Aug 212014
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Debt Rattle Aug 21 2014: Oil, Solar, Dollars And Fairy Tales

I woke up today to a request to comment on an article I hadn’t even read yet at the time. Now, I don’t do requests, but when I saw that it was an article by my favorite nemesis Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and I has read this piece, I thought alright, let’s have a go. Just this once. Ambrose sings the praise of solar and natural gas in this one, and that‘s not because he’s green, the only green he likes is

Aug 202014
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Debt Rattle Aug 20 2014: Obama Fails As Schoolyard Bully

When I think about what an American president should do, and should be, the first thing that pops into my mind is (s)he should be a peacemaker. It would seem to be the no. 1 requirement for someone who’s the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, and therefore the leader of the free world. If that person is not a peacemaker, if (s)he is not focused on diffusing trouble and violence when and where they rear their

Aug 192014
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Debt Rattle Aug 19 2014: Rising Rates and The End of Stimuland

It’s Jackson Hole week, and we’re going to hear a lot of fairy tales and otherwise invented-from-scratch material. Since it may not always be easy to distinguish between pure mud and actual information, let’s destroy a few fantasy piñatas right here and now. So when Yellen and Draghi speak on Friday, you’ll be able to tell a few things apart. It’ll be hard enough, the speech writers and spin doctors won’t get much sleep this week. But in the end,

Aug 182014
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Debt Rattle Aug 18 2014: Oh, What A Tangled Mess We Weave

When first we practise to deceive! The upper echelons in and behind various governments have had on their radar far longer than the media that serve them, and I also realize that Washington wants a leading role in that battle, but even then I still don’t really get what is going on these days. I think perhaps that’s because I tend to give the American political machine too much credit when it comes to intelligence and insight and other qualities

Aug 172014
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Debt Rattle Aug 17 2014: America Can See Its Future In The Mirror

If Americans were less prone to self-deceit, they would have long since realized that the American Dream is over, for good, and that continuing to chase it is the worst of the few remaining options they get to choose between. They could then look at themselves in the mirror and see their future. As things are, however, the future is creeping up on them in small, slow and silent steps, until one day it will simply be there, no longer

Aug 162014
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Whose Spin Are We Caught Up In Here?

Let’s assume for the moment that the two Guardian and Telegraph journalists who reported seeing 23 Russian army vehicles cross the border into Ukraine on Thursday were duped. Because if we don’t assume that, we must conclude they are accomplices, in a strange plot. On Friday the Ukraine government, first through military spokesman Andriy Lysenko, and then through President Poroshenko, sent out a claim into the world that its army had destroyed a number of Russian vehicles on Ukraine territory.

Aug 152014
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Debt Rattle Aug 15 2014: Conditioned To Catch The Falling Knife

That’s not a bad metaphor to work with. “Conditioned to catch the falling knife”. The expression comes from the investment world, but it describes a much larger world today pretty accurately. Investors use it to describe people who see a stock fall, rapidly, from for instance $50 to $20, call the low, and decide it’s a good buy, only to be stuck with huge losses (the knife that cuts their hand) as it goes down all the way to 25

Aug 142014
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Debt Rattle Aug 14 2014: Life and Times in Propagandistan

The UN said earlier this week that in east Ukraine over 1000 people – a conservative estimate – were killed during the last fortnight in the battles over Donetsk and Luhansk. Today, there are again reports of more heavy shelling by the Ukraine “army”, and dozens more deaths, while the Russian aid convoy is still not – allowed – anywhere near the cities. At this rate, who’s going to be left to receive any of the food and generators and

Aug 132014
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Debt Rattle Aug 13 2014: A Crowded Runaway Train

If you put all the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle in their proper places, a picture emerges. An easy enough principle. But how do you get the pieces, and where do they go? That’s often not so easy at all. Oil prices are low, and falling, in the face of Iraq and Ukraine. But what does that mean, and how does it fit into the puzzle? In a report issued on Tuesday, the IEA cut its forecast for worldwide oil

Aug 122014
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Debt Rattle Aug 12 2014: The Lost Art of Empire

I can’t seem to get away from Ukraine and Iraq lately. Don’t know if I should apologize for that, but I certainly never had any intention of writing about politics. It’s just that it all seems to come together now, power games, waning energy resources and – the remnants of – hugely indebted societies. We’re taking our first baby steps on the downward ladder, so to speak, and we’re already having trouble keeping our balance. Where will this lead? The