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John William Godward Dolce Far Niente (It’s Sweet Doing Nothing) 1909


Russian MP Suggests Swapping WSJ Reporter For Assange (RT)
Time Is Ripe For NATO To Retire – Zakharova (TASS)
‘The Sooner The Better’ – Ron Paul on Disbanding NATO (Dick)
Macron Failed To Change Xi’s Mind – Politico (RT)
Macron In China: Lecturing Xi Or Promoting French Business Deals? (Doctorow)
Blinken Can’t Reschedule His Trip to China After Canceling (Antiwar)
US, NATO Must Bear Responsibility For Crisis In Ukraine – China (TASS)
CIA Head Says US ‘Blindsided’ By Saudi-Iran Deal – WSJ (RT)
US Opposes NATO ‘Roadmap’ For Ukraine – FT (RT)
‘Secret’ NATO War Plan Leak Triggers Pentagon Probe – NYT (RT)
US, NATO Plans On Preparing Ukrainian Offensive Leak On Social Media (Az.)
EU Plan For Ukraine Ammunition Stuck On Details – Politico (RT)
‘Everything Russian’ Must Be Eradicated In Crimea – Zelensky Aide (RT)
Finnish Government Led By Sanna Marin Submits Resignation (TASS)
Bragg’s Case Against Trump: An Ed Wood Movie Come To Life (Turley)
The Shambolic Criminal Case Against Donald Trump (NC)
US Commercial Real-Estate Prices Could Tumble 40% (Az.)



Planet Ponzi: #SummitForDemocracy. One of the Four Has No Mandate & Was Not Elected. The 2nd Is About To Be Sacked (He Will Resign), 3rd’s Country Is On Fire & Popularity is below 15%, & The Last Has Stage 4 Dementia.



Nap w Larry Johnson

Long version:



Food mRNA



mRNA & Cows. Iowa State in the middle of a 5-year project for novel mRNA, funded by NIFA with certain goals: •Lower cost for wider use •More thermal-stable, for easy use on farms •mRNA delivered continuously by vaccine implant Repeat, DELIVERED CONTINUOUSLY BY VACCINE IMPLANT



Pepe Escobar: If you think this is not bad enough, the second phase of Paris strikes will start NEXT WEEK. Paris will be literally turned into a giant trash bin. Until the BlackRock pension “reform” is thrown out.











A journalist for a journalist.

Russian MP Suggests Swapping WSJ Reporter For Assange (RT)

If Moscow decides on a prisoner swap involving Evan Gershkovich, it should ask for Julian Assange’s release from a British dungeon, Russian State Duma Deputy Sergey Obuhkov said on Friday. Obuhkov, a Russian Communist Party MP, told reporters that some members of the Duma have already proposed offering political asylum to former US President Donald Trump and trading him for Gershkovich.“I say, let’s exchange him for Assange instead,” Obukhov told RIA Novosti. Russian authorities detained Gershkovich in Ekaterinburg on March 30, saying they caught him “red-handed” in an act of espionage. A Lefortovo court has ordered the Moscow bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal to remain in custody for two months. He is appealing the decision and will face the judges again on April 18.

Earlier this week, the district attorney in New York had the 45th US president arrested on charges of improper business bookkeeping, supposedly related to “hush money” paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels, which they allege somehow improperly influenced the 2016 presidential election. Trump has denounced the charges as a politically motivated “witch hunt.” Assange has been held in Belmarsh prison in south London since April 2019, after Ecuador canceled his asylum under pressure from the US. He had spent almost seven years in the embassy of the Latin American country, seeking refuge from trumped-up Swedish charges he called a front for US persecution.

After his arrest, Washington unsealed a years-old indictment charging the WikiLeaks publisher under the Espionage Act. He is wanted for the 2010 publication of the notorious ‘Collateral Murder’ video showing the US military killing civilians, as well as other US classified documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If extradited and convicted, Assange faces up to 175 years behind bars. Russia and the US last swapped prisoners in December, with Moscow releasing convicted drug smuggler and basketball star Brittney Griner in exchange for businessman Viktor Bout. Washington has faced criticism for not requesting the release of Paul Whelan, a retired US Marine serving a sentence in Russia for espionage.

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“..one can state with certainty that security and NATO are incompatible..”

Time Is Ripe For NATO To Retire – Zakharova (TASS)

NATO is trying to make the world a more dangerous place and in doing so it is resisting the emergence of alternative centers of power and increasingly asserting its global role and the ambition to spread its influence beyond the Euro-Atlantic area, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, adding that “time is ripe for the alliance to retire.” In this way Zakharova commented on the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers held the day before to mark the alliance’s 74th anniversary. “We hear the alliance’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speculate ever more often about a global role of the alliance. Everything is being done to make the world even more dangerous, to prevent the existence of alternative centers of power capable of undermining the hegemony of the West.

“In general, one can state with certainty that security and NATO are incompatible. In this regard, there is only one conclusion that readily offers itself – at 74 years of age it is time for the North Atlantic bloc to retire,” Zakharova said in a commentary the Foreign Ministry released on Thursday. She believes that NATO is trying to “usurp the entire system of European security through Finland’s accession.” “Finland has become another victim of the North Atlantic Alliance. The Finnish government decided to give up its longstanding neutrality in exchange for turning the country into a frontline zone, a bridgehead for deterring Russia in the Northwest. As we can see, NATO does not intend to stop there,” she added.

