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Giambologna Colossus of the Apennines 1579-80 (35ft tall)


Car Blast Kills Daughter Of Russian Philosopher Dugin (RT)
Modern Empires Keep Taking What They Want From ‘Lesser’ Powers (Kovalik)
Russian Soldiers In Ukraine Hospitalized With Severe Chemical Poisoning (RT)
Two Lives: Victoria and Victorine (Batiushka)
Russia Continues To Stockpile Forex Reserves (RT)
UN Recruited Over 100,000 Digital First Responders to Push COVID Narrative (SN)
Houston, We Have a Problem – Part 1 of 3 (Ethical Skeptic)
Insufficient Vitamin D Linked To Fourfold Increase In Covid-19 Mortality (IT)
China Backs African Union Bid To Join The Group of 20 (SCMP)
Chinese Ambassador Outlines BRICS Vision (RT)
Millions Could Be Left Without Heat And Food In Winter, London Mayor Warns (RT)
Just How Bad Could Things Get This Winter? (RT)
Swiss Revolt Warning Issued (RT)
Amish Farmer Fighting US Government For Right To Sell His All-natural Food (RN)
Dutch Farmers Confront Billionaire ‘Green’ Elite’s Food System Reset Plan (GZ)







Biden’s bribe tapes







Too early to say if the father was the intended target. But Putin can’t let cars be blown up near Moscow. He has to act.

Car Blast Kills Daughter Of Russian Philosopher Dugin (RT)

A powerful explosion ripped apart an SUV near Moscow on Saturday night, instantly killing its driver. According to preliminary reports, the victim was identified as Darya Dugina, the daughter of a veteran Russian political commentator Alexander Dugin, who is often painted in the West as one of the Kremlin’s “ideological masterminds.” The incident took place on a highway some 20 kilometers west of Moscow around 21:35 local time, with witnesses saying that the blast rocked the vehicle right in the middle of the road, scattering debris all around. The crippled car, fully engulfed in flames, then crashed into a fence, according to photos and videos from the scene. Emergency services said one person was inside the car and was instantly killed by the blast and crash – a female whose body was reportedly recovered burned beyond recognition.

Authorities have yet to officially confirm the identity of the victim, but multiple Russian Telegram channels and media sources reported that the victim was 30-year-old Darya Dugina (Platonova). Her father, Alexander Dugin, was spotted at the scene soon after the incident, visibly shocked, according to several videos circulating on social media. Preliminary reports suggested that a home-made explosive device might have been involved, but investigators have yet to confirm the cause of the blast, or any possible motive in case of a foul play. Earlier on Saturday evening, Aleksandr Dugin was giving a lecture on “Tradition and History”at a traditional family festival in the Moscow region, while his daughter attended the event as a guest. Some unconfirmed reports suggested that Dugin initially planned to leave the festival alongside his daughter, but later decided to take a separate car, while Darya took his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Darya Dugina was a political commentator and daughter of Professor Aleksandr Dugin – a veteran Russian philosopher known for his staunch anti-Western and “neo-Eurasian” views. Western media repeatedly painted Dugin as one of the driving forces behind President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy over the past decade. Just in recent months, CBS dubbed him “the far-right theorist behind Putin’s plan,” while the Washington Post called him a “far-right mystical writer who helped shape Putin’s view of Russia.” n Russia, however, the supposed shadowy puppet master is largely considered to be a relatively marginal figure with some of his views deemed controversial even in nationalist circles. While he has served as an adviser to several politicians, Dugin never enjoyed official endorsement from the Kremlin.


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“A child asks his parent, “Why are there pyramids in Egypt?” The parent answers, “Because they were too big to take to Britain.“

Modern Empires Keep Taking What They Want From ‘Lesser’ Powers (Kovalik)

There is an old joke which still has resonance. A child asks his parent, “Why are there pyramids in Egypt?” The parent answers, “Because they were too big to take to Britain.” Of course, many a true word is spoken in jest. Indeed, there is an apocryphal story that back in the day when Vladimir Lenin was in exile in London, he would enjoy taking friends to the British Museum and explaining to them how and from what far-flung lands all the antiquities there were stolen. One might have thought that these days of colonial plunder had ended, but one would be very wrong. Current examples abound. A notable one is, of course, the freezing by the US of $7 billion from the Afghanistan treasury – monies the US continues to hold even as it watches Afghans begin to die from starvation.

Apparently, the US believes that, after laying waste to Afghanistan through 20 years of war and, even before that by supporting the mujahideen terrorists, it is entitled to some compensation. This upside-down type of reasoning abounds in the minds of those in the West who simply believe they can take whatever they wish. Similarly, the US is now plundering Syria – another country utterly devastated in no small part by Washington-backed militants in a campaign to overthrow the elected president – of most of its oil, even as Syria suffers from severe energy blackouts. Thus, according to the Syrian Oil Ministry, “US occupation forces and their mercenaries,” referring to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), “steal up to 66,000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the eastern region,” amounting to around 83 percent of Syria’s daily oil production.

According to the ministry’s data, the Syrian oil sector has incurred losses of “about $105 billion since the beginning of the war until the middle of this year” as a result of the US oil theft campaign. Additionally, the statement added that alongside the financial losses incurred by the oil sector were “losses of life, including 235 martyrs, 46 injured and 112 kidnapped.” One of the biggest heists the US has carried out is against Russia. After the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the US seized an incredible $300 billion of Russian treasury funds which were deposited abroad. This was done, of course, without any due process, and to the great detriment of the Russian people – and with barely a critical word from Western pundits.

The US treatment of Venezuela abounds with other examples. As I write these words, the US is maneuvering to seize a commercial 747 airliner from Venezuela on the grounds that it once belonged to an Iranian airline which had some connection to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (which Washington has designated as terrorists) – which might sound like a tenuous justification, but the US really needs no reason. And this is simply the tip of the iceberg. The US has already seized Venezuela’s biggest single source of revenue – its US-based oil company CITGO – and is now in the process of selling off this company in pieces, even as Washington lifts restrictions on Venezuelan oil to shore up its own economy. The UK, meanwhile, has decided to keep over $1 billion in gold which Venezuela naively deposited in the Bank of England for safe-keeping. To add insult to injury, the US continues to criticize Venezuela for the hardships its people endure as a direct consequence of this plunder.

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Botulinum toxin.

Russian Soldiers In Ukraine Hospitalized With Severe Chemical Poisoning (RT)

Several Russian soldiers involved in the military operation in Ukraine have been hospitalized with severe chemical poisoning, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday. Traces of Botulinum toxin Type B, which is an “organic poison of artificial origin,” have been discovered in samples taken from the servicemen, the ministry said, accusing Kiev of “chemical terrorism.” The Russian troops were “hospitalized with signs of severe poisoning” after being stationed near the village of Vasilyevka in Zaporozhye Region on July 31, the statement said. “The Zelensky regime has authorized terrorist attacks with the use of toxic substances against Russian personnel and civilians” following a string of military defeats in Donbass and other areas, the ministry insisted.

Moscow plans to send laboratory tests from the soldiers to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Botulinum toxin, often called the “miracle poison,” is one of the most toxic biological substances known to science. Produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, it blocks the release of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, causing muscle paralysis. Botulinum toxin Type A has been used in medicine in small doses in recent decades, especially to treat disorders characterized by overactive muscle movement. It’s also well known in cosmetology under its shortened name, Botox. However, Botulinum toxin poses a major threat as a bioweapon due its ease of production and distribution, and the high fatality rate resulting from poisoning. Recovery is only possible after a lengthy period of intensive care.

Donbass residents

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“How does she sleep at night?”

Two Lives: Victoria and Victorine (Batiushka)

Victoria Jane Nuland was born in 1961 to Sherwin Nudelman, the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, and a British-born mother, Rhona Goulston. Already in his teens Nudelman had changed his name to Nuland in order to carve out a career. With the British-named Victoria, an Anglo-Zionist was clearly in the making. Indeed, she duly studied at an elite private boarding school in Connecticut, whose alumni include many US politicians. Then she went to Brown University, where she studied Russian literature, political science and history. She married Robert Kagan, the future leading Jewish neocon. Her worldview relects exactly the folly of the US since 1990 under the influence of the neo-imperialist neocons and Blairite-Clintonian ‘liberal interventionists’.

