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Arthur Rothstein Lower Broadway, New York 1941


British media report today that Donald Trump may visit the country in late summer. (Renewed) calls for mass protests are everywhere, of course. The Metro news outlet features a picture of a pamphlet that reads No To Racism. No To Trump, that dates from an earlier occasion (Trump was supposed to come several times, but never did).

Now, good luck with those protests, it’s still a free country, in name at least. But boy oh boy, would you guys miss the point. Because as we now all know – or could-, your country is being governed by a group of people who are so racist they make even Trump’s fake tan pale in comparison. If Theresa May is still in office by the time Trump visits, you’re all a bunch of racists.

Both May and her Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and you all know they’re far from alone- look so completely deranged in reports about the Windrush scandal that you will have to get rid of them first, or else shut up about Trump because you will have no moral ground whatsoever left on which to protest his visit.

For those of you who don’t know what Windrush is about, and if you’re British you have no excuse not to know, it’s the name given to a group of people who arrived, on invitation, in Britain between the late 1940s and early 1970s, often as children, and whose legal status in the country is now put in so much doubt that some have already been deported, some are denied health care, and all live in fear. Despite having lived and worked and paid taxes all their lives.

There are many instances of people who have never left Britain for a family visit, some who can’t see their own children because they did go for that visit and weren’t allowed back in, the entire story is so appalling and disastrous it’s hard to read the various reports on it. The common denominator of all of these people? They are black.


Windrush: When Even Legal Residents Face Deportation

In the aftermath of World War II, the British government invited thousands of people from Caribbean countries in the British Commonwealth to immigrate to the United Kingdom and help address the war-torn country’s labor shortages. Now, nearly 70 years later, many of those same people, now elderly, are having their legal status in the country questioned and are facing deportation. Though the deportation threats date as far back as October, the crisis burst into wider view this week after Caribbean diplomats representing a dozen Commonwealth nations chastised the U.K. government publicly. “This is about people saying, as they said 70 years ago, ‘Go back home.’ It is not good enough for people who gave their lives to this country to be treated like this,” Guy Hewitt, the high commissioner from Barbados to the U.K., said at a gathering of the diplomats.

As for the Guardian, which claims it broke the story, here’s a question: where were you all those years? As for Theresa May, who when she occupied the Home Office from 2010-2016 and devised all manner of tough-on-immigrants measures that have now spread to people the UK itself invited into its nation: you have to go. You cannot continue to be the face of Britain, because you blemish any and all of your fellow country men and women.



As for Donald Trump, as much as we would like to engage in constructive criticism of the man and his government, we find we no longer can. The anti-Trump echo-chamber has turned so deafening that any intelligent debate about his policies is being drowned out amid the never ending flow of fake news and half truths and innuendo and empty smears that US media continue to spout. With a brief lull when the bombs fell on Syria.

Thank you, New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC. Thank you for killing the entire discussion, thank you for killing off journalism. There is a lot to say about Trump, much of it critical, but we can no longer open our mouths. Because we don’t want to be in the same camp as you. Life in the echo chamber has given us vertigo. We had to get out.

And now, what are you going to do? The DNC lawsuit-for-campaign-cash which was launched yesterday against everything Trump, plus Wikileaks, plus everything Russia, may appear to you to be a nice and juicy next episode in your ‘impeach the comb-over’ narrative, but if I were you, I’d be careful. Because the suit creates the ideal ground upon which the empire can strike back.

And the counter suits look a lot stronger. The DNC has nothing on Russia, Wikileaks and most Trump affiliated people and organizations, as the Mueller investigation has shown by now. But Loretta Lynch, the “Pakistani mystery man”, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Comey, McCabe, and many more around Hillary Clinton, that’s a whole different story.

First of all, they haven’t been investigated for well over a year. But can you see Rosenstein now still refusing to appoint a second special counsel and going after anything Democrat? It would cost him his job, and for good reason. And then what will the place of the echo chamber be? What have been your sources on Trump et al over the past, let’s say, 18 months? How are you going to report on your own role? Someone’s going to ask these questions.

And, you know, you do know that at least someone will name Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize if he pulls off ‘pacifying’ North Korea. How will you address that? See, you can’t praise the Donald anymore even if he does achieve things -other than missiles-, and we can’t criticize him anymore for what does indeed go wrong because you monopolized that criticism with your opinionated 24/7 non-news. While claiming to be the serious press.

Trump must be very grateful to you for what you’ve done. Come to think of it, perhaps that second special counsel should look into any payments you have received from Russia. Because nobody has helped Trump more than you have. Except perhaps for the Britons who plan to protest his visit with their racist prime minister.

Why do I feel like most of the world has lost its compass? Like we’re all just aimlessly bobbing around on a sea of meaningless words? You know, Trump territory.



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    Arthur Rothstein Lower Broadway, New York 1941   British media report today that Donald Trump may visit the country in late summer. (Renewed) cal
    [See the full post at: Trump Territory]

    V. Arnold

    The world, most of it, is so fucked up I no longer understand how one even finds a meal to eat, in their deluded states of mind.
    I guess survival instincts rule in a propagandized world; much to my surprise.
    Reading the myriad news sources taxes my grasp of reality, but not too much; I just turn on my classical music station and cruise the cosmic plane and plumb the shallows of our brains…


    “And, you know, you do know that at least someone will name Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize if he pulls off ‘pacifying’ North Korea.

    if you want to give a peace prize to N. Korea.

