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Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance at Bougival 1883


Guidelines To Place Children In Solitary Quarantine ‘Cruel Punishment’ (TSun)
Bill Gates Warns Post-Covid Return To Normal Could Take All 2022 (F.)
Brazil Variant May Make Foreign Summer Holidays Impossible, Ministers Told (G.)
Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting (OffG.)
Trump On 2024: ‘I May Decide To Beat Them For A Third Time’ (SAC)
Biden’s Message To Iran: The Battlefield Has Been Inaugurated (Magnier)
Cuomo Cedes Control Of Harassment Probe (JTN)
NY’s Sexual Harassment Working Group Urges Gov. Cuomo To Resign (NYP)
Democrats Demand The Firing Of The Senate Parliamentarian (Turley)
Efforts In Key Battleground States To Return Voting To Pre-2020 Rules (JTN)
China’s Fiscal Risks ‘Extremely Severe’, Former Finance Minister Warns (SCMP)
The Big “Buy & Hype” Bitcoin Casino (Wolf Richter)
Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data (Wired)







Illustrative of the state of mind the world has entered. Zero comprehension of complex systems. Everything exists in one dimension only.

Guidelines To Place Children In Solitary Quarantine ‘Cruel Punishment’ (TSun)

Peel Health has issued guidelines to parents instructing them to keep any children who have been sent home because a classmate has tested positive for COVID-19 isolated in a separate room from all other family members for 14 days. The severe guidelines, which apply even to small children who are dismissed from child care, are being criticized by experts as harmful and not supported by science. “This is cruel punishment for a child, especially for younger children, 4-10 years old,” Dr. Susan Richardson, a microbiologist and infectious disease physician who is also a professor emerita at University of Toronto, wrote in an email to the Sun. “Shutting a child off from their parents and siblings for up to 14 days in this manner could produce significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological effects.”

The handout distributed at Peel Region schools explains, “If your child does not have any symptoms: the child must self-isolate, which means stay in a separate room, eat in a separate room apart from others, use a separate bathroom if possible.” The handout also says, “If the child must leave their room, they should wear a mask and stay 2 metres apart from others.” Any other children in the household not only must be both separated from their siblings but also stay home for 14 days. “This does not seem practically possible and is highly likely to cause harm to children who would already be experiencing considerable distress with having to remain at home,” Dr. Tess Clifford, the director of the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s University, said in an email to the Sun.

Clifford said those making decisions about pandemic mitigation measures need to consider the well-being of children across multiple domains of health. “I don’t understand how any health-care professional has moved so far away from the fundamentals of public health and of doing no harm that they would think that basically incarcerating a child in a room for 14 days is in any way justified,” said Dr. Martha Fulford, an infectious diseases physician at Hamilton Health Science who focuses on pediatrics. “This is shocking,” adds Fulford, “especially when you consider this is being proposed for children who are not in any way sick.”

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There is only one truth, and Gates and Fauci control it.

Bill Gates Warns Post-Covid Return To Normal Could Take All 2022 (F.)

Fresh off a third vaccine candidate garnering U.S. regulatory approval, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates called the rapid development of vaccines “a miracle” that should help Americans return to an “almost-normal” way of life as early as fall but also warned that lawmakers aren’t doing enough globally to usher in a full return-to-normal before the end of next year. Speaking to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, 65-year-old Gates said that autumn should bring about some normalcy for Americans with “basically every school back in session,” some level of occupancy in restaurants and sporting events all once again taking place.

“The big problem is that we’re not doing enough to end the pandemic globally,” Gates warned, adding that vaccines thus far are “just going to rich countries,” which leaves the risk that contagious variants could spread abroad and creep back into the United States. That risk–compounded by the potential wave of reinfections–means a full return to normal “could take all of 2022 unless we do a better job,” Gates said. Additional vaccine factories in nations like India could help curtail the risk of infection abroad and bring about a quicker return to normalcy, Gates suggested, pointing to vaccine-makers AstraZeneca, NovaVax and Johnson & Johnson that are already working on such projects.

Speaking to CNN earlier Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said the United States now has three “really good vaccines” that Americans should “have no hesitancy whatsoever to take”–a sentiment Gates echoed of the five candidates approved for distribution in the Western World.

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From a live blog.

Brazil Variant May Make Foreign Summer Holidays Impossible, Ministers Told (G.)

Yvette Cooper, the Labour chair of the home affairs committee, was on the Today programme this morning saying that ministers have repeatedly been told that the measures currently in place in England may be inadequate. She made the same points in a thread on Twitter last night with accompanying ‘I told you so’ evidence. On the Today programme she made a further point, saying that the latest development illustrated why summer holidays abroad might not be possible this year. When she was asked if she thought the government would have to ban holiday flights over the summer, she replied:

“You’re right, there is a concern about whether the government is raising expectations about summer holidays that they may not be able to meet, because this will depend on the relationship between the spread of these new variants and what happens with the vaccine, and the timetable about things like boosters for the vaccine. And we’ve been advised on the committee by scientists that these border measures, and the strength of these border measures, becomes even more important as domestic cases fall. So as our own cases fall, and as the economy and society opens up, they argue that that’s when you actually need stronger measures at the border, rather than reducing them. The trouble is at the moment the government is encouraging people to think that those summer holidays are all going to be possible and international travel is going to return.”

