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Carl Frederik Aagaard View to the Amalfi Coast c1860 (woodblock)


Biden Admin Lying ‘About Everything to Do With Ukraine’ – RFK Jr. (Sp.)
Tucker Carlson Hopes Trump & RFK Jr. Win 2024 Nomination (Sp.)
‘Russian Victory’ Worse Than Civilian Cluster-bomb Deaths – Pentagon (RT)
Cluster Munitions Will Change Nothing for Ukraine (Scott Ritter)
Supplying Cluster Bombs To Ukraine Is Wrong – Spain (RT)
Germany Set Against Ukraine’s Bid for NATO Membership (Sp.)
France’s Macron Has Changed Mind About NATO – Bloomberg (RT)
France Blocks NATO Plans For Japan (RT)
Turkish Release Of Ukrainian Neo-nazis A Deal ‘Violation’ – Kremlin (RT)
BRICS Needs Qualitative Expansion, Says Russian Lawmaker (Sp.)
Biden Told China’s Xi To ‘Be Careful’ After Putin Meeting (RT)
Hell on Earth – A Mercenary’s Life In Ukraine (RT)
Terrorist Regime: Moscow Reacts to Kiev Admitting Attack on Crimean Bridge (Sp.)
DeSantis Ruined His Campaign With Attack On “pro-LGBTQ” Trump (Blankenship)





The film “Sound of Freedom” was written before anyone heard of qanon. And the real-life story it is based on is years older than that.







Tucker Sund








“We [US] wanted the war, for the reasons that Biden has said… The real reason for the war in Ukraine is regime change in Russia..”

Biden Admin Lying ‘About Everything to Do With Ukraine’ – RFK Jr. (Sp.)

The federal government under the administration of Joe Biden has been blatantly lying to the Americans “about everything to do with Ukraine,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in an interview for Judge Andrew Napolitano on his Judging Freedom podcast. “This was a sell job that they gave us on Ukraine,” insisted the 2024 Democratic candidate for US President. “The Russians tried to avoid a war… wanted to sign the Minsk Accords – a reasonable document – to keep NATO out of Ukraine, with Ukraine remaining neutral… That we [US] remove the Aegis missile systems from Romania, Poland, and that the murder…the wholesale killing of ethnic Russians in the Donbass by the Ukrainian government that America put in power stop. Those are all things that we should have agreed to,” stated the nephew of assassinated former US President John F. Kennedy.

He added that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky won in 2019 by promising to sign the Minsk accords. The complex series of measures negotiated by Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine in 2014-2015 in a bid to put an end to the armed conflict between the Kiev authorities and the breakaway region of Donbas. Moscow repeatedly stated that Kiev was not fulfilling the deal, for example not granting self-government to the Russian-speaking region of Donbass. In February, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted he never intended to implement the Minsk agreements, with former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Former French President Francois Hollande, who participated in the Normandy format, admitting the same.

“It is existential for the Russians… they have a legitimate national security interest,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pointed out, referring to Moscow’s ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. “We [US] wanted the war, for the reasons that Biden has said… The real reason for the war in Ukraine is regime change in Russia,” RJK Jr. emphasized in the interview on the Judging Freedom podcast. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. previously slammed decades of policy conducted by the US and NATO toward Ukraine and Russia for fueling the current conflagration. “We have neglected many, many opportunities to settle this war peacefully,” Kennedy said in June during a live town hall event with NewsNation.

He added that Washington had turned the ongoing conflagration in Ukraine into a proxy war waged by the United States against Russia. “We were told this was a humanitarian exercise. … But when President Biden was asked why are we over there, he said for regime change of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” the 2024 White House hopeful underscored. Weighing in on remarks by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who said last year that Washington wanted “to see Russia weakened,” RJK Jr. scathingly remarked: “That is the opposite of a humanitarian mission, that is a mission about a war of attrition.”

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“Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party really who is saying, ‘Wait a second, why are we supporting an endless… [conflict] in Ukraine?”

Tucker Carlson Hopes Trump & RFK Jr. Win 2024 Nomination (Sp.)

Tucker Carlson hopes that Democratic candidate for US President Robert Kennedy Jr. and former POTUS Republican 2024 hopeful Donald Trump win their respective nominations. “Bobby Kennedy and Trump will both have a very tough time getting the nomination… I’m hoping that both of them will [win], of course,” Carlson said in an interview with English comedian and actor Russell Brand on Friday. “I’m hoping that their message will be heard… I don’t know. I don’t even know what I hope for in the process itself, but I want them to be heard. And they can now be heard. Because there are channels of information that people can tune into and listen,” the prominent reporter added. Carlson, who emphatically told the host that he “loves Trump,” dodged a question regarding the potential outcomes of the primaries, set to start early in 2024.

However, he insisted that in 10 years, “we’re going to see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years because he reoriented the Republican Party against the wishes of Republican leaders.” Regarding Trump, the former anchor insisted that the Republican hopeful was right about the Ukraine crisis, saying: “Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party really who is saying, ‘Wait a second, why are we supporting an endless… [conflict] in Ukraine?” The journalist likened Donald Trump and RFK Jr. to Ross Perot and Teddy Roosevelt, respectively. “Teddy Roosevelt grew up rich. Of course, in New York, Trump, Bobby Kennedy is famous, [from] one of [the] most famous families in the world, in modern history, the Kennedys, and certainly the most famous family in Democratic politics,” he said.

“So these are people who know how the system works because they benefited from the system. And so their critique is much more meaningful and much more effective, I would say, because they can bear witness to what they have seen,” Carlson underscored. Trump, who is seeking an Oval Office comeback after losing the 2020 election to Biden, is a frontrunner in the Republican primary race that includes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and his former vice president, Mike Pence. Others in the GOP ballgame include former South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and several “longshots” in the fray. As for the much narrower 2024 Democratic field, leading it is White House incumbent Joe Biden. At 80, he is the oldest sitting president in US history, and can hardly boast of an approval rating barely above 40%.

His rival for nomination is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew to assassinated former US President John F. Kennedy. Incidentally, according to a YouGov survey, RFK Jr. boasts the highest favorability rating of all the current 2024 presidential candidates – 49 percent of respondents saw him favorably in June.

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Same for a nuclear bomb?

‘Russian Victory’ Worse Than Civilian Cluster-bomb Deaths – Pentagon (RT)

US fears of Russian success on the battlefield outweigh concerns that deliveries of cluster bombs to Ukraine could result in civilian casualties, a senior Pentagon official acknowledged on Friday. Speaking to reporters, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl defended the White House’s decision to approve another $800 million weapons package for Ukraine, including cluster munitions. The weapons are banned in more than 100 countries. When they detonate, the munitions release many small bomblets over a wide area. A percentage of bomblets fail to detonate on impact, however, and unexploded elements pose severe risks to civilians for years after fighting ends.

Asked if the Pentagon has assured its allies that the munitions will not cause excessive civilian harm, Kahl replied: “I’m as concerned about the humanitarian circumstance as anybody, but the worst thing for civilians in Ukraine is for Russia to win the war. And so it’s important that they don’t.” He added that Kiev had promised not to use cluster munitions in civilian-populated urban areas and to keep records of where the weapons are deployed to make future de-mining efforts easier. The official also portrayed the deliveries as a stop-gap measure until Kiev’s Western backers can ramp up production of conventional shells. In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, US President Joe Biden described the decision to supply the controversial shells to Ukraine as “difficult.”

