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The Goal Is Not To Help Ukraine, But To Fight Putin – Jacques Baud (TP)
Biden Tries Blaming Russia for White House Energy Policy and Inflation (CTH)
Ukraine Is Blackmailing The Global South By Demanding Weapons For Wheat (Kol.)
Traitors and Patriots (Batiushka)
UK: 5,000 Non-Covid Excess Deaths in the Last Five Weeks (DS)
Funding of Promising COVID-19 Treatment Withdrawn Without Explanation (DS)
Get Your Monkeypox On (Jim Kunstler)
Primetime Jan. 6 Hearings Air To Dismal TV Ratings (JTN)
Liz Cheney Said Trump Had A ‘Seven-part Plan’ To Overturn The Election (CNN)
Trump Pentagon First Offered National Guard to Capitol on Jan 2 (JTN)
Perry to Cheney: Your Pardon Story Is An Absolute Shameless, Soulless Lie (JTN)
Erdogan Threatens Greece Over ‘Militarizing’ Aegean Islands (ZH)
Agreement In The Dispute Over Spying Attacks On Julian Assange’s Lawyer (Zeit)





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Original from Swiss journal, Zeitgeschehen im Fokus.

Baud is a former strategic intelligence officer in the Swiss Department of Defense.

“This is about supporting decision-making based on facts and not on the basis of divine inspiration.”

The Goal Is Not To Help Ukraine, But To Fight Putin -Jacques Baud (TP)

JB: It is also interesting that if one takes some distance to assess the conflict and does not immediately side with Ukraine, one is declared a ” Putin-Empathizer.” This is unbelievable. What I think about Putin has nothing to do with the assessment of the situation. That is the business of the Ukrainians. I have said this several times: if I were Ukrainian, I probably would have taken up arms. But that is not the point. I, as Swiss, will not give up my Swissness. In order to help Ukraine, I don’t have to become a Ukrainian; but I have to look at the big picture I have as Swiss to bring a less passionate but more constructive point of view. The journalists who criticize me are more Russia-haters than Ukraine-lovers.

JB: When an onlooker sees an old lady being attacked by a thug on the street, he does not encourage her to fight back, but tries to separate the two. We are in the situation of this onlooker; but our response is to give weapons so that Ukraine fights. For a Ukrainian it is legitimate to want to fight. But for a Swiss or another European, our role is to try to limit the damage. But no one is even attempting to do that in the West. When Zelensky was looking for a mediator, he turned to Turkey, China, and Israel. He did not choose a European Union country or even Switzerland. He understood that Switzerland is no longer an independent partner.

[..] JB: Paradoxically, everything we give to Ukraine today only highlights the help and compassion we have not given to those who have been unjustly attacked by the West in the Middle East and elsewhere. This will have consequences in the future. Many have noticed this with the refugees. The “blond, blue-eyed” refugees are gladly helped; the others are not. Maybe we can understand this, even if we cannot approve of it. But what is incomprehensible, remains the fact that we keep silent about one attacker, while another is punished with more than 6 000 sanctions.

[..] It also doesn’t mean that you have to be in favor of Russia; that has nothing to do with it. If you look at Justitia, she is blind and holds a scale in her hand. That is exactly what is missing today. Western countries are partial and biased. The same applies to the European Union. A modern state should not be guided by passion, but by reason. These principles were established by Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau in the 18th century. Our “woke” culture has forgotten them. We let our feelings guide us and we follow them. That is the problem.

[..] The rule of law means that decisions are not based on feelings or intuitions, but on the basis of facts. That is why modern states have intelligence services. This is about supporting decision-making based on facts and not on the basis of divine inspiration. This is a fundamental difference between enlightened governance and despotic obscurantism. Fighting a dictatorship does not entitle us to forget the principles of the rule of law. Since the Balkan War, the West seems to believe that the end justifies the means. It is irrelevant what individual ministers think as persons, they are allowed to hate Putin, that is their right as citizens —but not as ministers. Feelings cannot be the basis of their policy.

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Kissinger in 2014: “Demonizing Vladimir Putin is not politics; it is an alibi for not having politics.”

Biden Tries Blaming Russia for White House Energy Policy and Inflation (CTH)

It’s worth paying attention to where and when Joe Biden is standing when he makes his ridiculous economic claims today about Russia being the cause of the energy policy from the White House. Do not let it go unnoticed that it’s June, the last month of the second quarter for economic data. Do not let it pass your reference that Joe Biden is speaking from the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) as he spins his nonsense about the inflation, he alone is responsible for. And do not overlook the attendee mentioned in this subtle statement, “And, John, I can’t thank you. You’re — you’re the real deal. Anybody — well, I won’t get into — get you in trouble, but thanks for sticking up for me.”

“John” is the White House Port Envoy John D Porcari. A severely partisan former Obama official who was selected by Joe Biden to lead the fraudulent effort to improve supply chains when the White House was under assault in the fall of 2021. Porcari was the person who designed “operation hide the ships” to give the illusion of port efficiency improvement, and it is almost a certainty that it was Porcari who leveraged his influence with the POLA to hold back the December 2021 import data in order to try and improve the GDP statistics. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP growth. The first quarter of 2022 was -1.5% as detailed by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That means if April, May and June 2022 are also negative GDP then we are factually in an economic recession.

That makes this month, June 2022, critical for Joe Biden. The White House will do anything to avoid that label appearing on their economic policy when the reporting is released at the end of July. So it’s June, the last month of the second quarter…. and Joe Biden is giving a speech from the Port of Los Angeles….. and the White House will do anything and everything to avoid that “economic recession” label. What does that mean? That means it’s time for John Porcari to work his magic influence again and get the POLA import data held back and delayed so that it is not deducted from the GDP.

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Not how we prefer to see it.

Ukraine Is Blackmailing The Global South By Demanding Weapons For Wheat (Kol.)

Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar officially demanded weapons in exchange for resuming wheat exports by sea in what amounts to the blatant blackmailing of the Global South in the midst of the artificially manufactured food crisis. He said that “Effective security guarantees are required for maritime shipments to resume. These guarantees must be provided through the supply of appropriate weapons to Ukraine to protect its coasts from maritime threats and the involvement of the navies of third countries in protecting the relevant part of the Black Sea.” This comprehensively debunks the US-led Western Mainstream Media’s (MSM) fake news that Russia is the one that’s supposedly holding the Global South hostage by allegedly blockading Ukrainian ports.

