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Bakhmut “Technically Captured” – Prigozhin (ZH)
Zelensky’s Government Is An ‘Evil Force’ – Orthodox Priest (RT)
The Everything Collapse (Egon von Greyerz)
Oil Prices Surge After Surprise OPEC+ Production Cut (RT)
Lavrov Tells Blinken: Up To Court To Decide About US Journalist Future (TASS)
‘Lower the Rhetoric’ on China, Says Milley (D1)
Eastern Europe ‘Drowning’ In -Cheap- Ukrainian Grain – Le Figaro (RT)
Russian Official Ridicules Ukrainian Plan To Rename Crimean Port (RT)
Erdogan Tells US Ambassador To ‘Know His Place’ (RT)
US Allows Migrants To Pick Their Gender (RT)
Banana Time for the Rule of Law (Kimball)
Leaks From Bragg’s Grand Jury Are A Crime (Dershowitz)
Germany To Have Enough Covid mRNA Vaccine To Last Into The 24th Century (Eugyp)
El Pais Reveals How CIA Spied On Assange (RT)
Rep. Rashida Tlaib Demands DOJ Drop Charges Against Julian Assange (Fox)



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It’s over.

Bakhmut “Technically Captured” – Prigozhin (ZH)

Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group in the overnight hours on Monday has claimed victory (or at least a partial victory) over Bakhmut by raising the Russian flag as well as its own PMC Wanger Group flag over central government administration buildings of Bakhmut. Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin described that the key city in Donetsk is “ours” but only in a “legal sense”. He wrote on Telegram: “The commanders of the units that took city hall and the whole center will go and put up this flag,” he said in reference to a Russian flag being raised in the accompanying video. “This is the Wagner private military company, these are the guys who took Bakhmut. In a legal sense, it’s ours.”

About two weeks ago Prigozhin claimed that Wagner and Russian forces controlled 70% of the utterly destroyed town, and as the Ukrainians were mounting a stiff defense, pouring more resources into the months-long fight. Hours prior to Prigozhin video showing the flag-raising against a dark night sky, the Ukrainian general staff acknowledged that “the enemy has not stopped its assault of Bakhmut… Ukrainian defenders are courageously holding the city as they repel numerous enemy attacks.” The announcement was meant to convey that the Ukrainian Army still considers that it “holds” Bakhmut. Russian sources say Ukrainian fighters are still concentrated on the Western outskirts. However, going into the weekend it was already clear that Wagner fighters were on the cusp of taking the city center…

On Sunday President Zelensky was still sounding somewhat optimistic regarding the fate of Bakhmut: “I am grateful to our warriors who are fighting near Avdiivka, Maryinka, near Bakhmut… Especially Bakhmut! It’s especially hot there today!” Zelensky said in his own post to Telegram. Near Bakhmut, about 27 kilometres (17 miles) away in Kostyantynivka, a “massive attack” of Russian missiles left three men and three women dead and eleven wounded Sunday, Ukrainian authorities said. Zelensky said the affected zones are “just residential areas”, where “ordinary civilians of an ordinary city of Donbas” were targeted. Zelensky in an interview last week suggested that he may be forced to negotiate with Russia if his forces are definitively defeated at Bakhmut, while also hinting at huge losses.

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“..those who persecute them, “will not get any advantage earthly or heavenly, either physically or mentally… They will be hurt. They will be condemned..”

Zelensky’s Government Is An ‘Evil Force’ – Orthodox Priest (RT)

The “evildoers” who persecute Christians will derive no benefit from such action either on Earth or in the afterlife, Kesis Mezgebu, a prominent Ethiopian Orthodox priest, has told RT. Mezgebu, who serves at the Holy Trinity Theological University in Addis Ababa, was commenting on the attempts by the government of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to evict the monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) from the country’s Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery. On Saturday, Metropolitan Pavel, the abbot of the Lavra, was placed under house arrest on accusations of “inciting religious hatred” and “justifying” Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The abbot has vigorously denied those allegations.

What’s happening in Ukraine is a “catastrophic event,” perpetrated by an “evil force,” Mezgebu said in an interview on Sunday. “This is atrocity…hatred… completely evil spirit,” he added, describing the actions of the Kiev authorities. Christians tend to help others and are always a stabilizing factor in a society, so those who persecute them, “will not get any advantage earthly or heavenly, either physically or mentally… They will be hurt. They will be condemned,”he said. According to Mezgebu, followers of the UOC in Ukraine “might be in danger soon” because they may be left with no other choice but to tell the “evildoers” to stop what they’re doing. He urged believers to stay “peaceful [and] remain within the Church” to avoid escalation.

Ukraine has experienced religious tensions for years, with two entities claiming to be the country’s true Orthodox Church. The Kiev government is supporting the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), which was created only in 2014 and which the Russian Orthodox Church considers schismatic. Zelensky has explained the moves against the UOC by the need to protect Ukraine’s “spiritual independence”and deprive Russia of an opportunity to “to manipulate the spirituality of our people” amid the conflict between the two countries.

However, the Ethiopian priest suggested that “nationalist xenophobia” can only lead to suffering. “This will never take us anywhere. We have a lot of things to do together in harmony and collaboration, rather than destroying one another in the name of nationality or whatever kind of patriotic feeling. This is not how you reveal your patriotism,” he explained. Mezgebu also suggested that the West is aware of the religious persecution in Ukraine, but – despite having the ability to intervene – it remains silent on the issue because it shares a “similar agenda” with Kiev.

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“..we must remember that 2006-9 was just a rehearsal. The finale is starting now..”

The Everything Collapse (Egon von Greyerz)

Sadly, gold is now on its way to heights which are unthinkable for most people. To all the people who have asked me over the years why gold doesn’t go up, I have replied: “Don’t wish for gold to go up substantially for when it does, your quality of life will deteriorate remarkably.” And we are now at the point in the world when this is likely to happen. [..] I came to the conclusion early in this century that a sick financial system was not going to survive the infestation of vermin in the form of debt that started just over 50 years ago. Nixon’s closing of the gold window in 1971 was the signal that this currency system was going to end like all currency systems in history. And for the ones who haven’t studied the history of money, let me tell you that NO FIAT MONEY HAS EVER SURVIVED IN HISTORY IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM. So with all money going to ZERO, it has never been a question of if but only of when the dollar based currency system would die.

[..] At the beginning of the Ukraine conflict I and some others made the analogy with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 (which I remember well) when Kennedy gave an ultimatum to Khrushchev to withdraw the nuclear missiles pointing towards the US or face war. In the same way as with Cuba, Russia was never going to accept Ukraine becoming a Nato country. But sadly the US Neocons have seen this conflict as the last chance to save the US military, political and economic hegemony from total collapse. Defeating Russia was the last stand for the US. But it now looks like they will fail which seals the fate of the US empire. The US neocons forced a much too willing Europe to not only agree to the sanctions against Russia but also make direct contributions to the war both with money and equipment. This fatal mistake by Europe and especially Germany is totally crushing the European economy. But what the US neocons never understood is that the US sanctions would affect the whole world and in particular the debt infested US and the West.

[..] we must remember that 2006-9 was just a rehearsal. The finale is starting now. The debt which has built up has now reached levels which means the financial system is now too big to survive. Three US banks and one Swiss went under 2 weeks ago although two of the four were rescued temporarily at a high cost. The Swiss government could not afford to let Credit Suisse go under and is supporting the UBS takeover of the Credit Suisse at a potential extraordinary cost of CHF 209 billion. Central banks are on standby to stop the next bank run. Many expected Deutsche Bank to be next. Governments will stop major banks from going under for as long as they can, to stop global contagion. But they will of course fail.

The FDIC (Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation) currently has a capital of $128 billion dollars to support a total of $18 trillion deposits. So with 0.7% cover, it is guaranteed that the US government will soon need to step in as the next lot US of banks fail. Same in Europe where the most EU banks and the ECB are in a terrible shape. Total central bank assets are $25 trillion which is less than 10% of global debt before derivatives. Default rates in coming years are likely to exceed 50% which means much more money printing to come.

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The US has lost Saudi Arabia.

Oil Prices Surge After Surprise OPEC+ Production Cut (RT)

An unexpected announcement by the OPEC+ group of oil producing countries of a plan to slash their combined output by another 1,15 million barrels per day pushed the prices of crude up as much as 6% in early Monday trade. The oil producers who control roughly 50% of global oil supplies reached a decision to reduce their output starting from May until the end of 2023, in a move designed to “stabilize” the markets, according to a series of announcements on Sunday night. Riyadh said it would cut its output by 500,000 barrels per day, while Baghdad announced a cut of 211,000bpd. The UAE will reduce production by 144,000 bpd, Kuwait will cut 128,000bpd, Kazakhstan 78,000bpd, Algeria 48,000bpd and Oman 40,000bpd.

