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Kazimir Malevich Woman torso 1932


Earlier today, I wrote: “What is an impeachable offense? Turns out, it’s anything the Democrats can get enough votes for.” And I realize saying that gets rid of half my possible audience, but it’s still the impression I’ve gotten over the past -less than- 24 hours.

After 2+ years of her fellow party members and Congress(wo)men riding on the now-defunct Robert Mueller train and clamoring non-stop for impeachment of Donald Trump, the man who stole the 2016 election from their candidate, God’s own candidate Hillary, the one who deserved to win, after 2+ years Nancy Pelosi does a 180 and joins the chorus. So as not to end up as fish food.

And sure, if she’s finally spotted an impeachable offense, that would make sense. But she herself states she joined because of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s Zelensky, and we know Pelosi doesn’t know what was said in that call, nor what’s in the opaque whistleblower complaint linked to it, a complaint moreover that’s based solely on hearsay.

Making the contents of the call public would set a dangerous precedent, because no foreign leader would ever again speak freely to a US president. Even sharing it ‘only’ with Capitol Hill would make them cautious. In that regard, the White House reluctance to share both the call and the complaint makes a lot of sense.

We’re talking many decades of carefully crafted tradition, whose importance cannot be overestimated. Wars have been avoided by these calls. But then again, as Trump said, he’s sure everybody and their pet intelligence hamster is listening in the talks already, so what’s the use anymore?


Democratic Party members smell something, and they think they’re sure is blood, without ever contemplating it might be their own. They’ve all been thinking impeachment for a long time, and now more than ever, because they appear to realize it might be the only way to get rid of Trump and get their people in charge, that the ballot box may well not deliver that outcome.

Ryan Grim’s piece for the Intercept provides a a good picture of what is going on in Dem Camp, not because it’s so well written, it’s actually quite shaky, but because between the lines the despair seeps through. Do read the whole thing, it’s worth the while because it tells a story nobody really talks about.

That is, on various levels of the US political system, Democratic party candidates have become increasingly fearful of losing their seats, and impeachment must bring them ‘salvation’. You get the idea it’s not even so much about what Trump does, but squarely about him standing in their way, like he stood in Hillary’s.


Why The House Democratic Caucus Was Able To Move So Rapidly Toward Impeachment

[..] as Democrats prepped for a series of private meetings, it was clear that nerves had been frayed. August had been a challenge for the party’s rank-and-file, as activists and angry citizens back home browbeat them at town halls, grocery stores, and local events for the party’s unwillingness to impeach President Donald Trump.

“We spent all summer getting the shit kicked out of us back home,” said one Democrat who received such treatment. The day before, former Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski had made a mockery of the Judiciary Committee’s interview of him, betraying open contempt for the process and the people running it.

Swing district freshmen Democrats known as frontliners, meanwhile, had spent the last few weeks vocally decrying the pressure on them to call for impeachment, claiming it was putting them in a political jam. Democrats were debating publicly whether the hearings Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., was running at his Judiciary Committee were or were not in fact the launch of impeachment proceedings.

I’m not sure to which extent to believe this. Do Democrat voters really pester their local politicians about impeaching Trump? Or are they making this up because they need something to blame for their own failures?

[..] The members without official primary challenges were by no means safe, either, as they might soon draw a challenge unless the trajectory of the politics changed. Freshman Lori Trahan from Massachusetts, for instance, came out for impeachment after Dan Koh, whom she beat in a primary by 147 votes in 2018, called on her to do so, with the clear threat that he may run again.

The seats of upward of 200 Democrats were being put at risk to protect a handful of loud frontliners, Raskin argued, and it wasn’t obvious that the strategy was actually protecting them from anything. Grassroots activists were demobilizing, Democrats across the board were facing primary challenges, and somehow, someway, Democrats seemed to be losing, again, to Trump. Something had to give.

“Democrats seemed to be losing, again, to Trump. Something had to give.” That sums it up. And we now know what it was that had to give. That doesn’t make it a winning strategy, though. And then came the Ukraine “news”. It was god-given. The “new” Kavanaugh story a few days before had seemed to, but it was false. Now, however….

[..] That something came later that night, in the form of a Washington Post scoop about a whistleblower complaint from a member of the U.S. intelligence community about a promise Trump had made to a foreign leader. Then, on Thursday evening, the Post reported that the country involved was Ukraine.

The news had landed like a bomb in a Democratic caucus that was already ready to explode. Calls to impeach Trump rained down from the party’s left flank and its presidential candidates. On Friday evening, Democrats were bracing for a backlash back home. “It’s going to be a brutal weekend for a lot of people, especially those who haven’t spoken for impeachment,” one Democrat predicted. Indeed it was.

