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    Have to make sure that ‘war stuff’ never ends.

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    Gotta love these guys. Have to wonder about all this ‘bad news’ about the AZ vaccine.

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    Agree 100%

    There has been a almost pathological resistance to early treatment of Covid patients.

    They can do EUA’s for remdesivir on the shoddiest of evidence but deny use of HCQ.

    One of the studies that was pro for HCQ came out of the Henry Ford medical system in Detroit – of course it was only ‘observational’ but they were convinced it worked because they had positive results from treating people (and they were treating a lot of people at the time). When the ‘hammer’ came down on HCQ use they applied for an EUA so that they could continue using it. It was denied.

    ‘But wait there’s more!’

    Study results on the use of colchicine (a gout medicine) came out of Montreal on Jan 23. Again this was for early treatment.

    It was an ‘official’ study, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled across multiple countries. Over 4000 subjects who had had positive PCR tests.

    ‘Analysis of the study found that colchicine resulted in reductions in hospitalizations by 25 per cent, the need for mechanical ventilation by 50 per cent, and deaths by 44 per cent.’

    Given the state of hospitals and LTC homes in Canada this should be topic number 1 with plans for an EUA, roll outs, further studies etc. but it seems to have already disappeared off the radar.

    ‘But wait there’s more!’

    These guys think fluvoxamine may be as good or better than ivermectin but because it’s for early treatment…..

    Fluvoxamine may prevent serious illness in COVID-19 patients

    There are billions for mega corp. projects but anything else is not only not supported but sidelined.

    The whole HCQ bash down was beyond belief. Not only has there been a total lack of support for early treatment it has gone far beyond that. It has turned into actual suppression.

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories but if it ‘quacks like a duck’ …..

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    Biden Declares War on the Deplorables????

    In Biden’s speech yesterday Mr. ‘bring everyone together’ raised the race card.

    Basically saying that BLM was treated harsher than the ‘mob of thugs that stormed the Capital’ and then said ‘the American people saw it in plain view and I hope it sensitized them to what we have to do’
    and then went on about the true purpose of the Justice Dept.

    Meanwhile the MSM is going crazy about an attempted coup, an insurrection, impeaching Trump, domestic terrorism etc. and are all in on the race thing. More fuel for the ‘insane wokester jihad’ I fear.

    Could be the start of a good ol’ American witch hunt.

    Not giving me a warm feeling.

    If you are interested

    check from about 8:40 to 10:45

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    @ Geppetto

    Oh sorry about that ‘we’. Is that some king of micro-aggression?

    You know I can’t really promise not to use it in the future so if it does happen I guess you’ll just have to mentally exclude yourself OK? You can handle that right?

    Also in the true spirit of reciprocity I hereby grant you permission to live in your own separate reality.

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    @ Dr. D
    Yes that approach has been used lately to assess various drugs, treatments, & procedures and a lot of them don’t come out looking so good.. How that would work on these vaccines I’m not sure because again not much data. But should it be used – yes indeed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 3 2020 #66365

    Mr. House & phoenixvoice

    Exactly – we don’t know, and the people and institutions that in a functioning society should be a source of reliable information are so compromised in one way or another that who knows what ‘s really going on.

    People turn to ‘the internet’ but that is hardly an answer as it is riddled with BS.

    Like that 97% false positive thing – looks like an internet meme to me!

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    ‘Since the vaccines are useless’

    That’s ‘fake news’ – we don’t know that.
    The problem is not that they are useless, the problem is that we don’t know.
    We don’t know if they work, if they do work,how well they work, or how safe they are.

    All we have so far is press releases.

    They could be great – they could be useless or even dangerous.
    The ‘authorities’ will check them out of course but based on their track record so far…..

    in reply to: PCR Tests and COVID Vaccines are Useless #66323

    Hey Ilargi – playing to the crowd or trolling us?

    Would a better test than the pcr test be ‘better’ – yes of course but to say that it is useless or 97% wrong is ridiculous.

    We know this because sharply rising positive tests are always followed by sharply rising hospital admissions which are then followed by rising icu admissions and then more deaths. Maybe we shouldn’t think of as a test but instead a ‘paranormal precognitive vector from the future’.