This has resulted in mass poverty in the USA, as well as 9/11, and millions of deaths in wars and tensions outside the US with the Islamic world, Iran, Russia, China and anyone else that resists US imperialism. From 2003 to 2005, during the US rape of defenceless Iraq and the theft of its oil and gas, Mrs Kagan was a foreign policy advisor to the notorious Cheney. She must have many deaths on her conscience from that particular mess. The Iraq catastrophe led to terrorism and counterterrorism and disastrous new wars in Libya and Syria. Meanwhile, her husband was demanding an ever more warlike foreign policy against the background of US fears of the coming multipolar world, a world which it would no longer be able to dominate.

So Mrs Kagan, who yearned for permanent NATO expansion and the encirclement of Russia, was deeply involved in the US ‘regime-change’, that is, the plot to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically-elected government by violence in 2014. This led to America’s responsibility for the ensuing civil war that had killed at least 14,000 people, women and children among them, even before 24 February 2022 and had left Ukraine the poorest country in Europe. Her $5 billion coup in 2014 in the wretched Ukraine, a strategic candidate for NATO on Russia’s border, was implemented through Oleh Tyahnybok’s neo-Nazi Svoboda Party and the new Right Sector militia. We do not forget that it was Tyanhnybok who had delivered a speech praising Ukrainians for fighting Jews and ‘other scum’ during World War II.

In February 2014 their protests in Kyiv’s Maidan Square turned into running battles led by neo-Nazis and extreme right-wing forces that the US had financed and orchestrated. A mob led by the Right Sector militia marched on Parliament and the President and others fled for their lives. Facing the possible loss of its naval base in Sevastopol in the Crimea, Russia accepted the overwhelming result (a 97% majority) of an internationally-observed referendum in which Crimea voted to leave the Ukraine and rejoin Russia, of which it had been a part from 1783 to 1954. The Russian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, part of Russia until the terrorist Communists had given them away to the Ukraine in 1922, similarly declared independence from Neo-Nazi Kiev. This starting a bloody war between US-backed separatists in Kiev and the local Eastern Ukrainian people.

Mrs Kagan wants an ever-more dangerous War with Russia and China to justify her militarist foreign policy and Pentagon budgets. She relies on her mythical version of Russian aggression and US ‘democratic’ intentions. She claims that Russia’s military budget, one-tenth of that of the US, is proof of ‘Russian confrontation and militarisation’. She wants ‘permanent bases along NATO’s eastern border’ and sees Russia’s desire to defend itself after so many successive (and failed) Western invasions as an obstacle to NATO’s expansionism. In short, the deluded Mrs Kagan has with others unleashed intractable violence, chaos and the risk of nuclear war. How does she sleep at night?

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Feb 2022: $643.2 billion. Half of that was frozen. Now it’s back up to $580.6 billion. In assets that can’t be frozen.

Russia Continues To Stockpile Forex Reserves (RT)

Russia’s international holdings have reached $580.6 billion as of August 12, according to data published by the country’s central bank on Thursday. Moscow has been boosting its reserves as a shield against sanctions. The central bank regularly publishes updates on its reserves with a one-week lag. International reserves consist of foreign-currency funds, special drawing rights with the IMF and monetary gold. Total reserves surged by $5.8 billion from the previous week, the regulator said, noting that the 1% rise was due to a positive market revaluation.

The historical maximum of $643.2 billion was recorded in February 2022. Russia lost access to roughly half of its foreign reserves in early March after they were frozen by Western central banks as part of sanctions introduced by the US and its allies in response to the conflict in Ukraine. Despite this, the Russian Finance Ministry said the country would be able to cope with sanctions thanks to its abundant reserves.

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“..we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers..”

UN Recruited Over 100,000 Digital First Responders to Push COVID Narrative (SN)

At the height of the pandemic, the United Nations recruited over 100,000 “digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on COVID via social media. The revelation actually slipped out in October 2020 during a World Economic Forum podcast called ‘Seeking a cure for the infodemic’, although it is only going viral on Twitter today. In the podcast, Melissa Fleming, head of global communications for the United Nations, explains how the COVID pandemic and lockdowns created a “communications crisis” in addition to a public health emergency. Fleming acknowledged that in order to fight so-called “misinformation” about the pandemic, the UN tapped up 110,000 people to amplify their messaging across social media.

“So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels,” Fleming stated. That was nearly 2 years ago. It is not known how many ‘digital first responders’ have been recruited up to this point. Similar efforts to create astroturf campaigns to push a specific message are nothing new, but when entities such as oil companies engage in it, they are lambasted for rigging the discussion. However, when globalist technocrats at the UN or the WEF do it, apparently it’s fine.

Last year, it was revealed that the British government used “propagandistic” fear tactics to scare the public into mass compliance during the first COVID lockdown, according to a behavioral scientist who worked inside Downing Street. Scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government admitted using what they later conceded to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behavior during the pandemic.

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Epic from The Ethical Skeptic. “The following work is the result of thousands of hours of dynamic data tracking and research..”

Houston, We Have a Problem – Part 1 of 3 (Ethical Skeptic)

Seven of the major eleven International Classification of Diseases codes tracked by the US National Center for Health Statistics exhibit stark increase trends beginning in the first week of April 2021 – featuring exceptional growth more robust than during even the Covid-19 pandemic time frame. This date of inception is no coincidence, in that it also happens to coincide with a key inflection point regarding a specific body-system intervention in most of the US population. These seven pronounced increases in mortality alarmingly persist even now.

The following work is the result of thousands of hours of dynamic data tracking and research on the part of its author. The reader should anticipate herein, a journey which will take them through the methods and metrics which serve to identify this problem, along with a deductive assessment of the candidate causal mechanisms behind it. Alternatives as to cause which include one mechanism in particular, that is embargoed from being allowed as an explanation, nor even mere mention in some forums. At the end of this process, we will be left with one inescapable conclusion. One which threatens the very fabric and future of health policy in the US for decades to come.

On March 21st 2021, a longtime mentor, friend, and business partner of mine, an otherwise healthy 68 year old male, unexpectedly suffered an autoimmune cascade which ended up shutting down his pancreas, liver, kidneys, and finally heart. He had just received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on that Thursday prior. Carl quickly descended into a coma, and then died on March 26th.1

On May 29th 2021, a rather odd signal began to develop in my regular Covid-19 tracking models. The change which alerted me resided inside the magnitude of the ‘Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R99)’ ICD death code group. About this time and as a result of this observation, I began to track R00-R99 deaths, along with eleven other ICD-10 death codes, non-natural cause deaths (suicide, overdose, assault, etc.), and finally a statistic called ‘Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Deaths’. As the reader reviews the calculated trends featured inside each of these death categorizations, they should note that this was indeed both a prescient and sound decision.

On December 1st of 2021, attending a business meeting at client’s medical complex, passing through the facility I took notice that their large oncology department waiting room was slammed full with patients. This queue of persons awaiting their oncology appointments spilled out into the hallway and finally on into the building atrium.2 While tempted at first blush to pass this off as a result of patients and their physicians ‘catching up on deferred screenings’ and/or ‘Covid-limited office days/hours effect’, my prior observational lessons suggested that I hold-off on such a knee-jerk inference, at least until the CDC – National Center for Health Statistics data (three bullet point sources below) proved out over the coming months. This as well, proved to be a wise decision.

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Is there even one country today with a Vit. D program? This article, too, does not define a satisfactory level. Why is it so hard?

Insufficient Vitamin D Linked To Fourfold Increase In Covid-19 Mortality (IT)

Covid-19 patients with low vitamin D levels are more likely to suffer severe disease and death, according to a study by Irish scientists. Unvaccinated Caucasian adults with low vitamin D have higher mortality due to Sars CoV-2 pneumonia, according to the small-scale study by researchers at Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown and Technological University Dublin. This is not explained by confounders such as age or obesity and is not closely linked to inflammation, they say. Having an insufficient level of vitamin D was associated with a greater than fourfold increased mortality risk, according to the study, published in the journal Nutrients.

