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Gustave Caillebotte Rue Mont-Cenis, Montmartre 1880


Rasmussen ‘Out of His Mind’ for Saying NATO Should Send Troops to Ukraine (Sp.)
Ukrainian Counteroffensive Runs Into Defensive Wall (Scott Ritter)
How JFK Would Pursue Peace in Ukraine (Jeffrey Sachs)
US/NATO Ultimate Goal is to Take Over Ukrainian Land, People, Resources (Sp.)
How Ukraine Has Become A Magnet For Western Neo-Nazis (Trenin)
Defense Ministry Reveals How Many Russians Volunteered For Army (RT)
US Can’t Recruit Enough Green Berets – Media (RT)
Whether Blinken Comes Or Not, The US Has Lessons To Make Up For (Global Times)
Jack Smith Takes Down Two Trump Lawyers Using Compelled Testimony (CTH)
Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump Following Federal Indictment (RT)
Time For House GOP To Drop Everything And Target Merrick Garland (Fed.)
End of US Dollar Dominance Approaching – Top Russian Banker (RT)
‘Establishment’ Asked Facebook To ‘Censor’ Covid Posts – Zuckerberg (RT)
Japan Orders Investigation Into Covid Jabs As Excess Deaths Skyrocket (TPV)



The real story of Ted Kaczynski is that Harvard forced him at 16 to be part of the CIA’s psychological control study known as MKULTRA, turning him from math prodigy with a 167 IQ into the Unabomber.



Seymour Hersh: Russia is a big country with a lot more resources. She cannot lose the war. She just can’t lose. It will not happen. This is a physical impossibility. The fact is that the border countries wanted Zelensky to make peace, cease fire, and return people. China is ready to invest heavily in recovery. And China is likely to benefit from it. It was one of the conditions, I believe it was one of the discussions that were made between Xi and Putin when they had their summit meeting in April. This is not a public statement. I was told about this by people who are in the subject, that they were discussing restoration. So I don’t know why Zelensky is slowing down. He cannot win the war. And so he is being pressured to end the war. It’s just amazing that they don’t write about it because it’s a story that goes against the rhetoric. They don’t write about it here, they write about it in Europe and the world, but they don’t write about it here, because it contradicts political rhetoric, including rhetoric against Putin.










Kari Lake






The Crown Prince claimed “he will not deal with the U.S. administration or their inept president anymore,” a document says, promising “major economic consequences for Washington.” Last fall, Joe Biden’s childish bravado and big mouth vowed to impose “consequences” on Saudi Arabia for its decision to slash oil production amid soaring U.S. gasoline prices. He had also blamed the Crown Prince for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and said he should be punished.

In public, the Saudi government has been diplomatic but in private, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman refused to shake hands with Biden, settling for a ‘fist bump’. He laughs at Joe Biden and has threatened to fundamentally alter the decades-old U.S.-Saudi relationship and impose significant economic costs on the U.S. especially if their inane president calls for retaliation against newly announced Saudi and Russian oil cuts.







“..Poland especially, has designs on the western part of Ukraine. I don’t think their intention would be to defend Ukraine, I think it is to take it apart.”

“I think it’s desperation on the part of Europe generally. I think it represents a desperation that Ukraine is not winning..”

Rasmussen ‘Out of His Mind’ for Saying NATO Should Send Troops to Ukraine (Sp.)

If Poland or other Eastern European states were to try and send troops into Ukraine, it would make widening the war almost inevitable, including into their own countries, a former Pentagon analyst told Sputnik. Fortunately, few in Brussels are likely to take the “insane” advice of the former NATO chief that suggested it. On Wednesday, former NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen told reporters that several Eastern European members of the alliance were prepared to send troops into Ukraine to support the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky if Washington refuses to give Kiev certain security guarantees at the forthcoming summit in Vilnius next month. “If NATO cannot agree on a clear path forward for Ukraine, there is a clear possibility that some countries individually might take action,” Rasmussen said.

“We know that Poland is very engaged in providing concrete assistance to Ukraine. And I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that Poland would engage even stronger in this context on a national basis and be followed by the Baltic states, maybe including the possibility of troops on the ground … I think the Poles would seriously consider going in and assemble a ‘coalition of the willing’ if Ukraine doesn’t get anything in Vilnius.” Michael Maloof, former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense, told Sputnik on Thursday that “for Rasmussen to make such irresponsible comments either tells me he had a bad day or he’s just out of his mind.” “As a practical matter, it will not be done. I think he’s out of his mind. And I think to try and engage and involve Europe further into that conflict is insanity.”

The Brussels-based alliance operates off a principle of collective self-defense, meaning an attack on one member state is interpreted as an attack on all 31 member states. It’s unclear if NATO would attempt to trigger the rule, known as “if a member’s troops come under fire while operating in another non-member country’s territory. Ukraine has long sought membership in the alliance, but so far been rebuffed due to ongoing problems with corruption and its unresolved territorial disputes with the Russian Federation. “What it seems to represent, I think, is that the eastern part of Europe is basically trying to take over NATO in terms of direction and influence. And also, Poland especially, has designs on the western part of Ukraine. I don’t think their intention would be to defend Ukraine, I think it is to take it apart.”

[..] Maloof said Rasmussen, who previously served as NATO’s secretary general from 2009 to 2014 and was also the Prime Minister of Denmark, “should know better, frankly,” than to make such a comment. “I think it’s desperation on the part of Europe generally. I think it represents a desperation that Ukraine is not winning. And I think that’s what it basically shows. And so they’re trying to look for all avenues to try and help Ukraine. Their stockpiles of spare weapons are depleting very, very quickly. So are ours,” Maloof said.

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“As the world comes to grips with the imagery of destroyed US-manufactured M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and German-made Leopard 2A6 tanks abandoned and burning on the Ukrainian steppe, the harsh truth regarding the futility of its larger designs—the strategic defeat of Russia—is starting to sink in.”

Ukrainian Counteroffensive Runs Into Defensive Wall (Scott Ritter)

Over the course of the past few days, Ukraine has thrown two of its best-trained, best-equipped mechanized brigades into offensive operations against entrenched Russian defenders in the Zaporozhye sector of the front lines. These two brigades had been hand-picked for this job, having been equipped with modern Western tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, supported by Western-supplied artillery, and using NATO-specific tactics shaped by NATO-provided intelligence and NATO operational planning. In short, these two brigades represented a top-level NATO-level capability, the epitome of the nexus between Ukraine and the Collective West in their ongoing war to destroy Russia. They failed. As the world comes to grips with the imagery of destroyed US-manufactured M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and German-made Leopard 2A6 tanks abandoned and burning on the Ukrainian steppe, the harsh truth regarding the futility of its larger designs—the strategic defeat of Russia—is starting to sink in.

The reality, however, is that Ukraine was never going to achieve its stated objective of punching through the Russian defenses to sever the land bridge connecting Crimea with Russia proper. This was pie-in-the-sky thinking promulgated by Ukraine’s Western supporters to motivate the Ukrainians into committing the equivalent of mass suicide to inflict similarly prohibitive casualties among the Russian defenders. The Western hope was that Russia would become demoralized by these casualties and accept a negotiated end to the conflict on terms acceptable to both Ukraine and its Western allies. So far, Ukraine and its Western allies have failed. The genesis of this failure can be traced to two things. First, the low-opinion Ukraine and their NATO allies had regarding the combat capabilities of the Russian army, and in particular those forces deployed in the Zaporozhye region, and second, the unrealistic expectations assigned to NATO training and equipment that had been provided to the Ukrainian forces assigned the task of breaking through the Russian defenses.

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“that war is inevitable—that mankind is doomed—that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are man-made—therefore, they can be solved by man.”

