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Paul Gauguin We hail thee Mary 1891


“Asymptomatic Covid Spread” Used To Shut Down The Economy Was A Lie (TSN)
New Research Suggests Ivermectin Works (HART)
Indonesia to Produce Ivermectin Starting in July (Tempo)
‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science (ET)
Lancet Accused Of Doing China’s Dirty Work Denouncing Lab Leak Theory (DM)
Daszak Refuses House Request For Wuhan Docs, Democrats Fail To Subpoena (JTN) /span>
Fauci Doubles Back To Masks – For the Vaccinated (JTN)
Retraction Of Paper On Vaccine Deaths Spurs Call For More Scrutiny (JTN)
OPEC On Verge Of Collapse After Saudis, UAE Refuse To Budge (ZH)
No, We Weren’t All Born Yesterday (David Stockman)
HSBC in Big Trouble in its Biggest Market, China (WS)





FLCCC’s Dr. Marik is asked how he would end the pandemic in a month. “I would do a mass distribution program of ivermectin together with melatonin and aspirin. We should’ve done this months ago.” Simple. Safe.



Mike Yeadon

Mike Yeadon variants



Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Former COVID Pandemic consultant/advisor to WHO-PAHO and former COVID pandemic advisor to Health and Human Services (HHS), United States; Parvez Dara, MD, MBA; Howard Tenenbaum, DDS, PhD

“Asymptomatic Covid Spread” Used To Shut Down The Economy Was A Lie (TSN)

There was no credibility to ‘asymptomatic spread’ or transmission in COVID-19 as a key driver of the pandemic nor even as a driver of minimal infection. This is not only our hypothesis, we feel strongly that asymptomatic spread was bogus from the start and was used to underpin the lockdowns and had and has still today, no basis. This was part of pandemic corruption. We have looked at the evidence gathered across the last 16 months and can safely say this was a false narrative along with masking, lockdowns, social distancing, and school closure polices that visited crushing harms on the society and hurt the US and the world immensely. That the US Pandemic Task Force and these illogical, irrational, unscientific medical experts could use this falsehood and shutter the society and cost so much destruction of life, wealth and property is a scandal, shameful, and unforgiveable.

This was all about corruption, this pandemic response, and there certainly were ingredients other than science at play throughout. There are members of the US Task Force that some of us here got the pleasure of working with and some of them are incredibly smart, good people. Decent god-fearing people. But they were and are flat wrong! Have been on everything COVID. Every policy was based on their input and guidance and they created disaster. Many thousands of people died due to them! Their policies! Never has a President been as ill-served as by these Task Force members. They misled and undercut President Trump at each turn and one continues to mislead the current administration.

Who knows, maybe the combination caused a chaotic frenetic collaboration, so maybe the combination doomed them from the start. But on a day-to-day basis, we were watching a clown car in the daily briefings! Their hypothesis cannot be borne out on asymptomatic spread, and we have decided once and for all, to lay out the evidence on asymptomatic spread and give our view. This should have never been about supposition, speculation, assumptions or even whimsy by them. This is not evidence-based research, that is not science. Speculation and assumption is not science. They failed catastrophically and must not be allowed to re-write their history.

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All serious research says the same thing.

New Research Suggests Ivermectin Works (HART)

Another conundrum is whether many more lives could have been saved by the early adoption of ivermectin, a repurposed drug, with a long track record of safety for use in parasitic diseases but also shown to have antiviral properties. In the specific case of COVID-19, the mode of action appears to be two-fold: it acts by docking to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain bound with ACE2 (thus blocking the virus from entering cells), and also acts as an anticoagulant, which protects against the clotting associated with the viral spike protein. Numerous articles summarised by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance have reported successful use both in treatment and prevention of COVID-19 but have been criticised for lack of peer reviewed RCT data.

Last week Dr Tess Lawrie from the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy and colleagues published a peer reviewed systematic review and meta-analysis in the American Journal of Therapeutics that showed moderate-certainty evidence of large reductions in COVID-19 deaths. ‘Moderate-certainty’ may sound like an ‘average’ result, but it in fact represents one of the highest certainties possible and the stringent data filters used in this kind of meta-analysis mean that only the most robust RCT data are included. With mild to moderate disease, ivermectin reaches the threshold for ‘high certainty’ of efficacy meaning it appears to be of immense benefit in both the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. Being out of patent, it is incredibly cheap (cost of production is around 3 cents a tablet) and very safe, particularly in comparison to COVID-19 vaccines:

In relation to the above table, it should be noted that around 4 billion doses of ivermectin have been given to humans since reporting started. Real world experience has been enormous and largely censored — something Dr Lawrie has also been subject to, having been removed from Twitter and had articles deleted from LinkedIn. HART has previously highlighted YouTube’s ‘COVID-19 medical misinformation policy’ which outlaws any claims that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the disease. Unfortunately, the influence of pharmaceutical lobbying in preventing the early adoption of ivermectin is evident and it is the sick and dying who inevitably suffer in a system where profit is a huge driver in dictating what does and does not reach the market. There is a point at which enough evidence of efficacy of a medicine has been provided and anything beyond that is deemed ‘unnecessary’.

