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Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the late penitents 1868


Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane” (Sp.)
NATO’s Strategy on Ukraine Failed – Former Italian PM Conte (Sp.)
Zelensky Aide Confirms ‘Secret’ Meetings With NATO Brass (Sp.)
Realistically, How Strong Is America? (Paul Craig Roberts)
Trump: The Leader of a Faction or a Party? (McCotter)
Yes, Trump was Seeking Another Recount or Investigation in Georgia (Turley)
Trump Mugshot Proves Fundraiser Miracle – Politico (RT)
BRICS Nations Just Want What Is Theirs (Ullekh NP)
‘Welcome to the BRICS 11’ (Pepe Escobar)
Gold Will Destroy The Keynesian Fallacies (Barron)
Do Clintons Seek to Steal Thunder From Team Biden & Cash in on Ukraine? (Sp.)
Hundreds of US Airline Pilots Suspected of Being Unfit to Fly (Sp.)

















Abraham Lincoln looking out over the March on Washington – 60 years ago this weekend.





Good speech. Makes Tucker 2028 feel closer.

BTW: why did the US make a gay human rights lawyer ambassador to Hungary? To provoke perhaps?

Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane” (Sp.)

Tucker Carlson did not mince words as he ripped into US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman during an event in Budapest, calling the diplomat a “creep” that needs to be fired for actions “so far from the norms of diplomacy.” The former Fox News host said he felt compelled to apologize for how Washington was “harassing” the country led by the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “The world is realigning at high speed, and turning against the United States. But the Biden Administration is spending its time harassing one of our last sincere allies in Europe, Hungary, for the crime of being too Christian,” said Carlson at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Feszt After event at Millenáris Park in Budapest. Hungary has been tightening laws targeting LGBT propaganda under Viktor Orban, who has been in power since 2010.

At present, same-sex couples are legally barred from adopting children, and gender change is also prohibited by law. David Pressman, America’s ambassador to Hungary, is a gay human rights lawyer who took up the position in September 2022. The California-born former aide to then-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has frequently mounted open criticism of the Hungarian government, under Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Earlier this year Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto lashed out at Pressman, saying that he had no business interfering in Hungary’s domestic affairs. During his speech in Budapest, Tucker Carlson made the emphatic argument that Pressman, a “political activist and Biden-donor,” was working on behalf of “special interests”, rather than the American people,” and not focusing on building stronger relations with Budapest.

“For a creep like David Pressman . . . to show up in your country and lecture you about your culture – and threaten you because you do things differently from the way they do things where he lives – hurts the United States and is a grave embarrassment to me as an American and an outrage to me as someone who pays his salary… It’s disgusting,” said Carlson. The entire premise behind “diplomacy” is that countries are different, said Carlson, himself the son of a diplomat. Accordingly, an envoy should not “hector other nations,” or “show up in somebody else’s country and scream at them because they’re different from you.” The political pundit added, in referense to David Pressman, that he was “embarrassed that I share a country of birth with a man, with a villain like this. It’s horrifying.”

According to Carlson, every time he visited Hungary, it reminded him of America back in 1980s, or as he remembered it from his early youth. However, critics in the West were trying to paint Hungary as a “rogue” state for adhering to its own strong Christian values and refusing to allow foreign envoys to tell telling Hungarians how to live. As Carlson accused Washington of demanding that Hungarians “worship transvestites,” and denounced this as as a case of a “foreign power pushing its weird boutique religion on you, and it’s wrong,” he presumed to give Hungarians some advice: “Just wait it out. The United States is in a place now where this is not sustainable. You can’t run a global empire on the imposition of boutique sexual politics on countries that don’t want them.”

Weighing in on the current policy of the United States, Tucker Carlson claimed that the people who run his country are “dangerous and Insane”. “They hate Hungary, and they hate it not because of what it’s done but because of what it is. It’s a Christian country, and they hate that. That is enough to incite our policymakers in the United States. That’s exactly why they hate Russia, by the way.” “People running the United States are no longer even pretending to offer a better life to the people who love there,” stated Carlson. As for the media landscape, there is no “diversity.” And why is this the case? “Because they are lying to you,” said Carlson, adding: “Anyone who doesn’t lie is punished and pushed off the stage.”

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“..the Ukraine conflict has “exposed the European Union’s inability to develop an effective common strategy..”

Because the EU has no leadership. People like Ursula and Borrell are not leaders.

NATO’s Strategy on Ukraine Failed – Former Italian PM Conte (Sp.)

“The strategy pursued so far in NATO, based on constant military supplies to Ukraine and the escalation logic, has not resulted in the desired military defeat of Russia. Quite the opposite. There was no defeat of the Russian army in Bakhmut [Artemovsk], no disintegration of its military units, no retreat during the Ukrainian counteroffensive,” Conte said on social media on Saturday. The economic sanctions imposed on Russia “did not lead to its bankruptcy and did not undermine its economy,” he added, noting that the possibility of internal destabilization in Russia had collapsed “in the face of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s strengthening leadership and growing domestic consensus,” and that Western policies had not led to Russia’s isolation.

“The isolation of Russia has by no means become a reality. On the contrary. The 15th summit of the BRICS group, led by Russia and China, has just wrapped up, with the concrete prospect of its further expansion in 2024, which will cover 45% of the world’s population and 38.2% of global GDP,” Conte said. In his opinion, the Ukraine conflict has “exposed the European Union’s inability to develop an effective common strategy and to exercise independent political and economic leadership,” he noted, adding that, in his opinion, the European leaders were subordinate to the United States. Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 in response to calls by the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk for protection from Ukrainian troops. Since then, the EU imposed 11 packages of sanctions against Russia, and have been supplying Ukraine with arms.

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“..calling the crisis a proxy war “denies Ukraine agency.”

Zelensky Aide Confirms ‘Secret’ Meetings With NATO Brass (Sp.)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov first characterized the Ukrainian crisis as a NATO “proxy war” against Russia in April 2022. The US and its allies vocally rejected the characterization. But a series of Pentagon leaks, combined with statements made by Ukrainian officials themselves, have served to confirm the validity of Lavrov’s assessment. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s top advisor has confirmed that a “secret meeting” recently took place between Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi, other Ukrainian generals, and NATO top brass on the Polish-Ukrainian border. “There are a lot of meetings like that,” presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak said in an interview with Ukrainian television on Saturday. “Actually, Zaluzhnyi actively communicates with representatives of the ministries of defense and general staffs of our partners almost every day.”

“The General Staff is constantly making adjustments, depending on what is happening on the front line,” Podolyak added. “Obviously, these adjustments are always being discussed with our partners in order to actualize the deliveries” of additional weapons, including long-range missiles, armored vehicles, and air defense systems. The Zelensky aide also revealed that the NATO defense officials Zaluzhnyi most often communicates with are the Americans and the British, since “they know and understand better than others what is happening at the front.” Podolyak’s remarks confirm recent reports in US and UK media that the Ukrainian top commander and other Ukrainian top brass had met with Pentagon Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Christopher Cavoli, and British Chief of Defense Staff Tony Radakin to push for a change in strategy in Ukraine’s faltering counteroffensive.