How JFK Would Pursue Peace in Ukraine (Jeffrey Sachs)

President John F. Kennedy was one of the world’s great peacemakers. He led a peaceful solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis and then successfully negotiated the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with the Soviet Union at the very height of the Cold War. At the time of his assassination, he was taking steps to end US involvement in Vietnam. In his dazzling and unsurpassed Peace Speech, delivered exactly sixty years ago on June 10, 1963, Kennedy laid out his formula for peace with the Soviet Union. Kennedy’s Peace Speech highlights how Joe Biden’s approach to Russia and the Ukraine War needs a dramatic reorientation. Until now, Biden has not followed the precepts that Kennedy recommended to find peace. By heeding Kennedy’s advice, Biden too could become a peacemaker.

A mathematician would call JFK’s speech a “constructive proof” of how to make peace, since the speech itself contributed directly to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed by the US and Soviet Union in July 1963. Upon receipt of the speech, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev told Kennedy’s envoy to Russia, Averell Harriman, that the speech was the greatest by an American president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, and that he wanted to pursue peace with Kennedy. In the speech, Kennedy describes peace “as the necessary rational end [goal] of rational men.” Yet he acknowledges that peacemaking is not easy: “I realize that the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war—and frequently the words of the pursuer fall on deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task.”

The deepest key to peace, in Kennedy’s view, is the fact that both sides want peace. It is easy to fall into the trap, warns Kennedy, of blaming a conflict only on the other side. It is easy to fall into the trap of insisting that only the adversary should change their attitudes and behavior. Kennedy is very clear: “We must reexamine our own attitude—as individuals and as a Nation—for our attitude is as essential as theirs.” Kennedy attacked the prevailing pessimism at the height of the Cold War that peace with the Soviet Union was impossible, “that war is inevitable—that mankind is doomed—that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are man-made—therefore, they can be solved by man.”

Crucially, said Kennedy, we must not “see only a distorted and desperate view of the other side.” We must not “see conflict as inevitable, accommodation as impossible, and communication as nothing more than an exchange of threats.” Indeed, said Kennedy, we should “hail the Russian people for their many achievements—in science and space, in economic and industrial growth, in culture and in acts of courage.” Kennedy warned against putting a nuclear adversary into a corner that could lead the adversary to desperate actions. “Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. To adopt that kind of course in the nuclear age would be evidence only of the bankruptcy of our policy—or of a collective death wish for the world.”

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“There is talk here in Washington that the Ukrainian generals might depose Zelensky and enter into negotiations with Moscow..”

US/NATO Ultimate Goal is to Take Over Ukrainian Land, People, Resources (Sp.)

Shortly after the fabled Ukrainian counteroffensive finally started, it became increasingly apparent that NATO military equipment and training won’t be enough for the Kiev regime forces to penetrate Russian defensive lines. With the Ukrainian offensive now underway, Kiev so far has virtually nothing to show in the way of gains, whereas images of wrecked Leopard tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles used by Ukrainian troops have already started circulating on social media. Even though the United States and its allies have been generously supplying Ukraine with armaments and military vehicles during the ongoing conflict, it appears that Ukrainian forces are “institutionally and operationally unable to successfully absorb the wide and inconsistent variety of equipment and weaponry” while “under fire and duress,” said US Ret.Lt.Col Karen Kwiatkowski.

“This is the fault of the US and NATO which seeks to ride the back of Ukrainian patriotism in order to both confront and harass Russia, with an aim to take over Ukraine’s land, people and resources once there is little Ukraine left – in a kind of mini-Marshall Plan, this time completely and wholly managed and conducted by US and international crony capitalists, like Black Rock,” Kwiatkowsky, a former US Department of Defense analyst, told Sputnik. She suggested that the United States and Britain were likely the ones who actually needed Kiev to launch this counteroffensive and that it would seem “as if Western governments see Ukraine little more than a snuff film, for their entertainment and profit.”

“Clearly, what Ukraine needs is to find a way to get out from under the US political cycle and NATO’s organizational expansion obsession, and make peace,” Kwiatkowsky mused, postulating that such a deal would likely entail the separation of the “Russian side of the former Ukraine” from the “Ukrainian side.” She did point out, however, that so far the US and the UK politicians have been quick to suppress any attempts by the Ukrainian side to “make peaceful signs or noises.” Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest and former CIA station chief Phillip Giraldi has observed that some Western media outlets have been trying to make it look like the Ukrainian counteroffensive is succeeding and that Kiev regime forces are “overrunning the Russian positions.”

Commenting on this development, Giraldi suggested that politicians in the US, the UK and Germany “need to be able to speak positively about what is occurring” in Ukraine, since the public in their respective countries is starting to turn against the conflict “as it grinds on and on consuming hundreds of billions dollars worth of equipment.” He further suggested that people in the United States, Britain and Germany are none too thrilled about their governments directly backing the regime in Kiev, which he described as “a regime that nearly everyone concedes is hopelessly corrupt.” “There is talk here in Washington that the Ukrainian generals might depose Zelensky and enter into negotiations with Moscow,” Giraldi added.

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No nukes, no NATO, no nazis.

How Ukraine Has Become A Magnet For Western Neo-Nazis (Trenin)

At the end of April, two French neo-Nazis – Alan Vineron and Guillaume Andreoni – who had joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine as mercenaries, were arrested and convicted in their home country. Two months earlier, one of them had posted photos of three executed Russian prisoners on social media. However, Vineron and Andreoni were detained not because of any war crimes, but for attempting to smuggle weapons and munitions back home, including rifle scopes and magazines for machine guns. After a brief trial, they were sentenced to 15 months in prison each, nine of them to be served conditionally. This incident is only the first sign of things to come. According to French media, about 400 French citizens are taking part in the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Of these, about 100 are directly involved in the fighting, and about 30 are well-known far-right extremists. It’s not just Paris that will soon face the prospect of militant neo-Nazis returning home. Observers note that the number of volunteer foreign fighters in Ukraine has reached thousands. According to the French media outlet Mediapart, France’s General Directorate for Internal Security had its eye on the suspects long before the incident. Despite this, they were detained only thanks to a random check at customs. Vineron (also known as “Vivi”) is a retired fighter of the elite French Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Hunters) unit. He was dismissed from the army after his neo-Nazi views came to light in the media. Shortly before returning home, he posted a photo on the “TrackANaziMerc” Telegram channel, showing three Russian soldiers shot in the head.

The image shows that the soldiers were unarmed and killed at close range. After the photos of the execution began circulating online, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced that it would examine the crimes of French mercenaries against Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine. Vineron’s accomplice, known as “Bones” by his military callsign, was also previously linked to a far-right neo-Nazi group which has long-standing ties with Ukrainian extremists. The “Zouaves Paris” group – it ironically derives its name from the Berber tribe Zwawa, which in turn became known as the French army’s first “indigenous” regiment – supported Ukraine and established contact with local fighters from the neo-Nazi Azov regiment. In December 2019, the leader of the far-right group, Marc de Cacqueray-Valmenier, traveled to the country to personally meet Azov fighters and visit their training camp.

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To be taken with a grain orr two of salt.

Defense Ministry Reveals How Many Russians Volunteered For Army (RT)

The Defense Ministry has praised the growing “consolidation” of Russian society, reporting a massive increase in the number of people willing to serve the country by joining both the army ranks and volunteer units. “In just ten days of the current month, 13,644 people have signed up for contract service,” Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said during a special briefing on Saturday. “This is 2.1 times more than in the same period of May this year, and 3.1 times higher than in April.” Last month, ex-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who currently serves as the deputy chairman of Russia’s National Security Council, said that some 117,400 people have volunteered to join the army ranks since January.