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13 million per month. Good start, but 260 million people.

Indonesia to Produce Ivermectin Starting in July (Tempo)

State-owned pharmaceutical firm PT Indofarma on Friday spoke about Ivermectin that has recently claimed popularity after a number of public figures claimed the drug’s effectiveness against COVID-19. Asked by Tempo about the price for one pack, Indofarma management stated in a written release on Friday, July 2, that they “established the price for [Ivermectin] at Rp123 thousand.” The product they sell includes 20 tablets of 12 mg per botol. The highest retail price that includes the added-value tax (PPN) is set at Rp157,700 (US$10 in current exchange). Based on Tempo’s observation across online and physical stores the drug is sold at an average price of Rp200,000 (US$13.7) with the highest retail price at Rp256,000 (US$ 17). Ivermectin, as of June 20, has obtained marketing authorization from the Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency (BPOM). Indofarma stated the production of the drug would kickstart in early July, and that it aimed at producing 13.8 million tablets until August 2021.

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Interview with Bret Weinstein.

‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science (ET)

You mentioned two areas. One is repurposed drugs therapeutics for COVID, another one is of course, vaccine safety. So what are you seeing? Well, let’s pick one. Let’s go into the vaccine safety first. Dr. Weinstein: Well, I’m not sure that there is even a way to do one without the other. The two appear to be the same story viewed from two different sides. And I think what people need to track is the fact that in order for the vaccines to be administered, they had to get an Emergency Use Authorization. And one of the requirements for the Emergency Use Authorization is that there’d be no safe and effective treatments available. So if the repurposed drugs are as good as some people believe they are, then the vaccines would not be available at all. They would still be in testing.

Add to that the fact that the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these vaccines have been granted immunity from liability. And these two things in combination, I believe, have created a headlong rush to administering the vaccines to everyone irrespective of medical or epidemiological need. [..] I’ve seen a piece of the censorship on YouTube. YouTube has in their community guidelines, a provision that actually forbids the discussion of ivermectin if the discussion involves the claim that it works. And the problem is that there is substantial evidence that it works. And works doesn’t mean one thing, it actually means two distinct things.

There is strong evidence that ivermectin works for the treatment of COVID, especially if it is given early in the course of disease. It is also apparently highly effective as a prophylactic. And these things are clearly visible in the recent meta-analysis that have been released that show a clear pattern. So somehow on YouTube, the discussion of evidence that has been peer-reviewed and delivered within the scientific literature is forbidden because it contradicts the CDC’s view, which is that ivermectin does not work or that there is no evidence that it works. [..] I learned this from Robert Malone, who is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, and he is also somebody who has been involved in a professional capacity inside the regulatory apparatus.

And what he said is that at the point that the Emergency Use Authorizations for the vaccines were granted, there was the opportunity to require extra data to be collected to find out what the impact of these vaccines was on the people who received them. And a choice was made not to collect the data, which I find quite alarming in light of the fact that the process of establishing the safety of these vaccines was necessarily truncated in order to bring them to the public so quickly. [..] the ramifications of it are that we are exposing a huge fraction of the population to what is in effect, a scientific experiment, except that it isn’t a scientific experiment because we are deliberately avoiding collecting data that would allow us to evaluate the impact.

And I find that shocking. It is one thing to argue that we have no choice that COVID-19 is an emergency and we have to make shortcuts that we would not ordinarily consider. I accept that argument. I also accept that these vaccines appear to work at least in the short term. But the right thing to do in order to make proper medically justified decisions and epidemiologically justified decisions is to collect the data on what happens after administration. These are brand new technologies. They have many different ways in which they could fail, and it is our obligation, especially to the people who receive these vaccines, that we collect the data on what happened. And to not do so means that we are very likely to put people in danger in the future with no justification for it.

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Yup, it’s Daszak.

Lancet Accused Of Doing China’s Dirty Work Denouncing Lab Leak Theory (DM)

The Lancet letter, signed by 27 experts, played a key part in silencing scientific, political and media discussion of any idea that this pandemic might have begun with a lab incident rather than spilling over naturally from animals. It was even reportedly used by Facebook to flag articles exploring the lab leak hypothesis as ‘false information’ before the social media giant dramatically changed tack last month. Yet it emerged later that The Lancet statement was covertly drafted by British scientist Peter Daszak – a long-term collaborator with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was carrying out high-risk research on bat coronaviruses and had known safety issues.

Daszak is the £300,000-a-year president of EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based charity that funnelled funds to his friend Shi Zhengli, the Wuhan virologist known as ‘Batwoman’ for her work in collecting samples from bats. Four months later, The Lancet set up a ‘Covid-19 Commission’ to assist governments and scrutinise the origins. It was led by Jeffrey Sachs, the celebrity economist and author who campaigns on aid with rock star Bono. Sachs recently dismissed claims that China is committing genocide on the Uighurs, adopting Beijing’s line that it is confronting Islamic militancy. Incredibly, he backed Daszak to lead his commission’s 12-person taskforce investigating Covid’s origins – joined by five fellow signatories to The Lancet statement.

