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US Can Turn Back Doomsday Clock (CN)
Doomsday Clock: 90 Seconds To Midnight (Escobar)
World War III: Has It Begun? (Jim Rickards)
Pentagon Think Tank Warns Against ‘Long War’ In Ukraine (RT)
Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War (MoA)
Pretend-O-Rama (Kunstler)
Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters (Drive)
Zelensky Issues Warning Over Abrams Deliveries (RT)
Russian Diplomat Wants Germany To Clarify Status In Ukraine Conflict (TASS)
German FM Under Fire Over ‘War With Russia’ Comment (RT)
Brazil Refuses To Sell Tank Ammo For Ukraine (RT)
EU Claims To Have Found Way To Access Frozen Russian Funds (RT)
Russian Senator On Basis For Productive Talks With Kiev (TASS)
Russian FM Says BRICS Group To Consider Common Currency (AA)
FDA Quietly Changes End Date for Study of Heart Inflammation (ET)
Pilots Are Dying At Southwest Airlines At Over 6x The Normal Rate (Kirsch)



27 million dead Russians. Russia liberated Auschwitz. Not welcome. The Germans built it, the Poles manned it. They are welcome.



















Nuland Rand Paul





“But in April, Ukraine’s Western allies [..] refused to support the neutrality agreement and persuaded Ukraine to abandon its negotiations with Russia.”

US Can Turn Back Doomsday Clock (CN)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has just issued its 2023 Doomsday Clock statement, calling this “a time of unprecedented danger.” It has advanced the hands of the clock to 90 seconds to midnight, meaning that the world is closer to global catastrophe than ever before, mainly because the conflict in Ukraine has gravely increased the risk of nuclear war. This scientific assessment should wake up the world’s leaders to the urgent necessity of bringing the parties involved in the Ukraine war to the peace table. So far, the debate about peace talks to resolve the conflict has revolved mostly around what Ukraine and Russia should be prepared to bring to the table in order to end the war and restore peace.

However, given that this war is not just between Russia and Ukraine but is part of a “New Cold War” between Russia and the United States, it is not just Russia and Ukraine that must consider what they can bring to the table to end it. The United States must also consider what steps it can take to resolve its underlying conflict with Russia that led to this war in the first place. The geopolitical crisis that set the stage for the war in Ukraine began with NATO’s broken promises not to expand into Eastern Europe, and was exacerbated by its declaration in 2008 that Ukraine would eventually join this primarily anti-Russian military alliance. Then, in 2014, a U.S.-backed coup against Ukraine’s elected government caused the disintegration of Ukraine. Only 51 percent of Ukrainians surveyed told a Gallup poll that they recognized the legitimacy of the post-coup government, and large majorities in Crimea and in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces voted to secede from Ukraine.

Crimea rejoined Russia, and the new Ukrainian government launched a civil war against the self-declared “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk. The civil war killed an estimated 14,000 people, but the Minsk II accord in 2015 established a ceasefire and a buffer zone along the line of control, with 1,300 international OSCE ceasefire monitors and staff. The ceasefire line largely held for seven years, and casualties declined substantially from year to year. But the Ukrainian government never resolved the underlying political crisis by granting Donetsk and Luhansk the autonomous status it promised them in the Minsk II agreement.

[..] In March 2022, the month after the Russian invasion, ceasefire negotiations were held in Turkey. Russia and Ukraine drew up a 15-point “neutrality agreement,” which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy publicly presented and explained to his people in a national TV broadcast on March 27th. Russia agreed to withdraw from the territories it had occupied since the invasion in February in exchange for a Ukrainian commitment not to join NATO or host foreign military bases. That framework also included proposals for resolving the future of Crimea and Donbas. But in April, Ukraine’s Western allies — the United States and United Kingdom in particular — refused to support the neutrality agreement and persuaded Ukraine to abandon its negotiations with Russia.

Scott Ritter

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“Almost without firing a shot a Russia-Iran alliance could smash NATO to bits and bring down assorted EU governments..”

Doomsday Clock: 90 Seconds To Midnight (Escobar)

No one ever accused German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of being brighter than a light bulb. She finally gave the game away, at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg: “The crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe because we are fighting a war against Russia.” So Baerbock agrees with Lavrov. Just don’t ask her what Doomsday Clock means. Or what happened after Operation Barbarossa failed. The EU-NATO combo takes matters to a whole new level. The EU essentially has been reduced to the status of P.R. arm of NATO. It’s all spelled out in their January 10 joint declaration. The NATO-EU joint mission consists in using all economic, political and military means to make sure the “jungle” always behaves according to the “rules-based international order” and accepts to be plundered ad infinitum by the “blooming garden”.

Looking at The Big Picture, absolutely nothing changed in the US military/intel apparatus since 9/11: it’s a bipartisan thing, and it means Full Spectrum Dominance of both the US and NATO. No dissent whatsoever is allowed. And no thinking outside the box. Plan A is subdivided into two sections. 1. Military intervention in a hollowed-out proxy state shell (see Afghanistan and Ukraine). 2. Inevitable, humiliating military defeat (see Afghanistan and soon Ukraine). Variations include building a wasteland and calling it “peace” (Libya) and extended proxy war leading to future humiliating expulsion (Syria). There’s no Plan B. Or is there? 90 seconds to midnight?

Obsessed by Mackinder, the Empire fought for control of the Eurasian landmass in World War I and World War II because that represented control of the world. Later, Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski had warned: “Potentially the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition between Russia, China and Iran.” Jump cut to the Raging Twenties when the US forced the end of Russian natural gas exports to Germany (and the EU) via Nord Stream 1 and 2. Once again, Mackinderian opposition to a grand alliance on the Eurasian landmass consisting of Germany, Russia and China. The Straussian neo-con and neoliberal-con psychos in charge of US foreign policy could even absorb a strategic alliance between Russia and China – as painful as it may be. But never Russia, China and Germany.

With the collapse of the JCPOA, Iran is now being re-targeted with maximum hostility. Yet were Tehran to play hardball, the US Navy or military could never keep the Strait of Hormuz open – by the admission of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Oil price in this case would rise to possibly thousands of dollars a barrel according to Goldman Sachs oil derivative experts – and that would crash the entire world economy. This is arguably the foremost NATO Achilles Heel. Almost without firing a shot a Russia-Iran alliance could smash NATO to bits and bring down assorted EU governments as socio-economic chaos runs rampant across the collective West.

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“The issue of when wars in general and world wars in particular begin and end is not as clear cut as many believe..”

World War III: Has It Begun? (Jim Rickards)

That’s a serious question and deserves serious consideration by investors. A wave of analysts and commentators have warned that the war in Ukraine could spin out of control and escalate into World War III. One variation on that theme is that the war could escalate into a nuclear war with tactical nuclear weapons deployed. Most point a finger at Russia as the party that will launch a nuclear strike out of desperation at a failing campaign in Ukraine. Actually, the opposite is true. The Russian campaign is not failing (it has been on hold for several months awaiting the right conditions to launch a winter offensive). You just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media, which is essentially a propaganda outlet for Ukraine. And the party most likely to use nuclear weapons first is the U.S. in order to save face and destabilize Russia once Ukraine is on the brink of collapse.

Many people have a hard time believing that. They’ve been told that Putin is the devil incarnate and would probably like to destroy the world. We like to think that in modern times we’re sophisticated and above falling prey to propaganda. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. The fact is the U.S. did wage the only nuclear war in history from Aug. 6–9, 1945 and had a successful outcome. I’m not getting into the morality of it here, one way or the other. I’m just being objective. Either way, another nuclear war could not be contained and it would be tantamount to World War III. It amounts to the same thing. But my point is different. It’s not that we may be headed to World War III; it’s that we’re already there. The issue of when wars in general and world wars in particular begin and end is not as clear cut as many believe. There are many examples.

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“In 2019, the think tank provided a blueprint for “overextending and unbalancing” Russia..”

Pentagon Think Tank Warns Against ‘Long War’ In Ukraine (RT)

While both Moscow and Kiev think they will benefit from continued fighting, such a turn of events does not serve Washington’s best interests, the Pentagon’s think tank RAND Corporation argues in a new report published on Friday. Authored by Samuel Charap and Miranda Priebe, “Avoiding a Long War” accepts the prevailing premises about the conflict, but notes that US interests “often align with but are not synonymous with Ukrainian interests.” According to the authors, the conflict has already inflicted significant economic, military and reputational damage on Russia, so its “further incremental weakening is arguably no longer as significant a benefit for US interests.” The price to the West has not been insignificant either, from the disruption to energy, food and fertilizer markets to the cost of “keeping the Ukrainian state economically solvent,” which will only “multiply over time.”

