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Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade (ZH)
What Progressives Get Wrong About Overturning Roe (Turley)
Biden Claims Abortion Ruling Makes US ‘Outlier Among Developed Nations’ (Fox)
Putin Suggests Way Out Of Global Economic Crisis (RT)
China Promotes ‘Non-Western Multilateralism’ at BRICS Summit (NI)
US Gov’t Body Plots To Break Up Russia In Name Of ‘Decolonization’ (MP)
Why The West Risks Condemning Ukraine To Slow Strangulation (G.)
Concurrent And Hyperinflation Will Ravage The World (von Greyerz)
Don’t Fear The Recession (Denninger)
A Lemming Leading The Lemmings: The Terminal Collapse Of The Anti-war Left (Cook)
Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions (ZH)
When the Wicked Try to Flee (Kunstler)
Austria Set to Retire Vaccine Mandate by End of August (Eugyp)





Trump 2016 Roe









First thing we need to do is to stop making this a black and white issue. There are many shades here. Many will claim that I have no right to speak, because I am a man. But you can’t just silence half the population on crucial questions. We are not done talking.

Biden: The Supreme Court ‘took away a constitutional right’. No, that never existed.

In Europe, abortion is much more regulated than in the US under Roe v Wade. The Mississippi law that the Supreme Court upheld today bans abortion after 15 weeks. France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany ban abortion after 12 weeks. Italy 13 weeks. France, Austria, Spain after 14 weeks. UK 24 weeks. In the US, I see many voices claim abortion up to 8-9 months should be legal. That makes me very uncomfortable.

Another point: the Dems could have codified Roe v Wade into law under Clinton, Obama, even Biden. They did not. Some suggest this is because they want to be able to keep bringing it up time and again because it is an issue that is guaranteed to get them votes. Codify it, and those votes are gone.

Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade (ZH)

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade, returning the decision on whether or not abortion is legal to individual states. “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences.,” wrote Justice Samuel Alito in the Friday decision – the May 2 leak of which led to widespread protests and an attempted murder against Justice Brett Kavanaugh – the court overturned the 1973 case which guaranteed access to abortion nationwide. The case at issue – Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization challenged a Mississippi law that banned most abortions after 15 weeks. Lower courts, citing a previous ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey preventing states from banning abortion within the first 24 weeks of gestation, had prevented Dobbs from being enacted – which the Supreme Court just reversed.

In response to the ruling, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Congressional Democrats would work to “enshrine Roe v. Wade into law” – while former President Obama said the ruling attacks ‘essential freedoms.’ Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted that “American women are having their rights taken by 5 unelected Justices on the extremist MAGA court.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that the ruling is “courageous and correct.” Within an hour of the USSC Roe decision, Missouri ended abortion in the state. Earlier this month, President Joe Biden said that there would be a “mini revolution” in November’s midterm elections if the landmark decision was overturned – insisting that overturning the law would be “ridiculous” and would drive Democrat turnout in November’s midterm elections.

“I don’t think the country will stand for it,” he said, adding “If in fact the decision comes down the way it does, and these states impose the limitations they’re talking about, it’s going to cause a mini revolution and they’re going to vote these folks out of office.” Earlier this year, Congressional Democrats tried and failed to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law. Meanwhile, Biden said he was exploring the use of executive orders depending on the final Supreme Court decision. Biden also pushed voters to come out during midterms so that Congressional dems would have enough of a majority to codify abortion rights into law. “You gotta vote to let people know exactly what the devil you think,” he told Kimmel.

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“Now, it’s citizens who will decide.”

What Progressives Get Wrong About Overturning Roe (Turley)

With the release of the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, politicians and pundits went public with a parade of horribles – from the criminalization of contraceptives to the reversal of Brown v. Board of Education. In reality, the post-Roe world will look much like the Roe world for most citizens. While this is a momentous decision, it is important to note what it does and does not do. The decision itself was already largely known. It did not dramatically change since the leak of an earlier draft. The conservative majority held firm in declaring that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided: “The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives.”

In the end, Chief Justice John Roberts cut a bit of a lonely figure in the mix of the court on the issue. His concurrence did not seriously question the majority view that Roe was not based on a good law. However, he would have stopped short of overturning the decision outright. It is the ultimate call of an incrementalist detached from the underlying constitutional interpretation. The court now has a solid majority of justices who are more motivated by what they view as “first principles” than pragmatic concerns. From a court that has long used nuanced (and maddeningly vague) opinions to avoid major changes in constitutional doctrine, we now have clarity on this issue. It will return to the citizens of each state to decide. The court anticipated the response to the opinion by those who “stoke unfounded fear that our decision will imperil … other rights.”

The opinion expressly does not address contraception, same-sex marriage or other rights. That claim has always been absurd but has become a talking point on the left. After the leak of the draft opinion, the New York Times opinion editors warned that some states likely would outlaw interracial marriage if Roe v. Wade is overturned: “Imagine that every state were free to choose whether to allow Black people and white people to marry. Some states would permit such marriages; others probably wouldn’t.” It takes considerable imagination because it is utter nonsense, though it must come as something of a surprise to Justice Clarence Thomas, given his interracial marriage, or to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, given her own interracial family.

Nevertheless, politicians lined up to lead the parade of predicting horrible consequences. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned that “with Roe and their attempt to destroy it, radical Republicans are charging ahead with their crusade to criminalize health freedom.” [..] The court held that “it is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” Much of course has changed since 1973 when Roe was handed down. At that time, most states restricted legal abortions. Now, the overwhelming majority of Americans have supported Roe v. Wade and 16 states have guaranteed abortion, including states such as California, Illinois and New York that hold a significant percentage of the population. States like Colorado protect the right of a woman to make this decision without limitations on the stage of a pregnancy.

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It’s not.

Biden Claims Abortion Ruling Makes US ‘Outlier Among Developed Nations’ (Fox)

President Biden remarked Friday that the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade made the U.S. an “outlier” in the West. “With this decision, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court shows how extreme it is, how far removed they are from the majority of this country,” Biden said during a speech at the White House. “They have made the United States an outlier among developed nations in the world. But this decision must not be the final word.” However, European nations largely have abortion laws that resemble regulations supported by many Republican-led state governments. The Supreme Court issued its decision Friday as part of a case regarding a Mississippi state law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Even states that ban abortion can’t make it illegal to travel to another state to abort a pregnancy, Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in his concurrence Friday. By comparison, abortion is only permitted in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger in Poland. In Ireland and Germany, abortion procedures are banned in the majority of cases after 12 weeks. Italy doesn’t allow abortions after 90 days, or just under 13 weeks. France, Austria and Spain have banned the procedure after 14 weeks. “Upholding laws restricting abortion on demand after 20 weeks would situate the United States closer to the international mainstream, instead of leaving it as an outlying country with ultra-permissive abortion policies,” the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life group, stated in 2014.