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As we know.

Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting (OffG.)

The decline started in mid-January, far too early for any vaccination program to have any effect. Many experts said as much: “Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, said the falling case numbers can’t be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine, because not even a tenth of the population has been vaccinated, according to the CDC.” Further, the drop is happening simultaneously in different countries all around the world, and not every country is vaccinating at the same rate or even using the same vaccine. So no, the “vaccines” are not causing the drop. Another suspect is the lockdown, with blaring propaganda stating that all the various government-imposed house arrests and “distancing” measures have finally had an impact. That’s not it either. Sweden, famously, never locked down at all. Yet their “cases” and “Covid related deaths” have been dropping exactly in parallel with the UK:

Clearly, if countries that never locked down are also seeing declines in case numbers, the lockdown cannot be causing them. So what is? Maybe for our answer, we should look at the date the decline started. Observe this graph:

As you can see, the global decline in “Covid deaths” starts in mid-to-late January. What else happened around that time? Well, on January 13th the WHO published a memo regarding the problem of asymptomatic cases being discovered by PCR tests, and suggesting any asymptomatic positive tests be repeated. This followed up their previous memo, instructing labs around the world to use lower cycle thresholds (CT values) for PCR tests, as values over 35 could produce false positives. Essentially, in two memos the WHO ensured future testing would be less likely to produce false positives and made it much harder to be labelled an “asymptomatic case”. In short, logic would suggest we’re not in fact seeing a “decline in Covid cases” or a “decrease in Covid deaths” at all.

What we’re seeing is a decline in perfectly healthy people being labelled “covid cases” based on a false positive from an unreliable testing process. And we’re seeing fewer people dying of pneumonia, cancer or other disease have “Covid19” added to their death certificate based on testing criteria designed to inflate the pandemic.

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Is it getting a bit old, or is that just me?

Trump On 2024: ‘I May Decide To Beat Them For A Third Time’ (SAC)

In his first post-White House appearance, former President Donald Trump ripped into President Joe Biden and stressed the importance of a united GOP to win future elections.. He also dropped hints about his political future at this year’s CPAC. The president told the cheering crowd that he may consider running again in 2024. It was what many in the crowd were hoping to hear as the week’s long CPAC event ended in Orlando, Florida. The 45th president spoke for roughly 90 minutes about immigration, women’s sports, and other Biden policies. “Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history… In just one short month, we have gone from America first to America last,” Trump said.

Trump spoke on COVID lockdowns and the politics surrounding reopening schools. “There’s no reason whatsoever why the vast majority of young Americans should not be back in school immediately,” Trump said. “The only reason that most parents do not have that choice is because Joe Biden sold out America’s children to the teachers’ unions.” He also commented on the 2020 election, saying it was not a fair election and if it had been, it would have had a “very different” result. “This election was rigged. And the Supreme Court didn’t want to do anything about it,” he said. Trump even teased a future for his political career, saying he [thinks] a Republcian will in in the next cycle, and he asked “I wonder who that will be?”

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“Biden’s ill-considered murder of Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS.”

Biden’s Message To Iran: The Battlefield Has Been Inaugurated (Magnier)

Several F-15’s have launched an attack against multiple targets on the Iraqi-Syrian borders against Iraqi security forces, Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation Forces – PMF), by direct order of President Joe Biden. This is the first military action ordered by the new President and certainly not the last. So far, the US President has followed his predecessor’s steps concerning the sanctions imposed on foreign states and groups. One symbolic exception was the Yemeni Ansar Allah’s delisting from the US terrorist list without lifting the harsh sanctions on food supply, medicine, and oil. Moreover, it is not realistic to consider the US bombing of PMF positions, described by the Pentagon as “Iranian-backed militant groups”, as anything but a direct message directed to Iran in person.

The US is saying that the bombing of the Iraqi security forces means that its military option is on the table and will be used without hesitation against any threat to US interests in the Middle East, particularly those close to Iran. This is a challenge that is certainly not unexpected by Iran, which has vowed to expel all US forces from west Asia following the unlawful assassination of Soleimani. The battlefield has been inaugurated. A few days ago, President Biden contacted the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kahdimi following the rocket attacks against US bases in Kurdistan-Iraq earlier this month. Biden told al-Kadhimi that he would retaliate against the rocket attack. The Iraqi Prime Minister failed to inform the US President that the US forces mandate doesn’t allow the violation of the Iraqi sovereignty neither the bombing of its security forces deployed on the borders to prevent the “Islamic State” (ISIS) movement of the militants’ supply line and potential attacks.

Biden, like his predecessor Donald Trump, ordered the bombing of the most crucial position to Iran and its allies: Albu Kamal – al Qaem crossing. This same crossing was under ISIS control when the assassinated Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani led the attack to liberate it following the US occupation of al-Tanf crossing between Syria and Iraq. This rapid move by Iran angered both Israel and the US, who wished to impose a land siege on Syria to prevent the flow of goods from Iraq and prevent the “Axis of the Resistance” link between Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut.

