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Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Triumph of Death 1562


A Desperate Biden Administration Turns to Terrorism (Daniel McAdams)
Horse-Bleep (Rescue)
The Antiviral Effects of Ivermectin on RNA Viruses (Nature)
Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Maine Vaccine Mandate (ET)
Covid Vaccine Stand-off Between Chicago Mayor, Police Hits Courts (Y!)
Alarm Bells Ringing Over Poor Greek Vax Rate (K.)
IMDB Steps In To Prop Up Audience Rating Of Fauci Documentary (JTN)
DHS Seeks To Track Biometric Data Of Workers (JTN)
Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State (Taibbi)
Relentless Retail Inventory Squeeze amid Shortages & Supply Chain Chaos (WS)
Stella Moris On Her Secret Family With Julian Assange (G.)



Bare Shelves Biden






Daniel is Ron Paul’s right hand man.

A Desperate Biden Administration Turns to Terrorism (Daniel McAdams)

For Americans watching the shocking re-Nazification of Germany – where once again the ability to even buy food depends on a person’s physiological/medical status – it may be tempting to downplay the re-emergence of a nasty German political virus and scoff that, “it can’t happen here!” But it is happening here. The Biden Administration is sinking under the weight of its feeble figurehead, who is clearly living in a world of his own creation rather than living on planet reality. As Biden’s approval ratings plummet to near-historic depths, the people who run his administration – some say it’s really led by demon Susan Rice – are not backing off their hyper-authoritarian approach to…well, everything. In fact they’re doubling down.

Nurse shortage? Tough – get your shot. Billions of containers waiting to be unloaded and trucked to fill empty shelves? Tough – get your shot. Murder alley Chicago facing 50 percent less cops because those who don’t want the vax are being fired? Tough – get your shot. No one to fly the plane? Tough – get your shot. No teachers? Tough – get your shot! Into this explosion of malevolent incompetence staggers US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Department Wally Adeyemo – second-highest ranker in the entire Department. The Nigerian-born Adeyemo, who previously served as director of African American outreach for the inspiring John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign and as a senior advisor to corrupt “woke” multi-gazillionaire Larry Fink, should be given credit for at least being honest about the intentions of his bosses in the Biden Administration.

Sometimes they tell the truth by accident. Interviewed on ABC News on Thursday, Adeyemo was asked about the thousands of container ships anchored offshore in California and elsewhere as US store shelves begin to look like Bulgaria circa 1975 – and even Santa Claus is sweating “supply chain” strangulation as Christmas quickly approaches. It’s not because Newsom’s California is a Marxist hellhole, where the religious fundamentalism of the Green New Deal fanatics has taken massive numbers of truckers off the road. Nope. It’s not Biden’s vax mandate which has unleashed a massive outflux of workers from their jobs – quitting or fired – at a time of severe labor shortages. Nope. The problem is you. You unwashed vermin who refuse to have a cocktail of experimental goop jabbed into your arm.

In the ABC interview Adeyemo admitted what we all know: inflation is beating the hell out of middle America (though Biden’s multi-millionaire chief-of-staff laughed it off as “high class problems”). “We are seeing high prices for some of the things that people have to buy,” Adeyemo told ABC’s Stephanie Ramos. But it’s not the Administration’s fault. Shelves bare? Treasury’s Number Two tells America it’s all the fault of those who have not yet succumbed to his boss’s demand that you take the jab: “The reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated.” There is a word for this and it’s not actually blackmail. It’s terrorism. Until that part of America which has to this point decided that it does not want to take an unproven medical treatment is browbeaten – or worse – into submission to Fauci’s needle, the rest of the country will continue to suffer through empty shelves and a crappy Christmas. Too strong a word? Here’s how the dictionary defines terrorism:

Threat: You will eat nothing and you will be happy. Political objective: Get the shot! It’s terrorism plain and simple and the Biden Administration’s “War on Us” is taking a dangerous turn. The millions who have taken the shot are being baited to attack those who have for whatever reason – including the medically sound acquisition of natural immunity through contracting and defeating the virus – declined to take the medical procedure. In reality both groups should unite against the past two Administrations which have lied and intimidated Americans over the virus from nearly day one. But that would threaten the elites, who rule by divide-and-conquer tactics.


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“Within two days, 23.7 million people had seen that Pulitzer-worthy bit of Twitter talk.”

Horse-Bleep (Rescue)

In a hokey tweet on August 21, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration told Americans the obvious: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” Everyone knew what “it” was: an animal form of the drug ivermectin that folks were said to be using, widely, for covid-19. Don’t, said FDA. Within two days, 23.7 million people had seen that Pulitzer-worthy bit of Twitter talk. Hundreds of thousands more got the message on Facebook, LinkedIn, and from the Today Show’s 3 million-follower Instagram account. “That was great!” declared FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock in an email to her media team. “Even I saw it!” For the FDA, the “not-a-horse” tweet was “a unique viral moment,” a senior FDA official wrote to Woodcock, “in a time of incredible misinformation.”

There was one problem, however. The tweet was a direct outgrowth of wrong data—call it misinformation—put out the day before by the Mississippi health department. The FDA did not vet the data, according to our review of emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and questions to FDA officials. Instead, it saw Mississippi, as one email said, as “an opportunity to remind the public of our own warnings for ivermectin.” The story behind the tweet that went ’round the world shows how a myth was born about a safe, if now controversial, human drug that was FDA-approved for parasitic disease in 1996 and bestowed the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. It is a story in which the barest grain of truth morphed into an anything-goes media firestorm.

It began with one sentence in a Mississippi health alert on reports to the state’s poison control center: “At least 70% of the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers.” In the thick of a fierce covid wave in the American South, no official at the FDA, or reporter for that matter, seemed to ask: 70 percent of what? Instead, government and media joined forces against a public health threat that, in retrospect, was vastly exaggerated. Amid dozens of articles that ensued, Rolling Stone told of Oklahoma hospitals so jammed with ivermectin overdoses that gunshot victims had to wait for care—except it wasn’t true. Twice, The New York Times printed corrections of the same false information from Mississippi, which it described in one article and later removed, as “a staggering number of calls.” The Associated Press, Washington Post and, twice, the The Guardian in London also corrected its reporting on the alert. The Times’ correction summed it up: “This article misstated the percentage of recent calls to the Mississippi poison control center related to ivermectin. It was 2 percent, not 70 percent.”

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This is where you go: ”any questions?” No? Then let’s roll!

“..a 5000-fold reduction in viral RNA compared with control was found..”