Crude prices jumped on the news, with the international benchmark Brent rising more than 5.5% to $84.30 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude futures soared 5.6% to $79.90 a barrel as of 3:30am GMT on Monday. Russia already voluntarily cut oil output by 500,000bpd back in March in retaliation for an oil-price cap introduced by the West, which it said would eventually result in scarce supply and trigger uncertainty on the global market. On Sunday, however, Moscow announced it will synchronize with OPEC in extending its cut until the end of the year. Moscow believes the move would contribute to a stabilization of crude oil prices, which fell sharply on concerns that the Western banking crisis could weaken global energy demand.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy called the move a “precautionary measure aimed at supporting the stability of the oil market.” Last month, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman warned Western states against capping the price of crude oil supplied by the kingdom, adding that any attempts to impose a ceiling would be met with a halt of sales and production cuts. The move left Washington disappointed as it comes in defiance of US pressure on oil producers to increase their production and lower the prices. President Joe Biden even traveled to Riyadh last July to petition Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman directly, to no avail. “We don’t think cuts are advisable at this moment given market uncertainty – and we’ve made that clear,” a spokesperson for the National Security Council told Reuters on Sunday.

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“..respect the Russian authorities’ decision made in conformity with law and Russia’s international commitments..”

Lavrov Tells Blinken: Up To Court To Decide About US Journalist Future (TASS)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that it is up to court to decide about the future of The Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich who was detained on espionage charges in Russia, the Russian foreign ministry said on Sunday after their telephone conversation. “In light of the established evidence of the US national’s illegal activities, his future will be determined by court. The American embassy in Moscow was duly notified about his detention,” the ministry said. “In the context of the discussion of the issue of the detention of US national Gershkovich in Russia on suspicion of espionage, which was raised by the Secretary of State, Blinken’s attention was drawn to the necessity to respect the Russian authorities’ decision made in conformity with law and Russia’s international commitments,” the ministry said.

“Lavrov stressed that Gershkovich had been detained red-handed when he was receiving secret data and was collecting data constituting a state secret acting under the guise of a journalist’s status.” The Russian top diplomat also told his US counterparts that it is inadmissible to fan hysteria around the journalist’s arrest. “It was stressed that it is inadmissible for Washington officials and Western mass media to stir up hysteria with an obvious aim of giving a political overtone to this case,” the ministry said. According to the ministry, Lavrov and Blinken also touched upon several other bilateral matters. The call was initiated by the US side. Lavrov and Blinken had a ten-minute meeting on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty meeting in New Delhi. According to the Russian minister, the meeting was quite constructive. The topics included the situation in the sphere of strategic stability in the context of the New START treaty and Ukraine.

The Public Relations Center of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said earlier that Evan Gershkovich, “acting at the behest of the American side, collected information constituting a state secret about the activities of an enterprise within Russia’s military-industrial complex.” The reporter was detained in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg. The FSB investigators opened a criminal case against the US citizen under Article 276 of the Russian Criminal Code (“Espionage”). On March 30, Moscow’s Lefortovo district court sanctioned Gershkovich’s arrest until May 29. In light of this, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a statement expressing deep concern for the safety of Gershkovich. According to the WSJ, Gershkovich covers Russia from his post at the newspaper’s Moscow bureau.

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You first.

‘Lower the Rhetoric’ on China, Says Milley (D1)

Everyone needs to calm down about war with China, Gen. Mark Milley said on Friday. The Joint Chiefs chairman warned against the rise of “overheated” rhetoric of a looming U.S. war with China, and he said he doubts China’s chances of “conquering” Taiwan. But, he added, the United States should continue to quicken arms shipments to the self-governing nation and its own military capabilities, just in case. Following this year’s Chinese balloon scare, the China heat is on. In the last two weeks, members of Congress in hearings aimed a list of concerns about China—everything from nuclear weapons to computer chips, invading Taiwan, and allying with Russia—at Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Milley has taken to telling lawmakers that war with China—and Russia—is “not imminent or inevitable.” It’s part of an effort to lower the heat, he said.

“I think there’s a lot of rhetoric in China, and a lot of rhetoric elsewhere, to include the United States, that could create the perception that war is right around the corner or we’re on the brink of war with China,” Milley said in an interview with Defense One. “And that could happen. I mean, it is possible that you could have an incident or some other trigger event that could lead to uncontrolled escalation. So, it’s not impossible. But I don’t think at this point I would put it in the likely category,” said Milley. “And I think that the rhetoric itself can overheat the environment.” Still, Milley said he agrees with calls for the United States to send arms into Taiwan as quickly as possible, to beat China’s Xi Jinping to any punch.

Xi has said he wants the People’s Liberation Army armed and ready to take Taiwan by force, if necessary, by 2027. “So if you think about it, that’s only four years away,” Milley said. “So, one of the elements of deterrence is to make sure that your opponent knows that the cost exceeds the benefit. So, for Taiwan, we’ve—my guess is we’ve got three or four years to get Taiwan in a position where they will create the perception in the minds of the Chinese decision makers that the cost exceeds that.” Milley said Taiwan needs air defense, anti-ship cruise missiles, and anti-ship mines. But he said the island itself, its population of 23 million—including 170,000 active duty military and 1-to-2 million reserves,—and China’s lack of experience make a takeover unlikely. “It favors the defense. It would be a very difficult island to capture,” he said.

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“Ukrainian operators did everything to monetize the situation. In European ports..“

Eastern Europe ‘Drowning’ In -Cheap- Ukrainian Grain – Le Figaro (RT)

Anger is mounting across Eastern Europe as farmers in the region protest a glut of cheap grain from Ukraine threatening their businesses, Le Figaro reported earlier this week. Struggling to sell their crops, producers in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria have suffered substantial losses due to the surge in imports from Ukraine. Farmers in nations that had previously agreed to help get grain out of Ukraine and on to global markets now face unfair competition, they say. They also are not subject to the same regulatory requirements. Last May, the European Union suspended customs duties on all agricultural produce imported from Ukraine for one year to support the economy of the war-torn nation.

However, grains and other produce leaving Ukraine settled in the EU instead of being sent outside the bloc, putting competitive pressure on domestic production. “Instead of going to international markets, to Africa, as politicians promised us, Ukrainian cereals remained in Poland,” Polish farmer Marcin Misiak told the media, adding that his regular buyers opted to purchase cheaper maize from Ukraine. According to Misiak, he could sell wheat for €340 per ton in August 2022, but at the beginning of March 2023, it cost just €220.

“The EU was unable to anticipate the rapid effects of competition from Ukrainian grains,” said Sebastien Abis, a researcher at the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) and director of the Demeter Club think tank, as cited by Le Figaro. “Ukrainian operators did everything to monetize the situation. In European ports, competition was fierce and produce imported from Ukraine would have been favored.” Last month, the European Commission announced plans to provide financial support to farmers from member-states neighboring Ukraine to compensate for their losses and limit the impact of market imbalances. Brussels tapped a crisis reserve totaling €56.3 million, financed from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

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“.. lustration,” or a vetting process to determine who would lose their political rights over ties to the Russian state..”

Russian Official Ridicules Ukrainian Plan To Rename Crimean Port (RT)

The idea of renaming Sevastopol as part of Kiev’s plan to retake Crimea from Russia should not be taken seriously, the governor of the port city, Mikhail Razvozhaev told TASS news agency on Sunday. Earlier in the day, Aleksey Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, took to Facebook to post what he called “12 steps for the de-occupation of Crimea.” One of the proposed steps was to rename Sevastopol – first simply to “Installation No.6” and then to Akhtiar, after a small settlement that used to exist in the area. The re-branding would be necessary to “break the historic perception [of Sevastopol] as a city of Russian military glory,” the Kiev official stated.

Danilov also suggested that if the peninsula became Ukrainian again the Crimean Bridge connecting it to mainland Russia would be destroyed, while the local population would undergo so-called “lustration,” or a vetting process to determine who would lose their political rights over ties to the Russian state. Reacting to Danilov’s plan, Razvozhaev said that “the news from Ukrainian politicians is more like entries in the medical record from Ward No.6.” He was likely referring to the 1892 short story ‘Ward No. 6’ by iconic Russian author Anton Chekhov, which depicts events at a provincial mental asylum. “One can’t take statements and comments of sick people seriously. They need to be treated, which is what our military is doing right now,” the Sevastopol governor pointed out as cited by TASS news agency. Sevastopol, in the south of the Crimean peninsula, serves as the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It is one of three federal cities under Russian law, together with Moscow and St Petersburg.

The name Sevastopol, which was given to the city when it was founded by the Russian Empire in 1783, is composed of Greek words “sebastos,” which means “venerable,” and “polis,” which means “city.” For months, Ukraine has been mulling a major counteroffensive aimed at restoring control over all territories lost to Russia, including Crimea. Former Russian president and current deputy head of the country’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said earlier this week that the claims by Ukrainian officials were just “propaganda” and shouldn’t be treated seriously. However, Medvedev warned that if the peninsula, which reunited with Russia as a result of a referendum in 2014, is actually attacked, it could become “the basis for the use of all means of protection, including those provided for by the fundamentals of the Doctrine of Nuclear Deterrence.”

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“We need to teach America a lesson in these elections,” Erdogan said..

Erdogan Tells US Ambassador To ‘Know His Place’ (RT)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that from now on his “doors are closed” to the US Ambassador to Ankara, Jeffry Flake, blasting the diplomat’s recent meeting with his rival at the upcoming presidential elections. Erdogan attended a ceremony in the Bagcilar district of Istanbul on Sunday, dedicated to the official opening of nearly 100 houses and other facilities constructed in the wake of a series of devastating earthquakes. In a follow-up meeting with a group of officials from the Grey Wolves far-right movement, he heavily focused on the May 14 elections and Washington envoy’s alleged abuse of his diplomatic authority. “We need to teach America a lesson in these elections,” Erdogan said, as cited by Anadolu.