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“Does no one worry that this continued provocation of Russia might have negative effects in the future? Is it necessary?”

‘The Sooner The Better’ – Ron Paul on Disbanding NATO (Dick)

On March 30, 2004 — just over 19 years ago, then-Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) concluded a United Sates House of Representatives statement with a strong admonition regarding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and US involvement in it. Paul stated: “In conclusion, we should not be wasting US tax money and taking on more military obligations expanding NATO. The alliance is a relic of the Cold War, a hold-over from another time, an anachronism. It should be disbanded, the sooner the better.” Paul’s statement was made in opposition to a resolution (H.Res. 558) being considered on the House floor that day that welcomed “with enthusiasm” the addition of seven new members to NATO and encouraged consideration of adding more nations to NATO. The addition of these new nations all near the Russian border — Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia — made 2004 a big year in NATO expansion.

Regarding the addition of the seven new members to NATO in 2004, Paul made this particular warning: “The expansion of NATO to these seven countries, we have heard, will open them up to the further expansion of US military bases, right up to the border of the former Soviet Union. Does no one worry that this continued provocation of Russia might have negative effects in the future? Is it necessary?” This comment is prescient considering that such expansion of NATO and US military bases is a contributor to Russia’s decision last year to send its military into Ukraine, a development to which the US and several NATO nations have responded with a fervor of warlike declarations and actions.

The addition of more nations near Russia to NATO continued since 2004. Albania and Croatia were added in 2009, Montenegro was added in 2017, and North Macedonia in 2020. With the addition of Finland this week, 12 nations since 2004 have joined NATO — the same number of nations as founded NATO in 1949. NATO membership now comes in at 31 nations. And there is momentum to add more, including Sweden potentially quite soon.

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“According to Politico, Xi “looked impatient and annoyed” as Macron spoke, and “heaved several deep sighs” when Ukraine came up..”

Macron Failed To Change Xi’s Mind – Politico (RT)

Chinese President Xi Jinping was unmoved by the rhetoric of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on the conflict in Ukraine, Politico reported on Thursday. Paris has tried both appeals and threats in order to pressure Beijing into denouncing Moscow, apparently to little effect. “I know I can count on you to bring Russia to its senses and everyone to the negotiating table,” Macron told Xi. Earlier, he told French reporters that “anyone helping the aggressor would be an accomplice in breach of international law.” Xi responded by saying China was “willing to jointly appeal with France to the international community to remain rational and calm,” and repeated Beijing’s position on the conflict. “Peace talks should be resumed as soon as possible, taking into account the reasonable security concerns of all sides with reference to the UN Charter… seeking political resolution and constructing a balanced, effective and sustainable European security framework,” he told reporters at the Great Hall of the People.

Macron broke protocol by speaking almost twice as long as Xi, and veered into demands that China condemn “the war waged by Russia against Ukraine.” According to Politico, Xi “looked impatient and annoyed” as Macron spoke, and “heaved several deep sighs” when Ukraine came up. The French president announced a trip to China just after Xi spent three days in Moscow, signing a series of agreements with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At one point, the smiling Chinese leader was overheard telling Putin that their two countries were driving change the world hadn’t seen in over a century. Meanwhile, problems piled up at home for Macron. A sanitation workers’ strike left Paris buried in uncollected garbage, while mass protests against retirement reform – which Macron imposed by decree, bypassing the parliament – continued across France. New polls showed his rival Marine Le Pen becoming more popular.

Macron is scheduled to travel with Xi to Guangzhou on Friday for more talks and a private dinner. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, whom Macron brought along to “showcase European unity,” met with Xi on Thursday but was not included in many of the bilateral meetings. Appearing at a press conference by herself on Thursday evening, Von der Leyen repeated the Brussels talking points without much regard for her hosts. She brought up Taiwan, saying that any threat of force to change its status was “unacceptable.” The EU official also argued that providing weapons to Russia would “significantly harm the relationship between the EU and China,” and that Brussels expects Beijing to “play its role and promote a just peace, one that respects Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.”


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Strictly business. Macron brought with him 50 CEOs of France’s leading corporations..

Macron In China: Lecturing Xi Or Promoting French Business Deals? (Doctorow)

If you picked up yesterday’s leading French newspapers Le Monde or Figaro, you might be excused for thinking that the sole purpose of President Emmanuel Macron’s three day visit to Beijing in the company of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is to lecture the Chinese leadership on its obligations as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to denounce the Russian military operation in Ukraine and to end all support for the Kremlin. There was no hint that Macron brought with him 50 CEOs of France’s leading corporations who were looking forward to signing business contracts that were prepared ahead of the visit. Last night’s digest of news sent to subscribers by The Financial Times summed this up nicely: “French president Emmanuel Macron has gone to Beijing in the latest attempt by a European leader to urge China’s Xi Jinping to withdraw support for Russian president Vladimir Putin.”

