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Salvador Dali Memory of the child woman 1932


China Has Already Decided To Send Economic Aid To Russia, US Fears (G.)
White House Threatens China Will Pay for Support for Russia (Antiwar)
Biden Blames Putin, Covid For Record-high Inflation In US (Fox)
Stop Putin’s War! (CP)
Stocks Give Up Gains Following Kremlin Comments (ZH)
Germany To Buy Dozens Of US Stealth Jets (Y!)
Orwell Was Right (Taibbi)
Playing Dumb (Kunstler)
France Lifts Covid-19 Rules On Unvaccinated, Mask Wearing (AP)
Ed Dowd: 25 To 44 yo Experienced An 84% Increase In Excess Mortality (Kirsch)
Triple Vaccinated Just Weeks Away From Developing AIDS (DE)
UK Supreme Court Slams Door On Assange Appeal (Gosztola)





Tucker Tulsi








The Guardian is the ideal voice of empire. But that means a lot of things must be igored. China doesn’t see the world through US/NATO eyes. It doesn’t think the Ukraine conflict started 3 weeks ago (but 30 years). And it doesn’t think not parroting the US means turning its back on Washington. China is its own nation.

China Has Already Decided To Send Economic Aid To Russia, US Fears (G.)

China has already decided to provide Russia with economic and financial support during its war on Ukraine and is contemplating sending military supplies such as armed drones, US officials fear. The US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, laid out the US case against Russia’s invasion in an “intense” seven-hour meeting in Rome with his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, pointing out that Moscow had feigned interest in diplomacy while preparing for invasion, and also that the Russian military was clearly showing signs of frailty. The US delegation in Rome had not expected the Chinese diplomats to negotiate, seeing them as message deliverers to Beijing.

“It was an intense seven-hour session, reflecting the gravity of the moment, as well as our commitment to maintaining open lines of communication,” a senior administration official said. “This meeting was not about negotiating specific issues or outcomes, but about a candid, direct exchange of views.” Asked if it had been successful, the official replied: “I suppose it depends on how you define success, but we believe that it is important to keep open lines of communication between the United States and China, especially on areas where we disagree.” However, the Americans walked away from the Rome meeting pessimistic that the Chinese government would change its minds about backing Moscow.

“The key here is first to get China to recalculate and re-evaluate their position. We see no sign of that re-evaluation,” said another US official familiar with the discussions. “They’ve already decided that they’re going to provide economic and financial support, and they underscored that today. The question really is whether they will go further.” [..] Russia needs economic and financial aid most urgently, in the face of devastating sanctions imposed by the US and its allies since the 24 February invasion. The country is danger of default on its debt payments, with two interest payments due on Wednesday, though it will have a 30-day grace period.

Moscow is unable to access nearly all of its $640bn in gold and foreign exchange reserves, but still holds part of those reserves in yuan, so Beijing will be able to step in to provide immediate assistance. There is pessimism in Washington about the possibility of steering China away from throwing in its lot with Russia, largely because it sees the partnership as being driven from the top. “It really is a project of Xi Jinping. He is totally, fundamentally behind this closer partnership with Russia,” the US official said. There is more scepticism lower down the ranks, but Xi and Putin have bonded over their shared view of the US as being heavy- and high-handed, and determined to end the period of US global dominance.

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Yes, China has called for an investigation into the biolabs.

White House Threatens China Will Pay for Support for Russia (Antiwar)

China will face major “consequences” should it help Russia evade an ever-growing raft of American sanctions, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan has warned, just a day before he’s set to meet with Beijing’s top diplomat in Rome. Sullivan’s warning on Sunday came soon after unnamed Western officials told the New York Times and Washington Post that Russia is seeking weapons and economic relief from China amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. A spokesperson for the Chinese government said they were unaware of such a request, while Moscow has yet to confirm the reports.

In response to the attack on Ukraine launched in late February, the Joe Biden administration has imposed countless layers of new sanctions explicitly aiming to cripple and isolate the Russian economy. China, however, is one among several nations refusing to condemn the invasion or sever its economic ties with Russia. Despite American pressure to join in on the sanctions spree, Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated that Beijing’s relationship with Russia “even exceeds an alliance” in its “closeness and effectiveness,” suggesting the country is unlikely to bow to Western demands anytime soon.

As President Biden has ruled out direct military action in Ukraine, the administration has instead focused on arming the country’s military while attempting to make Russia an international pariah in the diplomatic and economic spheres. China has so far been able to obstruct Biden on both counts. Beijing’s UN delegation is supporting Russia’s claim that US-funded labs in Ukraine were working on chemical and biological weapons – a charge rejected by Washington as a “conspiracy theory” – and is now calling for an international investigation. Chinese financial support could also help Russia to weather the storm as its economy struggles to adapt to punishing Western sanctions.

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To which I can add this graph from yesterday. And then you can make your own mind up.

Biden Blames Putin, Covid For Record-high Inflation In US (Fox)

President Biden on Monday said Russian President Vladimir Putin and the COVID-19 pandemic are to blame for record-high inflation in the United States and maintained that rising prices have “nothing to do” with his administration’s policies. The president spoke Monday at the National League of Cities Congressional Cities Conference and addressed the increase in U.S. gas prices, as well as every day household items. “We know that families are still struggling with higher prices,” Biden said. “Let’s be absolutely clear about why prices are high now or high for two reasons.” The first, Biden said, is due to “the way the global economy works.”

“A factory in Taiwan that makes computer chips shuts down to a COVID outbreak. It causes a ripple effect to slow down auto-manufacturing,” Biden said. “So, because of the pandemic, we had significant disruption disruptions in the supply chain, and our supply chain is so important with so many materials that come from other places.” “And now, a second big reason for inflation is Vladimir Putin,” Biden said. “We’ve seen the price of gas go up over a dollar just since he put his troops on the border on the border of Ukraine — they went up a dollar and five cents,” Biden said.

“Big part of that reason is Putin began amassing troops along the border and then crossed. And guess what? The world took notice,” Biden said. “The market anticipated, prices went up, and then Putin invaded.” He added: “Make no mistake, the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin — it has nothing to do with the American Rescue Plan.” Biden said that “rescuing our economy didn’t cause this problem,” but he vowed to “fix it.”

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Strange article at Counterpunch. Lots of weird points. But it has this right: the IMF, World Bank and US have Ukraine in a death grip. What else is new?

