Dec 312023
Debt Rattle New Year's Eve 2023

Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 1897   • 2024 Could Be When West’s Liberal Elites Lose Control Of World Order (Lukyanov) • Will 2023 Be Known As The Last Year Of Global US Hegemony? (Fomenko) • Russia Enters 2024 In A Better Position Than It Was In 12 Months Ago (Timofeev) • US Wants to Use South Caucasus to Open 2nd Front Against Russia – Moscow (Sp.) • Argentina’s Choice Not to Join BRICS ‘Ideological’ – Top Diplomat (Sp.) •

Dec 302023
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Debt Rattle December 30 2023

Edward Hopper Two on the Aisle 1927   • Putin ‘Tried Everything Possible’ To Make Peace – Ukrainian Diplomat (RT) • Is Talk of Peace in Ukraine a Washington ‘Deception’? (Sp.) • Beginning of the End of Ukraine Conflict Chance for Diplomacy, Negotiation (Sp.) • Ukraine ‘Thinks Like a Warmonger’ – Russian Foreign Ministry (Sp.) • EU States Knowingly ‘De-Industrializing’ – Gazprom (RT) • Russia Warns West On ‘Boomerang Effect’ Of Confiscating Assets (RT) • The Middle East on Fire

Dec 292023
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Debt Rattle December 29 2023

Vincent van Gogh Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 1887   • How Yemen Changed Everything (Pepe Escobar) • There Are No Innocent Ships At Sea (Helmer) • Biden Needs To Come To Israel’s – And His Own – Rescue (MoA) • US, Europe Likely On Track to Become ‘Failed Economies’ – Michael Hudson (Sp.) • What Will Be Left Out of the USA? (Barton) • Russia Has Become Significantly Stronger Over Past Year – Lavrov (Sp.) • Ukrainian ‘Regime’ Must Be

Dec 282023
How We Averted The Polycrisis

Edward Hopper Funnel of Trawler 1924     Good thing India didn’t join the sanctions, explains Andrew Korybko. Maybe there’s a lesson in there for more people and countries. Also, maybe it’s too late for some. Even if the deindustralization of Germany has barely started.     Andrew Korybko: A representative of India’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry told a department-related parliamentary standing committee that their country’s Russian oil imports helped stabilize the global energy market and prevent havoc from

Dec 282023
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Debt Rattle December 28 2023

Claude Monet Boulevard des Capucines 1873   • Jack Smith Files Motion to Stop Trump from Raising New J6 Evidence (PB) • Trump Can Remain On Michigan Primary Ballot, State Supreme Court Rules (Pol.) • US Police Bolster Patrols for Colorado Judges Amid Violent Threats (Sp.) • Ramaswamy’s Campaign Stops Spending Money On TV Ads (JTN) • The US Is Preparing For War With China (CP) • Scott Ritter: US Sustainability in Jeopardy as World Turns Against Hegemon (Sp.) •

Dec 272023
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Debt Rattle December 27 2023

Edward Hopper New York restaurant 1922   • ‘Rot In Hell’ Biden – Trump Christmas Greeting (RT) • Obama Shaped CIA To Boost His Political Agenda – Former Agent (JTN) • The Supreme Court Holds to Regular Order for the New Year (Turley) • India’s Turnaround On Palestine Has More Than Meets The Eye (Bhadrakumar) • US ‘Cannibalizing Europe’ – Oreshkin (RT) • Russia Now Europe’s Largest Economy – Oreshkin (Sp.) • German Car Industry Could Be Sold To China

Dec 262023
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Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2023

Pablo Picasso Jacqueline in Turkish costume 1955   • Biden Handling Of Southern Border To Cost Him 2024 Election – Congressman (JTN) • Thousands Join Huge Migrant Caravan In Mexico Ahead Of Blinken Visit (BBC) • Confiscating Russian Assets Would Be ‘Cataclysmic’ For Dollar – Robert Shiller (RT) • Biden Is Destroying The Dollar – Russia’s Top MP (RT) • Netanyahu Outsmarted by Wily Biden? No, Biden Is the One Being Played (Crooke) • Despite Its Shortcomings, UNSC Vote Will

Dec 252023
Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2023

Velázquez The Immaculate Conception 1619   • ‘I Did Not Ask Netanyahu For Ceasefire’: Biden (Cradle) • How The Western Media Are Protecting The Israelis (Helmer) • Houthis Brush Off US Threats, Vow to Intensify Anti-Israeli Ops (Sp.) • Biden’s Attack On Nord Stream Was Aimed At Germany – Seymour Hersh (RT) • Putin Now Serious About Negotiating End To War: Diplomats (ZH) • Ukrainians Face A ‘Terrible Winter’ – Retired French General (RT) • Time To Find ‘Another Way’

Dec 242023
Debt Rattle Christmas Eve 2023

Edward Hopper House on the shore 1924   • 2023 – The Year the World saw the US Emperor as Naked… and Grotesque (SCF) • US, Israel Face A Powerful New Enemy In The Middle East (Robert Inlakesh) • Houthi Red Sea Blockade Could ‘Starve’ Western War Machine of Oil (Sp.) • Pentagon’s Operation Prosperity Guardian “Falls Apart” (ZH) • Chinese, Iranian, Indian Warships Are In The Red Sea, Gulf Of Aden (Helmer) • ‘Crazy’ Biden Idea Could Spark Global

Dec 232023
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Debt Rattle December 23 2023

Edward Hopper New York office 1962   • The Supreme Court Sees the Politics – Jack Smith Denied Request (CTH) • A Rigged System From Top to Bottom (Donald Jeffries) • NYT Editor: Opponents to Trump’s Disqualification The New Confederates (Turley) • Slip, Sliding Towards Civil War as Trump Tossed From Colorado Ballot (Bridge) • Biden Emailed Son’s Business Associate 54 Times In 1 Year– Republicans (RT) • Ukraine Can’t Defeat Russia – Fico (RT) • ‘Old Ukraine’ Is Dead