Of course, this interpretation of the meaning of the trip comes from those who fail to comprehend the stature of today’s Chinese leadership and its ability to enforce the millennial traditions of the country when dealing with the barbarians beyond its borders. China would never have agreed to receive Macron or von der Leyen if it perceived that their purpose was to deliver demeaning lectures about what Beijing should or should not do with respect to Russia. No, Xi, like Macron, had expectations of major new contracts with Airbus, to spite America’s Boeing, and with other French concerns which are desperate not to lose their privileged access to the Chinese market and to Chinese manufacturing capacities.

In my interview with Press TV of Iran’s evening program of news analysis yesterday, I was given the opportunity to explain why the trip has been misrepresented to Western audiences, and how any business deals that result from it will not be featured in our newspapers or state television channels, as would normally be the case in good times. At the conclusion of my time on air, I brought up another major event of the past month which also was blacked out by our broadcasters, namely the destruction of an underground bunker near the Western Ukraine city of Liviv by a Russian hypersonic missile Kinzhal, which cost the lives of more than 200 NATO generals and other high military officers, including about 20 Americans. That event, which first was announced very discreetly on Russian news tickers immediately following its execution, was again quietly and briefly mentioned on the Yandex ticker yesterday with respect to the “shipment in crates” of the recovered remains of those officers killed to their home countries in the West.

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They don’t pick up the phone.

Blinken Can’t Reschedule His Trip to China After Canceling (Antiwar)

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is looking to reschedule his trip to China that he canceled over the Chinese balloon that wound up floating over the US, but Beijing is rebuffing the effort, POLITICO reported Wednesday. The POLITICO report said China has effectively frozen high-level contacts with US officials. An unnamed US official said that the Biden administration is also trying to schedule a call between President Biden and President Xi Jinping and send other high-level officials to China but isn’t having any luck. Before the balloon incident, the US and China were making a point to engage at a high level despite soaring tensions. But since Blinken canceled his trip, and the US shot down the balloon, which ended up over US territory due to unexpected weather, the progress on engagement with Beijing has been reversed.

After the US shot down the balloon in February, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin tried to contact his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, who has since been replaced. But China declined to take Austin’s call, and he hasn’t had any luck since then.Wei was replaced by Li Shangfu, a Chinese general who is under US sanctions for being involved in China’s purchase of Russian weapons. The sanctions make US-China military communication even more difficult, and the Biden administration has not signaled it will lift them. Tensions between the US and China soared even higher on Wednesday as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hosted Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in California. China repeatedly warned McCarthy and Tsai not to hold the meeting and is expected to respond with more military drills around Taiwan.

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” The North Atlantic Alliance does not have the necessary status to reproach China or put pressure on it..”

US, NATO Must Bear Responsibility For Crisis In Ukraine – China (TASS)

The US and military alliances such as NATO should bear responsibility for the crisis in Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a news conference on Thursday in the wake of statements by the alliance’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg about the consequences for China in case of arms supplies to Russia. “As far as the responsibility for the Ukrainian problem is concerned, I believe it should be borne by the United States and military blocs like NATO. The North Atlantic Alliance does not have the necessary status to reproach China or put pressure on it,” she pointed out. Mao stressed that China was in favor of facilitating peace talks from the outset.

“History will eventually pronounce its verdict who really took a fair and correct position,” Mao Ning said. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference following a meeting of the alliance’s foreign ministers in Brussels on April 5 that serious consequences were in store for China, if it supplied weapons to Russia. He also said that China was working more and more closely with Russia. Stoltenberg mentioned the alliance’s close attention to joint sea and air patrolling and exercises in South Africa. He argued that all this required NATO should intensify partnership with Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.

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Coming together fast, now that the US is gone.

CIA Head Says US ‘Blindsided’ By Saudi-Iran Deal – WSJ (RT)

CIA Director William Burns told Saudi officials that the United States was caught off guard after the kingdom agreed to a normalization deal with Iran brokered by China, according to the Wall Street Journal. During an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia this week, Burns “expressed frustration” with Riyadh and said Washington “felt blindsided” by its renewed diplomacy with both Iran and Syria, multiple unnamed sources told the Journal on Thursday. The foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia held talks in the Chinese capital on Thursday, where they discussed a number of issues related to the new initiative, including reopening embassies in both countries, designating ambassadors, and even a visit to Riyadh by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

After years of strife as regional adversaries, Tehran and Riyadh struck the normalization pact on March 10 following secret talks mediated by Beijing, agreeing to resume formal diplomatic relations after they cut ties in 2016. The deal marked a major diplomatic achievement for China and a significant shakeup for the geopolitics of the Middle East. Since the agreement was announced, top diplomats from Saudi Arabia and Iran have spoken on the phone at least three times, and hope to reach compromises on several outstanding issues – namely the war in Yemen, which has raged on for more than eight years and left hundreds of thousands dead. Tehran is also working to reestablish contacts with the United Arab Emirates, another Gulf monarchy long at odds with the Islamic Republic.

Earlier this week, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri said his country had appointed an ambassador to Abu Dhabi for the first time in nearly a decade. Riyadh is also reportedly seeking to reach a similar understanding with Syria, and hopes to invite President Bashar al-Assad for a visit later this year, according to Reuters. While the White House has welcomed the new diplomacy in public, Burns’ reported complaints to Saudi officials this week could highlight concerns over Beijing’s growing influence in the region. Tensions between Riyadh and Washington have also been on the rise since last year, when OPEC+ – a group of major oil exporters led by Saudi Arabia – opted to slash production. The move reportedly “angered” President Joe Biden, who claimed the cut would benefit Russia, another large energy exporter.