Daszak’s conflicts of interest were exposed by this newspaper six months ago. Last week The Lancet finally ‘recused’ him from its commission and published an ‘addendum’ to its statement detailing some of his Chinese links. Yet critics say the journal has still failed to admit that six more signatories to that February statement have ties to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance as directors or partners. ‘It would have been better for The Lancet to have stated that Daszak’s and other signers’ previous declarations were untruthful and to have attached an editorial expression of concern,’ said Richard Ebright, a bio-security expert and professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Now The Mail on Sunday has learned that The Lancet is set to publish a second statement by these signatories that presses the case that Covid probably emerged through natural ‘zoonotic’ transmission from animals to humans. ‘We consider that it seems more likely a transmission through an intermediate mammalian host, although other possibilities can’t be fully excluded,’ said one, adding that they were still ‘missing some signatures’. Four of The Lancet’s original experts seem to have since shifted their position, including Charles Calisher, a Colorado virologist. He admits ‘there is too much coincidence’ to ignore the lab leak hypothesis and that ‘it is more likely that it came out of that lab’.

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And Daszak again.

Daszak Refuses House Request For Wuhan Docs, Democrats Fail To Subpoena (JTN)

Amajor conduit of federal research funding to the Chinese coronavirus lab at the center of ongoing speculation over the origins of the SARS-Cov-2 virus is not complying with a months-old request from House Republicans for documentation related to his work with that lab, while Democrats in the House have failed to issue a subpoena to compel that evidence. Peter Daszak, the president of the U.S. nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, has been the subject of growing scrutiny over the last several months regarding his role in the funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. For several years leading up to the pandemic, EcoHealth Alliance funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal research grants to the WIV for the study of potential pandemic coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab.

As government investigators and journalists dig to uncover the full scope of Daszak’s links to the WIV, Daszak is continuing to spurn a congressional request for that information. In April, Republicans on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent Daszak a letter directing him to submit, among many other documents, “all letters, emails, and other communications between [EcoHealth] and [the WIV] related to terms of agreements, bat coronaviruses, genome or genetic sequencing, SARS-CoV-2, and/or laboratory safety practices” pursuant to key NIH research funding through EcoHealth to the Wuhan lab as a grant sub-recipient.

Yet Daszak himself has not cooperated with the request. An aide with the Energy and Commerce Committee confirmed to Just the News this week that the committee has “received no response still from EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak to the April 16th letter from Leaders Rodgers, Guthrie, and Griffith.” Washington GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has also publicly noted Daszak’s refusal to cooperate with the request made roughly two and a half months ago. “We have asked Daszak to provide information we know he has that sheds light on the origins of this pandemic,” Rodgers said during a House subcommittee hearing this week. “But he refuses to cooperate.” “Dr. Daszak, you received American funds you used to conduct research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Rodgers continued. “You owe it to the American people to be transparent.”

[..] The committee itself could subpoena Daszak for the materials; both House and Senate committees enjoy subpoena powers pursuant to investigations within their congressional purviews, something that has been upheld by the Supreme Court several times. Yet subpoena power in both chambers is controlled by whichever party is in the majority. Democrats still hold a slim majority in the House, meaning the ultimate authority to compel Daszak to produce the documentation rests with that party, specifically in this case with Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone.

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Fauci Doubles Back To Masks – For the Vaccinated (JTN)

Less than two months after the government eased its COVID-19 mask requirements, the nation’s chief infectious disease specialist suggested Sunday that vaccinated Americans “go the extra mile” and begin wearing them again in low vaccinated areas. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendation led to howls by many on Twitter, who noted recently released emails from the NIH doctor suggested masks provided little protection. “DOES ANY SANE PERSON CARE WHAT LITTLE NAPOLEON SAYS?,” a woman with the Twitter handle Conservative Gal tweeted Sunday afternoon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on May 13 eased mask restrictions as vaccinations grew quickly.

Fauci made the rounds on the Sunday shows to address the new, contagious COVID-19 delta variant and slowing vaccination rates, offering his changed advice on masks. “If you put yourself in an environment in which you have a high level of viral dynamics and a very low level of vaccine, you might want to go the extra step and say ‘When I’m in that area where there’s a considerable degree of viral circulation, I might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough to make sure that I get the extra added level of protection, even though the vaccines themselves are highly effective,’” Fauci told NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Some blue cities like Los Angeles and St. Louis have already reinstated a mask advisory for vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens as the delta variant has spread.

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The things that nobody wants to know.

Retraction Of Paper On Vaccine Deaths Spurs Call For More Scrutiny (JTN)

Should public health authorities scrutinize deaths attributed to COVID-19 as closely as they scrutinize deaths attributed to COVID-19 vaccines? Defenders of a controversial study on the risk-benefit ratio of COVID-19 vaccines are calling hypocrisy on a medical journal for retracting the paper a week after publishing it, following the resignations of several journal editors in protest. In a Friday retraction notice in the journal Vaccines, the editor in chief and “several” editorial board members said the paper’s authors were not able to “satisfactorily” answer claims that they conflated correlation with causation. Analyzing data from the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre, known as LAREB, the paper’s authors estimated COVID-19 vaccines take two lives for every three they save. The country leads Europe in vaccine adverse-reaction reporting.