The report noted that the list of nations where abortion is legal past 20 weeks included North Korea, China and Vietnam. The Center for Reproductive Rights estimates that 12 countries now allow abortion up to 20 weeks, a legal adviser for the group told Politifact last month. The U.K. allows abortions up to 24 weeks, according to the nation’s National Health Service. In addition, there are more than 20 countries that have “flexible” laws that permit abortion procedures at 20 weeks or later under certain circumstances, according to Politifact. For example, the Czech Republic allows abortions after 20 weeks for mental health reasons and Japan permits abortions after 22 weeks for socioeconomic reasons.

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BRICS. I stopped quoting RT when it was banned all over, I want people to be able to click links and read the original articles. 1 exception here, also because this is the entire article.

Putin Suggests Way Out Of Global Economic Crisis (RT)

The West’s selfish attempts to blame the entire world for its own mistakes have led to the global economic crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted on Thursday, appearing via video link at the 14th BRICS Summit. “Only on the basis of honest and mutually beneficial cooperation is it possible to find a way out of this crisis situation that has gripped the global economy due to the thoughtless and selfish actions of certain states,” Putin explained.

The Russian leader stressed that today, as never before, the leadership of the BRICS countries is needed in order to develop a unifying policy for the shaping of a truly multipolar system of intergovernmental relations, and that it ought to be based on the universally recognized norms of international law and the key principles of the UN Charter. According to Putin, the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have a truly enormous political, economic, scientific, technological and human potential. Their influence on the global arena is increasing with every year, he pointed out. “Russia is ready to continue developing close multifaceted interaction with all the [BRICS] partners and contribute to the enhancement of its role in international affairs,” Putin promised.

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The west is not the future. That time is behind us. And many countries recognize this.

China Promotes ‘Non-Western Multilateralism’ at BRICS Summit (NI)

China hosted the first day of the fourteenth annual BRICS Summit—a series of meetings involving the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—on Wednesday, amid a series of major shifts in the global world order and rising geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe and East Asia. Chinese president Xi Jinping opened the summit on Wednesday, emphasizing the five nations’ “shared desire to meet challenges together through cooperation,” according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency. The Chinese leader also urged the countries in attendance to “embrace solidarity and coordination and jointly maintain world peace and stability.”

The BRICS group comprises the five largest developing economies; together, its members constitute forty percent of the world’s population and one-fourth of global gross domestic product. The group includes the two most populous nations in the world, China and India, as well as Russia, the largest in terms of land. Chinese state media has praised the role of the five-nation grouping, claiming that ties between the BRICS countries had increased “multilateral cooperation with non-Western styles, forms, and principles [of government”—marking a positive contrast to the actions of the United States, which it accused of “pulling its Western allies to ‘rebel’ against globalization.”

Despite considerable internal differences within the bloc, including a decades-old rivalry between China and India, all of the BRICS countries have resisted full political alignment with the West. Of the five BRICS nations, only one, Brazil, voted in the United Nations General Assembly to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine in February; Russia voted against the measure, while the other three countries abstained. Even Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro refused to personally condemn Putin, whom the West has widely framed as the driving force behind the Russian invasion. In his remarks on Wednesday, Xi appeared to criticize the United States and NATO, describing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “wake-up call for all in the world.”

“Blind faith in the so-called ‘position of strength’ and attempts to expand military alliances and seek one’s own security at the expense of others will only land oneself in a security dilemma,” Xi said, repeating the controversial argument that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was mainly prompted by legitimate security fears rather than Putin’s personal ideology. A virtual meeting between Xi and his counterparts Jair Bolsonaro, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, and Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to take place on Thursday morning, followed by further meetings between high-level officials from the five countries. Analysts have predicted that Xi will defend China’s governance record and highlight the country’s successful development to the other attendees amid the lifting of strict Covid-19 lockdown measures in Shanghai and Beijing.

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War games.

US Gov’t Body Plots To Break Up Russia In Name Of ‘Decolonization’ (MP)

A US government body held a Congressional briefing plotting ways to break up Russia as a country, in the name of supposed “decolonization.” The participants urged the United States to give more support to separatist movements inside Russia and in the diaspora. They proposed the independence of numerous republics in the Russian Federation, including Chechnya, Tatarstan, and Dagestan, as well as historic areas that existed centuries ago such as Circassia. This is far from the first time that hawks in Washington have fantasized about carving up foreign countries. During the first cold war, the US sponsored secessionist groups inside the Soviet Union. In the 1990s, the US-led NATO military cartel successfully dismantled Yugoslavia. And Washington has long backed separatists in the Chinese regions of Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

After the overthrow of the USSR, neoconservative operative and future Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to slice up Russia into several smaller countries. Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski even published an article in elite Foreign Affairs magazine in 1997 proposing to create a “loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic.” Yet this Congressional hearing was one of the most high-profile and provocative calls for balkanization yet, held in broad daylight. Titled “Decolonizing Russia: A Moral and Strategic Imperative,” the June 23 briefing was organized by the US Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), known more commonly as the Helsinki Commission.

This commission claims to be “independent,” but it is a US government agency created and overseen by Congress. The event was introduced by Congressman Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee who co-chairs the commission. Representative Cohen claimed Russians “have in essence colonized their own country,” and argued that Russia is “not a strict nation, in the sense that we’ve known in the past.” At the virtual hearing, which was livestreamed on YouTube, the congressman was joined by veteran regime-change activists who have worked for an array of US government agencies. The event was moderated by Bakhti Nishanov, a senior policy advisor to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

He excitedly noted, “We have many, many participants. I think this is pretty much a record for a House commission briefing.” Nishanov argued that Western condemnation of Moscow’s war in Ukraine should expand to opposition to “Russia’s interior empire.” He added that the panelists hoped to “come up with ideas that will actually contain Russia.”

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“..although the EU may have won the information war on Ukraine in Europe, “a very different narrative” existed elsewhere..”

Why The West Risks Condemning Ukraine To Slow Strangulation (G.)

But it is the third theatre of war – the influence war – where the west is faring unexpectedly poorly. There is a growing awareness that the west’s narrative that Putin is fighting a colonial war and is responsible for its ripple effects is meeting indifference and even resistance in the global south. With more than 40% of wheat consumed in Africa usually coming from Russia and Ukraine, one of the key organisers of the G7 summit in Germany, Wolfgang Schmidt, said it was vital to prevent Moscow and Beijing dividing off the G7 from the so-called Brics countries by blaming western sanctions for the shortages. Germany had invited leaders from Indonesia, India, South Africa, Argentina and Senegal in part to prevent Russia and China succeeding in their goal.

Schmidt said: “When you talk to leaders outside Europe and the alliance at the moment then you will realise their perception of the [ Ukraine] war is completely different from ours. They might say: ‘Yes, we are not OK with a country invading another.’ But and then comes the big but: ‘It is your sanctions that drive up food prices, energy prices and have a devastating effect on our population.’” Ann Linde, the Swedish foreign minister, said that during her meetings with Asian and African ministers she also came across a narrative that the west was more engaged in Ukraine, than it has been in wars in the south. Her Austrian counterpart, Alexander Schallenberg, said in his recent travels in India and the Middle East he discovered that although the EU may have won the information war on Ukraine in Europe, “a very different narrative” existed elsewhere.