NATO’s military aid to Ukraine “could also become unsustainable after a certain period,” while Russia may “reverse Ukrainian battlefield gains,” they said. The conflict is “absorbing senior policymakers’ time and US military resources,” distracting Washington from other global priorities, such as China, while pushing Moscow closer to Beijing. In short, the consequences of a long war – ranging from persistent elevated escalation risks to economic damage – far outweigh the possible benefits. The study describes President Vladimir Zelensky’s vision of victory, in which Ukraine would recover all the territories it lays claim to and force Russia to submit to war crimes trials and reparations, as “optimistic” and “improbable.” Moscow, “perceives this war to be near existential” and has signaled “a high level of resolve,” the authors caution, raising the probability it might use nuclear weapons if it feels threatened.

Prospects for some kind of negotiated peace are “poor in the near term,” the report acknowledges, as Kiev believes Western support will continue indefinitely, while Moscow has been given no reason to believe the sanctions will ever be lifted. The US could “condition future military aid on a Ukrainian commitment to negotiations,” while giving Kiev security commitments, but “not as binding as US mutual defense treaties” or NATO membership, the report suggested. Washington should also give Moscow assurances regarding Ukraine’s neutrality and set “conditions for sanctions relief.” Founded in 1948 by the US military-industrial complex, RAND has provided the Pentagon with policy advice for decades. In 2019, the think tank provided a blueprint for “overextending and unbalancing” Russia that included economic sanctions, sending weapons to Ukraine, promoting uprisings in Central Asia and even deploying more nuclear weapons to Europe. By contrast, the advice on how to avoid escalation with Moscow while arming Kiev, from July last year, seems to have had little to no effect.

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More on that RAND report.

Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War (MoA)

RAND Corp is a government and industry financed large research institute. Founded shortly after the end of the second world war it mostly works for the Pentagon by developing policies and strategies. In April 2019 RAND published a report about Extending Russia The report summary explained its purpose: “As the 2018 National Defense Strategy recognized, the United States is currently locked in a great-power competition with Russia. This report seeks to define areas where the United States can compete to its own advantage. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from Western and Russian sources, this report examines Russia’s economic, political, and military vulnerabilities and anxieties. It then analyzes potential policy options to exploit them — ideologically, economically, geopolitically, and militarily (including air and space, maritime, land, and multidomain options).” RAND developed policy options in those four fields. It then evaluated their benefit, cost and risks as well as their likelihood of success. Here is their summary table for economic measures:

The first three measures were implemented when the war in Ukraine was launched. The geopolitical measures included an option of providing lethal aid to Ukraine. This would create the risk that Russia would respond militarily and eventually take more of Ukraine than the two Donbas republics: Taking more of Ukraine might only increase the burden [for Russia], albeit at the expense of the Ukrainian people. However, such a move might also come at a significant cost to Ukraine and to U.S. prestige and credibility. This could produce disproportionately large Ukrainian casualties, territorial losses, and refugee flows. It might even lead Ukraine into a disadvantageous peace. While they at times underestimate Russia’s capabilities RAND people are not dumb. They knew of the likely outcome of a war. Other geopolitical measure RAND evaluated included more support for ‘Syrian rebels’, regime change per color revolution in Belarus, to exploit tensions in the southern Caucasus and to reduce Russian influence in Central Asia. RAND’s summary for geopolitical measures:

The Trump and Biden administrations both implemented the measures that seemed to have high benefits as well as high risks. The use of ideological measures against Russia was seen as having rather low benefits.

There follow more options, mostly in military categories, that the RAND report developed and evaluated. They emphasize industry pork. The Trump administration took some of the measures RAND provided but seemed not too enthusiastic about them. Its regime change attempt in Belarus failed. The Biden administration changed tact. He endorsed Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the color revolution candidate that had failed the elections in Belarus. Biden also allowed for the delivery of more offensive weapons to Ukraine. The regime in Kiev was encouraged to retake the rebellions Donbas republics. The green light for that was given in early 2022 even as the White House knew that Russia would respond militarily. The consequences for Ukraine that RAND had predicted in 2019 ensued.

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“The Ukraine misadventure will disappear from America’s collective consciousness in a New York minute and a Fourth Turning jamboree of serious domestic political disorder will commence in short order..”

Pretend-O-Rama (Kunstler)

We are losing this unnecessary proxy war about as steadily as possible, and actually making Russia look good in the process. Russia could have ended the war in five minutes by turning Kiev into an ashtray, but it spent the first eight months of the operation trying to avoid busting up Ukraine’s infrastructure, so as not to turn it into a failed state (that would present new and worse problems). Mr. Putin made many overtures to negotiate an end to the conflict, all rejected by Ukraine, the US, and its NATO “partners.” So, now Russia is grinding on-the-ground to reduce Ukraine’s ability to continue making war by systematically killing the troops Ukraine foolishly throws into the battle line, and destroying Ukraine’s heavy weapons. Ukraine is about out of its own soldiers and weapons.

Russia is maneuvering to roll over what’s left there and put an end to these pointless and needless hostilities. Contrary to US propaganda, Russia has no ambition to conquer NATO territory. Rather its aim is to restore order to a corner of the world that has been its legitimate sphere of influence for centuries — and more than once been used as a doormat for European armies to invade Russia. Apparently, we can’t allow Russia to clean up this mess we made — or we pretend that we can’t, even though it’s happening anyway, whether we like it or not. So now, the US promises to send thirty-one M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. A bold move, you think? Not exactly. By the time these tanks get anywhere in the vicinity of Ukraine, this war is likely to be over.

Never mind the difficult business of training the few remaining eligible Ukrainian men between sixteen and sixty how to operate the tanks, and training maintenance crews, and delivering inventories of spare parts — you see where this is going — not to mention the certainty that the Russians will simply blow them up as fast as they appear on the premises. Anyway, a measly thirty-one tanks that can barely be operated is meaningless compared to hundreds of T-72s backed by newer T-14 tanks the Russians can muster from just over their border with Ukraine. The tank proffer is, sad to say (for the dignity of our country), a joke, kind of a last feeble pretense before the whole thing ends in ignominy for the “Joe Biden” team — whoever that actually is.

The repercussions are liable to be ugly for our country, not necessarily in terms of more military trouble in other lands (which we probably lack the capacity to engage in now), but something more personal: the collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and a vicious loss of purchasing power here at home. That would provoke a situation worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, and that’s probably where things are going. The Ukraine misadventure will disappear from America’s collective consciousness in a New York minute and a Fourth Turning jamboree of serious domestic political disorder will commence in short order. If you think “Joe Biden’s” term in office has been a disaster so far, just wait. You ain’t seen nuttin yet.

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Want to guess who pays for this?

Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters (Drive)

Unlike the recent influx of promises for western tanks, Ukraine has yet to receive any solid offers of modern fighter jets from allies like the U.S., France, the Netherlands, Denmark and others. But it’s preparing airfields across the country in anticipation of deliveries of multi-role jets like U.S.-made F-16 Fighting Falcons or French Mirage or Rafale fighters. To integrate jets like those into the Ukrainian Air Force would not only require training for pilots and maintainers, but it would also require making sure more modern jets have safe places to operate from. “We have to prepare the airfield infrastructure so that pilots could land safely on the airstrips,” Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Col. Yuri Ignat told reporters Friday at a press briefing in Ukraine. “The works are in progress in different regions of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Defense and other government agencies to support us in the creation of this airfield network.”

With the country under continuing sporadic missile and drone barrages, like the one yesterday, Ignat acknowledged that the work to create the airfield network for new fighters cannot be done “as well as it could have been done in peacetime.” Ignat did not offer any details about where or how many airfields are in the pipeline, or what kind of work needed to be done. But any improvements likely involve upgrading the quality of operating areas and possibly lengthening runways. Ukraine’s Soviet-designed tactical jets were built to operate in conditions that can be considered positively austere when compared to their Western counterparts. The bases they operate from reflect this flexibility. too. As for the aircraft, they have sturdier landing gear, mud guards on their nose wheels, in some cases even intake doors that protect the aircraft from ingesting damaging debris during taxiing. Most Western designs are made to operate from much more pristine surfaces that are meticulously cleared of even small pieces of debris. So if Ukraine wants Western fighters, it needs infrastructure that meets their operational needs.