    V. Arnold

    The Nobel Peace Prize has lost all value; Obama finished it off by accepting what used to be an honor.
    No more; done; finished; dishonored…
    A war criminal who has a Nobel Prize; how fucked up is that?
    The Nobel commitee must accept full responsibility for their wholly political, corrupt, decision!

    Diogenes Shrugged

    The South African black leadership is intent on ridding that country of whites. Whites who’ve been working their farms there for generations. Perhaps it could be thought of as South Africa’s version of Windrush? Wasn’t South Africa a British crown colony once upon a time? It’s tempting to chalk it all up to cosmic karma, but maybe there’s a better explanation.

    Racism goes both ways, and societies habituated to collectivist thinking will forever be damaged by it.


    Yes, the Money Power dElites know how simple minded we are. The concept that people actually rally around principles, preferably moral and honorable principles, is simply too much for almost all ordinary people to comprehend.
    Media that project Money Power traits and agendas upon their bought and paid for pawns, Presidential or otherwise, is A KEY PART OF THE MONEY POWER DECEPTION MATRIX.
    I hope that well meaning people aren’t doing that for free – the anagnorisis of that condition will be tough to bear.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    n. The moment in the plot of a drama in which the hero makes a discovery that explains previously unexplained events or situations.

    I’ll see your anagnorisis and raise you a flaneur.



    Racism is aligned with suprematist thinking??? Institutionalized situational ethics is aligned with civilizational chaos??? Hatred and lies are the basis of a more resilient social backbone than love and truth??? Say it isn’t so! Anti-Logos is the Devil’s weapon of choice.

    “..a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.” Hannah Arendt

    Dr. D

    What makes you think there aren’t good guys in the DNC like Seth Rich (allegedly), who would also like to get out from under the level of corruption they find, and thereby bring the party back to what they dreamed when they joined it. IF indeed it is corrupt as some allege, they won’t be able to admit it, but if they make a little “mistake” that cancels omerta, the Progressive wing of the party is waiting to restore it, and even people as corrupt as Donna Brazil have been hovering. Because otherwise, the lawsuit makes great risk with little sense.

    I’ll have to think deeper about the foundations of belief. It does strike me that belief — Christian, Jewish, scientific — is the structure we pin all subsequent information on. It’s our paradigm, our Rorschach pattern, and the way in which we now have dozens of different, mutually exclusive realities. Don’t put your reality on me, we make our own reality now, and are reality-optional. Objective reality is an act of violence and oppression. But that only works when you’re wealthy and can buy off the consequences of your actions. Or in our case, violently make someone else do it.

    Immigration? It’s completely different from our problem in the States. They are fully legal, and eminently provable with a little legwork. They are also more than willing to accept strangers, so long as they are not Christian and come from a war zone. I, for example, an employed English speaker sharing their culture, would probably be denied even if I requested asylum from Trump. But now that they’ve paid taxes and need to draw on the society they’ve been contributing to, they are suddenly denied. And people wonder why I say never trust the government with anything, they’re lying, soulless weasels? If you get to be 70, and are expelled from your own house into a land where you no longer have living connections, tell me how “the government” needs to be larger and the most trustworthy agent to help people. What can I say? It speaks for itself, Greece, Italy, China, worldwide.



    And citizenship, throughout history, has often been seen as an ideal state, closely allied with freedom, an important status with legal aspects including rights, and it has sometimes been seen as a bundle of rights or a right to have rights.[3] Last, citizenship almost always has had an element of exclusion, in the sense that citizenship derives meaning, in part, by excluding non-citizens from basic rights and privileges.


    The varying use of these terms for different groups of foreigners can thus be seen as implying nuances about wealth, intended length of stay, perceived motives for moving, nationality, and even race. This has caused controversy.[9][10][11] For example, a British national working in Spain or Portugal is commonly referred to as an ‘expatriate’, whereas a Spanish or Portuguese national working in Britain is referred to as an ‘immigrant’, thus indicating Anglocentrism.



    The big difference is that in South Africa, when Nelson Mandela danced with the multitudes of Blacks while they were chanting “Death to the Whites”, he got a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Personally, I think that White Europeans are so mentally fucked up that they are unable to struggle for cultural survival – except for countries in Eastern Europe of course.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Mention was made in the Rense interview of a movement to get South African whites to migrate and congregate in a particular place, I believe in the western margins somewhere. To do this, nearly all will have to leave farms and some possessions behind. Cries of “something needs to be done to save these people” appear to be aimed at governments, but by all appearances governments are deaf to the pleas.

    There is a way to make things right in South Africa, but that way stands zero chance of ever Hogging the media spotlight, so the white slaughter will continue apace to completion. What would have been the solution? One ship loaded with AR’s or AK’s and a boatload of ammunition. The whites could have returned to their farms and lived in peace. Yes, a few machete-wielding folks might have been shot in the process. Oh, the humanity.

    But even racial genocide is preferable to legitimate gun ownership. Even genocide is preferable to a successful struggle for cultural survival. Take away their spears, their bows and arrows, their table knives … oh, hell … cut off their nuts, too. Then kill ’em. History will quickly forget what it barely knew in the first place.

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