Outside Europe “we are the culprits. We are the reason for oil, seeds, grain and energy not being on the market or overpriced,” he said. “This is a war in Europe. But there’s another European war, because the shockwaves can be felt everywhere. It’s the first war since the second world war where you can feel the effects globally.” A massive battle is now under way to accuse Russia of using hunger as a weapon of war. The blame game could not have higher stakes. Largely due to drought in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, 16.7 million people in east Africa are already dependent on food assistance. That number is likely to increase by 20 million by September alone. The World Food Programme claimed the Ukraine ripple effect will mean a further 44 million people worldwide would be classified as “food insecure or at high risk”.

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FLATION. “Political turmoil and anarchy will be the rule rather than the exception as the people will blame the leaders for higher prices and taxes and deteriorating services in all areas.”

Concurrent Deflation And Hyperinflation Will Ravage The World (von Greyerz)

FLATION will be the keyword in coming years. The world will simultaneously experience inFLATION, deFLATION, stagFLATION and eventually hyperinFLATION. [..] With most asset classes falling rapidly, the world is now approaching calamities of a proportion not seen before in history. So far in 2022, we have seen an implosion of asset prices across the board of around 20%. What few investors realise is that this is the mere beginning. Before this bear market is over, the world will see 75-90% falls of stocks, bonds and other assets. Since falls of this magnitude have not been seen for more than three generations, the shockwaves will be calamitous. At the same time as bubble assets deflate, prices of goods and services have started an inflationary cycle of a magnitude that the world as whole has never experienced before.

We have seen hyperinflation in individual countries previously but never on a global scale. Currently the official inflation rate is around 8% in the US and Europe. But for the average consumer in the West, prices are rising by at least 25% on average for their everyday needs such as food and fuel. So the world is now approaching calamities on many fronts. As always in periods of crisis, everybody is looking for someone to blame. In the West most people blame Putin. Yes, Putin is the villain and it is his fault that food and energy prices are surging. Nobody bothers to analyse what or who prompted Russia to intervene, nor do politicians or main stream media understand the importance of history, which is the key to understanding current events.

In troubled times, everyone needs someone to blame. Many Americans will blame Biden who has both lost his grip on most US events as well as his balance. In the UK, the people blame Boris Johnson who has lost control of Britain since Partygate. In France the people are blaming Macron who just lost his majority in parliament, and in Germany people blame Scholz for sending money to Ukraine for weapons and money to Russia for gas. This blame game is only just beginning. Political turmoil and anarchy will be the rule rather than the exception as the people will blame the leaders for higher prices and taxes and deteriorating services in all areas. No country will be able to provide social security payments in line with galloping inflation. Same with unfunded or underfunded pensions, which will fall dramatically or even disappear totally as the underlying asset base of stocks and bonds implodes. As a consequence, many countries will be anarchic.

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Karl toots his own horn.

Don’t Fear The Recession (Denninger)

“Oh nos, there’s a recession coming!” CHEERS, say I. What, you say? You must be nuts! People lose their jobs in a recession and the economy stinks! Oh, so what’s going on right now doesn’t stink? Sky-high gas prices and a 50% inflation built into the PPI which has yet to work itself through the system — and won’t for at least another year even if all the crazy policies stopped now? Of course it does. The only reason to fear recessions and higher interest rates is if you, or your firm, is over-levered. To put not so fine a point on it you cheated to obtain what you claim as “prosperity” and now you’re staring down getting caught out while both unprepared and having done stupid things. Key to this is that you did the stupid things.

What was the smart thing to do in such a time? Live below your means and sock back capital during the good times. Why? Because then you have it, and its yours, when the bad times come — which means you get to pick on the people who did stupid things and, by doing so, get far ahead and you didn’t have to cheat in order to do so. Twice in my time running MCSNet I feasted on other people’s stupidity in regard to taking on leverage they could not service. Neither time was I personally responsible for the stupidity of said others, but both times I made out like a bandit — precisely because I had cash and, when the opportunity arose, could slap it on the table in exchange for what I wanted to grow the business at a ridiculous discount to what I would have otherwise paid.

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Noticed that.

A Lemming Leading The Lemmings: The Terminal Collapse Of The Anti-war Left (Cook)

Have you noticed how every major foreign policy crisis since the U.S. and U.K.’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 has peeled off another layer of the left into joining the pro-NATO, pro-war camp? It is now hard to remember that many millions marched in the U.S. and Europe against the attack on Iraq. It sometimes feels like there is no one left who is not cheerleading the next wave of profits for the West’s military-industrial complex (usually referred to as the “defense industry” by those very same profiteers). Washington learned a hard lesson from the unpopularity of its 2003 attack on Iraq aimed at controlling more of the Middle East’s oil reserves. Ordinary people do not like seeing the public coffers ransacked or suffering years of austerity, simply to line the pockets of Blackwater, Halliburton, and Raytheon. And all the more so when such a war is sold to them on the basis of a huge deception.

So since then, the U.S. has been repackaging its neocolonialism via proxy wars that are a much easier sell. There have been a succession of them: Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Venezuela and now Ukraine. Each time, a few more leftists are lured into the camp of the war hawks by the West’s selfless, humanitarian instincts – promoted, of course, through the barrel of a Western-supplied arsenal. That process has reached its nadir with Ukraine. I recently wrote about the paranoid ravings of celebrity “left-wing” journalist Paul Mason, who now sees the Kremlin’s hand behind any dissension from a full-throttle charge towards a nuclear face-off with Russia. But I want to take on here a more serious proponent of this kind of ideology than the increasingly preposterous Mason.

Because swelling kneejerk support for U.S. imperial wars – as long, of course, as Washington’s role is thinly disguised – is becoming ever more common among leftwing academics too. The latest cheerleader for the military-industrial complex is Slavoj Zizek, the famed Slovenian philosopher and public intellectual whose work has gained him international prominence. His latest piece – published where else but The Guardian – is a morass of sloppy thinking, moral evasion and double speak. Which is why I think it is worth deconstructing. It encapsulates all the worst geostrategic misconceptions of Western intellectuals at the moment. Zizek, who is supposedly an expert on ideology and propaganda, and has even written and starred in a couple of documentaries on the subject, seems now to be utterly blind to his own susceptibility to propaganda.

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“..8.4 million Americans, or about 15% of all renters, who are behind on rent, are at risk of being evicted..”

Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions (ZH)

A tidal wave of evictions could be ahead. More than eight million Americans are behind on rent payments, and the CDC’s series of eviction moratoriums has long since expired. In other words, the government safety net to keep people off the streets is gone. With no federal eviction moratorium in place, 8.4 million Americans, or about 15% of all renters, who are behind on rent, are at risk of being evicted. The new figures were part of a Census Bureau survey conducted between June 1 to June 13 of households and was first reported by Bloomberg. The survey found that 3.5 million households were somewhat likely to leave their rented spaces (homes/apartments) within the next two months because of an eviction.