The background context is that Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya already explained the artificially manufactured origins of the global food crisis late last month. In short, he blamed it on the economic consequences caused by the West’s response to COVID (particularly with respect to spiking inflation and influencing food demand); Ukraine’s mining of its own ports; and the anti-Russian sanctions. President Putin later reiterated these causes in a TV interview that he gave a little over a week later on the same day that he met with Macky Sall, the Chairman of the African Union. His guest extended credence to the Kremlin’s explanation by declaring that “Anti-Russia sanctions have made this situation worse and now we do not have access to grain from Russia, primarily to wheat.”

All the while and in spite of the artificially manufactured origins of the food crisis that lie entirely beyond Russia’s control, Moscow has been doing its utmost to encourage Kiev to at the very least resume its wheat exports to the Global South. To that end, it proposed four potential corridors: the Azov Sea; the Black Sea; overland through Belarus en route to Baltic ports; and across Western Europe. Suffice to say, Kiev has flat-out refused to employ any of these means, though it’s also worth noting that Nebenzya mentioned in his speech late last month that Russia has “reasonable suspicions” to believe that Kiev is exporting wheat to those Western European countries that already have copious reserves of this commodity in exchange for arms exactly as happened with the Central Powers near the end of WWI.

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“..Putin has very slowly and very cautiously, but incrementally, been remedying the situation. It is his life’s work – to reverse treachery.”

Traitors and Patriots (Batiushka)

The prolific Russian nationalist author of 91 books, Oleg Platonov (born 1950), relates in his work on the fall of the Soviet Union how in the 1980s, on the eve of the country’s collapse, Westerners, whom The Saker rightly calls ‘Euro-Atlanticists’, betrayed the USSR. These ‘Euro-Atlanticists’ were the ‘Communists’ who in the 1990s overnight became super Capitalists, bought shares for almost nothing in valuable, about-to-be privatised national companies and so became ‘oligarchs’. Their shameful acts, in fact thefts of national property by those with insider knowledge, created an underclass of homeless. They reveal how these money-launderers sold out their own country and people and souls, often then going to live in Tel Aviv, New York, London, Nice, Marbella, Nicosia etc.

The Traitors were opposed by the Patriots, some of whom worked in the national intelligence services, where some of the best brains met. One of these Patriots, the future President Putin, was then a lowly colonel in Dresden in East Germany, working in the Soviet intelligence services (not a head of it, like so many US Presidents, heads of the CIA). When the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, his office sought answers from Moscow as to what to do. And there was no answer. ‘Moscow is silent’. I believe the story is related in many places, among them in ‘The Putin Interviews’ by Oliver Stone. It was that paralysis and silence of the Centre in Moscow that was among the most decisive events in the future President’s life. He realised that Moscow was betraying the Soviet Union, that it had been taken over by the Traitors, the ‘Nomenklatura’. They believed in nothing, except in their own disgraceful gain. They were anti-Patriots.

Since coming to power in 2000, V. V. Putin has very slowly and very cautiously, but incrementally, been remedying the situation. It is his life’s work – to reverse treachery. In 19th century Russian history people like him were known as ‘Slavophiles’ and they were opposed by ‘Westerners’. These are very vague and rather crude terms, for there are many types of Slavophiles, from primitive and bigoted nationalists to genuine Patriots, who are well-educated realists and seek only the well-being of their people. Similarly, the term ‘Westerners’ can describe outright Traitors and murderers, like Litvinenko and Skripal, but also those who realise that if Russia is to defend itself against the West, it must fight obscurantism and make use of, and then improve on, Western technology. President Putin would probably not identify with either of these historical tags, but rather perhaps with aspects of both of them.

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We see this in lots of places. I added the New Brunswick chart.

Still, when Justin Bieber gets facial paralysis, it is reportedly from Covid….

UK: 5,000 Non-Covid Excess Deaths in the Last Five Weeks (DS)

New official data from the ONS released today add a further 730 non-Covid excess deaths in England and Wales to the total of the last five weeks, bringing the figure to 4,964. This means nearly 5,000 more people than usual have died in England and Wales in the last five weeks of causes other than COVID-19. The total deaths in the most recent week were 10.1% above the five-year average, as depicted in the chart below. The chart shows in blue that Covid deaths account for less than half of the excess deaths this week, though note that the chart over-counts Covid deaths as it includes any death with Covid. The 4,964 figure for non-Covid excess deaths quoted above is calculated using deaths due to Covid, i.e., where Covid is recorded as the underlying cause on the death certificate.

Private homes, care homes and hospitals are all experiencing excess deaths at present: 23.4%, 6.5% and 5.3% respectively in the most recent week. The ONS report does not comment on what might lie behind these worrying trends. The fact that it coincides with the spring vaccine booster campaign among older folk has raised worries for many, particularly in light of the ONS data showing hospitalisation rates for non-Covid reasons many times higher in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated, and the vaccine safety concerns raised by clinical practitioners who believe their vaccinated patients are at greater risk of disease and death.

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“..there did not seem to be enough support from the scientific community for a study on the benefits of fish liver oil against viral infections..”

Funding of Promising COVID-19 Treatment Withdrawn Without Explanation (DS)

In 2020 a cell culture lab-study performed by a group of Icelandic scientists led by Dr. Einar Stefánsson, Professor of Medicine at the University of Iceland, showed that free fatty acids found in fish liver oil can quickly destroy viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. The study was conducted in collaboration with U.S. partners. Laboratory results showed fish liver oil with 1% and 2% free fatty agents destroyed 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 within 10 minutes. According to an article in Vidskiptabbladid in November 2020, the research, in collaboration with fish liver oil producer Lysi hf. had been approved by the Scientific Ethics Committee and the first phase of the study was being planned with the participation of 30 infected individuals.

Icelandic daily Fréttin recently contacted Professor Stefánsson for news of the project, but he said the research project had to be discontinued due to lack of funds. According to Dr. Stefánsson, the Icelandic Centre for Research, RANNÍS, had approved a “substantial grant” to finance the study, but later the grant was withdrawn without explanation. He said there did not seem to be enough support from the scientific community for a study on the benefits of fish liver oil against viral infections, so unfortunately the project had to be cancelled. Related to this, it might be noted that in April 2020 the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority banned an advertisement from Lysi hf. which claimed the consumption of fish liver oil might be beneficial against viruses such as herpes, RS and coronaviruses, preventing infection. The authority had shortly before warned consumers of advertisements for products that might strengthen the immune system, for example against SARS-CoV-2 infection, since information or claims of such product characteristics was “wrong and misleading” for consumers.