Stop Putin’s War! (CP)

Washington’s NATO alliance is part of that imperial history. The United States set it up, as its first Secretary General Lord Ismay famously said, to “keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down” in Europe. In other words, it is a vehicle of U.S. imperial domination of European capitalism. Most of the other NATO and EU states have a sordid history of colonialism of their own. And many have been accomplices to Washington’s wars, most recently in Afghanistan, where NATO played a large role in “pacifying” the country, committing numerous war crimes in the process. Moreover, the decision by the United States and European powers to expand NATO and the EU into Eastern Europe is one of the causes of the war in Ukraine.

It triggered Putin’s growing determination over the last decade to reclaim Russia’s lost sphere of influence. The United States and the EU offer no alternative to Ukraine but subjection to its imperial interests and neoliberal economics. In fact, through the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the United States is one of the oppressors of Ukraine.These international financial institutions have locked Ukraine in debt that now exceeds $129 billion. The country’s workers and oppressed have paid an enormous price to service these loans. Like they have throughout the Global South, the international financial institutions have required Ukraine to cut social programs, privatize state industry, layoff state workers, and cut workers’ wages and benefits in return for further loans.

Ukraine’s annual payments siphon off billions of dollars that would otherwise go to much needed social reforms to improve the majority’s abysmally low standards of living. The United States and NATO aim to defend and in fact expand their military rule over Eastern Europe and enforcement of neoliberal economics. They have no solution to the plight of the majority of Ukrainians fighting for their liberation. Despite all of this, many people horrified by Putin’s war are mistakenly demanding that Washington and Brussels intervene directly or set up a no-fly zone. That would lead to military confrontations between the United States/NATO and Russia, risking World War III between nuclear powers.

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“Peskov went on to confirm that Russia “did not request China military aid..”

Stocks Give Up Gains Following Kremlin Comments (ZH)

US equity futures surged overnight – again – on hopes of an ‘imminent’ peace deal between Russia and Ukraine; and now – once again – equities are reverting lower following comments from the Kremlin that do not sound very ‘peace-deal-like… Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on a conference call that “Russia will realize all its plans in Ukraine operation,” adding that the “operation would be complete on schedule,” and would not rule out taking “full control” of major Ukraine cities. We don’t think this is the ‘hope’ that Zelensky and the market was looking for.

Peskov went on to confirm that Russia “did not request China military aid,” adding that “Russia had the resources to complete the Ukraine operation alone.” And he could not resist a jab the puppetmasters, commenting that “it appears that the bosses of Ukraine across the ocean are giving orders to the Ukrainian army.” And given the recent modest bounce in Biden’s approval, do we really think his administrations wants this war over already… this far from the Midterms?

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Cui bono? Follow the money.

Germany To Buy Dozens Of US Stealth Jets (Y!)

Germany on Monday unveiled plans to buy dozens of US-made F-35 fighter jets, as part of a multi-billion-euro push to modernise its armed forces in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Berlin intends to buy 35 F-35 jets made by Lockheed Martin to replace Germany’s decades-old Tornado fleet, as well as purchasing an additional 15 Eurofighter jets. Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht called the purchase agreement “a good step forwards” for Germany’s Bundeswehr armed forces. “There can only be one answer to Putin’s aggression, and that is unity in NATO and credible deterrence,” Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, commander of the German Air Force, told reporters.

Germany’s Tornados are the only Luftwaffe planes certified to carry US nuclear bombs stationed in Germany that are a key part of NATO deterrence. Lockheed’s fifth-generation F-35 stealth jets are considered the most modern combat aircraft in the world, and their unique shape and coating make them harder to detect by enemy radar. The additional Eurofighter jets Germany plans to purchase, made by a consortium that includes Airbus, would be used for other operations, including electronic warfare like jamming enemy air defence systems. In a landmark speech late last month, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged to invest an extra 100 billion euros ($112 billion) to bring the nation’s chronically underfunded Bundeswehr into the modern age.

The spending boost marks a major reversal for Europe’s top economy, upending its policy of keeping a low military profile in part out of guilt over World War II. After years of criticism that the country wasn’t shouldering enough of the financial burden in the NATO military alliance, Scholz vowed to spend “more than two percent” of Germany’s gross domestic product annually on defence, surpassing NATO’s own two-percent target.

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War victims or cancel culture?

Orwell Was Right (Taibbi)

In the last weeks, Russia took an already exacting speech environment to new extremes. A law was passed that would impose 15-year prison sentences for anyone spreading “fake news” about the Ukraine invasion; access was cut to Facebook and Twitter; stations like Echo Moskvi and TV Rain as well as BBC Russia, Radio Liberty, the New Times, Deutsche Welle, Doxa, and Latvia-based Meduza were effectively shut down; Wikipedia was threatened with a block over its invasion page; and national authorities have appeared to step in to prevent coverage of soldiers killed in the war, requiring local outlets to use terms like “special operation” instead. The latter development is connected to the state media regulator, Roskomnadzor, issuing a remarkably desperate dictum requiring news outlets to “use information and data received by them only from official Russian sources.”

Russia also appears in the middle of a general crackdown on local media, not so much because those outlets are dissenting, but because they’re more likely to provide indirect evidence of war failures or the effect of sanctions. The desperation to control news has grown to the point where Russian diplomats in foreign countries are pressuring state outlets in countries like Iran to stop using the term “war” to describe what’s going on in Ukraine. On the flip side, a slew of actions have been taken to crack down on “fake news” and “misinformation” in the West. The big one was the European Union banning RT and Sputnik. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube also cut access to all Russian state media, because the EU sanctions also required that internet platforms delist any RT or Sputnik content, even from individuals.

The statute reads, “As regards the posts made by individuals that reproduce the content of RT and Sputnik, those posts shall not be published, and if published, shall be deleted.” Other governments across the West, from Australia to Canada, have taken similar actions. In the U.S., Google and YouTube disallowed Russian state media ads (following a request by Senator Mark Warner) and demonetized “a number of Russian channels,” including RT but also many non-Russian individuals, before proceeding to demonetize all individual Russian content creators, even the individuals opposing the invasion. Even DuckDuckGo, the speechier, more pro-privacy alternative to Google, announced it was de-ranking “sites associated with Russian disinformation.” A growing list of Westerners have seen accounts frozen for supposed parroting of Russian talking points or “abusive” commentary.

YouTube banned Oliver Stone’s documentary Ukraine on Fire, while Netflix is going so far as to shelve a production of Anna Karenina. In what might have been the craziest move of all, Meta reportedly followed up a decision to un-ban the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion with a mind-blowing decision to alter its hate speech policies to “allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion,” according to internal emails seen by Reuters.

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“The member nations of NATO have even less desire to join the battle, and are doing a poor job of pretending they oppose Russia’s disagreeable but necessary work there..”