He said that it was in part motivated by the fact that both Kiev and Washington recognise a deficit in ordinary ammunition, adding that Ukraine “needed” cluster munitions to prevent Russia from stopping its ongoing counteroffensive. Commenting on the announcement, Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the US, called the move “a gesture of desperation,” adding that the West does not want to admit that Ukraine’s counteroffensive is faltering. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted by posting a clip of former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki from late February 2022, days after the start of the Ukraine conflict, saying that the use of cluster munitions could potentially be regarded as a war crime.

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“..when employed in real-life situations, the “dud” rate of the sub-munitions will be much higher—often up to 20%..”

Cluster Munitions Will Change Nothing for Ukraine (Scott Ritter)

The Biden administration has announced that it will be authorizing a new tranche of military support for Ukraine Totaling around $800 million, it will also feature Bradley and Stryker fighting vehicles, air defense missiles, and anti-mine equipment—and hundreds of thousands of 155mm artillery dual-purpose improved conventional munition (DPICM) rounds, the M864. The United States has, prior to the recent announcement, refused to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine for one simple reason—much of the world, including many of America’s NATO allies—views cluster munitions as representing an unacceptable risk to civilian life due to the high occurrence of “dud” munitions (i.e., munitions that fail to detonate on impact).

As a result, cluster munitions continue to kill long after the battle where they were employed has ended. The victims tend to be civilians who stumble upon these munitions and inadvertently set them off. While the US has refused to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM), an international treaty that prohibits all use, transfer, production, and stockpiling of cluster munitions, it has recognized the need to develop cluster munitions with a designed “dud” rate of less than 1% to minimize the post-conflict risk to civilian populations. For this reason, the US military stopped using the M864 in 2016, replacing it with an improved DPICM round. While the M864 round does not meet the 1% “dud” threshold set by the US Dewhen employed in real-life situations, the “dud” rate of the sub-munitions will be much higher—often up to 20%partment of Defense for DPICM munitions, the Biden administration touts the fact that the M864 has a “dud” rate of less than 2%, which given the urgency of the need for artillery shells by Ukraine, is deemed to be an acceptable departure from the US norm.

However, like virtually every statement made by the United States regarding the conflict in Ukraine, the claim that the M864 DPICM rounds being sent to Ukraine are comprised only of batches “certified” as possessing a “dud” rate of less than 2% is a calculated lie. The tests cited—five of them, conducted between 1998 and 2020—were carried out at the KOFA firing range, located within the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground, in Arizona, using the Terminal Ballistics Evaluation Area, which possesses a prepared and instrumented impact area optimized for data collection. This range employs a surface area consisting of hard-packed, flattened dirt designed to maximize point-detonating fuses such as those employed on the 24 M46 and 48 M42 dual-purpose anti-materiel/anti-personnel sub-munitions contained in each M864 round.

However,. Rough terrain, mud, soft soil, trees, and bushes all conspire to prevent the sub-munitions from detonating. Moreover, given that the lifespan of a 155mm artillery shell is 20 years, and that production of the M864 round, which began in 1987, terminated in 1996, the vast majority of the M864 artillery shells being provided to Ukraine have reached or exceeded their expiation date, which means that there is an increased probability that many of these shells will not perform as designed.

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“Through the cluster munition deliveries, Washington de-facto becomes an accomplice in mining [Ukraine’s] territory and will share full responsibility for the deaths… of both Russian and Ukrainian children.”

Supplying Cluster Bombs To Ukraine Is Wrong – Spain (RT)

Cluster munitions should not be used by Ukraine “under any circumstances,” Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said on Saturday. One day earlier, the US announced that it would send the controversial ordnance to Ukraine amid a shortage in conventional shells. “Spain, based on the firm commitment it has with Ukraine, also has a firm commitment that certain weapons and bombs cannot be delivered under any circumstances,” Robles told reporters after a rally in Madrid. Spain says “no to cluster bombs and yes to the legitimate defense of Ukraine, which we understand should not be carried out with cluster bombs,” Robles added, according to Reuters.

The White House announced on Friday that President Joe Biden had authorized the delivery of an unspecified number of dual-purpose improved conventional munitions (DPICM) to Kiev, based on the “unanimous” recommendation of the president’s national security team. The shells, which can be fired from Ukraine’s NATO-supplied 155mm artillery, scatter many small ‘bomblets’ over a wide area, some of which fail to immediately explode and pose severe risks to civilians for years after fighting ends. Cluster munitions are banned by more than 120 countries, although the US, Ukraine, and Russia are not parties to the ban. Biden’s decision was also criticized by Germany and the UK. However, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Friday that sending these weapons was necessary to “bridge” the gap until Kiev’s Western backers could increase production of conventional 155mm shells.

Speaking to CNN later on Friday, Biden was more blunt. “It was a very difficult decision on my part,” he said, claiming that he signed off on the supply because “the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.” Last year, then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki described Russia’s alleged use of similar ordnance as “potentially a war crime.” Moscow was dismissive of the news. Cluster bombs are “yet another ‘Wunderwaffe’ [wonder weapon] Washington and Kiev are betting on, without thinking about the harsh consequences,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a press briefing on Friday. “Through the cluster munition deliveries, Washington de-facto becomes an accomplice in mining [Ukraine’s] territory and will share full responsibility for the deaths… of both Russian and Ukrainian children.”

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“Berlin doesn’t want to see [Russian President] Vladimir Putin potentially test Article 5.”

Germany Set Against Ukraine’s Bid for NATO Membership (Sp.)

Germany plans to insist during the upcoming NATO summit in Lithuania that Ukraine should not be granted NATO membership, UK media reported on Saturday, citing an alliance source. The source said that Berlin plans to urge other NATO members during the Vilnius summit on July 11-12 that they should focus on security assurances to Kiev, and not NATO membership, in order not to risk a war with Russia. “Berlin is stand-offish at the prospect of offering immediate membership,” the source told The Telegraph, adding that Germany “wants a process and time to develop guarantees to essentially block membership,” since “Berlin doesn’t want to see [Russian President] Vladimir Putin potentially test Article 5.”

According to The Telegraph, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are currently working on “Bucharest-plus” – a series of bilateral security offerings to Kiev – instead of offering Ukraine NATO membership. Individual offers of security guarantees to Kiev would then be combined into an umbrella deal, a “Memorandum of Understanding,” endorsed by NATO and the EU, the newspaper said, adding that, according to sources, it would be the “next best offer” to Kiev.

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Germany says no, Macron turns around and says yes. Is this a game?

France’s Macron Has Changed Mind About NATO – Bloomberg (RT)

By backing membership for Ukraine, the French president is trying to court Eastern European support, the newspaper’s sources said French President Emmanuel Macron © Nicolas Economou / Getty Images French President Emmanuel Macron realizes that Eastern European states are becoming more influential within NATO, and has shifted his rhetoric on the bloc to match them, Bloomberg reported on Saturday. Macron recently backed a “path” to NATO membership for Ukraine. Before the conflict in Ukraine began, Macron was regarded as one of Europe’s most NATO-skeptic leaders. He proclaimed the bloc “brain dead” in 2019, and spent his first term in office repeatedly calling for the establishment of a “true European army” independent from the US.