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“And now, the Party of Chaos is so keenly desperate to stay out of prison that they apparently seek to repeat the trick in the fall midterm..”

Get Your Monkeypox On (Jim Kunstler)

If the January 6th Committee show is short-and-sweet, say a few weeks, it will be quickly forgotten in the welling summertime heat as the great masses of America groan under $5… $7… maybe $10-a-gallon gasoline prices (or maybe no gas at all) while diesel prices at $6.50 today are already destroying the trucking industry — and thus the entire system for delivering all goods around the country. The zeitgeist is quivering with intimations of food shortages and the philosopher reminds us that any given body politic is just nine missed meals away from bloody rebellion. Have another look at that motley January 6th committee group photo and consider the lampposts along Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s a dangerous game trying to beat down the population this way, and to what end, exactly? I doubt that even the Blue Team could articulate it… or would dare to… because at this point their sole aim, really, is to hide their many acts of criminality over a span of the past six years and escape prosecution, a compelling motive. And it’s getting harder and harder to conceal all that, especially their campaign to physically harm over 200-million people with mRNA “vaccines.” The body-count is rising — way higher even than deaths from the hypothetical “pandemic” that the “vaccines” were supposedly concocted to vanquish, and spectacularly failed to.

And was this Covid-19 “pandemic” itself cooked up tacitly to disorder the 2020 election with mail-in ballots so easily replicated, harvested, and stuffed by the bale into drop-boxes under cover of night? Kind of looks like it, more and more. And now, the Party of Chaos is so keenly desperate to stay out of prison that they apparently seek to repeat the trick in the fall midterm, which is otherwise quite certain to sweep them ignominiously off the game board like so many misplayed quoits.

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Outdone by a rerun of Young Sheldon.

Primetime Jan. 6 Hearings Air To Dismal TV Ratings (JTN)

The primetime hearings for the Jan. 6 commission’s investigation into the 2021 Capitol riot were broadcast live on almost every major station, yet failed to capture national interest and produced ratings far below other comparable national televised political events. Almost 20 million viewers tuned in for the hearings on Thursday night, according to The Hill. By contrast, President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in March pulled in 38 million viewers. In 2018, then-President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union attracted over 45 million, per the New York Post. The 20 million figure did stand above a typical congressional hearing, The Hill noted, citing the roughly 9 million viewers for Trump’s first impeachment trial.

Members of the Jan. 6 Commission have sought to present a case blaming Trump for the violence that occurred at the Capitol amid congressional efforts to certify the presidential election results. Their narrative stands in contrast to growing sentiment among the American public who increasingly do not blame the former president for the incident. An NBC poll released Monday, showed that only 45% of Americans blamed Trump for the riot which, while still a plurality, marked a seven-point decline in that sentiment from January of 2021. Republicans have largely denounced the hearings as a “kangaroo court” and slammed the commission’s Republican members for their participation in it.

Tucker J 6

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Trump is certainly not squeaky clean, but this is ridiculous.

Liz Cheney Said Trump Had A ‘Seven-part Plan’ To Overturn The Election (CNN)

Former President Donald Trump had a “sophisticated seven-point plan” to overturn the 2020 presidential election over the course of several months, January 6 committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney said, detailing how the panel plans to use its future hearings to tackle each part of the scheme. “On the morning of January 6, President Donald Trump’s intention was to remain president of the United States, despite the lawful outcome of the 2020 election and in violation of his Constitutional obligation to relinquish power,” Cheney, a Wyoming Republican, said in her opening statement at Thursday’s prime-time hearing.

Cheney did not detail the specific points of the plan in her opening statement. She said that the rioters who breached the Capitol and fought with police were motivated by Trump’s actions falsely claiming that the election was stolen from him. “President Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack,” Cheney said, echoing the statement she made in 2021 when she voted to impeach Trump. A committee source later provided CNN the following description of the “sophisticated seven-part plan”: “President Trump oversaw a sophisticated seven-part plan to overturn the 2020 election and prevent the transition of presidential power.

  1. President Trump engaged in a massive effort to spread false and fraudulent information to the American public claiming the 2020 election was stolen from him.
  2. President Trump corruptly planned to replace the Acting Attorney General, so that the Department of Justice would support his fake election claims.
  3. President Trump corruptly pressured Vice President Pence to refuse to count certified electoral votes in violation of the US Constitution and the law.
  4. President Trump corruptly pressured state election officials, and state legislators, to change election results.
  5. President Trump’s legal team and other Trump associates instructed Republicans in multiple states to create false electoral slates and transmit those slates to Congress and the National Archives.
  6. President Trump summoned and assembled a violent mob in Washington and directed them to march on the US Capitol.
  7. As the violence was underway, President Trump ignored multiple pleas for assistance and failed to take immediate action to stop the violence and instruct his supporters to leave the Capitol.

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Trump himself said this too. But it was refused.

Trump Pentagon First Offered National Guard to Capitol on Jan 2 (JTN)

The Pentagon first raised the possibility of sending National Guard troops to the U.S. Capitol four days before the Jan. 6 riots, setting in motion a series of rejections by Capitol Police and Democrats that left Congress vulnerable as threats of violence were rising, according to government memos that validate Trump administration officials’ long-held claims. An official timeline of the Jan. 6 tragedy assembled by Capitol Police shows that a Defense Department official reached out to a Capitol Police deputy chief, Sean Gallagher, on Jan. 2, 2021 to see if a request for troops was forthcoming, but the offer was quickly rejected after a consultation with then-Chief Steve Sund.

“Carol Corbin (DOD) texts USCP Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher, Protective Service Bureau, to determine whether USCP is considering a request for National Guard soldiers for January 6, 2021 event,” the timeline reads in the lone entry listed for Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021. The following morning, the timeline states, “Gallagher replies to DOD via text that a request for National Guard support not forthcoming at this time after consultation with COP Sund.” The rejection came as the Capitol Police department was beginning to change its assessment, recognizing that the massive Trump rally to protest the November 2020 election results planned for Jan. 6, 2021 had the potential for violence.

