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    The Khe Sanh, to me, says we sometimes find ourselves outside the bubble, and find it quite nice and worth a deeper dive. Says other things, but I’m in a positive mood. Tangential to this, as the Lizards slice off more folks in their Politicas Identitas, these newly cleaved persons tend to find others of like mind with which to congregate. Thus, old groups that may have been predictable or steerable are destroyed, and unpredictable new groups arise.

    They say “Love your brother!”
    But you will catch it if you try.

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    @citizenx re: ‘face time’

    I believe the Continued Push is because the higher-ups are not getting feedback. They spent the whole Trump era (and before?) actively hacking off the receivers of important signals. Sure, kick half the users off FacePunch, etc. They won’t talk to eachother anymore. But you’ve just lost the pulse of the populace. No more feedback for you! This hurts their ‘vacuum up everything’ strategy, eh?

    Thank you so much for the Help On The Way quote!


    RE: the wikileaks trove

    I’ve downloaded what appears to be the master .torrent file. I will not download any actual documents yet. I may build a tighter VM to do this, but even that seems sketchy. Understand that possession of some of these documents may lead to a knock on the door…or no-nock on the door.

    Be very careful. PDFs can phone home if you load them in Acrobat, and other PDF readers may give away the game through some unintentional path. HTML files will have trackers. Other dirty tricks also. If you have downloaded any of these actual documents,<b> shut off your network </b>before you read them!

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    Corrected link:

    Had an errant ampersand before the pound.

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    @Bill7, it won’t. Voting has become about the ‘meta’ – that is, procedure, arcana, a program for the evening’s performance. The game seems to be how to set up the board to prefigure a victory, or at least a useful stalemate. That can be used by us also. I was just discussing with wifey about butterfly ballots and hanging chads. It’s dirty, but if they’ve set out to fight dirty they thusly cancel the rules.

    I think it would be a good thing for somebody ‘with means’ to hire some white-hats to go after Dominion. Don’t just collect evidence…destroy their operation.

    ———-FOR MADAM————

    The Darkness – Stuck In A Rut

    Kiss my arse, kiss my arse goodbye
    Propelled by a carriage of aluminium am I
    No more to rot in this sty
    Turn my back on this shit-hole in the blink of an eye

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    CFN commenter posted this re: Cali Newsom recall. The “Yes, I want to recall that shit-eating coyote!” vote can be plainly seen from outside the sealed envelope if the ballot is folded just so and placed in the envelope just so. It’s a numbers game to slice a bit more. If it works, few more percent chewed off the count. If it doesn’t, delay the recall while we decide how to f#(< you again.

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    Language nitpick:

    “…fight against <something>…” sounds an awful lot like “…War on <Something>…”

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    @red re: Atwood

    Margaret Atwood – Once In August

    There is another NFB production that makes a nice companion watch – The Strangest Dream (no longer avail at NFB)

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    I watched a bully berate a girl with severe acne once. That bully was surreptitiously fed a peed-on donut the next day. The rest of the year, folks did their best to boost the girl’s self-image. Most of the bullies I knew avoided all contact with the smart kids (fear), and were mercilessly hounded when they picked on someone with a disability or other physical difference.

    But I drew several lucky cards with regard to schooling.

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    @absolute re: preparations

    I am not a prepper type. Far from it…go with the flow, mostly, passive-aggressive stubbornness otherwise. Here are some items I’ve purchased this month, mostly to test for what my wife and I can tolerate:

    8kg canned black beans – I don’t know how to properly cook beans yet, will buy dried and practice
    2.5kg brown rice – less carbos than white rice, better flavor, more satisfying
    1kg wild rice mix – boredom antidote
    4kg Tang drink mix – I KNOW I’ll drink this! Grew up on the stuff.
    #10 can freeze-dried snap peas
    #10 can freeze-dried strawberries

    I’ll be ordering more bit-by-bit. This is an effort to stock about 2 months’ supplies. The expectation is to hunker down for a month, and if things don’t improve or stabilize, we can do a 2-week bike/walking journey with the remaining. I also have several kinds of water filters, and apparatus for purification when those become clogged.