The study looked at the outcomes of 232 unvaccinated patients at Connolly hospital, all of whom had Covid-19 and required supplemental oxygen. Patients on steroid treatment were not recruited for the study in order, the authors say, to eliminate the effect their use might have on measures of both vitamin D and inflammation. The mortality rate among patients aged under 70 and who had “insufficient” vitamin D levels (less than 30 nanomoles per litre) was 11.8 per cent, compared to 2.2 per cent who had higher vitamin levels (greater than 30 nanomoles per litre). Among over-70s, the mortality rate for those with insufficient vitamin D levels was 55 per cent, compared to 25 per cent for those with high vitamin D levels.

“Unvaccinated Caucasian adults with a low vitamin D state have higher mortality due to Sars CoV-2 pneumonia, which is not explained by confounders and is not closely linked with elevated serum CRP (C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation),” the authors state. The authors say their data adds to a growing body of literature that appears to support a causal link between low vitamin D status and Covid-19 disease severity and death. Although the research was conducted only on unvaccinated patients, they say vitamin D supplementation may play a vital role in protecting both unvaccinated patients and patients in whom the effect of vaccination wanes. Vitamin D is available from sunlight and in foods such as fish, eggs and fortified cereals. About half the Irish population is deficient in the vitamin.

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As NATO tries to get Zelensky in.

China Backs African Union Bid To Join The Group of 20 (SCMP)

Beijing will support the African Union in its decades-long quest to join the G20, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday, as China vies with other powers for influence on the continent. South Africa is the only representative of the continent in the Group of 20 despite the African Union pushing for inclusion since its creation in 1999. Indonesian President Joko Widodo said last month he would invite the African bloc, representing 55 countries and 1.4 billion people, to the G20 summit in Bali in November to help the continent’s bid. The G20 comprises 19 countries and the European Union. European Council president Charles Michel also voiced his support last month for the AU’s bid for the G20.

Wang’s pledge also came as Widodo told Bloomberg on Thursday that Chinese President Xi Jinping planned to attend the Bali summit in person, along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Xi could meet US President Joe Biden, who is also expected to attend the gathering. If so, it would be the first in-person meeting for the two leaders since Biden took office last year. Beijing and Washington are at odds on everything from Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While the Biden administration has moved to expand its global alliances to counter China’s rise, Beijing has responded by focusing on shoring up ties with developing countries in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. A seat for the African Union at G20 is believed to be in Beijing’s interests in rallying support to counterbalance the US-led West.

Speaking at a virtual meeting with his African counterparts, Wang hailed African support for Beijing’s “one-China principle” and described their ties as “a pillar force” in defending the rights and interests of developing countries. “In the face of the various forms of hegemonic and bullying practices, China and Africa have stood with each other shoulder to shoulder,” he said. In a veiled swipe at US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Africa early this month, he also tried to present Beijing as an alternative to Washington and defend his country’s expanding presence there. “What Africa wishes for is a favourable and amicable cooperation environment, not the zero-sum cold war mentality. What Africa would welcome is mutually beneficial cooperation for the greater well-being of the people, not major-country rivalry for geopolitical gains,” he said.

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As the west disintegrates, east and south unite.

Chinese Ambassador Outlines BRICS Vision (RT)

Russia and China remain key pillars of BRICS, an international alliance also comprising India, Brazil and South Africa, the Chinese ambassador to Moscow wrote in a guest opinion piece for Russia’s TASS news agency, published on Saturday. The two nations are the major “drivers” behind the development of the group, which is gradually becoming a leading force in the international arena, Zhang Hanhui, added. The BRICS countries account for 42% of the world’s population and 25% of the global economy, Zhang said, adding that they account for roughly half of global economic growth, meaning that “the value of cooperation within BRICS is constantly rising.”

The group of emerging economies is increasingly attracting the attention of other nations, the envoy said, noting that representatives of 50 countries took part in various BRICS+ events in the first half of this year alone. He also welcomed the development of the BRICS+ format, which allows other countries to join the group’s permanent members in certain discussions. Three such events this year were attended by the leaders of 13 non-BRICS states, Zhang said. International challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine conflict and rising tensions between major world powers, demand that Moscow and Beijing “strengthen their strategic cooperation,” the ambassador said, adding that BRICS should also “support efforts opposing hegemony and contribute to the establishment of real multilateralism” in international relations.

The ambassador pointed out that since the start of 2022, the BRICS nations have agreed on several initiatives in the field of economic digitalization and technology sharing. Beijing, which heads the group this year, has put forward a number of initiatives that would further enhance cooperation between members in the fields of innovation, he added. The Covid-19 pandemic also demonstrated the need for closer cooperation in medical research, the ambassador said, pointing to the need for sharing healthcare products with developing nations to help them overcome the pandemic. Zhang noted that in March, the BRICS countries launched a joint vaccine development center, offering joint research and development platforms to developing nations.

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Hey, Khan! Talk to Putin!

Millions Could Be Left Without Heat And Food In Winter, London Mayor Warns (RT)

Millions of people in the UK could find themselves unable to put food on the table and heat their homes this coming winter if the government doesn’t intervene, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Saturday. “We’ve seen nothing like this before,” Khan wrote on Twitter, referring to soaring energy prices and record inflation of more than 10%. “We’re facing a winter where for millions it won’t be about choosing between heating or eating but tragically being able to afford neither,” he warned. “This can’t happen,” the mayor insisted, adding that the British government “needs to step in so that people can meet their basic needs.”

He accompanied the post with a data from the Auxilione energy consultancy, predicting that energy bills in the UK could increase by 80% in October, exceeding £3,600 ($4,292) per year on average. For comparison, the cap set by energy industry regulator, Ofgem, in October 2021 stood at £1,400 per year. Khan also spoke on the same issue on Friday while visiting a warehouse that distributes supplies to food banks in one of London’s boroughs. He gave assurances that his administration is“committed” to providing support for struggling Londoners, but called on the government to work harder, as there is “no sign of this rise in costs slowing down”.

“Ministers must act now to help prevent this cost of living crisis becoming a national disaster,” the mayor said. Economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe have been further exacerbated by Western sanctions imposed on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent decrease in Russian natural gas supplies to the EU.

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“Europe really needs to act as a negotiator between NATO, Russia and Ukraine, and include China in the discussions..”

Just How Bad Could Things Get This Winter? (RT)

Natural gas prices across Europe have quadrupled this year. Looking ahead to winter and imagining the new heights energy values may hit, consumers are starting to opt for an alternative (old) form of heating – wood. Huge demand for combustibles, as well as for wood stoves, has been detected in several Western states. In Germany, where almost a half of homes are heated with gas, people are turning to a more guaranteed energy source. Firewood sellers tell local media that they are barely coping with the demand. The country is also witnessing a rise in cases of wood theft. Next door, in the Netherlands, business owners note that their clients are buying wood earlier than ever. In Belgium, wood producers are struggling with demand, while prices are going up – as they are across the region.

In Denmark, one local stove manufacturer told the media that, while demand for his product was on the rise since the start of the Covid pandemic, this year’s profit is forecast to reach over 16 million kroner (€2 million), compared with 2.4 million in 2019. A huge increase. Even Hungary, a country that didn’t support the EU’s decision to phase out Russian fossil fuels and agreed a new gas purchase with Moscow this summer, is making preparations for a tough winter. The country has announced a ban on the export of firewood and relaxed some restrictions on logging. The World Wildlife Fund Hungary has expressed its concern on the matter, declaring: “There has been no precedent for such a decision in our country for decades.” In fact, the conflict in Ukraine is not the only reason for the energy crisis. The increase in prices had already been observed in 2021.