    When you jump down the rabbit hole it’s good to come up for air occasionally.

    As far as the vaccine article goes it highlights just how rushed these trials are but gets a lot very wrong. You highlighted

    ‘AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer have primary analyses that distribute the vaccine to only 100, 151, 154, and 164 participants respectively.’

    That is just a stupid statement. That is not the number of people that were vaccinated but rather the number of sars-cov-2 ‘infections’ required for ‘meaningful’ analysis to be done. (how many of these infections were in the placebo group compared to how many from the vaccinated group) That’s where these numbers on effectiveness come from.

    Of course these companies are going to apply for EUA’s as soon as possible. Why? – because there is a shit-ton of money to be made.

    They’re going to get it too (unless of course a bunch of recipients of the actual vaccine start dropping dead and it’s found out)

    Why are they going to get it when we have no actual data yet and even when we get it it won’t be much?

    They will get it because despite all the ‘Plandemic’ style BS that has been floating around here lately the governments in the western world are desperate to make this ‘go away’. They are desperate because sars-cov-2 has brutally exposed their total incompetence. It is a true ‘the emperor has no clothes’ moment and it’s there for all to see. That’s the real ‘take away’ from this disaster.

    in reply to: COVID Equals Groundhog Day #66117

    This ‘only 172 deaths outside of ltc in Canada’ is total garbage.

    As I said previously

    As of Nov. 26 Ontario alone had a total of 3,595 deaths of which 2,283 were in long term care so that leaves 1,312 non long term care deaths just in this province.

    Surprised you put that number up again.

    And while I’m at it it’s funny that after a big rise in the number of bogus positive pcr test results you get a big rise in the number of people going to hospital with this fake disease and then some of those end up in icu and then some of them die

    It’s just a crazy world I guess!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 27 2020 #66105

    Exactly – Kennedy was bitching that the press was giving too much info to the ‘commies’. Amazing Polly is just another example of ‘the internet’ getting this one wrong.

    Yes this is a totally bogus set of ‘stats’.
    As of Nov. 26 Ontario alone had a total of 3,595 deaths of which 2,283 were in long term care so that leaves 1,312 non long term care deaths just in this province.

    You can’t believe ‘the internet’ folks, you gotta check it out for yourself.

    in reply to: Why Lockdowns Work #58302

    Well said Ilargi – you really nailed it.

    Can’t think of much to add and that is very unusual!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 3 2020 #56605

    I find it ‘interesting’ that so many people here are espousing the idea that this is ‘no big deal’ so why don’t we just let it rip like this is some kind of original thought.

    It’s definitely not an original idea – it was in fact the default position of apparently all the western democracies. The only one that actually admitted this of course was the UK’s Boris Johnson in his ‘herd immunity’ speech.

    I don’t know how many interviews I heard with ‘infectious disease experts’ who basically said something like ‘Well yes we should probably try to contain this … but … that probably won’t work so then we will just switch to ‘mitigation’ and that will be OK. You know a virus knows no borders, there’s really not much we can do” etc. And of course the widely promoted everywhere – ‘Coronavirus – no big deal – the flu is way worse! ‘

    This idea of don’t do much was reinforced by the stats that showed pretty much everyone who died was old and had co-morbidities anyway. Like no big deal. What a great opportunity to make those pension plans whole, save social security and get rid of these deadweights!

    This idea was thoroughly embraced by some of the younger set who were more than ready to ‘party on’ and cheer for the ‘#boomerremover’.

    But then some ‘stuff ‘ happened:
    1) Italy (Holy Shit!!!)
    2) Info from Europe that it wasn’t just killing old folks and the idea that when it hit North America’s morbidly obese population the stats would be much worse.
    3) Imperial College’s March 16 report that showed that basically any effort at ‘mitigation only’ would probably result in a disaster and full on suppression was also needed.