Russian officials have repeatedly insisted that with a growing number of volunteers there is no need for another partial mobilization. The call-up conducted in Russia last autumn was described as the largest of its kind since 1945, with more than 300,000 people drafted to create some 280 new military units. Pankov also noted a steady stream of those willing to join volunteer units, saying it “indicates the high consolidation of Russian society, the desire of citizens to make a personal contribution to achieving a common victory.” The Defense Ministry is working to grant the volunteer corps the necessary legal status.

The official noted that the servicemen will be guaranteed the same social protections and benefits for them and their families, regardless of whether they decide to join one of over 40 existing volunteer units, or sign a contract with the Defense Ministry directly. In mid-April, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law amended conscription and mobilization rules. The changes allowed for the creation of a unified digital database of citizens subject to military service. The Defense Ministry is now combining existing databases, including tax, election, medical, police and court records, as well as those drawn from employers and universities. It is expected that the register will help track the summonses sent out to eligible conscripts, not just by mail but also electronically.

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Meanwhile, back home… “..seven in ten young Americans are ineligible for military service because of such issues as obesity, drug use and mental illness..”

US Can’t Recruit Enough Green Berets – Media (RT)

The US Army has reportedly failed to meet its enlistment quotas for special forces, known as the Green Berets, for four of the past five years, as recruiters struggle to find enough applicants who are qualified to join the elite unit. The service recruited an average of 1,011 new Green Beret candidates from 2018 through 2020, falling 34% of its targets for those years, and it only managed to meet its quota in 2021 after the goal was lowered to 1,250 from 1,540, Military.com reported on Thursday. Just 779 new recruits signed contracts in 2022, a 38% shortfall versus the target, and 527 Green Beret candidates have been recruited so far this year, the outlet said, citing internal US Army data. “We have to do a better job at telling our story,” Lieutenant General Jon Braga, head of the US Army Special Operations Command, told Military.com.

The unit’s struggles come amid wider recruiting shortfalls in the US Army and other military branches. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth told Congress last month that enlistments would again fall short this year after missing the target by 15,000 troops, or 25%, in 2022. The US Army Recruiting Command has blamed the shortfalls on a tight labor market and the fact that more than seven in ten young Americans are ineligible for military service because of such issues as obesity, drug use and mental illness. The Green Berets face the additional problem of many recruits being unable to get through the grueling qualification process after enlisting. Those who fail are often assigned to regular infantry units.

In recent years, just 45% to 60% of new recruits have passed the three-week course that’s required before they can begin special forces training, down from an average of 60%-80% a decade ago, Military.com said. Once they advance past the first screening hurdle, candidates go through a series of schools and tests that can take up to two years. Army leaders have considered shortening the training gauntlet by about half to fill vacant positions more quickly, the outlet said. The army has reportedly caused resentment among some Green Berets by making the qualification process easier, allegedly to enable women to pass.

Green Berets are the US military’s lead guerilla warfare forces. They typically work with indigenous militants as force multipliers, such as the operators who collaborated with Northern Alliance fighters in battling the Taliban during the early days of the Afghanistan war. Military.com reported in May that the US Army may shrink its special forces by about 10% this decade, as its training emphasis shifts back toward conventional warfare. “The recruiting data is the first clear indication that the service may be slowly reducing the footprint of special operations.”

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“Before seeing sincerity from the US side, the general sentiment in Chinese society is that it’s necessary to temporarily keep the Americans at arm’s length..”

Whether Blinken Comes Or Not, The US Has Lessons To Make Up For (Global Times)

After Bloomberg broke the news in the US, several media outlets, including CNN and Reuters, also claimed that the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit China in the coming weeks based on anonymous leaks from US officials. This does not rule out the possibility that the US State Department is playing usual tricks of manipulating public opinion by leaking information to the media. In response, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Wednesday “I have nothing to share on that,” neither confirming nor denying the news. However, one can sense the difference in attitudes between China and the US regarding Blinken’s visit to China.

The attitudes of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese netizens were not like this back in January. At that time, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China welcomed Secretary Blinken’s visit and hoped that the US will pursue dialogue and win-win cooperation, not confrontation and zero-sum competition. The peoples of both China and the US, as well as the international community, had certain expectations for Blinken’s visit to China to promote a turnaround in China-US relations. However, in February, the US side overreacted to the “unmanned airship incident” and unilaterally postponed Blinken’s visit to China. This not only ruined a rare opportunity for high-level interaction and communication between China and the US, but also further damaged the mutual trust that has already been at historically low level.

Not long after, the US side once again showed interest and enthusiasm in restoring high-level communication with China. This included calling out to China in various international public occasions and frequently complaining about China’s “ignoring, rejecting, or canceling multiple communication requests” from the US. Coupled with the various actions taken by the US that strongly contrasted with such appealing and aimed at containment and crackdown on China, it gave the impression to the Chinese people that Washington politicians were putting on a show for the international community. We not only will never cooperate with their performance but also need to maintain necessary vigilance against their true intentions behind the show. In this situation, Blinken’s visit to China has deviated from its original purpose of communication.

Before seeing sincerity from the US side, the general sentiment in Chinese society is that it’s necessary to temporarily keep the Americans at arm’s length. We hope that during this period, the US side can regain some calmness and rationality regarding issues related to China. We also hope they can have a deeper understanding of the three principles proposed by the Chinese side for the coexistence of China and the US, which are “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.”

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Robert Barnes
@barnes_law Bill Clinton had national security information in his sock drawer. Clinton never formally declassified it. When sued to return it to Archives, a federal court dismissed the case. Why? Because by law the President’s mere act of removing the records made them his personal records.

“The DOJ is no longer legally arguing that Donald Trump held any classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ is arguing that President Trump held documents vital to U.S. defense security. It’s a farce but that’s their position.”

Jack Smith Takes Down Two Trump Lawyers Using Compelled Testimony (CTH)

First, the good news. The judge assigned to the Trump documents case is U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon. She is the same judge who handled the lawsuit last year after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Judge Cannon was the judge who appointed the “special master” to review the documents the DOJ was claiming were classified, but Team Trump was contending that definition. Now the bad news. The DOJ is no longer legally arguing that Donald Trump held any classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ is arguing that President Trump held documents vital to U.S. defense security. It’s a farce but that’s their position. The classification status of documents is moot, nonexistent, except to create the predicate for the proverbial FBI nose under the tent.

The DOJ-NSD (that’s Lisa Monaco) got a warrant to look for classified documents, but never intended to use classified documents as a case cornerstone because President Trump had full declassification authority. The DOJ got a search warrant by convincing a judge they were looking for something that wasn’t even a violation of law. That’s why the DOJ would not reveal the probable cause affidavit. The search was built upon a fraudulent pretense. “Classified” is a snipe hunt. You will notice Jack Smith never discussed “classified documents” in his remarks, and the issue of classified documents appears nowhere except in the indictment as a purposeful lawfare description of documents. The DOJ is not legally charging anything relating to the classification status of the documents. That’s the Lawfare and media banter to create a talking point. The term “classified” is all over the indictment, but as a lawfare adjective only; it’s like using the word “stash”.

The special counsel legal framework is centered around documents the DOJ define as vital to “the defense security” of the United States. EVERYTHING is predicated on 31 counts of an 18 U.S. Code § 793(e) violation. The DOJ defines what is considered a defense document, and that intentionally has nothing to do with classification. The granular news. You might have heard that two of Trump’s lawyers, Jim Trusty and John Rowley, quit today. The media wants to use their exit as a point to indicate Trump is in legal jeopardy; however, that’s not the case. As soon as Trusty and Rowley saw their forced testimony was used in the indictment, they had no option except to exit the case. Despite the lawyers providing no damaging information against Trump, the DOJ used language in the indictment to turn Trump’s lawyers into material witnesses. Weissmann’s Lawfare tactic create a conflict, forcing the two Trump lawyers to depart.