“It was the effect of supply chain interruptions due to COVID, a very cold winter, very hot summer and China’s energy crisis, that led to [the] buying [of] huge amounts of LNG around the world,” says Professor Phoebe Koundouri, Director of the Research laboratory on Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability at Athens University of Economics and Business, and President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. When the conflict in Ukraine came about, the sanctions against Russia – followed by Moscow’s response to the restrictions – sent prices through roof. “Europe really needs to act as a negotiator between NATO, Russia and Ukraine, and include China in the discussions, in order to find a solution that is meaningful for the millions of people that are being affected by this geopolitical crisis,” Prof. Koundourisays.

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“It is conceivable that the population would rebel or that there would be looting..”

Swiss Revolt Warning Issued (RT)

Swiss people may revolt and resort to looting if the Alpine nation is hit by a severe energy crunch this winter, the police chief of one of its cantons told local media on Saturday. Fredy Fassler, the head of the Security and Justice Department in the canton of St. Gallen, told German-language daily Blick that a blackout would have “far-reaching consequences.” “Imagine, you can no longer withdraw money at the ATM, you can no longer pay with the card in the store or refuel your tank at the gas station. Heating stops working. It’s cold. Streets go dark. It is conceivable that the population would rebel or that there would be looting,” he said, adding that the country’s authorities should take measures to prepare for such extreme scenarios. According to Fassler, while he does not think such a disaster is likely, police have prepared for such an eventuality.

Exercises that were conducted in 2014 to prepare for a blackout scenario revealed major shortcomings, including lack of emergency generators for police, hospitals and other critical infrastructure and services, he said. “These shortcomings have been addressed in recent years, so the security forces are ready,” the police chief added, noting that his agency is even prepared to provide the Swiss with cash if they are unable to use cards in stores, given that relevant agreements with banks have been signed. Fassler’s comments come after Swiss authorities said last week that they may place restrictions on energy consumption this coming winter, signaling that “power shortages [are] among the most serious risks” for the landlocked country. Earlier, Werner Luginbuhl, the head of Switzerland’s electricity regulator ElCom, complained that electricity was being used “completely thoughtlessly,” and urged citizens to stock up on candles and firewood due to possible power outages in the country this winter.

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“..I think going through your regulatory process will actually hurt the quality of my food and that’s what I’m being paid top dollar for, it is this high quality food.”

Amish Farmer Fighting US Government For Right To Sell His All-natural Food (RN)

Miller’s Organic Farm is located in the remote Amish village of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. The farm supplies everything from grass-fed beef and cheese, to raw milk and organic eggs, to dairy from grass-fed water buffalo and all types of produce, all to roughly 4,000 private food club members who pay top dollar for high quality whole food. The private food club members appreciate their freedom to get food from an independent farmer that isn’t processing his meat and dairy at U.S. Department of Agriculture facilities, which mandates that food be prepared in ways that Miller’s Organic Farm believe make it less nutritious. Amos Miller, the farm’s owner, contends that he’s preparing food the way God intended — but the U.S. government doesn’t see things that way. They recently sent armed federal agents to the farm and demanded he cease operations. The government is also looking to issue more than $300,000 in fines — a request so steep, it would put the farm out of business.

“There’s this farmer named Amos Miller and he’s been farming for 25 years. No electricity, no fertilizer, no gasoline. He has really, really impressive crop yields using only the only the oldest of methods, totally organic. He has milk, he has beef, he has different types of sheep. He has chicken, all types of vegetables. And he has a private buyers club of about 4,000 people all across the country that pay him top dollar for his food. And the government doesn’t like this idea of a private buyers club. They have raided his farm with armed federal agents and they have said he needs to stop selling his meat until he gets regulated by the federal agencies whose job it is to, you know, regulate food.

And he says, “you know, the way you guys regulate it, it kind of hurts the nutrition of the food — you know, you wash it in these things, you’ve given these vaccines and the cows get all types of medicine, I don’t do any of that. So I think going through your regulatory process will actually hurt the quality of my food and that’s what I’m being paid top dollar for, it is this high quality food.” So they are fining him hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’ve actually sent armed federal agents there to take inventory of his meat, of his dairy, and they visit him to make sure that he’s not selling anything and that he’s not ramping up his production in any way. So that’s where he is now. He’s figuring out how to fight the federal government, what he’s going to do. And you know, he’s been put in this really tight spot along with the people who, you know, look to him for this food. They’re not getting their meat and dairy right now because of the government.

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“No farms, no food.”

Dutch Farmers Confront Billionaire ‘Green’ Elite’s Food System Reset Plan (GZ)

Dutch farmers’ protests offer a preview of the resistance to come as transnational “green” billionaires advance a “reset” of the global food system. The elite agenda threatens to deepen an international cost of living crisis and spark unrest well beyond The Netherlands. Ingrid de Sain is a Dutch farmer who lives in the Northern Holland town of Schellinkhout, where she and her family tend to a 62 acre farm with about 100 dairy cows. Like thousands of fellow citizens in her industry, she now finds herself locked in an existential conflict with her government. “Farming is in your heart,” de Sain told The Grayzone. “And you don’t want to do something else. You’re a farmer or you’re not.” She says she will oppose any efforts requiring her to give up a farm that guarantees prosperity for future generations of her family.

The Dutch government announced plans to slash nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions in June 2022, enforcing an ambitious agenda in the name of protecting the climate. The imposed reductions could spell devastating consequences for the country’s farming industry and add enormous stress to already chaotic global food supply chains. Today, the Netherlands is Europe’s top exporter of meat and the second largest agricultural exporter overall in the world, right behind the US. The tiny nation’s agricultural success is the product of its traditional dependence on generously sized farms that use nitrogen-rich fertilizer to produce heavy yields. Such methods were encouraged by Brussels through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which prioritized the growth of cattle lots, incentivized the use of chemical fertilizers, and pushed many smaller family farmers out of operation.

In 2019, a Dutch court order declared in 2019 that nitrogen-compound fertilizer was a top threat to the climate and biodiversity, and mandated a 70-80% decrease in its use. If implemented in the country, the proposed reductions could destroy a full third of its farming output and eliminate somewhere between 30 and 50% of Dutch livestock. The stage was set for open conflict. Once the pro-EU coalition government of Dutch PM Mark Rutte took steps to implement the restrictions in June 2022, local farmers responded immediately with ferocious mass protests that have blocked roads, airports, and grocery distribution centers. Since the outbreak of demonstrations, supermarkets shelves have gone empty as the farmers’ cry of “No farms, no food” reverberates nationwide.

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    Giambologna Colossus of the Apennines 1579-80 (35ft tall)   • Car Blast Kills Daughter Of Russian Philosopher Dugin (RT) • Modern Empires Keep Ta
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    those darned kids

    the colossus comes to life!


    United Nations recruited over 100,000 “digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on COVID via social media.

    Finally found out who Deflationista was working for. The UN!

    Dr. D

    The snake bit her on both feet?

    I got locked out into WordPress purgatory for posting images. Let’s see if I can break it up.

    The reason I wouldn’t use it is because practically all ideas are “Mass formations” then. The word has no boundaries and just means “Idea” or “meme”. However, if that’s the way it originated then certainly it was appropriate to use that way.

    I’ve seen this elsewhere: people grow up Christian, get disillusioned, leave it, and then do very well while dumping on religion because they got all the benefits of religion, but having left it now have little maintenance costs for the drawbacks. In fact, all American culture is this way. However, if you had grown up lacking all moral code in complete moral relativism, as many do, you would not have internalized the code and would not be receiving the benefits. This is happening now in the general population whose parents (barely) were Christian or Churchgoers, but the children never were. They now have no code and no reason to adopt one.

    However, they, and the whole society, suffer immensely because of it. Including the few remaining moral people who are taken advantage of if they work or take responsibility, AND are likely belittled, mocked and ostracized as untouchables if they would dare go to Church instead of the strip club where good and reasonable, tolerant men and women go…obviously. IKYN. Quite sure if you said at school you spent all weekend at one or the other location, saying you were at “Church” would be the one to cut off your friends, get calls from Social Services, and sink the ship of courtesy forever. Strip Club? You’re super coool!

    I’m sure you can tell I’m not much of a churchgoer, but this behavior is bizarre, and clearly detrimental. To everyone.