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Now he’s gone. Pelosi and Biden weigh in.

Cuomo Cedes Control Of Harassment Probe (JTN)

Under fire from dual scandals, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday ceded control of an investigation into whether he sexually harassed female subordinates and admitted for the first time some of his behavior with women “may have been insensitive or too personal.” The reversal by New York’s top Democrat came as senior members of his own party called the allegations against him credible and demanded an independent probe. “The women who have come forward with serious and credible charges against Governor Cuomo deserve to be heard and to be treated with dignity,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Fox News, signaling the fallout from Cuomo’s scandals had stretched beyond Albany to Washington. “The independent investigation must have due process and respect for everyone involved.”

Cuomo on Saturday evening initially appointed a former federal judge to evaluate the sex harassment allegations from two state former workers, Charlotte Bennett and Lindsey Boylan. But he reversed course Sunday amid mounting criticism he was trying to control the probe. He ceded to demands that Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, control the inquiry. James said she planned to deputize an outside law firm to conduct “a rigorous and independent investigation.” Cuomo also issued an apology, saying that while he had never inappropriately touched or propositioned anyone he may have engaged in inappropriate comments that felt like flirtation to women.

[..] The Biden White House weighed in on Sunday as well, calling for an independent review. “There should be an independent review looking in to these allegations, and that’s certainly something he supports and we believe should move forward as quickly as possible,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki told CNN’s State of the Union. Prominent Democrats, including state Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, had urged Cuomo to follow the state’s tradition and refer the probe to James. “As has become standard practice in the State of New York when allegations relate directly to the Executive, Governor Cuomo should refer the matter to the Attorney General, who should, in turn, appoint an independent investigator,” Nadler said.

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“An anti-sexual-harassment group made up of former state legislative staffers..”

NY’s Sexual Harassment Working Group Urges Gov. Cuomo To Resign (NYP)

An anti-sexual-harassment group made up of former state legislative staffers called on Gov. Cuomo to resign Saturday in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against him. “ENOUGH. New York State has now lost the talents and ambition of yet another woman, whose safety and integrity were eliminated to serve a powerful man’s desires. Andrew Cuomo must resign now,” the Sexual Harassment Working Group said in a statement, after ex-Cuomo aide, Charlotte Bennett, accused the governor of behaving inappropriately toward her last year. Bennett, 25, told The New York Times that Cuomo, 63, complained to her about being “lonely” and not being able to hug anyone during the pandemic, before pressing her on who she last hugged.

When she revealed her own history of sexual assault to Cuomo, Bennett claimed his reaction “was something out of a horror movie,” the paper reported. Cuomo allegedly kept repeating to Bennett, “‘You were raped and abused and attacked and assaulted and betrayed,’ over and over again while looking me directly in the eyes … It was like he was testing me,” she told a friend in a text message which was viewed by The Times. Earlier this week, the Sexual Harassment Working Group had called for in investigation of the governor after another former staffer, Lindsey Boylan, accused him of trying to kiss her on the mouth and suggesting a game of “strip poker.” “There must be an immediate independent investigation into Governor Cuomo’s workplace behavior, conducted by an entity over which Cuomo does not have any appointment or supervisory powers,” the group tweeted hours after Boylan came forward.

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“The use of a reconciliation bill was an effort to circumvent the filibuster and allow a majority vote on the hike. However, by using reconciliation, the Democrats triggered the ‘Byrd rule’..”

Democrats Demand The Firing Of The Senate Parliamentarian (Turley)

Democratic members this week attacked Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough after she (correctly) ruled that the inclusion of the $15 minimum wage hike in a reconciliation bill violated Senate rules. The response from Democratic members and many in the blogosphere was withering. Rep. Ilhan Omar called for MacDonough to be fired and others denounced her actions and called the Senate to simply overrule her — and the long-standing rules. It is not just the effort to gut or flip the “Byrd Rule” but vicious attacks on this parliamentarian that is so disconcerting. The use of a reconciliation bill was an effort to circumvent the filibuster and allow a majority vote on the hike. However, by using reconciliation, the Democrats triggered the ‘Byrd rule’ – which limits the type of provisions in the reconciliation process to taxing and spending.

The purpose is to limit an add-ons through reconciliation to measures designed to have a direct impact on the federal budget—barring the use of reconciliation to introduce “extraneous” measures. Otherwise, reconciliations could circumvent the normal legislative process and the filibuster option for the minority. The rule allows a senator to object when a reconciliation bill is brought to the floor through a Point of Order on the bill. After the Byrd Rule is raised, the Senate Parliamentarian informs the Presiding Officer on how to rule and the Presiding office conveys that to the Senate. Senators can then vote to overrule the Presiding Officer but the process protects the minority and the parliamentarian by requiring that a vote to overrule secure a three-fifths majority.