    RE: food, materials, etc

    Here’s a little list I made strictly from memory. I didn’t Google-cheat. It’s also not comprehensive, just a quick ‘see what’s close at hand’ kind of self-test. I set out to see if I could at least supplement my diet, have something tasty, and get some wood to make furniture, waterwheels, etc.

    I know where to acquire all the items on the list. Most are in LA county, within 1 hr drive (1/2 day bike, 1-2 days hike), some are 1000km north from me. Most of these I know by heart the uses, prep, effects, etc. Some I’d have to go back and review. This is only vegetable/mineral. I left out animal, since the attempts to end meat production in this country will quickly lead to extinction of all ungulates left on the continent. Didn’t want to give anybody pointers.

    This kind of exercise, I find, helps to instigate other ‘self-inventory’ actions. The unexamined life, blah blah blah…

    ———-GRAZING LIST————————–


    Miner’s lettuce
    Water chesnut
    Yerba santa
    Wild onion
    California bay laurel
    Wheat grass
    Wild cucumber
    Water birch
    Red honeysuckle

    Chemically/Mechanically Useful

    Black/White/Valley/Live oak
    Ponderosa/jeffrey pine
    Red fir
    Incense cedar
    Creosote bush
    Joshua tree

    Useful Minerals/Geology

    Quartz (large crystal)
    Garnet (large crystal)

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    @bluebird re: – Working for me also, LA county CA, AT&T provider.


    Don’t like to post ‘thanks’ often because it’s thread clutter. This one’s a long-owed thanks. Thank you very much, John Day! “Of all the souls I’ve encountered, his was the most…human.”

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    @Oroboros re:

    DeSantis cannot print money, he can only withhold it.

    He can order plumbing work done on the water mains. And “Geez, these pipes are rotten! We’re just gonna hafta re-plumb this whole school, I guess.”

    Remember attacker-defender paradigm. “The Biden” is doing this to defend lower-level tools, thus at the disadvantage in that arena. The ever-increasing complexity ensures a geometric growth of available vulnerabilities. Pick something ridiculously mundane, and do it. Call for a Critical Mass bike ride on the day an important meeting is to take place locally. Remember HS Thompson: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

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    we must destroy our village to save theirs.

    The ultimate potlatch! As a sign of our power, we destroy what they would take from us. We give or share what they would have us sell for profit. I’ve heard it said the next ‘big move’ will be some kind of rug-pull. What if I don’t own a rug?



    I have a habit of reading ‘in-character’ if I know a little about an author. For instance, at MoA, I’d read DebsisDead and hoarsewhisperer in Aussie accents. For some reason, you’ve fallen into a Frances Sternhagen slot in my head. It’s quite pleasant, actually.

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    HA! JP Sears…great stuff. My wife has been watching him since last year. I’m not much for this kind of video, so I await her digests.

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    @phoenixvoice re: batteries and cool vs hot

    Helms Pumped Storage Plant – This is a battery. It’s a freakin’ BIG battery. Surplus power pumps the water uphill in off hours, and it’s released for high demand. Same can be done with any size water container, and some low-tech waterwheel/belt systems. In Jakarta, most of the buildings I saw had a large water tank on the roof. This is for wash/utility water, but the concept is the same…high-mounted storage for gravity-fed contraptions.

    Lots of physical materials can be used as a ‘battery’ – spin up a flywheel, inflate a float, ratchet a huge pendulum into place, wind up a giant spring.

    For high-heat locations, you can build a ‘convection jacket’ house. It’s a double-hull construction, where the outer is some distance from the inner (30-50cm?), creating an air plenum. It wraps the whole house, walls, roof, and floor. Under the floor is a bigger chamber filled with large rocks (preferably granite). The rocks are a heat sink that draws heat out of the air and into the ground. As it does this, it impels the convection currents in the rest of the plenum.


