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Everybody Wants To Hop On The BRICS Express (Escobar)
Russia’s Move Away From Dollar ‘Irreversible’ – Leading Banker (RT)
Erdogan: Turkiye Will Ensure Distribution Of Russian Gas To Europe (Az.)
Russian Gas Supplies To EU Almost Halved – Novatek CEO (RT)
Putin Explains Western Economic Model (RT)
China Will Support Russia In ‘Overcoming Difficulties’ – Wang (RT)
Russia Suggests Alternative To Suez Canal (RT)
NATO Set To Attack Tiraspol? (Sant)
Nuclear blackmail. Escalation scenarios – Konstantin Sivkov (Saker)
EU Approves Gasoline Car Ban In 2035 (RT)
World Is Moving Into Phase Of Confrontation – German President (Az.)
They Will Blame WWIII On Germany Too (Pattberg)
An Election, If You Can Hold It (Kunstler)
EU Commissioner To Elon Musk: Twitter Will Play By Our Rules (Pol.eu)
“The Gates of Hell Opened” As Musk Takes Over Twitter (Turley)
It Looks Like Credit Suisse Could Be Failing (NC)
If You Got the Covid Shot And Aren’t Injured, This May Be Why – Ryan Cole (BLN)



“The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, the world will tell you.”
~ Carl Jung





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Tucker warming







Here is a number of articles that paint the picture of how the world is changing. No coverage in the west whatsoever. I hope those of you who come here regularly do grasp -part of- that picture.

Everybody Wants To Hop On The BRICS Express (Escobar)

Iran made known its interest to join BRICS even before Saudi Arabia. According to Persian Gulf diplomatic sources, they are already engaged in a somewhat secret channel via Iraq trying to get their act together. Turkey will soon follow – certainly on BRICS and possibly the SCO, where Ankara currently carries the status of extremely interested observer. Now imagine this triad – Riyadh, Tehran, Ankara – closely joined with Russia, India, China (the actual core of the BRICS), and eventually in the SCO, where Iran is as yet the only West Asian nation to be inducted as a full member. The strategic blow to the Empire will go off the charts. The discussions leading to BRICS+ are focusing on the challenging path towards a commodity-backed global currency capable of bypassing US dollar primacy.

Several interconnected steps point towards increasing symbiosis between BRICS+ and SCO. The latter’s members states have already agreed on a road map for gradually increasing trade in national currencies in mutual settlements. The State Bank of India – the nation’s top lender – is opening special rupee accounts for Russia-related trade. Russian natural gas to Turkey will be paid 25 percent in rubles and Turkish lira, complete with a 25 percent discount Erdogan personally asked of Putin. Russian bank VTB has launched money transfers to China in yuan, bypassing SWIFT, while Sberbank has started lending out money in yuan. Russian energy behemoth Gazprom agreed with China that gas supply payments should shift to rubles and yuan, split evenly.

Iran and Russia are unifying their banking systems for trade in rubles/rial. Egypt’s Central Bank is moving to establish an index for the pound – through a group of currencies plus gold – to move the national currency away from the US dollar. And then there’s the TurkStream saga. Ankara for years has been trying to position itself as a privileged East-West gas hub. After the sabotage of the Nord Streams, Putin has handed it on a plate by offering Turkey the possibility to increase Russian gas supplies to the EU via such a hub. The Turkish Energy Ministry stated that Ankara and Moscow have already reached an agreement in principle. This will mean in practice Turkey controlling the gas flow to Europe not only from Russia but also Azerbaijan and a great deal of West Asia, perhaps even including Iran, as well as Libya in northeast Africa. LNG terminals in Egypt, Greece and Turkiye itself may complete the network.

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The consequences of American overreach. Once Saudi goes, so does the dollar. And Saudi can’t stay away much longer, it’s very much against their own interest.

Russia’s Move Away From Dollar ‘Irreversible’ – Leading Banker (RT)

Russia is moving away from using the US dollar and euro in foreign trade, a process that is “irreversible,” claimed Andrei Kostin, the head of VTB Bank, one of Russia’s largest lenders. “Quitting the US dollar and euro is already an irreversible process for Russia. Taking into account the current trend, our main foreign trade partners in the medium term will be China, the EAEU countries, Turkey, India, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Switching to national currencies in trade with this particular group of countries is the top priority for us,” Kostin said at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Baku on Thursday.

Moreover, according to the banker, the decision made by the US and other Western nations to freeze Russia’s foreign exchange reserves earlier this year shows that no country is safe from such treatment, a state of affairs that will likely turn other nations away from the major reserve currencies. “No state can feel fully protected in the conditions of a dollar-centric global economy,” Kostin stressed. His words echoed statements made last month by President Vladimir Putin. In mid-September, while discussing measures for restructuring the country’s economy under Western sanctions, the Russian president called de-dollarization “an inevitable process.”

Russia approved a plan for the de-dollarization of the domestic economy back in 2018. A package of measures was introduced aimed at speeding up the process, with the goal of implementing the steps within six years. However, following the unprecedented economic sanctions imposed on Russia in the wake of its military operation in Ukraine, Moscow accelerated the process of moving away from what it calls the “compromised” dollar and euro. A ruble-based payment scheme for gas exports was implemented and national currencies started being used in settling Russia’s foreign trade with its trading partners.

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We all wanted Turkey to gain influence, right?!

Erdogan: Turkiye Will Ensure Distribution Of Russian Gas To Europe (Az.)

Ankara, through the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, will ensure the distribution of Russian gas to Europe, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told members of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Ankara, Report informs, citing Anadolu. “As a result of our negotiations with Russia, we will ensure the distribution of natural gas from Russia to Europe through the Turkish Stream,” Erdogan said. Earlier, the presidents of Russia and Turkiye instructed to work out in detail and quickly the issue of creating a gas hub in Turkiye, through which, in particular, the Russian Federation could move gas transit from the Nord Streams to the Black Sea region and Turkiye. During a speech to members of the ruling party, Erdogan also touched upon the country’s success in the field of energy, noting that Turkiye had discovered a field in the Black Sea with gas reserves of 540 billion cubic meters.

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“..Mikhelson suggested that the upcoming winter will be the easiest of the next three..”

Russian Gas Supplies To EU Almost Halved – Novatek CEO (RT)

Russian gas supplies to the EU dropped by almost 50% since May, while exports to Japan and South Korea remained at about the same level as in 2021, the CEO of Novatek, Russia’s second largest gas producer, said on Thursday. “Russian supplies to Europe decreased by nearly 50 billion cubic meters of gas (bcm) in the past four-five months. As of October 1, the slump has reached 47%,” CEO Leonid Mikhelson said at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Baku, adding that the EU has almost replenished the shortfall by boosting LNG consumption by 65%. According to his estimates, the EU has received a total of 43bcm in additional volumes of gas via its LNG terminals, with 29bcm arriving from the US.

Mikhelson suggested that the upcoming winter will be the easiest of the next three, given that the bloc has managed to build up its gas stocks. However, he warned that with restored demand in China, the global economy may need about 60-70 million tons of LNG in the next two years to offset reduced pipeline gas supplies. Mikhelson also pointed to the lack of new major projects until 2026. In his view, global GDP will struggle to grow amid skyrocketing energy prices, and the only way to rein in the inflation and stabilize the markets is to beef up investment in new large-scale energy projects. And this, according to Mikhelson, is only possible with international cooperation.

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” This is not progress, but enslavement, mixing economies to a primitive level..”

Putin Explains Western Economic Model (RT)

As soon as any market is opened for certain goods, the West seizes it along with all the resources, pushing away local manufacturers, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “They build relationships this way – markets and resources are captured, countries are deprived of their technological, scientific potential. This is not progress, but enslavement, mixing economies to a primitive level,” he stated on Thursday at a plenary meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. According to the Russian leader, Western countries lay claim to all the resources of mankind as they aim “to strengthen their unconditional dominance in the world economy and politics.”

On the topic of world trade, Putin said the beneficiaries of this should be the majority, not the super-rich corporations. “Together everyone will gain more than individually,” the president said. He also criticized Western companies who are leaving the Russian market and supposedly selling their entire businesses “for merely one ruble.” They are doing this while whispering in the ear of their management: “we will be back soon,” Putin added.

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“It is the legitimate right of China and Russia to realize their own development and revitalization, which fully conforms to the development trend of the times..”