Even throughout the first year of the conflict, Macron stayed in phone contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin and distanced himself from “Anglo Saxon” leaders, whom he said seek to “annihilate” Russia. However, his rhetoric has since changed. In May, Macron called on NATO leaders to offer Kiev a “path” to full membership in the bloc, and declared that the EU and NATO should expand their military cooperation “as quickly as possible.” The shift was a calculated one, Bloomberg reported. Citing a diplomat from Eastern Europe, the newspaper explained that “positioning France alongside Ukraine’s fiercest supporters, Poland and the Baltic states, helps to fill the gap left by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s more cautious approach.”

A French diplomat framed Macron’s apparent conversion in more ideological terms, stating that the president “has understood he needs to be on the right side of history,” in Bloomberg’s words. In order to convince NATO’s eastern members, Macron will need to back his words with actions, the newspaper claimed. Although France was one of the first NATO members to provide Kiev with armored vehicles, France will likely need to up its spending on Ukraine to beyond its current level of 0.3% of GDP, Bloomberg suggested.

However, anonymous French officials told the newspaper that Macron’s government is already examining how its nuclear arsenal could “contribute to Ukraine’s security guarantees.” While offering to protect Ukraine with nuclear weapons would be a seriously escalatory step, some officials Bloomberg spoke to regarded Macron’s recent statement as “hot air.” With his attempts to dissuade Putin from sending troops to Ukraine failing last year and his offer to help China negotiate a peace deal languishing, one anonymous official explained that Macron is enthusiastically backing NATO expansion simply because everything else he has tried “hasn’t worked.”

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This is about China.

France Blocks NATO Plans For Japan (RT)

Paris has refused to approve a scheme to open a NATO liaison office in Japan, arguing the bloc should not extend itself beyond the North Atlantic, according to an Elysee Palace official cited by Politico. “NATO means North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” the official told journalists on Friday, warning against blurring the lines and emphasizing that even the notorious Article 5 of the bloc’s treaty specifically refers to maintaining the “security of the North Atlantic area.” “We are not in favor as a matter of principle,” the official added. “As far as the office is concerned, the Japanese authorities themselves have told us that they are not extremely attached to it.” French President Emmanuel Macron personally believes that the body’s charter imposes geographic limitations which bar NATO from expanding into Asia, according to a recent report by the Financial Times.

Back in May, Japanese Ambassador to the US Koji Tomita said that Japan was “working” towards opening a NATO liaison office in Tokyo, which would become the bloc’s first in Asia. The scheme has been discussed intermittently since 2007, when Japan’s then-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe first visited NATO’s headquarters, and was raised again in recent months. Tokyo has steadily increased its cooperation with the bloc over the years, opening its first NATO branch office in Brussels in 2018. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida became the first Japanese leader to attend a NATO summit last year. Japan, as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, have also been invited to the 2023 summit that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 11 and 12, as the bloc shows increased interest in the Indo-Pacific in recent years.

China objected to NATO’s creeping expansion, claiming that the bloc should remain within its own sphere of influence and not seek to grow its presence in Asia, arguing the region “does not welcome bloc confrontation or military blocs.” Russia, which strongly opposes NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe, also criticized the bloc’s attempts to extend its activities into Asia. In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the push by the US and its allies to create what he called a “global NATO” resembled the actions of Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan in the 1930s before the outbreak of World War II.


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Putin trusted Erdogan.

Turkish Release Of Ukrainian Neo-nazis A Deal ‘Violation’ – Kremlin (RT)

Allowing former commanders of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment to return to Ukraine is a “direct violation” of a 2022 prisoner swap deal between Moscow and Kiev that also involved Türkiye, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday. Earlier the same day, the five previously interned Azov commanders flew from Türkiye to Ukraine aboard President Vladimir Zelensky’s plane. The Ukrainian leader hailed the development as a “return of heroes” and published a video of the five men boarding his aircraft on Facebook. Zelensky had arrived in Türkiye on a short visit after an invitation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Both the Ukrainian and Turkish sides breached the provisions [of the deal] in this case,” Peskov said, commenting on the developments. He also said that Moscow had not been duly informed of Ankara’s decision to hand over the five Ukrainians. Türkiye was apparently “forced” to take this step ahead of the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius, the Kremlin spokesman said, adding that the Turkish leadership had to demonstrate “solidarity” with the military bloc and that Moscow was “well aware” of that. “Yet, a breach of an agreement flatters no one,” the official stressed. Ankara has so far not commented on the developments.

Under a major prisoner exchange agreement reached in September 2022, five commanders, including top Azov leaders, were to stay in Türkiye until the end of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. At that time, Zelensky himself explicitly stated that Kiev had agreed to that condition. Erdogan then offered the five Ukrainians protection. All of them were captured by the Russian forces and Donbass militias in spring 2022 following the lengthy siege of the Azovstal steel plant in the Azov Sea port city of Mariupol.

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“..a pool of reserve currencies, which should show itself – I think it will be after the summit in August..”

BRICS Needs Qualitative Expansion, Says Russian Lawmaker (Sp.)

On Friday, Belarusian Ambassador to Brazil Sergey Lukashevich has passed a note to the Brazilian government conforming Minsk’s desire to become a full-fledged member of BRICS. The bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, needs more countries, but they must be a good fit and not just selected artificially simply for the sake of getting “more flags,” said Andrey Klimov, deputy head of the Russian upper chamber’s committee on foreign affairs, adding that it is worth considering different formats for membership. According to the senator, it would not be right to force the process.

“In fact, there are many applications, but the main goal is to consolidate the efforts of sovereign powers that play a huge role in their continent and even in the world. To force this artificially is probably not very right, although some would like to have more countries, more flags, more numbers of some kind. I am still in favor of adding quality,” Klimov said. He cited the example of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which did not expand quickly, and recalled that BRICS initially consisted only of Russia, India, and China. “Time will tell how the BRICS will develop. We already have a New Development Bank of BRICS, it is getting on its feet, a pool of reserve currencies, which should show itself – I think it will be after the summit in August,” he said.

“If we just follow some information agenda and think about PR, it will hardly give us any added value. In this regard, we will move towards a formula that is closer to me – BRICS+. Countries have the right to work in the BRICS format in different areas, from sports to finance, and one can become a member of the BRICS New Development Bank without joining BRICS. Participation in the championships organized by BRICS without being part of the organization is also possible,” Klimov noted.

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He must have been very impressed.

Biden Told China’s Xi To ‘Be Careful’ After Putin Meeting (RT)

US President Joe Biden called on his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping ‘to be careful’ after Xi visited Moscow back in March, the American leader has told CNN. In extracts from the interview released on Saturday, Biden said he had highlighted what he called the Asian giant’s dependence on European and US investments. “I said: This is not a threat. This is an observation,” Biden told CNN. “Since Russia went into Ukraine, 600 American corporations have pulled out of Russia. And you have told me that your economy depends on investment from Europe and the United States. And be careful. Be careful,” he added.