WASHINGTON DC – Two of Donald Trump’s top lawyers abruptly resigned from his defense team on Friday, just hours after news broke that he and a close aide were indicted on charges related to their handling of classified documents. Jim Trusty and John Rowley, who helmed Trump’s Washington, D.C.-based legal team for months and were seen frequently at the federal courthouse, indicated they would no longer represent Trump in matters being investigated and prosecuted by special counsel Jack Smith, who is probing both the documents matter and efforts by Trump to subvert the 2020 election. The resignations were shortly followed by an announcement from Trump himself confirming that a close aide, Walt Nauta, had also been indicted by federal prosecutors.

Nauta, a Navy veteran, had served as the former president’s personal aide and was a ubiquitous presence during his post White House days. In their place, Trump indicated that Todd Blanche — an attorney he recently retained to help fight unrelated felony charges brought by Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg in April — would lead his legal team, along with a firm to be named later. Trump and his team have liked Blanche, who is expected to play a more elevated, central role. Weissmann, Eisen and Smith are using lawfare in the indictment to put the interests of Trump and his aide Walt Nauta against each other. Obviously, Nauta would not turn on Trump, so the prosecution made Nauta a target for a federal 1001 charge of lying to investigators and will pressure him throughout the case to take a plea in exchange for testimony against Trump. Nauta is the baseline of the “Conspiracy Elements” which require two or more people. Again, pure Lawfare. Obviously, Jim Trusty was unaware last night that his forced testimony would be used in the indictment.

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FBI and DOJ are destroying America. You can’t have different laws for different people.

Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump Following Federal Indictment (RT)

One of Donald Trump’s fiercest political rivals, Hillary Clinton, took a shot at the former US president on social media on Friday, following his federal indictment for allegedly mishandling classified government documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Hours after Trump revealed that he was to be federally indicted, Clinton posted a link to an online store selling hats bearing the slogan “But Her Emails” – in a mocking reference to her detractors. In 2015, Clinton was investigated for allegedly holding classified information on a private email server at her home. Both the FBI and Justice Department declined to move forward with charges, but the probe generated significant political capital for Trump throughout their fractious 2016 presidential campaigns.

Throughout his own campaign, Trump would frequently encourage his supporters to chant “Lock her up!” in reference to her alleged misdeeds. “Bringing this back in light of recent news,” Clinton wrote to her more than 31 million followers on Twitter. The former US Secretary of State also plugged the “But Her Emails” merchandise last year in reference to a New York Times report that Trump had destroyed documents in a White House toilet. In 2018, a Department of Justice report detailing the investigation into Clinton’s use of private email server said it held “81 email chains containing approximately 193 individual emails that were classified from confidential to top secret.” Explaining the decision to not charge Clinton, the FBI said in a 2016 report that the probe established that her actions were not “clearly intentional” and that she showed no “disloyalty” to the US.

Furthermore, the FBI noted that Clinton – who participated in the investigation – displayed “no efforts to obstruct justice.” The 37-count indictment against Trump, revealed on Friday, accuses him of storing classified information in unsecured locations such as a ballroom and a shower at his Florida home. He is also accused of lying to investigators. The documents include government secrets related to the US nuclear program and military plans. Trump, who is the Republican frontrunner for his party’s presidential nomination in 2024, denies any wrongdoing. However, some analysts say that the former US president is facing severe legal jeopardy if the charges in the extensive indictment can be proven. He is due in court in Miami, Florida on Tuesday – the day before his 77th birthday.

Kash Patel

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“The bare minimum Republicans can do now is impeach Merrick Garland for attempting to throw a leading presidential candidate in jail over a records-keeping issue.”

Time For House GOP To Drop Everything And Target Merrick Garland (Fed.)

All the things that Americans are coping with thanks to Joe Biden’s complete horror of a presidency are important, but if House Republicans don’t drop all of it right now to aggressively target the attorney general, then none of it matters and they should all jump off a cliff. Seriously. Merrick Garland, Biden’s head of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, just chose to seek prison time for a former president, the man right now most likely to face off with the current president in 2024. The magnitude of the situation isn’t dependent on a conviction or acquittal. It rests on whether the indictment is legitimized at all. And by doing nothing, House Republicans will have sent the message that there’s nothing to do but watch — watch as your democracy crumbles to ashes and blows away with their absolute indifference.

In that scenario, nothing separates us from Cuba. Or in terms that Democrats can understand, nothing separates us from RUSSIA, YOU PUTIN SOCK SNIFFERS! If House Republicans play this game of “let’s see what the facts say” and “there will be blowback if we overreach,” then it’s over. When Democrats were in power, they impeached a sitting president twice, sued to secure his personal tax returns, and brought in a slew of witnesses to embarrass him in televised hearings without batting an eye. The bare minimum Republicans can do now is impeach Merrick Garland for attempting to throw a leading presidential candidate in jail over a records-keeping issue.

Yeah, historical government records are important and if Trump had things in his possession that weren’t his, the government was in its right to retrieve them. There’s a legal and lawyerly process for that. But initial news reports indicate that the Justice Department is throwing the book at him over classified documents Trump retained, something his vice president, former President Obama, and Joe Biden himself have done. [..] Nobody needs to see House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Fox News confessing what a scandal it is, or how outraged Americans should be. The Oversight Committee should be dragging in Justice Department officials for hearings, investigating Justice Department communications with the White House, and immediately drafting articles of impeachment for Merrick Garland. Nothing is more important.


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If China lets the yuan float…

“China understands that they will not become world economic power number one if they keep their yuan as a non-convertible currency,..

End of US Dollar Dominance Approaching – Top Russian Banker (RT)

The hegemony of the US dollar is seriously challenged by the rise of the Chinese yuan and by Washington’s failed attempt to wreck the Russian economy by weaponizing the greenback, Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s banking major VTB, told Reuters on Friday. The major banking figure said that under the current geopolitical circumstances more and more nations are shifting away from trade settlements in dollar and euro, while China is moving towards removal of strict currency policies. “The long historical era of the dominance of the American dollar is coming to an end,” Kostin said, in an interview with the news agency. “I think that the time has come when China will gradually remove currency restrictions.” According to Kostin, VTB has been discussing using the Chinese national currency in settlements with third countries.

“China understands that they will not become world economic power number one if they keep their yuan as a non-convertible currency,” he explained, adding that it was also dangerous for the Peoples Republic to keep reserves invested in US Treasuries. The US dollar has been enjoying the status of world’s reserve currency for more than a century after it managed to subsume the British pound sterling. Earlier this month, JPMorgan Chase analysts said the global economy is showing signs of the emergence de-dollarization, against a background of rising efforts by Asian economies to challenge the American currency’s hegemony. The greenback’s long-standing status as the world’s dominant currency has been steadily eroded in recent years due to mounting concerns over soaring US debt and widely implemented sanctions using the currency as leverage.

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Right. Not your fault. Someone else.

‘Establishment’ Asked Facebook To ‘Censor’ Covid Posts – Zuckerberg (RT)

Facebook was asked by the scientific “establishment” to remove various posts related to Covid-19 which later proved to be “debatable or true,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a podcast interview this week. Speaking to the Russian-American interviewer Lex Fridman in a podcast released on Thursday, Zuckerberg said that policing Facebook’s attempts to remove mistruths is “really tricky.” “Just take some of the stuff around Covid earlier on in the pandemic,” Zuckerberg explained, “Where there were real health implications but there hadn’t been time to fully vet a bunch of the scientific assumptions.” He continued: “Unfortunately, I think a lot of the establishment on that kind-of waffled on a bunch of facts.”