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Not enough! Not fast enough! More more moar!

Zelensky Issues Warning Over Abrams Deliveries (RT)

President Vladimir Zelensky has criticized Washington’s lack of speed in delivering heavy tanks to Ukraine. In an interview with Sky News on Friday, the Ukrainian leader also warned that Kiev would not be satisfied with a small number of tanks from the West. Zelensky’s comments come after the US promised on Wednesday to supply Kiev with 31 M1 Abrams tanks, but cautioned that the delivery could take several months or more. The White House explained that it expects to acquire the machines from the industry, rather than pulling them directly from its own stocks. However, Zelensky complained that if the American tanks arrive as late as August, it will be “too late.” He insisted that a handful of tanks “won’t make a difference on the battlefield.”

The president told Sky News that Ukraine currently needs “300 to 500 tanks” in order to be able to launch a counter offensive against Russia. “It’s not about politics, it’s about specific results on the battlefield,” he said. Zelensky also thanked the countries that have been delivering weapons to Ukraine and noted that a total of 12 countries have already committed to bolstering Kiev’s tank coalition. Earlier this week, Germany officially approved the supply to Kiev of 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks from its own stocks and also gave permission to other countries to provide their own German-made armor for the needs of the Ukrainian army. Berlin said it expects to deliver the Leopards no later than the end of March. Other countries that have also pledged their heavy armor to Kiev include the UK, Poland, Canada, Spain, Norway and the Netherlands.

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“”The German foreign minister said that her country was fighting jointly with other nations against Russia, while her ministry does not consider their own country to be party to the conflict..”

Russian Diplomat Wants Germany To Clarify Status In Ukraine Conflict (TASS)

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged the German ambassador to Russia on Friday to clarify Berlin’s position on its status in the conflict in Ukraine. “The German foreign minister said that her country was fighting jointly with other nations against Russia, while her ministry does not consider their own country to be party to the conflict. Taking into account these contradictory statements, the German ambassador to Russia should clarify them,” the Russian diplomat wrote on her Telegram channel. Earlier, Germany’s Foreign Ministry said providing assistance to Kiev did not make Berlin party to the conflict in Ukraine. This was how Germany’s diplomacy commented on a statement by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who said, addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe earlier this week, that “we are fighting a war against Russia.”.

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More Baerbock.

“..a regional lawmaker from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the president of the German-Hungarian association, Gerhard Papke, accused Baerbock of being “completely politically insane” for making such a statement..”

German FM Under Fire Over ‘War With Russia’ Comment (RT)

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has faced a wave of criticism after claiming at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) that Germany is at war with Russia. The comment led opposition politicians to question whether she is fit for the job. “A statement by Baerbock that Germany is at war with Russia shows that she is not suited for her job,” Sahra Wagenknecht, a German MP and the former head of the Left Party’s faction in the Bundestag, wrote on Twitter on Friday. A foreign minister should be a “top diplomat” and “not act like an elephant in a China shop,” the lawmaker added, accusing Baerbock of “trampling” on Germany’s reputation. During the Tuesday debate, Baerbock said European nations were “fighting a war against Russia” and must do more to defend Ukraine.

Germany needs a foreign minister who is capable of acting “as a responsible diplomat and not a firebrand” amid conflict in Europe, said Alice Weidel, the co-chair of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AFD) faction in the Bundestag. Weidel accused Baerbock of being incapable of acting on the diplomatic stage, saying Berlin needs a top diplomat who represents Germany’s interests exclusively. Meanwhile, a regional lawmaker from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the president of the German-Hungarian association, Gerhard Papke, accused Baerbock of being “completely politically insane” for making such a statement. Left MP Selim Dagdelen demanded Chancellor Olaf Scholz provide an “immediate” explanation on whether Baerbock had his government’s mandate “for her declaration of war” and suggested the minister was a threat to the security of German citizens.

Neither Baerbock, nor Scholz, have responded to the criticism so far. Germany’s Foreign Ministry maintained Berlin is not a party to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow in a statement to the Bild tabloid. “Supporting Ukraine in exercising its individual right for self-defense… does not make Germany a party to the conflict,” it said, pointing to the UN Charter. It said Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine is “a war against the European peace and order” and this is what Baerbock had meant. In the wake of Baerbock’s Tuesday statement, Moscow said that the German minister’s words only show that the West had been planning this conflict all along for years.

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“..to Germany for use in Ukraine..”

Brazil Refuses To Sell Tank Ammo For Ukraine (RT)

Brazilian President Lula da Silva shot down an offer to sell tank ammunition to Germany for use in Ukraine, Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported on Friday. A vocal critic of the West’s policy toward Ukraine, Lula has striven to remain neutral on its conflict with Russia. The president allegedly rejected the request at a meeting with Brazilian defense chiefs and Defense MInister Jose Mucio last week. According to the paper’s sources, since-dismissed army commander Julio Cesar de Arruda told Lula that Germany wished to purchase just under $5 million worth of shells for its Leopard 1 tanks.

Lula reportedly considered asking Berlin to guarantee that it would not send the ammunition to Ukraine, but ultimately declined the offer, “arguing that it was not worth provoking the Russians,” as Folha de Sao Paulo put it. Less than a week later, Germany formally announced that it would donate a company-sized force of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, and would allow other countries operating the tanks to transfer them to Kiev. It is unclear whether the ammunition referenced by Folha is compatible with both generations of Leopard tank. Like his right-wing predecessor, the left-wing Lula has taken a neutral position on the conflict in Ukraine.

While Jair Bolsonaro’s government formally condemned Moscow at the UN General Assembly over its military operation, neither president has imposed sanctions on Russia, and each has partially blamed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the outbreak of hostilities. Lula has condemned the US for pouring tens of billions of dollars into Ukraine’s government and military, and suggested last year that US President Joe Biden “could have avoided [the conflict], not incited it.” He also declared that NATO leadership should have reassured Russia that Ukraine would never be allowed to join the US-led military bloc, which was one of Moscow’s key demands for peace before it sent troops into the country.

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Given that Russia will be in control, it would seem wiser to return their funds, so you would get some actual rebuilding done.

EU Claims To Have Found Way To Access Frozen Russian Funds (RT)

The European Union has told member states that it has legal authority to temporarily leverage a hefty amount of Russian Central Bank assets to pay for the rebuilding of Ukraine, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. The mechanism could reportedly involve as much as €33.8 billion ($36.8 billion) of the funds frozen by the bloc as part of the Ukraine-related sanctions imposed on Moscow. According to the EU’s Council Legal Service, the plan is legally feasible if the assets aren’t expropriated and certain conditions are met. These include a termination date, a focus on liquid assets, and clarity that the principal and interest would be returned to Russia at some point, according to people close to the discussions. The Group of Seven (G7) and the EU reportedly failed to find a clear legal basis for simply confiscating Russian assets.

Instead, Brussels is considering the idea of pooling the frozen assets together at EU or international level to generate returns that could be used to finance the rebuilding of Ukraine. According to a number of estimates, the Russian Central Bank’s frozen assets amount to some $300 billion worldwide. EU officials had previously said almost €34 billion ($37 billion) of the funds are sitting in EU-based deposits. The figure is, however, still under assessment. In November, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed that the bloc’s authorities should create a special structure to manage the frozen Russian funds and invest them with a view to using the proceeds for Ukraine. The Russian government has repeatedly called the freezing of the country’s assets “theft,” and warned that the step contravenes international law. According to Moscow, the very idea of international reserves has been discredited by the use of the US dollar as a weapon in the sanctions war against Russia.

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“.. I think that only the successful completion of the special military operation may be the basis for meaningful and fruitful negotiations..”

Russian Senator On Basis For Productive Talks With Kiev (TASS)

Only the successful completion of the special military operation may serve as the foundation for “meaningful and productive” talks on the situation in Ukraine, says First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, ex-Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov. “This is my personal opinion. I think that only the successful completion of the special military operation may be the basis for meaningful and fruitful negotiations. Without this, any talks, the results of these talks, will only postpone the resolution of the conflict and threaten to renew or repeat it,” he said at a press conference at TASS on Friday.