    I hope def can hang on for a while and continue to grow. It’s a hard thing to cling to one’s illusions, and it has caused me great pain in the past. My dear mother still thinks the talking heads on TV are all Walter Cronkite.

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    @UNY, thanks, exactly, but it is ‘symptom’ I think. The trusted authority has obviously been telling people to do those things. As an example, I’ll post something I tried to post weeks ago (coincidentally in response to one of yours), got eaten by the robot, and I figured I’d not post something so personal when I was feeling a bit more emotional about it, in a Dr D mood maybe:

    @UNY: y’welcome! Gates is a hardcore monopolist, as in, I think that’s probably the kink in his cable. Damn shame he glommed onto ‘healthcare’ as his next jellybean.

    It is this undercurrent of self-reliance that must be destroyed. We must shun anyone who knows the old ways. Destroy monuments to the doers. Same playbook as Iraq. Pillage the museums and libraries? Stupid, obvious, and very tragic. Same with not collecting data (correctly or at all). If the data exists, it can be ‘used against <something>’. View knowledge as a weapon, and you’re now headed for a *thislinkdoesntwork*.

    Sorry, folks. I’m a bit sour this week. My mother, of all people, offered to bribe me to take the shot. All I can do is counter with a firm “No.” Any further discussion or explanation leads to utter heartbreak, either through severing the ties, or revealing to her what has actually happened. She’s a school psychologist, teacher, administrator, software engineer, airplane pilot, security guard, mother of 2 semi-failed sons. She and my father are the most healthy example of a life-long married couple I could imagine, and the reason I still have a marriage.

    All this, and she is now enthralled to the Idiot Box and scared it’s the germ-pocalypse. We’ve tried over the past 2 years to break the spell, no avail. Shut off the TV, folks. The Alpha Wave Beam is lethal.

    It was my own mother who taught me about Bernays, Milgram, Stanford, and a host of other non-physical atrocities perpetrated against innocents. She instructed my brother and I, while watching Wonder Woman (Linda Carter will always be WW! fight me), that even though the bad guys were obviously Nazis, it was wrong to make assumptions about people despite their ‘uniform’. She had a long foray as a near-libertarian (“Governments are only good for fire departments!”). The submission to authoritarian rule was never on the radar. I see Trump as the pick, gin up ‘the Indians’, then redirect them. Just f#(<ing breathtaking.

    This situation is a complex stew. People will do very weird things. I know I’ve suffered severe operational paralysis over the past 2 years that has been a problem for many around me (sorry!).


    Chris Potter – Circuits

    NOTE: removed link to please the robot

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    Maybe d’s problem lies in viewing sources of information as authorities, rather than just sources of information.

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    Lockdowns, Masks and The Illusion of Government Control Over Covid – interesting read, I’m about half finished, but it illuminated a couple dark corners in my brain:

    1) As I have perceived for most of my adult life, and have recently had reinforced by Denninger et al, I don’t think ‘germ warfare’ is all it’s cracked up to be. The standard problem of a virus’ race against time to jump before the host dies is a limiting factor. Regardless of the initial apparent lethality of a virus, it will only be able to kill in clusters…only really a problem if you have extreme population density, eh? But even with density, the signal gets across and folks self-quarantine. Same as it ever was.

    2) Related to my #1, and the signalling, I also think that our immunity to these is similar to our pattern recognition and generalization in perceptive senses. It’s ‘good enough’ that it sends a signal to us that we have to grab a bagel and hunker down for a bit, and sends a signal to others that they should probably avoid us for a while. We’re not supposed to live in fear of Invisible Death. If our ancestors had this paranoia, they wouldn’t be our ancestors.


    Yamandu Costa – No Rancho Fundo

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    re: vocabulary (he he)

    Herd Immunity – Next time someone uses that word, tell them what it really means
    Demand Destruction – Ditto

    Dr Fungus is an arsonist fireman of the worst order.