    Now do you have to have a “Church” and believe in “God”? Not really the former, although it helps, but what does the latter mean? Would someone like to “Define” God and name the unnameable Tao? Do Buddhists define “God”? It means as above, people “Discover” the moral laws, which pre-exist and post-exist themselves. Which means the morality comes from a single location, outside of themselves, and is eternal, although we have a very hard time defining and executing it accurately. That’s God enough and any personal spiritual connection will do, but because it is real, exists outside of you, and is easily contacted, they tend to be the same worldwide. It’s easy to know them by their fruits.

    Presently our fruits are rotten, if not deadly poison.

    “EXPOSED: LabCorp sued for faking paternity tests”

    Just like everything else in the Western world: totally fake, a fraud, a vicious attack, and also costs money, in this case, perhaps a life sentence for legal slavery. Approve!!!

    Or almost as bad as the FBI and the FBI lab that was doing the same thing, sending people to prison for fake, fraudulent, fabricated tests. Who do you WANT to be the Daddy? Taylor Swift? Done. There’s no such thing as gender, why not? Are you a bigot or something?

    Trust the Science! Trust the Experts!

    Worse? I’ve read this story before and nothing happened. To the FBI or to the Fake Paternity. So here we go again.

    I see the excess deaths from the lockdown effect appearing in the news now. What lockdown? But clearly this is front-running the 40% increase in all-cause mortality, making it the result of lockdowns we haven’t had for 6-9 months, instead of the something else that it obviously is.

    Gross, but as I can see now, nobody wants the truth, everybody loves the lies, it’s going to work fantastic if there is but a pinch of pixie dust at the root to build the world out of. So, “lockdowns obviously kill people” – but only with a 12 month delay – here we come. Is that really any crazier than that 10 year olds drop dead at baseball games from fluffing sheets? Oh wait, there’s “I never told anyone to lock down! What are you talking about???” – Antony “I AM the Science!” Fauci. That’s crazier, I guess. Remember: the point of dissolving logic and reason is POWER. If there is no logic, the only reference point is who will beat me more? They become the Truth, and the god.

    “Europe really needs to act as a negotiator between NATO, Russia and Ukraine, and include China in the discussions..”

    This is quite insane. No, “Europe” signed an express treaty to do this already, then double-crossed both Russia and Ukraine, inflamed the war, and got 14,000 (more) people killed. Since they were the ones CAUSING mass-murder and genocide, I hardly think they are the dispassionate negotiator. Europe WANTS to be. They make their money “being Europe”, dressing in a fine suit, talking calmly and quietly, and therefore getting billions in unearned money of interest rates, while far better men in Africa are locked out with high rates and low trust because they are “not European.” Because “Everybody knows”.

    Not Agreement Capable. It wouldn’t matter what you negotiated, or why, or with whom, they are incapable of keeping their word, as is anyone America, Canada, Australia, or in the present Ukraine. Don’t talk to them, don’t refer to them, don’t negotiate with them, because you’re just wasting your time in the manure pit and will get smeared. I wonder how Russia will respond to the open assassination of their leaders. Good? You think? Or bad?

    Just How Bad Could Things Get this Winter? (RT)”

    Well prices are certain to double here in America, and already have. I like how they only care about prices in London, although that is clearly the least bad by 50%, and also have the most money to cope with it. What? There are OTHER places in England? Welp, I guess you die, West Midlands. Welcome to British history where London murders everyone they can find, every day, to save themselves. That Irish food ain’t gonna import itself this ’47.

    Looking at the article, clearly there is not enough firewood to do this for more than a few months, which is why conservation is so important. If the mass of European homes were passive solar, the demand could be met with mere stove kindling. But after discovering and refining that science, we spent 40 years building every house and building to NOT conserve. And the structure to NOT have security, a courtyard, fruit trees, and so on.

    this year’s profit is forecast to reach over 16 million kroner (€2 million)”

    This shows how microscopically tiny this sector is. €2 million wouldn’t buy a house.

    Dr. D

    “the sanctions against Russia – followed by Moscow’s response to the restrictions – sent prices through roof.”

    What response? The continued flow of gas and oil to a people who just brazenly stole $300B from them? It’s 99% the first part: YOUR sanctions against Russia. And by which Russia is wealthier and more powerful than ever, which is the practical transfer of all European Wealth directly to Russia and the BRICs.

    Yes, if you take all the Euro currency on the continent, put it in a big pile, then light it on fire like the Joker, you WILL have a problem of being too poor to buy gas. Who knew?

    “It’s about sending a MESSAGE.” – The Joker.

    Dr. D
    Dr. D


    I’d like to say “That’s not a problem except they did it to food” but it IS a problem, and they just DOUBLED the war on humanity by opening an equal-sized front and artillery-shelling of your food AS WELL AS your fuel. …And all this after attacking and killing your medicine. Everyone sits around and pays their Netflix bill, not their heating bill. Sales of Versace are brisk.

    “It is conceivable that the population would rebel or that there would be looting,”

    Yes, but the POINT is for there to be looting. Plebs looting plebs. That’s the point of the whole right-wing radio, left-wing social media setup since the 90s. I don’t think their palatial estates will survive either though. Let me ask you: who’s your bodyguard? How’s HIS extended family?

    “They have raided his farm with armed federal agents and they have said he needs to stop selling his meat until he gets regulated by the federal agencies whose job it is to,” …Drive all competition out of business to increase profits for monopoly Tyson. Who recalls their deadly meat-packing 5x a year. That’s what the Federal Government and “Regulations” exist for. That’s their sole purpose.

    Is that too extreme? How is American health doing since they started #Helping? Better? Or far worse? How’s the income distribution and food resiliency? How’s its dependence on foreign oil?

    Again, the corporate structure is something GOVERNMENT set up. It’s been the rule and understand for years. The MEMBERS own the food because they are co-owners. It’s THEIR food, not Miller’s. So there is no processing and sale. Sell what you already own to yourself?? But without any act of legislature, no act of courts, they just decided one fine morning, “Oh the law is not the law anymore. We decided it isn’t and are arresting you.”

    “Do you think the Legislature will ever catch up and review it or pass a law?”

    “Actually, I could care less. The People and the Legislatures don’t run things. –I– Do. I AM THE LAW.” Same way Fauci is “The Science.” That is, by “Making s–t up” and just saying it.

    “The Dutch government announced plans” without asking anyone or checking anything. “Well, those condos ain’t gonna build themselves! My brother’s half a billion dollars into stealing this land! If it doesn’t go thorough he will be a slightly-smaller-hundred millionaire! Well I say, good sir!”

    Demographic Disaster. First they’re mad and the world is ending for too many people. Next they’re mad and the world is ending for too few people. Can’t please some people. The world is always ending so “Give money to me.”


    You’re shutting off my food AND my heat? Shut up and take my money! You have my full support!

    And what is it? 2-3 Million people a year are entering America now, 2 million of them illegally, in order to keep the pop rates up? I would have to say that’s inaccurate reporting on the chart then. It has different implications, as without a border there will be no “America”. Exactly as planned. However, they may find themselves surprised America isn’t like that.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D:
    Why don’t you just get your own blog? Instead of cloging Ilargi’s Debt Rattle with your screed????


    Lockdowns are to blame? I guess nothing is sacred in an ABV(Anything But Vaccines) world.

    Re; Dugin murder. Is the WEF/Davos/NeoCons so desperate they’re doing assassinations next? The elites taking pot shots at each other.

    If I was the Russians – fortunately there are more qualified people there to deal with this – my goal would be to deter further attempted assassinations. Patient and obscure won’t work. I’d select 3 targets: Davos, London & Washington.


    Now now, sir. I happen to enjoy reading both (3?) Doctors comments! Long or short, Fiskie, or just brief comments on todays artwork, this is a nice place to spend a few minutes each day.

    Dr. D makes good points, and seems to see what Crazy Uncle Ted put forth (also a Dr.-at 26 years of age, I believe) some years ago. The system needs only individuals- not families or groups of like minded people. The only way that works for the system is if the individual needs the system. Do away with regular religion, do away with family and family values. Isolate people. Lock them down. Give them all smart phones so they now longer communicate with others in a face to face setting and bingo. Individuals only.