Ambassador Flake met with the leader of Republican People’s Party (CHP), Kemal Kilicdaroglu, on March 29, “as part of continuing conversations with Turkish political parties on issues of mutual interest between our two countries,” according to a tweet from the US Embassy. “Our doors are closed for him, he can no longer come in. Why? He needs to know his place,” Erdogan said. “Shame on you, think with your head. You are an ambassador. Your interlocutor here is the president.” Erdogan’s remarks come less than six weeks before presidential and general elections take place in Türkiye on May 14, with Kilicdaroglu put forward by the alliance of six opposition parties as his main opponent after months of political infighting. The Turkish president and his ruling AK Party are expected to face a tough challenge following a devastating earthquake that killed more than 50,000 people in the country in early February.

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What could go wrong?

US Allows Migrants To Pick Their Gender (RT)

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services marked the Transgender Day of Visibility with an announcement that will begin accepting “self-identified gender markers” from foreign individuals who seek legal immigration services and benefits, without requesting any supporting documents. While the only two options on existing forms are still “male”and “female,” the Homeland Security’s legal immigration branch will now allow applicants to select and change their preferred gender at will, according to a policy update alert issued on March 31. The policy change, effective immediately, states that “benefit requestors may self-select their gender marker (in an initial filing or a subsequent change to a prior gender selection), without the need to provide supporting documentation or to match the gender listed on their identity documents.”

President Joe Biden officially proclaimed March 31 as a Transgender Day of Visibility back in 2021, as part of his wider push for equity and inclusivity. In his 2023 proclamation, Biden statedthat “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul.” The immigration agency said it removed the documentation requirement in line with “priorities”set by Biden’s executive orders on advancing LGBTQI equality, combating discrimination, and “restoring faith” in American legal immigration systems. USCIS argued that the requirement to submit proof of gender identity had created extra barriers and delays to travel and employment, and abolishing it will help prevent “discrimination and harassment due to inconsistent identity documents.” Last year, the US State Department began offering an ‘X’ gender option on passports which stands for those with “unspecified or another gender identity,”without the need to provide any medical documentation to prove that they are neither male nor female.

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Very disturbing.

Banana Time for the Rule of Law (Kimball)

The Czech novelist Milan Kundera published The Joke, his first novel, in 1967. It traces the fortunes of Ludvik, a young student, after his politically correct girlfriend shows the Communist authorities a postcard he had written to her as a joke: “Optimism is the opium of the people! A healthy atmosphere stinks of stupidity! Long live Trotsky! Ludvik.” As a result of this whimsy, Ludvik finds himself expelled from the Communist Party, the university, and is eventually conscripted to work in the mines. That’s the way things are in totalitarian societies. No jokes allowed, especially not jokes told at the expense of the regime. Thus it is that North Korea banned sarcasm and irony. Poor Ludvik suffered for his joke. But he got off easy compared to Douglass Mackey, a social media “influencer” who wrote under the pen name “Ricky Vaughn.”

During the 2016 election cycle, Mackey/Vaughn posted a funny meme urging Hillary voters to “avoid the line and vote from home” by texting “Hillary” to a certain number. Who would be stupid enough to fall for such a joke? No one. But his satire was effective enough to get him banned from the pre-Elon Musk era Twitter. And the feds thought—or said they thought—that it was part of a “plot to disenfranchise black and women voters.” I guess that shows you what they think of black and women voters. It sounds stupid. It is stupid. But Mackey was charged with a felony and on Friday was convicted in the Eastern District of New York. He faces up to 10 years in jail for (as an official announcement crows) “his scheme to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.”

Yes, that’s right. A Trump supporter posts a silly (but amusing) meme that mocks Hillary voters and he is tried and convicted of a felony. In the course of that official announcement, an assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District called Breon Peace continues with this stomach churning bit of agitprop: Mackey has been found guilty by a jury of his peers of attempting to deprive individuals from exercising their sacred right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the 2016 Presidential Election. . . . Today’s verdict proves that the defendant’s fraudulent actions crossed a line into criminality and flatly rejects his cynical attempt to use the constitutional right of free speech as a shield for his scheme to subvert the ballot box and suppress the vote. In fact, that verdict proved nothing of the sort. It merely confirmed the corruption and politicization of our judicial system. The real moral of this sorry episode is this: Make a joke, go to jail.

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“..even the misdemeanor allegation involving false entries is unprecedented and represents selective prosecution..”

Leaks From Bragg’s Grand Jury Are A Crime (Dershowitz)

It is likely that a serious felony has been committed right under District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s nose and he is not investigating it. Under New York law, it is a felony to leak confidential grand jury information, such as whether the jurors voted to indict. The protection of secrecy is as applicable to President Trump as it is to anyone else. We know that the information was disclosed while the indictment itself remains sealed and before any official announcement was made or charges brought. It is unlikely that the leak came from the Trump team, which seemed genuinely surprised. The most likely, though uncertain, scenario is that a person in Mr. Bragg’s office or a grand juror unlawfully leaked the sealed information. That would be a class E felony, subject to imprisonment.

It is possible of course that an investigation is underway, but it seems more likely that Mr. Bragg is too busy making up a crime against the man he promised in his campaign to get than investigating a real crime that took place on his watch. In my new book, “Get Trump,” I predicted that partisan prosecutors would try to get Trump regardless of the lack of evidence or law. That prediction has come true. Since the indictment itself has not been leaked — at least not yet — we don’t know its specifics. We do know, based on leaks, that it involves multiple counts, almost certainly involving the payment of hush money to a porn actress. Under Mr. Bragg’s likely theory, Mr. Trump should have disclosed in his public corporate records that he paid the hush money to avoid his adulterous affair from becoming public.

But no one in history has ever publicly disclosed the reason he paid money for a non-disclosure agreement. Why would Mr. Trump pay the money in the first place if he had to publicly disclose the embarrassing reason? Furthermore, no one in history has ever been indicted for listing “legal expenses” for setting a potentially embarrassing payment of hush money. Thus, even the misdemeanor allegation involving false entries is unprecedented and represents selective prosecution. It is also almost certainly barred by the two-year statute of limitations. In order to elevate this bookkeeping case into a felony, Mr. Bragg must also prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the reason Trump made the false entry — if he himself did it — was solely as a campaign contribution to help him win his election.

If Mr. Trump was motivated in part by his desire to protect his wife, children, and business interests from harmful disclosures, that would not constitute the crime of making an undisclosed campaign contribution. So this too is a stretch. It is a fundamental tenet of American law that criminal law should not be stretched to fit targeted defendants. Criminal statutes must be clear and unambiguous. If there is any doubt, the age-old concept of “lenity” requires that these doubts be resolved in favor of the defendant.

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“..having concluded some of the most insanely stupid pharmaceutical contracts in the world.”

Germany To Have Enough Covid mRNA Vaccine To Last Into The 24th Century (Eugyp)

You could not have invented a stupider pandemic: “According to the German Ministry of Health, the federal government at the end of February had amassed a reserve of 116 million doses of Corona vaccine. 111 million more doses, valued at around 2.5 billion Euros, are slated for delivery. According to an answer given by the Ministry on 28 March to a question by Thomas Dietz, a Bundestag member of Alternativ für Deutschland, EU treaties oblige the German government to take delivery of these doses. “In view of the current state of the pandemic, the federal government is working to make these EU treaties more flexible,” the answer continues.”

Tucker vaccine

Another paper does the maths, and notes that if vaccination continues at the current rate of 2,000 jabs per day, the 227 million doses which Germany has procured will last for 311 years. Of course, all of these doses will expire well before then, so Germany will merely receive all of this useless product, store it at substantial expense in freezers for around eighteen months, and then throw it away. This hurts Corona. In related news, Welt reports on the curious failure of Lauterbach’s Health Ministry to finish work on the so-called National Reserve for Health Protection, which Merkel’s government planned three years ago. The Reserve was supposed to be a massive depot for masks (but of course), other personal protective equipment and medicines, which would in theory free Germany from reliance on China the next time somebody is stupid enough to cry wolf about a respiratory virus.

So far, the only thing anybody has done to realise this Reserve, is put 245 million masks in it, a substantial portion of which will expire by the end of the year. A Ministry spokesperson explains that the project has devolved from a Health Reserve into a National Trashbin for Worthless Masks that Nobody Wants, because it has received no funding. It appears politicians have lost enthusiasm and now prefer that the manufacturers and the federal states maintain their own “decentralised” reserves. This obviously means that they have quietly written off the project but hope that nobody will realise. Despite all that you hear from WEF conference attendees and virus pests like Lauterbach about the importance of “pandemic preparedness”, the will to actually do anything about pandemics – even at the highest reaches of government – has never been lower. Perhaps we’re not the only ones who have concluded, after all that happened since March 2020, that it is indeed best to think less about viruses.


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Should be enough to throw out the case.