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    There’s a hospital, a 150-year-old institution, that has been destroyed. I’m digesting this to suss out what parts of the story I can safely tell, and it’s still moving, so more detail as I ‘trim the hedge’ so to speak. The short is, janky dr buys hospital, all <i>real</i> doctors leave, taking their patients with them to other area hospitals. Appearances are this is one dr and a great big pile o’fraud. I’ve watched our business’ traffic from them drain over 2 years from 10k+ appts per day to 10-20 appts per day.

    This fits a trend I’m seeing, that most medical in CA for the proles is being shopped out to clinics, and the hospitals are being destroyed. This follows a period of 10 years where ‘urgent care’ clinics started to crop up like (or in!) strip malls. The hospital in question is Midwest, so I tend to think it’s not regional.

    I’m too dumb (or frightened) to figure where it’s headed, but it often arises in convo’s with my wife that medical in Jakarta is similar, lots of semi/unregulated clinics. Serious care for chronic/terminal illness will often bankrupt a family, so many avoid care or seek alternatives. Are hospitals this decade’s fracking? Ceased to be economically feasible, let alone profitable?

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    There’s a lot of possibility for bicycle drivetrain improvement, but we’re stuck mostly with the “It’s too heavy!” mantra. This presupposes that nobody who operates a bicycle would be satisfied with a bit less efficiency if the trade was for longer wear, cleaner (enclosed, in some cases) operation, fewer delicate parts. For instance, gearboxes for bicycles are pretty amazing, but relegated mostly to downhill racing. I’d love to have one, but no (or few, pricy) XC models available. There are lots more belt-drive on the streets, and some folks working feverishly toward shaft-drive. Part of my continued attachment to chain-based gear systems is that you can make some pretty amazing machines using a stationary bike as a power source. Also, I’m confident I could probably build a belt-drive bicycle from natural materials available in the local forest.

    I, too, miss those ’80s/’90s bikes. The Mule (1990 Klein Pinnacle) was my commuter/touring/trail blaster/grocery-getter for about 200,000km (heavy use over about 15 years):

    The Mule

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    The Saker appears to have joined the “I HOPE YOU DIE!” crowd:

    My bet is that in 1-2 years the anti-vaxx hysteria will die down again, and that the majority of those who now say “never! never! over my dead body!” will quietly get vaxxed, and the few who won’t will have a self-inflicted and rather shitty life which, of course, is their right!

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    RE: the tree, the old man in the cave says ‘fire-resistant’ and much of the overall description sounds a lot like a coastal Live Oak. We have olives all over CA, but usually cultivated, decorative or feral, so it’s not usually a news item if an olive tree burns. My experience with oaks (now that I’ve lived long enough to observe these changes) is that the whole area can get razed to ash, with just a blackened stump, and within 5 years there is a crown of new foliage. The picture above shows much unburned material about. Lacking disturbance of the site, it should recover, though consigned to shrubbery status for a while. It also leads me to wonder how old some of the oaks I’ve seen really are.

    I took this picture on a slope that had burned about 5 years previous. The pines are a mix of ponderosa, douglas fir and white fir. All of those are dead, but some ponderosa and white fir are sprouting. The smaller greens are various wildflowers, the bigger patches are interior Live Oak, with the dead branches poking out the top. Most of the oaks are now, 5 years again, about 2m high and bright green with new vegetation, despite the drought.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 9 2021 #83057

    Watch the olive tree closely. If it is anything like California Live Oaks, some roots will survive, and it will sprout a crown of fresh branches around the old base. As these branches grow, over about 20-30 years, they will push out the old dead snags and regrow as an even bigger tree.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2021 #82569

    Rhinoceros – 1974 – Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, Karen Black

    in reply to: The Vaccines Don’t Work #82040

    RE: anti-aging, that dude’s a charlatan.