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It’s the Europeans who do not care (or understand?!)

US Opposes NATO ‘Roadmap’ For Ukraine – FT (RT)

US President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly opposed efforts by some European allies to give Ukraine a clear “roadmap” for joining NATO, urging partners to focus on providing short-term aid to Kiev. The US is siding with Germany and Hungary in resisting efforts from such allies as Poland and the Baltic states to offer Ukraine deeper ties with NATO and clear support for its future membership in the Western military bloc, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing four unidentified officials involved in the negotiations. The issue has been under debate this week at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, where alliance members are trying to lay the groundwork for the bloc’s leaders’ summit, which is scheduled for July in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Although NATO’s 31 members agree that membership can’t be offered to Ukraine in the short term – nor can it be seriously discussed amid the former Soviet republic’s current conflict with Russia – this week’s talks have exposed a clear divide over the group’s vision for Kiev’s postwar status, the FT said. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has warned that he will only attend the summit in Vilnius if he’s offered clear steps for Kiev’s ascension to NATO, such as security guarantees and deeper collaboration with the alliance. Bloc members agreed in 2008 that Ukraine would be allowed to join NATO at some point. Back then, the US was pushing for giving Kiev a clear timetable and an action plan for membership, the FT said, but France and Germany resisted on concerns that such a step would provoke Russia.

Diplomats attending this week’s talks haven’t been able to reach agreement on what Ukraine should be offered in a freshened statement on its NATO prospects. “We’ve got several weeks of hard negotiations ahead to close those gaps and craft a political outcome,” one official said. However, another noted, “The road [to Vilnius] is rocky.” Washington is concerned that deepening the alliance’s ties with Ukraine at this juncture would feed into Russian claims that the current crisis is a conflict between Moscow and NATO, the FT said. It also might spur Russia to escalate the conflict, possibly by deploying nuclear weapons. Russian officials have claimed that the US and its NATO allies promised after the Soviet Union’s collapse not to expand the bloc into Eastern Europe. Since then, the alliance has added 15 new members, all of which were former Soviet republics or part of Warsaw Pact nations.

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Two very different write-ups.

‘Secret’ NATO War Plan Leak Triggers Pentagon Probe – NYT (RT)

A leaked trove of classified documents outlining American and NATO war planning in Ukraine has sparked a US military investigation, the New York Times has reported. The briefing presentation slides, some marked “top secret,” show assessed troop strengths, timelines for arms shipments and ammunition expenditures, among other data. The files appeared on social media earlier this week, and while the source remains unclear, the leaks have set off alarms in the Pentagon, which has launched a probe to determine how the documents were obtained, the NYT reported on Thursday. “We are aware of the reports of social media posts and the department is reviewing the matter,” Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh told the outlet.

Officials said they are working to have the material removed from the internet, but had not succeeded as of Thursday night. One of the documents marked “top secret” provides the “Status of the Conflict as of 1 Mar.,”suggesting the slides are several weeks old. Though they do not describe any specific battle plans, the files offer a glimpse into US intelligence assessments for Russian and Ukrainian troop levels, timetables for training and equipment deliveries, weather data, as well as ammunition expenditures – including for the US-supplied HIMARS platform. The Pentagon has not previously disclosed the rate at which Ukrainian forces are using munitions for the weapon. Some of the documents appear to have been altered, with multiple different versions circulating online showing wildly varying estimates for losses on both sides of the conflict.

Another file lists 12 new Ukrainian combat brigades – which are usually made up of 4,000 to 5,000 troops – noting that the US and NATO bloc are training and supplying nine of them. Of those, the document states that six would be ready by the end of March, and the remaining three by April 30. If genuine the documents represent one of the most significant intelligence breaches since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and come as Kiev is reportedly preparing a major counter-offensive against Russian forces. One of the documents shows two possible routes into the Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. It is unclear when the counter-attacks are set to begin, but Ukrainian Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov recently claimed that the two sides would fight a “final” and “decisive battle”sometime in the spring.

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Pentagon war plan documents for Ukraine leaked. Most interestingly casualty numbers on the Russian side are significantly lower and on the Ukrainian side much higher than official US numbers reported by the propaganda media. The US Govt clearly knows Ukraine is losing the war.

US, NATO Plans On Preparing Ukrainian Offensive Leak On Social Media (Az.)

Classified war documents detailing secret American and NATO plans for building up the Ukrainian military ahead of a planned offensive were posted this week on social media channels, senior Biden administration officials said, Report informs referring to New York Times. The Pentagon is investigating who may have been behind the leak of the documents, which appeared on Twitter and on Telegram, a platform with more than half a billion users that is widely available in Russia. Military analysts said the documents appear to have been modified in certain parts from their original format, overstating American estimates of Ukrainian war dead and understating estimates of Russian troops killed.