Zaluzhnyi was said to have verbally agreed with the “advice” of his NATO counterparts. The Biden administration, the US’ European allies, and Western media have adamantly refused to call the Ukraine conflict a “proxy war” between NATO and Russia, claiming the West’s only role is to “support the Ukrainian people as they defend their country,” and that calling the crisis a proxy war “denies Ukraine agency.” However, the extent of NATO support, including nearly $100 billion in military equipment, intelligence, and other aid, combined with the April 2022 US/UK move to sabotage Russian-Ukrainian peace talks, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin’s admission that Washington’s goal in Ukraine was to “weaken” Russia, and NATO’s longstanding efforts to incorporate Kiev into the Western military bloc, suggest otherwise.

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“..the United States might be the least safe place on earth for white people, even less safe than South Africa and Zimbabwe..”

Realistically, How Strong Is America? (Paul Craig Roberts)

America’s weakness is overlooked by investment analysts. Having offshored manufacturing, the US is import-dependent, and having weaponized the dollar Washington is causing foreign central banks to stop holding dollars as reserves. The consequence is that the US has a rising issuance of debt to finance trade and budget deficits, but a declining supply of customers for that debt. Either the Federal Reserve has to monetize the debt or interest rates will rise. Note also that it appears there will be in about 4 months a large expansion of BRICS. Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have been invited to join. I assume the Russians have the diplomatic sense not to invite someone unless they know they will accept. Otherwise, Russia will have set herself up for the Western media headline, “Country X refuses Russia’s invitation.”

In a slap down of Washington signifying the termination of the petrodollar, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said, “the special, strategic relations with the BRICS nations promotes common principles, most importantly the firm belief in the principle of respect for sovereignty, independence and non-interference in internal affairs.” BRICS expansion will make the two largest South American countries members, and with the Saudis, Iranians, and UAE almost the entirety of Middle East oil goes into the Russian organization, which with Russia’s oil is essentially the world’s oil supply, and Egypt sits on the Suez Canal. China and India, the largest part of Asia, are already members. This suggests to me that the US dollar is headed for trouble and will need interest rate support.

If the dollar loses exchange value, the cost of imports will drive US inflation considerably higher. The worst inflations are always caused by currency decline. Gold investments make a lot of sense for Americans assuming that the criminals in Washington who are ruling us don’t confiscate them. Keep in mind also that the indictments of Trump are completely phony. If white-hating black Democrat prosecutors and white-hating black Democrat juries convict Trump of these phony charges, political upheaval could result. If the Americans simply accept the false conviction of an American president, they will fall into tyranny and no asset will be safe. The real American situation could be very different from what Wall Street thinks.

Dollar problems could make the US an unsafe investment climate, and if we take account of the extreme efforts of the Biden regime, American universities, public school boards, and Woke media and corporations, such as Disney, BlackRock, Starbucks, and Budweiser, to demonize white Americans and infuse white American children with racial guilt, the United States might be the least safe place on earth for white people, even less safe than South Africa and Zimbabwe. Indeed, it seems some American cities already are. It is not only that white confidence and white lives are at risk. So are Americans’ civil liberty. American law schools are in the hands of Woke ideologues who want “to reclaim America from constitutionalism.” Law schools such as Harvard and Yale teach that the US Constitution is undemocratic and racist and should be abandoned. Under the Woke regime the law schools and New York Times intend to impose, only the Woke and “official victims” would have rights. None of this reality is part of Wall Street’s world or stock and bond market valuations.

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No, Trump will not vow to endorse Asa Hutchinson or Chris Christie. It’s about credibility.

Trump: The Leader of a Faction or a Party? (McCotter)

[..] former president Donald Trump has declined to sign the Republican National Committee’s colloquially termed “Beat Biden pledge.” The pledge would commit Mr. Trump to endorse the ultimate GOP 2024 presidential nominee. Signing the pledge also is required to participate in the GOP’s presidential debates. This is likely not a factor in Mr. Trump’s decision, as he has announced he will eschew the first debate. What, then, are some factors in Mr. Trump’s thinking? Per the New York Post: “I wouldn’t sign the pledge. Why would I sign a pledge? There are people on there that I wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have certain people as, you know, somebody that I’d endorse,” Trump, 77, told Newsmax host Eric Bolling during an interview. “I can name three or four people that I wouldn’t support for president. So right there, there’s a problem,” Trump said of the Republican National Committee’s loyalty pledge requirement.

Presently, Mr. Trump holds a significant lead over his GOP rivals for the presidential nomination. If his lead holds and Mr. Trump wins the GOP nomination, his signing the “Beat Biden pledge” would put his opponents on the defensive. It would make it harder, though not impossible, for them to renege on their pledged support for Mr. Trump in the general election campaign. So, why did he not sign? Again, the RNC requires Mr. Trump’s GOP rivals to commit to endorsing the 2024 nominee to participate in the debates. Consequently, if Mr. Trump’s wins, everyone on the stage in Milwaukee has already committed to supporting him. Declining to be in the debate, Mr. Trump has no need to sign the pledge for that purpose. In fact, in expressing his refusal to sign the pledge, he has another opportunity to trash his GOP rivals as being unworthy of the debate. (And, in refraining from naming the “three or four” rivals he would not support, he casts all his rival under suspicion).

One would think this is political deftness. One would be mistaken. While Mr. Trump has a lead in a primary election – a segment of a segment of the overall electorate – he is in deep trouble in a general election. Again, per the New York Post, an AP-NORC Center survey found that 53% of Americans say they will “definitely not” vote for Mr. Trump, and 11% more say they “probably will not” vote for Mr. Trump. In sum, then, Mr. Trump should be leveraging his large primary lead not to denigrate and humiliate his GOP rivals, but rather to unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy. This is a point not lost upon the more politically savvy of his supporters. “There isn’t a real Republican Primary as President Trump continues to dominate the GOP primary in both national polls and early-state polls,” Republican House Conference Chair, Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), told Breitbart News. “All patriots should and must rally behind President Trump’s campaign to Save America and defeat the corrupt Deep State.”

True, to a point. While Mr. Trump has a large lead over each of his individual GOP opponents, the combined opposition to him is around 40%. As his rivals drop out, their voters are unlikely to go to Mr. Trump. Instead, they will go to other candidates until one challenger is left standing. This would be Mr. Trump’s nightmare scenario: one GOP rival left, who has garnered all the anti-Trump party support; and, should Mr. Biden not be the Democrat nominee, all bets could be off for Mr. Trump. Obviously, Mr. Trump wants to avoid this scenario. Further, as do all candidates, he wants to sew up the primary as soon as possible to stanch the loss of precious campaign resources in a drawn out primary. Nonetheless, presently the GOP is far from united behind Mr. Trump; and there is little to suggest this is going to change any time soon.

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And that’s not illegal.

Yes, Trump was Seeking Another Recount or Investigation in Georgia (Turley)

First, a brief reminder of what “the call” is. This was not some back-room, smoke-filled political wheel-and-deal call. It was similar to a settlement discussion between largely antagonistic figures and their opposing teams. State officials and the Trump team were seeing if they could resolve their differences without further litigation. The Trump team wanted a new statewide recount. Trump had lost the state by less than 12,000 votes and was making the case that he could still show that he had won the state. He stated, “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.” If you are going to argue for another recount or continued investigation, the obvious argument is that it would not take statistically many votes to make a difference.