Replying to a question about any negotiations currently taking place on settling the situation around Ukraine, the official noted that the “process is not in progress.” “What is more, in order for the talks to go on, they have to start. They haven’t,” the senator stressed. He added that the possibility to launch talks on this issue between Moscow and Washington or Brussels is also not visible at the moment.

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“..the West has proved that all the values and mechanisms of globalization that it itself created and promoted, including the inviolability of property, fair competition, the presumption of innocence, can be trampled on at any moment..”

Russian FM Says BRICS Group To Consider Common Currency (AA)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – BRICS countries – will discuss creating a common currency at the group’s forthcoming summit this August in South Africa. “Serious, self-respecting countries are well aware of what is at stake, see the incompetence of the ‘masters’ of the current international monetary and financial system, and want to create their own mechanisms to ensure sustainable development, which will be protected from outside dictates. “It is in this direction that the initiatives that have been voiced recently … about the need to think about creating our own currencies within the framework of BRICS,” he told a news conference after a meeting with Angolan President Joao Lourenco in the capital Luanda.

The minister added that Russia and Angola have a “firm intention” to develop cooperation in all areas, despite “illegal” Western pressure. Lavrov said the West uses “the same colonial methods with which it exploited developing continents,” and continues using them “to plunder foreign countries and uses resources of global importance to its advantage.” “By its actions, the West has proved that all the values and mechanisms of globalization that it itself created and promoted, including the inviolability of property, fair competition, the presumption of innocence, can be trampled on at any moment, and can also betray its allies at any moment. This is proved by the practice of not so long ago events in Afghanistan, Iraq, and during the Arab Spring of 2011,” he said.

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How does the FDA still exist?

FDA Quietly Changes End Date for Study of Heart Inflammation (ET)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has changed the end date for a key study on post-vaccination heart inflammation without notifying the public. Pfizer was supposed to complete a study on the occurrence of subclinical myocarditis, or heart inflammation, after receipt of its COVID-19 vaccine. The completion date was listed by the FDA in 2021 as June 20, 2022. Pfizer was also supposed to submit the results of the study to the FDA by the end of 2022 as part of a list of requirements the FDA imposed as a condition of approving Pfizer’s jab. But after the deadline passed, the FDA quietly changed the date. Under a list of postmarketing requirements for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the FDA now says the same study has an “original projected completion date” of June 30, 2023.

The current status of the study is listed as “pending.” The FDA and Pfizer did not respond to requests for comment. Jessica Adams, a former regulatory review officer at the FDA, said the wording amounts to misinformation. “By definition, ‘original’ dates can’t change,” she wrote on Twitter, tagging the agency. “Please correct this ‘misinformation.’” Dr. Vinay Prasad, who has increasingly criticized the FDA over its decisions during the pandemic, said the new timeline “is so slow it will be entirely moot.” “Another FDA failure,” he said on Twitter.


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“I’ll pay you $5 for any flight attendant/pilot who signs the petition. So you can earn $50/hr or even more and work your own hours. And you’ll be doing a huge public service..”

Pilots Are Dying At Southwest Airlines At Over 6x The Normal Rate (Kirsch)

I thought the vaccines were supposed to reduce death not increase it! I just asked the FAA for their comment on this. Here’s what I wrote:

If they respond, I’ll post their response here. The FAA wants a war, so I’m going to give them one. I’m not going to let the FAA get away with ignoring all the deaths and disabilities. I’m willing to pay people $5 per name who sign our FAA petition to investigate these injuries. All you do is stand right outside the Crew security checkpoint and hand out the fliers. I’ll pay you $5 for any flight attendant/pilot who signs the petition. So you can earn $50/hr or even more and work your own hours. And you’ll be doing a huge public service. I will then pay all costs for 20,000 of these people to come demonstrate outside of FAA headquarters. If 20,000 doesn’t work, then we’ll try 40,000 people. Whatever it takes for these people to investigate. The protest will end when the FAA agrees to investigate the injuries. Please let me know if you are interested in this offer to help me collect names.

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    Rembrandt van Rijn Man in Oriental Costume (The Noble Slav) 1632   • US Can Turn Back Doomsday Clock (CN) • Doomsday Clock: 90 Seconds To Midnigh
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 28 2023]

    Veracious Poet

    Parting comment:

    Homo sapiens have survived cataclysms, reigns of terror, genocide & *true* pandemics throughout millennia, but with the advent of high tech, nuclear weapons, breaking the genetic code et al., it is *now* within the realm of reason to postulate that *humanity* is facing a genuine *existential crisis*, entirely due to it’s failure to maintain the basic levels of global morals+ethics, with which to reign in pathologically dishonest, rapacious thinking & behavior.

    It is my studied experience & opinion, that the required evolutionary jump to a world where the Natural Rights of ALL living things *will* be recognized, honored & protected (as a matter of course) is only possible when *spirituality* is valued & taught, not scoffed at or dismissed out-of-hand due to random examples religious charlatanism…

    History is replete with examples of *spirituality* providing the *only* sane compass heading proficient to navigate superfluous seas of tyranny, chaos, suffering & mass murder.

    Mister Roboto

    From yesterday:

    i miss deflationista..

    I don’t know if I miss them as such, but it definitely kept things interesting around here trying to guess what their deal was. Their antagonistically monomaniacal devotion to an experimental pharmaceutical product was certainly not typical TAE-poster behavior, lending credence to the idea that they were some sort of operative who had hacked and commandeered the supposed original deflationista’s account. But their approach was also so self-defeating that it could also be chalked up to a poster with a naturally obsessive personality who just got swept up into the Covid mass-formation psychosis.

    V. Arnold

    Veracious Poet
    Very good post, to which I mostly agree…

    Dr. D

    Georgia governor sends out National Guard for “Mostly peaceful” protestors who for months light citizens on fire, shoot policemen, and now burn down their city like General Sherman. I haven’t checked yet, but only the black neighborhoods, no doubt. As they are northerners like General Sherman, is that an act of war, a “Northern Aggression”?

    Well everyone denies it including the Governor, so it isn’t happening.

    “We are on the cusp of thermonuclear war. Our only chance for global survival is for NATO to go gracefully. If they don’t, it’s been a pleasure knowing you, 2023 will be the last year that we’re alive on this planet.”

    I can’t say Portland will be first, but it’ll be up there. Along with your town shortly after. But can’t make a nation of clowns take it seriously. It’s all just stuff on TV, stuff made of entertaining words. It’s a big Debbie Downer to think about, so we don’t! Kind of like humping firewood for the winter. Surely somebody else will do it.

    “[Baerbock] finally gave the game away, at the Council of Europe”

    Yes, but 1) She was saying what everybody already knew and was already saying 2) they could have simply denied and denounced her words as misunderstood or false. It’s that they didn’t deny it, spin it, that is the disturbing part. They didn’t feel the need to bother, not to Russia, who you’re not fooling, but to US the people.

    “Brzezinski had warned: “Potentially the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition between Russia, China and Iran.”

    Realizing this, immediately Brzezinski and his people then very specifically, methodically, CAUSED it. In a multipolar world, where these are all equal states, sure they ally and talk. But so does everyone else. Only psychos determine their girlfriends can’t have other friends, only themselves. Or the beatings will continue. Does that bring her closer or drive her away? So in this town, these three battered wives are downtrodden, and you think they won’t talk? You think the other battered wives in town don’t want it to stop?

    How did you get in a position where 90% of wives want to leave? THAT is your problem, not these three. If all women were just friends in this example, that would just be life, not a hazard. That you think otherwise says nothing about Iran, but does demonstrate that you’re a murderous psychopath.

    “Pentagon Think Tank Warns against ‘Long War’ In Ukraine (RT)”

    That’s the #Opposite of what Austin and co have said since it began, since 2014, since 1999. What changed? Because #They’reLosing? Okay: you’re against a “Long War”, good job! How do you end it? Not kidding, because of the actions of RAND and their pals, the war is not-endable, you fools. It can end if the West completely surrenders and demobilizes, not Ukraine. They’re going to take all of Ukraine they want. But they reach the border of Poland so Poland can shell the border and becomes the new Ukraine? I don’t think so.

    Lift all sanctions as good faith WHILE Russia remains mobilized and occupying, with signed treaties thereof? But that’s how far it would have to go. Maybe NATO disbands, the U.S. signs a treaty to give up Rammstein and completely withdraw from northern Europe? This is what happens when you, RAND, are “not agreement capable.”