The modifications could point to an effort of disinformation by Moscow, the analysts said. But the disclosures in the original documents, which appear as photographs of charts of anticipated weapons deliveries, troop and battalion strengths, and other plans, represents a significant breach of American intelligence in the effort to aid Ukraine. Biden officials were working to get them deleted but had not succeeded so far. “We are aware of the reports of social media posts and the department is reviewing the matter,” said Sabrina Singh, the deputy press secretary at the Pentagon.

The documents do not provide specific battle plans, like how, when, and where Ukraine intends to launch its offensive, which American officials say is likely coming in the next month or so. And because the documents are five weeks old, they offer a snapshot of time – the American and Ukrainian view, as of March 1, of what Ukrainian troops might need for the campaign. For example, one of the slides said 16,000 to 17,500 Russian soldiers had been killed while Ukraine had suffered as many as 71,500 troop deaths. The Pentagon and other analysts have estimated that Russia has suffered far more casualties, with closer to 200,000 killed and injured, while Ukraine has had more than 100,000 killed and injured.

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“..expanding production may be easier said than done..”

EU Plan For Ukraine Ammunition Stuck On Details – Politico (RT)

The “historic” agreement to deliver two billion euros ($2.14 billion) worth of artillery ammunition to the Ukrainian military is still being worked out, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing diplomats involved in the negotiations. Concerns over who will get the money are reportedly the main bone of contention. The plan, unveiled on March 20, envisioned the delivery of one million 155mm shells to Ukraine over the next 12 months. A package of one billion euros was earmarked for compensating EU members who would dip into their own stockpiles, and another billion for getting new shells made by military contractors, with orders organized and fast-tracked by the EU Defence Agency. The problem now is figuring out which contractors, according to the pro-NATO outlet.

France is reportedly insisting that only EU companies should be considered, but there is legal uncertainty as to who actually qualifies as an EU company. Greece and Cyprus are in alignment with the French position, which diplomats have attributed to a desire to avoid giving orders to Türkiye. Meanwhile, the European Commission also needs to “map out the capacity” of the bloc’s defense industry before finalizing the deal, as expanding production may be easier said than done. EU ambassadors who met on Wednesday weren’t able to make significant progress, several diplomats with knowledge of the negotiations told Politico. They did manage to finalize the text of the agreement to collect ammunition donations, however, which should be published next week.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell had proposed the ammunition plan, arguing in February that it was the most important issue. “If we fail on that, the result of the war is in danger,” he said at the time. The US, EU and NATO have all insisted they were not participants in the conflict, while also arguing that Ukraine must win and Russia “must lose.” Moscow has repeatedly warned the West to stop “stuffing” Kiev with arms and ammunition, arguing that they are only delaying the inevitable while risking open confrontation. Russia has already increased its own ammunition production, tripling the number of shells the US and EU plan to supply Kiev over a year-long period, President Vladimir Putin said last week.

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Look who we support…

‘Everything Russian’ Must Be Eradicated In Crimea – Zelensky Aide (RT)

Russian culture will be off-limits in Crimea if Ukraine regains control of the peninsula, Mikhail Podoliak, a senior aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, has claimed. Podoliak said Kiev is planning on meting out legal punishments to Russian passport holders and other “traitors” living in the region. “As soon as we enter, we must eradicate everything Russian in Crimea,” Podoliak stated in an interview with Radio Liberty published on Wednesday. He argued that the predominantly Russian-speaking region should instead become part of the “Ukrainian cultural space.” Acknowledging that his views are among the most radical within the leadership in Kiev, Podoliak insisted that Crimean residents would not be able to read Russian literature or watch Russian movies, let alone speak Russian in public. Instead, the language would only be permitted in private, the official added.

According to Podoliak, those who refused to comply would have to leave. Locals would also face mass investigations and “legal punishments” for anyone who has switched from Ukrainian to Russian citizenship, as well as those deemed to be “collaborators and traitors” by the Ukrainian authorities.Podoliak argued that the process, which he described as “very powerful stabilization measures,” would be difficult. “We’re going to have to break it all down,” he said with respect to Crimea’s Russian identity. The presidential aide expressed confidence that Ukrainian forces would retake the peninsula within seven months, claiming that his outlook is “mathematically verified” and that Russia lacked the necessary resources to retain the region.

However, Podoliak did not rule out negotiations between Kiev and Moscow on Crimea, provided that the Kremlin first withdrew its troops from territory that Ukraine claims as its own. Crimea has been part of Russia since 2014, when residents voted overwhelmingly to reunify with Moscow soon after the Maidan coup in Kiev. There were fears among the ethnically Russian majority of the peninsula that Ukrainian nationalists who had come to power in Kiev would try to forcefully impose their language and culture on them. The peninsula was historically part of Russia since 1783, and was only transferred to Kiev’s administrative control by the Soviet authorities in 1954.



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She left the same day that Finland entered NATO… No coincidence.

Finnish Government Led By Sanna Marin Submits Resignation (TASS)

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has submitted the resignation of her government to President Sauli Niinisto, according to the Yle broadcaster. Marin’s government is resigning following her party’s defeat in the recent parliamentary election. It will serve as an interim cabinet until the formation of a new government. The process will begin next week under the guidance of the conservative National Coalition Party that won the election. Finland held its parliamentary election on April 2. Marin’s Social Democratic Party came third, gaining 19.9% of the vote and taking 43 seats in parliament. The National Coalition Party won the election, gaining 20.8%, while the Finns Party was second with 20.1%. The new parliament will begin work on April 11. Marin announced at a press conference on April 5 that she would step down as leader of the Social Democratic Party by the fall, when the party’s new leadership was elected. She added that she would remain a member of parliament.