    Gregory Benford: “Artificial Biological Selection for Longevity”

    Benford’s one of my favorite authors, brilliant, but sadly plugged in to the milsec. He for cosmic-scale phenomena and AI, and Vernor Vinge for serious AI. They both seem fearful enough they could be swayed to a Butlerian Jihad.

    in reply to: The Vaccines Don’t Work #81835

    I didn’t see this until TDK’s response:

    <i>excessive faith in their immune system</i>

    True story: My wife and I have not been germ-sick in a decade. Improved diet for me, and both diet and exercise for her, and we’re good to go. We’re not social butterflies, but we attend(ed) concerts of varying size, shop weekly in public markets, doctor visits, family shindigs, etc etc etc…normal life. NO GERMS!

    So, yeah, I have a <i>little</i> pride in my immune system. After all, it’s the result of a billion years of evolutionary pressure, most of which cannot be repeated, let alone observed, so it can be plugged into a model. Replace that with a Bill Gates Joint? I’ve been battling Bill Gates’ evil proxy, Windows, for nigh on to 35 years. You think I’d trust his motives in this?

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    RE: All quiet on the ‘cyber’ front

    StarLink is now mostly operational, and this is the ‘PTB’s replacement Internet. They are now free to shut off as much of the terrestrial Internet as they deem necessary. I’m working on building a ‘tiny library’ WiFi that I’ll keep up as long as we have power. It will contain as much free stuff as I can mirror, particularly Gutenberg Project archives and some public domain video/software. I can’t replace the true Internet, and I can’t be a nexus for revolutionary activities, but at least I can help stave off boredom.

    RE: 400M guns

    The problem is quite worse than that, I’m afraid. I have located several ‘backcountry compounds’ where it appears the residents have bunkerized themselves into a granite batholith. Your average prepper will be out of beans in a year or less. These folks have read Lucifer’s Hammer and taken the message to heart. Vegans will not have the personal energy to resist these people when they emerge to retake the country.

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    My wife is learning American Sign Language. She said nearly half the language is facial expression…like using the face to denote interrogative vs imperative expressions. She and fellow students, and the professor, likened wearing a mask to losing a whole branch of grammar rules. Imagine if English had no conjunctions.

    She also gets spontaneous job offers the moment she mentions she’s studying ASL.

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    For a little beauty on this gloomy Friday: The Other Marx

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2021 #81547

    I was gonna comment earlier about Bokonon and the connections re: ‘common-sense types’ to Player Piano, but didn’t. I did chores and let it stew…and, BANG! Cat’s Cradle was about the difficulty of a mundane problem driving frustrated people to drastic solutions. In the book, the problem was simply mud. That’s it. The military complained that mud swallowed up an inordinate amount of equipment. Solution: teach water to stand on it’s head (form ice at ~105F/40C).

    The ‘therapy’ is not about preventing/curing. It’s simply, banally, moronically, greedily about…no more sick days.

    Still get a germ, but won’t keep you down. All around you are similarly ‘therapized’ so they don’t care. Everybody keeps working. It’s like ‘mood stabilizers’ for the immune system.

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    @madamski re: asym and time and stuff

    First, so I stay OT, remember that asymmetric warfare includes the tired-and-true tactics as well as the new-and-shiny. “Remember, and stay alive!” is also asymmetric warfare. Going Harry Tuttle is guerilla kindness. 🙂

    About the pretzel, here’s just a fairly straightforward example in my recent travels:

    Company wants reminder calls for appointments. We do reminder calls.

    The database software has several (SEVERAL!!!) varieties of time storage types. I’ll keep to the flavors I use at the moment:

    datetime – Stored as a 32-bit number internally, then helpfully converted for you by the ‘connector’ (a class driver of sorts). Storing in 32-bit limits to a granularity of 1 second, otherwise it’s only useful for a limited period. When you ask for the datetime, you get something that is adjusted to the timezone either set or assumed when you first connected to the database.

    timestamp – This is the 32-bit number, in the raw. Seconds from epoch (in this case, I think sometime in 1970, but differs for hardware and software). This is in Greenwich, so must be manually converted to the needed timezone.

    date/time – Either just the date, or just the time, stored as a string

    The phone systems we use for this store the more critical timestamps in a 64-bit number, affording some room for growth.