El Pais Reveals How CIA Spied On Assange (RT)

The CIA used private Spanish security company UC Global to secretly install microphones inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to monitor WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, El Pais reported on Wednesday, citing the company’s internal communications. UC Global was hired to provide security for the embassy. Assange, who was granted asylum by Ecuador at the time, resided in the diplomatic compound from 2012 to 2019. The Spanish company’s alleged links to US intelligence agencies were first reported by El Pais in 2019. According to the newspaper, UC Global founder and head David Morales first came into contact with the CIA in 2017. Around that time, Morales informed his employees that the company would have to provide a new American client named ‘X’ with remote access to the server that collected the data from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which was referred to as the ‘Hotel’.

“Regarding the Hotel work, I would like to offer our information collection and analysis capability to the American client,” Morales wrote in a September 2017 email. “We must… try to make it attractive and easy to interpret.” The information shared reportedly included profiles of Assange’s visitors, including lawyers and diplomats, as well as cell phone data. Morales was quoted as saying in a chat message that “the people in control are our friends in the USA.” One of microphones that Morales’ team secretly planted inside the embassy was hidden in the base of a fire extinguisher in order to listen in despite Assange’s habit of using a white noise machine to prevent surveillance, El Pais said. Stickers were attached to window corners to avoid vibrations and allow sound to be recorded through laser microphones. “I know it is of the utmost interest and that the USA wants to do it,”Morales reportedly wrote to his employees.

According to El Pais, UC Global’s work helped Washington foil a plan to sneak Assange out of the embassy in December 2017. Lenin Moreno, Ecuador’s president at the time, allegedly wanted to grant the WikiLeaks co-founder Ecuadorian citizenship and get him out of Britain in a diplomatic car. Morales’ team reportedly recorded a conversation between Assange and Ecuadorian officials and then quickly sent it to the US. Washington responded by issuing an arrest warrant for Assange to Britain, which apparently prompted organizers to abort the plan. In 2019, the Spanish authorities launched an investigation into Morales’ company and briefly detained him. He has since been released on bail.

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Well, it’s something. Bit late perhaps?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Demands DOJ Drop Charges Against Julian Assange (Fox)

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., is asking her fellow House members to sign a letter calling on the Justice Department to end its prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is accused of publishing classified documents. The letter, which was obtained by The Intercept, is currently circulating among members as they are urged to sign it and has not yet been sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Democratic Reps. Jamaal Bowman, N.Y., Ilhan Omar, Minn., and Cori Bush, Mo., have signed the letter. The office of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said she intends to sign the letter. “I know many of us have very strong feelings about Mr. Assange, but what we think of him and his actions is really besides the point here,” Tlaib’s letter to her colleagues reads.

“The fact of the matter is that the [way] in which Mr. Assange is being prosecuted under the notoriously undemocratic Espionage Act seriously undermines freedom of the press and the First Amendment.” The letter comes just ahead of the fourth anniversary of Assange’s April 11, 2019, detention. Assange is facing a legal battle over his potential extradition to the U.S. regarding the publication of classified materials detailing war crimes committed by the U.S. government in the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, detention camp, Iraq and Afghanistan. The materials also expose instances of the CIA engaging in torture and rendition. If he is extradited to the U.S., Assange would face 17 charges for receiving, possessing and communicating classified information to the public under the espionage act and one charge alleging a conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.

He could be sentenced to as many as 175 years in an American maximum security prison. The Wikileaks founder has been held at London’s high-security Belmarsh Prison since he was removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2019 for breaching jail conditions. He had sought asylum at the embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations he raped two women. The investigations into the sexual assault allegations were eventually dropped. Tlaib’s cites last year’s open letter from the editors and publishers of U.S. and European news outlets that worked with Assange on the publication of excerpts from more than 250,000 documents he obtained in the Cablegate leak.

“The New York Times, The Guardian, El Pais, Le Monde, and Der Spiegel have taken the extraordinary step of publishing a joint statement in opposition to the indictment, warning that it ‘sets a dangerous precedent, and threatens to undermine America’s First Amendment and the freedom of the press,’” Tlaib wrote to House members. The congresswoman also warned that major news outlets could later be prosecuted for publishing accurate information using classified materials if the case against Assange is successful. “Mr. Assange’s prosecution marks the first time in US history that the Espionage Act has been used to indict a publisher of truthful information,” she wrote. “The prosecution of Mr. Assange, if successful, not only sets a legal precedent whereby journalists or publishers can be prosecuted, but a political one as well. In the future, the New York Times or Washington Post could be prosecuted when they publish important stories based on classified information. Or, just as dangerous, they may refrain from publishing such stories for fear of prosecution.”

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Hidden within a section of a Colombian newspaper lies a clever three dimensional layout of a kitchen






Photographer Pavan Tavrekere used multiple flashes to bring out the multicolors of the so called ‘world’s most colourful spider. The tiny peacock spider measures just 0.75cm in length (0.3 inches)





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    Pablo Picasso Bull – Plate 4 1945   • Bakhmut “Technically Captured” – Prigozhin (ZH) • Zelensky’s Government Is An ‘Evil Force’ – Orthodox Pries
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    “When a TV doctor says a vaccine has a 100% chance of preventing death, you “don’t expect to then get coroner reports…saying the AstraZeneca vaccine is the main factor in why an individual has died,”



    “We’re spending tens of billions of dollars on research. Are we spending any money on vaccine injuries at all?”

    Today, I sit down with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), a member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs as well as the Budget and Finance Committees.

    In this deep-dive interview, we discuss what he sees as a global push for mass vaccination and a concerted effort to suppress early treatment. Johnson has been at the forefront of efforts to change America’s COVID-19 policies and has hosted a number of hearings and roundtables on early outpatient treatment for COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine injuries.




    The Scorpion has completed its skuttling for cover. But The Scorpion’s crimes will not be forgotten, despite The Chipmunk’s hoping that New Zealanders ‘leave her alone’.

    Actually, left alone in a prison cell for a few years, i.e. solitary confinement, might be a suitable punishment for one of the most criminal ‘leaders’ in recent history. Breaches of practically every law -both on the Statute Books and natural law- by this vicious, murderous psychopath will never be forgotten.



    Half of ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Have Never Had Covid, Says New Study.

    Half of ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Have Never Had Covid, Says New Study

    What they NEVER look into is, how many long Covid sufferers were death-vaxxed?

    I’m calling it “Long Death-Vaxx”.
    Get Death Vaxxed – then, Get Covid – then, Get Long Covid.



    My comment ‘Nice’ (previous thread) referred to the murder of civilians in Iraq by US military personnel in a helicopter, who thought it was ‘Nice’ and said so.

    Julian Assange rots in a prison cell for exposing war crimes committed by Americans under the command and urging President G W Bush -yet another war criminal in a long line of war criminals who still walk free of criminal charges -Tony B Liar being one of many British war criminals, along with the latest fake who pretends to be leader, the Indian multibillionaire.
    Can’t wait for all this bullshit to be over. But we know who will suffer the most and suffer first: not the criminals at the top of the power pyramid but those at the bottom.


    @ AFKTT

    The Scorpion, and her ilk, will be hunted down over time.
    The Death-Vaxx injured/killed (and their families) will have long memories.

    Just wait ’till Geert’s predicted Killer Covid arrives and slaughters the immune compromised vaxxed.
    It’s on its way as I type.

    Tick … Tock … Tick … Tock …



    There’s a sucker born every second …


    Dr. D

    Nation Unsure Whether to Support Candidate Actually in Prison or Candidate that Should Be in Prison “ –BBee

    FBI Vows to Get to the Bottom of What Christians Did to Provoke Attack “ –BBee

    “Last week, Washington, D.C. based Last Energy announced that it had signed agreements in the UK and Poland for thirty four small modular reactors…”

    Many have had the suspicion they wanted to redo the energy system and nuclear. The only way to do that was to “ruin” the (essentially U.S. Gov’t led) master reactors using Green Patsies, destroy the grid, then “Oopsie!” Wow who’d a-thunk actually nuclear is the only way to have an all-electric world?? Whot, 100 broken windmills WON’T run NYC and Long Island too? Except at that point it is privately profited, not overseen, and distributed the way they want – say, cutting off states who they don’t like, giving favors to friends, letting Google run their own reactor, stuff like that. Of course we’re only still in phase II: use Green to destroy the grid, discredit the large reactors, “Create the problem.”

    “complete control and immediate surveillance over media content monitored by AI.…”

    Thus why they needed AI and something AI is actually capable of: while of course putting people in jail and on no-fly lists for jokes and memes it can’t understand. The ultimate in Nazi lack of humor. Why are people still online? Can’t you cede control over a totally fake world, then go bowling to a place they have no idea exists, a location that never enters their heads – Reality?

    Bank Deposits. Yeah I’m sure everything is fine. That won’t be a problem. Yellen says “we’ll never have another crisis in our lifetimes.” “Subprime is contained” sez her best friend.

    Now the question is, WHO takes it in the shorts, and WHAT does it look like after? Because here in the ‘States, the problem has been amazingly well-contained so far. Housing falling 7 months in a row? No real perception of it out there, very even, no speed.

    Trump’s Ad.
    …Showing they had months to plan, polish, and perfect this ad. Not a surprise. Also on 3-30, and the indictment probably 4-4, on a Tuesday, as predicted. Why play games like that? It answers the question “Who’s in control?” Whether they’re in control or not, they certainly want you to THINK they are. And the Bad Guys – keeps them up nights.