Most of these folks are of the working poor class and situated in large metro areas from New York to Atlanta, where the cost of living, including shelter, food, and fuel, has skyrocketed. About 6.7 million households said their rents increased, on average, $250 per month over the last year. The increase doesn’t sound like a lot but remember that many of these folks are being crushed under the weight of the highest inflation in four decades. Their credit cards are maxed out, and savings are drained as wages fail to keep up with soaring consumer prices. This shocking revelation is a reminder that today’s current economic backdrop, which some say is stagflationary, could quickly morph into recession and surging jobless. So who will the Biden administration blame for the coming tidal wave of evictions? He can’t keep blaming “Putin.”

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“The data tell us that people who got “vaccinated” and “boosted” are turning up with broken immune systems that leave them extra-specially open to repeated Covid-19 re-infection, and that each reiteration of the illness breaks down their immune systems even more..”

When the Wicked Try to Flee (Kunstler)

Dr. Anthony Fauci (White House Medical Advisor), Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC), and Dr. Robert M. Califf (FDA) are killing and harming Americans because… apparently, they don’t know why. As the old saw goes: they know not what they do. Or is that so? Is it even possible anymore? One must suppose it is possible if they are insane, which, you also understand, does not preclude them from being evil, too. Ms. Walensky says repeatedly that they are looking at or waiting on “the data.” No, she’s not. She’s just saying that, as if reciting a magic incantation that can deflect culpability. The data are in plain sight, not even hiding. The data are all over the world: this country, the UK, Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Israel, Cuba, South Africa, Australia, name a country. The data are turning up now in respected medical journals, many news websites, substacks, and blogs, as well, even, here and there, in what we call mainstream media. A lot of the data until very recently were getting published in the agencies own collection organs, but they deliberately stopped it.

The data tell us that people who got “vaccinated” and “boosted” are turning up with broken immune systems that leave them extra-specially open to repeated Covid-19 re-infection, and that each reiteration of the illness breaks down their immune systems even more — which suggests that over time (think: the months ahead) more and more of them are going to die from all kinds of opportunistic viral and bacterial diseases, not to mention cancers, structural damage due to blood clots, heart tissue injury directly from spike proteins, and brain-and-neuro illness, ditto. Do you believe that the authorities somehow missed all this? Are they trying to pretend that they didn’t (take your pick): 1) fecklessly promote the biggest compound medical blunder in history? 2) conspire with pharma companies in a dastardly racketeering scheme? 3) carry out the orders of some shady, malevolent elite to cull the human population under a depraved, messianic, crypto-eco ideology? or 4) just…reasons….

Before too much longer they’ll have to tell us. At this point, resigning in order to just slink away from the scene of the crime is probably not possible. Francis Collins tried to step down from the National Institutes for Health (NIH) late last year, but we’ll know how to find him, and we certainly know what he did in enabling the creation of the Covid-19 pandemic and then its supposed savior “vaccines.” This is true, by the way, across the entire medical profession, including doctors, hospital directors, and, of course, the pharma executives. They’ll have to answer for why they continued vaxxing the public when caution was indicated (primum non nocere — first do no harm), and how come they stupidly and / or maliciously suppressed cheap and effective early treatment drugs.

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Austria arguably has the most damaging mandates.

Austria Set to Retire Vaccine Mandate by End of August (Eugyp)

Yesterday, Green Party health minister Johannes Rauch announced in a press conference that the Austrian vaccine mandate will be retired after 31 August. His announcement follows the decision in March to suspend the promised fines – as high as 3,600 Euros – for the unvaccinated, which were said to be “disproportionate” given the mildness of Omicron. Rauch explained: “The vaccine mandate has not increased the number of people getting vaccinated, and they have also opened up rifts in the population. I’m convinced that it won’t help us to achieve the goal of motivating as many people as possible to have a booster in autumn – rather the opposite. It’s time to close those rifts again. Abolishing the mandate is another step out of crisis mode, towards normalisation. We must learn to live with Covid-19.”

Of course Rauch also had excuses: The legislation was introduced at a totally different moment, in the midst of a Delta wave that had caused surging hospitalisations and brought intensive care units in Austria to their capacity limits. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, in a radio interview, concurred that the mandate “was not the appropriate measure to increase the vaccination rate.” It had instead caused social division, at a time when “We have to fight together against the virus and not against each other.” As recently as January, he had called the mandate “a way back to freedom” and explained that the unvaccinated would not have to pay heavy fines, as long as they showed “active remorse” and submitted to vaccination after all.

[..] I often hear that opposition to pandemic policies is hopeless and that we are condemned to accept nothing but loss after loss. That’s not true. This is a massive victory to Austrian opponents of mass vaccination, and it represents a serious defeat for the pandemicists, who can now only speak of their defunct mandate in apologetic tones and with vaguely embarrassed excuses. General vaccine mandates are dead all over Europe, and Omicron is only the indirect cause. The vaccinators were already at the limits of their strength even at the height of the Delta wave; improving disease statistics merely drained off enough of the ambient hysteria to make their battle wholly unwinnable.

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Gonzalo: Israel Provokes Russia








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    V. Arnold

    Arnold Böcklin Mermaids at play 1886

    Holy crap, wait! I want to jump in and play too………….


    Naomi Wolf –


    “In the largest worldwide study on unvaccinated children and teens, researchers found those who had been previously infected with COVID had a natural immunity between 80% and 89% for 18 months.”



    Molecular biologist, physician cardiologist –


    “AstraZeneca: Vaccine death payout of £120k ‘inadequate’ ”



    “..immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals..


    LOWER !! 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡


    How a nation commits collective suicide!

    “Israel contemplating fifth COVID vaccine as number of infections rises”

    Israel contemplating fifth COVID vaccine as number of infections rises


    “Father-of-two, 58, ‘left paralysed’ by first AstraZeneca Covid jab must use wheelchair and walking frame after 420 days in hospital”




    My (deceased) brother Doug pulled that precise “Calvin” when he was six, landing our grandparents’ car over the edge of a small hill and almost into the lake.

    Dr. D

    Brace for a “Mostly Peaceful” “Night of Rage”. By the truly dangerous people: the Far-Right who are out in the street for being too happy about all the black lives that were saved.

    The Left loves people, diversity, and tolerance, which is why they’re going to burn down the city, especially the black parts.

    You can’t make this up.

    “Kavanaugh Burns Down His Home Just to Get It Over With” –BBee

    “EU & NATO Appear to Be Forming a Bloc for War Against Russia: Lavrov”

    We are in WWIII. This is with US, the West, against Russia, and one of us must collapse. So…we’re admitting it, but we’re going to admit it when? Schrodinger’s War. What happens when they’re all liars who can’t be straight with themselves.

    “Ukraine Retreats from Severodonetsk” “sheer unevenness” of the battlefield given Russia’s “overwhelming hardware” advantage.”

    Yes, and we have enough artillery for 1 week of exchanges in Ukraine, and we ain’t building any factories. So the EU and NATO are going to signal until Russia surrenders. Hit them with the Bat Signal! Yell “Stop!” …or I’ll yell “Stop” again! Clearly these guys needed to be stuffed in more lockers. Saying the word “Punch” and punching someone are not the same things.