Earlier analyses suggested such violence was unlikely and the Jan. 6 event was likely to be “similar to the previous Million MAGA March rallies in November and December,” police records show For instance, Capitol Police had determined that as of Dec. 16, 2020 there was “no information regarding specific disruptions or acts of civil disobedience targeting this function.” But by late December, Capitol Police internal emails and documents show, information began flowing in that some groups expected to attend were talking on social media or fringe websites about tactics like blocking tunnels leading to the Capitol. On Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, just hours after Gallagher rejected the Pentagon’s initial offer, the Capitol Police issued a new and darker security assessment to its commanders and executives and to the two political appointees in Congress responsible for security, the House and Senate sergeants at arms, the timeline shows.

“Due to the tense political environment following the 2020 election, the threat of disruptive actions or violence cannot be ruled out,” the new assessment declared. “Supporters of the current president see January 6, 2021 as the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. This sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent.” Within 24 hours, Sund had changed his mind and began seeking permission from the political powers surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to deploy the National Guard as a preventive measure on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

[..] “The Capitol Police timeline shows what we have been saying for the last year — that DOD support via the National Guard was refused by the House and Senate sergeant at arms, who report to Pelosi,” Patel said. “Now we have it in their own writing, days before Jan. 6. And despite the FBI warning of potential for serious disturbance, no perimeter was established, no agents put on the street, and no fence put up.”

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“..shameless and soulless..”

Perry to Cheney: Your Pardon Story Is An Absolute Shameless, Soulless Lie (JTN)

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) blasted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) for claiming he sought a presidential pardon because he thought he may have done something wrong on Jan. 6. On the John Solomon Reports podcast Friday, when asked if he did anything wrong on Jan. 6, Perry said, “No, of course not. I was in the Capitol doing my legislative duties on January 6.” Rep. Scott Perry: Liz Cheney’s claim that I sought a presidential pardon for Jan 6, ‘an absolute shameless and soulless lie’ “[T]he notion that I ever sought a presidential pardon for myself, or other members of Congress, is an absolute shameless and soulless lie,” he added.

“It’s just simply no surprise, considering this latest fabrications come from a sham committee using a breathtaking abuse of power to conjure up political theater to destroy their opponents and … distract the American people from the economic and national security nightmare. This is a nightmare created by their one-party rule and quite honestly, rogue Republicans — and you know, Republicans in name only — and their compatriots on the radical left. “This is a kangaroo court. And it’s more fitting to be aired with the filth of scripted reality TV than masquerading as a newsworthy item, which is why I’m using all my time as a member of Congress to try to address the fact that Americans can’t literally afford gasoline, groceries, their food, and … to suffer under the policies of those who control the sham committee.”

Perry asked where the primetime committee hearing was for the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and the inflation, border, and drug crises. “[T]hat’s what I’m working on and that’s exactly what the American people demand Congress work on, not producing political theater to the tune of $8 million to destroy their opponents.” During the Jan. 6 committee hearing aired on TV Thursday, Cheney said, “As you will see, Rep. Perry contacted the White House in the weeks after January 6th to seek a Presidential Pardon.” She added, “Multiple other Republican congressmen also sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election.”

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A senior Turkish diplomat says Erdogan is full of it. The 1923 Lausanne Treaty simply states that all islands more than 3 km from Turkey are Greek. No more, no less. There are over 2,400 islands. No-one tried to name them all for the Treaty. No need.

Erdogan Threatens Greece Over ‘Militarizing’ Aegean Islands (ZH)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday accused Greece of militarizing its islands in the Aegean Sea with an eye toward threatening Turkey, in but the latest salvo in a series of tit-for-tat accusations between the two NATO members. Erdogan urged immediate demilitarization of the islands, stressing Turkey will never relinquish its “rights” in the Aegean Sea, statements which come weeks after he condemned Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for lobbying the White House to block impending US F-16 sales to Ankara. The fresh words also came on the final day of Turkey’s multi-national “Efes-2022” military drill, centered on the coastal city of Izmir. “We invite Greece to stop arming the islands that have non-military status and to act in accordance with international agreements,” Erdogan said.

“I’m not joking, I’m speaking seriously. This nation is determined.” “I warn Greece to avoid dreams, acts and statements that will result in regret. Come to your senses,” he said in a televised speech related to the drills. “Turkey will not renounce its rights in the Aegean and will not back down from using rights that are established by international agreements when it comes to arming islands,” he added. Erdogan further vowed that Turkey would continue its controversial hydrocarbons exploration of the region, which Greece, Cyprus, and some EU countries like France have condemned as violating Greek and Cypriot territorial waters. Erdogan claimed that Greece is violating the1923 Treaty of Lausanne and the 1947 Paris Treaty. He declared that Greece was previously given the islands on condition that they’d remain demilitarized.

“The agreements are there but Greece is violating them. It’s arming them. If Greece does not stop this violation, the sovereignty of the islands will be brought up for discussion,” he said. “It’s that clear. You will abide by the agreements.” In questioning the “sovereignty of the islands,” Erdogan appeared to suggest Turkish military intervention is on the table, also given he uttered the veiled threat on the occasion of major Turkish-led military exercises. Greece responded by saying Turkey has long deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented the content of the historic treaties, and further that Ankara’s standing threat of war justifies that Greece take steps to defend itself. As The Associated Press reports: In Athens, Greek government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou said Greece was dealing with Turkish “provocations” with “calm and determination.””It is clear to everyone that our country has upgraded its geostrategic and geopolitical footprint as well as its deterrent capacity to be able at any time to defend its national sovereignty and sovereign rights,” he said.

Turkish ambassador

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Translation from Die Zeit.

Agreement In The Dispute Over Spying Attacks On Julian Assange’s Lawyer (Zeit)

A lawyer for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is in prison in the UK, has reached an out-of-court settlement with the UK government over allegations of spying. As the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg announced, the government in London recognized that the rights of lawyer Jennifer Robinson had been violated by spying attacks. Confidential journalistic material was also affected. Robinson received a payment of 1,000 pounds (around 1,170 euros), the statement said. The lawsuit before the Human Rights Court, which has now been dropped, was also about the disclosure of information to the United States, which wants to obtain Assange’s extradition.