China Will Support Russia In ‘Overcoming Difficulties’ – Wang (RT)

China has pledged to support Russia as it faces the combined power of the West, Foreign Minister Wang Yi reportedly told his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov during a phone conversation on Thursday, in which the two officials vowed to back each other in their geopolitical endeavors. Beijing will “firmly support the Russian side,” assisting President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to “unite and lead the Russian people to overcome difficulties and eliminate disturbances,” as well as realize “strategic development goals” to bolster Russia’s status as a major power on the international stage, according to the readout posted by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“It is the legitimate right of China and Russia to realize their own development and revitalization, which fully conforms to the development trend of the times,”said Beijing’s press release. “Any attempt to block the progress of China and Russia will never succeed.” The top diplomats reaffirmed their “mutual trust and firm support” and vowed to work together to take both of their countries to the next level in such a way that would not only benefit both nations but “provide more stability to the turbulent world.” Lavrov also congratulated Xi Jinping on his recent reelection as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

According the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov thanked Beijing for supporting Russia’s efforts to achieve a “fair settlement of the situation around Ukraine” and derail Kiev’s alleged plans to set off a weapon of mass destruction in a false-flag provocation that could be used to demand more pressure on Moscow and additional military aid from the West. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has been contacting his counterparts in the US, UK, France, Turkey, India and China about the possible Ukrainian provocation this week. The top diplomats of the US, UK, and France issued a joint statement on Monday rejecting Moscow’s claims as “transparently false allegations,”however. Their Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba also denied the accusations and blamed Moscow for waging a disinformation campaign that “might be aimed at creating a pretext for a false flag operation.”

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Not a new idea, but it gained urgency.

Russia Suggests Alternative To Suez Canal (RT)

The North-South corridor could become a safe substitute for the Suez Canal, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov said on Friday, adding that he expects the volume of Russian cargo via this route to double by 2030. Speaking at the Eurasian Economic Forum, he noted that the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and other alternative routes are gaining importance due to “global shifts of world markets” to China, South-East Asia and the Persian Gulf. Existing transport infrastructure which has been historically focused on the “East-West horizon ceases to meet global trends,” according to the Deputy premier, while the “North-South route may become a real competitor to the Suez Canal.” The route is currently the only deep-sea trade artery which connects Europe and Asia, and such “monopolarity” poses risks to the global economy, the official said.

He recalled an incident in 2021 when a container ship became stuck in the Suez Canal, triggering knock-on effects on global trade.The INSTC is a 7,200-kilometer multi-mode transit system that connects ship, rail, and road routes for moving cargo between India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Central Asia, and Europe. Experts say the route could cut costs by about 50% and save up to 20 days of travel time. In an effort to build up new logistics chains and make the route viable, Russia has proposed establishing an international operator for the North-South corridor along with Iran and Azerbaijan, the minister said. The construction of the INSTC began in the early 2000s, but developing it further has taken on a new importance in light of Western sanctions, which have forced Russia to shift its trade flows from Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

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”If NATO desires to fortify Odessa against the Russian advance, or use Odessa as a base to engage Russian forces near Nikolaev, they have a serious logistical problem.”

NATO Set To Attack Tiraspol? (Sant)

Many years ago I was an officer in the National Guard sister Brigade to the 101st. Both Brigades are “air assault light infantry,” which was developed in the Vietnam War with the 7th Air Cavalry Division. “We Were Soldiers Once and Young,” tells that story. Though the 101st is called “airborne” in reference to its World War II days, today its soldiers are not trained to jump out of airplanes; the 82nd Airborne Division does that. The 101st deploys using UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Each division in the brigade has an aviation battalion with three companies of Blackhawk helicopters. Their primary combat mission is to secure a bridgehead. When deploying, an air assault infantry battalion goes to a designated pickup zone, and a company of Blackhawks comes in to ferry them to the landing zone.

Although they are trained to rappel out of the helicopters in a hot Landing Zone, in practice the helicopters usually land, and the troops jump out. It is much faster and safer. Two minutes later the chopper is back in the air and goes back for another squad at the pickup zone. Thus it might take the better part of an hour with two or three round trips to move an entire infantry battalion from the PZ to the LZ, longer if the distance is longer. While an air assault infantry brigade can move 105 mm light artillery pieces via helicopter, the main supply and logistics assets of the brigade must follow the main force on the ground in trucks. Therefore, unlike the 82nd Airborne Division, or the Rangers, both of which are designed to jump into areas far behind enemy lines, an air assault brigade like the 101st is limited in how far it can leapfrog ahead of its support assets.

If NATO desires to fortify Odessa against the Russian advance, or use Odessa as a base to engage Russian forces near Nikolaev, they have a serious logistical problem. Supply lines from Poland on main Ukrainian highways or railroads must travel 700 kilometers to reach Odessa. The shortest supply lines to Odessa for NATO would be from Romania, which has two segments of border with Ukraine. However, the best paved route would be through Moldova, which is not a member of NATO. Romania has state of the art NATO air defense batteries which can cover most of the route to Odesssa. Therefore, assuming they are effective against Russian cruise missiles, which may be a bad assumption, it would be safer to supply forces in Odessa from Romania than from Poland.

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Video transcript. Konstantin Sivkov (Navy Captain 1st Rank, retired) holds a doctorate of military sciences and is the deputy president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences.

Nuclear blackmail. Escalation scenarios – Konstantin Sivkov (Saker)

“Only the West needs nuclear weapons. Only the west. And the West needs them for the following reasons. Because winter is coming. Western sanctions brought not just .. not led to the collapse of the Russian economy, but on the contrary put on the brink of collapse the European economy. And in these conditions the Europeans … if Russia persists through the winter. Now, when the “greenery” withers and falls, cold weather comes, winter .. Ukrainians will have it much worse than now. It will be easier for us to attack and act. Therefore, under these conditions, Western elites are in a position where they are about to die as result of the revolution, actually, inside countries, their own countries. This is brewing there.

Especially against the backdrop of cold weather this will be inevitable, in the apartments, in the houses, when problems begin with food .. with food supplies, with other goods. When their factories stop, completely shut down as the result of the lack of gas shortage, or rather its absense. And they – yes, they need a nuclear war now. Because they have not been able to mobilize their peoples to go to war, yet. A regular war. But to unleash a nuclear war and against the backdrop of a nuclear war and the resulting threats of radioactive contamination to wide, large areas on the territory of Ukraine, on the territory of Poland, Germany, other countries in Europe and then mobilize the European population to a war against Russia, this may well be part of their plan.

Therefore, they are extremely interested in doing this. Now, a natural scenario can be suggested to explain how this may be realized and why they scream [in the media]. Because Russia will use nuclear weapons. There are two clear options here. The first option is that .. the Americans, the americans themselves fire a missile MGM-140 ATACMS in the direction from East to West, in this direction [showing with his hand] – from East to West, from one territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to a nuclear power plant located in the west of Ukraine, with it being destroyed. ATACMS missile. Not one, but several ATACMS missiles. As a result, a new Chernobyl is created .. Chernobyl is possible, by the way, Chernobyl might be hit. Cannot be completely ruled out. After that, Russia is blamed for this.”

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Due to the lack of sufficient cobalt, lithium, nickel, Europe (and California) will resemble Cuba with tons of old internal combustion cars.. And bicycles, mopeds.

EU Approves Gasoline Car Ban In 2035 (RT)

The EU has reached an agreement that would oblige carmakers to achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions by 2035. The measure would effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel-fueled cars in the bloc starting from that year. The deal was struck on Thursday between negotiators from EU member states, the European Parliament, and the European Commission, which all must agree when a new law is to be adopted within the EU.“The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached last night by the European Parliament and Council ensuring all new cars and vans registered in Europe will be zero-emission by 2035,” the Commission said in a press release following the deal’s announcement.

The agreement also included a 55% cut in CO2 emissions for new cars sold from 2030 against 2021 levels, which exceeds the existing target of a 37.5% reduction. EU climate policy chief Frans Timmermans said the agreement is a signal to all that “Europe is embracing the shift to zero-emission mobility.” According to the press release, the new regulation aims “to make the EU’s transport system more sustainable, provide cleaner air for Europeans, and marks an important step in delivering the European Green Deal.” The agreement is provisionary and now requires formal adoption by both the European Parliament and the EU Council. The timeframe for this is so far unclear.

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The German president is an absolute airhead. And that is scary. Telling his people they have no choice but to freeze and fight.

World Is Moving Into Phase Of Confrontation – German President (Az.)