I have long disagreed with Trump over his claim of systemic voting fraud. I criticized Trump’s Jan. 6 speech while he was giving it. I supported Vice President Mike Pence and his certification of the election of Joe Biden. I have also regularly criticized Trump when I felt that such criticism was warranted. This does not change my view of whether the call is compelling evidence of a crime. When the Washington Post first reported this call, I posted a critical tweet based on its initial, erroneous account that Trump had ordered Georgia officials to just “find” the needed votes. I noted that such a demand would be breathtaking and further noted that, even if they did so, it would not stop Biden from winning the presidency. But a few hours later, the actual transcript of the call was released, showing a strikingly different context for the “find” comment than the Post had reported.

Trump was clearly referring to his objective in finding votes and the threshold he needed to meet. That is a predictable argument for a candidate in pushing for a continued investigation. The Post also ran a misleading story on a separate, related call that left the same false impression. By the initial account, Trump had supposedly told investigator Frances Watson to “find the fraud” and promised that she would be “a national hero.” In fact, Trump had stated that, if the officials did a neutral investigation, “you’re going to find things” including “dishonesty.” The Post had to issue a correction at the top of this second story after the Wall Street Journal found a recording of the call. “The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source,” the paper acknowledged.

Phillip Bump’s recent Washington Post column continues to cite the paper’s original, skewed account of that call in order to criticize my commentary on it. Yet even in doing so, Bump inadvertently demonstrates the danger of using this call to prosecute Trump. As a threshold matter, Bump suggests (and many have repeated) that Trump was not seeking another recount because the recount had already occurred and Trump never uses the word “recount” in the first call. The argument shows the lack of good faith in the criticism. Obviously, Trump was seeking another recount or investigation. We all know that Georgia completed the recount. I wrote about it at the time and considered that recount to end reasonable doubts over the election. Trump, however, was making the case for another investigation or recount. That was the subject of the call. He wanted the state to take another look. That is further born out in the second call when he again asks them to take another look.

Trump’s demand is as simple and obvious as it was wrong. He wanted to maintain a challenge to the election in the courts and in Congress. Just a couple days after the election, I wrote a column predicted this strategy based on what the Democrats had done in prior years. I called it the Death Star strategy. To make it work, Trump needed to find evidence of fraud and delay or undermine state certifications. A new recount or continued investigation would achieve that purpose.

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“..make a contribution to evict Crooked Joe Biden from the White House and SAVE AMERICA during this dark chapter in our nation’s history.”

Trump Mugshot Proves Fundraiser Miracle – Politico (RT)

Donald Trump’s recent mugshot, which has already become iconic among his supporters, has also helped his campaign raise a record-breaking sum, according to Politico. The Republican frontrunner faces a plethora of charges and turned himself in at the Fulton County jail in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday. On Saturday, the outlet reported that the former president had raised some $7.1 million since he had the photo taken by authorities. Politico quoted an anonymous source as saying that Trump’s campaign raked in $4.18 million on Friday alone – its single-highest 24-hour take to date. Shortly after the Fulton County’s Sheriff’s Office released the mugshot, the former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., announced that he had launched a line of merchandise bearing the image and the tagline “NEVER SURRENDER!”.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), he said that all proceeds from the sale of T-shirts, mugs, and posters would go to the Legal Defense Fund “to fight the tyranny & insanity we’re seeing before us.” On Thursday night, the Republican frontrunner posted a tweet of his own on X – his first since 2021 – directing supporters to his website. Its landing page features the mugshot and asks visitors to “make a contribution to evict Crooked Joe Biden from the White House and SAVE AMERICA during this dark chapter in our nation’s history.” After being booked on multiple charges relating to his alleged attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election, he was then released on a $200,000 bond. Trump is the first former or sitting US president to have a police mugshot taken of himself.

Earlier this month, Fulton district attorney Fani Willis unsealed a 41-count indictment against the former president and 18 of his associates. Trump stands accused of violating Georgia’s organized crime laws, as well as conspiracy to interfere in an election, perjury, soliciting a public official to violate their oath, and other offenses. This is the fourth criminal indictment the 45th US president has faced since the start of the year. Federal prosecutors have already slapped him with dozens of felony counts, alleging he plotted to interfere in the 2020 elections, mishandled classified documents after leaving the White House in 2021, and paid hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels during his 2016 election campaign. Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and described the charges as a politically motivated witch hunt designed to prevent him from running for president in 2024.

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“By Ullekh NP, a writer, journalist, and political commentator based in New Delhi. He is the executive editor of the newsweekly Open and author of three nonfiction books: War Room: The People, Tactics and Technology Behind Narendra Modi’s 2014 Win; The Untold Vajpayee: Politician and Paradox; and Kannur: Inside India’s Bloodiest Revenge Politics.”

BRICS Nations Just Want What Is Theirs (Ullekh NP)

The BRICS nations, which had either rung out old monarchies or liberated themselves from colonial oppression, had long craved decolonization, but the US and its allies used every pretext to delay this overdue process. In the meantime, there were efforts such as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that demonstrated the passion of multiple countries to break out of the clutches of American-centric global institutions, especially financial institutions, which had become instruments zealously used by the US and certain former colonial powers to control the resources of other countries. Any bid to question the hegemony of these global power structures was considered blasphemy, and the Western mainstream media promptly denounced any alternatives to the economic order of the day as non-starters or damp squib.

At the same time, they kept silent on the aspirations of the countries that had fought colonial and expansionist powers tooth and nail in the first half of the century to rewrite world history. The inclusion of six new members to BRICS at the recently concluded Johannesburg summit attracted international attention, but the highlight of the discourse so far has been pessimism about the grouping’s potential success. True, BRICS, or BRICS+ now thanks to its expansion, has not outlined alternative institutions it is planning to build. Neither is it an ideologically aligned entity like the G7. Nor has this grouping, which has been meeting annually on a rotational basis under the chairmanship of its member countries since 2014, chalked out any common aims in foreign policy – in fact, they do not have much in common except that they are aggrieved at being unfairly treated by the West and its satellite institutions since the end of World War II.

What BRICS has is a bank it created in 2015 called the New Development Bank (NDB), formerly known as the BRICS Development Bank, with the aim of “mobilizing resources for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in emerging markets and developing countries.” But it is still at an early stage. So, what else does it have, Western commentators ask, some terming the summit “semi-farcical” and “meaningless.” It’s simple. These countries don’t want to be denied certain advantages that they are entitled to in the age of globalization. The times they are a-changin’, as Bob Dylan sang. The commentariat who see trade alone as the focus of BRICS+ must look at the political fragmentation taking place in the world where each country – from Asia to Latin America to Africa – is standing up to protect its own interests instead of remaining loyally aligned to blocs, no questions asked.

[..] … even the most neocon commentators who are silent on the splits within G7 cannot deny that the best days of the US economy are over and that the world order is shifting eastward. At this moment, there will always be desperate measures on the part of the existing hegemon to fight back inevitable change, perhaps through confrontation or through cooperation. Many economists hope that the countries in the Global South, those long denigrated, will have a greater reason than now to stick together. It is in that context that BRICS+ acquires a halo.

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Pepe reworks an earlier article. The Cradle adds graphs. Check the difference in debt.