    But then I realized: To them, words ARE violence. Violence is not violence, but words are. Ergo, all you need to fight a war is a big fat mouth. A 1 gallon head in a 10 gallon hat. That’s because they don’t exist in a body, but in an ego. They’re not full human beings, but just minds in a jar, cut off from life.

    Well, they’re certainly hurling the full supply of adjectives at Putin. But so far, he seems to be able to withstand their taunts a second time. …Without even noticing they exist. Since he speaks Russian but they’re too dumb to notice. Note to self: I don’t think he gets his news from BuzzFeed and WaPo.


    On the sevens, the magic dates, 6.21-22 is the old calendar solstice. Accidentally the day two major rulings kick off the summer riot ‘n murder season. What are the rulings? Both support States’ Rights as the Center cannot hold, the U.S. devolves to being more regional. Trying to thread the needle by being State and regional enough to work, but not to regional as to break up.

    Anyway, we’re all safe since there’s no such thing as women, there’s no one affected by Roe. Or do we suddenly believe women exist again?

    Since devolving to the states is so terrible that NY must impose their mores on Alabama in defense of Human Rights, then will Mississippi and Texas then need to invade NY and NJ to insure the Human Rights of New Yorkers on gun rights?

    …There’s no thinking going on out there. Sophistry, saying anything to get what you want. My power, my side at all costs, over all people, right or wrong. If not, we could have a debate instead and no need to censorship or violence.

    There was a good one, with Libs of TikTok saying “You think the George Floyd riots were bad, just wait…” Hold on. You mean the “Mostly Peaceful” kumbayah “Summer of Love” (and tolerance, of course)? You can’t say nothing happened, no one was hurt, then turn around and threaten us with this, because, what you’re going to DOUBLE peaceful kumbayah? Oooh, we’re all totally scared you will peacefully protest TWICE as peacefully. No, the statement is admission of violence and violent intent, and deep abiding pride in violence, arson, and murder. …On Black neighborhoods, so billionaires can buy up the arson and do urban renewal at a discount.

    But statements of (many) does not truly represent the position of the whole. I can see that and their humanity even if their sophistry doesn’t.

    “The Supreme Court’s conservative majority overturning decades of abortion rights isn’t just a legal and political matter. It’s also an economic issue.”

    Huh? But they’re NOT selling body parts? Last I knew, more people = more GDP in all economic textbooks. Today it’s less?

    As they added, sounds like Congress will have to do their jobs and pass a law now! (Or an amendment) Horrors! Just like Immigration: Reagan gave full amnesty in 1986 on condition Congress would fix Mexican immigration. 40 years later, every possible supermajority, knees-begging from Trump saying he would sign anything they sent: no law. It’s an election rally cry doncha know? We can’t fix that! It’s more profitable NOT to fix it!

    So like Gun control, everything else: Pass. A. Law. Make. An. Amendment. Like immigration: There. Is. A. Legal. Process. So follow it for once in 100 years. Who knows what might happen if you followed the law instead of making it up randomly every day?

    “[Jefferson/Madison:] You’re gonna need congressional approval and you don’t have the votes

    [Jefferson:] Such a blunder sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bring the thunder

    [Washington:] You wanna pull yourself together?

    [Hamilton:] I’m sorry, these Virginians are birds of a feather

    [Washington:] Young man, I’m from Virginia, so watch your mouth

    [Hamilton:] So we let Congress get held hostage by the South?

    [Washington:] You need the votes

    [Hamilton:] No, we need bold strokes / We need this plan

    [Washington:] No, you need to convince more folks

    [Hamilton:] James Madison won’t talk to me, that’s a nonstarter

    [Washington:] Winning was easy, young man … Governing’s harder

    [Hamilton:] They’re being intransigent

    [Washington:] You have to find a compromise

    [Hamilton:] But they don’t have a plan, they just hate mine!

    [Washington:] Convince them otherwise

    [Hamilton:]And what happens if I don’t get congressional approval?

    [Washington:] I imagine they’ll call for your removal

    [Hamilton:] Sir…!

    [Washington:] Figure it out, Alexander / That’s an order from your commander” –Hamilton

    Are we on Facebook? The expert – one of the experts – on Mass Formation Psychosis says that alienation is key to forcing this event to happen. One of the top causes being breaking the family. The internet is key to creating the social alienation and constant anxiety that the system sells the solution to. (Rage and hate – of my enemies that I sell you). So the internet is a powerful new means to create mental illness. This has been extensively proven in Science and in practice.

    I’m not on, because 1) Time waster 2) Supporting bad people, causes, fortunes, 3) Tracking, since they’re already coming to your house and arresting you for bad thoughts. Thoughts you had 20 years ago when you were 15 and telling jokes to be edgy. 4) Mental Illness, either causing it in myself, or unintentionally in others. Go out and sit under a tree with a book of Zeno and Seneca.

    BioEthics: Killing is Okay! It’s good really!

    This is what I’m talking about.

    “It is the ultimate call of an incrementalist detached from the underlying constitutional interpretation”

    Yes, we know Roberts is entirely disconnected from the Constitution, and therefore all law: he was put in place by Bush because he is against all “Balance of powers” and believes in an unchecked Executive as King and ruler. That’s as far opposite to the Constitution as one can possibly get, and it ain’t “Conservative”.

    ““Imagine that every state were free to choose whether to allow Black people and white people to marry.”

    Then we the People would tell them to go f—k themselves and refuse to obey, follow, or support any of that law, refuse to pay and taxes, and chuck them out, just like everything else. Lord help us! They actually think the Government has power and authority and can tell you what to do. MAKE ME. I just can’t believe the number of ass-kissing boot-lickers there are out there. I mean besides the two being judicially unrelated.

    Anyway, yes to sell Roe they say it will undo all things good and holy in the universe, including stopping the Sunday pancake Special at IHOP. Sophistry: for the love of God can we have an actual discussion without making stuff up like children for two seconds? “I have an invisible force field. No touchbacks!”

    “Biden Claims Abortion Ruling Makes US ‘Outlier Among Developed Nations’ (Fox)”

    It’s not in several ways. One: Europe is MORE restrictive. The U.S. was shopping for at-birth abortions. Also, if you take “Europe” as the EU, then “Europe” ALREADY has varying abortion laws between different states. But somehow Europe didn’t collapse into a wormhole of the space-time continuum. As usual, the U.S. is lying. Every one in it: lying. And as usual, the U.S. starts with something semi-normal, like one inch off the line, then take it over the fiery canyon at 90mph like Thelma and Louise singing “I Don’t Know Why I Go to Extremes” 100% of the time.

    “The west is not the future. That time is behind us.”

    Yes, that is because every word, from every mouth, of every person, in every country, in all the West, is a stupid, careless, unthinking lie. …It’s really hard to run your life that way. To keep your business. It’s what drug addicts discover.

    “ US Gov’t Body Plots to Break Up Russia in Name of ‘Decolonization’ (MP)”

    Yes, but only since before 1940. Only since Stalin took over and stopped the Anglo colonization plan. Before that, and we murdered the Tsar with all his children to steal his gold, we were practically pals!