Following their Moscow talks, Putin and Xi signed documents on deepening the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership and economic cooperation. Both governments emphasized their readiness to work towards a trade volume of $200 billion or higher, with national currencies increasingly being used in a bid to de-dollarize trade. The conflict in Ukraine was discussed during the Moscow visit as well, with China maintaining its neutral position. Beijing has repeatedly criticized the West’s “abuse” of unilateral economic sanctions and has made efforts toward a peaceful resolution in Ukraine, proposing a twelve-point peace plan. In May, a Chinese special envoy visited several countries, including Russia and Ukraine, in an effort to broker an end to the conflict.

Biden’s CNN interview comes as US relations with China are far from calm, with Taiwan and security concerns in the Asia-Pacific region among the key issues exacerbating strained ties. President Biden himself provoked a diplomatic incident in June, when he called his Chinese counterpart a “dictator” during a speech. While the US president dismissed concerns that his comment could hinder efforts to improve relations, the Chinese embassy issued a formal protest in response, and foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning denounced the remark as an “open political provocation.”

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“..mercenaries sent by the West to assist the nationalist regime in Kiev… are not entitled to the status of prisoner of war under international humanitarian law.”

Hell on Earth – A Mercenary’s Life In Ukraine (RT)

For veterans of US wars in the Middle East, adapting to an enemy like Russia has proven difficult. Earlier this year, an Australian mercenary fighting against Wagner Group forces in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) described the Russian private military company as a “near peer” opponent to any Western military, while several Americans have reported Russian shelling as orders of magnitude more intense than anything they experienced in their previous combat tours. “[The artillery] is nonstop,” a former US Marine told ABC News in February. “It’s been nonstop. All day and night. The life expectancy is around four hours on the frontline.” “This is my third war I’ve fought in, and this is by far the worst one,” another former Marine toldThe Daily Beast last week. “You’re getting f**king smashed with artillery, tanks. Last week I had a plane drop a bomb next to us, like 300 meters away. It’s horrifying s**t.”

Those behind the front are often just as likely to be killed. As many as 20 foreign mercenaries, including several Colombians and at least one American, died in a Russian missile strike on a temporary brigade base in the Donbass city of Kramatorsk last month. “If we discover such gatherings, for example, as in Kramatorsk, we will destroy them, because these are people who have declared war on us,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after the strike. By April 2022 there were just under 7,000 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries operating in Ukraine, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. By May of this year, that number had fallen to 2,500. It is unclear how many foreigners have been killed, captured, or deserted since last April. With the Ukrainian military reportedly unwilling to collect even its own dead along hot sectors of the front line, the families of foreign fighters can wait for months for closure.

This was the case for the family of Irishman Finbar Cafferkey, whose remains were found near Artyomovsk this week, three months after he was reported dead. According to the Irish Times, “it may be months” before Ukrainian authorities return Cafferkey’s body to Ireland. For those captured alive, the situation is no less severe. Mercenaries are not entitled to any protections under the Geneva Convention, as British citizens Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner found when they were captured by Donetsk People’s Republic forces last year and sentenced to death. While both men were eventually repatriated in a prisoner swap, the Russian Foreign Ministry has reminded would-be volunteers that “mercenaries sent by the West to assist the nationalist regime in Kiev… are not entitled to the status of prisoner of war under international humanitarian law.”

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“Now they have embarked on a plan for ‘their own salvation’- systematic infliction of damage to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” added Maria Zakharova..”

Terrorist Regime: Moscow Reacts to Kiev Admitting Attack on Crimean Bridge (Sp.)

Detonation of a truck bomb on the 19-km bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula to the region of Krasnodar on the Russian mainland on October 8, 2022, killed three people, causing part of the road section to collapse into the sea. Kiev refused to take responsibility, yet its officials had gloated over the attack in Twitter posts. “Terrorist regime,” was the succinct response of Russia’s Foreign Ministry to Ukrainian deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar’s admission that Kiev had carried out the attack on the Crimean Bridge in autumn of 2022. “273 days since we struck the first blow on the Crimean Bridge to disrupt the logistics of the Russians,” Maliar had written on Telegram on Saturday. “Now they have embarked on a plan for ‘their own salvation’- systematic infliction of damage to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” added Maria Zakharova, the official spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in a Telegram post.

Previously, a huge threat of a sabotage at the ZNPP from Kiev amid its stuttering counteroffensive was emphasized by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Up until now, the Kiev regime has refused to claim responsibility for the attack on the 19-km long bridge – the longest in Europe and connecting the Crimean peninsula and mainland Russia’s Krasnodar region. Crimea reunited with Russia in March 2014 after a referendum in which over 96% of the peninsula’s voters said “yes” to reunification. The bridge was opened by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in May 2018. A truck was blown up on the road section of the Crimean Bridge on 8 October, causing two car spans partially to collapse into the sea. Seven fuel tanks of a freight train on the adjacent rail section caught fire. Three people were killed. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the blast on Crimean Bridge a terrorist attack aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure.

Immediately after the attack, Russian authorities announced a series of measures to repair damage and ensure stable transport ties between Crimea and Krasnodar Territory. Putin signed a decree Saturday night to step up security for transport crossing through the Kerch Strait, as well as electricity and energy infrastructure in the area. At the time, Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, hinted at Kiev’s responsibility for the terrorist incident in a series of meme-riddled posts on social media. Presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak had gloated that the attack on the bridge was just “the beginning” and that “everything illegal must be destroyed” and “everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine.”

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“It portrays him as an LGBTQ+ ally, which the ad frames as something bad, with DeSantis as the community’s enemy, which is somehow good.”

DeSantis Ruined His Campaign With Attack On “pro-LGBTQ” Trump (Blankenship)

Ever since former President Donald Trump announced his new campaign for the White House in November last year, many (including myself) believed that DeSantis had a chance to surpass him. This optimism was not only based on the polls but also on the feedback I got from individuals residing in deeply conservative regions of the country. However, DeSantis’ campaign faced some initial setbacks, leading to a decline in his poll numbers. The latest poll from Echelon Insights in June shows him at 16% support, while Trump stands at an impressive 49%. Things are obviously not going as planned for the governor. It is crucial to understand that politics can be a complex game, and negativity seldom leads to success. Unfortunately, DeSantis has been running a campaign that emphasizes division and conflict instead of unity and growth.

This approach does not align with good political strategy, regardless of how you analyze it. Look no further than the recent anti-Trump ad published by the unofficial DeSantis War Room and shared by the official DeSantis campaign. The ad, which has so far garnered over 25 million views on Twitter, takes a negative stance toward Donald Trump’s purported support for the LGBTQ+ community. It portrays him as an LGBTQ+ ally, which the ad frames as something bad, with DeSantis as the community’s enemy, which is somehow good. While some might argue that Republicans do not need the support of the LGBTQ+ community to secure victory in 2024, this assumption is mistaken. The US is a country that does not openly condone hatred, and it is a country that, by and large, tends to have less conservative social views than the rest of the world and is also based on secularism.

Instead, to be a conservative demands a certain level of tact and finesse in political life. A candidate cannot merely declare themselves against any group of people and expect societal acceptance or political success, either by the groups they attack or society as a whole. However, they can certainly support policies that at least claim to address the concerns of the community they might dislike deep down while still upholding conservative values, thereby appealing to a broader base of support.

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    TVASSF (“rare” my arse!)