    We’re in SoCal, so PAC TZ. Most customers are east coast, so CEN or EAST TZ. Some expect to see their time in their local TZ, some expect to see some times in TZs specific to this or that call, or in the TZ of the agent making the action.

    Entities send us data that we digest to generate these reminders. We usually have to support legacy systems that cannot be reconfigured by the clients, or it’s “Oh, you want a data export connector? That’s $10K please…” (MediTech, FU! Likewise McKessen!) I expect a baroque, almost maliciously designed time format to be used in each and every new site we support. I am seldom surprised. Here’s a small sample of formats I’ve encountered that I’ve since internalized:

    07/25/2021 1:18 PM
    07/25/2021 13:18:00
    2021-07-25 13:18:00
    2021-07-25 13:18:00T-08
    2021-07-25 13:18:00T-08:00:00
    25-JUL-2021 13:18:00 <– VAX VMS time format…my first professional use of time in computerland!

    The above are machine-produced and fairly reliable. When humans are used to produce these, you get the normal variances.

    Then various programming languages and their libraries allow/do different things with time, not surprisingly and most egregiously hampered/damaged by Microsoft Win32 and .Net libs. They can all produce surprising ‘default’ values for bad input times, so catch out the lazy hackers.

    Anyway, that’s just a vignette re: time display, storage, processing…just the mustard being prepared for the pretzel.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 29 2021 #81374

    Re: the Y2K stuff…

    It’s as different (time math) for human intuition vs computer solution as trying to make a self-riding bicycle. Time seems second-nature to all of us, even including awareness of time zones, DST, most even aware intuitively of latitudinal differences in day length. The computer version of all this is a freshly-baked Gordian soft pretzel salted with methamphetamine hydrochloride.

    in reply to: A Tale of Two Narratives #81159

    @those darned kids…thanks for the rec! Love animation stuff, Bill Plympton and Disney Studios and everything in between.

    Apologize for partial thread hijack, but I must add: Hatten’s show was a true cartoon-lover’s show for kids who could concentrate for more than 15 seconds at a shot. He always had a lot of history and current connections to deliver, I think I remember guest stars (hafta go back and watch!), all in his ‘calmly energetic’ style. Not all 120 mins were Popeye, lots of George Of The Jungle and Tom Slick. And I wonder why I grew up a Doubting Thomas…

    Thanks, @TAE Summary – It’s spreading far and wide. Denninger thread linked here also. (Hafta keep Denninger at arms’ length for fear of getting powder burns!)

    in reply to: A Tale of Two Narratives #81150

    For the Dr’s in the house: Saw some comments at Denninger re: vaccine injection protocols that generally, though intramuscular, do not require withdrawal of blood first to ensure no vessel was hit, due to cost (??) of the vaccine/medicine (not waste the dose!). This was suggested as a cause for the ‘instant death and dismemberment’ cases we see. Thoughts?

    From my fevered paranoia, I’ve bumped to 60% confidence my opinion that this is a Gates redo of Afr/Ind. It is an attempt at sterilization, damn the collateral damage. Check birth rates over the next 2 years.