The world is moving into a phase of confrontation, and harder years lie ahead for Germany, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday, according to Anadolu Agency. In a major speech, Steinmeier warned about the severe consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, underlining that Germany will have to face new challenges, and calling for public solidarity in the face of ongoing crises. “The 24th of February was a turning point in history,” Steinmeier said, referring to the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine, adding that the war ended an era of peace and stability which Germans profited from greatly and reduced the European security order to “rubble.” “With his imperial obsession, the Russian president has broken international law, challenged borders, committed land grabs. The Russian attack is an attack on all the lessons the world had learned from the two world wars,” said Steinmeier.

Steinmeier said the consequences of the war, new security threats, the energy crisis, and inflation have greatly challenged Germany’s successful economic model. “I believe many of the concerns are valid. We are experiencing the deepest crisis since the reunification of Germany,” he stressed.Steinmeier underlined that Germany will cut its dependency on Russian gas and oil, and adapt to new challenges by taking the necessary steps, but will not end its efforts to promote international dialogue and cooperation.“A new bloc confrontation, a division of the world into ‘us against them’ is not in our interest,” he stressed.“Yes, we must reduce our vulnerability, reduce one-sided dependencies. But that doesn’t mean less networking with the world, but more,” he added.

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This is what you call a tirade.

They Will Blame WWIII On Germany Too (Pattberg)

Mr. Scholz will humiliate Germany in China so much, will offend the Chinese commentators so much, that all hell will break loose and hatred and bitter rivalry ensues. Hundreds of millions will suffer from lost trade, war, and poverty. Who gives. Scholzes don’t care if all goes to pot. As the Buddhists say: All life is suffering. Say the Germans: Done! Displacement, violence, and misery all equal eastward expansion, remember? If you are German, and you are already dead in 80 years, why not start World War III now while you can? The Americans arranged it, but they will probably say the Germans did it, because “Germany started World War I and II AND III”… is just the better story. The Germans are the perfect closet assholes because they have passion but no compassion. They lack empathy.

This lack of empathy passed on from generation to generation of surviving Huns and became the genealogy of Evil. Just read the archaeologists of Evil, from Hannah Arendt to Andrew Lobaczewski. The Germans are the world’s main source of Evil. Their own leaders say this much about themselves. Said former President of Germany, Joachim Gauck: “I feel ashamed to be a German” or “I am suspicious about the German language… because it breeds pride, hatred, and bestiality,” and… wait for it: “I hate and despise this country!” This is real, folks. It is what it is. We must deal with these murderous lunatics before they murder everyone or themselves. Evil oozes from their huge foreheads, streaking their oily white skin.

And if everyone says you are part of the historic Evil, you will probably turn out to be an asshole, just like Gauck and Scholz and the rest of them. Evil goes with German as the Devil goes with Dr. Faust. There is no Mao or Stalin in this world that could have existed without German Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche, verstehst Du?! The coming War will be blamed on the assholes in the closet. It is too awesome an award to be handed to the Russians, Chinese, or the Iews. “Germany did it once again,” will they all sing, the voices of doom. Or they’ll clap “The Death of Europe!” and all its rotten brains. Either way, the Germans will be the peons, the scapegoats, the blame race.

World War I and II kind of won our attention, remember? Blood, soil, women, and resources. If you are a small militant nation, you can always destroy more than you can build. World War III is the most progressive thing that could ever happen to Berlin and Europe. The world would be indifferent if China had never existed. But if the Germans had never existed, we would never have had Charles Bukowski, Klaus Schwab, or Donald Trump. Beijing knows that Evil always triumphs for the Europeans. This law of History must be obeyed. My God, what have the Europeans done! Why would China even cater to forgetful Mr. Scholz in Beijing where Germans murdered Chinamen in the past? Why would China tolerate another military German-Japan axis? Because Mr. Xi is wise and will go with the flow of History. That much attitude he shares with most world leaders: When World War III breaks out, it will be blamed in any way possible on Germany. You better believe it.

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“..it doesn’t have to resolve on the side of high-tech tyranny and super-centralized global governance by elitist maniacs. In fact, it can’t.”

An Election, If You Can Hold It (Kunstler)

Is there some penalty for running a shadow government, perhaps something in the sedition or treason folders of federal law? The degree of malign policy coordination throughout Western Civ also suggests that outside actors exert some heavy influence on our affairs. Is Mr. Obama running “Joe Biden” according to a WEF playbook, as appears to be the case with WEFfer implants Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand? It would help explain how so many measures and actions outside our national interest have played out lately — the Gestapo-ization of the FBI, the overt censorship, the wide-open border, draining the strategic petroleum reserve, the drag queen shindigs, the foolish effort to “weaken” Russia in Ukraine, the climate change hysteria, the fiscal idiocy, and everything about-and-around Covid-19.

Of course, the rule-of-law has become a pitifully squishy thing in our time. Nobody is accountable for anything these days. The federal agencies can act however they like in the way of persecuting their political opponents, or inflicting immense harm on the public — like the CDC, FDA, and other public health agencies insanely pushing deadly mRNA vaccines on the public, despite massive evidence that the shots have killed and disabled hundreds of thousands. It’s likely that we will see aggressive hearings into all sorts or government misconduct come January, and it is important to determine who did what to drive America so badly off the rails, but that won’t mitigate the pitfalls and quandaries ahead. There is a re-set underway for sure with every teeter of industrial civilization, but it doesn’t have to resolve on the side of high-tech tyranny and super-centralized global governance by elitist maniacs. In fact, it can’t.

The bottlenecks of resources — energy, commodities, metals, all material things — plus the growing scarcity of real capital (as in representations of genuine wealth), guarantee that nothing organized at the gigantic scale will be able to continue — certainly not any global political administration. The WEF is a fantasy factory; all it can really produce is chaos and misery. Many national governments may not survive the great discontinuities ahead. Everything we do has to get finer, smaller in scale, and more local. Many, maybe most, of our high-tech systems will be crippled by energy shortages and supply line breakdowns. The business models for everything — from the oil industry to commercial aviation to running mega-cities — no longer pencil out. And as economist Herb Stein observed years ago: things that can’t go on, stop.

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A little man trying to puff up his little chest.

EU Commissioner To Elon Musk: Twitter Will Play By Our Rules (Pol.eu)

Elon Musk now owns Twitter but the EU is watching carefully lest the self-styled “free speech absolutist” turn the social media site into a platform for hate speech. After Musk tweeted “the bird is freed,” Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton responded with a wave emoji and “In Europe, the bird will fly by our rules.” Musk’s takeover — reported Thursday night — could have huge implications for the future of the site, especially if former U.S. President Donald Trump is allowed back on the platform, and if Musk loosens the rules to prevent the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

Musk promised Thursday that the platform would not become “a free-for-all hellscape where anything can be said with no consequences.” Breton’s tweet was accompanied by the hashtag DSA, a reference to Digital Services Act — which requires providers of digital services to take swift action against illegal online content, such as hate speech. The commissioner also tweeted a video showing him and Elon Musk in May after discussing the Digital Services Act. In the clip, Breton tells Musk “I was happy to … explain to you the DSA, a new regulation in Europe ” and Musk replies: “I agree with everything you said.” “That’s what he said,” Breton tweeted Friday.

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“Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany.”

“The Gates of Hell Opened” As Musk Takes Over Twitter (Turley)

Led by President Joe Biden, Democratic leaders and media figures have demanded corporate censorship and even state censorship to curtail opposing views on issues ranging from climate change to election integrity to public health to gender identity. The Washington Post’s Max Boot, for example, declared, “For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less.” Many of those same figures are now apoplectic at the thought that others may be able to express dissenting views on subjects ranging from climate change to election regulations to gender identity. Journalist Molly Jong-Fast asked, “Can someone make a new Twitter or is this a very stupid question?” In other words, a journalist wants to recreate a social media platform where others can be routinely silenced.

The answer is simple: Facebook . . . and virtually every other social media platform. The freak out from the Musk-phobic was triggered by the prospect of a single social media company offering greater free speech protections. Just one. However, they know that the effort to control political and social speech will be lost if people have an alternative. These companies are only able to sell censorship because they have largely been able to bar free speech competitors. Now there may be an alternative. The panic over free speech breaking out on a single social media site is shared by journalism and law professors. CUNY journalism professor Jeff Jarvis wrote “The sun is dark” and “This is an emergency! Twitter is to be taken over by the evil Sith lord.” He previously wrote, after news of the likely purchase by Musk, that “Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany.”

He is not alone. We have been discussing the rise of advocacy journalism and the rejection of objectivity in journalism schools. Writers, editors, commentators, and academics have embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls, including President-elect Joe Biden and his key advisers. This movement includes academics rejecting the very concept of objectivity in journalism in favor of open advocacy. Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll decried how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. In an interview with The Stanford Daily, Stanford journalism professor, Ted Glasser, insisted that journalism needed to “free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.”

