Jul 212014
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Debt Rattle Jul 21 2014: The Best To Hope For

I’m sorry, or I guess I am, but I find it hard not to constantly read up on the news about flight MH17 these days, and I let it drown out other things. Obviously, there’s plenty of it available in Dutch media, with much more to drown even that out in the English language press. For a country the size of Holland, losing 193 people in one go evokes the six degrees of separation. And that makes sense, grief must

Jul 202014
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The Day God Looked Away

Presumed innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. Reasonable doubt. How long ago it seems that these principles guided our societies. Perhaps there are a few courts in the heartland left that still live up to them, but the aftermath of 9/11 certainly erased them from the overall American conscience. Some animals are more equal than others, said Orwell in Animal Farm. Guantanamo Bay showed that some people are far less equal than others, and laws that apply to everyone else don’t

Jul 172014
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Debt Rattle Jul 17 2014: The Rise Of The Super Dollar

My, what a lovely day. Summer’s here. Then again, not so great perhaps if yours is one of the 18,000 jobs lost at Microsoft. Then again again, at least the move made Microsoft shares rise. Not anywhere near great if you, or someone close to you, were among the 300 or so on the passenger plane from Amsterdam that got downed just now over Ukraine. Still don’t like the role the US is playing in that conflict. Not a great

Jul 162014
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Debt Rattle Jul 16 2014: Market Society: Money For Your Soul

There’s a lot of interesting pieces being written on a daily basis, if you care to look for them, and there’s never enough time and space to afford them the attention they should really deserve. Luckily, there are still many people out there, even in the financial world, who have a pretty astute understanding of what’s going on versus what we are told to believe there is. Not that I don’t think there are no smart people in finance, just

Jul 152014
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Debt Rattle Jul 15 2014: Janet Yellen Is A Religious Nutcase

Janet Yellen is a religious nutcase. She may not appear like one at first glance, but take a look at her picture again and you may find that instead that’s exactly what she looks like. She may have that nice little grandma façade, but then those are often the worst cases. I realize this is not a nice thing to say, but there are limits to what even nice little grandmas can say and do, especially when they run a

Jul 142014
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Debt Rattle 14 Juillet: The Economy Is Deteriorating Fast

The insanity doesn’t just continue, it intensifies. The overriding idea is still that the more companies and individuals borrow, the better the economy goes. But that is nowhere near true. It may have been at some point in the past, but not now, not with debt levels at historic highs. Today’s problem is not that there is not enough credit or money available, as central banks try to make you believe, but that people are not spending what they have.

Jul 132014
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The Open Food Network

Today looks like a good day to do a shout out and promo for our dear friends Kirsten and Serenity in Melbourne, Oz, who were responsible for the impeccable organization of the tour of Australia Nicole and I did in 2012. So we have living proof that they know how to organize something once they pour their hearts into it, which bodes well for the new project they’re busy setting up. The Open Food Network focuses on building and facilitating

Jul 112014
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Debt Rattle Jul 11 2014: Systemic Lies About Systemic Risks

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking: why all the attention for Portugal, and for Esperito Santo (Holy Spirit), its second biggest but still smallish bank – it’s just 0.3% of eurozone assets -, especially now that European markets have already shaken off yesterday’s scare and are happily bubbling away all over again as if nothing happened. Well, I’m sorry, but we got to do this, and I think you’ll see why: it’s because there are a bunch of underlying

Jul 102014
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Debt Rattle Jul 10 2014: Fossils, Fuels and Zombies

As fear begins to scare the vanguard of the herd into what may develop into a rampage, the eurocrisis is back with a vengeance. Portuguese bank Esperito Santo leads the way down through missed payments, bringing the Lisbon exchange to its knees with a -4.5% plunge as I write this, with northern EU exchanges showing -1.5% losses and southern ones -2.5%. Markets start to realize than all PIIGS now have much higher state debts than before the crisis started, and

Jul 092014
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Debt Rattle Jul 9 2014: Don't Go Walk Under Wall Street Windows

Irwin Kellner at MarketWatch phrases it in these colorful words: … what do you think will happen to stocks when the Fed decides to take away the punch bowl and raise rates? I don’t know, but if I were you, I would not walk under any open windows down on Wall Street. In these words, he expresses what increasing numbers of writers and analysts point to: that the exuberant market confidence we’ve seen is dwindling, and nervousness takes over. And