    Also, I took a month off this madness, starting at the end of June, and only now doing catch-up. Wish I hadn’t, because I find so many people stuck in a loop. I spent the time since doing mentally productive things. Here was the impetus for my shut-off, going back to my required and long-overdue connection with my true home state, and realizing the World is moving on: The New Horizons Of A Bucket

    : I’m glad the ProBosco is back! I value your presence in a strange way. You, to me, are similar to Little Horse the Contrarian, or a ‘fool on the hill’ gone HS Thompson on passers-by. The ‘act’ (as some may view it) is useful to open people up. I tend to read authors, rather than books, so I’ll start my Joe Bageant phase presently. Before I get to that, I want to read Wise Blood. The movie is a true work of art, and I can’t say why but it says something about the present, and about the ‘ProBosco Returns!’ thread. Anyway, hope you’re well. You might remember something I just found through a long stint reading

    Quasi At The Quackadero – the animation of Sally Cruikshank. When this was made, I’d have been watching Tom Hatten on KTLA, for 2 hours of Popeye and related.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 18 2021 #77677

    You stand in line at a jazz club. The doorperson asks to scan your pass. You’re allowed into the club.

    You’ve just volunteered your Personal Health Information to the doorman, who, by allowing you in, has just communicated that bit of Personal Health Information to all the other folks in line, the other staff in the venue, the musicians, any passers-by. I assume that, even though they might not see the PHI facet of this, they surely know they are deliberately communicating that one status point (with MANY connections) to hundreds of third-party participants in the exchange.

    That violation of HIPAA is a felony with a possible 10 year prison sentence.

    You can’t get to the folks at the top of this. It’s the attacker/defender paradigm. How can you defend against new threats? How can you detect new threats in a pool of 8bn people? Think globally, act locally. Break the tools. Misused tools often break. Oops. Shoudn’t’a used that screwdriver to pry my 302 block into position. The Gates, Fauci, Schwab et al are tools. They are not invulnerable, and can be broken. They are obviously not the critical parts, as they seem to have fallen under a passing vehicle at some point. But there appears to be a need to have something like them to get things done.

    So…excommunication. I have a hard time with the lamp-posts concept (was raised a peacenik), but I can certainly see us letting them all flee to NZ or Patag, and just barricading them. They can’t do s#!+ without oil, so let them run, then starve them out.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2021 #76917

    Woke up with a bad ‘unintended consequences’ thought this AM:

    If beef production is eliminated, how long will it be until the large- and medium-sized mammals remaining on this continent are wiped out? I’m sure Uncle Ted just won’t get the same rush bow-hunting meal worms.

    Music for Madamski:

    Wynton Marsalis – Jazz in Marciac 2009
    The Aristocrats – Pressure Relief
    Paul Gilbert – Argument About Pie

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2021 #75520

    I had a bad thought, and wrote the following. Since madamski has taken a powder, I’ll be the resident weirdo for the day.

    1) Who/what collects input data to train the model?
    2) What criteria to pre-filter input data?
    3) How collated? Is model code vulnerable to things like lsd/ordering problem?
    4) Does the machine have ‘Asimov Switch’?
    5) Allowed/capable of self repair/replication?
    6) Allowed/capable of morality?
    7) Allowed/capable of emotion?
    8) Opacity of operation? Can we still understand what it’s thinking, or has it escaped?
    9) Air gap? Please…for the love of Dog…PLEASE TELL ME IT’S AT LEAST AIR GAPPED!!
    10) Automobile? Is it in a robot?

    This is not an exhaustive list of questions. Also, be mindful that a machine doesn’t have to be smarter than humans, it just has to be massively better at it’s specialty.

    No machine can be ‘taught’ inspiration, serendipity, curiosity. Some randomness can be built into the system, and various weights given to ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ decisions (that is, don’t tell the machine to kill all bacteria before the machine has been taught that some varieties might actually be useful to have around). It is up to some human or other to ‘teach’ the machine what is helpful/harmful to humans. That’s already a problem for relying upon a human, with human biases and a superior but unchecked random number generator.

    I’m starting to become a bit concerned. I’ve discussed with my wife recently about my view (too nebulous for theory yet) that entities like corporations and state governments are and have always been AI. Thinking along this plane, it becomes possible that maybe all organizations of intelligent species are AI.