    Mum was told she had ‘nerve damage’ from ‘botched’ Covid jab – the truth was far worse


    TVASSF (tick…tock…tick…tock… 5 BILLION posioned)


    One of 1000’s

    ‘FIT AND HEALTHY’ Student, 19, dies after going to A&E with a ‘sinus infection’ – as tributes pour in

    ” …bleed on the brain.”




    A four-time All-Ireland winning footballer has said she counts herself ‘very lucky’ after recovering from a stroke.


    TVASSF (if that’s ‘luck’ …)


    Young, healthy – TFN!

    GAA in mourning at unexpected death of young player




    Make it stop …

    Tourist, 20, dies floating in pool after lungs flooded with blood in freak episode


    TVASSF(nope – it’s not going to stop)


    It’s not going to stop.
    Bad news – Real time Disability Data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) rose 857k in June to a new all time high of 34.15 million. The rate of change is accelerating.



    @ Germ

    I appreciate the information however, for me, it’s 2nd hand evidence. I’m simply not seeing 1st hand evidence.

    People I know personally are not dying suddenly. Well one neighbour did last October but he was over 70. My father was 71 when he died suddenly(of a heart attack) over 20 years ago. What happened to my neighbour can’t be regarded as a vaxx death, unless I’m looking to believe any sudden death is a vaxx death.

    I haven’t seen a single celebrity I follow dying suddenly. Granted I don’t follow modern celebrities – why would anyone in such a corrupt culture? My idea of dying suddenly is what happened to Jean Harlow. Plus I can name more players on Limerick’s hurling team than I can name in the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and English football combined! The fact is – thank goodness – that not a single high profile GAA player has had a negative vax reaction.

    Finally where’s the backlash? If I had a child die suddenly or be permanently damaged then I’d get a gun and punish the people responsible for them getting vaxxed. That would be my duty as a parent. I’m surprised there’s still been no medical clinic shootings or doctor’s murdered in the USA. The hundreds of thousand vax injuries/deaths and no violent reaction doesn’t add up. Are westerners really that ignorant and cowardly?

    Anyway it’s an awful job you’ve taken on. Keep up the good work!


    @ EoinW – well I am.

    My tennis partner’s son was found dead at home – otherwise healthy.
    My best friend’s wife’s sister (52) died two months ago – complete immune collapse and massive internal bleeding.
    Her daughter (31) was found dead on the floor at her home 12 months previous to that.
    My brother’s daughter (24) had Long Covid (riiight) for a year – including collapsing in the street.
    A good friend developed shingles post vaxx.
    My aunt (71) vaxxed SIX times has blood clots in her left eye and continual headaches.
    One of my son’s classmates (17) had Bell’s Palsy-like symptoms post vaxx.
    ….. I could go on.

    It’s happening, in spite of a lack of 1st hand evidence for you.

    TVASSF(follow the data)


    @michael-reid having had a 1kw turbine for five years I don’t think you will get what you’re hoping to get. According to the geological wind survey of Environment Canada the turbine should have produced for or five fold my yearly requirements at this site. The problem with the wind was it isn’t evenly pressurized. One cubic meter of air is of a different density than the next. So in a steady breeze of say 20 kms/ph your charge flow will still fluctuate quite a lot. My turbine was 200 feet from the nearest tall structures. The batteries don’t like the fluctuation in charging current. You will get useable energy from them just not what you’re hoping for. I have found more solar to be the better way to liberate extra cash from your account. I need to put about 130 amp hours into my bank per day to stay even. After my experience with wind I went all in with solar panels. The issue I ended up having to solve with over kill by solar was also a charging issue. My batteries were being killed in under four years and I could not find an electrical leak! Your using too much electricity my engineer friends kept telling me. Well come and show me where! The problem as it turned out was over charging during most of the year. I discovered on my own that the 5.4 kw worth of panels were dumping as much as 400 amp hours a day in the bank. Way too much. We need that large array to have a shot at getting through the dark season but it’s much too large fro summer time. I have since changed the parameters on the charge controllers to shut down after a certain input of power is reached for most of the year. From about mid November till mid February I let all the power in and turn the amount allowed in back come longer days. The turbine experiment started in the fall of ’06 when solar was approx. 10 bucks a watt and wind was at 3 bucks.

    those darned kids


    good friend diagnosed with liver cancer a month after booster. he passed away a month later.

    one of my closest friends, a doctor who had to have had at least 4 shots, passed away on thursday from a massive heart attack.

    step-mother’s daughter just went through surgery for bowel cancer.

    my father’s had a pacemaker in after seizures nearly killed him.

    my brother-in-law just had surgery to have polyps removed from his tubes.

    my sister went through months of torment from strange blood anomalies.

    my other brother-in-law suddenly lost his once abundant hair.

    i’ve have two students stop their music lessons – one because of shingles, the other because of nerve damage in the hands.

    the students in teach, children and adults, as well as fellow teachers, are constantly sick.

    i can probably find more in my personal life, but it’s too exhausting.

    sure they are anecdotes, but ¿at what point do an overwhelming tide of anecdotes become evidence?

    anecdotes are the layman’s double-blind, randomized control trial.

    and of the people i know, far more laymen avoided these military countermeasures than the more educated class.

    Michael Reid

    Laurence Easeman discusses
    red pills,
    black pills,
    and solutions to navigate the dystopian hellscape
    we find ourselves in.

    He believes all roads lead to the banks,
    the moneyed powers are running the show.

    We discuss debanking,
    social credit,
    and the algorithm ghetto.

    What we’re seeing in France could be a smokescreen to bring in further totalitarian control.

    We also talk Ukraine, BRICS, multipolarity, and woke transgenderism.

    We discuss solutions and how exercising personal sovereignty is key.

    Laurence Easeman: These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For








    What does the average man in the street think is causing the 5000 excess deaths per month in England and Wales at the moment?
    I’ve asked a few but just get met with the fluoride stare.
    They don’t know what I’m talking about.


    Dr. D

    Not much to comment on today. I guess you get a break.

    “Supplying Cluster Bombs To Ukraine Is Wrong – Spain (RT)

    Still trying to get Europe to break from “The United States” (which is really a puppet-robot of the Davos-London merger). Good luck with that. The U.S./London/Davos could drop cluster bombs ON SPAIN and Madrid would say “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

    How do I know? Which is more dangerous: a couple shells, or 1 Billion vaccines at a 10% failure rate? Which kills(ed) more kids? But now, now, Germ, we wouldn’t want to be mean and bring that up, would we? We have to be NICE about killing more children than all cluster bombs combined.

    “By backing membership for Ukraine, the French president is trying to court Eastern European support,”

    “Not Agreement Capable.” Macron goes to China, sucks up, and gets a few loose deals signed for French oligarchs, as they’re suspicious. Immediately turns around and double-crosses China’s ally, and China itself, by actively courting WWIII. Boy you sure got one over on us, Manny! Boy we sure never saw that coming! Boy I’m sure nothing bad will happen because of you doing that and you’ll totally get away with all the loot and China won’t claw it out of your hide now or nothin’!

    You. Have Got. To Be Kidding. Me.

    Like I said: glue-sniffing toddlers. Is that too low? Which drug is the dumber one: crack, or glue? It’s a toss-up, isn’t it? And we know the President’s closest man and business director does crack. All day long, then all night. While filming himself naked with children.