How exactly the lawyer from the law firm Doughty Street Chambers is said to have been spied on is not known. The government is keeping it under wraps for national security reasons, Robinson said in an interview with the dpa news agency. “I’d really like to know that too, because it raises important questions about what information was shared.” After a court in London approved Assange’s extradition, Home Secretary Priti Patel is eagerly awaiting the decision. The US judiciary wants to put Assange on trial for allegations of espionage. He faces up to 175 years in prison if convicted. He is accused of having stolen and published secret material from US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan together with whistleblower Chelsea Manning, thereby endangering the lives of US informants.

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Gonzalo blame game







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    V. Arnold

    Robert Campin Portrait of a woman 1430-35

    …and a rather nice portrait might I add…I find myself staring at it for minutes at a time…

    Armenio Pereira

    Truth bombs abound, truth craters all around.
    How to navigate our way through such a difficult terrain?

    Armenio Pereira

    I went to bed one night in a more or less sane planet; I woke up the next day only to find myself enmeshed in a full fledged kakistocracy.
    How did that happen?
    (I have no right to cry wolf.)


    Photorealistic painting looks suspiciously like it was painted using a camera obscura.

    Dr. D

    Amazing paint, amazing portrait for 1400.

    “Former BlackRock stockpicker, Ed Dowd believes that the entire COVID sham was created as a cover for the financial collapse and that new lockdowns are coming, to try mitigate the inevitable violence and chaos that we can expect to be witnessing in the streets.”

    And I didn’t click on this. Sort of the flow back where I’m looking. I’ll have to find and review that and him time permitting.

    I do wonder with Kim.com what their endgame is. I mean, we have a lot of papers written, but really…can it look like that? It seems it won’t. So what will it?

    Wearing Masks in the House: Yes, they are all doing this because they have 3 doses of the vaccine that works so well. …But they’re all sharing one brain cell and today was not her day to have it.

    The journalists who criticize me are more Russia-haters than Ukraine-lovers.”

    Yes, journalists are the religion of hate. Love and forbearance, the Christ-consciousness is their enemy.

    “A modern state should not be guided by passion, but by reason. These principles were established by Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau in the 18th century. Our “woke” culture has forgotten them. We let our feelings guide us and we follow them.”

    There’s a lot in this. That’s “Democracy” that’s “The Mob”, the thing our founders hated and feared most. But also if you are NOT guided by impartial reason, you cannot have a ‘modern’ state. Period. “The Constitution is for a moral people and will work for no other” – John Adams. They are getting rid of Enlightenment – and in a sense, have made an enemy of “light”, of reason – in favor of darkness, their new god. This is part of hating all things white, European, all things ‘us’, but also all things ‘them’. Even if your culture were bad, it would not be practicable to erase it. What would you do then? What would you replace it with? With Meeeeeeeeee, of course. With whatever I want today, like a 5-year-old. Like finger paints. When you make a mistake, you go “Oopsie!” like the WEF does when 25M are killed with your policies. This is also their express goal: endless revolution of Trotsky, “Burn it all Down” having never understood it or tried anything in the first place. They are violently ignorant of their history, their own culture, and of “know thyself” and are tireless of destroying everything they don’t understand.

    And how do you stop them? Not with reason, clearly. Reason is their enemy, feelings are their god. Because feelings, the feelz, are Meeeeeeee. Feelings are individual, personal. But also when you are raised from birth in a system of ‘powerlessness’ ordered about like a slave, told what to do, feelings are a source of needed power, and fill a deep, irrational hunger for self, for control. And the engineers know it and arrange it at their bidding, waiting and cultivating this response. …To lead all the herd to slaughter while they profit. The other one is if you are not part of a tribe or community, the clawing need for community and acceptance creates “The Cult” that you present them using modern advertising. Filling the deep need you yourself created by violence and theft.

    Yes, a lot in there. But no reason, no objectivity of the Enlightenment? = No Modern State. It collapses. As we’ve seen when trying to export it to other regions of the world like Africa, Asia, Iraq, etc. If they don’t have this tradition, so the outgrowths of this tradition don’t function. They become merely power-factions, using law to power-grab for “my side”.

    The only way to re-institute it is to return to the principles of the Enlightenment. However, history says that doesn’t happen that way. People move forward, to the new, and not backward. It has been said the Conservatives will lose because of this: they want to install a dry, dusty thing (that worked) instead of a new, exciting thing that has emotional passion. Like “Burn it all Down” and “make them pay.” Emotion is energy. Rhinos have none.

    “The rule of law means that decisions are not based on feelings or intuitions, but on the basis of facts.”

    But he’s missed the new fashion: “Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.” John 18:38 AND THEN THEY KILLED HIM ANYWAY. Why? Politics. Feelingz. He embarrassed them. Truth and law be damned. And then because of it, Christ won the world.

    “ UK: 5,000 Non-Covid Excess Deaths in the Last Five Weeks (DS)”

    Like the stock market, wake me when it matters. Clearly they will let every person die, every child, every soldier, and like Australia this week, be “completely baffled” as to why everyone is dying of heart problems but only since a certain date in 2021.

    I ask medical people, and they say “Covid”! Or “Long Covid”. And assiduously, religiously, refuse to look. Ever. Even when I say, “No, Covid was not the listed death certificate.” Suddenly, Lo! Their brains don’t work! The lights went out on Broadway. I saw a guy in my house, and my TV is gone, but I can’t figure out why or how. It has not helped my estimation of human nature, I’ll tell you that. Nor the speed at which things move.

    The Party of Chaos is so keenly desperate to stay out of prison”

    The Cover Up. Crimes to cover other crimes. What amateurs don’t know but criminals do is that if you commit a crime with/for me, I then blackmail you for life. I’m already a criminal in power above you, so I don’t care. But your life is over. You’re now a slave to me and the order. So the crimes can ONLY get bigger, harder, and more violent. You can ONLY get sacrificed eventually because of them. No one even cares why they got started, what the intent was, or what the crime was. Probably they believed “OMB” and “the other side was cheating” and ran that box of ballets through three times. But now none of that matters. They MUST cheat, they MUST win, in ever-larger frauds and numbers, or everyone goes to jail. The whole “side” in the splitting nation, the burgeoning civil war.

    Worse? Then the OTHER side MUST stand in Congress and try to PUT them in jail. Or else we have no government, no laws, no order. Why did you do this? Please stop. At least retire so I can avoid the results of the duty I must do.