Authors Harald Walach, Rainer Klement and Wouter Aukema challenged criticism from Eugene van Puijenbroek, who leads LAREB’s scientific department, that they had misused its data. “This starts a long-overdue debate on how to gauge the safety of COVID-19 vaccines,” they wrote in a statement provided to Retraction Watch Thursday. “Currently we only have association, we agree, and we never said anything else. But the same is true with fatalities as consequences of SARS-CoV2-infections [sic],” which are “rarely vetted by autopsy or second opinion” to confirm they were caused by the novel coronavirus, rather than incidental to infection. Brown University epidemiologist Andrew Bostom wasn’t impressed by the journal’s “baloney” explanation for the retraction, either.

“The [vaccine] deaths are as causally related as C19 deaths which allow for any positive test within 30-60 days of a death from any cause to be tallied as a C19 death,” he wrote in a Twitter message to Just the News. Bostom pointed to a June study, not yet peer-reviewed, of a sample of deaths in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System reported through April. The sample was limited to people who got early vaccinations, primarily elderly or those with “significant health conditions.” Researchers at the University of London and New Zealand’s Massey University found that they could rule out “vaccine reaction” as a contributing factor in just 14% of deaths. “Contrary to claims that most of these reports are made by lay-people and are hence clinically unreliable, we identified health service employees as the reporter in at least 67%,” they wrote.

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They’re always on the verge of collapse?!

OPEC On Verge Of Collapse After Saudis, UAE Refuse To Budge (ZH)

Is the world about to go through another 2014 Thanksgiving massacre when OPEC collapsed sending the price of oil crashing and unleashing a brief if catastrophic wave of destruction across the US shale sector? That’s what commodity traders are wondering this long weekend when just two days after the UAE refused to fall inline with the rest of OPEC+, late on Sunday, in a Bloomberg TV interview, Saudi Prince Abdulaziz said that “we have to extend,” referring to the deal agreed upon by all but the UAE on Friday, according to which oil production would be increased by 400kbd over the next few months, while also extending the broader production quota agreement until the end of 2022 for the sake of stability: “the extension puts lots people in their comfort zone” said the Saudi, adding that Abu Dhabi was isolated within the OPEC+ alliance.

“It’s the whole group versus one country, which is sad to me but this is the reality”, the Saudi summarized the potentially explosive situation, which has seen Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates crank up the tension in their OPEC standoff which as Bloomberg summarizes, has left the global economy guessing how much oil it will get next month. The bitter clash between the Saudis and UAE has forced OPEC+ to halt talks twice already, with the next meeting scheduled for Monday, putting markets in limbo as oil continues its inflationary surge above $75 a barrel. With the cartel discussing its production policy not only for the rest of the year, but also into 2022, the solution to the standoff will shape the market and industry into next year.

While traditionally the oil cartel has been shy of publicity, keeping its spats behind close doors, on Sunday the fight between the two key producers broke into public view with both countries, which typically keep their grievances within the walls of the royal palaces, airing their differences on television, with Riyadh insisting on its plan, backed by other OPEC+ members including Russia, that the group should both increase production over the next few months, while also extending the broader agreement reached in the aftermath of the oil price collapse of 2020 until the end of 2022 to avoid a production glut. Just hours earlier, the Emirati energy minister, Suhail al-Mazrouei, again rejected the Saudi-proposed deal extension, supporting only a short-term increase and demanding better terms for itself for 2022. “The UAE is for an unconditional increase of production, which the market requires,” Al-Mazrouei told Bloomberg Television earlier on Sunday. Yet the decision to extend the deal until the end of 2022 is “unnecessary to take now.”

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“..only 73% of the state-imposed shrinkage of hours worked has been recovered as of June 2021.”

No, We Weren’t All Born Yesterday (David Stockman)

According to the mainstream narrative, we were all born yesterday. There is no such thing as context, history or critical analysis – just cherry-picked short-term data-deltas, which are held to be either awesome or at least much improved from last time. That’s why we predictably got this headline from the Wall Street Journal with reference to today’s June employment release, which allegedly showed “employers added 850,000 jobs last month”: Stocks Tick Higher With Strong Jobs Report Well, no, it wasn’t and they (employers) didn’t. In fact, total hours worked in June actually declined from the May level, and, far more importantly, were still down 4.4% from the pre-Covid peak in February 2020.

When expressed in total hours, there is absolutely nothing “strong” at all about the numbers. To wit, at the end of Q2 2021 total hours employed in the nonfarm economy were still down 8 billion hours from the Q4 2019 level. That’s right. Eight billion worker hours are MIA, yet the lazy shills at the WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters et. al. keep pumping out bilge about an awesome economic rebound! Actually, what has never been noted notwithstanding the fact that it sits there in plain sight on the BLS website is that Dr. Fauci and his economy wreckers dug a far deeper hole in the main street labor market last spring than the narrative led you to believe. At the pre-Covid peak in Q4 2019, the nonfarm economy utilized 257.2 billion labor hours at an annualized rate, but that plunged by nearly -12% to just 227.6 billion hours in Q2 2020.