The Parliamentarian’s role is key to a system of orderly legislative process. To simply disregard such rules (and fire those who seek to maintain them) is yet another example of the rage that has replaced reason in our current politics. Byrd was famous for putting the interests of the Senate and the Constitution before his own party. This effort shows increasingly rare such institutional defenders have become in this age of rage. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the first to balk at any rules standing in the way of reform: “I think the parliamentarian is verging on, you know, just really intruding in this legislative process in a very concerning way.” I am not really sure what that actually means. Parliamentary rules are the thing that defines the legislative process and guarantees a neutral and ordered process of deliberation and enactment.

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Too many people don’t *want* transparent elections.

Efforts In Key Battleground States To Return Voting To Pre-2020 Rules (JTN)

Significant legislative attempts are underway in multiple U.S. states, including key battleground states, to roll back major changes in voting rules and regulations to various pre-2020 status quo antes. The efforts come after an historically chaotic election process that has left millions of Americans doubtful of election fairness, security, transparency and accountability. Changes to election rules — some of them enacted prior to 2020 and others put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last year — have included expansive mail-in voting, expanded early voting, relaxation of verification rules, and extensions to ballot receipt deadlines. Those rules likely contributed to a record 158,000,000-plus votes cast in the 2020 election.

But the relaxation of various voting requirements has also led to significant distrust in the election system: Nearly 40% of voters believe that U.S. elections are beset by fraud, while a similar number claim that such concerns haven’t been properly vetted by public authorities. Legislators in numerous states are angling to address some of those concerns by pushing for legislation to shore up what critics claim are the vulnerabilities created by relaxed voting rules. In Georgia — which flipped blue for Biden this year in one of several razor-thin races that went in the Democrat’s favor — the Senate passed a bill that would require voters to submit “photocopies of voter identification documents for absentee ballot applications.”

The bill would do away with the current signature-matching system currently in place for absentee voting. Critics have accused that system of being ripe for fraud and abuse, particularly after the state’s Gov. Brian Kemp agreed to activist demands last year to make it much more onerous for officials to reject disputed signatures. In Pennsylvania — which Trump lost by fewer than 100,000 votes — state lawmakers have signaled an intent to repeal the state’s “no-excuse” mail-in voting system, first implemented in 2019. State Sens. Patrick Stefano and Doug Mastriano last month said in a Senate memorandum that they “intend to introduce legislation repealing the no-excuse mail-in ballot provisions” put in place two years ago via the state’s Act 77.

“By removing the provisions of law that allow for no-excuse mail-in ballots, we can regain some trust in our elections’ integrity,” the senators argued. Stefano has also vowed to repeal Act 77’s “annual mail-in voter list” and to mandate that “only the Pennsylvania Department of State may send applications for mail in ballots to eligible voters.” “By guaranteeing that eligible voters must apply for a mail-in ballot for each election, and that only the Department of State may distribute the applications to apply for mail-in ballots,” he wrote, “we can address much of the confusion and frustration that surrounded our most recent election cycle.”

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“Lou charged that the United States was monetising its budget deficit to transfer its debt burden to the rest of the world..”

China’s Fiscal Risks ‘Extremely Severe’, Former Finance Minister Warns (SCMP)

China’s fiscal situation is “extremely severe with risks and challenges”, former finance minister Lou Jiwei has warned, citing fallout from aggressive US stimulus policies, the global economic slowdown during the pandemic, an ageing Chinese population and mounting domestic local government debt. Lou offered his sharp critique in December but the assessment has only been made public more recently, with just days to go now before China’s political elites meet for their annual legislative session to decide the details of economic policy. Among the big issues will be whether to scale back the fiscal stimulus implemented last year to combat the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and instead focus on curbing rising debt risks.

Beijing is expected to cut back fiscal stimulus even as Washington closes in on approval for an additional US$1.9 trillion in economic stimulus proposed by President Joe Biden. Lou, who served as China’s finance minister from 2013 to 2016, warned that the country’s fiscal revenue was expected to be stuck at “a low level” in the coming five years, with no sign of the government cutting back its spending. “The fiscal difficulties are not only a near-term or short-term issue, but also will be serious in the medium term,” said Lou, who is known for his outspoken views. Lou’s remarks were contained in a speech delivered in December but only published in February by a magazine affiliated with the Ministry of Finance.

Lou charged that the United States was monetising its budget deficit to transfer its debt burden to the rest of the world, especially to developing countries like China. To finance its large and growing budget deficit, the US government has had to issue increasingly large amounts of Treasury bonds. In addition, the Federal Reserve had bought large amounts of those bonds to inject liquidity into the market – so-called quantitative easing – with the additional cash rapidly pushing up the prices of stocks and other financial assets to levels far beyond those justified by economic fundamentals, Lou said.

[..] On Thursday, US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell reaffirmed that the central bank had no plans to tighten monetary policy until it had seen a sustained improvement in employment. He expressed no concern at the prospect of rising inflation and rising asset prices. But Lou warned that the US view was short-sighted. “Once the pandemic has been brought under control and the [global] economy begins to recover, fiscal and monetary policies will make a turn that will impact on global financial stability and the economic growth of various countries,” Lou said. “Emerging market countries are facing a double blow to both their economies and finances, with the economic risk transforming into fiscal and financial risks, raising the risk of a debt crisis.”