    Oh, P.S. they want to do the same thing to the U.S. and are pretty far along on Civil War and secession right now. You wouldn’t want nations to be LARGER than the corporations like BlackRock, would you? That’s against the whole plan! You might have representation and accountability then, and we can’t have that. Look at the EU!

    “Divisions are emerging over how much and what kind of military assistance to provide Ukraine”

    None, apparently. Didn’t Germany send some toaster ovens and strudel?

    Prepare for a Tidal Wave of Evictions (ZH)”

    Yes, prepared by giving trillion$$ to BlackRock, then raise rates so housing crashes and there’s a firesale. Ka-Ching! You don’t own America, Uncle Sam, BlackRock is your new ruler now. How many times do we have to do this, for how many centuries, how many books like “Disaster Capitalism” and “Economic Hitman” do we have to read before we stop this? Infinity times, I guess.

    “Austria Set to Retire Vaccine Mandate by End of August (Eugyp)”

    The only reason to take it off is to put it right back on. That’s Torture 101.


    Mister Roboto

    any of you guys on facebook? The comments are great, ranging from all sex is rape and if you believe in personal responsibility you a fundamentalist christian or belong in Saudi Arabia

    I’m sure their Twitter equivalents all have Ukrainian flags in their bio! 😀

    Dr. D

    That was this:

    It’s not authoritative, but would give an idea. Most people I know think of Abortion as birth control. The kids commenting on it say they’re going long morning after pills and having their tubes tied: birth control. That no one will consider the choice as being when you chose to sleep together and cause this: birth control. Most of the State laws include exemptions for rape, incest, medical and they’re still furious: birth control. All the people I know, sleep together constantly and carelessly. Golly, friend, what will happen? “Well, if anything happens, she’ll just have an abortion.” Birth control. Not birth control from NOT SEXING someone you don’t love deeply and mean to stay with: that’s ridiculous. Just have an abortion. TV: get in trouble? Have an abortion. Birth Control. And nobody pays for anything.

    Pays? Yes, I can’t tell you how I come about the information, but having an abortion is a VERY SERIOUS thing, very often deeply damaging. Letters from women saying “I feel like I’m going crazy and I don’t know if you can understand, but I’ve never been the same since the abortion. I can’t move on. It’s been months, years.” Over and over and over again. I can’t know what percentage, but what would it matter? 30%? 60%? No one warns you this can happen. No one wants to hear it if you tell them. And there’s no way to reverse it. Blow a hole in your life, forever. Often haunted by your child, seemingly forever. No one cares. Just “Shut up, loser.” Be an unfeeling psychopath like the cool kids. So they do.

    All these things are exactly the warnings given when the Pill and Abortion were legalized. Every one of that long list was realized. And women are more unhappy than ever before, in all statistical records. Since now BOTH men AND women are more unhappy than ever, and specifically over this behavior, is it time to get off the sauce and reverse a little? Not on your life. Never! We need MORE. You can’t tell me what to do. Don’t warn me about what will likely hurt or destroy me, you’re not my daddy. No: we are doing it because we CARE for you. I DON’T want you to blow a hole in your life than can’t be fixed. I DO want to warn you of can happen, and try to fix it if I can.

    Maybe such a thing is necessary. Sometime killing someone is necessary, in self-defense, sometimes we put down dogs, horses, and in a way, people at the end, or in certain conditions. But that doesn’t make it a good, careless, voluntary thing, and it doesn’t mean that death of self-defense, in a courtroom, in dreams at night, don’t have a terrible weight and consequence that is tragic and can’t be erased or undone.

    That’s not what’s happening now in the slightest. 1% for actual causes, 90% voluntary for birth control. Can you really not find a better way? Is sleeping with people you love instead really that much of an oppression?

    The thing makes me sad. Very concerning. And people will attack me for NOT promoting this which I know can have the MOST GRAVE, life-altering consequences on beautiful men and women. And their beautiful children, love of their life, joy of their existence, support in their age, when they took the responsibility and chance.

    Mister Roboto

    Pays? Yes, I can’t tell you how I come about the information, but having an abortion is a VERY SERIOUS thing, very often deeply damaging. Letters from women saying “I feel like I’m going crazy and I don’t know if you can understand, but I’ve never been the same since the abortion. I can’t move on. It’s been months, years.” Over and over and over again. I can’t know what percentage, but what would it matter? 30%? 60%? No one warns you this can happen.

    I believe in bodily autonomy strongly enough that I believe it is appropriate that my position is “pro-choice”, but at the same time, I believe that abortion, especially if done for the reason which sits at the bottom of the list you posted, is, generally speaking, a very serious spiritual error. And like all serious spiritual errors, it carries with it serious consequences for one’s own spiritual life. And let us also not forget that the procedure inflicts a certain amount of physical trauma on the body of the woman undergoing the procedure.


    This should help!

    Thierry Defresne, CGT rep for Total Engergies staff, told France Info: “We see that a total of 10 billion dollars have been paid to shareholders for the year 2021. So we think that there is indeed an imbalance.

    “In the face of the 2.35 percent that was given to employees at the beginning of the year, if we compare to the 52 percent increase of the CEO, we think that in this story and in the face of the historical record of Total Energies, employees have been forgotten about.”


    Mister Roboto

    Like a lot of people here who were born and raised in culturally blue areas, my pro-choice position has been made rather less ardent by the fact that a lot of these so-called pro-choicers (the ones who so often have Ukie flags in their Twitter bios) supported the recent Federal attempt to force vaccines on people who don’t want them. And ultimately, it’s probably best that whether or not abortion is legal be left to state governments. Even under Roe v. Wade, many red states made getting an abortion effectively not an option for non-affluent women. And affluent women in red states who want an abortion will still be able to take an airplane ride (at least as long as commercial airplanes are still flying, which might not be for very much longer) to a state such as California, Illinois, or New York.

    Veracious Poet


    Most people in the West have been so marinated in generational lies, foisted upon them by rich & powerful sociopaths, that they have violent, irrational reactions to facts, data, rational thought ~ Many are beyond the redemptive powers of Love, Truth, even Life itself.

    This is why the vast majority goosestepped right into the vaccine madness, why they still vote, support & believe in the hopelessly corrupt party systems poisoning their nation, society & families…

    Putin sees it. He’s taking a stand.

    The Supremes see it. Most took a stand this week.

    I appreciate Kunstler’s optimism, but I’m afraid there’s no way to escape the coming Reckoning. It will be tortuously horrid, with the potential to approach an extinction level event, if nuclear weapons begin to fly.

    It is beyond obvious that the Party of Chaos is, more or less, a tribal collection of greedy, hate-filled narcissists that are hellbent on destroying all that is good, decent & moral.

    Justice Thomas wrote, among other things:

    Supreme Court Should Reconsider Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage, Contraception

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote Friday that the high court should reconsider rulings on contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage in a solo concurring opinion released Friday that struck down Roe v. Wade.

    The Republican-appointed justice argued that the Supreme Court should reconsider other cases that fall under prior due process precedents.

    “I write separately to emphasize a second, more fundamental reason why there is no abortion guarantee lurking in the Due Process Clause,” Thomas wrote. “Considerable historical evidence indicates that ‘due process of law’ merely required executive and judicial actors to comply with legislative enactments and the common law when depriving a person of life, liberty, or property.”