    The other side appears to be avoiding Civil War with great efforts, having learned something from the last time. (Surprisingly). They are not at the 81% level and cannot move unless the people support them, overwhelming DEMAND them to. And why should they? The government is supposed to be the will of the people. If the people don’t want justice, and DO want a vaccine from known liars and murderers, who am I to stop them? The Government is US, “We the People.” So to fix it WE need to desire justice. And we don’t. The “Empire of Lies” is from the “People of Lies.”

    “Liz Cheney Said Trump Had a ‘Seven-part Plan’ to Overturn the Election (CNN)”

    Super-weird he never acted on any of it then. Ever. And begged Pelosi to bring out the national guard that would both give her power and stop it. When logic is your enemy, this is what you get. At the same time, Quantico, the FBI, was ready with snipers, and had dozens or scores of FBI agents in the crowd, but didn’t tell anyone else and let the DC police run half-staffed. This is at the same time half the Right was saying “Don’t go, it’s a set-up and a scam”. Alex Jones didn’t, and was arrested anyway. For NOT being there. Like Quantico’s other agent, Proud Boys leader Tarrio.

    See? If you ARE there, like Ray Epps, you’re innocent. If you’re NOT there, like Tarrio and Jones, you’re guilty.

    Also if you’re NOT there, like AOC wasn’t – she was miles away and evacuated hours before – you’re “under attack” and cry on camera for having to relive that terrible fateful day that you WEREN’T at war, and WERE NEVER in danger. Feelz! “But I cried imagining what would happen if I ever WAS in danger.”

    That still leaves the missing DC bomber, carrying the world’s easiest tracking cell phone. AND someone in the Capitol security booth who hit the magnetic locks on the 2,000-pound doors. Shouldn’t they be kinda mad at that guy? And the Police removing all the fences and taking selfies? N O P E.

    But why review it? I already decided using my feelz. No one cares. “What is truth?”

    Antiwar songs, sort of:

    Moon shining down through the palms
    Shadows moving on the sand
    Somebody whispering the twenty-third psalm
    Dusty rifle in his trembling hands
    Somebody trying just to stay alive
    He got promises to keep
    Over the ocean in America
    Far away and fast asleep

    Silent stars blinking in the blackness of an endless sky
    Cold silver satellites, ghostly caravans passing by
    Galaxies unfolding, new world’s being born
    Pilgrims and prodigals creeping toward the dawn

    And it’s a long road out of Eden

    Music blasting from an SUV
    On a bright and sunny day
    Rolling down the interstate
    In the good old USA
    Having lunch at The Petroleum Club
    Smoking fine cigars and swapping lives
    He said, “Give me another slice of that barbecued brisket
    Give me another piece of that pecan pie”

    Freeways flickering, cell phones chiming a tune
    We’re riding to utopia, road map says we’ll be arriving soon
    Captains of the old order clinging to the reins
    Assuring us these aches inside are only growing pains

    But it’s a long road out of Eden

    Back home, I was so certain the path was very clear
    But now I have to wonder what are we doing here
    I’m not counting on tomorrow and I can’t tell wrong from right
    But I’d give anything to be there in your arms tonight

    Weaving down the American highway
    Through the litter and the wreckage and the cultural junk
    Bloated with entitlement, loaded on propaganda
    Now we’re driving dazed and drunk
    Been down the road to Damascus, the road to Mandalay
    Met the ghost of Caesar on the Appian way
    He said, “It’s hard to stop this binging once you get a taste
    But the road to empire is a bloody stupid waste”

    Behold the bitten apple, the power of the tools
    But all the knowledge in the world is of no use to fools

    And it’s a long road out of Eden” – The Eagles


    I see the “opening” up is going smoothly! Labour shortages? Did I do that?

    “Disruptions have been particularly bad in the UK, though European hubs like Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris have also been plagued by delays and the fallout from strikes. Overseas hubs have also been hit: Toronto Pearson International, Canada’s busiest airport, has experienced soaring wait times and flight cancellations due to labor shortages.”



    Perhaps those who were vaccinated for COVID should be entered for the Darwin Awards.

    They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool by dying or becoming sterilized via their own actions.


    Dr. John posted this from “Oilprice”:
    “The insurance ban is also a huge blow to Russia’s Arctic oil projects, with Gazprom Neft and Lukoil exporting crude from three projects currently, and the biggest oil producer Rosneft looking to develop the huge Vostok Oil project. Without insurance, or insufficient insurance on the Arctic oil routes eastward to China, a tanker carrying oil in Arctic waters and ice is a disaster waiting to happen, Malte Humpert of High North News writes.

    “So Russia using its own tankers or China’s need outside insurance to traverse their own waters all the way into the adjoining countries waters? “A disaster waiting to happen” in their own territory. I’m thinking these insurance companies would be only to happy to not insure them on that basis alone as Dr.D. explained already; The insurance industry, like the rest of the west, is fucking bankrupt! Has been for sometime. Their business model is based on 7% growth in perpetuity. They haven’t seen that in a decade or more, so were does that leave them. Default? The word of the decade or soon to be “default”!


    What is beautiful of the portrait is precisely of not being photo realistic. Examine closer.
    The use of projector is the reason that I can not stand contemporary portrait or figure paintings since I can spot it from a mile distance. There are exceptions, of course.
    @Dr D
    Good paint (?) and good for 1400. We are talking Renaissance here, albeit early.

    It is not about art (although it is). Ignorance spreads like cancer and leads to the world in which “nothing matters and anything goes”. The one that we are experiencing right now.


    Don’t be/act so stupid …..
    Distractions/lies are manufactured/fabricated everywhere to gain an unfair advantage.

    The latest ……
    Kiev is exporting wheat …… in exchange for arms

    Polder Dweller

    Gasoline hits €2.50 / litre in NL = $10 / gallon.


    @ Dr D Is this the interview you were thinking of?

    Ed Dowd interview with Greg Hunter

    CV19 Vax Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd


    @kultsommer sorry but respectfully disagree. I did not say I disliked the painting; on the contrary. However this painting is most definitely photorealistic within the bounds of the strong tracing lines characterizing throughout. In general I am amazed by pre-modern portraiture; yet it’s folly to think that the artists did not use every tool available to achieve verisimilitude, including mirrors and tracing. The charm of this painting lies in capturing and revealing the inner state of the sitter, which transcends paint.