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“..Bragg simply stated that he was not required to state the crime in the indictment…”

Bragg’s Case Against Trump: An Ed Wood Movie Come To Life (Turley)

“Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It’s about the big picture.” Thus did the title character of the movie, “Ed Wood,” explain why arguably the worst filmmaker of all time was unconcerned with obvious gaps in logic, or scenes where cardboard tombstones toppled in graveyard scenes. Wood said he relied on the “suspension of disbelief” of his horror-film fans. If there is an Ed Wood school of prosecution, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg could prove to be its most apt pupil. Indicting Donald Trump on 34 counts of falsifying business records, Bragg left out a small detail: The underlying felony Trump allegedly sought to conceal over and over. That, apparently, is left to the suspension of disbelief.

For many weeks, experts on both the left and the right expressed doubts that Bragg could charge Trump with falsifying business records, a misdemeanor with a now-expired two-year statute of limitation. To be able to file such a charge, Bragg would need to kick it up to a felony by alleging it was committed to conceal or further another crime — in this case, a federal campaign violation. The problem is that the Justice Department declined to bring such charges. The reason was likely due to a tiny problem: There is no campaign finance violation in Trump paying women to hush up alleged affairs. Moreover, even if there were a violation, Bragg is not a federal prosecutor. In other words, his case is as implausible as Wood’s cardboard tombstones.

When asked by reporters what crime was being referenced 34 times, Bragg simply stated that he was not required to state the crime in the indictment. Despite becoming the first prosecutor to charge a former president, Bragg felt no compulsion to explain the claim that kicked the misdemeanor up to a felony and allowed a longer statute of limitations. Bragg undoubtedly knew that New Yorkers would likely suspend disbelief when the name on the indictment was “Donald Trump.” After all, when Bragg ran for office, he was no more specific; he merely promised to bag Trump on some criminal charge. The actual crime would be named at a later date. Bragg also undoubtedly counted on Judge Juan Merchan suspending judicial disbelief by not asking for the full basis of the criminal charges.

Thus far, he appears to have been correct: Merchan set the next hearing for December, so Bragg has eight months to come up with an actual crime. Even if the judge ignores the glaring legal problems with this flawed indictment, he must decide where a trial should be held. The correct answer should be “Anywhere but Manhattan.” However, the judge is likely to deny that change of venue motion, and a denial would say a great deal about this case. Bragg’s cavalier attitude only magnifies the view that Manhattan is the wrong place for this trial. It is not simply that the district attorney ran on a pledge to indict this defendant. The problem is that he was elected on that pledge by the citizens of this district — the same citizens who would comprise the jury pool in Trump’s case.


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“..if New York courts nevertheless back this dodgy theory, it would show the rule of law is being tossed out the window to get Trump..”

The Shambolic Criminal Case Against Donald Trump (NC)

In simple terms, Cohen paid $180,000 to get what were sometimes called “bimbo eruptions” paid off. The Statement of Facts is not clear as to whose idea it was,2 but the Trump Organization doubled the amount to be paid to Cohen so Cohen could characterize it as income, not a reimbursement, then added a $60,000 bonus. That $420,000 amount was then paid in 12 monthly installments. That was billed monthly as a payment against a retainer agreement, even though there was no retainer agreement. Trump then allegedly confirmed this arrangement in person. The indictment gets to 34 counts by taking each of monthly payments Trump made to Cohen and each of the related entries in Trump Organization records as a separate count. Some experts have suggested Trump’s lawyers will get them consolidated into fewer counts.

To get to a first degree falsification, there has to be an intent to commit or aid in or conceal the commission of another crime. Oddly, the Statement of Facts discusses Team Trump pressuring Cohen not to cooperate in a Federal investigation but does not talk about obstruction of justice…..presumably because a New York prosecutor does not have standing to pursue obstruction of justice in a Federal investigation. And that begs the question of why the Department of Justice didn’t go that route. It’s exactly the one used with Clinton in l’affaire Lewinsky, and has the advantage of being simple to explain and prove. The Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg also mentions tax fraud in passing. That seems odd since the “fraud” here involved choosing have Cohen report income he never had and therefore pay unnecessary taxes.

Perhaps the supposed fraud instead is having the Trump Organization treat all of the payments to Cohen as tax deductible, when if they were all to effect payoffs to help the Trump campaign, they were Trump Organization/Trump personal contributions to the Trump campaign and hence not tax deductible. Since these deductions would ultimately reduce New York State and New York City income taxes, it would seem to offer a clear path to tying the alleged records abuses to another fraud. But you’d expect to see that presented more clearly in both the indictment and the Statement of Facts if so. The Statement of Facts instead bangs on about the payoffs to American Media Inc. (AMI), the parent of National Enquirer, to kill the stories for the benefit of Trump’s election efforts, and depicts that as trying to illegally influence the election. As many readers know, there are a lot of problems with trying to make that the actual or intended crime that turns a second degree records violation into a first degree one.

