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Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the desert 1920


If and when a former Rothschild banker starts telling us what the words in our respective languages actually mean, beware. Even if he has dozens of professional speech writers and spin doctors to do it for him. And even if the meaning and interpretation of words, though they may seem easily translatable, differ between English, French, German, Russian, Chinese to such an extent that Lost in Translation may appear to be an understatement.

But if you’re that Rothschild banker who became president of France through a process that nobody will ever understand, and you host the 100th commemoration of perhaps the worst war ever in history, to be ‘celebrated’ with ‘leaders’ none of whom have exhibited any memory through their actions of the ‘This must never happen again’ that the war ended with, you can expect to get away with bending both history and language.

Macron’s entire audience was ready for, and willing to absorb, a message that seemed so benevolent and sincere and loving, and that perhaps most of all was yet another jab at one of his guests, the American president. They were eating it up. As long as they can appear to stand together against Trump, they can make their people, their voters, and perhaps even each other forget how divided they themselves are.

It was nothing but one more circus, one more theater piece, albeit this one extremely carefully scripted for many months and by many of the finest directors and script writers France has to offer. The underlying theme: the EU is good, so is the UN, NATO is good etc. The list would include the IMF, World Bank and on and on. Big global institutions are good, the bigger the better, and criticism of them is not.

Macron’s spin doctors had come up with a few choice lines to express these sentiments. And since I couldn’t find anyone who had looked at those lines with anything but silent and blind admiration (undoubtedly only due to the solemn occasion) , please allow me. Here’s some of the things Macron said, the way they were translated into English, according to Anglo media:


“The old demons are rising again, ready to complete their task of chaos and of death.” “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.

“In saying, ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others’, you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: its moral values.”


Well, yes, the old demons are rising again. Or rather, they have been for years. French arms sales to countries and their often dictatorial leaders who one could classify as ‘nationalists’ have never really abated in the past 100 years. As a country, as a society, at least on the leadership level, nothing has been learned. The only ‘excuse’ Paris could provide for this is that all the other countries who sent away their young and strong to be slaughtered never learned a thing either.

But the spin doctors’ finest hour comes after this: “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” I’m not a linguist, but I know enough about languages -and so do you- to know this is utter nonsense. You may attempt to find some differences between nationalism and patriotism, if you want, but they will never be each other’s opposite. Unless you either are Macron looking for a catchy line or you write his speeches for him.

Obviously, Macron said this because Trump declared himself a nationalist recently. And Macron could now claim that this means Trump is not a patriot. Which we all know is hollow talk. Because Trump said it while speaking about trade, about the US economy. Which does nothing to ‘prove’ he doesn’t love his country. But that is what Macron suggests. He claims patriots love their country, and since nationalism is the opposite of patriotism, Trump does not love America.

Also, and again referring to Trump without mentioning him (if only he had the guts), Macron alleged that nationalists don’t care one bit about what happens to anyone who’s not a citizen of their country. Whereas it is much more likely to mean -I’m treading softly here- that there are people who look out for their own people first, and others after, and they expect all countries to do the same. Macron does the same. A long way away from “whatever happens to others”.


Trump was elected because many Americans feel shortchanged, because jobs have disappeared, because they can’t make ends meet. Macron was elected for largely similar reasons: the existing political system failed to protect people. In many other countries, the exact same dynamics are playing out. Macron’s answer to this is to emphasize -make that celebrate- the importance of the exact institutions that have been instrumental in making it all happen.

Ergo: Macron is a globalist. Or maybe I should say he believes in globalism, before someone chimes in to link this to Judaism. Macron believes in global economies and global institutions, whereas Trump does not. The Donald recognizes that global banks and multinationals are responsible to a large extent for the loss of American jobs to low-wage countries. His tariffs, especially on China, address exactly that. Even if he’s clearly conflicted when it comes to US companies who profit from the exact same thing.

Still, that doesn’t mean Trump is not a patriot. But that is precisely what Macron insinuated on Sunday. According to him, one can’t be both a nationalist and a patriot. He might have done better to let the millions who died a 100 years ago, and whom he commemorated, have their own say on that. Did the unfortunate frail forms bleeding to death in the trenches see themselves as nationalists or patriots? Wouldn’t that have been the last thing on their minds? And doesn’t that question tell the entire story?