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Nice story. Wolf will make some enemies with this.

The Big “Buy & Hype” Bitcoin Casino (Wolf Richter)

So bitcoin is trading at about 57,000 bucks at the moment. Its market cap is over $1 trillion. This glorious moment jogged my memory, so I dug up that old email. Back in August 2012, I was contacted via my website by some guy about bitcoin. At the time, bitcoin was at 10 bucks. He wanted to buy my book and pay with bitcoin. So for the paperback, which sells for about 15 bucks on Amazon, he would have had to fork over 1 and a half bitcoin. So today, the proceeds from the sale of that paperback would be around 85,000 despised fiat dollars. He called bitcoin a “monetary revolution.” He wrote, “There is a large and growing community of bitcoin users, who are migrating away from the dollar and euro, because those currencies are being inflated away to nothing.”

And he said, “The value of a bitcoin has doubled in the last 4 months.” Which is the monetary revolution, apparently, that money keeps doubling every few months. He offered me a deal. If I listed my book on a site called CoinDL, he’d buy my book, and he said he would “recommend it on the bitcoin internet forums.” And then, on my site, I would need to encourage people to buy bitcoin. I would have to post my bitcoin address, ask for donations in bitcoin, etc. to let people know that I was endorsing bitcoin, and that I held bitcoin, so that they too would pile into it. Maybe I could have sold one book to him, plus three more books to some other folks on the internet forums he frequented, four books in total, for six bitcoin in total.

Today, those six bitcoin would have amounted to 342,000 despised fiat dollars. What was striking about the deal he tried to draw me into: He offered to buy my book for bitcoin and help me sell a few more books for bitcoin, and in return I would leverage my site to hype bitcoin to my readers. Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly how it worked universally, and even today the same principle is in effect, but now big players have jumped into it, and they quietly bought bitcoin, and then they used their global megaphones that the mainstream media amplified for all to see, and they hyped bitcoin, and it’s on the front of the mainstream media, and bitcoin has soared.

Buy and hype. This is the principle on which bitcoin has operated from day one. Everyone getting into it would become a hype artist. And there would be no metric by which its price could be judged. These two factors were the true genius behind bitcoin. So obviously, I didn’t go for the deal. I didn’t need to participate in a “monetary revolution,” where the value doubles in four months. This has nothing to do with monetary anything, but is a form of gambling that relies on ever more new gamblers entering the casino and bidding up the price, with more and more gamblers selling each other the bitcoin, all united in the singular purpose of driving up its price so that everyone could get rich.

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Gab is not a far right platform. It’s just a platform that doesn’t censor.

Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data (Wired)

When Twitter banned Donald Trump and a slew of other far-right users in January, many of them became digital refugees, migrating to sites like Parler and Gab to find a home that wouldn’t moderate their hate speech and disinformation. Days later, Parler was hacked and then dropped by Amazon web hosting, knocking the site offline. Now Gab, which inherited some of Parler’s displaced users, has been badly hacked too. An enormous trove of its contents has been stolen—including what appears to be passwords and private communications. On Sunday night the WikiLeaks-style group Distributed Denial of Secrets is revealing what it calls calling “GabLeaks,” a collection of more than 70 gigabytes of Gab data representing more than 40 million posts.

DDoSecrets says a hacktivist who self-identifies as “JaXpArO and My Little Anonymous Revival Project” siphoned that data out of Gab’s backend databases in an effort to expose the platform’s largely rightwing users. Those Gab patrons, whose numbers have swelled after Parler went offline, include large numbers of Qanon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and promoters of former president Donald Trump’s election-stealing conspiracies that resulted in the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. DDoSecrets cofounder Emma Best says that the hacked data includes not only all of Gab’s public posts and profiles—with the exception of any photos or videos uploaded to the site—but also private group and private individual account posts and messages, as well as user passwords and group passwords.

“It contains pretty much everything on Gab, including user data and private posts, everything someone needs to run a nearly complete analysis on Gab users and content,” Best wrote in a text message interview with WIRED. “It’s another gold mine of research for people looking at militias, neo-Nazis, the far right, QAnon and everything surrounding January 6.” DDoSecrets says it’s not publicly releasing the data due to its sensitivity and the vast amounts of private information it contains. Instead the group says it will selectively share it with journalists, social scientists, and researchers. WIRED viewed a sample of the data, and it does appear to contain Gab users’ individual and group profiles—their descriptions and privacy settings—public and private posts, and passwords. Gab CEO Andrew Torba acknowledged the breach in a brief statement Sunday.

Passwords for private groups are unencrypted, which Torba says the platform discloses to users when they create one. Individual user account passwords appear to be cryptographically hashed—a safeguard that may help prevent them from being compromised—but the level of security depends on the hashing scheme used and the strength of the underlying password. Among the users whose hashed passwords appeared to be included in the data were those for Donald Trump, Republican congresswoman and QAnon-conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, MyPillow CEO and election-conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, and disinformation-spouting radio host Alex Jones. The hacked data also includes a chatlogs.txt file that appears to contain private conversations between the site’s users. That file’s contents begin with an added note from JaXpArO: “FUCK TRUMP. FUCK COLONIZERS & CAPITALISTS. DEATH TO AMERIKKKA.”