Playing Dumb (Kunstler)

Threatened by losing the war against its own citizens, the US government now seeks a wider kinetic war over its would-be client state, Ukraine. The stakes must be pretty high for “Joe Biden” and Company to risk starting World War Three. Why else inflame a dangerous situation by sending more weapons there? I’ll tell you why: to prolong Russia’s operations to neutralize Ukraine so it won’t cause further trouble to them or anybody else in the world. The longer the US can keep that going, the longer we can put off the various reckonings at home.

America has no intention of actually defending Ukraine. It’s really just a global version of the interpersonal game “Let’s You and Him Fight,” as described by pioneering psychologist Eric Berne (1910 -1970), father of transactional analysis. The member nations of NATO have even less desire to join the battle, and are doing a poor job of pretending they oppose Russia’s disagreeable but necessary work there. So far, they have had to sacrifice desperately needed natural gas supplies from Russia. You can be sure they will find a way to sneak around US sanctions and reverse the blunder. They have no choice really, unless they want to go forward without any industries. Google-up the paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and you’ll catch a glimpse of that possible European future. Of course, they’ll also have to answer to their own citizens for the awful mistakes Covid-19.

The best outcome, as others have pointed out, will be the disassembly of Ukraine into an eastern Russian zone — perhaps annexed into Russia — and a rump western Ukraine state that will be as quiet and inoffensive as Moldova and Slovakia next door (When was the last time they caused any trouble in the world?) It would be best for everyone, and especially the Third World, if the Russian operation is concluded as quickly as possible with a structured peace settlement, leaving a chance to get a Ukrainian grain crop planted, because otherwise a lot of innocent people will go hungry. Is the USA interested in a peace settlement? Or do we want to drive events further toward tragedy and our own national suicide?

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Now do this everywhere.

And also: Macron has an election coming up.

France Lifts Covid-19 Rules On Unvaccinated, Mask Wearing (AP)

France lifted most COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, abolishing the need to wear face masks in most settings and allowing people who aren’t vaccinated back into restaurants, sports arenas and other venues. The move had been announced earlier this month by the French government based on assessments of the improving situation in hospitals and following weeks of a steady decline in infections. It comes less than a month before the first round of the presidential election scheduled on April 10. But in recent days, the number of new infections has started increasing again, raising concerns from some scientists it may be too soon to lift restrictions. The number of new infections have reached more than 60,000 based on a seven-day average, up from about 50,000 a week before.

Starting from Monday, people aren’t required anymore to show proof of vaccination to enter places like restaurants and bars, cinemas, theaters, fairs and to use interregional transport. The so-called vaccine pass had taken effect at the end of January. A restaurant owner in Paris, Laurent Negre, praised a “return to normal.” “We got used to these restrictions and complicated protocols so we will enjoy work more now … So it’s good news,” he said. Parisian Bartholome Laisi, 23, said “it’s a good thing because people will be able to get more freedom of movement. But we need to be careful and monitor it, to avoid another (virus) wave right after.” In hospitals and nursing homes, unvaccinated people must provide a recent negative test or proof of recent recovery to enter. Wearing masks are no longer required in schools, businesses and offices. They remain mandatory on public transportation and at hospitals and other health facilities.

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What’s the consequence for life insurance?

Ed Dowd: 25 To 44 yo Experienced An 84% Increase In Excess Mortality (Kirsch)

Someone sent me this article: Edward Dowd on Future Recession, Shocking Findings in the CDC Covid Data and Democide which describes his appearance on War Room. That article says: “And the money chart is really Chart 4, which shows that the Millennial age group, 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall. It’s the worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history. I called Ed to clarify where he got the chart and then looked for verification of this. I found the verification. Then I verified that the deaths couldn’t be explained by the COVID delta variant. OK, so what caused all the deaths? The only explanation is the vaccine because the deaths are so massive.

[..] Now let’s go over some of the details of what Ed Dowd found and explain why there is no other explanation. Ed’s friend (who I know but doesn’t want to be disclosed publicly) spent about a week analyzing the CDC data. The graph in the article is from the CDC data, but is plotted by Ed’s friend. He didn’t make anything up. The work was replicated independently (see also the graphs). US mortality graphs show a spike in the same time period (Aug to Oct). These graphs of excess mortality in Europe show things got worse, not better after the vaccine rollout:

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Maybe a bit too scary?

Triple Vaccinated Just Weeks Away From Developing AIDS (DE)

The following chart shows the Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated population in England in 4 week periods between Week 51 of 2021 and Week 9 of 2022 – As you can see the vaccine effectiveness has been falling month and month, with the lowest effectiveness recorded among 40-49-year-olds at minus-248.92%. But the sharpest decline in jab effectivness has been recorded among 18-29-year-olds, falling to minus-201.52% by Week 9 of 2022 from +10.19 in Week 51 to Week 2. However, vaccine effectiveness isn’t really a measure of a vaccine, it is a measure of a vaccine recipients immune system performance compared to the immune system performance of an unvaccinated person.

The following chart shows the immune system performance of the triple vaccinated population in England by age group in four week periods, compared to the natural immune system of the unvaccinated population – As you can see the lowest immune system performance is currently among 60-69-year-olds at minus-72.35%, but all triple vaccinated people aged 30 to 59 are not far begind, with an immune system performance ranging from minus-70.83% to minus-71.34%. Even the 18 to 29-year-olds are within this region at minus-66.84%, falling from an immune system performance of +11.35% between week 51 and week 2, meaning they have suffered the fastest decline in immune system performance.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged. People with acquired immune deficiency syndrome are at an increased risk for developing certain cancers and for infections that usually occur only in individuals with a weak immune system. If that immune system performance was to hit around the -95% mark then this would strongly suggest the triple vaccinated population have developed some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and unfortunately based on the current trend seen over the past 3 months, the youngest age groups do not have long to wait.

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The day his marriage is announced.

UK Supreme Court Slams Door On Assange Appeal (Gosztola)

Without any explanation, the British Supreme Court denied WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “permission to appeal” a decision by the British High Court. The Supreme Court maintained the appeal did not “raise an arguable point of law” and sent the case back to the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, the district court which initially blocked the United States government’s extradition request on January 4, 2021. By refusing to grant Assange a hearing, the U.S. government effectively won their appeal. Prosecutors convinced the British courts to disregard concerns that he may be subject to treatment in a U.S. jail or prison that would be oppressive to his mental health.