‘Welcome to the BRICS 11’ (Pepe Escobar)

The road leading to BRICS 11, during the two days of discussions in Johannesburg, was hard and bumpy, as admitted by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. The final result turned out to be a prodigy of trans-continental inclusion. West Asia was aggregated in full force. The Arab world has three full members, as much as Africa. And Brazil strategically lobbied to incorporate troubled Argentina. The global GDP-purchasing power parity (PPP) of BRICS 11, as it stands, is now 36 percent (already larger than the G7), and the institution now encompasses 47 percent of the world’s population. Even more than a geopolitical and geoeconomic breakthrough, BRICS 11 really breaks the bank on the energy front. By signing up Tehran, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, BRICS 11 instantly becomes an oil and gas powerhouse, controlling 39 percent of global oil exports, 45.9 percent of proven reserves and 47.6 percent of all oil produced globally, according to InfoTEK. A direct BRICS 11-OPEC+ symbiosis is inevitable (under Russia-Saudi Arabia leadership), not to mention OPEC itself.

Translation: The collective west may soon lose its power to control global oil prices, and subsequently, the means to enforce its unilateral sanctions. A Saudi Arabia directly aligned with Russia-China-India-Iran offers a stunning counterpoint to the US-engineered oil crisis in the early 1970s, when Riyadh started wallowing in petrodollars. That represents the next stage of the Russian-initiated and Chinese-finalized rapprochement between Riyadh and Tehran, recently sealed in Beijing. And that’s exactly what the Russia-China strategic leadership always had in mind. This particular diplomatic masterstroke is rife with meaningful details: BRICS 11 enters the fray on the exact same day, January 1, 2024, when Russia assumes the annual presidency of BRICS.

Putin announced that the BRICS 11 summit next year will take place in Kazan, the capital city of Russia’s Tatarstan, which will be yet another blow to the west’s irrational, isolation-and-sanctions policies. Next January, expect further integration of the Global South/Global Majority/Global Globe, including even more radical decisions, conducted by the sanctioned-to-oblivion Russian economy – now, incidentally, the 5th largest in the world by a PPP of over $5 trillion. The G7, for all practical purposes, has now entered an Intensive Care Unit. The G20 may be next. The new “Global Globe” G20 may be the BRICS 11 – and later on the BRICS 20 or even BRICS 40. By then, the petrodollar will also be on life support in the ICU.

[..] Putin went so far as to publicly call on all BRICS 11 to abandon the US dollar and expand trade settlements in national currencies – stressing that BRICS “oppose hegemonies of any kind” and “the exceptional status that some countries aspire to,” not to mention “a policy of continued neo-colonialism.” Importantly, as much as the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is celebrating its 10th anniversary next month, Putin drove home the necessity to: “…establish a permanent BRICS transport commission, which would deal not only with the North-South project [referring to the INTSC transportation corridor, whose key BRICS members are Russia, Iran and India], but also on a broader scale with the development of logistics and transport corridors, interregional and global.”

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The BRICS must use gold.

Gold Will Destroy The Keynesian Fallacies (Barron)

Introducing gold into the trading system will expose the main fallacy of Keynesian economics; i.e., the elevation of aggregate demand to prominence in a nation’s economy rather than production. Keynes shunned Say’s Law of Markets in his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in order to hide his theory’s internal contradictions. As put succinctly by Emile Woolf, “Keynes endows the concept of ‘aggregate demand’ with god-like status while disregarding ‘production’-the only means of satisfying it.” Jean-Baptiste Say shows that production is required in order to enjoy the benefits of consumption.

On the face of it, it is hard to believe that anyone would believe that production either isn’t required for consumption or that it magically appears. Yet, this rather upside down theory appealed to politicians for obvious reasons; i.e., it gave them carte blanche to spend, all with money created out of thin air by the central bank. Rather than economize and prioritize spending that was absolutely necessary for the benefit of the entire nation, politicians were told by Keynes that it was their duty to spend if only to pay people to dig holes and others to fill them up.

The new international trade settlement system will require settlement in gold. A possible mechanism has been outlined by Alasdair Macleod of The benefits of the new system will become obvious to every nation, not just the current BRICS members. The political benefits are that no one nation can control or manipulate the system for its unearned benefit. The economic benefits are that government spending will be minimized so that resources can be allocated to production rather than state aggrandizement. A member can expand imports only by expanding exports. This puts market pressure on member governments to reform their internal economies in order to increase production. To artificially increasing demand, per Keynesian orthodoxy, would be counterproductive, because gold would drain from the nation’s gold settlement account and imports would be suspended.

Therefore, the system encourages sound economic practices within its members’ individual economies. Printing money, excessive and unnecessary regulations, excessive taxation, and excessive government spending do nothing to aid a member’s ability to engage in trade. Nations like the US who have huge welfare obligations and who have politically connected industries that do not add to the nation’s capital base will struggle. Having lots of nuclear weapons will be irrelevant and having bases around the world will be liabilities rather than assets. An important point made by Macleod is that over time the gold settlement system for international trade will expand into members’ internal monetary systems. In other words, fiat currencies, which can be inflated/debased by governments, will be thrown on the ash heap of history. They will become “barbarous relics” instead of gold, as Keynes predicted in 1924.

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Haiti 2.0 or the White House?

Do Clintons Seek to Steal Thunder From Team Biden & Cash in on Ukraine? (Sp.)

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) gathering scheduled for September is expected to bring together corporate leaders, Hollywood stars, and other celebrities with the aim to “address climate change, health care issues, gender-based violence, the war in Ukraine and a host of other issues.” The timing of the Clintons’ September gathering hints at two probabilities: first, they are showcasing their talents just as Democrats need to find viable candidates to replace Biden; second, they may be salivating over a potentially mammoth rebuilding package in Ukraine, as Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik. What is the Clinton Global Initiative? In March 2022, the Clintons revived the CGI, which has long been suspected of being a vehicle for “pay-to-play” schemes by Bill and Hillary Clinton and personal enrichment of the political dynasty.

“For decades, the elder Clintons have not been able to resist milking purported charities for personal and political gain. A vivid example – ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ – was born in 2004 just around the time the Little Rock Presidential Center was opened to the public,” Ortel, who has been investigating the Clintons’ charities for around eight years, told Sputnik. “The initial concept of having a grand, closed to the public, confab in New York, around the time of the UN Annual Meeting was actually inspired in principle, but grievously flawed in practice. Gathering globalists around world leaders and glitterati might have given rise to great philanthropy, had the Clintons and their advisors bothered to follow the laws and regulations in New York state and city pertaining to charities and to soliciting donations, but the parent Clinton Foundation and CGI thumbed their noses at these strict rules.”

In his articles and interviews with various media outlets, Ortel has repeatedly drawn attention to obvious discrepancies in founding documents and financial records of the Clinton Foundation and its numerous offshoots. Per the Wall Street analyst, the Clintons were not just cutting corners: these errors and omissions could hint at nothing short of fraud and influence peddling by the famous political dynasty. Remarkably, two forensic investigators-turned-whistleblowers, John Moynihan and Larry Doyle, who have been carrying out their own inquiry into the Clinton Foundation in parallel with Ortel, came to similar conclusions. On December 13, 2018, Doyle and Moynihan testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, suggesting that the Clinton Foundation owes the US government between $400 million and $2.5 billion in taxes.