    “progenitor of Scythians was Hercules”

    I can’t disprove this, but I have no way to substantiate anything. Since they would have intermixed in Iberia and with Romans, etc for centuries, are they now like 9% of Celts, we doing a “Single drop of Scythian Blood” thing here?

    “Ukrainian defenders are courageously holding the city as they repel numerous enemy attacks.”

    True enough, but also pointless. No wonder people hated Nazis so much. They’ve got to be like WHYYYY? The entire American Army has finished landing in France, it’s over. Knock it off already before Willie and Joe get shot.

    “• Zelensky’s Government Is an ‘Evil Force’ – Orthodox Priest (RT)

    They may lift any protection from God. However, they may also indicate to everyone within 1,000 miles that they’re out of control and need to go. Reminds me of a thing I heard this weekend, “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin, could also mean, “You’ve been weighed, measured, and you are OUT OF BALANCE. We’ve got a lot of that going on.

    Anyway, the war is a religious war. The Western Scientific Materialism has a certain character that’s taken on all the attributes of violent religious extremists, sparing nothing, even their own priests, bishops, clergy, and Inquisition. Their enemy is anyone of the old religions and standards. “Tear It down!” “Build Back Better” “Progress.” This new, fine, higher, 1,000 year Reich is just like the last time. It’s a religion. And yes, we talk about the merger of corporation and State but the “Fascia”, the bundle has more than two sticks. One of them is religion in service of the State. And for Nazis, it’s the New Age, spiritual occult. Be careful

    Sadly, gold is now on its way to heights which are unthinkable for most people.”

    Maybe? Gold’s doing nothing and silver far less – not even above the 1980 high. Suppose it manages to rise as much as eggs??? Which is hasn’t. As much as gasoline under Joe Biden? That’s a dream. So…it’s not rising, is it? Suppose it goes to $20,000, which is probably the inflation-adjusted number – but one that includes M2/Stock/Bond issuance. Happy days! …Except at $20k, it might buy a side of beef from the butcher.

    All these prices are moving around. Now, probably not. Probably there will be mass distress sales of the craziest things all over as M2 craters. And gold retains equal power, it could be said classic cars dumped at $2k not $20k while gold goes to $5k, in PPP terms, not $100k as it probably should. But who knows? The system’s come unglued and parts are flying all over. Well, technically it was actively sabotaged specifically to MAKE parts fly all over, but…

    I expect they will be able to re-start the US$, changing what “it” is, like in 1930 and 1970.

    US Neocons have seen this conflict as the last chance to save the US military, political and economic hegemony from total collapse.”

    Well, the Neocons are the military wing of the full NeoLib system including the banking, etc above. It’s like focusing on the Cavalry tank division because they’re fun and exciting and not also the Quartermasters. Quartermasters run wars.

    “It is guaranteed that the US government will soon need to step in as the next lot US of banks fail.”

    True. But why would they fail when they just did an accounting change to their Bond collateral? Who is going to get antsy? If they “pulled” their money – these big guys – where would they put it? In their garage like Breaking Bad? No, simply into another bank, money market (5%), etc. That’s BACK into the system. So we have only a few breaking points: into commodities, REAL things, (gold) or into another banking system that’s not adequately merged, China, etc. Not even paper cash. All Western banks already have an effective reserve ratio of Zero. The only obstacle would be having enough paper and trucks.

    No, it’s going to break somewhere else this time.

    “Oil Prices Surge after Surprise OPEC+ Production Cut (RT)

    Guessing things didn’t go with firm directness as seen. May be lacking a winter freeze to move in. So who cares? Attack on the oil Price front. Better anyway and cost free. Now normally this would INCREASE the US$ and might, which they couldn’t use it before. However as stated, all these new sales are in NOT-US$. No increased demand. No increased U.S. power.

    “In light of the established evidence of the US national’s illegal activities, his future will be determined by court.”

    Yes, about that. I hear no details of the case. That means someone’s lying. If the West had a case, they’d crow that he was found in an empty apartment and charges are ludicrous. They haven’t, so it isn’t. He’s a WSJ reporter – everybody knows all Western Reporters work for the Government/Derp State even here at home. Duh. If he WEREN’T an agent he would have already been arrested back in New Jersey for NOT obeying, or at the very least fired. And like Freeland and Nuland, he’s the child of anti-Russian ex-Russian parents.

    “Everyone needs to calm down about war with China, Gen. Mark Milley said” ...after his own Generals publicly said we’d attack China only two years from now. Yeah, where’d everybody get these crazy ideas? I mean except from Blinken, and the Air Force flag officers. And Obama and Trump, honestly.

    wider push for equity and inclusivity. In his 2023 proclamation, Biden stated that “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul.”

    Well marking nothing on gender passports etc is EX-clusivity. The point of being trans is to become the OTHER gender. But they say the other gender doesn’t exist. No genders exist. So you’ve STOPPED all Trans and trans rights. And “Shape our soul”? Well we can see that’s your very long term plan, but the question to answer is “Why?” Why should it be? Why should we care? Why so much astonishing effort? Will like 20M homeless, 60k dead/year on drugs, and water not safe to drink so many places I could scarcely name them? Yet the 1 in 4,000 few are the ONLY priority now.

    Utilitarianism: Killing the 1 to save the 1,000. What we have now: Killing the 1,000 to save the 1. Logic!

    “Under Mr. Bragg’s likely theory, Mr. Trump should have disclosed in his public corporate records that he paid the hush money to avoid his adulterous affair from becoming public.”

    This is where they win when you even entertain the lies, because they pile on so many lies you get covered in s—t while grabbing the pitchfork, and they know it. Daniels says they never had an affair. So why would he pay money? They had a non-disclosure. Why would he pay the money? His lawyer – a convicted perjurer – that is, a “Felon”, paid the money. Why would you just assume Trump was the pay-or? Does Cohen not have any other clients? Did Cohen not sleep with her himself? Suppose even some of this is true, even though Daniels said it isn’t. Trump says, “I’m busy, make this go away.” Cohen hires a hit man to splatter her in public, then dismember her on camera in Times Square. And somehow TRUMP, who didn’t (but let’s pretend) wanted Cohen to SUE her into penury, is responsible for unauthorized, unknowing actions of his LAWYER? Who BROKE THE LAW?

    Let’s put it this way, I’m VP of sales and I say “Gil, your quarterly numbers are weak, I need you to bring in more money.”

    Gil robs a bank.But YOU said go get me money!” That’s what we have here. We know. The problem is NOBODY CARES WHAT THE TRUTH IS. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Children will make up any story to get their way if you let them. As Adults and parents we need to say no. Or your children will be mentally ill psychos, or Congressmen.

    Actually, it’s worse: our saleman Gil robs not a random bank but THE VICE PRESIDENT’s beach house; embezzles the money with false corporate billing in his department to show he “brought in money’ for the quarterlies. Cohen hid the legal costs in his hourly fees n’ stuff. Only Bragg’s imagination connects a long-term constant over-charging to anything or anyone. Wasn’t Cohen also overcharging and embezzling all his other clients too?

    …And those 5 points are just the START of the legal problems. No wonder the Feds wouldn’t touch it, and they’ll railroad anyone for anything, make up evidence, lie in court, hide witnesses, for 100 years. Ask any Indian.

    ” Germany To Have Enough Covid mRNA Vaccine To Last Into The 24th Century (Eugyp)”

    300 years of doses for a Covid strain that’s obsolete and since Omicron, everyone is immune to. Tell me how this is not embezzlement? That the corporations are not low on cash, so made a transfer from their Government accounts (YOU) to fill the holes?

    Not safe or effective: Perfect example of “we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too”

    So created reality: killed 100 million people. And three years later it comes to court so they can … act again on a whim and kill 100 million more.

    Karl Rove: “While you’re studying that reality, we’ll act again…”
    Me: “Not if you’re in prison you won’t.

    So…why? It’s not like they haven’t committed 100,000 crimes going back years. You only need to pick them up on a 2-to-5, knock them out of the game while you prepare something bigger. Isn’t just tying them up what they’ve shown they’re fully capable of with Trump? But no? 100,000 felonies walking around and you can’t bring even ONE? Ever? Explain please?

    “• Rep. Rashida Tlaib Demands DOJ Drop Charges Against Julian Assange (Fox)

    Shocked. Props to her. Will she reverse it tomorrow like the war in Ukraine letter?


    Powerful poem – “democide”



    TVASF (that’s her real message)


    For AFKTT:

    Radio Ecoshock Shows



    Rigged election!!!!!?????

    What voters want.
    What voters don’t want.
    What the voters need.
    Freedom and power – media content monitoring by AI
    Gov. must be, … for the people, …. by the people, …. of the people
    Influential actors/motivators/advisors//mentors/stabilizors/interferensors are the military, bankers, oil/energy producers, liars, and snobs.
    TVASF or old age
    What they NEVER look into is, how many long Covid sufferers were death-vaxxed?

    Half of ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Have Never Had Covid, Says New Study

    Half of ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Have Never Had Covid, Says New Study
    BY IAN MACLEOD 3 APRIL 2023 7:00 AM

    March 30, 2023
    Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post–COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults

    (Before covid, my immune system and my intestinal flora were strong enough to keep me “healthy” without pills and vitamins.)


    Powerful poem – “democide”
    Entire poem and especially this line is something for Dr Mattias Desmet lovers to ponder about:

    It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.