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    Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance at Bougival 1883   • Guidelines To Place Children In Solitary Quarantine ‘Cruel Punishment’ (TSun) • Bill Gates Warns
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 1 2021]

    John Day

    There is the change in PCR threshold, but labs, big labs in the US won’t say what threshold they are using. The WHO recommendation, long overdue, coincided with the rise of rapid testing, which does not tend to over diagnose “cases”. We finally had it in use in December and it is what we are now able to rely upon. We have real time feedback on our clinical impressions, and that is the case throughout Austin, and I presume, many other cities and towns.
    We have really, truly been seeing a fall in people sick with COVID since late January in Austin, and specifically in our clinic. The ice-week cut testing down to something like 20% in Texas, and the percent positive rate rose a little, since sick people, sick enough to go to a hospital, still got tested, if they got there.
    It’s really down and sputtering, though, this viral-pandemic. This is the “herd immunity” effect, I believe. People spread it from Halloween through new Year, starting from the comfort of peak vitamin-D levels shortly before that, the freedoms of summer. This is our species pattern.
    It made the “second wave”. There is talk of “third wave” and a coming “fourth wave”, but everybody has an angle they need to push. Yes, the South African strain is different enough that vaccines don’t worke so well, and even prior COVID is less protective, but the herd effect, which is mainly from people having antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not having spike-protein antibodies from a vaccine, mitigates spread and mitigates severity.
    Do take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D, double that fo a couple of months, if you are just starting. 25-50 mg once per day of oral zinc is a good addition to that, and 250 mg per day of quercetin, if they sell it where you live.
    Off to work, now. Lots of making up that lost week, during which I did not get caught up on anything.

    Dr. D

    “Bill Gates Warns Post-Covid Return to Normal Could Take All 2022 (F.)”

    But we will never go back to normal! He already said so! He also said these vaccines do not allow you to a) behave normally b) shop normally and not at Amazon c) eat normally and keep small businesses open d) not quarantine and therefore torture your children in solitary confinement and e) not wear masks.

    In fact, they’ve already told us the vaccines do nothing, because they do not affect rules and behavior.
    Not willing for something this dumb to stand, Fauci says ““really good vaccines” that Americans should “have no hesitancy whatsoever to take” A statement he cannot possibly make since there is no data, evidence, you know: SCIENCE, behind it yet. So he’s LYING. Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying Lying

    You know, lying like this:
    “Brazil Variant May Make Foreign Summer Holidays Impossible”
    “Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting (OffG.)”

    So it’s BOTH rising and falling. It’s both coming and going. A ≠ A

    AND Lying where both Sweden and UK have identical charts, CA and TX have identical charts, AND we’ve cured the common cold.

    Is it just me, or is it LYING in here?

    “Trump on 2024: ‘I May Decide to Beat Them for a Third Time’ (SAC)”

    Should be easy: he’s letting the economic collapse happen on Sniffin’ Joe.

    “Biden’s Message To Iran: The Battlefield Has Been Inaugurated (Magnier)”

    Do his “Beautiful bombs” make him “our President” now, or is that only for Democrats?

    “NY’s Sexual Harassment Working Group Urges Gov. Cuomo to Resign (NYP)”

    But they’ve always been in favor of sexual harassment. They were supporting Epstein, Weinstein, Clinton, Cuomo, P-grabbin’ Biden and all the others going +30 years. And the other ballers. Marion Barry with a freezer full of coke. Ed Buck having drug-fueled gay sex and murdering 2, 3 heck! Nobody knows how many! In his living room.

    ““By guaranteeing that eligible voters must apply for a mail-in ballot for each election, and that only the Department of State may distribute the applications to apply for mail-in ballots…”

    They did this last time. They just ignored it. Nobody cares. It still hasn’t made it to court yet, as the Supreme Court does not believe the Constitution is their jurisdiction.

    “Lou charged that the United States was monetising its budget deficit to transfer its debt burden to the rest of the world..”

    You have to travel all the way to China to hear the truth now.

    “Buy and hype. This is the principle on which bitcoin has operated from day one.”

    That’s because there’s nothing under it but electric costs. And this can only prosper when there’s nothing underneath the USD$ but electric costs – AND massive, open, transparent FRAUD. THEY created Bitcoin, not Nakamoto. It has zero chance of working in an honest system. It has 100% chance of working in an opaque, ruinous, extractive, unjust, unbacked system that uses the money bomb 6 million people this century. They’re fighting their own fraud. This guy seems happy he knew nothing about money and lost $300k. Maybe he wants us to do the same, so we can be super-cool schmartzy-peoples like him. Okey-doke.

    “Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data (Wired)”

    If this is anything like the last one, it is totally untrue. With the Parler hack, again reporters are bad at math, and believe in “Infinity…and beyond!” they said they hacked, I dunno, 1,000 Terrabits over a dial-up connection? Yeah, um, no. Same thing would be similar to Gab, but I guess we’ll find out! In any case, I’d be shocked if they’re not scraping the pages constantly to create essentially the same data.
    Here’s one though: “Among the users whose hashed passwords appeared to be included in the data were those for Donald Trump,”

    Trump is not on Gab. It’s been a high-profile contention. So that’s not his password.