    Enjoy what remains of this weekend!


    V.Arnold I think you don’t quite understand it is Dr. D’s blog too. Unless you want Raul to close comments. Hell I’m only here for Dr D.
    He leaves – I’m going with him. (false threat) He’s like my favourite mind within the illusion of time and space.

    It’s not clogging if it regularly is one post. Which is understood to be of a certain length, today technicalities caught him out so the image-athon drew it out.
    The analysis, the humour the off the cuff pedantry the pathos. What more could you want? Hell I’m thinking of simply copying and pasting each days rant onto a substack just so others don’t miss out.
    Anyway – I like that you express how you feel but I would be less inclined to linger if not for the depth of human understanding this dude doth posses.

    BTW what happened to UpstateNYer? – I really liked her vibe


    On morals. Morals are simply an expression within the illusion of love. Of themselves they are nothing. If God is real then he needs no defence and nothing is outside of Him as all is one.

    Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists
    Herein lies the Peace Of God.

    We simply play act as children believing ourselves to be seperate from infinite source. Bodies are the embodiment of the mad idea of separation and an individual self.

    The best I can do is not take the world too seriously but seriously attempt to see my own blocks to love’s presence – which is usually made painfully obvious by where my morals are – but not based on morality at all.

    In essence learning there is no me but only All.
    It is a long journey and anyone who tells you the spiritual journey is easy or fast is selling you something. The journey ends literally with the entire undoing of the physical universe and all of our facts and opinions and selves.
    But we all gunna die anyway so why not try to find a way to love by seeing to our first order of business – what is NOT loving within our perceptions


    I anticipate real estate reform debate in political circles beginning with the mid-term sound-bite frenzies. A reformatory shitshow like Obamacare ten years ago.


    Farmers in the Netherlands are giving the government another chance to see if they will change their mind – otherwise known as cowardice – while their government, as part of NATO, has just murdered Putin’s mate’s daughter in an aparent hit on one of Putin’s mates, making this personal.

    Good for NATO, I am relieved to see this as it means that at least some of humanity has worked out the value of violence. Unfortunately they are not my team, but it gives us hope that humanity will survive, even if farmers go the way of the dinosaurs.


    “Dr. D:
    Why don’t you just get your own blog? Instead of cloging Ilargi’s Debt Rattle with your screed????”

    Where I come from, real men tell real men to plainly shut up when that’s what they mean, not hide behind some guy’s blog. This is Raul’s blog, best I can tell, not V. Arnold’s, and he can shut up on his blog whomever he wants. If you want to shup people up, gop start your own blog. Have a domain name on me: Damkidzoffamylawn!!

    Most people here have better things to do than go around telling people to shut up. But if that’s the best you can do….


    Since our world is full of self-serving hypocrites, Dr. D is our very own giant hypocrite killer!

    P.S. I think someone just got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It happens from time to time with us older folks!


    The German Government is preparing for a Military Regime for all eventualities. German leaders fear uprisings and they are arming the Bundeswehr for domestic operations. Germany has Europe’s largest Urban Warfare Training Center in „Schnöggersburg“ in Saxony-Anhalt, near Hamburg. It has been under construction since 2012 and was finished – training-ready – by 2020.

    Today, the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) along with NATO forces are training for upheavals this fall – in Germany and likely in other major European cities.

    It is clear that UN Agenda 2030, alias The Great Reset, with all its tyrannical, anti-societal measures to come, was in the plans for many years. In fact, with the 2010 Rockefeller report – see this — the plan for the decade of 2020-2030 was pretty much defined – see the chapters “The Scenario Framework” and the “Scenario Narratives”.

    For those who pay attention to the WEF Cult’s warning of what was to come, their agenda was defined and explained way ahead. For more Cult “warnings”, see this.

    In preparation of the planned Fall 2022 Epidemics Tyranny, the German government’s Corona Crisis Staff, for example, has already been under military leadership, most recently under Major General Carsten Breuer. He heads the Bundeswehr’s “Territorial Tasks” command in Berlin. Only recently, he boasted about measures and vaccination mandates to the Spiegel with these words:

    “We will have to vaccinate up to 60 million people against Corona in the fall.”

    This could be sheer bluff, or fearmongering – or it could be the truth. Or at least the plan based on what the German Government foresees. And this always in close collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and those who command the WEF, the world’s financial giants, what they have in mind for the next steps, to reduce global population and exert their control over the survivors.


    LOL “wrong side of the bed”. I should have stayed in the wrong side of the bed!


    THE documents were first
    leaked in a cyber attack on the
    European Medicines Agency
    website. More than 40 megabytes
    of classified information from the
    agency’s review were published
    on the dark web, and several
    journalists including those at the
    British Medical Journal were
    sent copies of the leak.
    In the U.S., the Food and Drug
    Administration had previously agreed
    to withhold the documents and their
    jaw-dropping revelations from the
    public for 75 years, until Texas
    District Judge Mark Pittman ordered
    their release within eight months,
    stating it was ‘of paramount public
    Most alarmingly of all, the
    documents show that in the trials
    there were at least 1,223 deaths
    reported in the first 28 days after
    The NHS, media and the
    government continually state that
    the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’
    while those that report vaccinerelated injuries via the Yellow Card
    scheme are often accused of making
    false correlations or imagining
    their symptoms.
    However, the Pfizer documents
    paint a very different picture,
    listing thousands of side effects that
    occurred at an alarming rate, which
    were as a direct result of taking the
    experimental genetic injection.
    According to their report, Pfizer
    hired 600 extra staff to handle the
    sheer number of adverse reactions
    from its covid-19 shot, and said it had
    planned to hire 1,800 in total.
    Serious side effects included, but
    were not limited to: auto-immune
    disorders; blindness; diabetes; herpes;
    heart problems such as myocarditis;
    thyroid disorders; neurological
    conditions such as multiple sclerosis;
    seizures; epilepsy; narcolepsy and
    Guillain-Barré Syndrome.
    Non-fatal conditions such as
    eczema, blisters, asthma, fertility
    problems, inflammatory bowel
    disease, deafness and even tongue
    biting are also listed among the side
    effects by Pfizer.
    While it has been approved for use
    in pregnant women, it is also known
    to cause pregnancy complications,
    including many spontaneous
    abortions. One of the many issues it
    causes is anaphylactoid syndrome of
    pregnancy or ASP for short.
    ASP is a fatal disease for mothers
    and is among the leading causes
    of maternal mortality. Symptoms
    include severe bleeding, confusion,
    shortness of breath and anxiety. There
    is therefore a high risk for pregnant
    women taking the covid ‘vaccine’.
    The Pfizer document also lists
    various blood disorders, Crohn’s
    disease and liver failure as side
    effects. Blood clotting was another
    issue reported from the trials.
    One of the most telling side effects
    listed is… covid-19. Proponents
    often argue that despite the possible
    side effects associated with some of
    the covid shots, they at least prevent
    people from dying from covid-19.
    The problem is that the ‘vaccine’
    actually causes people to develop the
    disease, and so it is contributing to
    the number of cases, listing covid-19-
    associated pneumonia as a side effect.
    Some may argue that these
    problems are only associated with
    the Pfizer shot, but death and serious
    injuries have been present and
    publicly acknowledged with all of the
    manufacturers’ injections.
    Research developed by Edinburgh
    University showed that almost 350
    Britons have been struck down with a
    rare clotting disorder after getting the
    AstraZeneca vaccine.
    These blood clots cause minor
    bruising around the body and can
    leave some with a purple-dotted rash.
    The Moderna vaccine has been
    associated with heart problems such
    as myocarditis and pericarditis.
    Their list of adverse reactions also
    includes inflammation, fainting and
    breathing difficulties.
    Data from the UK Health
    Security Agency (UKHSA) in the
    table on page 2 has also revealed
    that both covid-19 deaths and cases
    were worse in vaccinated people,
    particularly those over the age of 18.
    The official data is clear: the chances
    of developing covid-19 increases
    significantly following subsequent
    ‘booster’ jabs.
    This is broadly in line with the
    information contained in the Pfizer
    document, which states that the
    shots cause covid-19 and respiratory
    Coupled with the fact that ONS
    data recently revealed that covid
    deaths were much lower than
    previously thought, the risks of
    taking the vaccine seem to greatly
    outweigh the risks of not doing so.
    For sources please see page 2


    Been working on the Doomstead nonstop, there’s a hard rain that’s going to fall.