The Antiviral Effects of Ivermectin on RNA Viruses (Nature)

In a recent in vitro study, the Vero/hSLAM cells infected with the SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 virus were exposed to 5 μM ivermectin in 48h, and a 5000-fold reduction in viral RNA compared with control was found. The results showed that treatment with ivermectin effectively kills almost all viral particles within 48h. The study was the first to assess the antiviral effect of ivermectin on COVID-19. The authors acknowledged that the drug may have antiviral effects by inhibiting the importin (IMP) α/β receptor, which is responsible for transmitting viral proteins into the host cell nucleus. The authors proposed human studies to confirm the potential benefits of ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19. Although this study was the first to confirm the antiviral effect of ivermectin on COVID-19, other studies examined the antiviral effects of the drug on both RNA and DNA viruses..

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“We look forward to a decision from the Court of Appeals. If that decision is not favorable, we will request emergency relief from the Supreme Court..”

Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Maine Vaccine Mandate (ET)

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday refused to issue an emergency injunction to stop Maine’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The three-judge panel of the Boston-based court issued a one-sentence statement saying the request was denied without an explanation, The Bangor Daily News reported. A final ruling will likely be issued next week, according to Liberty Counsel, an organization representing more than 2,000 health care workers across the state in the lawsuit. “We look forward to a decision from the Court of Appeals. If that decision is not favorable, we will request emergency relief from the Supreme Court,” Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said in a statement. Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey applauded the decision.

“We are pleased with the decision and will continue to vigorously defend the requirement that health care workers in Maine be vaccinated against COVID-19,” he said in a statement obtained by The Hill. Maine Governor Janet Mills, a Democrat, announced her state’s mandate on Aug. 12 that workers have until Oct. 29 to comply. Exemptions were allowed for medical reasons. Unlike most states, Maine does not allow for religious or philosophical exemptions to vaccine requirements. The plan was challenged by a group of healthcare workers who said they opposed COVID-19 vaccines because some vaccines were developed from cell lines of aborted fetuses. The workers also sued several healthcare companies where they work.

U.S. district judge Jon Levy ruled on Wednesday that Maine can bar religious exemptions to its requirement that healthcare workers in the state get vaccinated against COVID-19. Levy, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama, said the healthcare workers who brought the case have not been prevented from staying true to their religious beliefs, although refusing the vaccine will cost them their jobs.

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“The Chicago stand-off comes as the city once again leads the United States in murders, with 639 homicides this year through October 13 — up 55 percent from two years ago.”

Covid Vaccine Stand-off Between Chicago Mayor, Police Hits Courts (Y!)

A Chicago judge on Friday banned a police union president from making public statements on the city’s Covid-19 policy as a stand-off over vaccine mandates sparked dueling lawsuits. The dispute between mayor Lori Lightfoot and police union head John Catanzara has made the city the latest flashpoint in a deeply polarized debate over vaccines and whether governments have the right to mandate them. Lightfoot sought and received an injunction against Catanzara Friday when the judge issued a 10-day restraining order that bans him from making statements that encourage members not to report their vaccination status.

The police union filed its own lawsuit Friday against Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown that seeks to force arbitration over the matter. Like all city employees, Chicago police officers have been mandated to report their vaccine status to an online portal by midnight Friday. Those not vaccinated will be subject to twice-weekly testing. Those who refuse to disclose their status have a few days’ grace to explain themselves — but face being placed on unpaid leave and eventually fired. In two videos released this week, Catanzara urged police officers to ignore the order and risk loss of pay. On Tuesday, he predicted that if a large number of officers refused to be tested or report their vaccinations, Chicago would have a “police force at 50 percent or less for this weekend.”

Lightfoot responded by saying: “I cannot and will not stand idly by while the rhetoric of conspiracy theorists threatens the health and safety of Chicago’s residents and first responders.” She also said Catanzara was “encouraging a work stoppage or strike.” Both state law and the union contract prohibits Chicago police from striking. The union responded with a tweet Friday saying: “President John Catanzara has never engaged in, supported, or encouraged a work stoppage.” [..] The Chicago stand-off comes as the city once again leads the United States in murders, with 639 homicides this year through October 13 — up 55 percent from two years ago. With shootings also up 68 percent over the period and carjackings heading for a record, the threat of losing much of the police force, even temporarily, has caused a deep sense of unease.

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Nobody I know believes the 62% vaccination rate.

Alarm Bells Ringing Over Poor Greek Vax Rate (K.)

Authorities are feeling increasingly uneasy about the pace of the country’s vaccination program, which is moving even slower in October than September, which had also seen a drop. As a result the aim to vaccinate at least 70% of the population to create the coveted wall of immunity is being further delayed, with winter just around the corner. In early September, after the summer holidays, there was a slight increase compared to the August break, with an average of about 20,000 shots being administered per day. The goal was to gradually increase this number in October so that by the end of the month or the beginning of November an additional million people would be vaccinated.

However, this was not meant to be, as in the first two weeks of October, there was a dip in appointments for the first dose – less than half compared to September. According to data.gov.gr, 62% of the population has received a single dose. The average daily rate of single dose shots in October was 5,500, while in September it was almost 13,000. By the time Greece reached the peak of the vaccination program in June, there was an average of 93,130 vaccinations per day being administered, of which 39,707 were first doses. This was because there was still a large proportion of the population which was positively inclined to the vaccine but wanted to wait a while before going ahead with it.

Currently, the percentage that has not been vaccinated is about the same as the percentage that indicated in the polls they would not get a jab or expressed caution about it. Bearing this in mind, targeted campaigns may be launched in the near future. Getting results, however, will be a tall order.

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Ha ha ha! Brilliant.

IMDB Steps In To Prop Up Audience Rating Of Fauci Documentary (JTN)

A documentary film tracking Dr. Anthony Fauci’s medical career from the AIDS crisis to COVID-19, is creating controversy away from the big screen. “Fauci,” from NatGeo and Magnolia Pictures, hit select theaters Sept. 10 before getting a Disney+ release earlier this month. The documentary lets disparate figures like President George W. Bush, U2’s Bono and Bill Gates praise the Infectious disease specialist. The studios failed to make the documentary’s box office figures available to film industry sites or JustTheNews.com. The vast majority of studios, large and small, routinely share that data, as NatGeo and Magnolia have done on previous releases.

Movie fans then noticed RottenTomatoes.com, arguably the biggest review aggregator site on the web, didn’t initially feature any “audience” reviews of the film. Mainstream film critics saluted “Fauci,” although most admitted the film served up a hagiography of the 80-year-old bureaucrat. Once audiences started weighing in on the film at Rotten Tomatoes, though, the results were withering. Professional critics gave “Fauci” a 92% “fresh” score, while audiences gave it just a 2% — or “rotten” — rating. A similar pattern emerged at IMDB.com, a major film and TV reference destination. “Fauci’s” audience rating, on a scale from 1-10, hovered around 1.8. This week, however, the site altered its review algorithm. Now, the audience review tally is a more robust 5.8.

A quick glimpse at the review breakdown, provided by the site, shows the overwhelming number of audience critics gave the film a one-star rating. The site now features this explanation: “NOTE: Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied.”