He rejected the notion that the journalism is based on objectivity and said that he views “journalists as activists because journalism at its best — and indeed history at its best — is all about morality.” Thus, “Journalists need to be overt and candid advocates for social justice, and it’s hard to do that under the constraints of objectivity.” Likewise, in an article published in The Atlantic by Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith and University of Arizona law professor Andrew Keane Woods called for Chinese-style censorship of the internet, stating that “in the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong.”

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“..CS’s shares plunged a whopping 18.6% yesterday — their biggest daily fall ever.”

The too big to fail banks will be bailed out by central banks, governments and finally each other until that is no longer viable. And then think dominoes.

It Looks Like Credit Suisse Could Be Failing (NC)

Credit Suisse is one of 11 European lenders on the Financial Stability Board’s list of Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs). In other words, it is officially too big to fail, but it is teetering. Yesterday it disclosed a whopping third-quarter loss of $4 billion — almost ten times average estimates of $416 million. The loss was largely blamed on a reassessment of so-called deferred tax assets (DTA), which in turn was apparently a result of the company’s strategic review.* It is Credit Suisse’s fourth quarterly net loss in a row. So far this year, it has posted $5.94 billion of losses. Net revenue, at $3.8 billion, was up marginally on the last quarter but was down 30% from Q3-2021. Over the past ten quarters Credit Suisse has only managed to muster one quarter of actual year-on-year revenue growth. The value of its asset base has also shrunk drastically, from $937 billion in December 2020 to $707 billion today.

To steady the ship, the bank has presented a new strategic overhaul. It is the third attempt in recent years by successive CEOs to turn the bank around. At the core of the overhaul is a plan to raise $4 billion of fresh capital. The good news for CS is that it has already found a major backer: Saudi Arabia’s largest commercial bank, Saudi National Bank (SNB), which has pledged up to $1.52 billion of capital. That will give the SNB 9.9% of outstanding CS shares. Majority controlled by the House of Saud, the SNB (not to be confused with the Swiss National Bank) has also expressed an interest in participating in future capital measures of Credit Suisse to support the establishment of an independent investment bank in Saudi Arabia.

If nothing else, SNB’s participation will make for interesting boardroom drama given the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, a country that is locked in a diplomatic conflict with Saudi Arabia, has a 5% stake in the Swiss lender. The question now is whether or now CS will be able to secure the remaining $2.5 billion. The capital raise is already going to dilute existing CS shareholders, many of whom are miffed at having already poured $12.2 billion of additional capital into the lender — more than its current market value — since 2015. That was one reason why CS’s shares plunged a whopping 18.6% yesterday — their biggest daily fall ever. Those shares are now down an eye-watering 57% so far this year and over 95% since 2008.

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Pretty brilliant video. And a new angle for most.

“..5, 6, 7, 8, 9 years until you have a product pure enough..”

If You Got the Covid Shot And Aren’t Injured, This May Be Why – Ryan Cole (BLN)

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, explains why many vaccinated were lucky not to get injured by the dangerous Covid-19 mRNA shots during a panel discussion at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 17, 2022. Dr. Cole’s explanation came during a stellar panel discussion with other pathologists Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Arne Burkhardt and Andreas Sönnichsen, all speaking on the topic of Covid-19 “vaccine” injuries. Each participant gave an individual presentation before the panel discussion.

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Zuckerberg lost over $100 billion in the past year. But at least Paul Pelosi is being treated in the Zuckerberg hospital in SF.
Lots of people don’t believe the Pelosi attack story. Don’t they have security there for the 3rd in line for US presidency, who’s worth 100s of millions? How can a guy wearing no pants, swinging a hammer, just walk in? Was Paul Pelosi also wearing no pants, and swinging a hammer?



Died Suddenly





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    Pablo Picasso Head of a bearded man 1940   • Everybody Wants To Hop On The BRICS Express (Escobar) • Russia’s Move Away From Dollar ‘Irreversible
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    Featured snippet from the web
    The Soviet invasion of Poland was a military operation by the Soviet Union without a formal declaration of war. On 17 September 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, 16 days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west.

    Why did the Soviet Union invade Poland in ww2?
    The “reason” given was that Russia had to come to the aid of its “blood brothers,” the Ukrainians and Byelorussians, who were trapped in territory that had been illegally annexed by Poland. Now Poland was squeezed from West and East—trapped between two behemoths.

    How did the Soviets treat the Polish?
    Soviet soldiers often engaged in plunder, rape and other crimes against the Poles, causing the population to fear and hate the regime. 50,000 members of the Polish Underground State were deported to Siberia and various other Soviet Labour camps.

    How many Poles were killed by the Soviets?
    From 1945 to 1948, the Soviets deported to forced labor or concentration camps in the Soviet Union from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 Poles, of which 585,000 may have died. Hundreds of thousands and possibly near 1,000,000 Poles were killed in Soviet terror and repression.

    How long did Russia occupy Poland after ww2?
    The struggle for independence continued on Polish territory until the 1950s while the last known partisan was killed by the occupying Soviet forces as late as 1963.1 Oct 2018

    When did Poland get rid of communism?
    The 1989 Round Table Talks led to Solidarity’s participation in the 1989 election. Its candidates’ striking victory gave rise to the first of the succession of transitions from communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe.

    What did Russia do to Poland?
    KAKISSIS: Poland has a traumatic history with Russia. The Soviet Union, an ally of Nazi Germany in 1940, invaded Poland. The Soviets imprisoned and murdered the country’s entire officer corps and then blamed it on the Germans.9 Mar 2022 estimated 20,000.

    The last. Russian troops left Poland in 1992.

    Dr. D


    Pelosi brutally beaten. Reprehensible and appalling. One good thing: Republicans will be happy to find the attacker and hang him.

    Anyway, um, super weird details around this guy so far? Like 10 seconds would tell you it’s Paul and that Nancy’s in DC? So you really, REALLY don’t like DWI’s? And he’s a furry? And he re-activated his social media for the occasion after a break of 15 years? Aaaaand he’s a Leftist from Berkeley. And it may not even be political. SF is a terrible, violence city, thanks to his wife.

    Hard to believe Paul can recover at +80. Good on him. We need him healthy so he can be adjudicated and go to jail.

    “Dow Soars Towards Best Month in 84 Years Amid ‘Eye-Wateringly Speculative YOLO-ing’”

    Too fast. I wasn’t sure, but this says “Bear market rally” to me. Sorry.
    Speaking of, though, Amazon dropped. Not so much. Here’s the rub though: with Amazon’s market cap, what was the drop? $100B lost? Oops.

    “Biden, Harris to Campaign For Fetterman after Rocky Debate Performance”

    But neither of them can speak either!

    “Top Dems Urge Biden to Nationalize Oil & Gas Industry”

    I smell money around here somewhere! If you thought the industry would refuse to operate before, wait til this sinks in.

    Free speech and opinions are now a federal election crime:
    “Leaked FBI Pamphlet Lists ‘Misinformation’ and ‘Disinformation’ as ‘Election Crimes’”
    In other news, the FBI issuing misinformation and lying to Congress and Judges: not a crime.

    But it’s the FBI. Problem is, unlike the NY Times, you can’t opt out and not buy them. Government is FIRE. It is FORCE. That is, it is VIOLENCE. Hey! We should use it for everything then! Like health care.

    “The WEF is a fantasy factory; all it can really produce is chaos and misery.” – Kunstler

    Except he doesn’t understand yet that’s on purpose. That’s its reason and plan. Cars that burn coal and ALSO don’t have a 100 mile range? Perfect. Feudalism here we come. You may not leave the Lord’s manor without permission. A passe-porte of some kind.

    “ EU Approves Gasoline Car Ban in 2035 (RT)” There you go. With zero cars available for replacement.

    “Europe is embracing the shift to zero-emission” Actually coal and 100,000 year radioactive waste emission. Doesn’t roll off the tongue because it’s real and not bulls—t. They’ll have a lot less emission when 1/3 of their people are dead; just as they hoped and wrote about.

    They’re overdoing it with diesel. Yes, it’s 30 days, and yes that’s lower than ever, however, it’s very near the 20-year long term level. There are only 30 days storage and I would stock some, but the refineries just make more. It’s not a milkshake you drink, it’s a water tower.

    Erdogan: Turkiye Will Ensure Distribution of Russian Gas to Europe (Az.)”