The Westminster Magistrates’ Court may now refer the extradition to the British Home Office for Home Secretary Priti Patel to review. According to Birnberg Peirce, the law firm representing Assange, they are entitled to make submissions to the Home Secretary for consideration before the extradition request is approved. If Patel approves the extradition, Assange’s defense may submit an appeal on the issues of freedom of the press that were not addressed before the High Court yet. That would likely prevent Assange from extradition. However, if the High Court and Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal because they did not believe it raised “arguable points of law,” he could potentially be transferred to the U.S. before the year is over.

[..] An application for appeal released by Assange’s legal team reflects the arguments they were blocked from presenting to the Supreme Court. “The manner in which assurances were permitted to be introduced in this case for the first time on appeal totally undermines the primacy of the extradition hearing and deprives the defendant of an opportunity to test them and their implications before the district judge,” attorneys argued. “It is generally regarded as unfair, wrong, and abusive for a party to elect—for a perceived or actual tactical advantage—to conduct litigation in one way and then, when met with an adverse judicial decision on that, to attempt to re-litigate or appeal on a new and different basis.”

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To manufacture each EV battery, you must process
25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium
30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt
5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, 25,000 pounds of ore for copper
Diging up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust
For just – one – battery.

A typical electric car battery has:
25 pounds of lithium
60 pounds of nickel
44 pounds of manganese
30 pounds cobalt
200 pounds of copper
400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic
The first 4 ingredients are from limited sources and will continue to rise in cost.



Lindsey Graham




Russell Brand Credit Suisse






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    Salvador Dali Memory of the child woman 1932   • China Has Already Decided To Send Economic Aid To Russia, US Fears (G.) • White House Threatens
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 15 2022]


    “Gregory Poland, MD, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, remains a steadfast vaccination advocate – Poland said he has been experiencing what he describes as life-altering tinnitus, or ringing in the ear.”

    Now he’s living with a “life altering side-effect”, yet still says get vaxxed.

    You just can’t fix stupid!


    Commentary is 4 days old. Current military strategy is teased out. Implies months, not weeks, will be required.

    [..] Overall, the open sources create a rather contradictory picture. On the one hand, according to the video and photo documentation, the Russian Army is suffering nonstop defeats and incurring huge losses, first and foremost, in terms of equipment. On the other hand, the losses and defeats are taking place deeper and deeper into Ukrainian territory, ever closer to possible key targets in this phase of the war.

    However, these two facts only appear to contradict one another. We must remember that these open sources provide only an incomplete picture, even with universal access to cellphones, cameras, and social networks. The warring sides also have fundamentally different political goals, tactics, and strategies. Therefore, the way they approach and present military matters is radically different.

    Veracious Poet

    Power attracts the worst sort, corrupts good men…

    Since the average sheepster & hamster knows nothing about “power”, they discard mature adults & vote for panderings liars. Every time.

    I’ve seen rich & powerful up close & personal, it literally made me sick to my stomach…

    Ask yourself this: Which of our leaders would rather “Reign in Hell” than “Serve in Heaven”?

    Asking for a friend…

    Dr. D

    Commentary was all over this, ahead of me:

    Two articles, Macleod and Luongo, both very complicated, very long, and I wouldn’t even try to reconstruct them here, even if I understand them myself.

    I’m describing this is a Rubicon, a Maginot line, they won’t let Putin come back from. They will not permit peace, only punishment. Therefore, as that NeoCon said, this is irreversible, the world must change forever. And unlike CNN’s telepathic musings, Putin also knows that.

    Since Putin cannot win and go home, NATO and the West must be halted and contained at this point, and permanently. The two articles point out that #1 This is a financial war. #2 Russia and China know this. #3 Sorry to say the bullets in Ukraine are therefore a harmless distraction to the real action.

    All the events we’ve seen in 20 years come into play now. China dumping Fannie Mae, changing their dollar accounts. China buying the LME and the direct gold vault under the NYC sidewalks at Morgan. Shanghai being setup as a second exchange, but choosing not to go active to steal bullion, even as it is real delivery and Chicago and London are entirely fake.

    We see it in the reserve balance set in China, Russia, India, Brazil, the BRICs, based in gold, as well as China’s stocking of goods and deceptive shutoff of exported goods. None of it mattered. None of it happened.

    Markets today are all over the place, signaling nothing. I seem to remember this initially in ‘08. Obviously Russian stocks have fallen, they were halted and stolen, but Chinese stocks are also crashing today. But crashing against what? Is their “fall” really the dollar rise? The Dollar “rose”, there is demand for US Bonds (expected) but rates also rise sharply? (the opposite?) With 7 rate hikes expected? How are all these in play? Is there still a safe haven or not? Not gold, apparently. So markets, prices, as all fictions, controlled, they are no help at the moment, most of the U.S. stocks ALREADY fell, crashed, indisputable Bear, All Russell 5000, only leaving the FAAAKE stocks, with Facebook, Tesla Pfizer, all crashing now, barely holding up a very rigged Index, where the instant something falls (Pfizer) it gets swapped off for something stronger in a Ptomkin simularcra. BTC neither up nor down but fairly low. So we don’t have the safe haven story, nor the move to Asia story, nor even a WW# story.

    What we have is “the old system is being retired and vanishing right now” story. That was supposed to be “BBB” but they were such mouth-breating, glue-sniffing, self-serving morons they had no buy in and no motion anywhere to save them. But it’s a big, big system. It has a lot of parts under a lot of pressure. Nickel demonstrated that “we have no markets.” A rich guy was on the losing end of a trade – yes, and therefore some other guys were winning – so they shut they exchange and did backsies for him. Publicly: they do not find this to be at all embarrassing or problematic. That Chinese billionaire then wants to CONTINUE to double-down on roulette. They do not have a problem with this. Why? The London LME was bought by China years ago. So Chinese cannot lose there anymore, I guess. And this is a market, where the traders will voluntarily go? What, to lose if they win? …No. That puts a dagger into LME even if it doesn’t die of it today. It shows London has no “confidence”, no rule of law. What took them so long…?

    Where would that go then, the setting of price for gold, Forex? Chicago was sacrificed on credibility to rig the markets back in ‘08. They refused delivery then, still hardly deliver today, and have been an openly-rigged paper side-bet for decades. Shanghai is the only deliver market on earth now.

    What about oil? Well Texas doesn’t have much. Brent is drying up and London is being discredited. Saudi refuses to talk to the U.S. and is hosting Xi instead, changed to Russian protection last year in that treaty, even if they’ll let us murder Yemeni kids for them. Who controls Africa? China. They have the upper hand there right now. Russia is the only producer, and they’ve been shut off. – By the West.– So where’s the market? Where’s the center, the control? Europe is dry now, Russian oil goes East. The oil market is now in…China.