    Ed Curtin is an eloquent yet low-key commentator that I follow. Today he had a brief post up consisting of the following thank-you:

    I want to thank everyone who comments on my articles, for it is important and uplifting to see people in dialogue and not bashing each other. We all have a lot to learn from each other, even when there are disagreements between commentators and those who disagree with what I write. I read everything but don’t have the time or energy to respond. I never censor comments, so the site is where freedom of speech is practiced. This is very important, especially these days. And I want to thank the few who contributed some money, since once upon a time I was paid for my work when publications paid writers, but those days are long gone, even while those same publications pay their staffs. Writers are supposed to work for nothing these days.


    Both Ed’s commentary and that of the commenters are both models of civility, while remaining interesting and stimulating. This is also one of the best features of TAE that keeps me coming back. Most commentary here is also quite civil, for which I am grateful. Thanks to you all for that.


    Robert Campin Portrait of a woman 1430-35 – a beautiful piece. Contrast is the key. Her face is lovely, perfect features captured perfectly. The pinned, layered cloth draped in waves and bound tightly around her chin frames the perfection. Painted fabric is always a source of interest for me, this is well done – contrast that to yesterday’s art selection where the tablecloth takes on a “personality” of its own. Left over right Hands at her Heart shine through.

    @Dr D: thank you. Yesterday’s post was enlightening; your clarity/reasoning – on how they are managing/hiding the global bankruptcy/financial collapse is evolving and razor sharp. Red-Hot Today: “But also if you are NOT guided by impartial reason, you cannot have a ‘modern’ state. Period. “The Constitution is for a moral people and will work for no other” – John Adams. They are getting rid of Enlightenment – and in a sense, have made an enemy of “light”, of reason – in favor of darkness, their new god.”

    Impartial reason. Agree, it’s an essential aspect lost to the dominance of and the reliance on pure emotion. Most people are completely unaware of the distinction and of the relationship. Reason/reasoning – like any other positive practice/habit/skill, requires focus and cultivation. Would love to explore this further!

    You are pointing to feelings as a lynchpin. “feelings are a source of needed power, and fill a deep, irrational hunger for self, for control.” What you are saying is that our feelings are being used as a weapon against us and are a tool that is leveraged by TPTB. So TRUE.

    I see it in a simple equation (through a highly focused/distilled Enneagram lens): Three Centers of human intelligence represented like this: Hands (doing/action), Head (mind/thought) and Heart (feelings/emotion). We are typically strong/competent in one Center and lacking in another. Wisdom comes through activation of all three Centers. For example, reason/reasoning comes through activation of Head and Heart intelligence. Applying reason to daily living requires activation of the doing Center guided by the other two – leading to Wisdom. Could something as simple as this provide insight and a PathWay to Peace?

    A moral people – what does this mean? How do we become this? Who facilitates the conversation? Or do we individually apply our moral understanding/experience from daily living to daily living in the quest to be the best person we can be – in the world directly around us?

    LOVE to All.


    Notice that the tactic of the 1/6 Committee is the same as that trotted out for the jab—the hard sell. This seems destined to become a regular feature of our lives in the new “mediated reality.”

    Products, narratives, etc. will sell themselves with virtually no extra effort if the benefits of buying them is clear. And the 1/6 narrative, just like the jab, should be an easy sell if the truth of the narrative or the quality of the product is obvious. Obviously in both cases, high-pressure sales tactics are required. In the current case, if the 1/6 Committee had anything more than innuendo, the heads of the “conspiracy” would have been brought to trial long ago, and Trump himself would already be in court somewhere. This is obviously nothing more than a mid-cycle election pre-game show.


    @Susmarie108 The tripartite nature of human existence is of course as old as Plato and Aristotle (classical logos/pathos/ethos corresponding roughly to the head/heart/soul). Augustine rebranded this classical formula as the Holy Trinity, wherein Logos becomes flesh in the person of Jesus. You correctly mention the power of contrast in the painting; of course you can’t have dark without light and a neutral ground for perspective. Positive/negative/ground (as in electricity) is another permutation of the classical trinity. You are also correct that modern culture is clearly out of balance (away from ethos, I would argue).


    I never implied that you did not like the painting.You are correct in your last sentence only. Other artists, indeed, did use camera obscura, but if you imply that a “tool” was used (which was not) to trace this image, than result is a dismal failure. While area around the mouth may be, barely, called to photo realistic other ares, especially eyes, are “off”, for what you appear to be blind to notice (and our argument stops right there). That “off-ness” by no means diminish the quality of the painting – quite the opposite. While representing somebody, portrait is somehow otherworldly to be called photo-realistic. One may say it is a “portrait of that inner state of the person” rather than somebody that we may bump into.
    Photo realistic portrait is something like this:

    Wyeths & American Art: Brandywine River Museum of Art

    Scroll to see photo realistic image of living flesh and search further for more clear versions and full size painting.
    One may ask what is the nick-picking about trivial micro-world-thing like an art in the era of looming WWIII, “pandemic” and other idiocies and my argument is that ignorance, of any kind, spreads like cancer and adds to greater ignorance that in return leads to “anything goes and nothing matters” and election of the “leaders” that we have now.
    Pointing to that earned me a lot of rotten tomatoes by the ignorant.


    @kultsommer incorrect; this painting represents the era’s closest approximation of photo realism in an era obviously demanding portraits of that level of accuracy. Of course the artist has made choices to emphasize certain spiritual and psychological “tells” and diminish others for a desired emotional effect; this is the artistry. Photorealism and artistry are not mutually contradictory. It’s disingenuous to compare with modern photorealism, which revels in pure technical verisimilitude with little or no artistry. When I say “photorealism,” I have in mind, say, Picasso or impressionists by way of comparison. Even a painterly baroque artist such as Rembrandt is much less photorealistic typically than this painting. I stand by my original statement.

    Formerly T-Bear

    One of the most contemptible pieces of human trash, (RT quote) British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has described the sentences [death for two captured British mercenaries] as a “sham judgment with absolutely no legitimacy”.(/RT quote). Just exactly how is British “justice” any different in the case of Julian Assange? Or the courts of Scotland treating Craig Murray? When those systems become anything better than dog dirt one wipes from the bottom of one’s shoe, then, and only then, can any claim of not being “sham judgment with absolutely no legitimacy”. and be refuted. Something rotten elsewhere than Denmark, methinks the bard had a myopia of nearby realms.