    Speaking of maybe not assassinating rulers you later have to make major deals with… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Turkish_coup_d’%C3%A9tat_attempt

    I’m sure he doesn’t hold a grudge or anything. After Russia saved him. Or against the EU for treating Turkey like coolies since…well, forever. But 100% since the the EU started. Turkey is just “The Jungle” I guess. Hey: who are better soldiers, those from the Jungle or from the Garden?

    “Russian gas supplies to the EU dropped by almost 50% since May, while exports to Japan and South Korea remained at about the same”

    I see why they thought the economic sanctions would work. The drop of flow + the duration is quite challenging. However, with the Ruble and BTU price, there’s zero chance it will work the way things turned out.

    At the same time, the enormous drop of everything in China will be equally challenging. Suppose China even has a revolution; would it change anything? Or would more liberty make them more powerful? Armstrong seems to think yes to both bc capital is predicted to flow and it can’t unless they lighten up.

    Mikhelson suggested that the upcoming winter will be the easiest of the next three, …In his view, global GDP will struggle”

    Deflation. Zero purchases, dead people. Sadly, this permits governments to print worthless money into Stagflation. Printing money, if accepted, retains their power.

    ““They build relationships this way – markets and resources are captured,”

    Using printed money, not real. Which is why that’s the lynchpin for all power.

    “The North-South corridor could become a safe substitute for the Suez Canal,”

    I remember a project where Iran would canal the Caspian, but underground in tunnels. That might also keep off Western bombs, which never stop. Go us! “Killin’ some folks” – Barack Obama

    “the 101st is called “airborne” in reference to its World War II days, today its soldiers are not trained to jump out of airplanes; the 82nd Airborne Division does that.”

    My error. Also that the 101 is merely replacing the existing ’82 in rotation. However, coincidentally or not, they are double-heavy with helicopters. Pie to the face on that one.

    ““Yes, we must reduce our vulnerability, reduce one-sided dependencies.” –President Steinmeier

    So you’ve joined the Trump plan. Got it.

    “the EU is watching carefully lest the self-styled “free speech absolutist” turn the social media site into a platform for hate speech.”

    How dare people have opinions and words. When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.

    The buy of Twitter by Musk is another tell of them losing. But slowly: they apparently are going broke and cannot defend their companies from hostile takeover. Slower may be safer and most probably is. Who’s next? Trump set up MASSIVE fund/company to hover, waiting to buy anyone who wavers. Kanye buys Parler. CNN was/may be already taken over in a softer way and is being reformed. Since Bernays is the only thing they have, what happens as they lose share of it?

    “Meta Spent”, Yes, that’s what happens when there is free 0% money, but no actual productive purpose to spend it on. Why? No money among the people thus no sales or profits. There is only central bank golfing pals and printing. There are no markets from T-Bonds right down to the car wash. That’s Capitalism!

    Dr. D

    Cool story bro. Sorry history started in 1930:

    Polish invasion of Russia or Polish invasion of Rus may refer to
    • Boleslaw I’s intervention in the Kievan succession crisis, 1018 (the Kiev Expedition)
    • Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18)
    • Polish–Soviet War (1919–20)
    See in 1939, Russia was only JUST invaded by Poland. Last year. After being invaded by the West constantly, with Sweden, France, Prussia. Like now. In 1920 the Polish took most of Lithuania, W. Ukraine, and Belarus. Whoops! Sorry: never happened. Poland is a wee helpless innocent, never done no wrong.

    Also Ukrainian history started 24 March, 2022. There was no history between 21 November 2013 and then. There was no NATO coup. Nuland never said “F–k the EU, we’ll put in our boy Yats”. It’s all in your mind.

    C’mon, you’re better than this.


    As I understand it, the Rus lived in the region currently known as Ukraine, but many could not stand the smell, nor the constant raiding by people living in what we now call Poland, and so a large number of the Rus moved a thousand kilometres or so northeast, to where the air was (is) better, to establish what we now call Russia. Wise move.

    Of course, some of the Rus remained in what we currently call Ukraine

    Russia’s biggest mistake was selling Alaska to the Americans. But it looks like they are on track to get it back in the not-too-distant future, America carrying out economic-financial-cultural suicide and all that.

    I find all this talk about ‘by 2035’ rather ridiculous, since current financial-economic-energetic arrangements will collapse between now and 2025.

    12% of the world population taking on 88% of the world population still look miserable odds to me. Especially when half the 12% are already basket cases and the 88% have most of the resources.

    “So it goes.”

    By the way, ‘The Machine Stops’. E.M. Forster.



    Listen to few minutes of this.

    Fucking unbelievable.

    They (this is the WHO) know that the Spike on the virus causes Amyloidosis in Long Covid.

    But, in their minds, they don’t make the connection that the death vaxx causes the body to become a spike factory and causes Amyloidosis too.. https://youtu.be/Vwt93_Lg128?t=2062

    Talk about death vaxx blindness.
    They are morons.
    I called Amyloidosis many months ago.
    The Vaxx is causing Amyloidosis!!


    Ed Snowden about freedom of speech:


    Today’s word shunning – persistently avoid, ignore, or reject

    • Everybody Wants To Hop On The BRICS Express (Escobar)
    • Russia’s Move Away From Dollar ‘Irreversible’ – Leading Banker (RT)
    • Erdogan: Turkiye Will Ensure Distribution Of Russian Gas To Europe (Az.)
    Energy supply distribution/control

    Everything we do has to get finer, smaller in scale, and more local. Many, maybe most, of our high-tech systems will be crippled by energy shortages and supply line breakdowns. The business models for everything — from the oil industry to commercial aviation to running mega-cities — no longer pencil out. And as economist Herb Stein observed years ago: things that can’t go on, stop.
    Every attempt to maintain the status quo of our withering globalist arrangements will be an act of futility, including the wars that our elites seem to be yearning for. If we squander our remaining resources on kinetic conflict, that will only drag out the journey to new arrangements, destroy more lives, and break more things that still have value.

    Perfect. Feudalism here we come. You may not leave the Lord’s manor without permission. A passe-porte of some kind.
    What happened – a gov. of, by, and for the people did not make a declaration of war against Russia

    The Washington Post’s Max Boot, for example, declared, “For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less.”
    Russian navy ‘repels’ drone attack on Crimea’s Sevastopol
    Russia blames Ukraine, UK for the drone attack on Sevastopol, home to Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet HQ, as battle rages in southeastern Ukraine.

    Russian Navy vessel
    Russian navy vessels are anchored in a bay of the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea [File: Reuters]
    Published On 29 Oct 2022
    29 Oct 2022
    The Russian navy has “repelled” a drone attack in the bay of Sevastopol, home to Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet in Moscow-annexed Crimea, according to a statement by a Russian-installed governor, as a battle rages for the control of southeastern Ukrainian cities Kherson and Bakhmut.

    “Today, starting at 04:30am for several hours, various air defence systems in Sevastopol repelled drone attacks,” Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram early on Saturday. “All UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have been shot down,” he added.

    Moscow blames UK, Ukraine for drone attack
    Moscow accused the UK of helping Ukraine plan a drone attack on its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol port, and said that one of its ships suffered “minor” damage.

    “The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of the military personnel of the Ukrainian 73rd Special Center for Maritime Operations were carried out under the guidance of British specialists located in the city of Ochakiv in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region,” Moscow’s defence ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

    “It should be emphasised that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet that were attacked by terrorists are involved in ensuring the security of the ‘grain corridor’ as part of an international initiative to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” it said.

    Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett, reporting from Kyiv, said the Russian campaign over the last couple of weeks has been highly systematic, targeting smaller substations that transfer the electricity to the grid rather than large facilities.

    “The recent resumption of strikes on the city, and the mounting pressure on civilian infrastructure is bringing the war ever closer to home,” he said, adding that restoring supply is proving difficult as the Soviet-era equipment is hard to replace.
    Guantanamo’s oldest inmate Saifullah Paracha freed after 19 years
    Businessman Saifullah Paracha, who was arrested in 2003 and accused of financing al-Qaeda, was never charged like most prisoners.
    Since it first opened, Guantanamo has become notorious for human rights abuses and the fact that the US administration did not consider its prisoners to be entitled to any protection according to international laws.

