausting work of aggregating the important issues each day. Thank you Thank you Thank you
    A restful sleep for you tonight (me hopes)

    V. Arnold

    Thanks Ilargi; a great read…and you nailed it, IMO…

    I get the impression the U.S. is almost gleeful in directly confronting Russia militarily in Ukraine…
    It’s a very sick effort possibly resulting in a nuclear exchange. It’s a situation in which everybody would lose; but Russia would lose least…

    Figmund Sreud


    From provided link most important snip (bold added by moi)

    “Our special military operation aims to put an end to the unfettered expansions and unfettered course towards total domination of the US and other Western states under it on the international arena,” he [Lavrov] said.

    An unambiguously explicit and direct statement, I say.


    Figmund Sreud

    Latest musings from Helmer:

    [A]fter the fight to the last Ukrainian, what of the Ukraine?



    V. Arnold

    Germ #106151

    I listened…I learned…
    Thanks, a great vid…Mark Crispin Miller is exrtaordinary and nails all the points succinctl;y…


    “War is over! If you want it.” Is an apt thought. Five decades ago when Times Square was photographed, the Best and Brightest lied to themselves and ignored intelligence that Vietnam was a civil war and the American invasion was really in support of the wrong side. The decades long Ukraine conflict is an ethnic civil war between Western Ukrainians and Russians within the Soviet created nation. The Russia Federation invaded to support their brethren. Except, it is hard wired for humans to defend their homes and families from invading outsiders i.e. Yankees. Rulers keep forgetting this. Untermenschen simply do not matter to Overlords.

    WWIII is in its initial stages. All side’s PSYOPS are spreading big lie propaganda that contradicts each other. Russia is gathering armor and manpower for attack west when the grain fields dry out. NATO is resupplying Ukraine. If enough howitzers and ammunition make it to the front lines, together with human courage, this will determine if Ukrainians will blunt the Russian attack or not. Russia’s goal is clear, demilitarized Ukraine and eliminate neo-Nazis. If Russia seizes western Ukraine, NATO will use tactical nuclear weapons to prevent the invasion of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Likewise, Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons, if its goals are thwarted.

    The only way out is a peace treaty/armistice that partitions Ukraine with Russia keeping Crimea, Donbass and the conquered land east of the Dnieper River. A DMZ must be established alone the line of contact manned by Eastern Europeans to prevent shelling and future conflicts. Like past partitions, there will be ethnic cleansing on either side of the DMZ.

    But, Talks have broken down. The battlefield will determine the future. As long as the West continues to push for regime change in the Kremlin, and won’t accept a peace settlement, the use of tactical nuclear weapons becomes inevitable.

    Dr. D

    “white smoke covering an area of the plant after an explosion. Another said he felt immediately unable to breathe … Russia should encircle it and “smoke out the moles”

    You do know that tear gas is a “chemical weapon”, right? So if you’re alive, what? They’re really, really bad at inventing/making/delivering them? Want to sniff the backpack to see if it’s Sarin? Yes, infantile. Not a lick of logic in a posse of them. Okay, what weapons? The ones that had smoke and didn’t kill anyone?

    “Zelenskiy: War Will Become ‘Endless Bloodbath’ without More Weapons”

    But if we have weapons, peace and flowers break out. Not infantile: psychotic. It means that to this speaker, words have no meaning. So he’s capable of saying anything, and therefore nothing he says is credible. Anyone with half a brain, even one foot on the ground would say something Churchillian: “War is the gravest extreme and our resolve in the face of this challenge is tested, and while we deeply feel the gravity of war, yet the proud history of our nation must not be erased…” and to do that noble thing, we needs da free gunz. Ze is incapable, because he is psychotic, completely detached from reality, and cannot face what war really is, or he’d re-position to what he’s up against: the most formidable army in Europe, at least 3x his size, possessing a terrible and deadly resolve. A resolve that could end all life on earth.

    “War in the hands of politicians becomes just another abstract notion” And this is the universal problem, with them, with us. This is a complete divorce from reality, from #Logos, from God.

    “The only way out is a peace treaty/armistice that partitions Ukraine with Russia keeping Crimea, Donbass and the conquered land east of the Dnieper River. A DMZ must be established”

    Except 8 years after Minsk, they the West are “Not Agreement Capable.” They cannot stop the war. Ze doubled up and said he’s getting nukes and taking Crimea instead. He massed an army of 30,000 to wipe out Donbass after signing Minsk in front of Normandy, approved by everyone in NATO. How to have peace in that condition? How?