So doing, Fauci & Co wiped out all of the aggregate nonfarm labor hours gain since Q4 2011. That is to say, it obliterated the awesome gains that had been contained in 102 monthly Jobs Friday reports in the interim. And now, after $4 trillion of freshly printed fiat cash and $6 trillion of stimmies and other bailouts and free stuff only 73% of the state-imposed shrinkage of hours worked has been recovered as of June 2021.

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By some measures, still the world’s biggest bank.

HSBC in Big Trouble in its Biggest Market, China (WS)

HSBC, headquartered in the UK, is first and foremost an Asian bank. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited cut its teeth in the 19th century in Greater China. In 2020, its Mainland and Hong Kong operations accounted for 39% of its annual $50 billion in revenue, while the United Kingdom, its second largest market, brought in 28%. The bank is now selling off its retail banking units in France and the United States and scaling back its presence in some emerging markets in order to accelerate its eastward pivot. But there’s a problem with this plan: Its success rests largely on the bank’s ability to maintain good relations with the Chinese government. And that is proving to be a tough proposition.

Relations have soured significantly over the past two years after it was revealed in 2019 that HSBC had ratted out Chinese telecom giant Huawei to the U.S. Department of Justice for breaching U.S. sanctions on Iran. The information provided by HSBC led to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of the company’s founder, in Vancouver in 2018. As geopolitical tensions have escalated between the US and China, HSBC has had to walk a tightrope in its relations with China on the one hand and Washington and London on the other. The lenders’ travails reveal a core challenge for multinational firms operating in China: the market is vital to their growth prospects, but Western firms doing business there increasingly risk being mired in the ratcheting tensions between Beijing and the West.

But given the size and growth of the market, many big global banks have decided to continue expanding in China, whether organically or through acquisitions. HSBC Holdings PLC, Standard Chartered PLC and Citigroup Inc. have all unveiled plans to beef up their wealth management operations in China, targeting the growing middle class. But with net profits for foreign lenders falling precipitously and Beijing demanding that foreign companies toe the line as the US ramps up sanctions on China, it’s getting more and more complicated.

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    V. Arnold

    Hi Ilargi; how are YOU?
    It would be really nice if every so often you could update us as much as you deem correct/enough…
    You are one hell of a long distance runner………………………………………………………….
    Keep it coming, but, take care of yourself first…the rest later……………..


    V. Arnold – good question. I hope Ilargi you are doing well…


    Indonesia to ramp up production of Ivermectin to 14 million 12mg pills by the end of next month to combat Covid-19.



    Two scientists who were fired and forcibly escorted from Winnipeg P4 laboratory are now under investigation for illegal transfers of virus & vaccine materials to Chinese authorities without approval from the Canadian government.


    Mister Roboto

    Asymptomatic spread: I think it certainly exists with Covid-19, otherwise it would have been as easy to contain as its predecessor coronaviruses. However, it clearly turned out to be not the major driver of infectiousness that Chris Martenson seemed to believe that it would be in the early months of 2020.

    Go, Indonesia, crank out that Ivermectin!

    I suppose Emperor Faucitine wants the vaccinated to quadruple mask now.


    “According to the Times of Israel, the young man who distributed the virus at the party was vaccinated. He, in turn, had been infected by a relative who had also been vaccinated, and that relative had been infected by a person who had also been vaccinated and who was recently in London.”


    As we at TAE have known all along – the vaccines afford very little benefit.
    It’s all about the Absolute Risk Reduction, not the Relative RR.


    Netherlands, total ICU admissions

    2013: 82.161
    2014: 86.964
    2015: 85.824
    2016: 85.754
    2017: 80.687
    2018: 77.189
    2019: 73.979
    2020: 68.936

    Source: Stichting-NICE


    Thanks VA, oxy.

    I’m fine. Still in repair from the lockdown (bad for claustrophobia) and just had a week-long 100+º heatwave here. It’s been a very strange year so far, and it’s already half over. Wonder what the rest will be like, for the unvaccinated. World getting smaller all the time? Healthy hesitancy here in Athens, that’s good, but also ever more threatening language from the government. Time for IVM et al to go mainstream.


    I like this tweet from @Alec_Zeck:

    The “genomic sequencing” of “SARS-CoV-2”.: They weren’t able to get a full RNA sequence, so they extracted tons of RNA fragments (57.5 million) from someone’s unfiltered snot, and arranged it in a computer program to match previous coronavirus templates. That’s it.


    Virus Options

    go the extra mile – Get a supply of Ivermectin
    go the extra mile – wear a mask
    go the extra mile – keep your distance
    go the extra mile – keep track of the infection rate from 04 July

    Oil Options

    Want more money – Increase the price above $75 a barrel
    Want more money – Increase the production


    End of month Options

    Pay – rent/mortgage
    pay – student loans
    pay – car loan
    pay – med
    pay – credit cards
    PAY – ME

    Leisure Options

    read TAE
    watch TV
    play games

    Dr. D

    “I might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough to make sure that I get the extra added level of protection”

    He can still say this after releasing his own emails that said he’s medically certain masks don’t work.