    John Day

    Distant Realities post is up, with picture of the Christmas presents I have been canning in summer and fall. https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/distant-realities

    Most of what we seem to know these days comes to us from distant sources, intermediated through electronic channels of communication, which are owned by humans with certain “interests” in profiting from, and controlling, the flows of information in those channels. This may be direct, through advertising, or it may be covert, through CIA-funding, like Operation-Mockingbird, or influence peddling to the government, covert censorship and control-narrative management, like Facebook/Meta has done, and Google does invisibly with search rankings.
    These costs must be paid somewhere in the economy, just as all of the costs of compliance, days and weeks trying to make connections within a system which will not work at all without that much of your life and time spent, just to participate at all. It’s not really possible to comprehend the costs imposed by bureaucracy until one is paying and paying and paying them personally. They are usually hidden better than that, and we just miss the simpler days we remember.
    Bureaucracies used to have responsible people at nodes of communication, responsibility and decision-making throughout any organization, bottom to top, making timely, informed local decisions, solving problems daily as they arose. A lot of problem solving might be done on a land-line telephone between humans.
    A lot of information is transferred in such an exchange, efficiently to our human modes of constructive cooperation.
    There can be “corruption” at these human nodesThere can be a culture of corruption, a Mafia type culture. It can be criminally profitable to infiltrate a flow of wealth and information. Electronic communications now force all communication and problem solving to rise to the top of a bureaucracy for assessment, which means decision-making. The goal is to contain all value within the system by avoiding corruption, but the cost is to destroy quick and appropriate decision making, and to make any action at all very costly to some entity. The bureaucracy will protect itself by externalizing compliance and documentation costs onto participating users.
    All other pathways must be blocked. There can be no competing bureaucracy. The ability to control any bureaucracy centrally destroys its ability to perform its designated function over time. It then mainly exists to keep existing, while presenting a parasitic cost to the rest of the economy.
    Within the US we all bear these costs. I am aware of them a lot recently, as I deal with vast and nearly impossible compliance hierarchy in seeking medical employment. What is required may be impossible, but it is required, anyway to proceed, and there is no alternative. I have maintained my Texas medical license since 1987, having graduated med school in 1986, served a year-long internship, and passed multiple examinations, which have been ongoing. The city hospital where I served my internship, and later fellowship, no longer exists, but the forms require current contact information, medical director contact information and so on. At each layer of compliance bureaucracy up the hierarchy, there is a fixed requirement. So many people get paid to assure that each requirement is met and pass the form along or kick it back until it complies.
    The US government bureaucracies do this to the rest of the world, as well as to Americans and businesses that serve Americans, including import and export of goods and services. The model of maximizing central control and externalizing costs can only be maintained if it is in a monopoly position. The US, with the global reserve currency for trade, extracts wealth and externalizes costs onto tributary countries. Perhaps half of the funding for thee federal government arises through parasitic extraction of value through creation of currency, which the rest of the world trades real goods and services for, to participate economically.
    Banking and finance in the $US regime are further routes of parasitic extraction of wealth and resources.
    What will happen when the alternative system, new and more efficient, perhaps user-friendly, is available as a real choice? It seems to me that the last to benefit will be those who are most trapped in the $US system, which are those of us in the “west”, especially the USA. The bureaucracies will preserve themselves until “the end”.

    Big Serge takes the position that there is a lot of ruckus about tactical nuclear weapons, now dirty-bomb false flags in Ukraine, but that such use would not rationally serve the US/NATO or Russia. Ukraine could not coerce the US/NATO into an upgrade by using a dirty bomb, either.
    He looks into tactical nuclear weapons, which are roughly the size of what was dropped on Hiroshima, and how they could be used.
    Then Serge looks at the Battalion Tactical Group, which is like a Brigade, but with less infantry, and how that has affected Russian battlefield tactics, and why that may soon change.

    Less reassuring about the risk of nuclear weapons use is Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, retired Navy Captain, Konstantin Sivkov.​ This gentleman is of the opinion that the west, US/NATO has gotten into a situation where it has little useful land army, and really needs to control the world through nuclear coercion, but needs Russia as a client-state to do so. The US/NATO really needs to go nuclear, but is puzzled as to how. He explains a lot of military tactical theory around this. The transcript is in English.

    It’s not encouraging. Maybe he’s drunk.​ He doesn’t look drunk.​​ (He says Neoliberal Capitalism is inefficient. He’s Got to be Drunk!))​

    Nuclear blackmail. Escalation scenarios. Konstantin Sivkov

    John Day

    ​ ​Vladimir Putin spent a really long time at the Valdai Club, talking and answering extensive questions without notes or a teleprompter.

    Several stories about that​ are worth reading. He said a lot.​

    ​ ​The world is entering a decade of tumult as the pursuit of a more just world order clashes with the arbitrary hegemony of the collective West, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, addressing the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.​..
    ..“We are standing at a historic milestone, ahead of what is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War II. The West is not able to single-handedly manage humanity, but is desperately trying to do it, and most of the peoples of the world no longer want to put up with it,” Putin said.
    ​ ​Conflicts arising from this tumult are threatening the entire humanity, and constructively resolving them is the principal challenge ahead, according to the Russian leader.
    ​ ​No one can sit out the coming storm, which has acquired a global character, Putin said. Humanity has two choices, “either to continue to accumulate a burden of problems that will inevitably crush us all, or to try together to find solutions, albeit imperfect, but working, capable of making our world safer and more stable.”
    ​ In a truly democratic multipolar world, any society, culture and civilization should have the right to choose its own path and socio-political system. If the US and Europe have that right, so should everyone else. Russia also has it, “and no one will ever be able to dictate to our people what kind of society we should build and on what principles.”
    ​ ​The biggest threat to the political, economic, and ideological monopoly of the West is that alternative social models may arise in the world – and would be more effective and more attractive.
    ​ ​“Above all, we believe that the new world order should be based on law and justice, be free, authentic and fair,” the Russian president said.
    ​ ​“The future world order is being formed before our eyes. And in this world order, we must listen to everyone, take into account every point of view, every nation, society, culture, every system of worldviews, ideas and religious beliefs, without imposing a single truth on anyone, and only on this basis, understanding our responsibility for the fate of our peoples and the planet, to build a symphony of human civilization.”

    ​ ​Putin Says Russia Won’t Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine
    The Russian president said the world is facing the most dangerous decade since World War II

    Putin Says Russia Won’t Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

    ​ ​Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday that Russia is an “independent” civilization that does not consider itself an enemy of the West. Instead, he sees the “aggressive” and “neo-colonial” liberal elite in charge of the West as a foe.
    ​ ​“In the current conditions of a tough conflict, I will say​ ​some things directly,” Putin told a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. “Russia, being an independent, original civilization, has never considered and does not consider itself an enemy of the West.”
    ​ ​Hatred for American, British, French or German people “are the same form of racism as Russophobia and anti-Semitism,” he added.
    Putin went on to describe the West as two entities. On one hand, the traditional, primarily Christian West “is close to us in some ways,” he said, noting that “we have in many respects common and ancient roots.”
    “But there is another West – aggressive, cosmopolitan, neo-colonial, acting as an instrument of neo-liberal ideas. It is precisely with the dictates of this West that Russia, of course, will never put up with,” he continued.
    While Putin undoubtedly sees the conflict in Ukraine as an existential struggle against the West – describing his forces as fighting the “entire Western military machine” and blaming the derailment of peace talks and sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines on the “Anglo-Saxons,” he has drawn a distinction between Western elites and Western society before.​..
    ​ While the West expands primarily to secure its “mercantile interest,” he stated at Thursday’s meeting, it also pushes its cultural exports on an unreceptive world. “If Western elites believe they can launch new trends like dozens of genders and gay parades, they have the right to do so,” he said. “But they don’t have the right to demand that others follow the same direction.”

    As soon as any market is opened for certain goods, the West seizes it along with all the resources, pushing away local manufacturers, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “They build relationships this way – markets and resources are captured, countries are deprived of their technological, scientific potential. This is not progress, but enslavement, mixing economies to a primitive level” .

    ​ ​Putin calls for ‘dialogue on equal terms’ with the West
    Only a world united by common goals can act on the challenges it faces​.
    ​The Russian leader said he believes in common sense and is convinced that sooner or later “new centers of power in the multipolar world and the West will have to start talking as equals about our common future.”
    ​ ​He was speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club meeting outside Moscow, in conversation with Russian foreign policy expert Fyodor Lyukyanov.

    John Day

    Not Negotiating! OK?

    ​ T​he United States will “retire the B83-1 gravity bomb,” and will “cancel the nuclear-armed Sea-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM-N) program.”
    During a news conference, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin faced questions about retiring the two programs, arguing that “our inventory of nuclear weapons is significant.”
    ​”​I do not believe this sends a message to Putin,” Austin told a reporter. “He understands what our capability is.”​ (Not saying we can be reasonable.)