    NATO cannot do that. They do not get to choose if the war is “Long” or not. They are no longer in control.

    “But it’s preparing airfields across the country in anticipation of deliveries of multi-role jets”

    Wouldn’t you just wait for them to waste their time, then bomb the airfields again? I don’t know why they can’t stop this illusion that there are borders. Russia can hit San Diego. They sure can hit an airfield in Lviv. Did you think the airfields are “Behind enemy lines” so are safe? They’re only safe because Russia didn’t feel like shooting them yet.

    Granted, there are a lot of roads in the world, you can’t stop them from landing everywhere, so that leads to the next problem: What’s an “Airfield”? A: A giant gas station. And you think Russia can’t hit a gas station? A gas station can’t run. Won’t hit it? Why? Because like a rabbit, you put your hands over your eyes and can’t see Russia from here? JHC. Like the TANK depot, and the TANK gas trucks, I don’t care about your d–n tanks and planes. They make great paperweights. I can hit EVERY INCH of Ukraine, and hundreds of locations worldwide. Langley. Martha’s Vineyard.

    Translation: THIS IS NOT WWI. You don’t park Sopwith Camels in Dover. It’s only been 100 years, Jesus Christ, get up to speed.

    “The White House explained that it expects to acquire the machines from the industry,”

    Does this mean the Pentagon wouldn’t send them? Who’s really in charge then, the Generals? So Biden, a WEF/CIA op, can only barely RENT them from Blackwater? And 31 is all that is available in that chain? Interesting.

    Ukraine currently needs “300 to 500 tanks” in order to be able to launch a counter offensive”

    Probably thousands. They are sending 1/10th of what he needs to “Launch an offensive.” Not a win, not a success, but a mere attempt in one location. Suppose Ze got all 300 tanks today. Wouldn’t Russia just send 1,000? Newer ones? But the U.S. can’t “Send” them. I just said every square inch of Ukraine is a wide open target, undefended. Try to move a tank and it will be blown up, or more probably every railroad and bridge between Poland and Bakhmut. Am I the only one who knows this? Am I the one on crazy pills?

    They invented “missiles”, people.

    Germany formally announced that it would donate a company-sized force of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine,”

    But can’t donate food and heat to their people. Or the now 5 million Ukrainian immigrants, women, who are never going back. Erasing the Ukrainian “race”. Like us: $150B for Nazis and no clean water. Is that ideologically pure enough for you? Political Adherence enough for you? You, your town, your children, die for the cause? Rolf in the Hitler youth, Zieg Heil indeed. In Connecticut and Minnesota.

    “ EU Claims to Have Found Way to Access Frozen Russian Funds (RT)”

    Amazing! Here’s this law that was never written and we never noticed before that allows me to take all your stuff! The West has no rule of law. They make s—t up. Also, newsflash: you’re not going to be rebuilding Ukraine. You’re not going to have any control or anything to do with it.

    ““…the West has proved that all the values … the inviolability of property, can be trampled at any moment..”

    But Russia or Europe are not the audience. What matters is how the Global South and other fiefdoms perceive it. I think Saudi has already demonstrated that direction. They denounced the US$ — AT DAVOS, to their face — and are taking Yuan for oil widely.

    “Pilots Are Dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6x the Normal Rate (Kirsch)”

    Like me, he’s too optimistic and understating. 1/yr vs 1/mo is 12x increase, not 6x.

    “The protest will end when the FAA agrees to investigate the injuries.”

    We’re such bad people. All we want is for someone to LOOK. Anyone. Nope, won’t do it, which is always what innocent people do.

    “Half the population of Australia”

    Clearly this continent is way overpopulated. The only answer is to kill many, many more people. As many as possible, actually, until it’s a game preserve that’s my private manor estate.

    Isn’t it getting more wet now and more able to support “life”, or humans, given the right measures? (Which no one is doing, because it requires a “shovel” and “Work”) Australia is greening as are many other parts of the world, East Africa for instance, and they are complaining and trying to stop it.

    No! No water for California! That’s bad! Can’t you see water in the desert is a disaster? The world isn’t exactly like it was in 1954 when I was born!

    “*humanity* is facing a genuine *existential crisis*, entirely due to it’s failure to maintain the basic levels of global morals+ethics,

    As Foss said, we don’t have a money crisis, we have a political will crisis. They CAN fix all this. They can even fix the environment. They don’t want to because they are mentally ill and it would lessen their illusion of control. (Over us). That’s the root of the ethics, which given generations of engineering (because they don’t believe in ethics, write the textbooks, and need us to co-dependent in their bad judgment so they don’t go to jail) the population generally also lacks ethics, and it’s making us very sick. Because humans innately DO have ethics, they are a fundamental element of the universe (#Logos) and pretending not to have them sets up a corrosive and incurable internal conflict.

    Ask me how I know.


    RAND report
    I didn’t know. I don’t care.
    Admit your mistakes. You fucked up. You fix it.

    Avoiding a Long War
    U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
    by Samuel Charap, Miranda Priebe

    According to the authors, the conflict has already inflicted significant economic, military and reputational damage on Russia, so its “further incremental weakening is arguably no longer as significant a benefit for US interests.”

    The price to the West has not been insignificant either, from the disruption to energy, food and fertilizer markets to the cost of “keeping the Ukrainian state economically solvent,” which will only “multiply over time.”

    Listen to request for peace
    • Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War (MoA)

    The reports final policy advice concludes:

    A dramatic, overnight shift in U.S. policy is politically impossible—both domestically and with allies—and would be unwise in any case. But developing these instruments now and socializing them with Ukraine and with U.S. allies might help catalyze the eventual start of a process that could bring this war to a negotiated end in a time frame that would serve U.S. interests. The alternative is a long war that poses major challenges for the United States, Ukraine, and the rest of the world.
    Start working on this now, says Rand.

    It is likely not by chance that the previous call for an immediate start of negotiations to end the war came from the U.S. Chief of Staff Mark Milley. That he did so publicly was a sign that he had lost the internal White House debate on that issue. He probably asked for the RAND study to bolster his argument.

    But the neocons, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, State Secretary Anthony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland, who together wage their war against Russia, have Joe Biden’s ears and can control the information he gets. Milley and other realist will have a difficult stand.

    Steady Russian progress in its campaign will be the best argument for them to win the internal war in Washington DC.
    I repeat
    Admit your mistakes. You fucked up. Listen.


    • Pretend-O-Rama (Kunstler)

    We are losing this unnecessary proxy war about as steadily as possible, and actually making Russia look good in the process.


    Official Washington and its press minions have spent years working itself and the rest of the country into hysteria about Russia.

    Dr D Rich

    Come on De. D just the other day you said “society be needin’ psychopaths because their Psychopathy be essential to be the best surgeons and generals”
    Now you’re saying today ” …but does demonstrate that you’re a murderous psychopath.”
    That’s some heavy-duty whiplash.

    And an alternative to the insight you projected on to the 3 battered wives scenario (” You think the other battered wives in town don’t want it to stop?”) is those 3 women will more likely engaged in the Danse Macabre because those women are drawn to the winners as surgeons, generals indeed your psychopaths are known to, as Machiavellians are wont to do, and our society permits, WIN at all costs. Women want winners not ethics morals and poverty

    The following is false yet very entertaining because the movie and its dialogue represents someone’s understanding of the world around us.

    My favorite psychopath convinced of his own goodness saving lives by taking a “weaker” according to his internal psychopathic calculus.

    Colonel Jessup: ‘You have the luxury of not knowing what I know — that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives; and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.
    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall — you need me on that wall.”

    I bet that piece of excrement Victoria Nuland thinks she can stand the post that Jessup’s character references.

    Dr. D

    Jenson’s view on man and the environment is too large and too squishy to take on competently. But he represents all the other environmentalists who are mentally ill, and also generally deadly. Murderous.

    Contradictions? Yes, that man is merely an animal, but also NOT merely an animal because he did all this”human” stuff like cities and digital watches but SHOULD be an animal because he’s no more than an animal. So we’ll put him down and make him an animal. Although other animals don’t do this so man is different. And we humans, because we’re smarter, need to game-warden and control humans, because we’re animals and we are smarter than ourselves. (P.S Do what I say.)