Doesn’t it put into perspective Macron’s veiled attacks on Trump while the latter was sitting right there? The wonderboy banker trying to gain some sort of moral superiority over the real estate mogul over the heads and rotten bodies and memories of the French and British AND American troops who died deaths the western world can no longer even imagine (while they actively help inflicting them on Yemen) ? And then the entire media run with how beautiful Macron’s words, nay dedications, were?

100 years after the ‘Never Again’, France, Britain, Germany, Russia and the US are still selling billions worth of arms to regimes they know will abuse them. As long as they get their cut, right? The suggestion that Trump is somehow worse than the rest is ludicrous. If anything Trump is a little better on the warmonger front. He still has to prove that, true. The rest have proven their role already though.

Last thought: Xi Jinping is going out of his way to claim China is opening up its economy. That makes him a globalist, right? And globalists can only be nationalists, according to Macron, never patriots? Can we get someone to ask Xi how he sees this? And what about Vladimir Putin? Russia’s been bounced off the global stage through sanctions and allegations, but perhaps he would still like to be a globalist. So is Putin a nationalist or a patriot? Asking for a friend.

Again, according to Macron, you can’t be both. You think about that. What are you?



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    Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the desert 1920   If and when a former Rothschild banker starts telling us what the words in our respective languages act
    [See the full post at: Nationalists and Patriots]


    Again, according to Macron, you can’t be both. You think about that. What are you?

    What the elites say and think about Nationalists and Patriots are two different thing. They are Hypocrite.
    ( definition, a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.)

    What about the rest of us?

    Pick your favorite decription
    ripped off
    taken in

    V. Arnold

    Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the desert 1920
    Isn’t that a great painting?

    Maxwell Quest

    The hypocrisy in these elaborate establishment “circle jerk” commemorations stinks like a soiled diaper. Macron is, as you said, a globalist banker. We know where his loyalties lie. It is not with the French state or culture, which despite it colonial misadventures has a rich history. It is with the EU and their globalist dream of a one-world, banking-dominated government.

    Go ahead a flood your French villages and cities with foreigners who refuse to assimilate, and see if the resulting chaos will produce yet another Voltaire, Pascal, Rousseau or Descartes.


    What all of the grand pooh-bahs of upper butt crack were there to commemorate in reality was, as Fromkin titled his book, “The Peace to End All Peace” and the closeted continuation of imperialism and suprematism/racism, disguised via MSM propaganda and double-speak to preposterously suggest goals of love and fairness. This crowd couldn’t care less about “moral values” or Logos. It’s called chutzpah.

    V. Arnold

    You forgot nieve…

    Dr. D

    When I use a means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

    The question is…which is to be master—that’s all.”


    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again,”


    What all these have in common is that they literally don’t believe there IS an objective reality. Only their own ego. Whatever they think that second is true, unrestrained by the last second or the next, and in fact physics and natural law. There is a name for this metal disorder that is a threat to themselves and others.


    V. Arnold

    Dr D
    I agree with your above and must offer a humble appology for my previous outburst.
    I offer no excuse for inexcusable behavior…
    I’m working on it…

    John Day

    Good work, Ilargi!
    John catching up…


    I must admit I gagged at “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. ” too. My thought is that Macron, like all others of his kind, have always cheered Patriotism, but he wants to criticise Trump. Therefore, they must be opposites.

    The more telling point was that Merkel rushed to the microphone and backed Macron up by saying that an EU army was a sensible idea, (and NATO therefore is a bad idea). I don’t know why they didn’t list all the problems Trump has caused them recently: JCPOA, INF, oil/gas pipelines from Russia via Baltic and Turkey, Ukraine/Crimea sanctions, ejecting Iran from SWIFT, all of which they would be much happier about if Trump would stop bullying them so brazenly.

    The SWIFT system is a standardised system for banks to exchange paperwork ahead of big international transactions. The interface is tightly defined in ISO 9362, so Russia wouldn’t have much trouble in writing an equivalent version of the central server. Russian banks are using RosSwift for 80% of their transactions right now, so could invite Iran and Venezuela into their system easily, undermining the US domination of SWIFT. China is doing likewise, even more so because they import so much oil.

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