    “Macron is enthusiastically backing NATO expansion simply because everything else he has tried “hasn’t worked.”

    What do you mean by “work”? Apparently you have certain goals there, would you like to list them for us?

    ““We were told this was a humanitarian exercise. … But when President Biden was asked why are we over there, he said for regime change of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,”

    So the NATO expansion is for the attack, invasion, and occupation of all Russia, the federation, from Sea to shining Sea. Officially. Pretty sure, because that’s what you’re saying, right?

    Okay Manny, here’s a rifle, you and Brigette can be dropped off by parachute I’m sure no less than by 0300. Let me know how it goes. That’s what you wanted, right? To help fight?

    “NATO means North Atlantic Treaty Organization,”

    As we’ve all said 100 times, wondering why we even have to say it. But it’s almost like…hmmm…almost, sorta, as if…there’s a NATO and a UN, that seem to – and I don’t want to go out on a limb here – create a worldwide global government? And a global police force that suppresses all dissent that DOESN’T want a Global Government with a Global Police force, run out of the “Garden” of Europe and the small Swiss resort of Davos? It’s ALMOST LIKE – almost – the IMF and Banks of London want worldwide control in support of this same centralized, oppressive, unrepresentative dictatorship in the mold of the EU, where there are “Ministers”, but which have no power whatsoever and can be overturned by the bureaucracy on everything for any reason or no reason at all?

    Nah. That can’t be it. Even though they wrote for 50 years that it is.

    “limit our exposure where we think that they present a threat to us economically. But stop this ridiculous nonsense of going to war yet again 6,000 miles from the United States over an obscure island”

    Well Formosa is not obscure, but clearly we’re not serious and have something entirely else in mind. We are at war with China 6,000 miles away, no material, no weapons, no forward bases, but China makes all our shoes and machine screws? Yes: if you were AT ALL serious, even a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit, you would at least THINK about moving some of that manufacturing home. But “Those jobs…they ain’t coming back” “What do you think, I have a magic wand or something?” Trump: “Jack tariffs 10x and see how fast Black America gets well-paying new jobs”. Everyone: “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiggggg! Black people having jobs??? Make it stop, make it stop!!! We’ll do anything! Rig the election and then print it in Time Magazine, anything to make it stop!

    And so here we are. We own, make and do nothing, and think we’re ALSO going to war 6,000 miles away, with ships that can’t sail, and planes that can’t fly, and win. Um, no. What they WANT is for the U.S. to LOSE to China, to LOSE. As planned since the 1990s, and in surrender wipe out the guns and our Constitution so our oligarchs – world oligarchs – can chop it up and destroy us like they did Russia in the 90s. You can’t understand unless you stop assuming they’re stupid. They’re not stupid, they are criminally insane. Learn the difference.

    You can’t do something 10,000 times in a row, after being warned, for 30 years, having it blow up in your face the same way that whole time, and keep doing it on accident. It’s not an accident. It’s a military campaign of raw scorched earth and total devastation, like Sherman’s March to the Sea. And it is on South Carolina among other places. You see the clothing industry return there, or should we fight China naked? Trick question: Macron and Senator’s Sons don’t fight. They don’t know how.

    “Allowing former commanders of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment to return to Ukraine is a “direct violation” of a 2022 prisoner swap deal between Moscow and Kiev”

    Couldn’t be happier: soon they’ll be in Bakhmut.

    ““Since Russia went into Ukraine, 600 American corporations have pulled out of Russia.”

    ….And Xi knows that Russia took all those assets, all those abandoned McDonald’s, all for free. Free corporations! #Winning!

    “And you have told me that your economy depends on investment from Europe and the United States.”

    Does it? What are they providing? Europe and the U.S. are totally, painfully broke. Is it cotton paper that moves cement and steel into new shoe factories? Please tell me how that works using physics and BTUs. No, CHINA has the mine, then CHINA mines the ore, then CHINA melts the steel, then CHINA manufactures the factory. Then CHINA uses the products in their new Sci-fi cities that make ours look like Bolivia. Anybody want to explain to me what Europe and America do? Moral support? Criticism? Because Chinamen are too stupid and lazy to understand what a “silicon chip” is, they need (Chinese 501b) employees from Apple to explain it to them?

    Okay, man, whatever.

    ““..mercenaries sent by the West to assist the nationalist regime in Kiev… are not entitled to the status of prisoner of war under international humanitarian law.”

    Sadly, this is true. However in practical terms, they don’t have two-tracks for PoWs. So more likely to shoot you in the head on the spot for expediency, but not like they had to build special always-torture camps or something.

    “The US is a country that does not openly condone hatred, and it is a country that, by and large, tends to have less conservative social views than the rest of the world and is also based on secularism.”

    Boy you don’t hear that much. We are more Liberal/Progressive than the last 10,000 years. We are probably 10x more Liberal than just 10 years ago and 3x more liberal than 2020. Clinton’s platform would now be “Neo-Nazi Right Wing extremist” since he had things like a border, which is no surprise since that’s what they unironically report Bernie Sanders is.

    In order NOT to be Right-Wing, you always have to be TWICE as Liberal as last year, 12 months ago. That’s the ideological purity test.

    Azarbaycan misses a lot of stuff, consistently off the mark especially about us, but he’s not wrong. This is no time, and no way, to be President. Nobody hates LGBTQ people, despite what’s reported, as he himself says. As a Conservative to the far Right of Hamilton, I don’t know where I’d even have to go to FIND such people: Spanish and Black communities, I guess? Muslims? So there’s no clear way to say we’re sick of Disney and Annheiser Bush’s nonsense without coming off wrong, and doubly so: there is no need to. You bring people together as all-one Americans instead like RFK. Now watch: there are so many hating, Nazis, genociding gays and staying up night after night dreaming about it that exactly no one will flock to DeSantis’s flag. Yes! But that just shows how racist/sexist/hating Republicans are! They’re super-tricky that way! You. Watch.

    Put the other way: IF there were any haters, anti LGBTQ people in America, you would therefore expect DeSantis to attract and platform them all, right? So if no one appears – which is what’s going to happen – we can dismiss ANY idea that A) they exist and B) they’re Republican, right?

    Nope. When this doesn’t happen, they’ll just carry on as if it did, like always. Guess? Somehow DeSantis is a Status Quo plant. He may not even know it, that he’s being used this way to split the vote or whatever. And therefore his campaign managers are from DC and work less for him than the UniParty oligarchs. THEY think that the U.S. is racist, bloodthirsty haters from Sea to Sea as they mail clusterbombs and depleted uranium to playgrounds in Europe. So THEY think — as all beltway/coasts think — that they can count on the “racist” vote because that’s how Trump got in. Everybody knows! It’s all those racist Obama voters that flipped to Trump in Michigan n’ stuff. By bet on how this happened. Campaign managers in an air-tight fart bubble, psychotically divorced from reality itself, even when it’s face-punching them. If DeSantis isn’t a man and hires them, what can I say? You lose and deserve it.

    “6 African presidents were going to Libya and they were told by NATO to go back”

    And they also killed and deposed a bunch of them. Well, they’re all Black! It’s what Joe Biden does. (And Barack Obama) How we gonna have those slave markets if you create peace in Libya?

    Scooters: That can’t be right, they don’t have helmets. So they are therefore dead.