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Next step after the Green Pass.

DHS Seeks To Track Biometric Data Of Workers (JTN)

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking proposals for a new system that will allow it to track the biometric data of its workers in order to monitor their physical and mental well-being. DHS said in a call for proposals this week that it is looking to “find innovative technological solutions that will improve the overall health and wellness of those consistently placed in high-stress and dangerous conditions” under DHS employment. “DHS is seeking capabilities that not only promote intervention action when necessary, but preemptively and in real-time optimize DHS personnel performance and resilience,” the agency added. The window for proposals for the project extends until next April.

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“Carollo looks like he’s about six, and I say that fully conceding jealousy over his full head of hair.”

Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State (Taibbi)

On The Young Turks the other night, during a segment called — this is not a joke — “RebelHQ,” commentator Ben Carollo extolled the virtues of the CIA. In one section, he described how intelligence officials responded to “Donald Trump trying to plan some ridiculous scheme to maintain himself as president”: “It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that these government officials wanted to listen to congress and cared about Democratic norms and respected the constitutional structure of the way the United States is today.” When I first heard Carollo talking about the desire of intelligence officials to “listen to congress,” I thought he was being literal.

Maybe, I thought, he meant that time in 2014, when the CIA spied on the the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into its torture program, wiring up Senate computers and reading staffers’ emails. Or perhaps he meant that time in 2015, when the Obama administration was using the NSA to listen to Israeli critics of his Iran deal, and ended up with “inadvertent” access to phone calls back and forth with political opponents in the U.S. congress, on both sides of the aisle. Or, maybe Carollo also meant that time when the CIA intercepted communications between the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community and congressional staff, about pending whistleblower complaints. As the ICIG put it in one of its declassified notifications, “CIA security compiled a report that includes excerpts of these whistleblower-related communications, and this report was eventually shared with CIA management.” This way, the CIA bosses could know ahead of time who was going to congress with complaints about abuses! Good times.

Alas, Carollo didn’t mean intelligence officials are listening to congress in that sense. His video essay entitled, “Fact-checking Glenn Greenwald’s stunt on Fox News,” was designed to refute the apparently ridiculous notion that “there’s some sort of secret deep state working behind the scenes.” A central part of his argument is that unlike agencies like Homeland Security, formed under the Republican administration of George W. Bush and designed to be “far more shielded from congressional oversight,” the CIA reports to congress and basically does what it’s told. The agencies with the real power to color outside the lines, Carollo tells us, are DHS-sub-operations, “specifically ICE, and Customs and Border Control,” which “have far less congressional oversight and far less structure in place for there to be those checks and balances.” Because of that, Carollo says, “Donald Trump was more than capable of enacting an extremely racist border policy.”

Even the Pentagon and the defense intelligence agencies are less of a concern, he said, because “when it comes to something like the military, there’s a long history of deep congressional oversight,” and “many checks and balances that are put into place.” Carollo looks like he’s about six, and I say that fully conceding jealousy over his full head of hair. It’s relevant only because he’s representative of a generation of young, left-leaning intellectuals who grew up in the Trump years believing the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other such agencies to be trusted, straight-and-narrow defenders of democratic “norms.” These credulous kids with piercings and chin-beards who think the secret services are on their side are the fruits of one of the great P.R. campaigns of our time.

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Great Reset.

Relentless Retail Inventory Squeeze amid Shortages & Supply Chain Chaos (WS)

The holiday selling season is approaching, and a whole litany of weird shortages is ricocheting through the economy. Stuff suddenly gets hung up somewhere, on a ship, or in a port, and then ends up somewhere else, or it’s on backorder for months, as manufacturers are struggling with material shortages and in in Asia with Covid outbreaks that shut down factories for weeks at a time. And stimulus-fueled demand in the US has been huge and relentless, while retailers are struggling with inventories, some more than others. Auto dealers, particularly new-vehicle dealers, are experiencing catastrophic shortages of popular models, as automakers have been getting blasted by semiconductor shortages that simply refuse to abate, leading to rotating shutdowns of assembly plants globally.

Auto dealers are the largest retailer segment, with their sales normally accounting for over 20% of total retail sales, and with their inventories normally accounting for 33% of total retail inventories. Inventories at auto dealers, measured in dollars, declined to a new multi-year low of $151 billion in August, according to data released by the Commerce Department on Friday. The long-term dollar-increase in inventory levels that you can see in the chart above is a reflection of higher costs per vehicle in inventory. But the number of vehicles in inventory has been in the same range for two decades, as unit sales have mostly been below the peak achieved in the year 2000.

It’s even worse during the current shortages: Inventory in dollars – though it collapsed – is being inflated by the shift to high-end models as automakers are prioritizing the biggest money makers. Sales of new and used vehicles also collapsed as there hasn’t been enough to sell. The industry-standard Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of sales plunged five months in a row and is down by 33% from May:

And so the inventory-sales ratio – inventories divided by sales, a standard metric of supply that cancels out the impact of price increases – has been ticking up over the past three months from the May low, which had been the lowest in the data going back to 1992. The upticks were driven by sales that collapsed even faster than inventories. Following the Lehman bankruptcy, new vehicle sales plunged, and the US was suddenly drowning in inventory, and the inventory-sales ratio spiked. During the pandemic, the opposite occurred: Fueled by huge amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus, retail demand surged and collided with production woes due at first to Covid issues and then the semiconductor shortage. And prices have spiked, with many new vehicles being sold at prices well above sticker, which is nuts.

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Really, Stella, talk to the Guardian? They were only ever going to smear Julian even more, while washing their hands of their role in his misery,

Stella Moris On Her Secret Family With Julian Assange (G.)

In May 2012, the UK’s supreme court ruled he should be extradited to Sweden. In June, Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy, where he could not be arrested because of the international legal protection afforded diplomatic premises, and refused to come out. In doing so, he breached his bail conditions. Two months later, Ecuador granted Assange political asylum, stating that they feared his human rights would be violated if he were extradited. By now, Assange had fallen out with former colleagues at WikiLeaks and collaborators at mainstream news organisations. His relationship with the Guardian soured over the decision to bring the New York Times into the collaboration, and he was angered that the Guardian investigated the Swedish allegations, rather than supporting him unquestioningly.

He was also furious about details published in a Guardian book, WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy. Meanwhile, all five media partners condemned his decision to publish Cablegate unredacted, potentially endangering the lives of thousands of activists and informers in countries including Israel, Jordan, Iran and Afghanistan. The situation could not have been messier. He fell out with so many people: WikiLeaks staff, his lawyer Mark Stephens, the writer Andrew O’Hagan, who had been contracted to ghost a book out of him, which Assange never delivered. Laura Poitras’s film about Assange, Risk, is particularly poignant because she had started the project as a fan. In it, Assange comes across as vain, sexist, arrogant and messianic.