According to the forensic investigators, the charity does not operate as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, but acts as a foreign agent. As such, the foundation should have registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act), which it never did. Both Ortel and the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers Doyle and Moynihan suspect the Clintons of engaging in a pay-to-play game with foreign governments and tycoons, something which the Biden family has also been accused of by GOP congressional investigators. “When you check public filings in New York state, you will see that neither the parent nor CGI bothered to register using legal or ‘doing business as’ names by 2005, validly explaining the tax-exempt purposes or results of CGI,” said Ortel. “Yet, tens of millions of dollars were raised for CGI for meetings in 2005 through 2008, including one in Hong Kong in 2008, just after Barack Obama’s selection of Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State.

[..] “Then, in 2009, Bill Clinton and his advisors allowed a false and materially misleading application for tax exemption to be filed with the IRS for ‘Clinton Global Initiative, Inc.’ Unlike filings by conservatives before Lois Lerner’s IRS Department, the CGI filing, utterly false as it was, sailed through with swift approval,” the Wall Street analyst continued. Ortel highlighted that during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state and through the 2015/2016 election cycle, “CGI went from strength to strength.” However, when Hillary lost the presidential race, support for CGI and for the parent and affiliates dried up, the analyst noted. “Now, with Biden stumbling and in deep trouble for much smaller pay to play schemes, the Clintons seem to be showcasing their talents just as Democrats need to find viable candidates to replace Biden and his inept Vice President [Kamala Harris],” said Ortel.

Read more …

Even before mentioning vaccine injuries.

Hundreds of US Airline Pilots Suspected of Being Unfit to Fly (Sp.)

About 600 US pilots licensed to operate passenger flights are under investigation for lying about their medical records, US press reported Sunday, citing officials and internal records. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been looking into 4,800 former military veterans turned airline and commercial pilots who might have submitted “incorrect or false information” as part of their medical applications, FAA spokesman Matthew Lehner admitted in a comment to the daily. The pilots were red-flagged after investigators at the Department of Veterans Affairs cross-checked federal databases to discover aviators who were receiving veteran benefits for mental health disorders and other serious conditions, while hiding their true medical history from the FAA in order to continue flying.

While the FAA relies on screening to identify safety risks, the tests are often cursory and pilots are expected to self-report conditions that can otherwise be difficult to detect, such as depression or post-traumatic stress, The Washington Post cited physicians who conduct the exams as saying. Officials told the newspaper they suspected many of the pilots under investigation of being either too sick to fly or defrauding taxpayers by exaggerating their disabilities to claim bigger benefits. The FAA disbursed $3.6 million starting last year to run additional tests on thousands of pilots deemed “potential risks.”

Read more …













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    Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the late penitents 1868   • Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane” (Sp.) • NAT
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 28 2023]


    The monologue on Vivek – I only got 1/3 through such is the volume of info now – you just go – ‘got it – I trust you because you don’t trust him or the media outlets that push him – so thank you I don’t trust him now as well. Move on. Vivek done.’

    Tucker Carlson – man of the hour.

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the late penitents 1868 • Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane”

    Wow; he actually said it; good for him………
    ….but really bad for us…
    I left 20 years ago; I do not feel safe…
    …but I feel much better than if I had stayed……..

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Dore Dante and Virgil among the late penitents 1868

    The art lately is very dark; but matches exquisitley with our lived reality…

    Veracious Poet

    Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane”

    Some of us knew *that* inconvenient TRUTH 30+ years ago 🙄

    Hey Tuck, just imagine the levels of hazard & lunacy inherent in The People that trust, believe & *vote* for The People Who Run America

    Now *that’s* a real reality problem 😐

    I sincerely hope that more than a few are starting to ponder the *stupendous* exigency for Spiritual Sanity

    If not now, when?

    God help the innocent.


    Correct VP, that’s the big problem.

    The problem isn’t the people who create mask mandates. It’s the one’s who believe in them. Even worse, the 10% who have never stopped wearing them.

    They all empower the dangerous and insane leadership. As do the Gestapo police and other bureaucrats who enforce their rules.

    Michael Reid

    Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Dreams of Democide & Dictatorship

    A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation

    Michael Reid

    Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

    Publication of Baseline Protocol for Those Suffering from Long-COVID and Post-Acute Sequelae after COVID-19 Vaccination

    Michael Reid

    Circulating Spike Protein in Blood of Vaccinated Long-COVID Patients

    Strong Rationale for Empiric Base Spike Detox Regimen

    Michael Reid

    Ivermectin’s Mechanism of Action Against SARS-CoV-2 Described

    SHAME on the hospital systems that systematically denied patients (and their begging families) this FDA-approved, Nobel prize winning, wonder drug.

    Michael Reid

    Hold Strong Against Forced Masking, Lockdowns, and More Boosters

    Dr. McCullough Inspires Thousands on the ReAwaken America Tour in North Las Vegas

    Dr. D

    “Tucker Carlson: The People Who Run America Are “Dangerous And Insane” (Sp.)

    Trump went to Europe and basically told them Globalism was over, get off our -ss and you’re on your own. 100% laughed and ignored every word. Can you hear me now? Let’s see, stay with the U.S. = no gas, no oil, no economy, no alliance, constant harassment, embarrassment, and affront.

    Nope. They haven’t acted yet, but perhaps Hungary finally will. Gosh people are thick-headed.

    We’re not carrying you. Get a clue.

    ““..the Ukraine conflict has “exposed the European Union’s inability to develop an effective common strategy..”

    I’m sure the people of the countries would have no trouble at all creating a effective, unified strategy. But that’s not part of “The Plan.” Or the “Agenda” of the top, is it? So what’s really happening is every nation is trying to install A Plan none of their people want, and their leaders are being attacked for it continent-wide. However, because the people are many and leaders few, they’re applying a different stress and break points in each nation, so the leaders can’t dodge all 20 at once without being incoherent. Good plan by the people btw, too bad it’s not intentional. But that leads to these appearances.

    Really the “Common Strategy” does exist, it’s just all the leaders vs all the people, and they’re trying to murder the maximum number in the most profitable manner.

    Really Ukraine has been doing “better” without Wagner, who like General Grant just chucked people (prisoners) into the grinder with abandon to get the war over with, the Russian army has “stalled”, or rather sort of lacks pep, morale, enthusiasm. Ukraine makes increasing small gains showing either their tactics are finally improving or their will to murder every citizen is far higher. But that’s not good for the Russian position. If the only orders are “Save men” and never “Let’s bust heads and go home”, then they WILL and must lose small towns increasingly until the Ukrainians can finally see the Russian defenses they haven’t even made it to yet.

    Then what? After months of getting pinned down and peppered and not hitting back, you suddenly want a change where you go get them? You see the problem? It’s psychological, yes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. If you had a Patton or a Prigozhin (different categories), then you could make HIM stand up and say “I’ve had it with these mf snakes on this mf plane” and the troops would snap to and believe it. Without anyone, just pointless bureaucratic wash, when and how do they counterattack? Now the army is already 404, was there a particular month you were waiting for? Your uniforms only come out after Labor Day or they clash with the daffodils? What?

    Now when you’re in the overwhelming, stupendously winning position, you don’t lose, and the real war is in Finance and PR, but why did Russia make this problem for themselves?

    ““..the United States might be the least safe place on earth for white people, even less safe than South Africa and Zimbabwe..”