    Now, now Germ, we mustn’t criticize the raw, open murders of a billion people…. Let them die in silence instead so your grandma can get the shot in peace.


    Sorry to read about your losses. I’ve never doubted that we’re right. Just trying to be objective. I’m sure my luck runs out sooner or later.

    Michael Reid

    @ Red

    24 Wind power supplies mounted

    Of course no wind today

    Still think it will all work out as envisioned

    Proof or not will reveal itself over time


    Micheal Reid it will produce power without doubt, just mind the incoming voltages and amperage to be sure of what is going in the bank. I’m assuming you have a spectrometer to monitor the specific gravity of your batteries. This is the one way of being sure of your batteries state of charge, a most important part of tracking the banks state of health.

    Dr. D

    “the current explosion of violence in France bears all the hallmarks of a British-led color revolution.” –Luongo

    That’s right. Did someone not know this? I can’t tell who, but I can tell you THAT it doesn’t happen on command, everywhere at once, without a lot of help. And a lot of money. Since if Russia did that they would say so – even if it wasn’t true – it can’t be Russia. Why bother? There’s nothing Russia can add to Europe’s active daily suicide. So that leaves…who? China? No, what? Why bother? Davos? What, why? Macron is their man, trampling France daily and shooting women in the face better than they ever could. U.S., same.

    Leaving… “bears all the hallmarks of a British-led color revolution.” Have we not seen enough tired, boring color revolutions to recognize one when it’s painted with cartoon colors and double-fat crayons like the one in Iran or Hong Kong? Really? Are we the ones sniffing glue if we can’t see that? Heebus. If a pumpkin lands from outer space on your porch I don’t have to say “It’s a pumpkin,” do I? This was part of my reference to the serial felon who ran a police barricade and then was shocked SHOCKED I tell you, that eventually there are consequences? No. That is not a “native upswelling” anymore than Antifa’s Anti-Science-all-the-time, let’s-spread-Covid voting riots, OR Obama’s boner: run the next black killing up to world-wide media coverage, only to find out it was a HISPANIC guy named “Zimmerman” defending himself from a skull-crushing sidewalk.

    They PICK THE TIME, people, then just order media handlers to grab the next ordinary, everyday event and make it front page. Then they call their paid operatives on the phone, hand them a shoebox of cash, and say “Riot.” It looks like the three are related, but they’re not. They’re exclusively staged. Nobody gives a s—t about immigrant children. Nobody ever did. Go ask them. Nothing changed. Nobody gives a s—t about police brutality, if that’s even what it was: the government, media, oligarchs, support it every hour of every day for decades, and twice as much now. So when something happens, it’s not that they were all stricken blind on the road to Damascus and their spots all changed, all one million of them in a 24 hour period (government employees, media wonks, organizers, whoever.) It’s a show. A sham. A setup. A simulacrum. A Fake, a Fraud, a Lie.

    Well, repeating it if you missed the pumpkin. Being a pumpkin. And obvious.

    Macron, NATO, and the Fate of the Empire part I

    Michael Reid

    @ Red

    These specific wind harvesting devices are best understood as
    wind driven DC power supplies with
    internal circuitry not typical of most turbines.

    The maximum voltage supplied by the device is 14.5 V

    My understanding is 14.5 V may be applied to a flooded battery bank forever
    without damage as long as water is added as required

    The device delivers at most 400 W,
    400 W / 14.5 V = 27.6 A at most


    @ germ
    “Gem”, the AI, I suspect, is in my computer and controlling/preventing/deleting my comment that it doesn’t like, before posting.
    Nobody is looking
    My observations of people walking by is that there are more people that seem to have trouble walking. (hip, knee, blood clots, pain)

    If there is an increase in D-Dimmer in blood test, it would indicate an increase in blood clots and all/most of the problems you are finding.
    MSM/NATO strongly opposes providing Kiev with cluster bombs. If Kiev uses cluster bombs, MSM will be/maybe, motivated tells the TRUTH about Neo-Nazi Ukraine/Kiev/NATO/USA War against Russia.


    @michael reid (from yesterday)

    I like to free the ideas from the letters….

    Trying to imagine what kind of society there would be if every business is suddenly closed overnight with the note on the door that says “Gone working on my dream plot of land”.
    It is nice what are you doing but don’t let sense of “personal freedom and independence” get into your head, coz that’s not the case at all..
    Isn’t it nice that stores that you must go to for supplies that you can not produce on your own are opened and the “less capable” clerks and who are “dumb enough not to have a piece of land”, are there for you?
    Larry Fink happen to have much larger chunk of real estate than you.He possess necessary psychopathic inner infrastructure for a such a task – thus “more capable” than you and even more “free-er”? At some point he may own the adjacent land to yours. In his zeal and desire to squire it he may become keenly interested as what is going on your plot. Remember.the “Law” is on his side, just in case. Would it be fine to have a hovering drones over your power plant given that they are sent by the man “more capable than you”?

    No Man is an Island



    The US is destroying NATO over the supply of cluster munitions for the Armed Forces by Lyubov Stepushova for Military Pravda.

    The list of disagreements is expanding, a split is planned in NATO

    Differences within NATO are widening on many other issues, including:


    @ Michael “My understanding is 14.5 V may be applied to a flooded battery bank forever
    without damage as long as water is added as required”

    Not so! It’s about accumulative amp hours over the duration of the charging cycle. A new day a new cycle. Check with your battery manufacturer for recommended charging capacity. My Batteries are Rolls 600s these are 200 amp hour capacity and I have 8 for a 48vdc configuration.
    The following link has a lot of info about battery maintenance you may already have something similar. https://rollsbattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Rolls_Battery_Manual.pdf


    Thinking of the effects of the underbrush on wind power generation…


    Ukraine is trying to reclaim Ukrainian regions where Ukrainians live. Naturally, they want to flood, bomb, shell, mine, and cluster munition their own Ukrainian people, totally unlike Saddam Hussein. No DUH, these are the very people they HATE

    Budweiser/CIA CEO says buy our beer or the blue collar delivery and brewing guys get it in the neck. Those same blue collar types the C suite HATES and are responding by not buying his product.

    Russia might retaliate proportionally to Europe or the US if NATO causes a reactor to melt down using their proxy? Big threat to the US leaders, who told their people: “Take this poison or we will make you unable to work so that you end up homeless and hopefully dead in a gutter” and succeeded in poisoning hundreds of millions. What’s the retaliation threat again? Something far less threatening than save and effective vaccination?

    The whole “parallel civilization” conspiracy theory picks up some steam in my head as I ponder things like these. A vast network of DUMBS stuffed with mines and factories and underground farms, meat-vats like in that one iteration of sid mier’s civilization perhaps, all the technology held back from us for the past 70 years, peopled by efficient obedient brainwashed nanotech-infused progeny of all the disappeared children from all those milk cartons in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s???

    If we aren’t their people and the stuff of this country isn’t the sum of their resources, where’s their population, resource, industry, and power base, if not us? Where is it??? In the #$%&ing hollow core of the Earth or what?