The allegations of hypocrisy were most damaging: Poitras reveals that Assange told her the film was a threat to his freedom and demanded scenes be removed. “He was really angry and he tried to intimidate,” Poitras told me at the time of Risk’s release. James Ball, global editor at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and former Guardian journalist, briefly worked for WikiLeaks. He talks about the “incredible intensity” of his time at Ellingham House. “We were in the middle of nowhere in Norfolk, and we couldn’t bring phones because they could be tracked, so we were cut off from friends and family.” Ball challenged Assange when he was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, with a £12m penalty clause, that would have prevented him saying anything about WikiLeaks for two decades.

“Julian basically told everyone not to let me go to bed till I agreed to sign,” Ball says. Eventually, he did get to bed without signing. “I was woken up by Julian who was sitting on my bed, pressuring me again. He was prodding me in the face with a cuddly toy giraffe. I managed to get out, and then I got really angry for several months. A friend suggested I look into cult deprogramming. I don’t think Julian necessarily meant to build a cult, but WikiLeaks did operate like one.” Moris dismisses all the criticism of Assange as character assassination. Does she think his reputation for being difficult is fair? “How many publishers, editors, CEOs have a reputation for being nice and agreeable?” she asks. “Julian doesn’t like people who are deceitful, Julian doesn’t like opportunists, and he can be quite direct. Also people who are on the autism spectrum don’t score particularly high on the agreeableness scale.” (A psychiatrist confirmed a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome in last year’s extradition hearing.)

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Major league weird.



Leonardo da Vinci’s self-supporting bridge.






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    “There were 946,707 answered calls for an ambulance to 999 last month, compared with 713,975 in September 2020, an increase of more than 30%. ”




    If you submitted a script for a horror movie like this they would think you were very mentally ill and required help.

    V. Arnold

    If you submitted a script for a horror movie like this they would think you were very mentally ill and required help.

    You are so correct…the view askew is so distorted…

    …is there ny going back…I don’t think so…………


    ” Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Maine Vaccine Mandate (ET) “

    Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey and Maine Governor Janet Mills and U.S. district judge Jon Levy are war criminals.

    They should be in glass booths at Nuremberg 2.0

    They have all blatantly, premeditatedly and with malice aforethought violated the Nuremberg code written against the backdrop of Nazi medical coercion and the genocide of concentration camp medical experiments.

    If convicted of violating the Nuremberg Code, the lot of them should be hung by their necks until death, preferably in front of their families at a public execution.

    The US judiciary is another captured whorehouse

    Bill Roope

    He says what I’ve been thinking and very clearly at that.



    A part of Nazi eugenics practices, the authorities (doctors AND judges) decided to euthanize German Aryan children who had ‘defects’ and were draining resources from ‘perfect’ children and society.

    Under this directive the Nazis took away approx 70,000 German children who were mentally retarded, physically deformed in some way (club foot etc) stuttering, asthma, epilepsy and so forth, and executed them, you know, to keep the Race Pure. Wouldn’t want those defective kids growing up and breeding.

    The German public didn’t make a peep.

    But later when ‘they’ decided to apply the same criteria to German adults, the German public adamantly protested.

    “They’ euthanized approx 7,000 German adults before the public opposition forced the authorities to back off.

    Think about that, it was OK to kill children with imperfections but not the adult village idiots.

    Well, the US is about to euthanize it’s children too but oddly not because they are ‘imperfect’.

    Whether they’re killed by the Clotshot outright or sterilized or made medical invalids for the rest of their lives, the US policy toward children is one of broad eugenic extermination.

    ‘They’ are coming for your kids campers, better take to the hills.


    “The Revolving Door: All 3 FDA-authorized COVID shot companies now employ former FDA commissioners”


    Dr. D

    Biden is now President Coal. See “Political Ironies” it’s always the opposite for some reason. I mean, beyond promising no lockdowns, no mandates, “No new taxes”. But that’s okay: the U.N. figured out a way to make Tesla’s run on diesel. …With no catalytic convertors. Caring!

    Mexican Cartels have been shooting border guards regularly. “Safe and Effective” How dare we enact Clinton’s border and immigration policy which are the same as Trump’s border and immigration policy? Nope. We will pay millions NOT to enforce the law.

    Wikipedia, lying as usual: “British Member of Parliament Sir David Amess (pictured) dies after being stabbed during a constituency meeting.” Again, we lie with accuracy and double standards. NeoLiberal approved Derp State Politicians we correctly report as being “Assassinated.” Pick one or the other Wiki, I don’t care, but not one reality for pals and one for non-persons.

    Other news, Virginia, and School Administrations, lying about child rape and covering it up. Without consequences. (Loudon County) Pretty normal behavior for all parents, teachers, administrators, and authorities for my entire life. How could it be otherwise? We know child sex is a massive industry, and no one – especially not the FBI – can be bothered to even count or track the missing. No one has any idea. Therefore “There is no evidence of wrongdoing”. But numbers exceed 100k a year. There are 72M children, so 1 in 720? The highest missing rates are in D.C., and the highest time of year is Halloween. …Coincidence, I’m sure. Loudon Country’s just doing what all good American Adults do: Lie, cheat, steal, deny, abuse. The weakest. Then gaslight you, arrest you, if you bring it up.

    Assistant To US House Sergeant-At-Arms Charged With 10 Child Pornography Felonies”

    Oh, sorry. Totally random. Don’t know how Congressional Policemen came up here. Or how, if they’re doing this on the Net, China wouldn’t know and control every one of them. You think they blackmail people for being gay or having an affair these days? You’d get a MEDAL for having an affair while smoking crack. It means you’re a “real person”, “diverse and loving.” They need much deeper criminals installed than that. Why would I kid you? Irony is long dead.

    “Chicago facing 50 percent less cops because those who don’t want the vax are being fired? Tough – get your shot.”

    Like Australia, we HAVE to beat/arrest/kill/abandon/starve you: it’s for your own safety! The more we beat and kill you, the safer you are!

    “Newsom’s California is a Marxist hellhole, where the religious fundamentalism of the Green New Deal fanatics has taken massive numbers of truckers off the road.”

    No State religions. Impeach.

    “Biden Administration’s “War on Us” is taking a dangerous turn.”

    We’ve been telling you since 1954. We told you when they started running tanks over American children in the 90s. We told you the WoT I was a war on us. No one believed us, so they had to see it for themselves. Live it, or more importantly for half the country: the only reality is my FEELINGS. So here we are. You get to see it, experience it, live it, feel it, and if you wish, choose it.