    Whew! Crazy enough for you? Here’s the problem, and it starts at Step One: MAN IS NATURE. We’re not “separate” from nature, we ARE nature. We’re not against the Earth, we ARE the earth. Just like ants, lemmings, whales, everything else. YOU drew that distinction, Mr. Jenson, Mr. Environmentalist. You COULD have reinforced that, as part of nature, we need to come into harmony with it. But instead you reinforced the disharmony with every word.

    Because of this, they are against practically all reality. Men need to be killed, because they’re just Earth animals? You don’t kill whales like that. Because they’re NOT earth animals? In that case, YOU, Mr. Jenson, are the same as the rest of us. But no, the division of Man v Earth leads to division of Man v Man, where SOME men, that is: environmentalists, are more equaller-er than others. THEY are not cockroaches and get to decide. Although they are men, and not cockroaches. Got it? He’s a man but not a man. Don’t you see he is the acolyte and prophet of Goddess Gaia herself? HE is God. He is channeling god. And my God says “Kill you all!”

    They are deeply disturbed, but it’s because their logic is flawed on an unusually deep level. You won’t come into harmony with earth until you realize you ARE the earth. You’re not “fighting” it or “Saving” it because “it” is not something else.

    I asked that here. Who are you saving with AGW? Cars? The cities? WHY would you do that? Your own ethos says the cities and all men in them must be destroyed to return the earth to 1600, or 16B.C., or 160,000BCE. What are you saving if you’re also destroying it? What men are you saving if your plan also kills all men? (except 500M dispersed worldwide)

    Unbelievable, unspeakable madness. Which has expressed itself in non-stop mass murder which up ‘til now has been contained. No more if they shut down farms worldwide.

    But to be productive, what is the cure? If YOU are the same as other animals, really the same, then you live differently. If you are the earth, really the earth, you live differently. You stop FIGHTING. Fighting yourself, fighting your neighbors, fighting the cities. You think, “shouldn’t the cities be made more intelligently? I am the earth, so shouldn’t I stop destroying MYSELF?” Then the question: who are you fighting? Who are you saving? Begin to make sense again and not madness.

    We’re not “Saving the earth”. The earth doesn’t care and will shake us off like a flea. The entire thermonuclear Armageddon wouldn’t be a pinprick. Nice try. She would just develop it all over again in no time at all, forgetting us completely. Who we are saving is “Us.” And that makes sense. That’s our business, it’s in our job description. We are killing “the earth” as with pollution or whatever, it’s not what we mean: “the earth” couldn’t care less and colonizes our pollution with trillions of new bacteria. We are the only ones who don’t like it and think it’s bad because it’s germs and should be cute-faced spider monkeys instead. Nature don’t care. You can’t put in a gravel pit before she colonizes it thinking it’s another glacial till.

    What we mean by pollution is “Stuff that’s bad for US.” Humans. So when we say “Saving the earth” we couldn’t care less about the triclosan’ed bacteria on our hands, we mean “Saving it for us” making it nice for US, with more Cod or Salmon, for instance. More knot-free fir trees. Let every bacteria die, I don’t care, as long as trees we personally like live. Not the short, scrubby ones of course: they suck and we shove them over with a bulldozer in Trenton, but the cute, impressive ones like Redwoods. The “Earth’ they are saving, care about, is the HUMAN earth. The trees, flowers, animals, that make it nice for HUMANS. If we love “Life” so much, why not create a virus that kills everything? It’s smallest, so we can have the mostest-est of it. By numbers, Earth will be blessed with the most life evah because of us!

    Again, that’s not what we want, what they want. They want HUMAN life. A garden for HUMANS. They are Human-oriented, obsessed, in fact. Narcissistic, unable to distinguish themselves from the world they see. Mentally ill. And dangerously, mass-murderingly so.

    Again, here’s the good part: That’s a GOOD thing. Humans WANT to create a garden. Everywhere we go we do this. Natives here worked year-round to have the most abundant, most diverse, least-work Permaculture on the planet. Europe did the same. We LIKE there to be all things – or at least all things we’re aware of and pay attention to – because they are good and useful or novel to us. Everywhere we go we ADD things, extending the ranges of plants and animals worldwide. Creating new ones.

    Doesn’t that seem like we and the earth are in alignment? We’re doing “The Earth’s” work for her? When we all want more diversity, more life, more abundance, where’s the conflict? We are, as I say, One. You have to deny half the data set — a scientific specially — to not see that.

    They created the conflict – only in their minds – by creating the false division – only in their minds. Then their mental illness of alienation and division, expresses itself out in the world with bulldozers and bombs. Of power-over, instead of power-with. With a fear of death that whips them, instead of knowledge that we are already one and not going anywhere.

    But the environmentalists and their division are making it WORSE, not better. As is painfully obvious everywhere they go. If everywhere you go you smell s—t, maybe check your shoes. It’s you.

    So to me – again having to translate this utter mentally-ill stream-of-consciousness out of “WEIRDo” – Jensen and the Green movement, especially the energy ones, are trying to KILL the earth. Because Humans ARE the Earth, we are one, and humans and our cattle and animals and crops are part of the earth. They’re going to kill the earth to save the earth, kill all animals in nature to save nature and can’t figure out why they draw so much backlash.

    Worse, too arrogant to listen or look. Don’t ask. Don’t go live with a tribe. Don’t camp in a non-human forest. Too busy talking to listen. Too busy shooting poor people to parley.

    They are indeed the 4th Horseman of the Apocalyse, Chloros, the Pale horse. More deadly than War, Famine, and Disease.

    You are already the Earth. You already have it. You won. Now wake up, honey, you’ve been dreaming. A butterfly who dreamed he was king.

    Dr. D

    “society be needin’ psychopaths because their Psychopathy be essential to be the best surgeons and generals”

    Nah, I was very clear. I said “These people exist, whaddya gonna do, kill them at birth? No, find a job that fits their talents.” Sure a general that doesn’t care is good and has great uses. But “he’s like a car with no 3rd gear. A car that ALSO has a 3rd gear is better.” Remember?

    And being limited, we all make this calculus, is it better to sacrifice 1 man today to save 100 tomorrow? The world is based on that and always has been. Tribes of 300 men pick up the hatchet on exactly that same fact. That although I may die, maybe 5 of us die, we save our people for generations in the future?

    I’m saying it’s not a contradiction, because IF you had perfect knowledge, then YES, you wouldn’t do that. You’d walk up to the temple, write something in the sand, and all the adultery-killers would wander away, shaken. But we don’t have that knowledge and as a substitute we use utilitarianism diluted with a bunch of other thoughts and muddle along. That’s fine. You do that, I’m sure, and I do as well. Unlike Nuland, however, I haven’t purged all emotion in favor of logic. Love and doubt are still in me. …And in them too, I’m sure, just very much less so. The people who are sure of themselves are the dangerous ones: they’re called “zealots” and they can’t be reasoned with.

    If I were Jessup, I might do exactly as he did, and it might go bad exactly as it did in the story. We do this all the time. I did it with INTENT for it to go well, to save men, not kill them. Make us strong, not weak. But I also can’t try to pretend it’s a moral GOOD. It’s like being a Whistleblower or a protester: yes, revealing secrets, stopping actions may make us weaker or less safe but ultimately more or less unsafe than not taking action? They have INTENT, but nobody really knows. We make our best calculation and act on it drawn toward that perfect knowledge where at last we could be certain and at peace.

    …Then apparently, we ascend to heaven in a cloud and become no d—–d help to anyone.


    Video games, PR exercises and some trash talking. Isn’t war nice and neat? There’s a consequence for raising your entire society on WWF wrestling.

    My sympathies to the Russians. Staring at WW3 and all they see is an opposition made up of Hulk Hogan and Mr.T wannabees.

    I’ll save some sympathy for us poor souls who are ruled by the graduates from Vince McMahon U.


    Director of site [Auschwitz museum] says Moscow ‘will need an extremely long time and very deep self-examination’ before it could possibly return to attending ‘gatherings of the civilized world’.

    The ‘civilized world’ that welcomes the murderers of Israel – the current apartheid state – and their pretend anti-semitism [semitism also being stolen from the Palestinians], and their racism against the Palestinians, and their pretend holocaust, and …. I mention this because the hero of the ‘civilized world’ is Zelensky, the man who plays the piano with his penis and outlaws democracy while 100% lying to his voters and stealing everything he can get his hands on, so a typical wannabe billionaire. This man is welcome in Israel without a visa, he is held in such high esteem. As a Jew, Israel is is rightful home, if you believe bullshit. I am amazed that the Christian right wing are not supporting Zelensky, a Jew, a brother of Jesus, almost a penis playing Jesus.