    Veracious Poet


    Hands (doing/action), Head (mind/thought) and Heart (feelings/emotion).

    Recently I’ve been spiritually reflecting on the phenom of how We The People divorced ourselves from any semblance of our previous national morals & ethics, gradually opting for an increasingly non-nonsensical, toxic path toward mass psychosis…

    A generalization of this phenom would be the transition of The Greatest Generation (We, Us, Community, Nation) to the Boomers (Me, I, individual feelings-based, ribbons for everyone!).

    Anyone remember back in the 60s & 70s, when suddenly, the fad du jour became FEELINGS?

    Bernays to infinity & beyond!

    Trust Your Feelings? . . . Maybe Not
    Why trusting our feelings can be dangerous.


    Moreover, you stated Hands, Head, Heart as the three primary states of human existence (which is true in EGO-based humanity), but you neglected to mention IMHO the most important aspect Spirit.

    Without an awakened conscience & connection to the Spark of the Eternal within, humans become nothing more than high-functioning predators, consumed with survival, status & power (ie a state of self-obsession, selfishness).

    Back to feelings/heart: All animals have Feelings, which of course was dismissed as faulty logic by Descartes & many composing The Science of his time, who then felt license to barbarically advocate & engage in the horrific vivisection of innocent life ~ Sociopaths unfortunately still carry on Descartes’ tradition, & such heinous acts are still committed in pursuit of The Science

    If one examines the true origin of Feelings, they are in fact electro/chemical response to stimuli originating in the animal center of control/response, the Brain or the Head.

    There are also Feelings generated in response to the Spirit, but it’s difficult to determine if this is Brain centered electro/chemical stimuli response, or something else ~ Science has no clue in this area of reality…

    Moreover, Feelings can be completely erroneous “responses” ~ Daddy! There’s a monster under my bed! I’m scared!

    With that said, children have to be taught not to Let your feelings run away with you, an adage that is lost to modernity, for the most part…

    Another timeless musing is that estrogen-based humans have Deeper Feelings than testosterone-based members of mankind.

    This in my experience & opinion is why paternal social norms, once Feelings became sacrosanct (The Truth!), have been rejected by Western civilization, except where necessary for survival, which is an increasingly disposable commodity following the advent of WMDs, industrial mechanization/robotics, high tech, consumer-based economic systems…

    It is also why children stopped maturing into spiritually balance members of society, the rise of the child EGO as also sacrosanct, the norm.

    A moral people – what does this mean? How do we become this? Who facilitates the conversation? Or do we individually apply our moral understanding/experience from daily living to daily living in the quest to be the best person we can be – in the world directly around us?



    1> concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

    2> holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.


    1. a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience.

    2. a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

    It is a foregone conclusion that a society that places Feelings first places the cart before the horse…

    Feelings should be the final part of the Spirit/Mind/Action process, that is a sort of feedback loop in the physical realm, which the Infinite blessed all living things with for purposes of enjoyment, survival, error correction, ie positive/negative feedback.

    Often doing the “right” action doesn’t feel “good”, especially when delaying satisfaction, such as engaging in prayer+meditation to enlighten the Spirit within…

    Moreover doing the “wrong” thing can often feel “good”, which leads to a mentally deteriorated state-of-being, where the EGOcentric lie to themselves, abandoning morals & ethics, which when practiced en masse leads to a vitiated, There is no shame, anything goes CULTure.

    Apparatchiks, con artists, sociopaths et al. have learned that appealing to Feelings is an easier path to success than appealing to moralistic virtues (Bernays), and now a century of this upside-down practice has resulted in a totally corrupted CULTure, where Feelings are hot button topics, ethics/morals taboo…

    Healthy human existence = Spirit/Brain/Action/Feelings

    Unsound human existence = EGO/Brain/Feelings/Action

    So, this is me skimming the surface of human nature, based on spiritual enlightenment (no credit, I was once a feeling-based moron), this is just my take on the “situation”, which I see no easy way out of…

    If I had a nickel for every time I heard a childlike human complain about pre-Boomer generations being too stoic, My father stuffed his feelingz, I would be richer than Elon 😕

    P.S. Seriously doubt many will even read this effort en total, before they 🙄 & move on ~ Comme Ci, Comme Ça


    Why, then, use a word “photo” to describe work that is done four centuries before it’s invention, for one, while admitting that artist deliberately altered some features to “make a point”?
    This is going nowhere.

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    Don’t know what this spirit thing is that you are talking about. Is it something magical?

    Veracious Poet


    If you don’t see a miracle today, you’re not paying attention 😉

    The Boomer Anthem:


    @kultsommer Logical Fallacy: Strawman Argument. I did not say the painting was a photo. I said it was photorealistic, meaning its desired effect was to artfully capture the essence of the subject as realistically as possible in absolute physical terms. You are only correct in your final sentence: this is going nowhere.

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    I don’t really know what a miracle is but being alive is simply amazing. Being dead I have not experienced that yet so I will keep an open mind and positive attitude and hopefully it will be the best experience ever.

    The very basics of life: feeling, acting, and thinking. Is there a need for any thing else?

    Sure would be helpful to have manuals on these items. I found the nursing education and experience helpful. Some stuff everyone should be taught.

    Veracious Poet

    Paging Dr. Day, please pickup courtesy line 2…


    I have to give it to you: master of three cup game with your own words.
    Now you see it and now you don’t. Hard to debate that.


    @kultsommer Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


    @kultsommer Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


    Gary – appreciate the reply + new conversation.

    One clarification: I described three centers of human “intelligence” not primary states of human existence. Intelligence in this case is like an operating system. In this model, when all centers are fully operating, accessed and utilized, in mutual co-operation/balance/harmony, there is WISDOM – which is the portal to SPIRIT.

    The willingness to experience legitimate suffering FULLY is the foundation of mental/physical/emotional prosperity?


    “Photorealistic painting looks suspiciously like it was painted using a camera obscura.”
    Your very first post, quote word for word, that started “all of this”. All my replies are to that very first comment.
    No more no less.
    How from “that” you came to: “It’s disingenuous to compare with modern photorealism”? In addition to other flip-flopping word salad.
    Actually it is disappointing that you did not use the term ” 15th century photoshop”.
    It’s getting late.


    @kultsommer camera obscura is from the 15th century. That’s why I used the term. Again, I still have no idea what your point is.

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