    Do you see why the strategy now? Suppose Military Intel jumped in and arrested all 5 million mass-murdering, psychopathic Derp State China-obeying criminals, leaving 70 million Americans out in the cold. What do you think would happen? Well Podesta said he’d secede, start a civil war, hand the whole West coast to China. Previous plans said at the same time, the East Coast would call on the U.N. and blue hats to occupy the entire East. NYC loves to be ridden bareback, so they’d definitely agree. For “election fraud” 3 years and several million dollars couldn’t find. And as the military strategist for this you say “Okey-dokey” and get your strategy and world outlook from your enemy?

    Okay, how about now? Flip the script where we let the “winning” party pull all the levers? their plan depends on being the oppressed, the rebellion. They cannot help but do these things because killing everyone and erasing the Constitution and all things American is their goal. But now when they are the inside party, allegedly without restraint, they are the ones responsible and pointed at when everything goes wrong and we enjoy the levels of prosperity and freedom previously reserved for Cuba. So when you shave another couple million off that 70 million Biden voters, what happens?

    YOU are the government. YOU are the leaders. Bureaucracies are drooling, glue-sniffing morons you have to put on a leash and drag down the mall behind you. So the PEOPLE need to say “enough” and want this. …And sure, they may not, but if the people of the nation don’t want America, no longer want freedom, or food, what can you do with them? You can’t MAKE them be strong, aware, involved, resilient, again. They either have this in their hearts as their values or they don’t. We are finding out if they do or not.

    “Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Maine Vaccine Mandate (ET)”

    The court is your doctor. They practice medicine. Oh wait, they practice untested medical experiments.

    “IMDB Steps In To Prop Up Audience Rating Of Fauci Documentary (JTN)”

    Another example of how every single thing down to the smallest is a lie. Rotten Tomatoes is way ahead of them, I don’t believe a single rating on their whole site is real and hasn’t been in years. Every day they take money to sell whatever rating the studio wants and can afford, and you can watch the low ratings vanish every day in real time. And you think they won’t lie when it’s important? Honey, “When it’s important, you just HAVE to lie!” And it’s ALWAYS important.

    These guys lie about child rape in schools and sleep like a baby. Oh but not MY guy, not on MY subject. Then they’re totally honest. Right.

    a generation of young, left-leaning intellectuals who grew up in the Trump years believing the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other such agencies to be trusted, straight-and-narrow defenders of democratic “norms.” These credulous kids with piercings and chin-beards who think the secret services are on their side.”

    “I’m a rebel Dottie. A Loner.”

    “Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy”

    Good stuff! Instead of the Derp State’s 30 year war on civilians and Human Rights worldwide.

    It’s weird that Julian was so uptight about secrecy and control. It’s almost like he thought they were after him or something. What a unhinged weirdo conspiracy theory! Can’t you see clearly the government wants only the best from pure love, like your own dearest Daddy?


    “The vaccinated generate mutant strains” –




    @ Dr D

    “..These guys lie about child rape in schools and sleep like a baby. Oh but not MY guy, not on MY subject. Then they’re totally honest. Right….”

    The vast majority of Sheeple, bahbahbah, say this about ‘their’ lawyer. The rest are degenerate sociopathic shylock shyster douchenozzles but my lawyer’s shite doesn’t stink ya know.

    Like I said, the whole US judiciary is a captured whorehouse. Judges are the worst cowards our society can barf up like poison hairballs.


    Is this what vaccine mandate’s are really about? The push to digital ID2020 supported by Gates/GAVI/Mastercard ?

    “ID2020 group ‘profoundly disappointed’ in Biden’s ‘failure to recognize need’ for digital health passes [vaccine passports]

    Good Health Pass Collective doesn’t like the term ‘vaccine passport,’ but what else is it used for? perspective ”

    ID2020 group ‘profoundly disappointed’ in Biden’s ‘failure to recognize need’ for digital health passes [vaccine passports]


    ID2020 is already rolling out in West Africa. Here’s Mastercard’s statement from last year.

    Signed, sealed, encrypted: This digital ID is all yours

    ” Trust Stamp is now working with Mastercard to integrate its digital identity capabilities into Mastercard’s Wellness Pass solution, which will be launched alongside Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in West Africa.”





    Open the pod bay doors




    White noise generators pyramid
    1. Best – A Doctorate degree
    2. Secondary – A Master degree
    3. Adequate – A Bachelor degree
    4. Specialized filter – A Red Seal or equivalent
    5. News Media
    6. Demonstrators
    7. Bloggers

    Target – successible – rif raf (disreputable or undesirable people)
    A : capable of submitting to an action, process, or operation a theory susceptible to proof.
    B : open, subject, or unresistant to some stimulus, influence, or agency susceptible to pneumonia.
    C : impressionable, responsive a susceptible mind.
    Moveable goal posts

    The aim was to vaccinate at least 70% of the population to create the coveted wall of immunity
    vaccinate —-> 80%, —–> 90%, —–>95%, ——->100%

    The vaccinated wall of immunity was not reached with one vaccine.
    Therefore, try with two vaccines —–> Therefore, Try with boosters

    The vaccinated wall of immunity was not reached because the virus changed and avoided the vaccines

    The vaccinated wall of immunity was not reached because the unvaccinated are defeating the vaccinated wall of immunity. “The vaccinated generate mutant strains” 😉
    Manufactured stimulus-fueled demand —–>
    Manufactured demand shortage —–>
    Increased profits —–>


    Opps Edit
    Manufactured demand shortage Manufactured supply shortage —–>—–>


    Are You Prepared for the Mass Repricing of Goods and Services?

    Are You Prepared for the Mass Repricing of Goods and Services?
    Posted on October 15, 2021 by MN Gordon

    In 1960, for example, a gallon of gas cost $0.31 per gallon. Similarly, in 1960 a gallon of milk cost $1.00 per gallon. Currently, the average price of gas and the average price of milk are $3.28 per gallon and $3.68 per gallon, respectively. That’s upwards of a 958 percent increase for gas and 268 percent increase for milk over the last 60 years.

    The point is, through policies of mass dollar debasement, we’ve now entered the next stage of the mass repricing of goods and services in the economy. The price of just about everything will adjust upward by several hundred percent – or much, much more – over the next decade.

    Pre-pandemic prices are gone forever…

    …and your savings, investments, retirement, purchasing power, and the quality of life that you’ve spent a life time planning and working for will be shredded.


    Ay, caramba

    20 micron head / 2.5 mm tentacles

    Ok, maybe I don’t want to work with these people.



    Try again



    last time



    Witness to the Crimes of the Millennium: A Portfolio of Criminal Negligence and Malfeasance

    a kullervo

    Meanwhile, the Austrian Armed Forces’ site forewarns of a Europe-wide power blackout to occur during the next five years (here, in German.)

    TAE Summary

    * The Triumph of Death; O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory.