    Talk about low-information voters!

    “HSBC in Big Trouble in its Biggest Market, China (WS) “

    Nah, all the Anglo banks are irrelevant now. The largest banks are in China. Just like the irrelevant, self-important Anglos themselves.

    “Two scientists who were fired and forcibly escorted from Winnipeg P4 laboratory”

    Nope. Never happened. Didn’t happen here! Didn’t come from a lab, and if it did it was in China. Yup yup yup. Just ask us! We’re the once who told you a bat kissed a pangolin. While not giggling hysterically. Don’t blow it now Winnepeg, we’ve got a $10T war going. 6B people gotta die.

    “Asymptomatic spread”

    Here’s one of those: Do we do fake medicine or do we tell the truth? moments. ALL diseases – essentially – do not have asymptomatic spread. Although a bioweapon may be an exception, this one wasn’t. However, ALL diseases CAN spread asymptomatically. What? How? In those super-rare cases, to a super-vulnerable person, there are exception conditions that allow asymptomatic spread. Is it MUCH? No, like way under 99.9%. Is it RELEVANT? Well it depends if it’s facial Ebola or not. Which we were worried about at first, but it wasn’t. See the problem? No simple answer. Does it? Technically yes, practically no. But we live in a practical world, not a theoretical one. “Except when there’s money or sex involved” –Frail Grasp of the Big Picture, The Eagles.

    Then: “$cience!™”, not science.

    Also in that: “Even if one of them was to read a newspaper cover to cover / that ain’t what’s going on – journalism’s dead and gone.”

    Dr. D

    Wow, wonze upon a time, one’s pangolins escaped.

    absolute galore

    It’s the first of the month, so I get to read two or three articles from the august NYT.
    Here is the latest way to attack Ivermectin. Slip a single mention of it in an article about the most far-fetched claims to damn it by association.

    Note that the author dwells on Hydroxychloroquine, since that medicine will probably never make a comeback, but only mentions Ivermectin once in the entire piece. Note “early treatment” in scare quotes, as though that were simply beyond the pale–there is no answer except the high tech vaccines, brought to you by Big Pharma. Shame on the president for even suggesting other approaches. Note the smarmy “OK, Miracatu does not have a hospital. But still…” Miracatu is a municipality with about 20,000 residents, would not be surprising if it did not have a hospital, although google maps says it does. Nonetheless, there are hospitals nearby. It’s a cheap shot that only weakens her “reporting.”

    Lots of ridicule of people’s various beliefs. Can you blame them, what with all the official propaganda and flipflopping BS? Author, who is not a medical expert but “a contributing Opinion writer who focuses on Brazilian politics, culture and everyday life” reports only 13% of Brazilians are vaccinated.

    Miracle Cures and Magnetic People. Brazil’s Fake News Is Utterly Bizarre.

    SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Hydroxychloroquine is not effective against Covid-19. No. Definitely not. But Brazilians still aren’t sure. After all, just the other day a friend’s cousin forwarded a headline on WhatsApp claiming that all I.C.U. beds in the city of Miracatu are empty because the mayor adopted President Jair Bolsonaro’s “early treatment” — consisting of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin — for Covid-19. OK, Miracatu does not have a hospital. But still: How can we be sure?

    Mister Roboto

    Next month in WaPo: Ivermectin is racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic.





    Mr. House

    “Recall the new Fed Chair’s hope for normalizing interest rates and somewhat weening the markets from Fed backstopping was DOA following the late-2018 eruption of market instability. Powell’s dovish “pivot” reversed what would have been a destabilizing de-risking/deleveraging episode. The Fed’s charts confirm that speculative leverage was expanding again by early-2019, only to begin a downturn during that summer’s bout of repo market instability.

    Rather than tolerate a much overdue – and greatly needed – adjustment for a dangerously over-leveraged marketplace, the Fed resorted in September 2019 to so-called “insurance” stimulus – QE in the face of near-record stock prices and multi-decade low unemployment. This is key, and I doubt history will get this right. The Fed used extreme monetary stimulus to bolster an increasingly fragile leveraged speculating community – not to support either a weakening economy or a problematic Credit slowdown. Simply, the Fed moved to sustain the Bubble.”

    Covid was used to save a bubble, the power and wealth of the 1%

    Mr. House

    In my March 20, 2020, CBB, I wrote: “I understand we can’t allow the system to collapse, but Please Don’t Completely Destroy the Soundness of Central Bank Credit and Government Debt. Does anyone realize what’s at stake?”

    Too many times over recent decades my worst fears have been realized. And over the past 15 months, the worst-case scenario has materialized. The Fed’s March 2020 system bailout reversed speculative deleveraging, and then almost $4.0 TN of QE fueled historic Bubble blow-off excess.”

    Were we fighting the plague or were we fighting deflation?

    Mr. House

    When it comes to today’s scary markets, housing is but one of many. And this notion gaining traction associating the Fed’s MBS purchases with surging home prices is misplaced. It is the awry Treasury market – the foundation of market prices – that has become the epicenter of dangerous levered speculation and epic market distortions that feed through to asset market Bubbles.