The first is that the election laws in question are Federal, and a New York state prosecutor lacks standing to enforce Federal law. This is even a more questionable approach since not only did the Department of Justice not pursue this case, the Federal Election Commission didn’t issue a civil fine either. Put it anther way, if New York courts nevertheless back this dodgy theory, it would show the rule of law is being tossed out the window to get Trump. The second is that Federal law requires that for a payment to be an election law violation, it must be made for the sole purpose of influencing the election. Recall the John Edwards case. Some election supporters paid his pregnant paramour $1 million during the election. The jury acquitted Edwards on one count and deadlocked on five others, apparently because the Edwards team argued the payments were not made exclusively to keep her quiet so as to help the election, but also to hide it from his wife, who was fighting a fatal case of cancer. They also argued Edwards had no idea these payments could be construed to be campaign-related (the donors didn’t send these monies to the election organization). Even the section of Bragg’s Statement of Facts contends that the payments were not made solely but “principal purpose of influencing the election.”

Read more …

Or more.

US Commercial Real-Estate Prices Could Tumble 40% (Az.)

Commercial real estate prices could plummet as much as 40% from their peak in a worse crash than the 2008 financial crisis, according to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s chief investment officer, Report informs via the Market Insider. The grave outlook is based on a raft of headwinds buffeting the commercial real estate sector, including the work-from-home trend and higher interest rates making it harder for investors to refinance a mountain of looming debt. “MS & Co. analysts forecast a peak-to-trough CRE price decline of as much as 40%, worse than in the Great Financial Crisis,” Lisa Shalett said in the weekly Global Investment Committee note.

“More than 50% of the $2.9 trillion in commercial mortgages will need to be renegotiated in the next 24 months when new lending rates are likely to be up by 350 to 450 basis points,” she added. Shalett flagged an outsized risk to regional banks, given small and medium-sized banks hold 80% of US commercial real estate debt outstanding. High borrowing costs and tighter credit conditions caused by the banking turmoil could raise hurdles for big real estate investors as they seek to refinance a pile of loans. Nearly $450 billion in commercial real-estate debt is due to mature in 2023, according to data cited from Trepp by JPMorgan.

The Federal Reserve has raised benchmark interest rates to upwards of 4.75% from almost zero 12 months ago — the steepest jump in US borrowing costs since the 1980s. On top of that, hybrid and remote working trends since the breakout of COVID-19 have dampened consumer appetite for office spaces – and that’s weighing on real estate valuations. That could not only hurt building owners and their lenders, given their large loan exposure, but also “interconnected business communities, private capital funders and owners of any underlying securitized debt,” Shallet notes.

Read more …





Elasmotherium (“Thin Plate Beast”) is an extinct genus of rhinoceros endemic to Eurasia during the Late Pliocene through the Pleistocene, documented from 2.6 Ma to as late as 29,000 years ago in the Late Pleistocene






The Hubble Ultra Deep Field led to an estimate that the observable universe contained at least 200 billion galaxies. But a research from 2016 suggests that number is at least 10 times too low leading to a total of 2 trillion (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies: https://go.nasa.gov/3s40UOR



Dog stream





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    John William Godward Dolce Far Niente (It’s Sweet Doing Nothing) 1909   • Russian MP Suggests Swapping WSJ Reporter For Assange (RT) • Time Is Ri
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 7 2023]


    Interesting article from FranceSoir: ‘Is the real Covid story hidden by defense secrecy?’

    It explains why military protocols have been used to respond to the release of a biological weapon.


    TVASF (what was in those billions of shots?)


    A question for anyone who knows, but especially for Germ:

    We see a lot of articles about the problems with the “mRNA” innoculations. We see others that focus on the spike protein. To my eyes there is a disconnect here. Is the problem with mRNA delivery platform? Or the spike protein? Is it both? If a combination of both, which is the primary factor? The platform or the payload? This seems to be a critical question. Is anyone looking at this? Do the studies differentiate?

    Because most of the innoculations in the US were on the mRNA platform, the criticisms of innoculations in US literature tend to focus on the platform — perhaps misleadingly. If the really bad life expectancy data is the same in countries that used the mRNA platform and the adenoviral vector platform — if the “died suddenly” phenomenon is the same regardless of platform, then the problem seems to be a spike protein issue.

    And what about the platforms that did not use spike protein at all, sich as Sinovac? Same issues?

    I really want to know the truth, but I have lost my appetite for stories criticizing the “mRNA” vaccines without making these important distinctions.

    Dr. D

    Paris sure looks good to me. Finally what is necessary.

    “CIA Head Says US ‘Blindsided’ By Saudi-Iran Deal – WSJ (RT)

    As well as everything else that’s ever happened. Nordstream? No idea! Honest! Not even a suspect! Never saw it coming. 912? Nope, even though every organization had multiple levels of warnings, the CIA had no idea! And now Saudi, which all of us predicted for 10 years running. Since 2006 when they reported Gawar’s water cut. But not the CIA! Too busy sniffing Mr. Steele.

    Okay, I believe you: You’re fired. CIA is disbanded, since they are incapable of accurate predictions of obvious things, nor indeed any predictions at all!