    Number 3 was sort of the last straw. – If it was right then the optics an this thing would bad – really, really BAD.
    Dead bodies all over the place, morgues set up in ice rinks and refrigerator trucks etc. all those dead grannies. The OPTICS would be bad, really, really BAD.
    I mean we already had ‘populism, we already had people pushing for ‘socialism’ – what would happen after this – pitchforks? (or AR-15’s) We better do something!

    So that’s how we got here. That’s the real conspiracy. There was no real preparation for this and there was no desire to emulate places that had a handle on this until it was too late. No effective travel bans, no effective airport screening, no PPE, no masks, no effective testing, no quarantine, not enough contact tracing, no travel restrictions.

    I ‘followed this story’ from pretty much the start. From the first report of an ‘unknown pneumonia’ in China every new piece of info seemed to make the threat worse but confirmation came when China shut down Wuhan – a city of over 11 million people. I never figured the CCP would have any second thoughts about sacrificing a few thousand or a few 10’s of thousands of their citizens so SOMETHING big must be up – something BAD and then of course they shut down the whole country. What more proof would anyone need (but just in case there were those videos out of Wuhan)

    Yet the west did basically nothing because – see above! Now we have operation CYA starting. ‘We thought masks were bad but now we have ‘new info’ so they are good. It’s all China’s fault – We would have done better but they lied! More of that stuff to come I’m sure.

    Meanwhile ..Well as Martenson keeps saying ‘It didn’t have to be this way”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 3 2020 #56604

    If I remember correctly the early cases in Germany were comprised of skiers who had returned from vacation in Italy and Austria – thus the younger ages.
    Note – these are not the very first cases that occurred in the auto parts company.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2020 #55539

    Ontario Testing

    Wes you better check your sources for those numbers – they are way off.

    Today Ontario got the results of over 900 tests.

    890 were negative and 25 were positive.

    There are 3378 tests taken and awaiting results.

    They have been holding back on tests a bit because of a shortage of swabs. (swabs were sourced in Italy!!!)

    Apparently our Global ‘thought leaders’ never considered that a Global Pandemic would disrupt Global supply chains and thus make the fight against said Global Pandemic a lot harder than it should be!

    Ontario should be able to process 1000 tests a day and they were looking to expand that – don’t know the current status on that but we’ll get a hint when we see the number of results tomorrow.

    They are testing as much as they can.

    The real number to watch is ‘Currently under investigation’.

    They had that down to perhaps 10 or so after the initial impulse from China but now it keeps climbing
    400 to 800 to 1300 to 1500 and now over 3000.
    We are on that curve going up.

    It will take 2 weeks or so for any ‘social distancing’ to actually make a difference but I think that will be swamped by the number of returning snowbirds etc.

    Buckle up kids!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 27 2020 #54476
    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 27 2020 #54475

    More info on that Cal. case.

    Man was transferred from another hospital already on ventilator.
    Cal. can’t test – CDC wouldn’t test. Yikes.

    Pandemic bonds complete with derivatives and counterparties – you can’t make this sh*t up.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 25 2020 #54370

    Hi Ilargi – long time.
    If I’m here then it really must be a SHTF moment.

    Covid-19 of course.

    Dr. D
    On that Canada thing – I’m not sure of the validity of that example cited by Martenson but the Canadian response has at times been pretty frustrating especially at the federal level.

    Even so (and here’s the shocker) in their own bureaucratic and politically correct manner the provinces seem to have actually been on the job more or less.

    As of Monday when the CDC listed 426 as the total tested in the USA Ontario alone had completed testing on 540 people and British Columbia had completed testing 677!!!!

    How does that make sense? The CDC has been pretty aggressive with travel bans etc. but what is going on inside the USA??? I don’t know what to make of this.

    On Feb. 20 Imperial College estimated that 2/3’s of all cases exported from Wuhan were undetected.
    But how can you find them if you don’t test? South Korea, Italy and Iran (who knows how bad things really are there) show what can happen. With a long incubation period and virus spreading with light or even no symptoms this thing can be undetected until boom it’s a total mess.

    Singapore and Hong Kong(even with it’s political problems) show that it might be possible to keep things somewhat under control but it takes a level of competence, dedication, and clear thinking that seems to be lacking in most places.

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