    Ran into an old acquaintance who was a long time ‘Alex Jones One World Globalist’ kinda guy.

    I said, ”A lot of people of people should be eating crow now about the globalists agenda being right on, now that Putin actually articulated it and said it out loud for all the world to hear.”

    He said, “They should be eating shit.”

    I said, “Amen brother”

    He said,” You wanna save the planet from fossil fuels? Soak Victoria Nuland and her maggot husband in gasoline and light them on fire.”

    I said, “ To what effect?”

    He said, “The globalist have the biggest carbon foot print by far and that that gasoline would be the last fossil fuel they ever consumed.”

    I said,” Consumed them.”

    He said,” I stand corrected.”

    He smiled.


    Figmund Sreud

    phoenixvoice posted:

    Matthias Desmet very specifically does not call the Covid madness “mass formation psychosis” — the studied scholar calls the phenomenon “mass formation” and applies the term to negatively, neutrally, and positively charged events.

    I believe it was Dr. Robert Malone who appended “psychosis” to the term. (…) It sticks because, by itself, the term “mass formation” is not descriptive enough for lay people to grasp what is being described.

    Yes. “Mass formation” is a standard term in psych. ‘science’, and it was Malone who added “psychosis,” imho, to make it clear to the US public that that the beliefs / actions that spring from them / whatever / are aberrant, deviant. (In the one particular case.)

    To broaden the scope: Human groups react to dangers thru communication and hyping ‘fear’, attention suddenly paid to, e.g. bombs in shoes (Reid the shoe bomber – remember all over the world plane travellers had to take off their shoes!), or in a local ex. that does not spread, an mad man knifing a young woman tennis player on the court (she survived), the panic spread (tennis courts deserted, tennis coaches applying for unemployment, girls not wearing white skirts, etc.) about 150 Km round about.

    Fashion crazes are similar in a non-negative way. (Maybe.. )

    Advertisers and propagandists of all stripes have learnt how to exploit this ‘communicative’ characteristic, to great profit for many of them, as have Gvmts. (W.) Who now seem to be exploiting the fear card as the only one in the pack, which is a blatant sign of weakness and desperation – and perhaps mass formation! E.g. Caught in a bubble of group-think and financial dependence trashing about to promote renewables and restrictions on heating, etc. (Germany.)


    The African Union better be careful or find themselves roped into that WHO thing- a little intimidation up close and personal at the g20.


    @Dr. D You’re correct about people benefiting from Christianity and then turning their backs on it. A solid society is based on a solid foundation. In our case, that foundation is Plato, who said we live in dualistic world, one of both the abstract and concrete, the mind and body, stability and change. To maintain a stable foundation requires occasional maintenance, much like a house. Church fathers (the best of whom like Augustine were Platonists) crafted a complex myth system designed to preserve the lessons of Plato. Unfortunately, or inevitably, Plato was abandoned in the middle ages starting with Augustine and the nominalists, leading to the Protestant break — and ultimately our modern world. I love my life but I find the modern world repellent, offering false promises and empty lives. The early church fathers of course were not literalists; they viewed Christianity as allegorical or figurative. I believe a return to Plato is necessary to preserve our culture.


    The moral code develops from a child’s interactions with the world, ESPECIALLY interactions with parents. So, so many times I’ve observed my children checking their developing moral codes with me, expressing an opinion aloud, and then looking to me or asking, “That’s right, mom?” (One son, in particular, age 16, says this frequently. His twin is more vehement, doing things or saying things and half-daring me to challenge him. If/When I disagree I levelly tell him so.). They are always checking to see how I view something. They have done this since they were old enough to speak (they did it earlier through behavior.)

    My ex was also raised in a devout Mormon home, but his moral code degenerated to something I don’t recognize as morality. He selected his current employment based on ease of hiding his income for the purpose of avoiding child support. (He told me this shortly after he got the job.) He chafes at all moral impositions that originate from outside himself. He expressed desires to become a CIA agent, licensed to kill. His general mode of operating is to tell others “what they want to hear” so that they behave in the way he prefers. (Which worked in 2014 with his psychiatrist, but backfired in 2019 to the psychologist performing the custody evaluation.)

    Yes, moral codes are very important. Organized religions play a part — but in our current world there is a lot more than religion filling that role in society. We have: youtube, Disney, TikTok, video games, social media, movies, professional sports, schools, etc. We can’t easily escape all of these influencing our children, so it is my view that home and family and parental behavior is the best place to teach and model morality.

    I sometimes worry about my children’s moral codes *because* they have lived with their father and his histrionic, Halloween-loving (forever a) fiancée half of the time for 5 years now. One Christmas my daughter was given a can of “unicorn meat” from that household — inside were plush unicorn pieces with red to show the “guts” where they had been cut apart. After the kids started spending significant time in that household I noticed that they became more prone to torture insects (this has fortunately died down.). One son’s use of profanity dramatically increased, and he became increasingly resistant to my directions — it took a couple of years for me to get a handle on the shifts in his behavior. Over there the children were given full, unsupervised access to rated R films starting at age 11 for the boys, and violent video games. (In my home movies are watched together, there are few rated r films, and when there are I am usually there to provide moral context.).

    Two of the children have largely discarded the violence-worship from their father’s home. The third has not. Last week, one son made a morbid comment aloud in history class about ripping the head off of a zebra which offended classmates and earned him a visit to the school’s social worker. That son has a poor grasp of social rules in general (he has several psych diagnoses)…and does not understand that what is viewed as “funny” in his father’s home is not welcome in other social circles.

    I counter the influence of their father with a weekly “family time” that involves me, the kids, my spouse, and my parents. Nearly every week I read a story from US history — this builds in them an understanding of “where they come from” and builds the mythos of this country. (The US was founded on lofty goals…the empire of the last century or so is a moral quagmire, so it helps to remember what the country can be, could be.). Currently, I am also reading creation myths from cultures around the world, and after that I’ll continue with acquainting them with biblical stories — they need familiarity so that they understand cultural references that they encounter.

    While I value much of the Judeochristan moral code, I also understand that organized religions have a nasty habit of perpetuating themselves whether or not their perpetuation truly benefits their adherents. Nietzse was not incorrect to say that religion is the opiate of the masses — although I’d counter that religion plays many roles, not just that one, and that in our current society that there are a multitude of institutions that serve as “opiates of the masses” and I’m not so sure that religion is even the largest or most predominant.


    Also…I did not turn my back on the morality of my upbringing, I rejected the organized religion that was supposedly at its core…subsequently realizing the religion was actually a window-dressing. What many don’t see is that the moral code didn’t come from the religion, it came from the parents and/or other strong, quasi-parental influences. Organized religion claims to be a moral bastion, but so often it is parasitical. At the same time, organized religion can be place for strong community bonds to flourish despite increasing human atomization amidst large concentrations of human population.

    John Day

    @RIM: Man, you read a lot of the same stuff I do.
    Good snag on the Ethical Skeptic post from yesterday!

    Morality, ethics, religion, atheism thread…
    Traditionally, the kind of Muslims who kill people consider Buddhists “atheists” and kill them for the lack of a personified God-entity.

    I remembere my early childhood unusually clearly. We moved a lot and I kept archiving memories, but maybe it’s just my set point. Both sides of my familywere very moreal, and it was Christian morality, but were not going to church much, nor taking us kids to it. Mom found The Church of Christ and we went to that 3 times per week, but it just added a philosophical layer to morality, and it raised a lot of questions, because sending those who never heard about Jesus to (slightly lesser) hell conflicted with family morality and with God-is-Love.