Zuckerberg said in August 2021, in an interview with CBS during the height of the pandemic, that Facebook takes down content the platform views as “harmful,” as it violates the company’s policies. He also stated that at the time, Facebook removed around 18 million posts that were judged to have spread misinformation about the virus. US president Joe Biden was among the critics of Facebook in the summer of 2021, suggesting that it was a vehicle for the distribution of “bad information” on social media which he said was “killing people.” “My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally that somehow I’m saying Facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation,” Biden said in July 2021.

Speaking to Fridman this week, though, Zuckerberg said that the “establishment” had encouraged his platform to endorse various information about Covid-19, but also “asked for a bunch of things to be censored that, in retrospect, ended up being more debatable or true.” In 2022, Attorneys General in the states of Missouri and Louisiana alleged that Facebook was among several Big Tech companies to have coordinated with US infectious diseases chief Dr Anthony Fauci to “discredit and suppress” online debates concerning whether the Covid-19 virus originated from a lab leak in Wuhan, China. In February, the US Department of Energy concluded with “low confidence” that the virus likely originated from an accidental lab leak in China – a finding whose allegation Beijing has called “baseless.”

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“.. the number of new infections or positive cases per 100,000 people is four times higher for people who have been vaccinated twice, compared to unvaccinated people.”

“Excess deaths in Japan soared by a whopping 400% since Pfizer’s third-dose “booster shot” was rolled out last year..”

Japan Orders Investigation Into Covid Jabs As Excess Deaths Skyrocket (TPV)

In another case of yesterday’s conspiracy theory becoming today’s fact, mainstream media is finally reporting on what we have known all along. Biden, Fauci and Gates have been sharing misinformation with us. There was no “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated. In reality, this is a pandemic of the vaccinated. Excess deaths in Japan soared by a whopping 400% since Pfizer’s third-dose “booster shot” was rolled out last year, according to new data. “Excess deaths were approximately four times the number of those in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021,” a report in The Exposé states. The statistics have rocked the establishment in Japan. Official investigations are being launched and lawsuits are being readied.

“Today, we filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government for cancellation of the administrative action,” announced Dr. Masanori Fukushima during a press conference. Because the Japanese Health Ministry refuses to acknowledge the causal link between vaccines and deaths, Professor Fukushima and a team of researchers said they “had no choice but to dare to take legal action.” Masanori Fukushima is an infectious disease expert and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University — with over 25 years of oncology experience. He has been hammering at the cracks in the vaccine narrative and publicly condemned Japan’s Ministry of Health late last year. I have checked with a Japanese translator on the accuracy of the following text from the video translation, and he assessed it to be “actually pretty good.”

“Today, it is a matter of fundamental importance for the Japanese government to continuously collect and disclose accurate data,” Professor Fukushima expressed. “However, I have witnessed the recent fraud scandal committed by the Health Ministry.” “I have come to realize that this is a historically serious problem that threatens the very existence of the nation of Japan,” he stressed. “As a medical doctor and a scientist, I had no choice but to dare to take legal action.” Dr. Fukushima continues, explaining the importance of honestly disclosing public health data.

“Needless to say, it is absolutely important to disclose real-world data on the efficacy and safety of the vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. This is because such data is directly linked to people’s healthcare, livelihood, and economy. Therefore, I believe that the Japanese government, that is, the Health Ministry, must disclose the data properly to the public.” Professor Masanori Fukushima then breaks down some startling data. “Take a look at the data for 65-69 and 70-79 age groups,” he implored. “Surprisingly, the number of new infections or positive cases per 100,000 people is four times higher for people who have been vaccinated twice, compared to unvaccinated people.”

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    Gustave Caillebotte Rue Mont-Cenis, Montmartre 1880   • Rasmussen ‘Out of His Mind’ for Saying NATO Should Send Troops to Ukraine (Sp.) • Ukraini
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 11 2023]


    An extraordinary discussion of gene transfection, prions, amyloidosis, etc. etc. with Flemming and McCairn.

    We’re in deep shit folks.

    Start at 11 min 30 sec.

    TVASSF(they really are)


    Geert’s latest:

    TVASSF (it’s coming – brace for impact)

    Michael Reid

    Richard Gage: 9/11, COVID9/11, & Crime Scene to Courtroom

    Richard Gage, AIA, discusses the key evidence which blows holes in the official 9/11 explanation and leads many to classify it as state terrorism. The truth is out, it’s just not being televised. He’s producing a new film “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom” whose evidence has been submitted to an attorney seeking a grand jury investigation and lawsuits against the FBI. He also describes the parallels between 9/11 and COVID-19 which seems to be yet another subsequent and related deep event.

    Richard Gage: 9/11, COVID9/11, & Crime Scene to Courtroom


    Freedom of speech means a lot to us at the OP. However, that’s been fading fast, as Daisy has documented, and as though speech restrictions aren’t bad enough, most of us have been lab rats for central planners’ behavioral experiments longer than we probably care to realize. And now there are Nudge Units.

    Huge amounts of money have been poured into “nudge research,” determining the best ways to get populations to change their behaviors without passing laws or using force.

    What are Nudge Units?
    Let’s look at how these “Nudge Units” got started, what they’ve been used for most recently,



    n a sharp spotlight on the interplay between national security and individual privacy, newly disclosed documents have unveiled that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) entered into a contract with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 2018 to develop a project, dubbed “Night Fury,” designed to analyze and assign “risk scores” to social media accounts.



    So, which pathway—nature or machines—holds more promise?

    In its sixth assessment report, released in March 2023, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations body that regularly assesses the current state of climate science, points out that “biological CDR methods like reforestation, improved forest management, soil carbon sequestration, peatland restoration[,] and coastal blue carbon management can enhance biodiversity and ecosystem functions, employment[,] and local livelihoods.”

    On the other hand, notes the IPCC, the implementation of mechanical DAC along with underground sequestration of CO2 “currently faces technological, economic, institutional, ecological-environmental and socio-cultural barriers.” Further, the current global rates of mechanical carbon capture and storage “are far below those in modeled pathways limiting global warming to 1.5°C to 2°C.”





    We can no longer trust the medical profession.
    But y’all knew that already.
    Confirmation …

    Supreme Court of Canada won’t hear unvaccinated woman’s case for organ donation

    The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the appeal of an Alberta woman who was unwilling to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to get a life-saving organ transplant.

    Annette Lewis was diagnosed with a terminal disease in 2018 and was told she would not survive unless she received an organ transplant.

    She was placed on a transplant wait list in 2020, but was informed a year later she would need to get the COVID-19 vaccine to receive the organ.”


    TVASSF (and some of the pure bloods too)

    John Day

    Facts Matter https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/facts-matter

    Simplicus The Thinker carefully explains the deep and dense Russian lines protecting the approaches to Crimea with artillery, trenches and obstacles to tanks, dense minefields, attack helicopters, attack drones,precision munitions, electronic warfare and air dominance,and fresh,well trained soldiers manning defensive lines three -deep. There have been lots of technical criticisms of Ukrainian battle tactics.They are wrong. There is no good way to assault these defenses. It has never been done. It is suicidal.:
    Anatomy of a NATO-Planned, Trained, and Armed Disaster ,
    As the smoke cleared the battlefield, we were left witness to a disaster of unprecedented proportions. NATO’s most advanced tanks and armor were left as smoking ruins

    An earlier article from Simplicus, with lots of details of the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive, including mass refusals to fight suicidally by several Ukrainian units. and a seismic shock at the time the dam wasdamaged.Wasthis a very large explosion delivered by a submarine suicide drone?
    Offensive Confirmed: AFU Strikes Hard But Leopards Get Spayed

    ​ ​First about the Kakhovka dam. There are now new interesting details which complicate the situation. It turns out that a Norwegian seismic monitor, using local stations, recorded a seismic shock commensurate with an ‘explosion’ at exactly the time the Kakhovka dam first collapsed around 2am:
    ​ ​Norway’s nuclear test-ban monitor NORSAR says seismic signals indicate that there was an explosion at the Nova Kakhovka Dam at 02:54 AM on June 6, meaning kinetic action was highly likely used to bring the dam down. Magnitude estimated between 1 and 2.