    It was “The Plan” to run the communist revolution on a race basis. Which is stupid beyond belief. So after the glorious revolution, I’m going to be equally black now? Or dead? Well now that you’ve promised to kill me, I’ll just have to stay on the sidelines. But that’s The Plan, the race war they’ve kept hot since Republicans, and black leaders, tried to put it down and become one America before 1968. Every day since then it’s been grievance politics kept simmering, but as I say, they forgot their OTHER initiative to have interracial marriage and stuff means everybody is ALREADY equally black now, and so what, fight their stepkids, their in-laws? You could see this with Obama, since the dinosaurs running this s—t are like 500 years old, not only do they think that Russia is the USSR circa 1975, but that there’s a “vast white christian” base still out there in America that hasn’t existed since 1980. They – of course! — were all racists, because…they exist, I guess, statistically the racism is in the cities where they aren’t. So ALL the PR was prepped and run that “They hates dat Obama cuz he’s black” (which he isn’t either, btw but nevermind). The Right IGNORED THEM. And he’s Muslim! AND IGNORED THEM. Completely, totally ignored them, focusing on specific s—-y issues and impeachable offenses he committed constantly, like blowing up child-citizens for breakfast cuz someone in their family thought funny.

    Anyway, being dinosaur fossils no longer capable of perceiving reality, 20 years later THEY’RE STILL AT IT. Still trying to get off this race war that was possible in 1980, 1990, but far past the critical point by even 2004. If anything were to happen now, we’d only say “It’s those jerks from Chicago”, not the COLOR of the jerks coming out here from Chicago. Heck, if you’re from the styx, all the hip-hopping gang-bangers are white (trash). Same clothes, culture, goals, mindset, etc. Strange to see, but that’s been true since the day after they paid billions to install and promote that in black music and rap on MTV like 20 years ago now, maybe 30. I want to take them aside sometimes and show them a mirror. And a copy of “The Jerk”.


    Anyway, our new problem is lots of guns + lots and lots of immoral people who can’t think beyond one second from now. Like half of them. So even if you say you’ll shoot them for looting, they’ll say “I don’t understand what that means” / “I’ve never actually seen anyone receive consequences before” and carry on filling that garbage can and walking down the street. Yes, like literally too stupid to save their own lives. It will take a lot of bad events to change that. But oh well, that ship has sailed. And anyone who IS moral is already the enemy. How dare you not bring your kids to the strip club for drag night? What will the PTA say?

    “former president Donald Trump has declined to sign the Republican National Committee’s colloquially termed “Beat Biden pledge.”

    Ya think? The GOP is the one working hardest to keep him OUT of power and always has. They’re the ones who did zero spending to his and the subsequent Congressional election to insure they didn’t take the House or Senate. What else is the money for? To visit Maui? Now the whole GOP base has had to donate individually and cut out the Party leadership that’s supposed to be, I dunno, electing Republicans.

    So after SPECIFICALLY doing everything to destroy him and SPECIFICALLY stopping all Republicans and SPECIFICALLY refusing to post winning candidates, even between Rivals, like MTG, but also in uncontested Purple districts, you’re just supposed to vow eternal loyalty to them? Wait, who are they? What are their names? So we vow loyalty to donors like Koch and we don’t even know their names WHILE they elect Democrats instead and trample the entire theoretical party platform every minute of every day since Newt?

    How about no. Hard No.

    How about I can barely vote for Trump already because he even has “GOP” associated with his name on a poster somewhere, aside from him being a rich, urban, liberal Democrat? That he was even in the same ROOM with McCain and McConnell ever is nearly disqualifying. …But I have to adult here.

    “combined opposition to him is around 40%. As his rivals drop out, their voters are unlikely to go to Mr. Trump. Instead, they will go to other candidates until one challenger is left standing”

    So this is your Plan. Thanks! And explains my question yesterday about what Pence, Haley were doing. The Plan – Party Plan — is for the party to make sure a Republican isn’t elected. Gotcha!

    “I have long disagreed with Trump over his claim of systemic voting fraud”

    Ugh! These guys like Tim Pool. We have them ON CAMERA, sneaking back in, turning the lights back on without any overseers, and running a box of the same ballots through 3 times. One camera, one room. And they’re STILL like “How DARE you bring up the possibility of fraud???” People were arrested with CARLOADS of ballots. Many other allegations exist that could be futher proven but have been refused court.

    Each and every is “I’m not going to look into it because it never happened.” Time again, people: FIRST you look, THEN you say it didn’t happen. Not the other way around. Time runs in the forward direction, not in willy-nilly directions in your fever brain.

    Anyway, the whole point of being arrested on schedule, and him doing four indictments on command — but not five — was to get the MEDIA to cover this in a courtroom with discovery. The only way to do that is to make it HIS FAULT, “Bombshell, walls are closing in” for the Trump ASMR people. Finally they got their fix and can rest again. They were gettin’ Meth-y.

    “I wrote about it at the time and considered that recount to end reasonable doubts over the election.”

    What a chump. Are you kidding me??? “We printed 10,000 ballots but received 20,000. Then when we recounted them right here in these boxes…without checking their signatures…” Oh. My. God. How does this guy make it to work in the morning without somebody stealing his lunch money? in fact, I’LL go steal his lunch money right now. Does he have a Mercedes?

    “Trump Mugshot Proves Fundraiser Miracle – Politico (RT)

    This is a moon-shot for his numbers in the Black Community. I think that’s weird and stupid but I get it.

    “but the US and its allies used every pretext to delay this overdue process.”

    They’re poor little darlings who have to ask permission, incapable of saying no. Victims, innocent child-like jungle people. Uh, no. That’s offensive beyond belief. So maybe you should lead with something more accurate and catchy like “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”: if you DON’T delay, and if you DO take action – any action at all – The U.S. will MURDER EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD in you nation, shell every street like Panama, kidnap every leader like Noriega, create non-stop murder and torture disappearance schools like “School of the Americas” and failign that, shell your soil coast-to-coast with 100,000 year depleted uranium.

    That is, the U.S. will aggressively invade, war, and genocide you all, even genociding FUTURE generations if you f- with them. It’s snappier than “The U.S. used Pretexts”. F- your pretexts, that’s not what stopped Congo for 80 years. They DID try to shoot your -ss and rightfully so. Good on ‘em. The U.S. just used the CIA and intel to murder every person who even THOUGHT about resisting, and kidnap, torture, then kill all their kids. The U.S. was in open, offensive war of invasion, and the U.S. was stronger then and won. That’s not a legal “Pretext” and I think the Hague would support this.

    BTW we have the same problem in Texarkana and are trying to resist and kick out the same colonizers.

    “The BRICS must use gold.
    • Gold Will Destroy The Keynesian Fallacies (Barron)

    Speaking of, you can’t. The U.S. will steal it, like we did Ukraine, Libya’s gold, and other similar like Venezuela, or as we tried in Syria. If it exists on the surface of the earth, the U.S. will bomb and steal it. That’s why our symbol is the bad eagle, a thieving carrion predator.

    So the gold can’t move. It’s also only a settlement currency, or to offset import-export imbalances. But it’s still touchy. So it’s not a gold standard, it’s not a BRICS currency, and it’s decentralized. They’ll have a settlement “token” or more like a “method”, a protocol, for trading gold settlement contracts somewhere delivery is possible (i.e not London or NY, but Singapore) which is also distributed, as per each nation already setting in each other’s local currency. Now they have to attack all 11 currencies at once which is quite possible, but making life hard on the riggers. Then make them defend gold, silver, oil, wheat, the Pound, BTC, XRP, Thai bhat, and somewhere they run out of airspace. It takes time.