    Jenny and I tried hard to find a church to raise the kids in, but they all were too conflicted internally, so we did not. They turned out fine. One is an atheist, who is vegetarian on grounds of not doing harm, not killing.
    My Buddhist teacher says “Atheists can know the truth”. He should be careful where he travels, right?
    I “discovered” Buddhism late enough that it did not involve the kids directly, and there was no Sunday-school.
    I think we all have spirit-nature, “God”-nature, but maybe some people are just bodies without it. I am truly not certain about that. It’s enigmatic. Thinking of Victoria Nuland and Dick Cheney for instance.
    There are all other kinds of defects in human animals, and this one would have a population-control function, so a “utility”.

    Religions,as practiced, are a socialization of an essential human quality, for better and for worse, and for raising children with normsand stuff.
    That’s enough from me this Sunday morning… er, afternoon now.

    John Day

    PhoenixVoice and I were writing at the same time, but she’s faster,and beat me to the draw.
    Not very different thought, though…


    I was brought up in a ‘Christian’ nation (England), and was indoctrinated by the system into believing all sorts of bullshit. It took me until my late teens to escape from it. My father hated churches, and though it was never talked about in those days, I suspect that, as a child, he was abused in a church or by a church official, or both.

    For me, the fundamental flaws and inconsistencies of Christianity far outweigh its benefits.

    1. Christianity is a religion invented by the Romans, after a particular general, having lost many battles, won a battle, having supposedly Christian symbols painted on shields and banners.

    2. The Old Testament is primarily a catalogue of violence perpetrated by one tribe against another tribe, with various justifications for that violence. It also catalogues rules about violence perpetrated within the tribe, i.e. If a woman wears clothing of two different fabrics, she shall be stoned to death; if a son is disrespectful to his father, the father shall gather his neighbour’s and stone him to death; a man may beat his slave to death but may not beat another man’s slave to death without paying that man compensation.

    3. The accounts of supposed events in the New Testament vary immensely, depending on which author one reads.

    4. The Romans used their newly-contrived religion to reconquer Europe and extend their control beyond the original boundaries of the Roman military empire.

    5. The Romans usurped and relabeled traditional festival that had meaning; thus the winter solstice was relabeled Christmas and the spring equinox was relabeled Easter, though not necessarily celebrated at the equinox. The genuine ‘died on the cross and was resurrected -meaning the lowest point of the Sun’s apparent movement, corresponding with the constellation Crux- was shifted from the winter solstice to Easter.

    6. Once well established, they then used the Christian religion to get ruled kingdoms to establish armies and conquer much of the world, in order to loot it.

    5. Christian empires operated on the basis of slavery, theft, brutality and genocide for centuries -all of it condoned by Christian leaders.

    7. Christians promoted (and many still do) the notion that the Earth exists to be dominated by humans and exploited by humans.

    Thus, at this stage in our decline, we operate under a completely fucked-up calendar system in which the days of the week are designated according to the seven heavenly bodies visible to the naked eye that move, the number days in a month is entirely irregular and reflects the egos of Roman emperors, the manes of the months are idiotic -the ninth month is called the seventh, the tenth month is called the eighth etc. and the entire system commences on the wrong day!

    In the Northern Hemisphere New Year’s Day is actually December 22nd (the twelfth month but called the tenth) and in the Southern Hemisphere it is 22nd June.


    Apologies for the terrible numbering! Adding and rearranging but not checking carefully before hitting submit.


    A *grin* 😀 to afewknowthetruth. (A challenge to write those words without the spaces!)

    When in high school I took honors classes. I found that I enjoyed these classes — primarily because of formal and informal discussions that dealt with “meaty” issues — issues of philosophy and morality and politics and religion and ethics — that would pop-up with frequency among the students. (Not teacher-led.)

    A hat-tip to RIM — so much appreciation for a space for such discussion to occur, and the headlines & article excerpts are food for minds that are seeking knowledge and truth and understanding. It is invigorating to have intellectual discussion and respectful disagreement.

    In my book, you are all “honors students.”



    I was a very precocious little kid about religion. I had the ability to listen for long periods (for a seven year old) to sermons in church and was entertained by them to a point. Not as good as Disney or Gunsmoke, but still quite attentive, it was like a puzzle that needed solving.

    My big break with religion came the summer before I started 2nd grade. I was visiting my grandmother and had attended her church for a couple of summers, I loved the stain-glass windows.

    The Presbyterian minister came across to me as stern and ever so virtuous and unbending concerning ‘morals’. I was still sorting that out when one fine summer Sunday, he didn’t show up for church.

    No one knew where he was, including his wife and kids, who were in church with the rest of us, waiting for him to show up.

    We all eventually left church a bit puzzled assuming he had a health issue or was in some kind of accident. His family seems very embarrassed.

    Embarrassed doesn’t begin to cover it.

    A couple days later, it turns out the minister had run off with a half his age 30 something choir director for parts unknown.

    They apparently had been having a torrid affair for quite some time, many had suspected it but dare not speak.

    Boffing in the Balconey

    (A great name for a band by the way)

    His wife attempted suicide and his kids eventually went off the deep end getting into scrapes with the Law.

    It was a small town and was quite devastating, even a little kid like me could sense the damage that was done.

    I never trusted religion or religious people after that.

    You could say I over reacted but hey, I was only seven, and it struck a deep nerve in me that a figure of trust and faith could betray his family and community in such a big way, all for, as I heard my father say in hushed tones, “a piece of ass.” (I wasn’t sure how a donkey fit into it)

    The pious are pretentious
    , was and is my blinking neon sign of morality to this day.

    As far as morality in general and humanity in particular.

    None of us is as stupid as all of us.


    Clueless Honky

    Although I haven’t commented for quite a while, I still read TAE every day and am incredibly thankful for it. My gratitude is specifically to Raul for being willing to daily sort through the myriad madness in so much media and pull together here a few threads that together help the world make a lot more sense.

    But my gratitude certainly extends to the regular commentariat here, and in particular Dr. D. I do not understand his references or writing style 100% of the time. But that’s OK. I get the gist the great majority of the time, and appreciate his ability to reach through the usual political camps and see the blatant hypocrisy that rots us to the bone.


    One advantage to being a frequenter of the Comments section on a blog with regular followers is that you soon get familiar with the kinds of things most of them like to talk about. If you learn over time that one or more of them tend to comment on things you’re not interested in, or are too hard to read, or are of the TL;DR variety, you can just reach for that down-arrow key and skip right by–no need to engage. That is why I would never think of asking anyone to leave. After all, each of us can find value in different places.

    That being said, I must admit to wondering why Comments section frequenters who go on to extraordinary lengths don’t feel more compelled to start their own blogs.


    Financial indicators are flashing orange

    10YT back up to 2..97%


    The Colossus of the Apennines statue is amazing. Built in 1579 and 35′ tall. Just wow.

    Thanks for that, Ilargi.


    The murder of Darya Dugina by the Ukronazis opens the door to big time retaliation to the family members of Nazilensky, Biden and Eurotardistans ‘elite’.

    Yes, the family members of the collective west globalists.

    Anywhere, any time.

    I hope the Kagan Klan is at the top of the Russian list.



    That Nuland Kagan photo!

    Scary dudes.


    The real problem with the CDC, NIH etc corruption is that we now know that our local MD has – probably unwittingly – been trained in the use of corrupt medicine. They are implementing the cures, standards and policies of the medical establishment, an establishment that is totally corrupt. One example is the use of MDs to spread the opiod medicines that have made many drug dependents and others dead. How can you trust your MD if your MD cannot work out which CDC, NIH etc policies, medicines etc are good and which are designed to steal from you?


    Wang’s pledge also came as Widodo told Bloomberg on Thursday that Chinese President Xi Jinping planned to attend the Bali summit in person, along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Xi could meet US President Joe Biden, who is also expected to attend the gathering.

    One nuke on Bali and the western neo-cons’ problems are solved? Why would you rule out such an act? I suspect that some of these attendees may back out at the last moment.

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