    * The New World Disorder
    – Target changes name to The Potemkin Store; New logo is a red circle with nothing in center
    – 2% is the new 70%; The good news is that 70% of Americans will soon be farmers
    – Request Denied without Explanation is the new Juris Prudence
    – Psaki responds to F**k Joe Biden
    You are not a mistress. You are not a hooker. Seriously Y’all. Stop it.
    — Psaki gets pre-emptive Pulitzer Prize
    – Aluminum based life form threatens humanity but humanity is saved when the supply chain runs out of aluminum
    – Merriam Webster to redefine terrorism to exclude vaccine mandates
    – Vax Passport to be renamed Trust Stamp and to be contracted to Tru’mp
    — Tru’mp, bitte
    – The Young Turks set the record straight: There is no deep state, only a shallow state

    * 2022: A Food Odyssey
    Guy: Joe, open the grocery store doors
    Joe: I’m sorry Guy, I’m afraid I can’t do that
    (Guy realizes he has no helmet, but risks it and busts in anyway)

    * Terrorism, all 4 definitions
    – The unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.
    – The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism.
    – A terrorist method of governing or of resisting a government.
    – Intimidation or coercion by instilling fear:

    * Fauci documentary to pre-emptively receives multiple Oscars
    – Best original story
    – Best comedy
    – Best fantasy film
    – Best horror film
    – Fauci as best actor
    – Fauci as best director
    – Bill Gates, Bono and George W Bush to share best supporting actor

    * The 6 Trillion Dollar Man Intro: Joe Biden, President. A man barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster, lucid. <Heroic Theme Music>


    Israel will be the canary in the coal mine.

    Geert’s latest:

    “What happens if Israel fails the stress test?”

    Damn, he writes long, convoluted sentences.
    Read twice, slowly, and with a whiskey!


    The Money Power Monopolists are simply removing their fraudulent money system from us, step by step, under the guise of all their not-so-carefully crafted “correlating events” (the really do have OCD when it comes to making sure we come off as complete UNFIT idiots — it is their religion to believe the UNFIT kill themselves, hence, they bear ZERO responsibility for global degeneracide in their own minds).

    The game is simple — they expect at least 92% of us will die outright, and this includes the PERMANENT EXTINCTION OF “MASS BLOODLINES.” Poof — gone. For all those pathological money-seekers, YOU PLAYED YOUR ROLE IN ENABLING THIS! You were not a primary actor, BUT YOU WERE AN ACTOR!

    “Either you learn to write your own script in life, or you become an unwitting actor in SOMEONE ELSE’S SCRIPT.” ~John Taylor Gatto

    Their goal is to siphon away fiat over time, all while exponentially increasing the debts, both personal and governmental. At some point, they bankrupt the whole the whole thing and seize collateral, which is your land, home, and vehicles — at the very least. Government land will be handed over to their front corporations, too. They may just believe that, in order to finally be crowned “Messianic Bloodline,” that they need contractual title to almost all, if not all, of planet Earth. This system is very close to giving them the opportunity to do EXACTLY THAT. To borrow Rothschild’s term, “it is only the child who does not see this!”

    So, we know two agendas…
    1. To kill off and/or sterilize 7.5 billion people, “at least.” I suspect it is actually far closer to the total than many would like to believe. It is their world, after all, and we are just squirrels look for a “debt-based nut” that they are taking away from us. Defend yourself… Either buy something that comes with allodial title (they have allodial title — the Rothschild castles are NOT even on the property tax rolls, but Bill Gates’ property is! And the gullible think the grandson of a San Francisco Federal Reserve Head is a shot caller — uh, no. He’s an order follower…) come up with something else.
    All I’ve been able to come up with to date is to create a legal structure where one doesn’t directly own their property taxed assets, but still retains CONTROL over them. This will, at the very least, mean that when the millions in debt is offloaded onto the property at the depths of The Greatest Depression that the debt will NOT roll onto the individual personally — it will stay within the legal structure. I have no idea what these people will do to people with millions in personal debt attached to their name. Maybe it is no big deal, maybe it is. Better safe than sorry.
    2. To siphon off the only legal tender available to pay off THE FRAUDULENT, INEXTINGUISHABLE AND ODIUS DEBT owed to the government and corporations they finance.

    “You have never owned anything, because you have never paid for your “purchases”. Using the private credit notes does not extinguish a debt.
    Easy come, easy go.
    Ever wonder why the life lived in the US is so “easy” compared to the rest of the planet?
    Oh yes, I nearly forgot…you are God’s “chosen” people…not like those nasty black children in Africa who deserve what they have.
    Laughing out loud!”

    Oh, you didn’t see THAT coming, did you? They believe in “British Israelism.” Why did they finance the United States and Britain differently than every other country? THEY WERE FOLLOWING THEIR VIEW OF BIBLICAL SCRIPTURE, AND FELT GOD DEMANDED IT OF THEM! If you want an idea of what comes next, download and read a copy of “The United States and Britain in Prophecy” by Herbert W. Armstrong. I’m not saying their ideology is the same as Armstrong’s, but it very well could be quite close. The bottom line is that DESTRUCTION OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS AWAIT — and they EAGERLY AWAIT THEIR CHOSEN POSITION TO FINANCE IT UPON US AS WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE GOD’S FAITHFUL SERVANTS!

    Ya really can’t make this stuff up.

    The solutions are to…

    1. Avoid their “killing fields.” As seen on this thread, the devolution of humanity is such that even on this advanced blog, people irrationally attack the messenger of someone who is trying to explain what the degeneracide machanisms are that are weakening and killing people instead of logically processing relevant data free of contradiction and reliance on logical fallacy. They just can’t do it. How does a NY Times fan make any progress when people on this thread are struck in “upside down world”?
    All I can say is, do you best. One hint, though. If Empire, Inc. pushes it, IT IS NOT BECAUSE IT IS GOOD. In fact, there are no such examples of them pushing anything that is actually good for us. EVERYTHING IS TOXIC, to one degree, or another. Now, there may be some special instances where something can offer temporary relief for some people, sure. But the long term effects are quite toxic.
    Even the alt-med Covid nutrient therapy looks identical to a “ceruloplasmin assassination squad.” Zinc depletes copper (stimulates metallothionein that binds up copper 1,000x more than zinc, so the zinc and metallothionein persist), hormone D blocks magnesium absorption, disrupts calcium metabolism (magnesium is required for every step of calcium metabolism and to ensure calcium ends up in the bones, not the tissues) and depletes retinol status which is required by ATP7B to load copper into ceruloplasmin, and ascorbic acid literally strips the copper “blue” out of our “blue blood” and causes more toxic iron filings to be both absorbed more quickly into the cell, and more deeply into the cell.
    It is like a cast of villains in a horror movie for ceruloplasmin-bound copper (blue blood) status.
    Now, might it help for people with acute CovFeFe conditions? I think the evidence is clear that it does. This is good. But how many people are chomping these “blue blood assassins” without any symptoms at all, and plan to do so into the foreseeable future? Scary!

