Jul 282016
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Debt Rattle July 28 2016

• Beijing’s Property Sales Surge 65% In 2015 (R.) • How a Chinese Highway Became a Boulevard of Broken Dreams (WSJ) • China Shadow Banking Assets Grew 30% In 2015 (R.) • An Auction House Learns the Art of Shadow Banking (BBG) • Japan’s Real Problem Is Too Much Debt (720G) • Can the World Deal With a New Bank Crisis? (Satyajit Das) • Wolfgang Schäuble Bails Out Spain, Portugal (Pol.) • Households on the Hook for Italy’s Next Bailout

Jul 272016
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Debt Rattle July 27 2016

• Japan PM Unveils More Than $266 Billion Stimulus (AFP) • Deutsche Bank’s Q2 Net Income Plunges Nearly 100% Year-On-Year (CNBC) • China’s Debt Problem May Be Worse Than Expected, Moody’s Warns (CNBC) • China Stocks Tumble on Report of Wealth Management Product Curbs (BBG) • Hong Kong Imports/Exports Plunge in Line with Japan and China (R.) • A Refinery-Driven Correction Is Upon Us’ (BBG) • Cameron Was Right, Britain Is Broken (G.) • Kremlin Says Idea It Hacked Democratic

Jul 252016
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Hubris, Instability and Entertainment

John McDonnell, UK Shadow Chancellor of the Treasury (at least it sounds important) appealed to his -Labour- party on Sunday morning TV to “stop trying to destroy the party”, and of course I’m thinking NO, please don’t stop, keep at it, it’s so much fun. When you watch a building collapse, you want it to go all the way, not stop somewhere in the middle and get patched up with band-aids. It’s alright, let it crumble, it’s had its day.

Jul 252016
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Debt Rattle July 25 2016

• Japan’s Exports Decline for 9th Straight Month, Imports Plunge 18.8% (BBG) • Beware, Oil Bulls: Demand Is About To Fall Off A Cliff (BBG) • Peak Oil ‘Demand’ & The Duelling Narratives Of Energy Inventories (ZH) • What Happens When The Bond Bubble Finally Pops (IceCap) • With Kuroda Under Pressure To Increase Stimulus Again, Dissenters Appear (ZH) • Italy Insists There’s ‘No Banking Problem’ As Stress Tests Loom Large (CNBC) • Brexit Will Cost UK Up To $340

Jul 242016
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Debt Rattle July 24 2016

• China’s Growth Sucks In More Debt Bucks For Less Bang (R.) • G20 Will Use ‘All Policy Tools’ To Protect Growth As Brexit Looms (R.) • OECD’s Gurria Says No Other EU Country Will Consider Exit After Brexit (CNBC) • EU Considers Migration ‘Emergency Brake’ For UK For Up To 7 Years (O.) • Mortgages Issued By Greek Banks Declined 99% In Past Decade (Kath.) • 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win (Michael Moore) • Trump Policy Will Unravel

Jul 232016
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Debt Rattle July 23 2016

• Britain’s Economy Shrinking At Fastest Rate Since 2009 (G.) • Chinese Companies are Turning Japanese (BBG) • Lagarde Seen Likely to Avoid Jail Time, Keep IMF Job Amid Trial (BBG) • The Great Period of Instability (G&M) • Inequality: The Nexus of Wealth and Debt (Coppola) • The Rise and Fall of the Petrodollar System (Grass) • Trumped! A Nation On The Brink Of Ruin (David Stockman) • Nearly 3,000 Dead In Mediterranean Already This Year (R.)    

Jul 222016
Basic Income in The Time of Crisis

Basic income is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while, and while I won’t get anywhere near a comprehensive overview -there are too many uncertainties and untested ideas-, I’m going to try to paint a first chapter in a work of progress. Or, a thought experiment, for me and others. Of course I’ve read a lot of and about other people’s ideas on the topic, and I’m sure there are many more out there that I haven’t seen

Jul 222016
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Debt Rattle July 22 2016

• (There’s No) Money In The Mattress (Roberts) • Sub-Zero Government Bonds Turn the Hunt For Yield Upside Down (BBG) • US Sides With HSBC To Block Release Of Money Laundering Report (R.) • Are Wall Street Banks in Trouble? You’d Never Know from the Headlines (WSoP) • Denmark Faces ‘Out of Control’ Housing Market in Negative Spiral (BBG) • Fracklog in Biggest US Oil Field May All But Disappear (BBG) • China Continues To Produce More Steel Than The

Jul 212016
Debt Rattle July 21 2016

• S&P Issues ‘Crexit’ Warning as Corporate Debt to Swell to $75 Trillion (CNBC) • The Entire Market is Driven by a “Once in History” Bubble About to Burst (P.) • Bank Of England Report Finds Economy Has Not Slowed Since Brexit Vote (G.) • US Links Malaysia PM, Wolf of Wall Street to Millions Stolen From 1MBD (WSJ) • Singapore Finds UBS, DBS, StanChart ‘Failings’ in 1MDB Probe (BBG) • Erdogan Declares State Of Emergency, Warns S&P ‘Don’t Mess

Jul 202016
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Debt Rattle July 20 2016

• To the Mattresses: Cash Levels Highest In Nearly 15 Years (CNBC) • The Financial System Is Breaking Down At An Unimaginable Pace (Black) • This ‘Market’ Discounts Nothing Except Monetary Cocaine (Stockman) • These Sicilian Mortgages Show How Hard It Is to Rescue Italian Banks (BBG) • Deal With Canada On The Brink as German Party Sues EU Over CETA (Exp.) • The Long, Sad, Corrupted Devolution Of The GOP (Intercept) • The World Is Taking Revenge Against Elites.