    There is one eternal truth though: Wired wrote it, therefore it’s false. Is it just too hard to ask? Can you not keep 7 digits together long enough to dial a phone?

    It’s also nice to know we believe everything people who say “Death to America” say, and don’t doubt they might doctor the data for even a minute. Nah: I always trust people who openly declare they want my death and the death of everyone I know. That’s just common sense.


    So many contradictions from so many sources and main one being personal observation vs “horror narrative” served to us on the daily basis when it come s to Corona. Instead of being humored by the PAM DEMIC I would rather listen to decisive opinion about it by the medical professional, and we happen to have a few on the board here in this blog (I am not sure what is Dr D doctor of). So far we have only the preventive measures information from them, which is fine, but not a hint of dismantling (or confirming) the skepticism which is fueled by listening to non medical commentators like in this Orlov’s link.

    Hardly my favorite painting by Renoir. Since I am on it, bit of art conundrum: why is it that the two beautifully rendered PAM DEMICS above are illustration only (presence of text has nothing to do with that) and, say, Hopper’s chicks are an art?
    Aesthetics, branch of philosophy dedicated to art, is trying to explain that without much of a success but understood, alas, only after one already knows through personal effort.


    You are part of my reality
    Zero comprehension of complex systems.
    Everything changes
    Goal posts are not moving, goal posts are an illusions. Back to normal?
    Pump and dump, everybody has an angle they push.
    Nobody lies. Everyone has a reason not to tell the truth. Lying by omission.
    History is nebulous
    Facts or fiction
    Ignorance is bliss


    Peel Health Guidance:
    The information about adults in the graphic reveals the focus: it is designed to enable parents to continue to go to work.

    On Saturday was on a Zoom call with some nearby folks who used to attend my church…back when church meant “going” somewhere. Most are a generation older than I and spent their time chatting about how they had received their vaccine shots and were now deciding that it was “safe enough” to see family in person that they hadn’t seen for a year. It was interesting to observe them listening to what they want to believe, ignoring what they don’t want to believe — believing the “experts” about staying home, not meeting with others, taking a vaccine, but ignoring those same experts when told that their efforts to avoid the virus should not change due to their vaccination status.

    I mentioned that I was facing pressure to get vaccinated against Covid in order to perform music. They know that
    I already had Covid. The first response, “Why not just get it?” Ah, gee whiz, now I have to explain that although they are fearing a (near-harmless) virus, they are not concerned about the injection of a foreign substance to their bodies that has not been adequately tested for long term effects. And why should I be pressured to inject myself with a foreign substance when my body has already developed an immune response to the vaccine’s target? It was suggested to me that perhaps the retirement community is just following state guidelines…I pointed out that only the “nursing home” portion of that community is under strict state guidelines, the larger independent living section is not so regulated, and the state is not issuing any directives specifically about live music performances.

    We all do our parts to undo the effects of propaganda, one situation at a time, injecting critical thinking into spheres where it is absent.


    Incoming Bombing, is not fun for either side.

    Inside the attack that almost sent the U.S. to war with Iran
    David Martin speaks with troops who were there as an Iranian ballistic missile attack rained down on Al Asad Airbase in Iraq, part of six days that saw the U.S. and Iran go to the brink of war.

    Alan Johnson: Knocked the wind out of me followed by the most putrid tasting ammonia tasting dust that swept through the bunker coated your teeth.

    We’re going to burn to death.

    Like a freight train going by you.

    Johnson wasn’t the only one frantically searching for cover.
    We get to the bunker and realize there’s roughly 40 people trying to stuff themselves into this bunker that’s made for about ten folks.
    Luck. The only thing I can actually come up with is that hand of God protected us. Because, really, nobody should have lived through this.
    Frank McKenzie: I’ve never been on one like this where real missiles being fired at our forces and where I thought the risks were so high.
    The Iranian attack on Al Asad was in retaliation for a stunning U.S. operation President Trump ordered six nights earlier – a drone strike which killed Iran’s most powerful general, Quasem Soleimani.
    The attack was just hours away when Major Alan Johnson got the word Iran’s most powerful weapons were aiming for Al Asad.

    Alan Johnson: My intelligence officer pulled me aside and basically said, “Sir, I’ve got some bad news for you.” “What’s up?” (LAUGH) “We have information that Iran is fueling 27 medium-range ballistic missiles and their intention is to level this base and we may not survive.”
    David Martin: Did the base have any defense against ballistic missiles?

    Tim Garland: No sir. It was such an unprecedented threat. I don’t think it was ever calculated, so the capability to prevent a ballistic missile attack it– it wasn’t there.

    David Martin: Did you have a plan for what to do?

    Tim Garland: We came up with a plan.