    Yes it will somewhere go to “gold” of some fashion. But not yet.

    the Clinton Foundation owes the US government between $400 million and $2.5 billion in taxes.”

    It could be $100 Trillion, with every dollar coming from Putin himself for underage hookers and no one would care. Clearly. We have most of those elements easily proven without subpoena power already, and they already don’t care. Just like Jones said 100 things that turned out to be true, like FEMA before Katrina, and not only did they not believe before, they didn’t even believe AFTER IT HAPPENED. There is no reality that can ever occur that will re-set their minds. They will die first, and have.

    Anyway, there’s no sense in investigators exposing this if there’s no one left to enforce the law. But what this exposes to us is that we are a nation WROL: Without Rule of Law. The people need to know that so they can respond accordingly by refusing to obey any and all laws as well. The SYSTEM responds by permitting grand larceny, but jailing anyone who STOPS grand larceny. WORSE than NO rule of law. Like You-Flation, a Rule of Law that only exists against YOU.

    This is already past-tense, so since there’s no #Logos and time is just optional, “if we don’t look out, something like that might happen someday.” That already happened 3 years ago. But probably not. Don’t put me on record for it.

    Dr. D

    That’s no fun, try again:



    The problems have been explained.
    There is no solution.

    D Benton Smith

    The 100% surefire never-fail guaranteed way to get rid of ANY leader is to stop following them.


    I don’t normally comment on the art work, which is a nice touch, but I love the current ‘tour of Hell’ by Dante.

    It’s where the world is heading now.

    Kind of a preview of coming attractions.

    Let’s take a moment and bow our heads in solemn remembrance for Pedo Joe’s tragic burden


    D Benton Smith


    The problems have been explained.
    There is no solution.”

    Numerous explanations to numerous problem have been offered, but until the correct explanations to the actual problems has been received, understood and done then nothing has actually been explained, and it is far to early to proclaim that there is no way out.

    Of course there is a solution, and when the pain of ignoring it outweighs the pain of facing it and doing it then each person in turn will do what they have to do: stop serving the enemy who is destroying them.

    D Benton Smith

    I should add what that solution is. The solution is to care for others as much or more than you care for yourself, because the Supreme Being wants it that way.


    The problems have been explained.
    There is no solution.

    Well, you and I and everyone here posting or lurking basically know the solution(s). Speaking for myself, as a mere bewildered call center worker, I don’t have the power nor sufficient information to implement it. Certainly in my old job, the 100’s of other call center workers either didn’t know the solution, didn’t know the problem, or were in the same boat as I am.

    But one can create a long list of good-to-do’s that don’t constitute a solution. And it’s probably better that we all do them separately, differently, based on our own individual points of view. Generally, continuity and parallelism (that’s awkward, I’ve tried to think of another noun for being parallel) are key.

    Bringing old ideas, old customs, old culture, and old habits of mind forward from the past and into the future. All the various competencies won with great hardship over millennia in hopes it would save you time and trouble so you, precious YOU, can live a good life, or at least get on with the actual kind of life you’d regret NOT having if you missed out and were looking back. All those olds meant to protect you, sustain you, and prevent you from spinning your wheels for a few decades trying to re-invent the stuff it took humans 1,000’s of years to comprehensively figure out.

    For human beings and the structures that sustain them to continue, they must stand independent and parallel to systems which have been made hostile to humans. And by maintaining those parallel systems, no matter how small, pro-life, pro-humanity structures can be passed on to younger people over whom The Current Thing looms large, and to those not yet born – it was always their birthright. The
    “olds” plant a tree they know they’ll never get to see so that YOU can have a cool amazing cathedral of 150 year old trees, wants you to have the chance to live a good life. The “new” wants you lost. Shouldn’t be THAT hard to pick a side.

    And as Ayn Rand points out, the power of a good idea is that it can be implemented everywhere, it has a near infinite helpful multiplier effect. (PLEASE stop making Ayn Rand right, makes me want to stab my eye out with a fork or something)

    I certainly didn’t mean to become conservative, but apparently anything but having total amnesia and lack of common sense is now “conservative.” Like, wanting to have a pleasantly decadent liberal society is hard far-right conservative now, apparently.

    One thing I’m going to do. Download all that copyright-free stuff that survived the last dark ages. (in multiple languages) Add a bunch of good-to-have stuff. Tale of Gilgamesh. Newtonian physics. Tons of classical sheet music, transcriptions of Thelonius Monk. Burn it to M-Disc, which is engineer rated to last 1,000 years and can hold up to 100gb, is invulnerable to heat cold or radiation, and just start hiding them all over the place. The bottoms of lakes, in cairns at the tops of mountains, inside the walls of buildings, wherever. Considering burning multiple iterations of the information to each disc in case a region of the disc becomes unreadable.

    The Renaissance got kicked off with less stuff making it through a bottleneck. Yes, “they” can destroy all the devices capable of reading them, but humans will have at least 1,000 years to figure out how to make one if they want. Considering the odds of various classical texts making it through many centuries of fire and war and rot into our hands, those odds are acceptable enough to do the project.

    And hilariously, it creates a teeny tiny CHANCE that a lowly, powerless call center worker delivers a knockout punch against what, apparently, is their ultimate goal. Just one such disc making it through. And it’s so easy to think of and do that it will be pointless to stop little insignificant me, because someone is surely already doing it right now, multiple someones. Has already done it. We should all be doing it.

    The Renaissance was awesome. Try some of it.

    John Day

    I find myself agreeing with BOTH DBS and jb-hb above.
    I can do that.


    V. Arnold- it is Purgatory, after all. It certainly does feel like we’re all stuck in a place of paying for our bad deeds (debts), hoping to enter paradise.

    What is The Force?
    The Force is the ability to say something to someone in such a way that within minutes that someone will say the same thing as if it comes from their own mind.

    The Force is living your life without an audience. You engage with individuals to learn something instead of seeking regard or recognition from them. You’re almost invisible.

    The Force is amoral. Anyone can use it.


    A comment at Moon of Alabama by B.P.

    Quote: Re ISIS:

    I have read all issues of ISIS magazines Rumiyah and Dabiq. I have watched every video of ISIS while they were still easily available. I have read every book that I could find on ISIS.

    And my conclusion?

    ISIS does not exist.

    Oh, sure, there are plenty of young Sunni men who imagine they are part of ISIS and who are willing to give their lives for it. But the organisation that they claim to be a part of, that they kill themselves for, that does not exist. ISIS is a tool, a fiction, invented by particular people in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan and the zionist entity. Its purpose is twofold:

    1. To create a pretext for perpetual wars of colonial invasion and occupation and

    2. To delegitimise genuine resistance movements like the Taliban.

    If ISIS had been a real thing, it could and would have taken Baghdad when it was on the outskirts in 2014. It could and would have attacked the zionist entity. It could and would have attacked Saudi Barbaria, whose royal reprobates it kept attacking in its magazines. It did none of those things (in baby it apologised when a couple of its men fired on a zionist checkpoint in the occupied Golan). (….)

    It is a Hollywood level fiction.

    Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Aug 27 2023 15:38 utc | 9

    at Moon of Alabama:
    I read about 7-8 issues of Dabiq carefully back in the day, 2015 – 16 and concluded it was run by British professional publicists and had absolutely nothing to do with anyone on the ground.