    @ Dr. D

    Gold has has been a fantastic investment over the past 20 years – and its bull run is just getting started.
    Once the dollar completes it’s swirl down the drain then folks will wish they held gold.
    Just as they have done as every currency has failed over the past 2000 years,

    For UK residents:



    There is a reason that, 2,000 years ago, there were “10 commandments” written in a book and those commandments are still being ignored.


    Bret Weinstein. The Missouri bill would required mRNA vaccinated livestock to be labeled as such, and would require commercial food crops that produce mRNA vaccine-like substances to be labeled as such. Seems reasonable. Corporations and pharma are pushing back hard against the proposal.


    Here’s a one page summary of the bill from the Missouri State House.


    John Day

    “Don’t Say That” post is up: https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/dont-say-that

    Kremlin releases a new foreign policy concept outlining its plans for a “multipolar” world Thanks Christine.
    The Kremlin has released a new foreign policy document that lays out its plans for its post-war relations. The main points are based on a “multipolar world” and that Russia doesn’t see itself as an enemy of the West but does see itself as one of the centres of this new shared world, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council on March 31.
    “The system of international relations should be multipolar and based on the following principles: … indivisibility of security in global and regional aspects; diversity of cultures, civilizations and models of social organization, non-imposition on other countries by all states of their models of development, ideology and values, and reliance on a spiritual and moral guideline that is common for all world traditional religious and secular ethical systems,” the document said.
    Putin pointed out that expanding ties with cooperative partners and creating conditions for unfriendly states to abandon their hostile policy towards Russia require “special attention.”
    Putin called for strengthening Russia’s sovereignty and enhancing its role in shaping a more just, multipolar world order…
    ..Putin and his allies, in particular China, seek to build an alternative non-western alliance in the Global South. Moscow aims to “support its allies and partners in ensuring their security and sustainable development regardless of their international recognition,” the concept says.
    Russia will “give priority attention to suppressing attempts by unfriendly countries to hinder Russia’s cooperation with its allies,” the concept stresses.
    The document says that “in order to help adapt the world order to the realities of a multipolar world, the Russian Federation intends to make it a priority to intensify cooperation in all areas with Russia’s allies and partners, and suppress the attempts by unfriendly states to obstruct such cooperation.” …
    ..While the concept doesn’t make specific mention of Ukraine, the attitude of Russia to those countries that the Kremlin deems to lie in its sphere of influence and the so-called Russkiy Mir (Russian World, a concept of social totality associated with Russian culture) was spelled out in the concept, where Russia views itself as a bulwark of these Russian values.
    “More than a thousand years of independent statehood, the cultural heritage of the preceding era, deep historical ties with the traditional European culture and other Eurasian cultures, and the ability to ensure harmonious coexistence of different peoples, ethnic, religious and linguistic groups on one common territory, which has been developed over many centuries, determine Russia’s special position as a unique country-civilization and a vast Eurasian and Euro-Pacific power that brings together the Russian people and other peoples belonging to the cultural and civilizational community of the Russian world,” the concept reads…
    ..Russia rejects the Western values as enshrined in the so called Washington consensus and has long ago what has been dubbed the Moscow consensus, that does not have “the pursuit of individual happiness” at its core, but more emphasis on the wellbeing and security of the state where citizens are expected to sacrifice some of their freedoms and prosperity for the sake of the state…
    ..Moscow sees the risks of conflicts with the participation of large countries escalating and growing into a local or global war, according to the updated concept.
    “The use of military force in violation of international law, the exploration of outer space and information space as new spheres of military action, the blurring of the line between military and non-military means of inter-state confrontation, and the escalation of protracted armed conflicts in a number of regions increase the threat to global security, enhance the risk of collision between major states, including with the participation of nuclear powers, and the probability of such conflicts escalating and growing into a local, regional or global war,” the document reads…
    ..According to the foreign policy concept, ensuring peace and stability in Eurasia also requires a “comprehensive settlement in Afghanistan, assistance in building it as a sovereign, peaceful and neutral state with stable economy and political system, which meets the interests of all the ethnic groups living there and opens up prospects for integrating Afghanistan into the Eurasian space for cooperation”, according to the concept.
    “Russia seeks to transform Eurasia into a continental common space of peace, stability, mutual trust, development and prosperity,” the document reads…
    ..Now that Russia has definitively broken with the West following its invasion of Ukraine a year ago its hunt for new markets means uncorking the southern route out of Eurasia and into the massive markets of Pakistan and India has become a top priority. Afghanistan is the key to the region as instability there has blocked the southern exit from the region into Asia…
    ..Putin highlighted the role Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will play in this process as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as two of the key organisations in the region. China has also focused on the SCO as playing a leading role in developing Eurasia. Both Moscow and Beijing are keen to build up the international non-Western political and economic cooperation institutions to rival the Western lead organisations such as the World Bank, IMF and EBRD.
    Moscow is calling for the “strengthening of the economic and transport interconnectivity in Eurasia, including through the modernization and increased capacity of the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian railway; the rapid launch of the International North – South Transport Corridor; improvement of infrastructure of the Western Europe – Western China International Transit Corridor, the Caspian and the Black Sea regions, and the Northern Sea Route; creation of development zones and economic corridors in Eurasia, including the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, as well as increased regional cooperation in digital development and establishment of an energy partnership.”
    Developing relations with China and India is especially important for Russia, the concept says and mirrors Beijing’s desire to develop land-based connectivity between Asia and Europe to both bind Eurasia more closely together but also to get away from maritime trade routes due to the US navy’s dominance of the sea…
    ..The Chinese leader Xi Jingping was in Moscow for a three-day visit between March 20-22 in an ostentatious display of support for Putin. India has also clearly come out in support of Russia and trade between the two countries has soared in the last year.
    According to its policy, Russia “will continue to build up a particularly privileged strategic partnership with the Republic of India with a view to enhance and expand cooperation in all areas on a mutually beneficial basis and place special emphasis on increasing the volume of bilateral trade, strengthening investment and technological ties, and ensuring their resistance to destructive actions of unfriendly states and their alliances.” …
    ..Russia has already abandoned the dollar and the yuanization of the economy is proceeding full steam as Russia adopts the Chinese currency as its foreign exchange of choice. During Xi’s visit to Moscow Putin said that half the mutual trade between the two countries was already settled in yuan and called on the other Eurasian countries to make use of the Chinese currency in international trade deals…
    ..Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s “new rules of the game” speech in February 2020 said that the Kremlin would no longer tolerate the dual policy towards Russia of doing business with one hand, but applying sanctions with the other…
    ..In comments following the release of the concept, Lavrov highlighted the new relations that Russia wants to build, emphasising that Russia is willing to cooperate with any country that treats it as an equal – an echo of his new rules of the game speech – but will “oppose” any country that tries to force its will on Russia.
    “In the concept we have explained our vision of the principles of a more balanced and fair world order. They include polycentricity, the sovereign equality of states, their right to choose models of development, and the world’s cultural and civilizational diversity. The promotion of a multipolar world order is defined as a framework task on all foreign policy tacks,” Lavrov said…
    ..”A provision has been introduced that armed forces can be used to repel or prevent an armed attack on Russia or its allies. This is how we unequivocally state that we will defend the right of the Russian people to exist and develop freely,” the minister said at the meeting of the permanent members of the Russian Security Council. “Important modifications have been enshrined in terms of the conditions for the use of force for self-defence within the framework of unconditional compliance under Article 51 of the UN Charter.”

    ​ ​Gilbert Doctorow on western response to Russian Foreign Policy document:
    ​ ​What I wish to call attention to here is how Russia’s new Foreign Policy Concept was greeted by the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and by an unidentified spokesman for the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office.
    ​ ​The UK spokesperson wrote: “April Fool’s Day tomorrow” with specific mention of the document released by the Russians. I have in front of me the respective news item in The Eastern Herald (India).
    ​ ​Borrell, who is not known for originality, picked up this convenient insult and used it to remark on another Russia-related development of the same day. He wrote: “Russia taking over today @UN Security Council presidency is fitting for April Fool’s day.”
    ​ ​Both statements were issued on their Twitter accounts. As they say, the medium (low-brow to be kind about it) is the message.
    ​ ​When diplomacy degenerates into crude insults as the UK and EU showed yesterday, we are well on our way to total war.
    Our foreign policy is being conducted by intellectually challenged people who have had a bad upbringing, sad to say.
    Descent into Hell: Europe’s top diplomats are nearly at the journey’s end

    Zelensky’s government a ‘force of evil’ – priest​ ​The “evildoers” who persecute Christians will derive no benefit from such action either on Earth or in the afterlife, Kesis Mezgebu, a prominent Ethiopian Orthodox priest, has told RT. Mezgebu, who serves at the Holy Trinity Theological University in Addis Ababa, was commenting on the attempts by the government of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to evict the monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) from the country’s Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery.
    Horrific Slaughter: Russia Finally Admits to Destroying NATO’s Deep Underground Command Bunker in Kiev (3/8-9/23) Thanks Eleni.​ (“Debunked” elsewhere, per Christine. It has been hard to know what those 6 rare and expensive missiles hit.)​
    According to Pronews , “dozens of NATO officers” were killed in a “terrifying strike” by a Mach 12 missile. In all likelihood, we are talking about the defeat of the “shadow General Staff” of NATO in Ukraine. The secret underground bunker, built at a depth of 400 feet (120 meters), housed several NATO officers (retired) and advisers. In total, more than 300 people. To date, according to the portal, 40 people have been pulled out from under the rubble of the underground headquarters, but most of those who died under the rubble have not yet been found.
    It is not known, the portal continues, exactly how many Western citizens and how many Ukrainians were killed as a result of the “Dagger” (Kinzhal) strike. “Most of them, ” according to Pronews, “are British and Poles, but there were also Americans and representatives of private companies that support communication and data transmission. In the coming days, it will be seen to what extent this will affect the conduct of Ukrainian and Western operations and attempts to stop the final phase of the Russian offensive on Bakhmut…
    ..According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhny, on the consequences of the Russian strike on Ukrainian targets on the night of March 8-9, the Russian side fired 81 missiles, including Kh-47 Kinzhal, X-22, Kh-101 / Kh-555, as well as 8 Geranium UAVs. According to Zelensky, “it was a hard night”; as observers noted, while the president of Ukraine looked like a beaten dog.
    The statements of Ukrainian officials say nothing about the defeat of the NATO bunker and the death of Western military personnel. However, information is circulating in Ukrainian publics that on March 9, a delegation of the General Staff of Ukraine visited the American embassy in Kiev, as it is supposed, in order to transfer the lists of the Americans who died during the strike..