    Staci Coleman: The only real defense against a ballistic missile attack is to get out of harm’s way.
    Frank McKenzie: I think they expected to destroy a number of U.S. aircraft and to kill a number of U.S. service members.
    John Haines: I just threw the phone down and ran to my vehicle. And once that impact happened the back pressure blew our doors closed and then you just see cloud of dirt, fire.

    Staci Coleman: They call it a “shock wave” and you kind of feel that, that wave almost internally. Like, it’s almost as if you, your organs are, you know, kind of wavering around inside.

    Sgt. Kimo Keltz was outside the bunkers, manning a guard post in case the missile barrage was followed by a ground assault.

    Kimo Keltz: We got down and we protected our, our vital organs, our heads, and we waited.

    David Martin: Did it blow you around?

    Kimo Keltz: In one of the closest ones that had hit directly near us had actually lifted my body about two inches off the ground.

    Iran fired a total of 16 missiles from three locations – five missed, 11 landed at Al Asad.
    From first launch to last impact was 80 minutes. Somehow no one was killed. When the sun came up, the survivors surveyed the damage.

    Tim Garland: Shells of a building, you know, skeletal frames left with nothing else. Craters about a room size deep into the ground. Concrete barriers blown across a field or a street.

    John Haines: It looked like a scene from a movie where everything is destroyed around you, but yet, no one was killed.

    Staci Coleman: I still have no idea understanding other than, you know, God being on our side, that no one was seriously injured and there were no, you know, no, no fatalities.
    Alan Johnson: There are people throwing up, everybody had headaches.

    Kimo Keltz: I had a concussion for two weeks.

    David Martin: What’d it feel like?

    Kimo Keltz: Someone hitting me over the head with a hammer over and over and over.

    Alan Johnson: Finally, you know, hours later we realized, “We have a mass casualty event here of traumatic brain injury.”

    Military doctors diagnosed more than 100 cases of traumatic brain injury. Major Alan Johnson and 28 other soldiers received purple hearts.

    David Martin: Do you have any lingering effects today?

    Alan Johnson: Headaches every day, horrible tinnitus or ringing in the ears. PTSD. You know, I’ll be willing to admit that. I still have nightmares.
    Iran was on alert for a possible U.S. strike and hours later mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner, thinking it was an American bomber. 176 entirely innocent people died.

    Produced by Mary Walsh. Associate producer, Tadd J. Lascari. Broadcast associate, Mabel Kabani. Edited by Richard Buddenhagen.

    A Chladni plate consists of a flat sheet of metal, usually circular or square, mounted on a central stalk to a sturdy base. When the plate is oscillating in a particular mode of vibration, the nodes and antinodes that are set up form complex but symmetrical patterns over its surface.
    ( The standing waves push the sand to the outside/exterior/space of the standing wave.
    The frequency and size/shape of the plate determine the patterns that can occur.)


    PEEL Region. Oh my God! That is where I live!

    So I am supposed to put my 2 kids in cages?
    But … there is a slight problem with this stupid plan!
    They are nearly 21 and 25 years old and they are bigger than my wife and me!
    I am more worried that they might get the idea of putting the old folks in cages instead!
    I am going to go back into my cave and hide!


    Canadians returning to Canada by plane are electing to pay a $880 fine, walkout of the airport free to go home and get on with their lives, rather than pay $2,000 per person to be imprisoned in a hotel for a minimum of 3 days if they test negative and 14 days if they test positive.

    So freedom is being sold in Canada for $880!

    That makes perfect sense! It is all about the money!



    Sparkle Socks has set up Chladni plates at all of Canada’s international airports to create standing waves of $880!


    What I don’t get is if you knew ahead of time your military base was going to be bombed, wouldn’t you just leave the base, returning after it had been bombed?
    That the base commander didn’t do this, shouldn’t he be courtmarshalled, instead of being awarded a purple star?


    Watet, water everywhere!
    If it doesn’t come in a sealed bottle, I’ll die of thirst.


    Where is the truth?
    The former president contracted the coronavirus in October and was hospitalized for three nights at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
    Trump narrowly avoided ventilator when sick with COVID-19 ..
    Live Updates: Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus : NPR
    Infected Trump seen ‘gasping’ from White House balcony before photo op
    Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19 –
    Look for the lie.
    Trump privately received the coronavirus vaccine while he was president in January
    OMA SEDDIQMAR 2, 2021, 03:49 IST

    Does an immune system make better anti-covid19 better than a vaccine?
    Why did Trump and wife take the vaccine?




    In a former life, after being in mining equipment, I used to work for a plastic injection molding equipment company located just north of Toronto, where I still live.

    They made the molds and injection molding equipment for 2/3s of the world’s plastic bottles. Coke, Pepsi, etc. Plastic drinking water bottles were a big part of the business.

    After the plastic bottles are made, they are supposed to sit for at least a week to let most of the gases (90%) escape before they are filled with a drinking fluid.

    I knew many of my fellow service reps preferred drinking tap water over bottled water! So do I! It is safer!


    I still the only one that don’t carry a bottle of water everywhere. You know, just in case I might get thirsty, even though I’m not doing anything to work up a sweat. (Work – I’ve got memories of wringing out a sweat band and taking salt piles )

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