    ​ ​Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced Friday the the end of the partial military mobilization order from last month, having reached the target goal of 300,000 to boost operational support for military action in Ukraine.​..​
    “The task set by you — to mobilize 300,000 people — has been fulfilled. No additional tasks are planned,” Shoigu told Putin during the televised meeting.
    He specified that among the mobilized recruits, some 82,000 are already in the conflict zone in Ukraine and 218,000 still undergoing training.

    John Day

    ​The late Dr. Luc Montagnier a 2008 Nobel Laureate for the discovery of another pandemic RNA virus, HIV-1; predicted that the vaccinated would be at higher risk of transmission and mortality (implied) once immune escape variants emerged and became dominant.
    ​ ​The data below from the ONS confirms the vaccinated were at higher risk of COVID-19 mortality and also non-COVID-19 mortality due to spike protein toxicity with the mRNA vaccines.

    On February 21, 2022, Frontiers in Virology published a report titled MSH3 Homology and Potential Recombination Link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site. The Furin Cleavage Site is the component of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that enables the virus to dock onto human lung epithelial cells, thereby initiating the viral replication process. It is the key feature of SARS-CoV-2 that made it infectious to humans. Examining the genetic code of this part of the spike protein, the authors noted that part of the sequence was a perfect match to a genetic sequence patented in 2016 by Bancel S. et al. in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    ​ Who could possibly have anticipated that mercury preservative in multi-dose vaccine vials could impair immune response, and be implicated as a cause of Bubonic Plague deaths, so long ago? Who could anticipate that the aluminum used as an adjuvant in modern vaccines, to get the immune system to respond to them would also suppress the actual ability to fight infections? ​Well, there’s no going back now. We just have to keep injecting mercury and aluminum into ourselves and each other… Thanks Luc.
    (It’s kind of interesting, though. I wonder if anything might be done about it in time. Single dose flu vaccines don’t have mercury preservative in them, at least.)
    Black Plague Left a Genetic Imprint in Four Genes in Europeans: Specific Genetic Variants Found in Survivors Indicate Plague Deaths Involved Metal-Based “Medical” Treatments

    ​ Tessa Lena is Super Squeezed, a feeling we all know far too well. The squeeze of harvest or planting or weeding in season, when the sun shines, is urgent, but it has a natural satisfaction which allows us to sleep well at night, after the sun slowly sets​
    ​ ​This story is about the syndrome of our times—being super-squeezed—and the civilizational and individual consequences of violating our biological clock. It is also about what happens when we collectively abandon the “claim” to our intimate spiritual space where we stretch and grow our souls at our internal pace.


    “Here is a number of articles that paint the picture of how the world is changing. No coverage in the west whatsoever. I hope those of you who come here regularly do grasp -part of- that picture.”

    Note to Ilargi: I come here every day and read every article/post just to face the bleak truth of where we are heading. I do not comment on these articles/posts when there is nothing more that I can add. Thanks to you and the comMENTORS for sharing insight and wide-ranging perspective day after day, you are having an impact.

    Today’s art selection is annoying, and I appreciate the opportunity it presents to peel back the layers (memories) and ask myself why. The lacy cloud-cover this AM prevented me from seeing the morning star show however, the clouds caught the sunrise – painting the entire eastern sky in pink, purple, orange, and gold. A beautiful start to the day.

    LOVE to All.


    UK Excess deaths! ☠️☠️☠️



    Am finally starting to understand the Picasso. It is a really funny piece – if you let it be funny. Bearded man has become like one of those twisted balloon characters. If only people would start morphing into this type of shape as they become annoying. It would put an end to the progression and we could have a good laugh along the way.

    I am usually the last person to “get” a joke, my default position is rarely in the FUNNY mode/realm. I admit to missing the point of this piece initially, but have come around! Bravo Picasso for twisting this one around and redirecting the energy.


    ” …. for sharing insight and wide-ranging perspective …. “
    Our sources of information are the same sources that main stream media uses.
    We all know the same information.
    I realize that journalists/those who write about what they read, insert their opinions/bias, to motivate the readers to believe/accept/change their opinion, without presenting supporting references/facts.
    Therefore, facts/truths are considered irrelevant.
    I can only deduct that what they opinion, for us to accept, is based on their pay checks.
    Emotional attachment to opinion will leave you a wreck when the facts/truths overwhelm you.


    Russia Accuses British Navy Of Nord Stream “Terrorist Attack”

    UK quickly blasts charge as false “on an epic scale”…
    (UK is/joined NATO at war against Russia)


    Quick response
    “It should be emphasised that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet that were attacked by terrorists are involved in ensuring the security of the ‘grain corridor’ as part of an international initiative to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports,” it said.

    Safe passage of Export of Ukraine product cancelled.



    Thanks for all your links. The thing that never made sense to me about this jab is this: it’s supposed to make your body make the very thing the immune system is supposed to be fighting against, so how does it not create the condition that your body fights itself? This never made sense to me. (I’ve taken lots of vaccines, but not this one.)

    Dr D Rich

    Dueling grievances, Dr. D versus Redneck, on behalf of Third parties.
    Damn! Unpack the psychology of that contest, but all praise because it’s dialogue, discussion and debate. So the read peels back the scales from their eyes.

    LAWFARE in action, the very definition thereof:

    “To detract from their disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense is resorting to peddling false claims of an epic scale,” a spokesperson for Britain’s ministry of defense said.”

    Notice the hyperbole, counter-accusation so typical of lawyer species.

    WEAPONIZED MEDICINE PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHIATRY: names like Elspeth Ritchie, Don Arthur, Winkerwerder, Tornberg, Mitchell and Jessen set the pace actively circa Iraq War inception 2004 NDAA.

    eg. national/industrial-scale transference counter-transference

    “This latest invented story, says more about the arguments going on inside the Russian Government than it does about the West.”

    UK Defense Ministry

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Readneck – Featured snippet from the web

    Where did you get all that absurdity? Get a grip on yourself, … check your sources carefully!

    Me? I have a historical record conveyed to me by my very own family on all this. My grandparents and parents, … tonnes of relatives. They are, … er, some were – mortality issue – from that area of Poland.




    The weirdest headline I’ve seen in a long time, this from BBC:

    Dozens of people in Halloween crowds treated for cardiac arrest in nightlife area of South Korean capital, Seoul


    prev. thread, Afewk posted,

    The real problem in measuring the degree of warming is that most of the warming is taking place in locations that do not have accurate long-term temperature data, i.e. the deep oceans and the vast tracks of land that make up Siberia and the Candian permafrosts.

    Oh I agree with that, my point was that in certain regions (local..) Global Warming is an accepted fact of life, and the attitude on the ground is, we need good data first, and second, we have to adapt.

    What exactly the Celsius Plus No. is, what counts is its effects, which need to be mapped out with some reliability, and that may vary extraordinarily from region to region.

    Constant Ice melts leading to loss of ‘reliable’ rivers flushing down in summer, as in CH (say.. affects hydro-electricity as well..) is not the same as drought in Syria that drove farmers off the land to the cities… playing a role in the ‘chaos’ there. Or, see, the upcoming desertification of Southern Spain…which for a large part lives off tourism…it mismanaged its water ressources.. You get the picture.

    Armenio Pereira

    Young lads will do almost anything for sex, including flattery/toadying towards women; lasses will do anything for adulation from others, including engaging in intercourse with no matter who.

    Somehow subdue these two irreducible forces and harmony – albeit precarious – will prevail.

    (Don’t miss the superb string arrangement on this, courtesy the late and great Paul Buckmaster.)


    A short history of laboratory leaks and gain-of-function studies.

    By P. Goddard. Feb. 2002.


    Maybe useful for sending on, many refs.

    How Can Severe Mental Illness be the Deadliest Covid Comorbidity?

    By A. Herzberg, Oct 2022.


    — In plain English, they discovered that having a “severe mental illness or learning disability” was a stronger predictor than age and obesity of becoming hospitalized and dying from covid. —

    This speaks to what I was pointing out before, the looked down, considered trash ppl, being more ‘susceptible’…and dying…what a surprise…


    @Dora – you’ve got it!


    Some here say Xi is headed out the door in China. I have not seen evidence or hint that that’s going to happen any time soon. The same source claims we’re on the verge of Nookular War. “Samey-same”, as Joker says to his old USMC boot camp buddy in FMJ..

    Show me the part that’s Not Theatre (there is one).


    Denis Shapovalov d. Borna Coric, 7-6 (7-4), 6-0 in the Vienna semifinals. It’s real good to see Shap playing well
    again! Nice, very humble move in re-hiring Mikail Youzhny as co-coach. Shap can lay into a topspin backhand
    like no other current player except Stan Wawrinka; both are glorious.