Democrats, including frontliners, spent the weekend furiously texting and calling each other as they worked through how to respond to Trump’s latest lawlessness. “People are pissed,” said another Democrat over the weekend. “Frontliners are pissed! And not even the ‘progressive’ frontliners either.”

It’s a feeding frenzy inside an echo chamber. All quite rational, of course. And Pelosi had no choice but to join in, or she would have been fish food.

Pelosi didn’t seem to understand the shift that was taking place under her feet. Reporter John Harwood asked an aide to Pelosi over the weekend if the news changed her calculus on impeachment and got back the reply: “no. see any GOP votes for it?”

Jon Favreau, a speechwriter for President Barack Obama who now serves, from his perch at Pod Save America, as something of a tribune for the volunteer-resistance army that phone banked and door-knocked Democrats into the majority, was apoplectic. “This is insane,” he said. “This is pathetic. This is not what we worked so hard for in 2018.” By Tuesday afternoon, Pelosi was calling for impeachment proceedings to begin.

We want impeachment, and we’ll figure out later what for. There are Democrats right now, after recognizing nobody knows what is in either the call or the complaint, who say it’s about Trump’s entire body of work, about months and months of violating the constitution etc. I think they’ll have to be more specific than that for the inquiry, however.

“The actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the constitution,” Pelosi said in a formal address in Washington on Tuesday evening. “The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

I swear, one of these days I’m going to lose it over the next person who says “No one is above the law.” That must be the emptiest statement in politics, ever, but certainly these days.

Now, of course, lest we forget, that plenty Democrats ‘support’ impeachment doesn’t mean much of anything. There’s about a zero Kelvin chance of getting it through the Senate. Plus, you need a specific reason for impeachment, and we’ve already seen the Ukraine isn’t it, because nobody even knows what was said.

Which makes me think Pelosi’s heart can’t be in it, and that makes her a weak advocate for the issue. So what other grounds for impeachment will they come up with? That can only be things that happened in the past, and things Pelosi never thought were impeachable, or at least wouldn’t get enough votes. Why should they now?


As an aside, the Democrat candidates and frontliners -and Nancy Pelosi as per last night- are throwing Joe Biden under the bus, who’s still their leading candidate. Because there’s no way Biden will survive a thorough investigation into Ukraine. That is so obvious I’m wondering if they meant to get rid of him all along.

And then there are the ‘technicalities’. “In his response to the Democrats’ move, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said: “Speaker Pelosi happens to be the Speaker of this House, but she does not speak for America when it comes to this issue.” “She cannot unilaterally decide we’re in an impeachment inquiry,” he added.”

And I absolutely love this bit: “In her announcement Ms Pelosi said the six congressional committees already investigating Mr Trump would continue their work, but now under the umbrella of a formal impeachment inquiry.”. That says Heads of the Five Families to me, right there. You got your Tattaglia, your Barzoni etc.

There are 6 different active investigations into Trump. Well over two years after Robert Mueller started his $40 million utter failure of an investigation. Why? Impeachment. And they have all come up empty so far.

Love this bit too from the BBC on Ukraine media: “Some argue that the timing could not be worse for President Zelensky, who is scheduled to meet Donald Trump in New York later on Wednesday. Public TV station Pershy describes the controversy as a “trap” for Ukraine. “It would be stupid to start playing into the hands of either Democrats or Republicans,” said one of the channel’s commentators. Others contend that the Ukrainian president has US politicians over the barrel. “Zelensky has two pistols in his hands: one pointing at Trump, and the other at Biden,” reports Pryamy TV.


There’s no way to end this without yet another shout-out to Tulsi Gabbard, who made the October Democratic debate after ‘missing’ the September one, and who has no qualms going against the official DNC-sponsored party line party on this either if she thinks it’s wrong.

She told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that she’ll remain consistent to her message that the road to 2020 can only be found in a clear victory and mandate, saying it’s for “the American people… making that decision” of who is in the White House, not impeachment.

“I believe that impeachment at this juncture would be terribly divisive for the country at a time when we are already extremely divided. The hyperpartisanship is one of the main things driving our country apart,” Gabbard told host Brian Kilmeade. “I think it’s important to beat Donald Trump, that’s why I’m running for president,” she said.

“But I think it’s the American people who need to make their voices heard making that decision.”