    WE do not want peace. US. And especially U.S. Go down to the gas station and ask the next 10 people. Their religion is war and death, their enemy is truth and life.

    And I’m not trying to exaggerate or disparage with loose words, but that is to say, their religion is against truth and life, even to their personal destruction, their focus and fascination with it, then their religion would have to be by definition against life. In opposition to God. That is to say, Satanic, existing merely as a foil and counterfeit, creating nothing of themselves. If Christ would be the message of life, healing, peace, and forgiveness, to the point of personal sacrifice even, then they are the spirit of #AntiChrist. Which pops up from time to time as a sweeping generational death cult. In the 14th century. With Napoleon. With Hitler. And now with us. Love of death. Of any body. By any means. With such love and fascination, they desire it even for themselves and their children. Look at our food, then our medicine. Our childrens’ health, and our crops. Death. Death is our one true love right now, and we will marry her despite all the warnings the community can give.


    “….. after signing Minsk in front of Normandy, approved by everyone in NATO. How to have peace….”

    Unlike humans ……
    Omicron need life. Omicron wants life.

    dumber than …..
    (synonyms: stupid · unintelligent · ignorant · dense · brainless · mindless · foolish )
    ….. a mushroom



    Appreciate your incredible efforts every day. So you say it has come to this: “It’s up to YOU after all”. I agree. But what does that mean?

    Choosing Lennon/Ono’s statement “War Is Over If YOU Want It” as a rallying cry brings back memories of undone business. Perhaps another crack at fulfillment is at hand? For whom?

    As Vietnam Vet and Dr D remind us above, “WE do not want peace”.

    WE are the problem: Our leaders – Gov Inc., politicians, war profiteers, are all in. The rest of the people are brainwashed, locked in a death cult and not available to resist.

    Who is up to what task?

    Your statement “It’s up to YOU after all” feels like that moment at the very end of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is told she had the power to get home the whole time. She is told HOW – she activates that power – and goes HOME. Or the moment we hear the news that Mr. Roberts has been killed in his first battle (in the real war he desperately ached for). A life lived – for what? In response, one of his fellow officers gets off his behind and activates a hidden internal power – he resists and commits and act of courage.

    Am not sure HOW to unlock the potential that lives in those of us who are not asleep.

    Dr D: ” If Christ would be the message of life, healing, peace, and forgiveness, to the point of personal sacrifice even, then they are the spirit of #AntiChrist.” True. Therefore, the “answer” to undo the damage of extremes must be in the opposite = #Christ?

    Easter weekend is the perfect time to reflect on what this means….the whole thing ends/begins in RESURRECTION. In our times this could be the resurrection of values, faith, LOVE.

    BEing with Christ. With GOD, the Source means being with faith and LOVE in the face of any,all diversity. The potential/power is there. Have we not had it all along? Can we not BE that in this moment? This may be the only Way through.

    LOVE to All. Om Shanti (Peace).


    The current conflict in Ukraine is a battle between the authority of Nation States vs. New Global Monarchy.

    During the middle ages, Europe was ruled by wealthy families, and the idea of “nation-states” did not exist. These wealthy families had a club of sorts centered around Rome and, more specifically, the Bishop of Rome.

    The new “Monarchy” is centered around the “Club of Rome” and consists of the new Uber Wealthy, who are ordained from on high to dictate how resources are divided out.

    Russia, or the “Russian World,” is centered around the Nation-State and Culture idea. The New Global Monarchy is centered around establishing a new feudal society ruled by the members of the World Economic Forum.

    As an American, I’m on the side of the Nation States and cultures in this fight. Thus I understand precisely why Russia needs to win this conflict.

    This conflict will end up with one of two outcomes:

    • Russia wins; thus, Nation-States win
    • Globalist Win; the new Global Monarchy is issued in

    I fear that time is on the side of the Globalists, and Russia has no way to wrap up the conflict. Unless all of Ukraine falls, the “Club of Rome” will keep pumping in weapons until Russia is so weakened it falls.

    For freedom’s sake, let us hope this does not happen.

    Michael Reid

    Thank you for being here with us as the world turns. What is happening in this world as I understand it is surreal to me. I expect reality to hit as loved ones perish. Yet every day we are here we are given an opportunity to experience the truly amazing miracle of life.

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