    Shap has to play a Medvedev tomorrow (OMG!!! a Rooskie! careful about getting Rooskie-cooties, Shap!)
    who is presently #4 in the world, fifteen places I think above Shap. Medv is 6-6 in height, and I don’t
    care for tall players with huge serves.

    Go, lefty-Shap! Good kid.


    >Mikhail<, aka ‘The Colonel’ in the world of tennis. Cool guy.



    If you put a sufficient number of ice cubes in a glass of water and stir, the latent heat of phase change will cause the temperature of the water to drop and cause some of the ice to melt, until the temperature of the water drops to zero, 0oC (not 0oK, which is minus 273oC) and the ice rises in temperature to 0oC but still remains as ice.

    You will notice that from that point on, if the glass of ice water is stirred, the temperature remains at 0oC for as long as there is ice to melt.

    This phenomenon is due to water molecules losing energy when they come together into the ordered structure of ice, in which the molecules are packed into a regular crystal lattice and unable to move, versus the situation in liquid water, in which the molecules are free to move past one another.

    The regular structure of water molecules in ice has the highly unusual effect of causing the water molecules to be less densely packed than in the liquid state, which is why ice floats on water.

    Without that peculiar property (most other substances have a higher density in the solid form) ice would form at the bottom of lakes and seas and would not protect the bulk of the water mass from continuing to cool in winter conditions. Lakes would freeze solid from bottom to top. Whereas, in the universe we inhabit, ice does substantially protect the underlying water from heat transfer into space (which is at around minus 273oC, 0oK).

    It’s almost as if the laws of chemistry and physics were established to make life possible!

    Anyway, back to the ice.

    In regions where there are substantial quantities of ice, overheating can proceed at a rapid pace without any change in temperature. The overheating manifests as loss of ice.

    That is why the ice cover of the Artic region is so crucial.

    We know for certain that the thickness of the ice in the Artic region is a lot less than it was decades ago. And we know for certain that the density of the ice is a lot lower than it was decades ago -crushed and full of air and refrozen.

    We also know for certain that the area of sea ice is a lot less than it was decades ago.

    Those who wish to distort the debate in order to promote the short-term interests of the fossil fuel sector or just wish to justify their own squandering of fossil fuels, look at the seasonal data and declare “ice formation has never been greater than now!”

    Of course it is, because the summer ice cover has never been lower, and in winter the solar input drops to zero, so the water that is there freezes.

    The absolutely dire moment comes when all the Artic Sea ice has been melted by the general overheating that is taking place.

    When there is no ice cover in the summer, all the solar energy absorbed by the waters of the Arctic region will manifest as temperature rise, rather than conversion of ice to liquid water. Then ‘you’ will see temperature rises like never seen on Earth in hundreds of millions of years.

    It is a kind of sword of Damocles hanging over humanity and life on this planet in general.


    Over the past two decades there has been much discussion about this ‘Sword of Damocles’ amongst the scientifically informed.

    In the political world and amongst the mainstream media the Arctic Sea ice melt ‘Sword of Damocles’ is totally ignored, as if it does not exist at all. The UN IPCC has nothing to say on the matter. Nit that we should take any notice of anything that comes from the UN these days; it is a thoroughly discredited organisaton, used as plaything and propaganda outlet by NATOstan nations.

    Even amongst the least psychotic of world rulers, people such as Putin, there is no recognition of this ‘Sword of Damocles’. They all talk about development via the burning of fossil fuels.

    In NZ, along with other NATOstan nations, the controllers subsidise the use of fossil fuels and pour billions of dollars annually into promoting the use of fossil fuels, and by implication, pour billions of dollars annually into destruction of the future.

    It seems that we are safe for a few more years. Following an unusually low ice cover period, the Artic ice is reforming and we will commence the next melt season with an appreciable amount of ice, though nowhere near as much as there was a couple of decades ago.

    At the other end of the planet, there has been much concern about the undercutting of glaciers of Antarctica as they enter the seas around Antartica. Early this year the Antarctic sea ice cover was at a record low.

    Unlike in the northern hemisphere, there is no potential for complete loss of ice in a matter of decades. Even under the fastest Abrupt Climate Change scenarios it would take many decades for Antartica to become largely ice-free.

    In NATOstan nations the controllers have two top priorities:

    1. keeping their financial Ponzi scheme from imploding.

    2. keeping the general populace from discovering/recognising how much they have been lied to and screwed.


    Methane has a warming potential of around 300 times that of CO2 for time frames that matter.

    ‘In 2020 and 2021, the global network of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) detected the largest within-year increases (15 and 18 ppb, respectively) of atmospheric methane (CH₄) since systematic measurements began in the early 1980s. ‘



    The “we’re all gonna die!!!” AGW fear-porn definitely benefits.. somebody.



    I read Kunstler’s piece last night, and thought it was one of his better ones. It was more than usually perceptive, rather than just a repeat of his common refrain about how the bad guys are going to be brought to justice any day now.

    He is one of the first I’ve seen speculate in print on something I have wondered about myself from time to time. This was in his post just ahead of the line Dr. D quoted about the WEF being a fantasy factory:

    The bottlenecks of resources — energy, commodities, metals, all material things — plus the growing scarcity of real capital (as in representations of genuine wealth), guarantee that nothing organized at the gigantic scale will be able to continue — certainly not any global political administration.

    Michael Reid

    Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Will Take Odessa



    97% of earth’s water is sea water, 2% is ice (sea and rain), 1% is drinking/ground, so in terms of ice in your drink, sea ice is the equivalent of 1/8 inch of ice at the top of your drink in a 6 inch glass (or 3mm in a 150mm glass for the sane). If you are a person who drinks iced drinks, you will know that 1/8 inch of ice in a 6 inch glass makes no difference, which is probably why it is ignored … https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/oceanwater.html.


    so many online Experts helping us understand.. I for one am grateful.


    Veracious Poet

    Banking and finance in the $US regime are further routes of parasitic extraction of wealth and resources.

    Au contraire mon médecin tout pansophique, le mal complet en total et incurable 😐

    The charade is so universal in “The West”, so endemic, that “We The People” have continually voted, and then granted consent/fiscal support, to the ongoing annihilation of the health, happiness & prosperity of the “99%”…

    What will happen when the alternative system, new and more efficient, perhaps user-friendly, is available as a real choice? It seems to me that the last to benefit will be those who are most trapped in the $US system, which are those of us in the “west”, especially the USA. The bureaucracies will preserve themselves until “the end”.

    For at least a century now, “We The People” of “The West” have been the constituents to an open-ended “conspiracy” to control, belittle, impoverish & decimate the “grubbers” by various cliques of the super wealthy + their prostitute minions in assorted bureaucracies (TPTB+Deep State).

    If that is not blatantly obvious at this point, only low IQ, lethargy and/or insanity only be surmised 😐

    I understand the crème de la crème’s fear of “We The People”, who threatened to rise up & foul their kleptocratic games, why they fomented the corruption of electoral systems into a controlled selection of corrupt, autocrat puppets, but I as a true “Son of Liberty” reject the notion that “We The People” could not be trusted & empowered, to run the *BIG* show…

    It’s a *BIG* club, and the majority of the “grubbers” not only are not part of it, they believe & worship it for the most part, either by not understanding it’s reality and/or it’s *END* game, or by allegiance for profit & protection 😐

    “They” have brought “The West” to the point of collapse (e.g. the USofA is 24 days away from the crumbling of it’s *complex* sicioeconomic systems due to the fracturing of *critical* diesel supply) ~ There is -0- time to create & install any “alternate” systems.

    As it stands, with stagflation firmly installed + loss of economic prosperity, the majority of “The West” will sell their souls to the perpetrators for their daily sustenance, falling in-line with whatever *INSANE* policies are required to catch crumbs falling from their *MASTERS* tables…


    Nookyular War would make our supra-national rulers’ lives worse, and that’s what matters (to them).
    Unlikely in the extreme.. I expect a continued, slow grinding-down- much like the curious events of the last 2.5
    years or so, when our “intelligentsia”- especially on the “left”- suddenly found it difficult to think. 😉

    A false-flag here or there to keep the proles’ “hair mussed”? yes, count on that, dears..


    Chuck E. Weiss and Tom Waits- Do You Know What I Mean (What I Mean, What I Idi Amin):

    Well suited to these times, though I’d much rather listen to Mahler 6.
    I wonder what Flora thinks..

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