    I actually can’t believe this landmark event came to pass in my lifetime, that the Supreme court would start undoing 50+ years of jurors legislating from the bench…

    I wish Justice Thomas well on his “Hail Mary”, but I don’t think there are any Americans left that could make it to the end zone ~ We the People have been dumbed-down to succumb across the board, to the point where their spirit within has been sidelined in favor of the illusion of “modern” civilization.

    The United States of America was doomed the moment that the 2020 election was stolen…

    The West is in the thralls of mass psychosis, with despicable monsters controlling the mechanisms of power & control.

    But perhaps, just perhaps there is some change underfoot, spiritually led, that will create sane regions where the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite can work a miracle. Again.

    Still hoping & praying, but with very little hope,


    Mister Roboto

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote Friday that the high court should reconsider rulings on contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage

    I still think there’s room in the Ninth Amendment for disallowing laws that attempt to legislate people’s sex lives. Less so for marriage, as that is a public institution in at least some respects. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a state the presumes to outlaw contraception, which is why I never would have moved to pre-EU Ireland despite the fact that is one of my ancestral homelands (the others being the UK and France).


    After the Killshot Vax sterilizes vast portions of the current crop of ‘breeding age’ population, abortion will become more of a moot point.

    After all, the Empire of Lies is going to sterilize vast swaths of it’s infant population with the Vax.

    A large portion of the kids of this entire generation cohort will never be able to conceive anyway and will have crippled immune systems, so abortion debates will not be their top priority.

    Only the unvaxed kids will be able to have children themselves.

    There are already dating servicing popping up that only want to connect unvaxed to unvaxed partners.

    Having been Vaxed will be like you have a permanent STD and no one will ever want to even attempt to breed with you, much less date you.

    The unvaxed will have the Golden DNA.

    Maybe they can sell it to the Vaxed sterilized.

    So getting rid of children will be less of a problem in the near future.

    Speaking of which, I’m still practicing my grumpy old man, “Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!”

    However I’ve been out done by a drunken Ukrainian man who threw a live hand grenade at a bunch of kids outside his house.



    You don’t need abortion laws and vaxes to get rid of children, do it the old fashion way with hand grenades!


    Our world is in the grip of terminal delusion

    1. Glaring cognitive dissonance
    2. Great ecological damage are cause by wars
    3. The blame game will only get worst.
    4. Ukraine is the latest front in a long-running war for control of diminishing resources by the elites and their servants.
    5. We are being conned yet again


    “After the Killshot Vax sterilizes vast portions of the current crop of ‘breeding age’ population, abortion will become more of a moot point.

    After all, the Empire of Lies is going to sterilize vast swaths of it’s infant population with the Vax.”

    I believe ‘Fast Eddy’ refers to that as the “CEP” – Compassionate Extinction Plan”

    Mister Roboto

    Some of us maybe wondering why the stock market had a bit of a rebound this week. Well, I subscribe to Chris Martenson’s “members only” videos on his website, and one thing he revealed recently is that even though the Fed has been saying they are going to reduce their bloated balance-sheet (basically the amount of debt-paper they have bought as an institution), they haven’t done this as indicated by their figures for the first half of the month of June. They are, at best, reducing the rate at which they are expanding their balance-sheet.

    True, the Fed, like the ECB, doesn’t buy stocks directly, but when they buy bonds, it always has a salutary effect on the stock-market. And the valuation of stocks is now so totally dependent on the willingness of these central banks (which also includes the Bank of Japan and the People’s Bank of China) to buy debt-paper, that any significant slackening in these purchases, will result in those red-colored big numbers on websites that monitor the stock-markets! And they just can’t stomach that.

    So our august financial institutions have only one of two choices: Devastating inflation by printing up more money to keep these financial markets propped up, or a devastating deflationary compression by withdrawing that support. And they can be counted on to do the former because that choice hurts rich people less by keeping all that paper-wealth from shrinking, but it hurts the common people more because the money the earn will buy always less and less and less.

    And the vast majority of normies are completely oblivious to the fact that the stock markets have been kept in a hypertrophic state for the past few years by central-bank debt-paper purchases and central-bank debt-paper purchases alone. In fact, the Bank of Japan (possibly also the Swiss central bank, I’m not completely sure about that one) is at least one bank that goes so far as to actually buy stocks directly, and boy-howdy have they been buying those since 2016!


    Anyone here follow The Orville?
    Seth McFarlane often uses the shows he creates to comment on what is going on in the world.
    In S3, E4 we see how the Krill (who are compared to the “religious right”) punish parents who choose to abort their child. A simulation is created of the child that would have been, and they are forced to interact with the simulated child. In the same episode, we discover that Captain Mercer’s dalliance with an undercover Krill woman in season 2 has produced a child. The mother did not abort the child, instead giving birth and turning her over to caretakers, and ensuring the half-human girl never meets the public because the child could be catastrophic for the mother’s political career.

    I don’t believe that government should insert itself between a woman and her unborn child.
    I also believe that Roe v. Wade was inappropriate because according to the Constitution, what is not covered by the Constitution should be left to the states. I have no problem with laws differing from state to state, and I recognize that I may not agree with laws that a state may enact.

    It is very important that nations and states be governed by law, and not merely by what any group or individual within the country feels very strongly about. Process matters, not just results. In most cases and situations, the ends do not justify the means…and the ends ultimately follow the means.


    We will be conned/lied to again.

    When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t get #COVID19, was that a lie or a guess?

    The data tell us that people who got “vaccinated” and “boosted” are turning up with broken immune systems that leave them extra-specially open to repeated Covid-19 re-infection, and that each reiteration of the illness breaks down their immune systems even more — which suggests that over time (think: the months ahead) more and more of them are going to die from all kinds of opportunistic viral and bacterial diseases, not to mention cancers, structural damage due to blood clots, heart tissue injury directly from spike proteins, and brain-and-neuro illness, ditto. Do you believe that the authorities somehow missed all this? Are they trying to pretend that they didn’t.
    It is “taboo” to talk about your sex life, pro-choice, pro-life, masturbation, death/life choices.

    Mister Roboto

    It is very important that nations and states be governed by law, and not merely by what any group or individual within the country feels very strongly about. Process matters, not just results. In most cases and situations, the ends do not justify the means…and the ends ultimately follow the means


    The data tell us that people who got “vaccinated” and “boosted” are turning up with broken immune systems that leave them extra-specially open to repeated Covid-19 re-infection, and that each reiteration of the illness breaks down their immune systems even more — which suggests that over time (think: the months ahead) more and more of them are going to die from all kinds of opportunistic viral and bacterial diseases, not to mention cancers, structural damage due to blood clots, heart tissue injury directly from spike proteins, and brain-and-neuro illness, ditto. Do you believe that the authorities somehow missed all this? Are they trying to pretend that they didn’t.

    And yet the entire vaccine narrative is still being officially promoted as if none of this was happening. The Western World has to be the most well-brainwashed population in the history of humanity. I don’t think it was a coincidence that deflationista’s braying, hectoring tone was exactly that of an offended religionist.