    @ Germ
    @ EoinW

    I am seeing it mostly 2nd hand, but some is first-hand:

    We suspect that some of my Aunt’s troubles that preceded her death were Covid vaxx related. She was institutionalized; had been for years. My young step-cousin (about 40 years old) nearly died of heart issues 10 days after his first mRNA jab. An adopted young cousin (in his 30s) developed cancer a while after Covid vaccination; he made a full recovery. My ex’s fiancée has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I do not know the time of diagnosis and whether it precedes or followed the Covid vaxx, (my kids don’t know specifics,) but my kids only mentioned it to me after she and their father had their Covid vaccinations, and she has noticeably deteriorate since then. A music student is vaxxed and has since had a prior chronic immune-related condition flare up repeatedly, and has been diagnosed with “long Covid.” One long-term client developed myocarditis and reduced kidney function after her first jab series— she has avoided the jabs ever since. Another long-term client had a “mini-stroke” about six months after her first jab series, and has been complaining of neuropathy during the past year. She does not attribute these issues to vaccination, blaming her advanced age instead (she is 90,) so she continues to get every booster on schedule. Another client developed blood clots in his legs a few months after vaccination; around the same time his wife developed some sort of swelling in her head (I don’t know the details on that one, but apparently it resolved.)

    Beyond that, the rest is second-hand. Another student who over the course of six months both her niece and mother died suddenly. At one open mic that I frequent, in the past 8 months four individuals have died suddenly. (All were advanced in age — so it could have been natural causes — but in a group where 80% are over age 60, there would usually be one or two deaths per year, and not suddenly, but after slow decline.). At another local open mic, last Wednesday was a tribute to a woman who had been a participant for 30 years, who had died recently — I don’t know the particulars of her death. Most of the deaths that I am aware of that may be vaccine related are not people I know personally.

    I have a medical office client. The primary doctor’s wife has been not-well since January 2020, or so. She had told me that she has believes it is “long Covid.” I don’t have enough data to really guess a what is going on, but I know that the entire office’s staff was vaccinated against Covid. Recently, I was told that her son (30s, I think?) has been doing poorly, a was diagnosed with Guillaine-Barre syndrome, and can no longer work in the office. I was told that he will likely have to apply for disability.

    I can’t stop people from taking this injected poison. I warned some close family and friends—but the only ones who listened were my parents—and I kept my kids free of it. So I just keep watching the slow-rolling tsunami.


    @ phoenixvoice

    You protected your children (and parents)
    You have fulfilled your duty as a parent (and an older child)
    Well done!


    *Régions* in France were a new thing in F (implemented by Hollande under pressure from the EU, re-grouping of some kind, other story), but a short descr. is necessary to follow on,

    > 13 Rs in France “Métropolitaine”, 5 overseas. (Map for kids, in F.)


    As for data, F keeps good, detailed records, and digests much of the info, via gvmt. experts, who write analyses, do the internet sites, précis, press releases, etc. It is sometimes impossible to get the raw data.

    Note, certain categories commonly used in data collection are verboten by law. E.g. ‘ethnicity’ / ‘race’.

    Just one Gvmt. detailed, official stats … showing excess deaths in the Régions in F.

    (Overseas territories I leave out.)

    Had high, to very high, excess deaths in 2020 (Covid), two peaks, March and then Nov, or only one of those,

    Auvergne Rhone Alpes — Grand Est

    Some excess deaths at either peaks but NOT exceeding previous high flu years

    Bourgone Franche Compté— Hauts de France

    No excess deaths whatsoever, or just mini ups for a v. short time,

    Bretagne— Normandie—Centre Val de Loire—Corse—Nouvelle Aquitaine—Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur—Occitanie

    The HUGE outlier, Ile de France => Paris, had unimaginable, staggering, excess deaths in March – April.


    To sum up, there was no pandemic. Several Regions in France were not affected at all, they applied the usual protocols > zero excess deaths.

    The plandemic (or panic-pandemic) was run from the Center, Paris is truly the heart of the Gvmt, the Elite, and the Oligarchs.. and med. authorities, hospitals, there, swept up ppl and (imho ..?) killed them.

    The Regions somewhat affected are close to the center, and ‘rich’, or > vulnerable to influence. (Imho) The periphery didn’t get too many phone calls, threats, so nothing happened there.

    All clear to see from publically available data which is presented by the Gvmt. itself, for anyone who cares to look.

    No media reports, no allowed opposition Pol Party (Mélenchon, Le Pen), no fringe oppo (Asselinau, for ex.) mentions this.


    Before the 2014 coup in Ukraine it was illegal to sell farmland to foreigners. That was obviously changed and Blackrock and others are taking advantage of this BUT what if these lands end up in Russian territory [or Polish or Hungarian]. Will they still own it?

    While I am sure all the loans to Ukraine are being put to good use [!?] who will pay it back? Not Russia! Also if Poland and Hungary do acquire their old territories then not them either.

    Michael Reid

    @ kultsommer

    That was me being high and attempting to say,
    I am trying to understand.

    I am preparing for survival in isolation.
    The culling and financial collapse I expect to intensify with time.


    @the wind farm mini-saga:

    It is my view that we are at a point where people must become self-sufficient again to survive the approaching ‘peeling’ that society will undergo as we are cut off from cheap imports of stuff. A scary parallel (maybe an impetus?) to the recent happenings is the novel The Peace War by Vernor Vinge. Proles are busted to very-low tech by the Peace Authority, who will destroy power generation over a certain capacity, will not allow certain kinds of tech to be researched, etc etc etc. The US fragments, with Cali in a long-term war with New Mex, other oddities.

    The building of wind/solar/water systems is a kind of preemptive sanction that forces the ‘import substitution’ required to survive without social structures. Despite building with modern materials and components that will likely be unavailable somewhat soon, the builders will learn things: new techniques, failings and shortcomings of components, non-electric machines for various tasks. ‘Lording it over the dumbs’ is really crass, kulto!!! Doing this kind of project is one of the most wholesome examples to be giving to your community.


    re: ‘Gem’ the ghost

    OT, and slightly humorous… Back in the ’90s, my boss, myself, many colleagues, and probably a good chunk of the computing community in general, had a theory. Micro$ponge had a hidden Windows service running on all machines called the ‘Competing Product Detector.’ It’s function was to determine if the machine was being used to compete with Micro$ponge in some way. If competition was detected, Gates sent out his minions to either buy, steal or destroy the entity viewed as competition.

    Carnage… Just… f#(<ing tragic carnage!


    Its coming ….Soon … already a sf prediction ….
    the ghost in you preprogrammed hardware.
    it will be futile to express opposition to the official narrative, by using your hardware/computer/smart phone/TV/radio/recorder/web/email
    (What did you think when you saw …”Updating in progress”
    What if they update, in the background, without telling you?)


    That explains it, then. Sorry for misunderstanding.
    Prepare. Easier said than done. Good luck to you.

    “Lording it over the dumbs’ is really crass, kulto!!! (?????) Doing this kind of project is one of the most wholesome examples to be giving to your community.”

    While Michael goes:
    “I am preparing for survival in isolation.”

    Make an effort to read first than comprehend the posts before smart-assing.


    Why are so many industries claiming “worker shortages”.
    Where/what happened to all the workers that were there before Covid19?
    Productions are still below 2019. Few are above pre- covid
    Why is Nobody looking …. because they suspect that GERM is right …. sick/disabled/dead



    If he intends to show his current community how they might survive in isolation, I find that quite nice. I suspect isolation will only last so long. There is reading, and there is digesting…

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