    ​Black Mountain Analysis (Serbian) has the most in-depth and detailed analysis of the Kakhovka Dam, including construction details and plans. It lacks the Danish seismographic data, but concludes that a large explosive must have been carried to the dam underwater from the reservoir side.​

    Using high tech British drones to attack massed civilians sheltering from the flood that drove them from their homes when the dam was bombed…

    John Day

    ​ Has Israel armed Ukrainian forces with anti-tank missiles? Photo of training in Poland with these Israeli weapons suggests this may be the case.​
    ​ ​The new photos indicate that Kiev forces are at least being trained on Spike LR ATGMs. It is still unclear if the systems will indeed be supplied, or if the decision to do so was taken with the approval of Israel.
    ​ ​The Spike LR offers nothing new from other ATGMs already supplied to Kiev forces, like the American-made FGM-148 Javelin and the French-made Akeron MP.
    ​ ​If Israel has indeed taken the decision to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine, directly or indirectly, Russia could respond by arming Syria with advanced weapons, stepping up military cooperation with Iran or even by shipping Western weapons captured from Kiev forces to Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip.

    ​Starting Monday, June 12 in a world much like your own, because freedom and peace are worth dying for after you run out of Ukrainians.
    In the multinational Air Defender 23 exercise, 25 nations train together in the airspace above Europe in joint air operations.


    ​ Eleni sent this. What if you threw a rules-based party and nobody came?
    ​ ​The key factor that has enabled the US to force this order on friends and foes alike, was its monopoly on the world’s trade currency and its ability to sanction, regime-change or invade anyone who skirted the rules.
    ​ ​But this could soon change and everyone is anticipating the changes. This month, from 14 to 17 June, most of the nations of the global south will be attending the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum when new announcements are expected. They could include a new global exchange system enabling any nation to sidestep the increasingly risky use of the American dollar.
    ​ ​Development of this new system was announced last June and since then, Russian and Chinese diplomats have signalled to the nations of the global south that if they chose to join, they will not be penalized either for defaulting on their debt obligations to western financial institutions, or for re-nationalizing their domestic resources and industries.
    ​ ​If the mood is sour even among US allies, we can be sure that much of the global south is ready to jettison this rules-based order, default on their western debts and even renationalize the most valuable pieces of their national assets. This would be the “bottom falling out” moment for the western financial system.

    ​The pork must flow… ​Biden Administration Announces $2.1 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine

    Biden Administration Announces $2.1 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine

    John Day

    Revealed: Bombshell FBI Document Alleges $5 Million Bribe Paid To Joe Biden By Burisma Exec
    ​ ​The form, dated June 30, 2020, is from a “highly credible” confidential human source who had detailed multiple meetings and conversations they had with a top Burisma executive over the course of several years, beginning in 2015. The CHS had been working with the FBI as a regular, reliable source of information since 2010, and has been paid approximately $200,000 by the bureau…
    ..According to the Burisma executive, the company had to “pay the Bidens” because Ukraine’s lead prosecutor, Victor Shokin, was investigating Burisma.
    ​ ​According to the CHS, he suggested that the Burisma executive “pay the Bidens $50,000 each,” to which the Burisma executive replied “not $50,000,” it is “$5 million.”
    ​ ​”$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden,” the executive reportedly said.
    ​ ​The $5 million payments appeared to reference some sort of “retainer” Burisma intended to pay the Bidens in order to ‘clean up’ several issues – including the investigation led by Shokin.

    ​ From The Organic Prepper blog: ​ Why Is the Establishment So Scared of RFK Jr.?
    ​ ​Rather than name-calling, if RFK Jr. is so dead-wrong about vaccines and children’s health, why doesn’t anyone actually engage him?
    ​ ​People refuse to engage in arguments with RFK Jr. because they can’t. He’s a long-time trial lawyer, so he’s good at arguing, and he’s also very, very intelligent. He’s comfortable reading scientific material and understands much of the debates around childhood health and vaccines in a way that many people, even many college-educated people, just don’t…
    ​..​However, because understanding his point of view well enough to engage in serious argument requires an understanding of both science and history, most pundits find it far simpler to just call him crazy and refuse to let him speak.
    ​ ​But RFK Jr. gets his message out anyway, finding alternative outlets, doing his best to expose the inner workings between Big Government and Big Business.
    ​ ​And this is probably why RFK Jr. is such a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment. He doesn’t play along with most of the big donors he’s supposed to play along with.

    ​ ​Tucker Talks Taboos After MSM Ignores Instagram Kiddie-Porn Bombshell
    ​ ​Which brings Carlson to this week’s horrific WSJ expose of Instagram’s kiddie-porn rings which he notes has resulted in exactly nothing as “one of the largest circulation newspapers in the world reported that one of the world’s most influential companies was promoting pedophilia and nobody in power did anything about it.”

    ‘Zuckerberg Must Explain’: EU Demands Answers On ‘Instagram Pedophile Network’

    China Crude Stockpiles Hit Two Year High As US Strategic Reserve Drops To 40 Year Low


    Hey sweetie, you’re going to die a childless cat-lady surrounded by gender ambiguous girlie-men permanently stuck in the hellscape of the ‘Friend Zone’

    Forget even hooking up with Beta men, you’re destiny is with Zeta ‘men’.

    No family for you


    John Day

    ​Don’t bank on this yet please, Mr.President. ExxonMobil: New Fracking Technology Can Double Oil Output
    ​Exxon is currently working on two specific areas to improve fracking. First off, the company is trying to frack more precisely along the well so that more oil-soaked rock gets drained. It’s also looking for ways to keep the fracked cracks open longer so as to boost the flow of oil.

    The Sun Declares War On Earth​ (4 min.) looks at Carrington-level Events (1859 event), which come about every 200 years, and are far from the most destructive electromagnetic events the sun periodically belches-up. The earth’s magnetic fields are much weakened now, as the magnetic poles are wandering.

    Meryl Nass MD, Heart stops 14 hours after a Pfizer shot. Eventually a new heart needed, cost $3 million. No one dares mention that Pfizer shot in the medical record (except the patient)

    The story concludes :
    John, now 66, does not blame the doctors who did not question the vaccine’s role. “Their concern was my survival,” he said, “and my heart.” The Berndsens are grateful, however, that there are doctors like Peter McCullough, who do question the safe-and-effective vaccine narrative. He gave perspective to their vaccine experience and helped them navigate its aftermath.
    “He was,”said Leslie, “a voice of reason in a world of chaos.”


    It’s a Russian Turkey shoot on the Ukronazis

    The Russian Ka-52 is actually a ‘wonder weapon’, unlike the designed for profit not performance Empire of Lies junk.

    This is a typical helicopter kill on a moving Bradley at full speed packed with Ukronazi ‘elite’ troops at 10km.

    Gone to Bandera


    Armenio Pereira

    “The Pursuit of Happiness”

    What is happiness?
    The art of learning how to cope with misery.

    How to hone said art?
    A possible way: carefully calibrate the influence exerted by the relentless triumvirate – disgust + delight + obsession – over one’s own affairs.
    Some do it intuitively; some learn it after long travails; to some, a lifetime isn’t enough (to perceive it.)

    Have a nice week.


    The harsh truth, of Neo-Nazism, regarding the futility of defeating of Russia—is starting to sink in.

    Neo-Nazism comprises the post–World War II militant, social, and political movements that seek to revive and reinstate Nazi ideology. Neo-Nazis employ their ideology to promote hatred and racial supremacy (often white supremacy), attack racial and ethnic minorities (often antisemitism and Islamophobia), and in some cases to create a fascist state.



