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Andy Warhol Shot Sage Blue Marilyn 1964 (must read article!)



An article at RT made me realize today – all the more- how out of touch with reality the “west” is. It talks about how Joe Biden warns Xi Jinping about economic consequences of China’s alliance with Russia. Thing is, that ship has long sailed. And Xi, even if he would have wanted to -there are no signs of that-, cannot turn it around, It has gained “momentum”.

And it’s “Joe Biden”s own doing. Xi and Putin would have happily continued using the USD in their international trade. But the sanctions made that impossible. And then it took off. From BRICS(+) to SCO to INSTC, various groups that had been formed, now found a reason to exist and flourish. And there’s nothing Xi can do to stop that process, even if he would want to. it’s bigger than him, and China. But even then, why would he?

Biden Told China’s Xi To ‘Be Careful’ After Putin Meeting

US President Joe Biden called on his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping ‘to be careful’ after Xi visited Moscow back in March, the American leader has told CNN. In extracts from the interview released on Saturday, Biden said he had highlighted what he called the Asian giant’s dependence on European and US investments.“I said: This is not a threat. This is an observation,” Biden told CNN. “Since Russia went into Ukraine, 600 American corporations have pulled out of Russia. And you have told me that your economy depends on investment from Europe and the United States. And be careful. Be careful,” he added.

Following their Moscow talks, Putin and Xi signed documents on deepening the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership and economic cooperation. Both governments emphasized their readiness to work towards a trade volume of $200 billion or higher, with national currencies increasingly being used in a bid to de-dollarize trade. The conflict in Ukraine was discussed during the Moscow visit as well, with China maintaining its neutral position. Beijing has repeatedly criticized the West’s “abuse” of unilateral economic sanctions and has made efforts toward a peaceful resolution in Ukraine, proposing a twelve-point peace plan. In May, a Chinese special envoy visited several countries, including Russia and Ukraine, in an effort to broker an end to the conflict.

Biden’s CNN interview comes as US relations with China are far from calm, with Taiwan and security concerns in the Asia-Pacific region among the key issues exacerbating strained ties. President Biden himself provoked a diplomatic incident in June, when he called his Chinese counterpart a “dictator” during a speech. While the US president dismissed concerns that his comment could hinder efforts to improve relations, the Chinese embassy issued a formal protest in response, and foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning denounced the remark as an “open political provocation.”

It makes no difference anymore what Biden, or any American/western person says. The sanctions have introduced the rest of the world to a feeling, a system, of freedom. And not even Xi can halt that. He could hinder it a bit, sure, but why would he? If the “global globe” can’t use the yuan in trade, they’ll switch to the rupee, which India has loudly announced as being ready for the role. Or the new gold backed currency BRICS/SCO is touting.

Whichever choice they arrive upon, Biden threatening Xi can only backfire. China already has a huge part of the world population, BRICS/SCO is much bigger than that, in many ways. And they sense/smell freedom. Xi would be crazy to move against that. And why would he? Because Biden threatens to take away some exports from him?

Xi doesn’t need the US or EU. He knows that because the “collective west’s” anti-Russia sanctions have only made Russia stronger. And the “collective west” is incapable of beating Russia on the battlefield. So what does Xi have to fear?

We live in a new world, a greatly changed one. The last place where you would find out about that is the west, where we live. Where all media and politicians carry on as if nothing has changed. We can’t know the truth about Trump, or about Covid, or about Ukraine, and now we can’t know how our position has changed in global power politics. They want us to believe we’re still no. 1. Well, they are not, and we are not. Get used to it. Get used to being one power in a world with multiple powers. Multipolar.

We cannot fight the global momentum we ourselves unleashed.




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    Andy Warhol Shot Sage Blue Marilyn 1964 (must read article!)     An article at RT made me realize today – all the more- how out of touch wit
    [See the full post at: Momentum]

    D Benton Smith

    We live in a new world, a greatly changed one. The last place where you would find out about that is the west, where we live. Where all media and politicians carry on as if nothing has changed. We can’t know the truth about Trump, or about Covid, or about Ukraine, and now we can’t know how our position has changed in global power politics.”

    Well, like the old saying goes, “The boy friend is always the last one to find out.”

    John Day

    A friend sent me this,and I’m forwarding it to celticbiker:

    As the latest cosmic string iteration of empire, the United States suffers from the same pathologies as its predecessors, only more so. Once the hyper-capitalist Anglo-Saxon US republic transitioned into the hyper-capitalist US Anglo-Saxon empire (Monroe Doctrine?), Talmudic empire became possible, and later inevitable. Like Philip K. Dick repeated throughout his “Valis” novel, “The Empire Never Ended.”

    Before I continue, a quick disclaimer. I’m not indiscriminately Jew-bashing. I dig right-on Jews. Some of the leading opponents of Rothschild Zionism are Jews. “Little Jews” need to wake up to the “Big Jew” agenda. The “pogrom” program is an integral closing component of “Big Jewry’s “bleed the host” business model. It’s great to be a Jew- until it’s not. “The Synagogue of Satan” empowers itself by using “little Jew” destruction karma. After 109 “pogrom” programs, international Jewish finance stands stronger than ever. End-stage “controlled scarcity” capitalism eventually devours everyone below the oligarchs and their managerial class. To simply focus on Jews without evaluating the entrenched systems misses the point. The Jewish crime families who control global finance don’t need physical “Jews” to run the rigged automated “Wall Street” program or biometric ID surveillance state. They can just as easily insert Brahmin tech scribes, blueblood WASPs, or woke Latinas into the peacock cog positions. Unless you live “under the dome” or escape (where?), you’re either getting slow-cooked into a hot frog slushie or thrown into a fast-track collapse ultra-violence sex-death cult orgy.

    While the Jewish mafia banking families seized control of the US financial system in 1913, I don’t think America officially became a full-spectrum Talmudic empire until 9/11.


    out of touch with reality.
    Help is coming.
    Follow the bouncing ball

    1. MSM/NATO strongly opposes providing Kiev with cluster bombs,
    2. Kiev uses cluster bombs
    3. MSM tells the TRUTH about neo-nazi Ukraine/Kiev/NATO/USA war
    4. NATO stops sending aid to Ukraine
    5. PEACE overcomes Hate/racism/white supremacism
    “Bing” must be interfering with my posting to TAE


    YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech To Parliament

    SATURDAY, JUL 08, 2023 – 07:20 PM
    Authored by Rebekah Barnett via The Brownstone Institute,
    He said that ivermectin, a drug that won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine, was disingenuously smeared as a horse dewormer. He noted the financial incentives for suppressing ivermectin as a potential treatment for Covid, despite researchers around the world testifying to its efficacy.

    He said that there have been over 137,000 adverse events reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration following Covid vaccination, and that many drugs have been pulled from the market for far less than this.

    Agree or disagree as you please, but all these claims are evidence-based. As a friend of mine said when disagreeing with my insistence, in late 2021, that the vaccines would not be effective in preventing/reducing transmission, “We believe different scientists.”


    Okay, so Biden says Xi should help defeat Russia so the US can concentrate on disrupting China!!!

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