    Horrific Slaughter: Russia Finally Admits to Destroying NATO’s Deep Underground Command Bunker in Kiev

    John Day

    ‘Peacekeepers’ deployed to Ukraine without Russia’s consent must be eliminated – Medvedev
    Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation called “direct enemies” of Moscow the so-called peacekeepers under the auspices of NATO, the dispatch of which is being discussed in Europe
    Medvedev recalled that the potential results of such actions can be seen in the “history of operations conducted by the United States and its allies in various regions of the world, [including] the tragedies of Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous African countries.” “It is clear that the so-called NATO peacekeepers are simply preparing to enter the conflict on the side of our enemies in order to make hay out of this, bringing the situation to the point of no return, and to unleash that World War III they claim to be so afraid of”.

    ​ ​Mexico’s leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) used the US government’s so-called “Summit for Democracy” to indirectly call out Washington’s hypocrisy. (A full transcript of his speech follows below.)
    ​ ​AMLO strongly implied that the United States is an oligarchy, not a real democracy. He argued that the government needs to challenge the power of the economic elites if it truly wants to be democratic.
    ​ ​López Obrador opened his speech warning, “Many of the great crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of God or in the name of democracy”.

    Mexico’s AMLO calls out US ‘oligarchy’ at Biden’s ‘democracy’ summit

    ​ Lula’s Grand Strategy, Andrew Korybko via The Automatic Earth​
    Brazil and Chinese reached an agreement earlier this week to de-dollarize their trade, which will accelerate financial multipolarity processes amidst the global systemic transition. The timing was curious, however, since Brazil’s Agriculture Minister Carlos Favaro told the media last weekend that “All government actions are postponed” due to Lula canceling his planned trip after falling ill. Even though he rescheduled it for 11-14 April, the parties decided to sign it last week instead of waiting till then.
    Furthermore, this took place on the same week that the US hosted its second “Summit for Democracy”, which Lula didn’t attend via video as planned on the pretext of his recent illness…
    ..Lula is ideologically aligned with those liberal–globalists, which intrepid readers can learn more about by perusing the collection of articles shared at the end of this analysis here. It’s therefore unsurprising that his letter implied that the Brazilian opposition are “extremists”, condemned the “disinformation” that he hints is driving the latter as a pretext for potentially imposing more censorship in the coming future as part of his US-backed power consolidation campaign, and praised “LGBTQIA+” people. These agendas that he pushed in his statement to the “Summit for Democracy” also align with the causes that are aggressively propagated across the world by Color Revolution financier George Soros, who enthusiastically endorsed Lula in his speech at the Munich Security Conference in mid-February. The last one regarding LGBTQIA+ people in particular directly contradicts Russia’s official support for traditional moral values …
    ..The socio-cultural dimension of Lula’s worldview is therefore opposed to Russia’s, which he presumably regards as “bigoted” and “fascist” just like his liberal-leftist supporters generally do. Nevertheless, these two BRICS countries still share the common goal of financial multipolarity, thus explaining his decision to de-dollarize Brazilian-Chinese trade. Returning to that development, its timing suggests that Lula wanted this to happen comparatively more quietly than him announcing it while standing with his counterpart.
    Since it was already agreed upon, his challenge was therefore to manage US perceptions since he didn’t want to risk offending his fellow “social justice warriors” there like AOC and Bernie Sanders, both of whom he met during his trip to DC in February. Lula also wanted to avoid offending his new buddy Biden too after those two agreed to comprehensively strengthen their countries’ strategic partnership in their joint statement, which can be read at the official White House website here and was analyzed here.
    To that end, his latest illness was politically convenient in the sense that it allowed him to postpone his planned trip so that it didn’t coincide with the US’ second “Summit for Democracy” and subsequently authorize the de-dollarization deal’s signing in his absence to comparatively less attention. As was explained above, he wanted to do his best to manage US perceptions about this development that advances Brazil’s goal of financial multipolarity at the dollar’s indisputable expense…
    ..As regards China, however, Brazil isn’t expected to clash or compete with it in any form since Lula actually envisages his country balancing between it and the US. On the one hand, China is Brazil’s top economic partner and an ally in advancing their shared goal of financial multipolarity. On the other hand, the US is Brazil’s top security partner and is nowadays also a source of inspiration for its liberal-globalists who model themselves off of its ruling Democrat Party, thus explaining his balancing act…
    ..Lula’s appointment of former President Rousseff to lead BRICS’ New Development Bank (NDB) should therefore be interpreted in the context of advancing Brazil’s financial multipolarity goals instead of having anything to do with Russia like his media allies and social media sycophants are spinning it as. The ”Big Lie” of the Brazilian left and their supporters abroad is that Lula is pro-Russian even though the facts prove that he’s politically aligned with the US against it in that country’s proxy war with NATO…
    ..In reality, Russia is only considered by Lula to be a commodities partner and a country to cooperate with in pursuit of their shared financial multipolarity goals. He’s fiercely opposed to its official defense of traditional moral values and especially the military moves that it was forced to make in defense of its national security red lines in Ukraine after NATO clandestinely crossed them there.

    Lula’s Grand Strategy

    ​ Not mentioned above is that Lula has made a law that withholds all welfare benefits from families that are not “fully vaccinated”, including children, Brazil’s “Gain” programs. He received his 5th injection in a televised public event in late February, touts these products as “saving lives”, which he appears to believe.

    John Day

    ​Well written and rousing Marxist polemic here. “The 6th Republic is arising”, opine some.​ Marx was much inspired by the French. Thanks Christine.
    ​ ​The French Uprising
    ​ ​In France, the legitimacy of the power structure has collapsed; it is now nothing more than a coercive bloc. Having demolished all other mediations, the autocrat is separated from the people only by a police line. Nothing can be ruled out, for reason deserted him long ago.
    Macron has never accepted otherness. He is in conversation only with himself​ (and maybe his recent employers at Rothschild Bank)​; the outside world does not exist. That is why his speech – if we focus on the real meaning of his words – bears no trace of the collective validation that comes from rational discussion with others. On 3 June 2022, he could affirm, without batting an eyelid, that ‘the French are tired of reforms that come from above’; on 29 September that ‘the citizen is not someone on whom decisions will be imposed’. Isn’t it obvious that, confronted with a leader of this kind, there can be no possibility of dialogue? That nothing he says can ever be taken seriously? ​ ​Such a person is incapable of owning up to any error save factitious ones, since you have to listen to the ‘outside’, to the non-self, to realise that you’ve made a mistake. This is why Macron’s promises of ‘reinvention’ – so enchanting to journalists – can be nothing other than pantomimes, produced in closed circuit.

    ​ ​French woman faces $13,000 fine for Facebook post calling President Macron “fi​l​th”​ (Saint​ ​Joan of Arc?)​
    ​The woman’s arrest took place last Friday, following a complaint filed by the local administrative office in response to her Facebook post.
    ​ ​Saint Omer prosecutor Mehdi Benbouzid confirmed the arrest and provided details to AFP. The Facebook post in question was published on March 21st, a day prior to Macron’s televised interview with TF1, where he defended his contentious pension reform plans that have incited protests across the nation.
    ​ ​In her Facebook post, the woman had written, “This piece of filth is going to address you at 1:00 pm… it’s always on television that we see this filth.” The accused, a woman in her 50s, was an active participant in the “Yellow Vest” demonstrations that challenged Macron during his initial term in office.

    French woman faces $13,000 fine for Facebook post calling President Macron “fifth”


    Letter Of Support To Andrew Bridgen MP – By Doctors For Patients UK

    Letter of Support to Andrew Bridgen MP


    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson.​
    ​ ​Nearly half of a government team investigating the potential health effects of a toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, fell ill while conducting their research, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    ​ ​In a March 31 statement provided to The Epoch Times, CDC spokesperson Belsie Gonzalez advised that the illnesses occurred on March 6, when seven members of a 15-person team of CDC and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) staff reported symptoms such as sore throat, headache, coughing, and nausea.