    (exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action)

    Saudi relationship and impose significant economic costs on the U.S. especially if their inane president calls for retaliation against newly announced Saudi and Russian oil cuts.






    KARI LAKE: “If you want to get to President Trump, you’re going to have to go through me, and 75 million Americans just like me. And most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA.

    So much talk, it is pathetic. People who take revenge do not announce it, so it is only rational to assume that this “Kari Lake” is another bullshit politician.


    There were at least 13,500 cases of medically assisted suicide in Canada in 2022 fiscal year, up from just over 10,000 the year before, activists from the group Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) have revealed.

    Euthanasia rates are “skyrocketing,” the group’s director Alex Schadenberg told the Daily Mail on Wednesday, because the procedure has been normalized by a “heavy promotion of MAiD in our medical system.” MAiD stands for “medical assistance in dying.”

    “Every major healthcare institution has a MAiD team which will literally approach everyone who may qualify for MAiD and ask them if they want to die,” Schadenberg said. “If you’re going to pay people to be on a MAiD team, they will sell what they are offering.”

    from RT article about Canada

    The ultimate market state in which everything that can be marketed and sold to you will — including your own death. We don’t know how to cooperate. We know how to sell and be sold to.

    It all comes down to how slick the ad is versus how sharp is your mind. Ask your doctor if dying is right for you.


    After all, to live or die is the primary and also ultimate lifestyle choice, and we’re all about lifestyle choices.


    Re: Richard Gage.
    I am always for anybody or anything that pushes for truth, Beautiful AEfor911truth got slightly tarnished in my eyes when heard that Gage had some quarrel with the movement resulting in him “leaving the band for solo career”. Also, major financial backing that movement had (not sure if they are still active) was from the voluntary donations just to be slurped by $500/hr “best in the country” lawyers.
    Hope that something comes out of his effort. It’s been too long.


    “We all cherish our children’s future.”

    I no longer believe this is true. As an abandoned child, raised by grandparents that didn’t want me, left to raise myself and completely fend for myself by the age of around 8 years old, I thought I was just unlucky. That most parents loved their children. Watching what “loving parents” do to their children, I see widespread abuse. And seriously messed up kids. The truly healthy families and children are the minority now.


    Yesterday’s post by Dora – The Great Awakening. On Rumble.
    At about 3:38 +- into video coffee, I confess, went trough my nose.


    Thinking out of the box
    Found – cut and paste

    Vladimir Zelensky, Russian Hero?

    During his tenure as president of (what remains of) THE Ukraine, Zelensky has wrecked THE Ukraine, but has achieved many great things… for Russia.

    Here are his main achievements in no particular order:

    • By being elected with the promise of ending hostilities, then immediately proceeding to escalate the conflict in the east, he thoroughly compromised what was left of Ukrainian democracy. He further demolished the Ukraine’s civic realm by banning all public media except for one government channel, banning all opposition and all Russian news sources and, in effect, establishing a totalitarian dictatorship.

    • By relentlessly shelling the civilians in the now Russian Donetsk and Lugansk regions, then, in the spring of 2022, threatening them with a genocidal assault, he provided Russia with an ironclad reason to start the Special Military Operation: to save civilian lives. By so doing, he helped to expand Russian territory by four very valuable provinces (Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson) and set the stage for the eventual addition of, among others, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kharkov, and Kiev regions.

    • He squandered $150 billion in foreign aid (much of it by the simple expedient of stealing it), expended a huge amount of military equipment and ammunition with nothing to show for it, and killed off 350 thousand Ukrainian soldiers (many of them Nazi war criminals), with possibly twice as many wounded.

    • He shrunk his country’s population by almost half, some of it moving to Russia, becoming Russian citizens and integrating productively into the Russian population while rest went to the European Union, becoming a major burden for the welfare budgets of EU countries.

    • By ordering Ukrainian troops to shell schools, kindergartens, hospitals and apartment buildings in universally recognized Russian regions such as Belgorod and by launching drone attacks directly on the Kremlin, he declared his government to be a terrorist organization, foreclosing any possibility of forcing Russia to negotiate a peace that would not be entirely on its own terms.

    • He demonstrated the superiority of Russian weapons and military technique over NATO’s, most recently with Russia’s destruction of one of the Patriot missile batteries provided by the US. Almost every bit of equipment the West has been able to provide to the Ukrainians has been shown to be inferior to its Russian counterpart.

    • He gave the Russian army ample opportunities to perfect their techniques for defeating NATO forces, venturing into new areas of drone warfare and battlefield surveillance from geostationary satellites. This will no doubt be very useful both in opposing NATO and in boosting future weapons sales to non-Western nations that wish to be free from Western oppression and meddling.

    • He sold some of the weapons he received from the US to Mexican drug cartels, leaving US officials with no other choice than closing their eyes and pretending that this did not happen. Perhaps they will also be forced to look the other way as these cartels make use of these weapons to take over more and more of US cities and towns.

    • He played host to many high-ranking Western officials, whom, on their to visit to Kiev, he presented with lavish presents such as suitcases of foreign aid money he had laundered, which these officials then brought home in diplomatic baggage, thus collecting blackmail material on all of them.

    • He set an example for other Russian Jews whose bad luck had caused them to end up in the Ukraine rather than in Russia by resettling his parents in a posh neighborhood in Israel. But he kept his wife by his side, where she did a good job demoralizing the Ukrainian population by squandering more money on a single European shopping spree than most Ukrainians see in several lifetimes, all paid for by the US taxpayer. She also worked hard to gaslight Western officials by making them accept at face value and repeat ridiculous tales, such as the one about Russian troops being issued viagra, for them to better rape Ukrainian women.

    • Zelensky is sometimes incautious; for instance, he got caught appointing operatives from Russia’s Federal Security Service (former KGB) to sensitive posts within the Ukrainian defense establishment, although it is unclear whether what’s left of the Ukrainian judiciary will be capable of prosecuting him.

    • One of his greatest achievements was in placing the US and NATO in a zugzwang. This is a chess term for a situation in which a player has a choice of several moves, all of which lead to defeat. The US and NATO can either continue supporting the Ukraine, or they can stop supporting the Ukraine; in either case, they will lose.

    • Perhaps his greatest achievement of all was in helping Russia turn away from its hostile neighbors in the West and toward friendly countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, cutting its economic, financial and cultural ties to the West and freeing itself from Western influences. His unwavering support for Ukrainian Nazis, whose emblems, insignia and slogans are styled after Nazi Germany and whose heroes are Nazi collaborators, coupled with the lavish support they received from the West, whose leaders chose to turn a blind eye toward their fascist proclivities, cemented in view of the Russians the view of the West as their existential enemy: a fascist, racist entity determined to destroy Russia but too weak and cowardly to do the job themselves.

    Posted by: Mael Amelyk | Jun 11 2023 15:03 utc | 8
    ‘Pass this on to Putin:’ Slava Cocaini!

    We all know what this mongrel is buying with his percentage of the loot from the Western tax payers, but it is an absolute mystery to me what drug he is giving to the poor shmucks to be blown to pieces on the muddy fields of Ukraine. After the mass-induced Covid psychosis, how do “the owners of us” instigate such truly lemming-like walking to their deaths (and it is just a myth about lemmings)? There must be a combination of “victory brainwashing”, shooting of “deserters”, captagon in food/drink and whatever else (maybe chipping?).

    Whatever the “success” formula is – could such psychological et al techniques be extended to the population of NATO countries, starting with the Poles and the Balts? Are ”the owners of us” using Ukraine for the leading-edge psychological research, a continuation of the Covid-related stellar achievements?

    Posted by: Kiza | Jun 11 2023 15:08 utc | 9


    Attribution should be to Dmitry Orlov – Vladimir Zelensky, Russian Hero?