We need to get Tulsi her own party, right? Because right now, she’s not fighting Trump, she’s fighting the DNC and the rest of her ‘own’ party. What a waste of time and money, and conviction and talent.





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    Kazimir Malevich Woman torso 1932   Earlier today, I wrote: “What is an impeachable offense? Turns out, it’s anything the Democrats can get enoug
    [See the full post at: Desperate Democrats Dig Deep]


    Do you think that the inquiry will be done in front of the cameras or in close committee meeting?
    What a joke!

    Vote for me!

    “In her announcement Ms Pelosi said the six congressional committees already investigating Mr Trump would continue their work, but now under the umbrella of a formal impeachment




    I just read the tel. phone call.
    Nothing burger.


    Now now zero, methinks you need to watch more CNN. Their ilk sees case closed, guilty as charged.


    I would think that TЯump blackmailing an ally by withholding aid to a country being attacked by Putin to help him find or makeup dirt on a political rival is the very definition of desperate.

    John Day
    Tulsi Gabbard may become a historical agent of change.
    She’s against the wars of empire, and with first-hand knowledge of war.
    She’s sure. That’s necessary.
    Tulsi has shown up with over 2% support in so many polls, that another one was finally in the list the DNC had to accept for qualifying..
    She will be in the October Democratic debate(s). Will she be in the same debate with Warren and/or Sanders, if there are two?
    Will Joe Biden give up his spot?

    The DNC announces tougher inclusion criteria for November debate. Who will get weeded? Who won’t get weeded? Now taking bets.

    Rudy Giuliani went on TV this morning and fired a broadside at Biden and Obama.
    He also called out the Obama administration for being “in the tank,” asking “Why didn’t Obama say – when he saw the first Ukraine article that said there was a serious conflict of interest. Why didn’t Obama call his Vice President and say ‘Joe, you can’t give this kid a job … Joe, did you get your kid a job with the crookedest oligarch in Ukraine? Just four months after we had to toss him out of the military for drug addiction? Do you know how that’s gonna look Joe?”

    Ukraine Likely to Reopen Probe of Hunter Biden Firm
    President Zelensky came to office vowing to fight corruption, and it looks like he’ll open a lot of cases shut by shady prosecutors. But the focus is on Ukraine, not the U.S.

    Following the release of a transcript betwen President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – which does not rev​e​al a ‘quid pro quo’ or other attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Trump’s 2020 Democratic rival Joe Biden, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel took to Twitter to dissect yet ‘another internal attempt to take out a president.’

    IG Says Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Had ‘Bias’ In Favor Of ‘Rival Candidate’

    Dr. D

    We arm-twist and blackmail countries to do our bidding? That must be a first.

    No, really, Ukraine already had an investigation running. It’s not ours, it’s theirs, because it’s been running since 2012 until Biden shut it down, with Obama’s direct support, in March 2016. It’s not a question of WHETHER it is corrupt in Ukraine, EVERYTHING in corrupt in Ukraine, it has the sad honor to be the most corrupt nation on earth. So anyone who has ever been there, or worked with anyone there, has perforce, also participated in that corruption. Not all nations are our nation and not all ways are our ways, that’s sovereignty.

    My only thought on this was that all the anti-corruption initiatives somehow involved taking billions from uber-poor Ukraine and moving it to London where it would be “safe”. Safe from the impoverished and desperate Ukrainian people, certainly, like their now-missing gold. Just like Magnitsky and Bill Browder, now a UK citizen, took all of Russia’s billions safely back to London, under Yeltsin, the way insider participant Martin Armstrong describes. Funny ol’ world.

    So anyway, TЯump Biden blackmailing an ally by withholding aid to a country being attacked by Putin we just spent $5B to illegally create an illegal coup and was even then in a war with Russian separatists to help him find or makeup hide dirt on a political rival ally is the very definition of desperate.

    That’s why Trump had this PARTICULAR phone call with this PARTICULAR country, with this PARTICULAR subject, and had it leaked when this PARTICULAR Biden is the DNC front-runner, this PARTICULAR number of days from the Primary. The media wouldn’t cover it otherwise.

    all of those ridiculous charges and all of the mistakes made at The New York Times and other places. You’ve had a very bad week and this will be better than all of them. This is another one. So keep playing it up because you’re going to look really bad when it falls. I guess I’m about 22 and 0, and I’ll keep it that way. … keep asking questions and build it up as big as possible so you can have a bigger downfall.” D.J. Trump

    Don’t know what I can say. I don’t think he’s capable of making it more obvious, or the media misunderstand it with more natural, partisan acumen.