    What about food? We know Chicago is discredited, sold off, not run by America. Food from Russia, one of the only exporters, shut off in Europe. Boycotted. Closed. –By the West.– Where is Wheat going and the wheat price being set? China.

    Ukraine? There is no Ukraine exports, which is what Europe depends on desperately, as they savage and abuse their servants like so many rich idiots. Ukraine food, gas is shut off for this year, and may not even plant next month. If Russia wins or loses, no Ukraine exports for now. Price is set in China, flows are set in China.

    So gold, oil, food, and manufacturing, are all set in China. So who controls the financial markets? Wouldn’t that be…China? Or a Russian force, Russian wealth, with the floor of the trading market in China?

    Blinken says if China helps Russia we’ll boycott and “respond” to them. Yes, let me try to stop laughing. Blinken is going to attack, invade, and conquer all of China now. Sure pal, you look like a 90-pound weakling, so shut up nerd.

    But this takes time, all the mooring lines in Saudi, Egypt, need to be cut and re-tied in Shanghai. There is newness and a lot of resistance. But as there is NO SUPPLY of food, oil, gold even, anywhere, — remember, the U.S. refuses to talk, to clear banking, refuses to deliver — the world will HAVE to find their own way there, voluntarily. Then it — prices of gold, oil, wheat, manufacturing — either rises because it’s been suppressed and controlled for 60 years, or because Russia and China profit by rigging it higher on purpose. But now Europe, London, become the outsiders, pimples on the nose of the markets, with no inside information and no more relevance than the Nigerian exchange.

    And that is the source of all the West’s power. Or mostly at this point anyway. So: no more NATO. They don’t have a nickel for their non-working, overpriced tanks and planes. That’s how Russia wins, or has to, and knows it. NATO, the wealth of the West, their leverage, ceases to be. England chucks BoJo the clown out because the British people need gas and bread far more than deceptive, losing, double-crossing Lords.

    So how will America fare? Well we have enormous mining, mothballed, unused. Massive agriculture, with low prices needing to 10x higher. We have amazing manufacturing, but all in garage-size, hobbled terribly with a deadly high dollar exchange rate. We can be independent shortly, as Trump oil showed, and especially in a recession. So although very difficult with a lot of hard work, we’ll be fine. We can be competitive. Germany, UK, not so much, or not for quite a while. They’re the ones who will be buying our $11 wheat right now, and for some time until they knock it off and come to heel for Russian reality. Remember “1/10 ounce of silver — a day’s wage — for a cup of wheat and you can’t afford the oil or wine?” How far are we?

    Looking for evidence of this change now. If this doesn’t happen, NATO will stand, and as they predict, they will make Ukraine the new Vietnam and eventually a larger European WWIII. Russia slowly buckles under and falls. If not, the Derp State will be disempowered and upturned, not winning, but giving merely an opportunity for us to act and our will to be heard and acted. But only the OPTION that must be enforced with our actions and WILL.

    The Ins and Outs of Whose Money is it Anyway?

    I think they’ve lost. They can eat or they can not eat. Their choice. They can pay fair prices for that food, those commodities, or they can get nothing and no one will care if they starve. Those who do WORK, and PRODUCE are in the driver’s seat. The BRICs, as predicted. I have no idea what took so long. Everyone just loves bullies, weakness, and lies just that much I guess.

    Anticlimactic, this is the #Winning. It has to take down the West.Or the “West” as we know them now: a Clown world of lying self-enrichment PMCs who lack the brains to save themselves. Or really: the West is very, very strong, so to take us down a few pegs to our real level, absent the ego and lies. There’s half the West already wants this too, the White Hats, the “trolls” from yesterday who won’t buckle under to prodaganda, to “Do what they’re told,” which is to “You’ll Get Nothing and Like It.” The only ones who lose are this slice of Bezos Oligarchs that no one likes, nor their ways, and we’ll all cheer to remove them for you, and take a fair playing field.

    “Humans are not meant to be ecological stewards (their short lifespans prevent them to perform the adequate assessment of the consequences of their acts)” I can’t agree as all human societies worldwide DID do this, for about 50,000 years. Only a few weird ones lately have NOT done this. We’re talking about societies up to 1900, and not just here in the U.S., but Scotland, Norway, Africa, Asia, the edges and margins, worldwide until Babylon got into all these places too. You live in a very anomalous time and it’s warping your perception of being “Human”. Most humans probably would do this even now if the tax-man weren’t riding them, and Bezos’ monopolies bankrupting and sending the sheriff and Foster Care down to your house to steal your kids to the new Indian School, or else. Not only is that hated, not only do people not want to participate and obey, it takes a ton of energy and centralization to keep it. We will shortly have neither.

    Already whatever D.C. says is ignored. In drug, gun laws, etc. And what’s more, that’s not “balkanization” it’s how the U.S. was always designed to be.

    “No-Fly”, Tim Pool asks the simple question: “How are we NOT at war with Russia?” That is, if we’re shutting them off and embargoing them, providing direct weapons to their “enemy”, full communications, satellite intel and coordination, training; telling China and their allies they can’t participate, aren’t allowed to bank, can’t buy chips…isn’t that all part of a war? And wouldn’t Biden be impeached for such actions UNLESS there is such a declaration and admission of war?

    Blinken’s statement is funny though; I can’t stop thinking about it. AMERICA is going to shut off CHINA? O Rly? Because “We’ll pull our patents”??? WTF??? Yeah, first let’s pretend China ever followed our patents, but second, how do you plan to enforce anything? …Adding ominously, that Taiwan is the source of chips, so China can just take it. But that is very serious indeed.

    We’re going to shut off China.” Okay then! You go with that! Stop smokin’ the Crack! What I see instead is the whole planet boycotts our patent and IP rights, and does whatever they want while we can’t do much about it. And not just Russia and China. You think Africa wouldn’t like to stop paying us too?

    PMCs: “Well I wrote down this rule on a spreadsheet…” Uh-huh. And I’ve got your wife in the trunk of my car. Can these guys even spell the word “Power” anymore?

    “Putin Acting with Pure Terror” Yes, the terror of the Western PMCs. They might have to move from a yacht to a bass boat. The horror, the horror.

    A law was passed that would impose 15-year prison sentences for anyone spreading “fake news” about the Ukraine invasion;”

    Sounds like us.

    “France Lifts Covid-19 Rules on Unvaccinated, Mask Wearing (AP)”

    Don’t worry: as soon as the elections are over a new “Oppression Variant” will be found. Since there’s no Covid, the Yellow Vests can protest now, right? You as a free, non-Russia-like country will stop shooting French women in the eyes?