    When combined with a diet high in toxic iron filings, this might just be the recipe for the prophesied “spirit of the anti-christ” that sweeps the land in the “end days.”

    2. Get a plot of land, hopefully one you control that is not legally tied to you, with all the resources you need to live off of like it was 1850. You need access to water, and ways to make it potable… for the length of you life. You need ways to grow your own food… for the rest of your life. You need a place that is easier to defend, being not a popular location is probably the best bet here. You need a community of people. The Rothschild character suggested your bloodline. Their toxic, bio-narcissist milieu has made many families quite toxic, so that won’t be an option for many. Try creating a “spirit-line” where people bonded by “agape love” can work together for the common good.

    The time is NOW, people. There was a time when people could wake up to the debt-based money fraud, and they rejected the idea of doing so. People refused to defy their mon-eye based idols of worship.
    The iron of worshiping the very thing that guaranteed our destruction is not lost on the THE CREATOR! And it will not be lost on us when He reveals it to us! It is a BIG LESSON TO LEARN in how stoooopit selfishness makes the perpetrator of the selfishness. Agape love is the only way — no deviation.

    “Time to wake up, those who desire to further their bloodlines!”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011 (this IS a threat, and they are setting the stage to make due on it RIGHT NOW!).

    “I will not succumb to the ego and “crow” of our Family accomplishments. There is much written that need not be summarized here, and nothing to be gained at basking in the glow of the successes! Consider that there have also been many, many “learning experiences”! THOSE are what we teach our young! BECAUSE! There is where the “value” is to be found. Perfection comes from focusing ones efforts upon experience and embracing them as the lessons taught by NATURE! So very valuable! Success is sweet rain! Soft rain, which falls upon our fields and prepares the earth for the next planting. Nothing more. The valuable part is steel blade cracking hard earth until it is lush and fertile again.
    Mr Turkey, the International Banking system is a wonder! Study it and learn how its tentacles grow and spread across the earth! Silently and without respite. Whom do you suppose created this? Your local government?
    Laughing out loud!!
    It has created the appearance of wealth for a generation! Many have received benefit and many have suffered. Of course, it is all illusion and based on faith.
    The international monetary system is the one true religion of humanity. No small feat?”

    The one world religion is already in place — no need to wait for it. Now ya know! And he’s 100% CORRECT!

    Were one of the first world governments serious in eliminating human suffering, malnutrition, wars, and all other human BLIGHT, it could be done in less than 5 years.
    As the ice cream heir wrote: LET ALL BE FED!
    It is possible, real and can be done now.
    Obtain some quality hemp seed meal and oil and see for yourself. Then try to explain why humans live in the conditions they do.
    Laughing out Loud!
    As I have said many times, the fault lies with each and every one of YOU!
    You alone make the choices and you alone suffer the consequences! We just set up the system(s) to benefit from your choices, as provided for by NATURAL LAW!
    Laughing out Loud!”

    “To paraphrase the term…”all your everything are belong to us”!
    But go right on believing the “beautiful lies” and ignore the truth!
    Laughing out loud!”

    “In terms of your second question, the bloodline can be traced back to the very beginning. Because YOU cannot do so, or do not attach significance to recording and disseminating such information, does not mean others act the same way!
    Notice that in the Old Testament, a significant amount of detail is accorded to the lineage in the very beginning. Have you bothered to read this? Have you wondered why it was so important that it receives so much attention in such a revered document?
    Of course, were you to understand the importance of bloodlines, you would know that, uniformly, family clans in both east and west regard bloodlines to be the determinant of station, position and inheritance. Royalty descends from royalty. Peerage, and all that.
    Slaves of all sorts and colors also, and usually in vain, tried to keep track of the history of their families. Mormons are doing thins in the United States, and have noted that various “interest groups” have been noted to be introducing “noise” into the process.
    I wonder why that would be??
    Laughing out loud!”

    “ANd for those who are able to make the transition, do not despair for your fallen comrades! They will have had the opportunity and free will to save themselves…and chose not to do so for whatever reason. If you need proof, look no further than this thread for validation.”

    THEY WANT YOU AND YOURS DEAD. And, yes, the master DEGENERACIDERS blame us! And they financed a system where we actually do kill ourselves, and each other!

    We could, IN TRUTH, just stop doing so. We could stop feeding our children metallic iron filings. The politicians could stop lying to us. The heads of the AMA could promote Ivermectin and the other therapies.

    They all could, BUT THEY DON’T.

    We COULD raise up our own to lead the way in a positive direction, BUT WE DON’T.

    “I will give you another starting point, understanding that the study of energy will take many years. Energy and nutrition…well chosen!

    “You have within your grasp an existence you cannot possibly imagine…right before you. It will unfold as you gain knowledge.
    Remain steadfast!”

    “Do we really want to know or would we rather keep our heads buried in the sand? What we don’t know will still affect us. You will not see unless you look. Only through knowledge will we find truth.
    Rh negative blood has not evolved on earth in the natural course of events.
    For many years people have been searching for the wrong thing. Could the true “missing link” actually be man himself? The unknown link between earth and the stars – hybrid man. Is man the missing link between primate and extraterrestrial?
    Upon x-raying the tomb of Makare, high priestess of Ammon, it was found that the infant buried with her labeled Prince Moutenihet was actually a female hamadryas baboon. An examination of Makare showed she had given birth shortly before dying.
    Dear Bickle! Start to consider the possibility that you, the Rh positive primate that you are…have only just begun your evolutionary journey. Consider that you are evolving as fast as your little helix can regenerate!
    The “others” who you so misunderstand have engaged you to our mutual benefit and survival!”

    “For many years, human governments were pitted one against the other…resulting in wars, famine and poverty…except for the banking classes! They benefited greatly from war! And still do. As the era of the nation state comes to a close…on the cusp of a global world order…competing nations will give way to class warfare and ultimately competing bloodlines. Poor Chinese will hate rich chinese…poor americans will hate rich americans…europeans the same. Poor will wage war against the “rich” much larger scale than nation states. Perhaps you are seeing this play out now!
    Laughing out loud!
    2) Distractions, all. And yes, there are portals, but not what you imagine!
    3) The musician, John Lennon asked that very question in his music..”can man live without his illusions”? A very dangerous question! But one you must answer for yourself….and your progeny!
    4) The filters are there for a reason. Figure out the reason and you will have your answer. CLUE: FEAR BASED! Children are programmed from birth to respond to FEAR! Why?

    The slow burn continues!
    What is burning, you may ask?
    The middle class american life! Middle class standard of living! The thing which differentiated america from other countries!
    50 years hence, the poor will continue to be poor! There will just be…say for simplicity…another BILLION of them!