    Bing offers some covers:

    quick search > I was not able to turn up links to the mag. itself, only to ‘western’ and ‘israeli’ analysis, which is quite telling.

    D Benton Smith

    Trump’s trial date has finally been set. It’s March 4, 2024. That is 6 months from now. How much (and in which direction) is the political/informational situation going to change in the next 6 months? In other words, in terms of how much people know and care about the REAL situation, will more people know or will less people know?

    You are correct.

    During those six months virtually EVERYTHING about the case will have been dissected in public for all to see if they choose to.

    By the end of those six months (in other words, by Mar 6th, 2024) I do not think we have to worry very much about the outcome of the trial.

    D Benton Smith


    I find myself agreeing with BOTH DBS and jb-hb above.
    I can do that.”

    And I agree with you (and with@ jb-hb ), so me too.

    And by the way, I think he nailed it with the proposed new term of , “continuity and parallelism” . That says it just fine, so no need for a better wording.


    Xi’ speech at BRICS meet.

    … at the Closing Ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum 2023, which was read out by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao. (…)

    Enhancing Solidarity and Cooperation To Overcome Risks and Challenges And Jointly Build a Better World

    (….) quote, excerpt:

    Ten years ago here in South Africa, we BRICS leaders witnessed the birth of the BRICS Business Council. Since then, the Council has stayed true to its founding mission. It has seized opportunities to deepen cooperation, contributing to economic and social development of BRICS countries and helping sustain global economic growth.

    Right now, changes in the world, in our times and in history are unfolding in ways like never before, bringing human society to a critical juncture.

    Should we pursue cooperation and integration, or just succumb to division and confrontation? Should we work together to maintain peace and stability, or just sleepwalk into the abyss of a new Cold War? Should we embrace prosperity, openness and inclusiveness, or allow hegemonic and bullying acts to throw us into depression? Should we deepen mutual trust through exchanges and mutual learning, or allow hubris and prejudice to blind conscience?

    The course of history will be shaped by the choices we make. (…)

    At BRICS: The most inspiring speech: Xi Jinping

    D Benton Smith

    I think that Tucker Carlson’s speech in Budapest is going to go as viral as Oliver Anthony’s inspired, “Rich Men North of Richmond”.

    For those who missed it (and to make it efficiently re-clickable for those who want to watch it again) here is a fresh link:


    Boomer, Worst Generation Ever

    Greedy, Pitiful Me First Hypocrites

    The 60’s was pure bullshit, top to bottom

    Fake, staged, posers to the core







    Thanks for your words/reflections/optimism
    All the religions are pushing the “right way”.
    We still have not arrived.


    How Nevada Police Deals With Climate Protestors

    The cops in Blue Demorat cities are lackeys and cowards and fairies

    They would bring demonstrators lattes

    Thank God some cops know what to do


    We’re down to this

    Powerful Russian Ad For Ukrainian Soldiers Titled: “It’s Your Last Chance”


    The longer version of the Climate-tards getting cuffed and arrested and taken to jail


    John Day

    @Noirette #142098: i Jinping’s speech reads well, but the choices he presents in rhetoric serve his purpose rather that reflecting reality as most others might lay it out. He does call for more trust as part of his solution. I think trusting China has been dangerous historically, like trusting England, or Israel, or “being a friend” of the US as Kissinger put it.


    Zelensky interview. Preparing stab in the back narrative

    Pedophile Joe and ‘Killer Whale’ Nuland preparing to dump ALL the blame for the Epic Fail in Ukronaziland on ‘Penis Piano’ Nazilensky, the fascist jew.

    The Duran


    Igor Chudov.
    UK Population Collapse “Good for the Planet,” WEF Adviser Prof. Sarah Harper Explains

    Veracious Poet

    To fight for liberty, therefore, was to fight for God. Biblical references to “liberty” was explained as referring primarily to spiritual liberty, yet also including civil liberty.

    Indeed, the two were one, because tyranny would degrade religion. The favorite of all the liberty texts was:

    Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)

    About a month before the battles of Lexington and Concord, Rev. William Emerson preached to the Concord
    militia that their victory against the larger British army was guaranteed, just as God had protected little Judah from a larger army.

    He challenged the British: “It will be your unspeakable Damage to meddle with us, for we have an unconquered Leader that carries his people to Victory and Triumph.” The coming war would bring many tribulations, he acknowledged, but American victory had been ordained by God since the beginning of time.

    Five weeks later, on April 19, 1775, the Redcoats, having marched out of Boston, quickly routed the Lexington militia, and then marched on to Concord, where the Americans were rumored to possess a cannon.

    The militia had been roused by Paul Revere and Samuel Dawes, and the first man to muster at the North Bridge in Concord was Reverend William Emerson.

    The Concord militia stood its ground.

    The Redcoats fled after a few minutes fighting, and were harried by Americans all the way back to Boston, suffering 293 casualties.

    On July 4, 1837, the Concord Monument was dedicated, and the crowd sang the Concord Hymn, written by William Emerson’s grandson Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    Here once the embattled farmers stood,
    And fired the shot heard round the world.

    Spirit, that made those heroes dare
    To die, and leave their children free,
    Bid Time and Nature gently spare
    The shaft we raise to them and thee.

    As kids, we loved heroes.

    As adults, we understand villains (sometimes).

    Vel caeco appareat.


    Love isn’t perfect…they say

    Love IS perfect, it’s humans that are flawed.

    There is no solution.

    Oh bullshit, the Universe is the solution. It’s your mind that’s flawed.
    Chill the fuck out, smile, breath, be calm, be present.
    If there is a “problem”, there is always a solution- That’s how the Universe works-
    everyday, all day, everywhere for eternity. The Universe does not have a salary cap.


    Thanks Oroboros !
    Keep bringing the goods and fighting the good fight.

    Wise men choose, slaves obey.
    Choose wisely.


    Watched the Nevada “climate activists’ yesterday.
    Liberals Love to get their shit pushed in- might as well give they/ them some concrete to suck on too.

    Moar antifa masked libtards eating concrete- sure seems a lot of good people are real tired of the Leftist agenda. Fuck around and find out is turning a corner- solutions being implemented. Right here right now.


    From let then eat cake to let them eat concrete.

    Veracious Poet

    The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its *free* exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    In 1969, the Tax Reform Act gave us Section 501(c)3 in the Internal Revenue Service Code…

    Churches *must* meet specific requirements to obtain and maintain tax-exempt status; these are outlined in “IRS Publication 1828: Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations”.[50] This guide outlines activities allowed and not allowed by churches under the 501(c)(3) designation.[50]

    In 1980, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia recognized a 14-part test in determining whether a religious organization is considered a *church* for the purposes of the Internal Revenue Code:

    A distinct legal entity;
    A recognized creed and form of worship;
    A definite and distinct ecclesiastical government;
    A formal code of doctrine and discipline;
    A distinct religious history;
    A membership not associated with any other church or denomination;
    A complete organization of ordained ministers ministering to their congregations;
    Ordained ministers selected after completed prescribed courses of study;
    Literature of its own;
    Established places of worship;
    Regular congregations;
    Regular religious services;
    Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young;
    Schools for the preparation of its ministers.

    Asking for a friend…

    Hasta la vista, baby.


    Col. MacGregor Says You Can See AFU Corpses From Space

    Wow, quite an achievement, there’s so many Ukro dead not picked up they are visible from low earth orbit satellites.

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