    “Cashless Society” That’s why it can never happen. They themselves must have cash for bribes, drugs, mistresses, crimes, and so on. But the point is the same. We want MORE privacy, more commerce, more freedoms, not less. If they even THOUGHT of trying this, we’d all sell gold dust in the streets and hold our garage sales with 1-gal cans of gasoline. You morons. Buy Bitcoin. it is coming as this solution. However, I suspect they may throw everything they’ve got at it first.


    VP – All our leaders would rather rein than serve. Clown World

    Thanks to all comments yesterday around my attempts to introduce doubts into the savage minds of comfortably numb.

    Pins and bolts out! I have an arm without an exo-skeleton!

    Dr. D

    “The bonds won’t go down. They won’t move. It’s possible we’re now in a completely fraudulent system.” –Michael Burry

    “How can the value of an insurance contract not be affected by the demise of the very thing it insures?” – Michael Burry (Who was banned by the SEC from commenting on markets, ever again when it embarrassed them, in 2021)

    “This level of criminality is unprecedented, even on Wall Street.” –The Big Short

    Aaaannd that’s what we have in no gold rise, no BTC rise, no other rise. “The Big Short” was set up 20 years ago. Is there anyone that doesn’t think the system is wildly, pervasively more corrupt now?

    Okay, so do you understand that a single fair market price appearing anywhere on earth, even as far away as Shanghai, will crash it? That sounds easy, inevitable even. Not hard. But as “The Big Short” all the insider hacks need to fake prices and position themselves first. Only then, they MIGHT admit reality with prices.

    Clueless Honky

    The Counter Punch article on Ukraine was horribly disappointing.
    Here’s my deep dive on the unfolding tragedy:

    Clueless Honky

    The Counter Punch article on Ukraine was horribly disappointing.
    Here’s my deep dive on the unfolding tragedy:

    Doc Robinson

    Some details about the Assange case, from Craig Murray:

    “In saying there is no arguable point of law, the Supreme Court is accepting that diplomatic assurances are not tested and are to be taken at face value – which has been a major point of controversy in recent jurisprudence. It is now settled that we will send someone back to Saudi Arabia if the Saudis give us a piece of paper promising not to chop their head off.

    It interested me in particular that the Supreme Court refused to hear Julian’s appeal on the basis there was “no arguable point of law”. When the Supreme Court refused to hear my own appeal against imprisonment, they rather stated their alternative formulation, there was “no arguable point of law of general public interest”. Meaning there was an arguable point of law, but it was merely an individual injustice, that did not matter to anybody except Craig Murray.

    My own view is that, with the Tory government very open about their desire to clip the wings of judges and reduce the reach of the Supreme Court in particular, the Court is simply avoiding hot potatoes at present.

    So the extradition now goes to Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, to decide whether to extradite. The defence has four weeks to make representations to Patel, which she must hear. There are those on the libertarian right of the Tory party who oppose the extradition on freedom of speech grounds, but Patel has not a libertarian thought in her head and appears to revel in deportation, so personally I hold out no particular hope for this stage.

    Assuming Patel does authorise extradition, the matter returns to the original magistrate’s court and to Judge Baraitser for execution. That is where this process takes a remarkable twist.

    The appeals process that has just concluded was the appeal initiated by the United States government, against Baraitser’s original ruling that the combination of Julian’s health and the conditions he would face in US jails, meant that he could not be extradited. The United States government succeeded in this appeal at the High Court. Julian then tried to appeal against that High Court verdict to the Supreme Court, and was refused permission.

    But Julian himself has not yet appealed to the High Court, and he can do so, once the matter has been sent back to Baraitser by Patel. His appeal will be against those grounds on which Baraitser initially found in favour of the United States. These are principally:
    the misuse of the extradition treaty which specifically prohibits political extradition;
    the breach of the UNCHR Article 10 right of freedom of speech;
    the misuse of the US Espionage Act
    the use of tainted, paid evidence from a convicted fraudster who has since publicly admitted his evidence was false
    the lack of foundation to the hacking charge

    None of these points have yet been considered by the High Court.”

    Assange Extradition: On To The Next Hurdle

    Dr D Rich

    Come on D.
    What happened to magical “free markets” and its afterbirth “price discovery”?
    No one ever tipped the scales of justice or economics with their bare hands nor were these reprobates ever called Market Makers.

    And while they’re resurrecting AIDS then reread my personal post/anecdote about Fauci/Gallo on AIDS circa 1985. It’s hard to imagine a more pivotal moment in history and none more emblematic of this moment in Time.


    This one’s for you Deflationista …. I don’t think billions of people took Vioxx though!


    Keep on truckin’ Oxy. I like your Pink Floyd reference. It fits to T.

    Mister Roboto


    You just can’t fix stupid!
    Armchair general answer for peace

    1. A credible war deterrence would be a modernized military, smart bombs, smart missiles, electronic warfare, like jamming enemy air defense systems, would be the answer to Putin’s aggression since he is using WWII museum dumb bombs and dumb artillery bombardment.
    The real war is financial or if you prefer, virtual, imports, exports, boycotts, embargoing,
    The real war is food insecurity, (going hungry), (starvation)
    The haves vs the have nots


    Oh, the Humanity!

    Zelensky Thanks Zuckerberg For Helping Him Win The Propaganda War

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Facebook for its role in helping him win the propaganda war after the platform announced it would permit calls for violence against Russians..×642.jpeg

    “Risk” Is On: Food, Energy, Goods And Finance Are All Being Used As A Weapon
    US intelligence has told allies that Russia asked China for surface-to-air missiles, drones, armoured vehicles, logistics vehicles, and intelligence-related equipment – and that China responded positively.

    those darned kids

    file under “whoa”:

    <href=””>Florida “Vaccine Hesitancy” REDUCED Infant Mortality in 2021

    Does Childhood Vaccination Cause Half of Infant Deaths?

    those darned kids

    Voltaire Net (usually reliable but I couldn’t confirm) posts that Gerhard Schroeder has been charged with crimes against humanity.

    Schroeder (Chancellor before Merkel) opposed the invasion of Iraq, as did Jaques Chirac (deceased.)

    The only time there was clapping at the UN (past 30 years..) is when de Villepin (F Foreign Min.) made his speech agaisnt invading Iraq.

    (It is not allowed to clap at such meets / talks, it ain’t vaudeville, and expressing approval or its opposite is done by votes, or special letters, written dissenting opinions, etc.)