    I just can’t shake the notion that Treasuries have one eye on Chinese financial fragility. It’s worth noting that Chinese stocks took it on the chin late in the week after the communist party’s 100-year anniversary powwow. From my vantage point, it sure appeared hubris aplenty for a system hoisted by one of history’s most spectacular Credit Bubbles (with cracks abounding). ”


    Mr. House

    Look how they’ve forced you to react to a “public health crisis”, and just wait how they force you to react to the final financial crisis (spoiler: you aren’t going to like it, but you’ll own nothing ;))


    from previous thread. Unvaxed ppl are variant factories.


    I am not a virologist nor even a medico but it appears to me, i.e. as far as I understand it, the very opposite is the case.

    What plagues (sic) me is that in the MSM and the ‘experts’ quoted, we hear about ‘mutations’ – everyone understands the sort of random changes (errors in replication, like typos..) that are take place, and that these can lead to viruses that are more XYZ – contagious, deadly, ineffective, etc.

    While coronaviruses mutate (of course) they also re-combine, that is, when two versions, a and b, are present, they may exchange little pieces, leading to ‘new variants’ — I’m not clear on what is / not defined as a variant, how consequent does the change have to be? Anyone?

    Obviously (some) vaxxes introduce more viral particles just hanging around waiting to ‘recombine’… What happens for ex. in the body of someone who is infected with /COV/ and gets vaxxed with the J and J? Does this provide re-combination opportunites in that body?

    Maybe this is off the beam, erroneous, or sorely incomplete, but …why isn’t this discussed? And why doesn’t prudence prevail? Ok, questions are tongue in cheek.


    Mister Roboto

    Mr. House

    I thought this was an excellent comment:

    Jul 3, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    “where is the money coming from?” You have quite the sense of humor. I will assume you are being sarcastic.

    Your economy is not complicated (or productive):
    1) your government gets huge sums of currency from the Fed to monetize reckless spending
    2) the government hands out the money to buy votes and receive kick backs from wealthy donors
    3) your citizens spend the currency on products made by productive foreigners
    4) productive foreigners receive no goods in exchange and buy up USA hard assets to get something for their effort
    5) Americans complain that assets are too expensive
    6) the process repeats endlessly until foreigners own your companies, your farm land, your utilities (including water), your infrastructure, your parks and your house.
    7) you are a wage slave

    Enjoy your plastic baubles – aren’t they fun.


    Noirette et al.

    VanDen Bossche has reacted to the CNN variant factory article, of which I said: “This makes no sense at all. The vaccinated are much more likely to make the virus mutate.” Will be in tomorrow’s Debt Rattle of course.

    The chicken-and-egg problem (which came first?)

    .. non-vaccinated people are not to be considered factories of variants as there is no evidence whatsoever that they transmit more virus or shed for a longer time than asymptomatically infected vaccinees.

    [..] non-vaccinated people are not responsible for selecting immune escape variants and enabling adaptation of increasingly anti-S Ab-resistant variants. Vaccinees, however, are to be seen as the breeding ground and ‘pilot plants’ for these variants.


    @ absolute galore

    If you want to get past article per month limits you can
    1) switch devices
    2) switch browsers (if you usually use Firefox, switch to chrome or edge)
    3) dump all of your browser’s cookies

    Right now, those limits are generally imposed by placing a cookie in your web browser. It is relatively simple to avoid it.


    Thanks to Doc Robinson for answering my question regarding the T-Detect test yesterday and clarifying my understanding of the innate vs. adaptive immune system.


    Are these cookies chocolate chip or double fudge?


    Israel: Pfizer mRNA vaccine is only 64% effective in preventing coronavirus infection after 2 doses, dropped from 94% in May.



    Anyone up for a little Climate Rattle?

    Am caught under the never-ending “heat dome”. Fortunate to be very heat tolerant from all the years in SoCA – boating on the Colorado River/Lake Mohave and hiking the San Jacinto Mountains. However, a nearly 30 day streak of 100 degree days has me feeling down. With night time temps at 60-ish there is no overnight recovery before the whole thing cranks up again. I don’t have a/c. My home was strategically built to withstand the heat (for a few days/week @100 degrees – not for weeks/month). By 7 PM it is around 90 degrees in the house, by 8 PM the outside/inside temps meet in the mid 80’s and I crank open all windows, sliders, dormers and ceiling fans. By 10 PM it is finally 80 degrees. At 6 AM the outside temp is 60-ish and inside is 70, I close the house up.

    It’s interesting micro-managing one’s life to the weather in this way. Am grateful for the opportunity to see how I respond under circumstances where I have limited control.

    I will not dwell on how dry the forest is…how all the creeks and waterholes are bone dry, how the vegetation is completely brown. I worry for the deer, foxes, rabbits, birds, and butterflys, and in response maintain several watering stations on my property to ease the situation (no, to ease my mind…that I did SOMETHING nothing is too small). It feels like I am in a surreal, slow motion disaster movie. My intuition tells me things are never going to be the same. (It’s the same intuition that tells me Covid is to be treated = no jab 4 me).