    ​ Sasha Latypova. These two 10 year old boys died within 2-3 days of the shots​. Heart attack, and anaphylaxis plus heart problems.
    ​ ​The Ballistics Report Is In: Pfizer Lot# FL8095 Murdered 2 and Injured 1262 Children.

    ​ UK Consultant Cardiologist and Medical Educator, Angus Dalgleish MD
    ​ So let’s look at the effectiveness, i.e. the number of vaccines required to prevent hospitalisations and severe disease requiring intensive care (ITU). For those aged 50-59 the figures are 43,600 boosters required to prevent one hospitalisation and 256,000 to prevent one ITU admission. But there are 321 in ITU with vaccine injuries! The figures for 40-49 are a ludicrous 932,000 and 92,600, with 1,175 in ITU with vaccine injuries. Remember this is for a virus which at its worst killed patients of an average age of 82.
    Last weekend cardiologist Aseem Malhotra and I went to talk to a GP forum in Scotland where we had been warned there would be severe objections to these dangerous lunatics from England. The expected challenges never happened as doctor after doctor thanked us for explaining the science of why so many of their patients’ lives have been ruined by the vaccines.

    Dystopian world of the preening vaccine-mongers

    I bet you recognize the threats of genetic engineering and AI from the past 3years. People with a mind to kill and dominate are funding and shaping all of this.
    ​ ​The Unrecognized Threat of Human Augmentation
    The authorities are getting to be too comfortable with the idea of reengineering organisms, including humans, and regulatory safeguards are nonexistent


    Calling Geert!





    DEATH VAXX = Ready to go in 3 HOURS!!



    Incredibly moving testimony from the father of a 17 year old who took the shot so he could pursue his passion – he had to take the shot to play hockey – found dead in his bedroom less than a week later.




    Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group in the overnight hours on Monday has claimed victory over Bakhmut by raising the Russian flag as well as its own PMC Wanger Group flag over central government administration buildings of Bakhmut.

    Well Done RF/ Wagner… Nazi Liberals being destroyed. REdneck ? Choo Choo ? Things must be going so well in your own Tyrannical Nations you both finally stfu ? What gives? Both you bitches were here every day for months spewing your venom and fawning over Zelensky and the Ukronazis. Scurry after deflatulanceista ass clowns.

    Liberal fantasy narrative is collapsing globally. Celebrate Reality, Truth and Justice. !


    According to the German Ministry of Health, the federal government at the end of February had amassed a reserve of 116 million doses of Corona vaccine.

    Stupid f’n Germans, again. Sending Tanks back to the Eastern Front (Nazis never learn, just die), Supporting bio-terrorism, allowing USA to commit more War crimes from the German Bases. Stupid f’n Nazis just following orders, Jawohl !

    Jacinda ? Trial and hang that f’n bitch… Along with every other Covid Cult Scum Leader. Tides are turning ! Covid narrative has collapsed, Ukr reality destroying Nazis East and West, Transgendercide wokeism getting smashed… Empire collapsing thanks to Joe Libtard and his Rainbow Retards.

    Truth is coming to eviscerate Consensus Reality Mass brainwashed mentally ill govern me harder Daddy cowards. “Every Lie you State, I’ll be mocking you.”

    If you’re a “Man”, then what am I? If you’re a “Woman”, then what am I ? It’s Gendercide !


    Why Canada, USA, and NATO support “Zelensky.
    “Zelensky has utterly ruined Ukraine with his belligerent warmongering and delusional refusal to negotiate.
    He’s banned all domestic opposition.
    Created a military junta.
    Created around 15 million refugees, lost 240,000 troops, lost territory larger than Switzerland and Austria combined and been totally incapable of controlling the fascist elements in his forces or in his society.
    He is an actor and a pretended, a scammer or in other words a liar.
    He is “one of us”


    Why Canada, USA, and NATO do not support their populations who want peace.
    Let me list the lies.


    Russia Finally Admits to Destroying NATO’s Deep Underground Command Bunker in Kiev

    This is a great development!

    Nazilensky, the Buttplug, and his blood drinking Satanic Masters in the Empire of Lies can not afford to admit there are hundreds if not thousands of NATOtard officers working in Ukronaziland.

    I’d say to Russia, kill them all with impunity!

    In batches of a couple hundred at a time.

    Russian combined surveillance is superb and Nazilensky’s criminal military mafia is riddled with spies and sellouts.

    Documenting the specific location of all the NATOtard Mafia members should already be pretty much a done deed.

    For each terrorist act from here on out on the part of Ukronaziland, kill another couple hundred Collective West military mafiosos.

    It’s a freebee cause the MSMedia Whores can’t admit they even exist.

    Perfect for Russia to exterminate the Empire of Lies “brain trust”.

    Western personnel in Ukronaziland are probably losers anyway to have chained their fates to Nazilensky.

    No one but their families will miss them.

    Their families can’t even say they were killed by Russian hypersonics because they were never suppose to even be there in the first place.

    Lies, Lies, Lies

    The wages of Sin are visited upon the Wicked.



    Bakhmut is no more. Now Artemovsk.

    We look forward to the day when the major sponsors of terrorism -both international and domestic- i.e. Airstrip Two and Airstrip One,the US and the UK, and the nations bullied into compliance with fake agendas of ‘Oceania’ by them, are also no more. That day is coming faster than most NATOstan fascists think possible.

    Will France be the first of the occupied nations of Europe to throw off the fascist neoliberal ‘Oceania’ yoke?

    Will the fascist neoliberal ‘Oceania’ ‘leaders’ provoke another civil war in America?

    The battleground changes by the day -almost by the hour- and it’s hard to keep up all the aspects of collapse of the fascist-neoliberal ‘Oceania’ order.

    Brent Crude (May Contract)
    $84.67 up 5.9%

    The price of motor fuels on Airstrip Five was increased yesterday -not a huge increase, but grist to the mill that is in the process of bringing the house-of-cards arrangements down.

    The next big one for Airstrip Five is the decision of the RBNZ (which has no Reserves) on interest rates, flagged to increase by another 0.25% in a market that is already collapsing ‘to tame inflation’.

    Yeah, sure!

    To demolish the financial system and the economy and usher in even more totalitarian fascism and control.

    The peasants of Airstrip Five are not revolting yet -they learned how hard security batons are when applied to the head by The Scorpion- but they will revolt again when they can’t afford to buy food from the collapsing industrial food supply system.

    But first we must have a few more rounds of price rises and a few more rounds of scaremongering about Eurasia and Eastasia by Big Brother’s agents in The Party and The Party Faithful, with a bit more Medical Mafia extortion thrown in. Maybe even a visit by the fake monarch to keep the idiots believing in ‘A Better, Brighter Future’.


    I’d say to Russia, kill them all with impunity!


    All good stuff.


    Another day, another Death Vaxx victim.

    Teenagers need HEART or LUNG TRANSPLANT after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccination – five horror stories of healthy teenagers before mRNA vaccines destroyed their lives




    A better version.



    Now I’ve heard it all. A comment posted on Rumble in response to an interview with I don’t remember who, but certainly an interview with an interviewee who pushed some hot US political buttons …

    “Trump’s game is too complex and long range for most to understand. I’m going to stay with Trump and wait for the long game.”

    This particular comment dovetails with other Trump comments I’ve read (or had people say to me), such as …

    “Trump kept Birx and Fauci close so he could keep an eye on the enemy.”

    “Trump had to initiate the warp speed vaxx to get the US out of lock down.”

    omg. Seriously? He was the PRESIDENT of the country. He INITIATED the lock down. He INITIATED the warp speed vaxx. He ALLOWED all of those maniacal administrative psychopaths (and the pharma corporations) to dictate what happened over the last 10 months of his presidential term.

    But all this has apparently been some sort of “long game?” Just how many people have to die while this long game that’s too complex for us dummies to understand is playing out? How many children have to die? If people actually believe this is all part of Trump’s long game that is too complex for most to understand, I have an idea ….

    Publish the rules of Trump’s long game and how the various game pieces can be and/or are moved about to result in, ultimately, checkmate. The rest of us would like to better understand Trump’s long game and the majority of US citizens would certainly support a long game that drains the swamp.

    (Since MSM would just mock whatever is published about the long game, there is nothing to worry about from that quarter).

    BTW, this comment is not about who to vote for in the next primary election. As far as I can tell, it makes no difference who people vote for.

    AND … following these lines of thought … seems it won’t be long before Trump is [quite] literally walking on water. (Pretty sure AI can help with some realistic images, ay?)

    wtf is wrong with us?


    A case of fatal multi-organ inflammation following COVID-19 vaccination

    A 14-year-old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the BNT1262b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Autopsy findings showed congestive edema of the lungs, T-cell lymphocytic and macrophage infiltration in the lungs, pericardium, and myocardium of the left atria and left ventricle, liver, kidneys, stomach, duodenum, bladder, and diaphragm.”


    TVASF (Tick … Tock … Tick … Tock …)


    @ Germ. Holy JFC. I had my wisdom teeth removed decades ago. No problem at all, beyond a day of discomfort. Thanks for your comments here. The MSM (brought to you by Pfiser) will never acknowledge the damage done by the mRna thingies. Jeebus.


    @ Germ
    Thanks for your comments.

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