    Even in the ‘civilized world’ of the UK, all the people have to bow down to the Jews, the Jesus. The UK gave Palestine to the Jews, so you have a pretty good idea of the influence of Jews in London. That is why the UK has laws that insult its own occupants, laws that forbid them to insult Jews. What country, that is run by its own people, has laws against insulting foreign people? Does Ukraine insult the Russians? So why are Brits prevented from insulting the Jew that runs Ukraine and his homeland in Israel.

    The ‘civilized world’ is the most uncivilized world, the world of greed, lies, power, aggression, murder, torture, vaccines, fake meat. There is no ‘civilized world’, there are the greedy oligarchs, there are the politicians dancing for the oligarchs, there are the weak plebs helping the oligarchs, there are the authoritarians gleefully using oligarch money to try and force others to abide by their rules [climate change, green energy, insect food, cancel culture, BLM, Russia-bad etc] and there are the rest, the real people who do not believe in the ‘civilized world’.

    ‘Civilized world’, show me one photograph, out of the millions taken during WW2 by the German military, the individuals in camps, and the Red Cross, of a Jew in a gas chamber. No? Umm, no holocaust evidence? Maybe ask ChatGPT, it can probably fake a photo for you. Put it in the museum in Auschwitz – I was there in the 2000s – you could fool more people with your story with some real pictures.


    I hope we shall always remember the absolute madness:

    TVASF (You go Dr. Tenpenny!)


    The Tiniest Known Life-Forms on Earth
    Nanobes are similar in size to nanobacteria, which are also structures that had been proposed to be extremely small living organisms. However, these two should not be confused. Nanobacteria were thought to be cellular organisms, while nanobes are hypothesized (by some) to be a previously unknown form of life or protocells.

    The February 2008 Public Library of Science Pathogens (PLOS Pathogens) article focused on the comprehensive characterization of nanobacteria. The authors say that their results rule out the existence of nanobacteria as living entities and that they are instead a unique self-propagating entity, namely self-propagating mineral-fetuin complexes.[17]

    Ultramicrobacteria are commonly confused with ultramicrocells, the latter of which are the dormant, stress-resistant forms of larger cells that form under starvation conditions[1][2][7] (i.e. these larger cells downregulate their metabolism, stop growing and stabilize their DNA to create ultramicrocells that remain viable for years[1][8]) whereas the small size of ultramicrobacteria is not a starvation response and is consistent even under nutrient-rich conditions.[3]

    The term “nanobacteria” is sometimes used synonymously with ultramicrobacteria in the scientific literature,[2] but ultramicrobacteria are distinct from the purported nanobacteria or “calcifying nanoparticles”, which were proposed to be living organisms that were 0.1 μm in diameter.[9] These structures are now thought to be nonliving,[10] and likely precipitated particles of inorganic material.[11][12]

    New Images Reveal The Tiniest Known Life-Forms on Earth
    04 March 2015

    Published: 27 February 2015
    Diverse uncultivated ultra-small bacterial cells in groundwater

    those darned kids



    Nice wrapup of Ukronaziland by Ritter on Ania K’s channel


    Zelensky’s achievements.(scams)

    Deliberate destroying spring agriculture.
    Eliminating male Ukrainians in the meat grinder.
    Turning towns, cities, industries and infrastructures into rubble.
    Encouraging immigration.
    Enabling the creation of a wasteland.
    Encouraging the disarmament of USA-NATO.


    These Ukronazi electricl substations CAN NOT be repaired without Russian parts.

    So every 330 kilowatt substation destroyed means the electricity in that region is NEVER coming back until the SMO concludes.

    The Ukronazis will try to re-distribute the remaining grid power, but that will flame out soon enough.

    Remember, it’s winter with no power.

    Ukrainian 330KiloWatt Substation Near Odessa Goes To The Moon In Russian Cruise Missile Blast


    THIS DAY IN HISTORY – The space shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff – 1986



    This morning


    D Benton Smith

    But to even suggest that the itemized checklist of perfidious lethality ordered up and paid for by America’s Military Industrial Complex, and produced by that criminal gang’s in-house think tank, RAND, were implemented in any way is instantly dismissed as conspiracy theory and forbidden from open discussion of “The Russia Problem”.

    D Benton Smith

    The Pentagon’s latest proxy war (the favorite club in their bag) seems to be against United States citizens, en masse and regardless of affiliation or political druthers. If you’re not a wanton thief and killer on the Pentagon’s team, then you are fair game.

    And of course by “Pentagon” is meant the entire menagerie of slimey creatures of the swamp and lower.


    Take Out



    Pick Up




    “Clare Drakeford, the wife of Wales’s first minister, Mark Drakeford, has died suddenly, the Welsh government announced on Saturday.”



    D Benton Smith

    “Died Suddenly”. That might just be the epitaph on Earth’s tombstone.


    Ukrainian figure skater Dmytro Sharpar, 25, killed in Bahkmut

    The Ukronazis are grabbing anyone who can fog a mirror and throwing them into the Meat Grinder

    Junior High Schoolers and old men plus the core of their youth will vanish


    D Benton Smith

    There seems to be some kind of message in all of this, if we could just figure out what it is in time to fix it.

    D Benton Smith


    Tick another box done on RAND’s recommended Do-List for the US Dept of selfish greedy lying homicidal idiots. What a wonderful government to live for and obey.


    Jenson’s view on man and the environment is too large and too squishy to take on competently.

    It makes it super-difficult. Plus, I have found, when engaging with Jensenites, the central, core tenets are kept protected by being secret.

    What was it, 4-5 weeks of going round and round, putting WAY too much time, energy and text into Heat and CO2. But Heat and CO2 don’t actually matter. Heat and CO2 are not what the person on the other end of the discussion truly cares about. It was a red herring thrown out for me to expend my energies on. And any castigation of me over the Heat/Co2 battlefield was fully justified by the secret and undisputed real Truth. “I’m still right and I won’t tell you why”

    But finally, progress.

    1. Agriculture and everything that came after it is bad
    2. Humans are just animals, also SHOULD be just animals.

    All this text over the past few weeks is actually useful now, because it is important to see what the ACTUAL winning, dominant worldview is within this set. It’s important to be aware if people are or are not good faith actors.

    Are the ideas they propound weapons in service of unspoken unquestionable beliefs, or is there an honest debate, discussion? One has a right to know whether one is having a struggle session. One has the right to know if the purpose is demoralization or communication.

    I saw the Jensenite stuff arrive in a package – a basket, if you will – of concepts that were ALL tools of critical theory. That is to say “we must criticize everything” ie be corrosive, demoralizing, deconstructionist. Use words, language as weapons and a battlefield.

    And indeed, I do not see a useful purpose of Jensenitism other than demoralization and “criticism” in the – be corrosive via language if possible, not critical thinking.

    So if 8 billion people is bad and we need to get down to 500 million, then would you push a button to “fix” the situation if you could?

    And if agriculture and everything after is bad, if you could push a button and fix/prevent all that bad, everything agriculture and thereafter, would you push that button?

    Do I need to go round and round in the weeds over weeks to explain how something has gone seriously wrong for you if you would push the button? I think on the face of it, it is evident. But if you “only” believe everything that justifies pushing the button, that’s ok?

    This stuff is BAD for human beings. It’s possible something bad was already going on inside that fit nicely with Jensinitism. But it certainly exacerbates any previous issues and firewalls you off from any solutions.

    In terms of all the hockey-stick graphs, overshoot, depletion, yes, all the various problems, unless you plan to kill yourself or lay down and die, to some extent, aren’t these subjects all discussed in the sense of SURVIVAL? Otherwise, isn’t it some sort of death cult, waiting for the comet to arrive and then we “go”?

    Consider WHAT IS SURVIVAL? If there were a zombie apocalypse, you got bit, and your body continues to shamble around, is still ambulatory, did you survive? If your zombie body practiced permaculture while shambling around, did you survive?

    You surviving is the point of survival. Yesterday I tried to answer what’s so great about civilization by citing, generally, where the heart is, where the bird sings. A materialist and pessimist rebuttal was the answer — but that is NOT where your heart is, is it? I suspect there is something intrinsically going on there.

    Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is a touchstone for us doomosphere denizens. Well, the characters survive and their survival is meaningful despite all the doom, destruction, and tarps. It certainly isn’t because they believe in man being an animal or being fans of hunter-gathering. There are certain things they will not do. They are still carrying the fire. They survived, did not join, the blood cults. Their survival IS the meaning they didn’t eschew. Look at all that is subtracted and what is actually left.

    I think it’s important to recognize this almost certainly isn’t you. It is a parasite. If you’ve deconstructed and devalued everything, then it is time to turn that tool on itself and deconstruct and devalue devaluation and deconstructionism. I think you’ll find it falls apart like a wet paper bag. RECONSIDER the nihilism, postmodernism, deconstructionism, and certain doom. Reconsider your basic presumptions. Experiment with OTHER presumptions. Consider how these parasitic ideas got in and maintained their place – what are the implicit presumptions that underlie THOSE. What’s going on with the crawlspace under the subfloor, like that.

    This stuff is BAD for you and may never have been intended as anything other than harmful to you. Considering it’s taken over the entire environmental movement, the Green party, the Democrat party, etc, you’d have to assume it is massively bankrolled, which tells you something right there.

    D Benton Smith


    See, I just knew there was a reason all of us here at TAE wanted you to keep hanging round. Your comment #127526 is absolutely brilliant, and warrants really careful study and further development.

    Dr D Rich

    The Jessup character from A Few Good Men and its ethos are admired and adopted by many people in uniform. It’s a litmus test isn’t it because the test exposes the psychopath’s propensity to expend someone else’s life and pass that decision off as some bizarre form of personal sacrifice. There can be no better expression of a psychopath’s talent at projection and acquisitive projective identification (taking credit for a 3rd party’s actions) simultaneously.

    Yet, the mark of the beast is their complete inability to exhibit anything approaching self-sacrifice.

    John Day

    Dr. D was born in 1958, he implies, making him 68 or even 69. “Retired” grey-hat?

    Here is a song that I feel is appropriate in every way to all of “our” discussions here in recent days, about War, environmentalism, internally conflicted philosophers, mRNA shots, the earth, ancient eastern religions, transcendental comprehension, and trying to communicate it…

    The Grave, Don McLean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p05aJNfWib8


    == Ilargi I did see your qu. about the instrusive ads I received and I only managed to post 2 pix of what I was seeing and then TAE became unusable because the 4 huge pix (some of them moving images, full screen on 15 inch laptop) used up all my bandwith. ..Today no such blasting image horrors. ==

    WES posted: Greens turning green! As in green money.

    Hah hah I hadn’t thought of that.

    Greens have always been an erstaz movement, in part paid for by ‘renewable’ energy corps. Windmills, anyone? Ohhh…turn and turn …Turning and turning in the widening gyre (Yeats)..

    It is fuelled by a sanctimonious attitude towards plebs who ‘waste’ are ‘dispendious’ and Cos. that ‘exploit’ and ‘pollute’ (oh man..) and rich idiots who fly in private planes, and so on and on and on, all of which is more or less relevant, it is easy to blame users of anything, and denouce Ocean Pollution, Everest Garbage Heaps (as an ex, truly disgusting) and much more….

    These ‘Green’ arguments are generally marshalled in favor of some industry, body, party, leader, and don’t ever propose or try to reduce ‘comfort’ or consumption in any general way in the W, or tackle big Corps. who are by their very nature and our organisation of societ at the front for exploitation of the environment and its destruction (incl. water ways, mountains, forests, wild animals, etc.)

    The Greens dominate via a blame-game, inducing guilt. At the same time, to tender a possibility to assuage the guilt, they manage to support WAR, which is the most polluting and CO2 (and other gg gases, etc.) creation, plus destructive of ‘everything’, of agri lands, towns, riverways, and built-up things, like bridges, roads, towns, etc. etc. not to mention ppl, children, etc.

    Not that any other Pol. Parties in Europe are any better.


    D Benton Smith – thank you – I am also just an unemployed call center monkey who went feral due to pacing its room for 2 years while watching the world and my personal world go nuts. And I apologize to anyone I’ve annoyed or been overly argumentative with. Trying to be less feral and will continue to try.

    John Day

    @jb-hb: Fine insight, research and exposition about Deep-Green-Jensenites, brother-man.
    It seems like Jensen does not want to be called “anarchist”,, but the features of the cult are similar to the “we’re the authorities” Frankfurt school of “anarchism”, at which they insist on being the elite-commanders of all anarchist-orthodoxy.
    A further group-defense is the depth of the occult secret, which they harbor, unspoken-for-examination.

    So, did Derrick Jensen get the mRNA COVID “vaccination? All I could find was a March 2021 interview where he said, “we all got MMR and Polio vaccines”, or something to that effect, implying that he saw it as usual-business in the world, perhaps for those choosing business as usual. I wonder how the confirmed faithful took his meaning, and how many of the believers accepted the gene-therapy injections. Google searches are futile. It seems like they should not take it, but I don’t know the shared-secret.
    In the 2011 book Deep Green Resistance, the authors Lierre Keith, Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay state that civilization, particularly industrial civilization, is fundamentally unsustainable and must be actively and urgently dismantled in order to secure a future for all species on the planet.[1]

    The movement differentiates itself from bright green environmentalism, which is characterized by a focus on personal, technological, or government and corporate solutions, in that it holds these solutions as inadequate. DGR believes that lifestyle changes, such as using travel mugs and reusable bags and taking shorter showers, are too small for the large-scale environmental problems the world faces. It also states that the recent surge in environmentalism has become commercial in nature, and thus in itself has been industrialized. The movement asserts that per capita industrial waste produced is orders of magnitude greater than personal waste produced; therefore, it is industrialism that must be ended, and with that, lifestyle changes will follow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Green_Resistance

    Hmmm, it seems to me that this situation self-resolves by involuting, anyway.

    John Day

    Secret Uranium armor, a “dirty bomb”, like uranium ammo?

    Western media outlets flooded the airways with hope for Ukraine this week as the US prepares to send 31 main battle tanks to the wartorn country in Eastern Europe to counter Russian aggression ahead of spring. What wasn’t highly publicized is that these M1 Abrams are a modified version and will be stripped of “secret” uranium armor.


    Interesting as the war Oceania is losing to Eurasia is, the war Big Brother is engaged in against the people living on Airstrip Five is much more important to me. That war, Big Brother and The Party versus the inhabitants of Airstrip Five, gets taken to ever greater extremes by Big Brother and The Party as the weeks go by.

    One could be forgiven for thinking that the plan is to demoralise, impoverish, and then literally kill-off the populace of Airstrip Five to make way for ultra-wealthy Party Members fleeing from other Airstrips, as the various wars The Party has been engaged in almost everywhere all end in catastrophe.

    The adage ‘These people (criminal-clowns) couldn’t organise a piss-up (drinking session) in a brewery’ could never be more true than now, as collapse accelerates and people are left to their own devices to try to survive in the face of Big Brother’s dual onslaughts of malicious deceit and gross incompetence.

    As always in such circumstances, the perpetrators of the crimes against the people attempt to deflect blame onto others or declare “We could never have known that would happen” despite a well-documented catalogue of warnings that it would happen.

    ‘Chaos out there:’ Mayor under fire for late response to Auckland flooding disaster’


    Now, more than ever before, the adage: “These people couldn’t organise a piss-up (drinking session) in a brewery” holds true.


    ‘Dr. D was born in 1958, he implies, making him 68 or even 69’

    That must be the New Math that I don’t understand.

    Nevertheless, he’s just a ‘young fellow’ compared to some of us.



    No the old math of 69 is correct, just the year should be 1954!
    Dr. D and I share 1954.

    At the cottage we have a chipmunk we call “Chippy”. Now he is your PM!


    Heads Up on Cookies:

    No, not bad Cookies Nuland, but the hidden cookies your computer collects while browsing the web.

    It is apparently important to beware of these algorithum inserted Cookies on your computer when searching for the best prices on things like hotel rooms, airfares, etc. as these websites may insert Cookies detailing the original price these websites quoted you, should you return later looking for a lower price. The cookie tells the website what price they previously quoted you so as to not offer you a new lower price.

    The key seems to be to clear your previous cookies before returning to a given website looking for a lower price. How one does that I have no idea. But I suspect someone will “learn”me very shortly!



    Agreed. 🙂

    By the way, if anyone still has a brain left, the WEF wants to take complete control of it.

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