    Maxwell Quest

    I suspect that there are larger forces at work here other than your everyday political infighting. How is it that such a weak pretext of a hearsay conversation with Ukraine’s president would cause Nancy Pelosi to now jump on the Impeach Trump bandwagon?

    Could it be that the globalists were unhappy with Trump’s recent U.N. speech in which he said that the future belongs to “patriots” (Nationalism) and not “globalists”? Have you noticed how much effort over the last twenty years has gone into weakening national cultures via unchecked immigration, at the same time as power is being consolidated into supra-national organizations like the EU and banks? That those who have tried to resist these plans have been bitterly attacked… Greece, Italy, Brexit, Russia, China, Trump?

    Whatever you may think of Trump and his personal faults, he is a symbol of the forces that are trying to reclaim national sovereignty, that believe it is better to live in a multi-polar world instead of a one-world government that is unchecked in its dominance and greed. And since it is looking increasingly likely that he will be reelected in 2020, he must be taken out at all costs. As Speaker of the House, I’m more inclined to believe that Ms. Pelosi is just one of the globalist’s many pawns and working on their behalf.


    By bringing up Biden you all are trying to give Trump a free pass for his blackmail.


    Timeline: Trump, Giuliani, Biden, and Ukrainegate


    Yeah, we’re all guilty. That just leaves a mention of who are not. Guess you won’t find them here. Then again, there’s Turfkiller, he makes an effort. But he’s a lone voice in a desert of stupidity, blindness and misunderstanding.


    It’s no mean feat to see how the exact same info is interpreted in 180º different ways. But that’s our new normal. Today’s transcript is a pretty perfect example of it, but this has been going on since Trump announced his candidature. The media fashion your opinion for you.

    Now tell me, how many people around you do you know that you would trust to be smart enough not to fall for that? I’m not asking about you, because I already know you think you are that smart. Comes with the territory. You think your opinion is your own. But then everybody does.

    How many people will admit their opinion is nothing but what they read and see at NYT, WaPo, CNN et al? Nobody will. But for a vast majority or Americans (and this is true all over the western world, just with different TV stations and papers), that’s where they got their opinions from.

    What are the odds you’re not part of that vast majority? Know any probability theory?

    NB: yes, Fox does it too. But those guys have been at it for ages, we see them coming from beyond the horizon, while the NYT, Maddow, WaPo, have only recently moved there, and only because they figured out it was their biggest money maker ever.


    I’m not a Trump fan although I prefer him in office to Hillary. Back in the 2016, I called the duopoly choice of Hillary vs Trump as ‘ratshit vs batshit’. I didn’t vote for either of them so don’t blame me.

    Why do I prefer Trump over Hillary? Because I’m convinced that Trump understands how little fun it is to play golf in a stuffy, mildewed, harshly lit underground survival bunker on Astroturf, even New and Improved! Nanoturf. Trump, imo, carries a lesser risk factor for provoking a nuclear conflict than Hillary. However, every day in office he grows older and more deranged as his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and growing old age take their toll on his aching head, and he’s hounded by greedy sociopathic war hogs, so that risk grows hourly.

    So, that said, I’ll promote the probability that we haven’t gotten all the dirt yet on the Biden/Trump affair, and that neither party will come out clean. Right now, it’s just competing entities and media complexes trying to get the upper hold, imo. Right now, it looks like the Biden camp is poised to reclaim the media narrative and get a dominant grip on the Trump faction. But this corruption centipede has many more shoes yet to fall, sez moi, and today’s Democrats are the best friend the Republicans ever had. The Dems will fall on their own sword yet, I suspect.

    Biden is a creep, Trump is a creep, just in different ways at different times. Rome is burning. Music. maestro, please:

    Creeps Gonna Creep


    Oops! White House Emails Democrats Its Trump-Ukraine Talking Points

    And so forth. So now the Dems circulate talking points that weaken the narrative one presumes they want to promote. With enemies like that, who needs friends?


    “How many people will admit their opinion is nothing but what they read and see”

    When leader talk to each other they do deals, pork, tit for tat etc.


    Top Ukrainian justice official says US ambassador gave him a do not prosecute list

    Whatever the comprehensive truth is, it’s far from cut’n’dried for-or-against either camp.

    Spin-dizzy, I am:

    Keep Me Turning

    (That’s the amazing Henry Spinetti on drums, tom-tom afficiandos. Too little known but always in demand.)


    Want my vote?

    THEN … put my demands in the bill.

    This is the way it done.

    We have the news media “pot calling the kettle black”.


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