    Where’s is the left’s consistency on bodily autonomy when it comes to abortion vs “vaccine” mandates?
    Where is the right’s consistency on bodily autonomy when it comes to abortion vs “vaccine” mandates?

    “…and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” (Alito)
    No. Just no.


    No answer, only speculation
    Why should I care more than …..?

    Define “better”
    Define “better for who”
    Define “made worst and for who, what, where, when”

    Would our social/economic system have been better without mass vaccination?
    Would our social/economic system have been better without helping/prolonging the war in Ukraine with more guns?

    Is mother earth being helped or harmed?

    TAE Summary

    The man who might have been king. Still don’t get why Mark Steyn wasn’t picked to be Rush’s successor.
    He was easily the most popular replacement host when Rush was absent.

    Mr. House

    @TAE Summary

    Very interesting read, makes me think of spengler.

    Figmund Sreud

    unequal [ un·e·qual ] – resulting consequences

    … above is just a fraction of this:


    John Day

    @TAE Summary: I also read thatimportance-of-sexual-morality article. It is one which gives useful correlation, and seeks to view the process observed with some “objective” distance, but hints at other outlooks, such as spiritual-nature as being worthy of consideration.
    It’s OK, isn’t it?
    There are a lot of different long-waves which could play out this way, coming from different worldviews.

    The loss of ratioanlity as a value is particularly dangerous upon its face isn’t it?

    Michael Reid

    some things can not be undone

    Michael Reid
    Veracious Poet


    Thanks for sharing that treatise, it confirms & defines the murderous trends of EGOcentric toxicity that I have observed & experienced.

    It stands to reason that mass formation psychosis would have historical precedents tied to human relationships, sexuality & conservation of energy, with the contravention thereof resulting in the loss of rational thinking & civility, transmogrifying into a whirlwind of CULTural hedonism & megalomania…

    There are cosmic truths, which although written on every living spirit’s soul, have grave repercussions when intentionally ignored, with inevitably severe aftermaths experienced when REBELLION suffuses into healthy social norms, practice, convention.

    America was founded as a Democratic Republic under Natural Law, where EVERYONE was premised with the ability, as equals, to experience life, liberty, or property independently & on their own terms, with the proviso they honor, respect & defend the same for their fellow “citizens”…

    The Powers of .GOV were established PRIMARILY to protect the Natural/Common Rights of the “citizenry”, with their consent, which should have instinctively been extended to ALL living entities within the Infinite’s Creation.

    It was literally no one’s business how you pursued your life, EVERYONE should have the right to self-determination.

    Moreover, America’s sovereign powers were intended to be limited by borders & commerce, with no one (or group) within the Republic judging others, unless their actions harmed the Natural Rights of individuals or the Nation as a whole…

    Lincoln broke the covenant established in blood & brokered into existence by the Sons of Liberty, with FDR following that precedent by becoming America’s Caesar with “Emergency Powers” that have prevailed on an exponential basis to the present.

    The fallout from the Imperial perversion of America’s sovereign rule is destruction of normal, healthy society, with the genders (more or less) in open rebellion against their Creator…

    Males are born into this CULTure, where permanently “batching it” is the norm, feel empowered to rapaciously act, often without consequence for serial violations of Natural Law.

    Females, in turn, have experienced unthinkable exploitation, at each & every turn, without proper preparation, education + a society to protect & enable them to mature into the nurturing, loving, sacred matriarchal center of marriages, family, community…

    The damage inflicted (to self+others) over the last two generations has led to an #Anti-Spiritual, #Anti-Life paradigm where there is No Shame, Anything Goes, where rational thinking has been replaced by emotional frenzy, absolute truth ousted for “feel good” prevarications.

    AS a result, multitudes of females too are “batching it”, too, with dissipated harpies squawking for the perverse “right” to heinously dispose of unborn-children like tampons, effectively to full gestation 😕

    Thus, as is always the historical case, The Reckoning is upon the West, which short of Divine Intervention, is as inevitable as the Earth’s celestial journey through the cosmos.

    The Infinite will not be mocked, the Creator’s Will will be done…

    I too once rebelled against our shared innate reality, until I experienced firsthand the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite, which in contrast to my previous state of EGOcentric insanity made me realize that rebellion is nothing but sewerage in the Grand Scheme of the Universe.

    All the best on your journey,


    I suppose we can hope, but there is always a tendency to want to believe “it cannot happen to us.” Unwin describes this attitude as a “pardonable egocentricity” and a “quaint and comfortable doctrine”, that flies in the face of data, which indicate that the pattern of decline happens with “monotonous” regularity. That’s another way of saying that “insanity is doing the same thing yet again but expecting different results.” The primary predictions are already unfolding with alarming “alacrity”.


    Nothing can be undone.
    In 1960, a woman who had four children from the ages of 5 to 10 used a knitting needle to self-abort her fifth pregnancy. Her neighbor took her to her doctor, who labelled it a miscarriage.
    There have been and always will be abortions. Desperation can can cause a woman to risk making her other children motherless.
    We keep them legal to keep them safe.

    Veracious Poet

    The historical record is near fait accompli 😕

    Hobbes was right.

    Locke was wrong.

    While the practice of The Divine Right of Kings may be lacking in many aspects, Self-Government thus far even more so…

    It also must be said, from historical precedence, that not one (ie -0-) sovereign states have survived a sudden submersion into the predicament of MultiCULTuralism.

    While a gallant effort by the Sons of Liberty, humanity is of yet too unruly, too selfish, still too DUMB to resist the temptation of REBELLION, & thus sadly, yet incapable of Self-Government (IMHO).

    Even monarchical England has been impaired, corrupted & impoverished by parliamentarian, democratic, socialist “reforms”…

    While many might assume that all Enlightenment thinkers supported natural rights and republicanism or democracy, this is not the case. All authors are shaped by the world historical context, and Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are no exception to that rule.

    Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was mostly concerned with the problem of social and political order, notably how people can live together peacefully and avoid conflict, seeing humans as innately war-prone and the state of nature one of perpetual discord.

    Hobbes supported the notion of absolute monarchy as providing stability and denounced the right to rebellion. His writings were shaped by the English Civil War, where society was divided religiously, economically, and by region.

    On the other hand, John Locke (1632-1704) offered a different view of human nature and legitimacy in government. In his Two Treatises on Government, Locke rejected divine right to monarchy in favor of a republican or democratic form of government upheld by the people.

    Locke claimed that although in the state of nature people are constantly threatened by harm and war, they willingly come together and renounce some of their own natural rights to a sovereign for the greater good: protection from physical harm, security of possessions, and ability to cooperate in a stable society.

    I wish I could say my life was full living in the arse end of the American experiment, but my soul since childhood has been vexed watching helpless innocent men, women, children ground into dust by the Sociopath Elite & their sycophants, lackeys & toadies 🙄

    And now I grievously lament for young generations that will certainly live through cataclysmic turmoil, possibly involving nuclear holocausts, I try not to even imagine what is to come 😕

    FUTURE GENERATIONS: Beware Pandora’s Box (rebellion)…

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