    My post today was inspired by the musings of Jeffrey St. Clair which capture the mood and moment I’m living. The map with his post is fiercely unhappy: https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/07/02/roaming-charges-the-hotter-they-come/

    Love to all. With Gratitude for insight our host serves up daily – BRAVO Ilargi.


    @ Susmarie108
    Great story

    Roaming Charges: The Hotter They Come

    madamski cafone

    “Prepare for mandatory COVID vaccines in September, Army tells commands

    It would be 2 funny if they chose Sputnik. But then, we outsource so much of our militaryy needs already. 😉

    Doc Robinson

    The results of an ivermectin trial in Argentina were published on July 2. It seems like the trial was designed to show “Ivermectin had no significant effect.”


    Ivermectin had no significant effect on preventing hospitalization of patients with COVID-19. [The ivermectin group had 14 hospitalizations, compared to 21 hospitalizations in the placebo group.] Patients who received ivermectin required invasive MVS earlier in their treatment. No significant differences were observed in any of the other secondary outcomes.

    Ivermectin to prevent hospitalizations in patients with COVID-19 (IVERCOR-COVID19) a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
    BMC Infectious Diseases
    Published: 02 July 2021

    I’m neither a medical professional nor a paid researcher, but even I see some significant problems with this study.

    Despite it being a “a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial,” with 250 patients receiving ivermectin, the authors admit that the trial was “underpowered because the hospitalization rate was lower than expected when performed in the sample size calculation.

    The doses of ivermectin were insufficient, compared to the FLCCC’s I-MASK+ Early Patient Protocol which calls for 0.20-0.40 mg/kg given daily for 5 days or until recovered. This trial gave an average dose of 0.19 mg/kg, and only for two days! In the report, the authors admit that their dosage was “below the doses proposed as probably effective.”

    The ivermectin was not given particularly early to many of the patients. About half of the ivermectin group didn’t get the first dose until at least 4 days after symptom onset. Breaking this down further, approximately 25% of the ivermectin group didn’t get the first dose until somewhere in the range of 4-6 days after symptoms started, and another 25% of the group didn’t get the first dose until at least 6 days after symptom onset.
    [“In the group of symptomatic patients, the median time from symptom onset to inclusion [and dose 1] in the study was 4 days (IQR 3–6).” 481 of the 501 participants were symptomatic. Presumably about half of the symptomatic (240) were in the ivermectin group. If the median was 4 days, then about half of the ivermectin group got the first dose 4 days or more after symptom onset. Interquartile Range (IQR) of 3-6 days means that a quarter of the patients were above the range, and a quarter were below.]

    Potential participants were excluded if they had taken any ivermectin in the past 7 days (before the trial). However, this would still allow participants who were taking ivermectin prophylactically at least 8 days prior, which could mean that a number of people in the placebo group were already getting benefits from ivermectin (invalidating the comparisons between the two groups).

    Incredibly it was extremely hard to find patients for the trial. Why? Too many Argentinians it seems were already taking ivermectin.

    Of 15 968 people who tested positive for Covid and were excluded from taking part in the trial, 12 356 could not participate because they were already taking ivermectin.

    The above quote is from a slanted news article about the study, with a misleading headline:
    Ivermectin: Balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    madamski cafone


    Doc Robinson

    For the 25% of participants getting ivermectin at least 6 days after symptom onset, the FLCCC’s I-MASK+ Early Patient Protocol recommends 0.4 mg/kg of ivermectin per day for 5 days (or until recovered), but the trial participants were given an average of less than 0.2 mg/kg for only 2 days. The upper dose range is also recommended for patients with multiple comorbidities/risk factors.

    I-MASK+ Protocol

    Veracious Poet

    So this is how liberty dies . . . with thunderous applause for free toxic vaccines.

    Has anyone noticed Frump, Dr. Fraudci, El Presidente Jose & the Super Elite via ALL Western gubermints want to jab you & your chil’rens?

    Can you say genocide? I knew you could…


    Most of the current variants were there before vaxxing started. So it may be that vax accelerates variants, but it is not exclusive.

    Dr. D

    “a destabilizing de-risking”

    Yeah, who would want to have less risk? That’s just silly. And appropriately pricing and owning risk? Never. If the correct people openly knew and bought the risk voluntarily in an open market, that would be totally crazy. So crazy that if people could have voluntary action, it would be “destabilizing.”

    Yup, that’s it. …Or maybe just in a world where everything is NOT voluntary, all risks are lies, hidden, and mispriced, all losers are protected and all winners are punished, maybe then returning the world to normal, logical, and legal just might be “destabilizing.”


    Headed for $2 Trillion a day. Double sheesh. Is there any end to bailing out corrupt idiots by harming honest men?


    I’ve had a theory for at least 25 years that the Northern hemisphere would evolve to become Eucalyptus dominated landscape over time. They love heat, mostly only germinate seed from fire and Californians have planted them everywhere – although I suspect the love of Corymbia and Eucalyptus Cameldulensis is the wrong move. Maybe they should look at Eucalyptus Cladocalyx. Loves heat – tolerates cold and grows in 200 mm of average rainfall.

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