    The rich will also be just fine! If you are rich, and connected, you have no worries! A group of very, very greedy banksters (I love that term…banksters…a play on gangsters of course) are trying to secure their future because they know this! However, and sadly, they lack the true component, which is knowledge.
    Some of the banksters will become crushingly poor and others, well, they will not be in our midst! Sadly! Because their egos are or will become so closely intertwined with the paper gods death will be a preferable state for them! Sad, sad little sacks of excrement!
    Of course, you little sheep will bleat with pleasure as they get their “comeuppance” and take the blame although they were tiny little cogs in a very elaborate system! Oh that carefully laid plan again!
    Look to the poor of the past for your cues! Look at the class system of England or the castes of India. There are the stations of privilege, royalty, which you will not hold. Likely.
    Under are the nobility, lords, men of titles. Again out of your reach.
    Into the serf class it is! Grunt workers.
    Farmers, laborers, pawns of war!
    Teach your young the ways of labor! Within that group, there are knowledge based professions which hold some “status”. Tool and die makers in Germany have some measure of value and respect! A blacksmith is another area your children can enter without crowding out, and it will again be handy when the current mercantile system devolves.
    What kind of serf would your children be happiest as!
    Can you teach them deference and groveling? The current educational system already handles rote quite well! Teach them the ways of the sycophant! The boot-licker! The feigned laugh!
    It is likely easier to learn early than later!
    Of course, there are serfs, landed”
    Fear == Fe-ar. Iron overload, hidden in plain sight. It oxidizes the nervous system and brain, as well as triggering the NLRP3 inflammazome “fear sensor” inside the cell. It creates insecure people who afraid of appearing wrong, hence, THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF LEARNING AND EVOLVING ANYMORE.

    They are GONE — they passed the true cognitive “event horizon,” all because they didn’t learn to respect what they put into their TEMPLE!

    “The only way WE go down, is if you WAKE UP…and that isn’t EVER going to happen.
    Look at the stupid comments on here, and so far not ONE intelligent question!
    you can learn because, as a man of honour, I will answer truthfully.
    but, alas, as one once stated…
    “the truth…the TRUTH…you can’t handle the truth…”
    laugh out loud”



    A list of current outbreaks in our Long-term care facilities. – 8
    Last update: October 17, 2021

    The current active outbreak list is updated when new outbreaks are declared. When an outbreak is over, the facility is removed from the list.
    COVID-19: Deadly outbreak at Burnaby care home shows booster shots needed sooner
    B.C. is more than a month behind Alberta and Ontario in offering booster shots to fully vaccinated residents of care homes

    Author of the article:Gordon Hoekstra
    Publishing date:Oct 16, 2021 • 1 day ago
    The B.C. government has reported
    10 deaths so far at the 95-bed Willingdon Care Centre, but a letter purportedly sent to family and friends and posted on social media this week said there had been 12 deaths. The letter stated as many as 82 residents and 30 staff had tested positive for COVID-19. Fraser Health’s official numbers as of Friday were 78 cases among residents and 22 cases among staff.
    Care Providers Association CEO Terry Lake said the family-owned facility was well run and had avoided an outbreak in the first three COVID-19 waves beginning in early 2020.
    “If the residents there had had their … booster when Alberta and Ontario were giving out their boosters, it’s highly probable this would not have happened,” Lake said Friday.
    everyone working at Willingdon has been fully vaccinated as of Oct. 12, and the vast majority of residents had also had two COVID shots
    COVID-19 outbreaks have jumped significantly in long-term care homes since mid-August.

    There have been nearly 50 outbreaks since that time, with more than 500 residents and 200 staff infected and at least 80 deaths, according to information from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.
    Dozens dead, hundreds infected, but health authorities fight to conceal B.C. hospital outbreak findings
    Updated Oct. 15, 2021
    CTV News Vancouver Multi-Media Journalist

    VANCOUVER – A CTV News investigation into COVID-19 outbreaks in hospitals in the Lower Mainland has resulted in scant information from health authorities, which have fought disclosure even though hundreds of patients and staff have contracted the virus in hospital and dozens have died as a result.
    For months, multiple attempts to obtain information and documentation around investigations, responses and fallout from COVID-19 outbreaks in Lower Mainland hospitals have been met with stonewalling, redactions and insistence that no such documentation exists, even though lives were lost.

    “I think it’s incumbent on health authorities to provide us with information and data that actually backs up their protocol, their procedures they have in place,” said Liberal leader Shirley Bond. “It is a pattern that has developed with this government: We continue to see a reluctance to be transparent. It’s disappointing and frankly it should’ve been fixed long ago.”


    The two health authorities have declared dozens of outbreaks at hospitals, where staff or patients who’d been virus-free contracted COVID-19. Virtually every hospital in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley has had at least one outbreak, with hundreds infected and dozens dead.

    Among the worst:

    Burnaby General Hospital: a dozen people died and more than 100 were infected at the facility last year
    Lions Gate Hospital: three outbreaks, with 52 people infected and at least 16 dead in the last two
    Surrey Memorial Hospital: a three-month-long outbreak starting Nov. 18 saw 125 people infected on site, 13 of whom died
    On their websites, the health authorities only list ongoing or recent outbreaks, removing old ones after they’ve ended. Currently, Fraser Health has one at Mission Memorial Hospital, which has had at least one previous outbreak.

    British Columbia (BC) COVID-19 Situation Report
    Week 39: September 26- October 02, 2021


    Don ‘t overestimate the Rotten Childs.



    What is a snobby person?
    a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people.
    being or characteristic of a person who has an offensive air of superiority and tends to ignore or disdain anyone regarded as inferior.
    one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior.
    one who has an offensive air of superiority in matters of knowledge or taste.
    a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class.



    Found at another site:

    > commenter name deleted
    October 17, 2021 at 9:12 am

    When I read certain stories linked under NC’s “#COVID-19” rubric, I think of that quote by Benito Mussolini of “all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
    Fascism like other strains running through human history never completely goes away, it lingers like the “long covid’ is said to do – it should have a vaccine all its own.” <

    Well said, Sir. I sure wish the few still-thinking commenters from that place would do the same here.
    That place went (ahem) Daily Kos in early 2020.


    @zero…..your link http://www.bccdc.ca/Health-Info-Site/Documents/COVID_sitrep/Week_39_2021_BC_COVID-19_Situation_Report.pdf
    does not seem to work. Wonder if they have removed it already. Here in B.C. the gov’t seems to be be providing little info. We are “Bonnie Henryed” and bludgeoned with B.S.



    I don’t know why. I just tried it. It worked.

    Veracious Poet

    Beware the Tri V Monsta!


    I’m sure the date is representative with what is happening elsewhere.
    Maybe the following latest link would be better at showing that two vaccine does not work and a booster is needed.

    October 13, 2021
    Weekly COVID-19 Long Term Care, Assisted Living & Independent Living Outbreak Report

    Previous week reports are here

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