    Looking it up I see Arte has excerpts of that speech, and what took place at the UN (eng subs), 10 mins. Georgie Boy-Bush was there at the UN and spoke for the invasion (Why was that allowed?) It shows the clapping which was not extravagant. Plus Powell with his little white powder vial. Heh.

    One of the aims of the US since a long time is to have Russia kicked off the UN security council. wnich is composed of the 5 permanent member ‘nations’ who won WWII – France (heh!?), Great Britain, USA (not so much..) Russia, China. The other members ‘rotate’ and have no power.

    The UN is despised by the US (Trump for ex. who withheld contributions for a while or whatever) or is infiltrated, attacked, subverted, etc. to make it a USA Bitch. Russia to be “cancelled” from Intl. Orgs. is a no.1 aim.

    see ex. MSM article: Russia can’t, shouldn’t be kicked off the UN Security Council, by J. R. Stocker. March 2022.

    The above illustrates how the US and its vassals have concentrated on, exploited, personalia, demonising leaders, as ppl (evil dictators, terrorists, etc.) to destroy and subjugate other countries. This is now reaching some kind of apotheosis, as ‘friends of Putin’ (Abramovitch for ex. ) are sanctioned, demonised, vilified, etc., to what end? It is a pathetic strategy (me good you bad – we can control the msm) and actually shows weakness, as it ignores, blankets out, obfuscates, what is happening on the ground.

    links in next post.


    The no. 2 on the US political power ladder, appears to suffer some of the same symptoms as no.1. Should we be worried?


    G’day oxymoron,

    Great to have the metalwork out. I do hope you heal up completely. You are needed.

    Read your party saga yesterday. Oh man, what a revelation! And yet what you describe easily fits the mentality and morality of TPTB in our benighted, once-lucky country. Good and recent illustration: the Environment Minister just won a court case saying that she does NOT have a duty of care for futue generations in making environmental decisions.

    So it’s quite clear then: environmentalism gets in the way of jobs & growth. The biosphere is totally resilient. Demand creates supply ad infinitum. Tomorrow is another day.

    “Humans are not meant to be ecological stewards (their short lifespans prevent them to perform the adequate assessment of the consequences of their acts).” I don’t agree either. In Australia the aborigines had been competently managing the entire continent as one huge estate for tens of thousands of years — until the Europeans barged in and wrecked so much of it. It can be done, but it takes learning, education and patience. Europeans are good at learning, not so good at education, and are totally impatient. They want it all NOW.


    The Empires of Lies is such a sewer of treachery and deceit and manipulation that it hasn’t had ‘Markets’ in decades.

    There has not been anything resembling price discovery for the same period.

    Without honest price discovery, you are ‘buying a pig in the polk’.

    “A pig in a poke is a thing that is bought without first being inspected, and thus of unknown authenticity or quality. The idiom is attested in 1555…”

    The 2008 banking collapse was papered over with ponzis and printing fiat TP.

    Max Keiser said the Empire of Lies ‘markets’ (cough gag cough) were like a corpse pumped up with the formaldehyde of faux fiat since 2008. Not even the walking dead, they’ve just been propped up and abandoned on a park bench kinda dead.

    So the great global “Rug Pull ®” seems to have happened via China and Russia.

    No turning back!

    Does not look like a conventional global reserve currency situation anymore. More like an ad hoc one, an emergent property birthing itself into existence.

    Traders actually looking for Real Markets ®, not the Empire of Lies and the Shitty of London kind, will flock to China for some old fashion price discovery!

    Imagine the horror on Wall St., the Empire of Lies economic Whorehouse in NYC.

    Wall St’s demise will grease the skids for NYC to approach third world status in a New York Minute.

    If Wall St even attempts price discovery, the whole stinking rancid facade will burn to the ground, faster than if you raised interest rates to 20% like Paul Volcker did to crush inflation.

    Wall St, in it’s current state, is built on anti price discovery, true to the sacred principles of ‘Oppositeland’

    I think the Chinese booted Bitcoin miners out because they want their own form of a commodity & gold backed digital global trading currency, so does Russia and most of East Asia.

    They are just that much closer to closing that deal now.

    As a note, Max Keiser took grief for years about promoting Bitcoin. Well, Max bought ten of thousand of bitcoins at a $1 each, so who’s laughing now?



    I think this is a very important thread


    In Australia the aborigines had been competently managing the entire continent as one huge estate for tens of thousands of years — until the Europeans barged in and wrecked so much of it. It can be done, but it takes learning, education and patience.

    The difference is a surplus of energy. In this case wood, and later coal, oil, etc. Any organism that gets such a surplus will consume it as fast as they can. To restore a natural equilibrium. It’s “programmed” into our brains.

    Same brains, same people, different circumstances.


    “the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”

    Well, I don’t know about England, but the Empire of Lies will be spinning the mounting epidemic of AIDs cases as:

    First, Putin’s fault

    Second, as the unvaxed fault

    Third, as a ‘racist plot’

    And finally, if you were gender neutral you would not get it.

    The first third of the US populous, the full blown Sheeple third, will bahbahbah in agreement cause CNN told them it was Putin.

    Another third of the US populous are forever ‘undecided’ about everything and don’t have a thought in their brain pan and will keep texting on their ‘smart phone’ in all emoji cons. No words, just virtue symbols.

    The last third of the US populous which don’t buy a syllable of what the MSM Maggots spew will try and refrain from ‘I told you so’ to the vaxed in general and the triple vaxed in particular.

    So what happens to the myriad of four-ple vaxed in Israel?

    Begs the question of whether the Israeli goberment gave the Israeli arms forces saline vaxs while giving the Israeli populous the Real Deal Clotshot, four times.

    Hard to defend a country if most of your soldiers have AIDS.


    Whoa. As found on the Sakers blog, ANOTHER seismic economic event ( in addition to Robo’s noted undermining of the petrodollar ) ….

    Sitrep : Sanctions and quite major economic news

    Less than 3 months into 2022 and some BIGLY world altering events unfolding.


    You just can’t fix stupid!
    When payments comes due – default


    @ilargi We should be distraught. (See Nancy Pelosi above)

    Has anyone noticed the weird hand jesters used by the “VP” and “The Speaker of the House”? Could this be drug-induced?


    Those are the hands closest to the red button.


    Absolutely terrific interview :

    “Former senior advisor the Secretary of Defense Col. Doug Macgregor joins Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate for a candid, live discussion of the Russia-Ukraine war”


    Look’s like she’d miss it if she tried to push it. I wouldn’t play darts with her, that’s for sure.

    Veracious Poet

    Those are the hands closest to the red button.

    Quite shocking, when you think about it, don’t cha’ think?