    Family, clan, tribe, town, state. All do something to protect the organization as an entity. We group together and make rules to ensure fair decisions, safe operations, whatever. All these rules imbue the organization with benefits for it’s participants. The participants are encouraged to keep the organization going. They’ve become the immune system of the org, the brain cells of the org, the blood cells of the org, but the artifice that established the org, the set of rules, is now calling the shots.

    Take this to a corporation, which, in it’s modern inception, requires dividend payout ad infinitum. The org has written and unwritten rules about pulling weight or thrown overboard. Now you’ve got a filter for greed. The AI of the corp is ‘steering’ itself toward emulating a long-problematic slice of humanity. The further out on this tangent it goes, the profits go up. Positive feedback loop, gobble gobble gobble, but it’s not any particular human that did this, it’s the set of rules governing the corp, and the prevailing behavior standards.

    Now to government, where there has ever been the problem of selection for sociopaths/psychopaths. There is less coherence in a government, it’s bigger and has more independent units due to the broader scope of operation. If government, too, is AI, it is a lurching, insane, gadfly-beset beast.

    So, in my view, since organization of this sort has always been a sort of AI, it’s operation may already be too opaque. We may indeed have passed the singularity, and like the techies have always said, we wouldn’t notice. It wouldn’t be like Lawnmower Man’s “The sound of my birth pangs will be every telephone in the world ringing in unison!” If we have been coopted by the machines already, would we notice? Are we already slaves to something?

    I’m certainly being paranoid, but we are really close now.

    Aliens…Pshhhaw! There are scarier sharks in this universe. We’ll go ask the old man in the cave. He’ll know what to do.

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    RE: T2 Diabetes relief…

    Yes, quite possible and not all that difficult. My wife did it, and eats less protein than when she started, was diag’d pre-T2 about 16 yrs ago. It’s mostly taking conscious control of your diet and exercise. She’s Asian, and comes from a rice/noodles culture, family well enough to have a chauffeur (middle-class thing in Jakarta). She switched first to brown rice, then to quinoa. Lots of veggies, real whole-grain breads (if at all), NO SODA OR JUICE! We’ve both switched to sparkly water, and don’t miss the sugar.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 12 2021 #75134

    Message from Eric Clapton (I’m assuming that the old farts on here remember him!)

    Of course I do! He’s George Harrison’s best friend!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 23 2021 #73772

    And so it rolls…

    This (below) is the opener from a message I received from a local (Studio City) jazz club, The Baked Potato. Keep in mind, this is a <i>jazz</i> club…you know, the music of intellectual freedom? This place regularly hosts some apostles of Zappa (Mike Kenneally, Joe Travers, others), and contemporary superstars like Marcus Miller.

    They have been struggling the past year, selling VOD of prior performances, and doing rare ‘kinda live’ crowdless streaming shows. This is really a head-scratcher for me. These people are among the few I sorta expect to be geniuses. “If I had my way, I would tear this old building down!” Turn it into a ‘terrace’ with the only structure being a kitchen and a loo. But what did Carlin say about the indescribability of God?

    I have been thinking more about what kinds of non-passive entertainment can be ‘shown’ to people who have been pretty well hooked on passive jibs like TV, movies, FriendFace. They can’t (yet) force you to show papers to read a book, play hopscotch in your kitchen, play a guitar, knit socks.

    A weekly ‘farmers’ market’ sprung up in the nearby mall parking lot. My wife and I will go to see if it’s actually that, or just an attempt to make the mall seem relevant again. As long as I don’t have to show papers to use a bicycle, I’m within a couple hours’ ride of Camarillo/Oxnard, with copious fields of everything from avocados to strawberries. I haven’t been out there in a couple years, so I don’t know the current situation. The whole region has always been dotted with roadside produce stands, mostly temporary but some more durable, like The Somis Nut House.

    Well, I ramble a wee bit, don’t I?

    Asimov discussed various ‘Selden Crises’ in his works. I feel like we’re approaching a ‘Kunstler Crisis’ here.

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