    @ John Day

    Don’t fall for the fracking bullshit.

    And The Lies, They Just Keep On A Commin’!



    It is a very useful parental technique.

    When I had three young’uns 18 months apart in age (preschool and the early years of elementary school,) getting them all to bed was challenging. I learned the art of the “nudge.” They shared a bedroom. The bathroom was on one end of the house, their room on the other. After bathroom stuff was done, I tuned off the light in the bathroom, then the light in the hall to the bathroom. The kids were in the living room. I turned off the light in the living room, and the kids moved forward to the kitchen and family room. I turned off the light in the kitchen, and soon all three were in the family room, perhaps one or two had gone down the hall to their bedroom. I turned off the light in the family room and walked into their bedroom. Any of the kids still in the family room followed down the hall into their bedroom. I shut of the light to the hall, returned to their room, and commenced putting in pajamas and story reading. I didn’t have to make any demands, cajole, threaten, sweet-talk, bribe — nothing. They were tall enough to put the lights back on. (Occasionally they did do that.). They left the dark and followed the light to their bedroom.

    However, that our managers are attempting this through digital means tells us that they think of us as children, and not as sovereign adults.


    National Digital Health ID
    I’m guessing that this is tied to the “health exchanges”? Anytime anyone in the US goes to a doctor or medical facility of any kind these days, take a look at the paperwork that you are required to sign. Generally, your data is going to be entered into a digital “health exchange” unless you actively opt out.


    Oooops this one:


    It’s a big pantomime and you are in it

    “Where we are now is exactly where we were at the start: inadvertent actors in a big, gaudy global show – a circus theatre performance called “Covid”.

    Covid is a theatrical production, performed by actors, extras, and even professional dancers, to lure the world into a trance, convincing them to invest in something that is not real – just as theatrical processionals are trained to do.

    There is no evidence that 2020 was any different to any other year in terms of volume of people hospitalised with serious respiratory illnesses – the only difference was, instead of classifying those who entered hospital with respiratory problems as having ‘flu (which inexplicably “disappeared” in 2020, the same way Marathon bars “disappeared” upon the introduction of Snickers), it was recorded – courtesy of unfit-for-purpose tests – that they had “Covid”. These patients were then improperly treated, with highly dangerous drugs such as remdesivir and midazolam, and put on “death trap” ventilators, in order to expedite death from conditions that, treated properly, many would have survived.”

    It’s a big pantomime and you are in it

    TVASSF (and they were simply the audience)


    What do you think “the eyes in the sky” are doing?
    They are reporting, and can report in real time, to the military leaders, political leaders, and every one who needs to know, what Russia is doing, so that they can make decisions to defeat the Russians.
    Why can’t they stop Russia?
    SHHHH Quiet!


    Shame on Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland for prioritizing the need of Ukraine instead of Canada (another $500,000 that could have been used to take care of our many problems)


    Should be $500 millions.


    …defensive lines three -deep. There have been lots of technical criticisms of Ukrainian battle tactics.They are wrong. There is no good way to assault these defenses. It has never been done.

    I kind of disagree with this. Somewhere behind the scenes are (you would think there WOULD be…) planners who went to war college – West Point, The Citadel, whatever. The problem posed is not specific technology. It’s the overall factors of ability to apply firepower, speed of intelligence vs speed of movement, things like that.

    If you had someone diligently study various cases from the US Civil War, they’d have a menu of problem-solving options at their disposal. The solutions of, for instance, Grant, Sherman, Rosecrans, Lee, and Longstreet were all distinctly different and all are super instructive for the minds dealing with the Ukrainian conflict today.

    Therefore, my feeling is that people WITHOUT training in military science, people who have NOT studied these lessons nor learned how to apply them abstractly, are running the show. 3 letter agencies, State Department, political and corporate interests? Paramilitary leaders with no leadership skills above platoon level? They have one or two hammers and everything looks like a nail?

    These layered defense lines with mutually supporting fire, various ways of delivering firepower to the right place, speed of intelligence vs speed of attack… there are MANY instances of this. US Civil War, WW1, and WW2 being obvious examples. The recent armored thrusts are reminiscent of initial US attempts to breach the West Wall on the Western front in WW2.

    Deep echeloned defense lines supported by combined arms are OLD. The weapons have changed, but the basic problems have not.

    Kursk is an obvious example. While attacking the Kursk salient was a bad idea, because it had become the greatest fortress in the world and all of history, German efforts at least showed how to TRY to peel it open. They penetrated IIRC maybe 12mi and were STILL running into minefields and Pakfronts (arrays of multiple synchronized antitank batteries) People were running out to plant tank barriers and new minefields around their tanks as well (similar problem to the rocket launched mines used today)

    I haven’t found specifics on how they dealt with minefields, but generally they didn’t launch tank assaults against covering fire along a single-vehicle wide strip, that much seems to be clear.

    At Kursk they had local air superiority at times, so they had Stukas to help them. Artillery support was lavishly provided. They ground away fairly well and claim to have had a favorable attrition ratio. Still, the German attack on Kursk was a mistake. And the guys running the show today in Ukraine can’t even seem to get it together enough to equal a MISTAKE from 75 years ago.

    They’re saying Ukraine has about 600 tanks in reserve with newly refreshed or created NATO trained and equipped units. Difficult to tell whether people mean they have 600 total or if that is the strategic reserve in addition to whatever else is out there. Panzer divisions in WW2 ranged from around 145-265 tanks at least on paper “force structure” documents. Taking the low end 600/145 = equivalent of about 4 ww2 panzer divisions? I’m seeing claims they’ve lost about 120 tanks in attacks in the past week.

    So they’ve got the equivalent of 3 fresh WW2 armor divisions left in reserve?

    All conjecture of course

    I don’t see how any of this makes sense unless the plan is to let the lower Dneiper area dry out and then, with the launch of massive NATO air exercises tomorrow, NATO gets involved in air support and they do a crossing of the lower Dnieper to cut off Crimea with dreams of bagging Mariupol, Taganrog, or Rostov if things go well. (all fever-dreams assuming NATO does not bring in massive air support and missiles)

    I suppose Russia still has the option of blowing the dam north of the reservoir, which perhaps explains why Ukraine opened the gates wide, to drain everything so Russia cannot cut off forces that cross the river.

    If I were imagining them being smart, then I’d say the goal is to grab the land approaches to Crimea, heavily fortify them, and then let Russia bludgeon itself to death trying to restore the land connection. But I cannot see how that works without NATO jumping in. What other objective of any real value is there for them to go for? If you don’t have an achievable objective that HELPS you upon having taken it, then you’re just saying “Hey defenders, defend in whatever your favorite way is for as long as you like”

    Trying it from Zaporozhe seems retarded. You’re going to drive all they way to the Sea of Azov from Zaporozhe? Make a drive on DONETSK?? I don’t see anything of material value from there that isn’t a 200km trip. Might as well be on the Moon. This is reminiscent of ww1 stuff, where the Brits and French repeatedly tried for, vaguely, a “breakthrough” but with no specific beneficial achievable objective in mind. Even if it “worked” (Cambrai for instance) nothing really happened.

    Looking at these photos of pitiable clusters of knocked out Ukrainian armor makes me sick to my stomach. One commenter I came across suggested the Ukraine attacks must be being used as seed data for an AI because the actions are so nonsensical.



    Paraphrasing what you said:
    1. There is no “secret movement” that cannot be seen and destroyed because of “eyes in the sky” that can direct missiles and artillery.
    2. How far can any transport go on “a tank of gas”, and without maintenance?

    As usual, the winning option, don’t go to war


    I found a cool set of maps of the Eastern front in WW2 some of which cover the current Ukraine Conflict area


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