    A nation of toxic child EGO has chosen the most illogical, dissembling, dangerous sociopaths to control the most powerful nation in history…

    It’s almost like the We the Sheeple wanted pathocracy, fawning at the feet of the lying, murdering psychopaths whenever possible ~ Real Children of the Infinite, enlightened in the Now, have been rejected by a WIDE margin by “Americans” for generations now (too boring, too honest, too safe).

    Now we have geopolitical war games that no doubt had their origins in the Dumya/Cheney & Obomba/Xiden admins, at the behest of the “owners” & their think tanks/lobbyists, probably as far back as 9/11, with clear & present indications of DANGER emerging after the “Reagan” years…

    The mass psychosis formation by the parties of Plunder (R) + Chaos (D), along with all attendant mercs, whores, quislings (eg legacy media, think tank, K street law givers) has made it abundantly clear that they are drunk with power, no different than bullies on the playground & 13 yo mean girls.

    Russia & China know this, along with any partially sane non-western power, setting up the next 20 years for incredible death & suffering, not that TPTB/TBTF give a $hit, the only hope “America” has left is to rebel against U$ Empire Inc. & move towards eliminating “emergency powers” (the opiate of the “owners”), restoring the Rule of Natural Law on an increasing basis ~ Rand Paul KNOWS all of this, but he is deep behind enemy lines…

    The first step would be a COMPLETE reformation of the electoral system, currently captured by the “owners” + mass psychosis criminals, but I’m afraid it may be too late.

    Every talking point that spewed out of that disgusting psycho-witch Pelosi’s mouth, assigning war crimes against Putin, was projection of what the Plunder (R) + Chaos (D) Party is planning on fomenting in Ukraine, but the consequences thereof + potential geopolitical fallout (already in motion) has even her NPD state-of-being scared $hitless…

    Now to see if FINALLY the “Americans” notice the pathocracy has no clothes.

    I’m not holding my breath,



    Col. Doug Macgregor is a voice of reason, sees the path to peace.

    Dr. D

    Without property rights, there is no Capitalism. Property Rights require a social juris and method, a government, of whatever sort. This is spontaneous in humans and would appear with the 3rd man on Crusoes’ island. So here we have the oldest possible crime: fraud, and no juris that will punish it. To the contrary: they defend it. If you go up to Lehman and toss someone out a window, or even rough them up, YOU will go to jail. If they twist Libor and make several trillion in fraud, they get a promotion, probably a ministership. Sooo, where we at here?

    It’s not Capitalism. It’s not a market. The government violently enforces the fraud, against you, which is open theft and extortion. So when you say, “Capitalism, Invisible Hand of the market” what are we saying? Or rather, what is the pre-requisites for it, or human life it seems? (Bonus, this is why and where it “reappeared” after being missing for 1,000 years.)

    “The difference is a surplus of energy. In this case wood…”

    This literally can’t be true. The coal was there, and in Ohio, falling out of the banks into the rivers. There was wood everywhere without end and without measure. Nor was this a mystery: the natives of every continent burned wood every minute of every day for every purpose. Yet they were “in balance” with the wood and the land. The energy was no temptation to them because, what are you going to do with it? Kill everything? Burn down the world like a moron? The Europeans since 0AD generally have said “YES.” Some other cultures too. But worldwide, Oz, NZ, Africa, South America, Asia, Mongolia, so many, many places, had all the same wood and energy, were all the same humans, and said, “NO.” So it’s not inevitable. There IS free will, despite what Cambridge and The Atlantic say. And millions upon millions DID choose it, for generations without name. You can choose it too, or at least push in that direction. Don’t give into fatalism, sciencism, a clockwork world where we don’t matter. It was never like this before and never needs to be like this again. All we same humans need do is choose like we did before.

    The wood, the energy, the gold or copper or tin, had nothing to do with it.


    Mercenaries are the same as spies in a war, they are executed on the spot, just like a real spy or a soldier masquerading in the other camps uniform.

    The fanboyz and sympathizers who want to sign up to kill Russians with the Ukronazis are mercenaries.

    Mercenaries in turn are Manwhores.

    They are men who like to kill for money and pleasure.

    Women whores sell their bodies and their skills for money too but usually don’t kill people for fun like Manwhores.

    Here’s a Canadian Manwhore.

    He thought he was the cat’s pajamas.

    Not anymore


    D Benton Smith

    It’s easy tp appreciate why everyone wants to own Ukraine. It’s got all of the gas, coal, iron and wheat that Europe needs just to keep on staying alive. But why the super ultra hyper hair-on-fire URGENCY to stop those Russians before Heaven Falls ?

    That’s an easy one, too.

    Ukraine is “collateral” for JILLIONS worth of deals in a myriad of shady money schemes (a few of which are almost-legit but many of which are not even close to being semi-legit.) If Russia takes possession of those tangible goods and real estate then that imaginary collateral is no more, and the finance system of Earth pancakes down into a reeking pile of smoldering funny money rubble faster than you can say “Dollar Bye Bye !”


    What Russia did by going/attacking Ukraine.
    Black Swan – Our social/economic/political/financial system have change/are going on a new unexpected trajectory


    D Benton

    Very nice point you bring up that is hardly spoken of.

    It’s not just the drug dealing, human trafficking, run of the mill low brow mafia rackets, it’s also, as Gerald Celente calls them “The White Shoe Boys” who act as Wall Street’s ivy league mafia who use the Ukraine as a high stakes poker game.

    Ukraine’s oligarch-mafia (hint: there’s no difference) has probably rehypothecated the actual farmland in the Ukraine many times over. (probably everything not fastened down with a 16p nail gun has been rehypothecated)

    Imagine thinking you ‘own’ half a million acres of rich Ukraine farmland only to discover that a dozen other people/investors think they also own that very same farmland and have borrowed gazillions against that ‘ownership’ as collateral for yet another shady deal.

    The mind reels at the Gordian Knot of interlocking incestuous bezzle in the Ukraine, land of sunflowers and radiance and joyous Christian values.

    bezzle – transitive verb (bez·​zle ˈbe-zəl)

    Definition of bezzle dialectal, chiefly British:

    waste, plunder

    The Ukraine, after all, was founded by Vikings in the 9th century who looted and raped and plundered the local Slav population. Some things never change.



    US officials fear

    I doubt any US official fears anything regarding Russia. Their children are not in Ukraine, would certainly not be asked to fight, so there is nothing to fear. Fear is being used here in place of the real meaning, which is one of: lie; imagine; dreamt; plucked out their group a**; hope is happening; will use as an excuse to escalate; will use to increase their budget. So many possibilities for what this means, but “fear” is not one of them.

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