    “Secret’ NATO War Plan Leak Triggers Pentagon Probe – NYT (RT)

    Like Biden’s daughter’s diary, the Pentagon confirms the leak is real and accurate. Genius! Therefore everyone can read it with perfect surety of truth. (I was scared to take showers in my own house.) (The U.S. specifically pre-positioned and instigated the annihilation of Ukraine as an open war crime).

    “EU Plan For Ukraine Ammunition Stuck On Details – Politico (RT)”

    They booked a conference room. That’s what wins wars.

    “Finland” well, level one city and the nation is gone. They should be more careful. These days, doesn’t even have to be a nuke.

    Bragg’s Case Against Trump: An Ed Wood Movie Come to Life (Turley) “

    We need a mash up of “Cleetus the Slack-Jawed Yokel” here for New Yorkers: the most ignorant people on the planet.

    “It is not simply that the district attorney ran on a pledge to indict this defendant.”

    I believe that’s a dismissal offense to begin with. For the case. It’s also an impeachment offense as you cannot go after people. In fact, you can’t go after crimes. You have to be aware of a crime that has occurred and not go fishing for one, that’s 4A among other things.

    But the line is so long, it would take all year merely to recite them all. Like Taibbi:

    Just the same things we all know, but really when laid out here, even as a very, very, very, very short list, it’s breathtaking. MSNBC taking every wrong decision, finding out, doing it again, losing viewers, being discredited, then hiring lavish salaries all the failures and doing it again as ratings and cash drop and drop and drop and drop.

    This is similar to Bud this week, where any idiot could tell this wasn’t going to be good for sales, and then like Gillette decide to insult, antagonize, and alienate all their customers so badly, so publicly, so astoundingly, that the people actually have to stop whatever they are doing and go out of their way to boycott them.

    Yeah, sure. “Capitalism”. Where all the companies involved specifically, regularly reject all money, all customers, all branding, to promote their weird religion. But then never go bankrupt. How’s that work exactly? No market, no pricing, no customers, no competition, no bankruptcy?

    Boogaloo, as far as I can tell, they put every bad thing they could think of in them. Most of it was already known, or very obvious predictable harm. This has the exact effect you speak of, or like Trump v MSNBC article above: the impression that there’s so many objections being floated, they couldn’t possibly be true and thus we just tune out. Who knew that would work? But since it does, they recognize it and use it widely now. Attack always with everything, the bigger, more incredible the better, as first you kill everyone right off, and second no one believe them so you kill again!!! The Narcissist’s special.

    We don’t know what’s IN the shots. First problem. Different batches tested differently. It’s openly admitted that “quality control” was nonexistent for some reason, as given by the fired QC person quoted yesterday. And several companies all of which have no requirement to provide ANY ingredients as well as no QC. You can see that on the “kill list” as you can download yourself, vax by batch number where many batches have 10x the death rate, which is inconceivable in a normal environment. They also have similar numbers, like 101”A”, 305″A” which is also statistically impossible without intent.

    So we have lipid nanoparticles, which are bad. They don’t keep the vax near the injection zone, which is bad. They are intracellular, which is bad. We have graphene, which is deadly. There appear to be some other things, metals, magnets, or even parasites, which goes without saying is bad. We know this from 6’ clots, which are bad.

    And THEN we can discuss the mRNA. This was rumored to back-edit the DNA, which is bad. That’s been proven to be common, which is really bad. The mRNA creates spike proteins, which are bad. They could have chosen any unique feature of the virus, but they chose the one part that attacks and tears apart the body instead of an innocuous, inactive part, which is really bad. This causes a de-facto Covid attack, which is bad. It builds up in tissues and can’t be expelled, which is bad. The build up leads to sterility, which is bad. As it leaves the zone, it encourages all cells in the body to make this toxin, which is bad. This consumes the entire immune system, rendering it unable to function, which is bad. This mRNA production of open toxins appears not to shut off over time, but continues, which is very very bad.

    And yet there’s more! But this is a short run down of the few best-known, most provable effects!

    Sinovac and Russia’s vax use the N O R M A L vaccine process: dead viruses. They neither have, nor create spike proteins, and neither need, nor have adjudivents that create additional problems. That’s why they’re outlawed and not considered “vaccinated” here, although those are the “normal” vaccines and the mRNA are the still-experimental, untested, unproven ones, who are being sued widely in class-action, in multiple cases, in multiple countries, with multiple manufacturers, yet still required and advised as “safe and effective.”

    Dr. D

    Jb, I’m lost as well. Hitler SAID he was Socialist. It’s legally and literally the National “SOCIALIST” Party. He, like Mussolini was a Worker’s organizer, a revolutionary, where it’s very easy to see the clear thread straight back through all Socialist brotherhoods and even to Marx himself.

    Then, AMAZING! Just like today all the corporations and funding started backing them all! However could that be? It must be because Bosch-Krupps doesn’t like money and power but loves workers so much. Lo! The Socialists took over, with the minor difference that the property was owned by the same people — in name only — but only directed entirely by the state in Reality, and “redirected” or stolen, if you will, at any time. You “Own” it, but you can’t buy, sell, or use it. See how that works?

    That’s the Fascia: the bundle of sticks. Like Communism, all the People need to work TOGETHER. They’re a family, a community, a Brotherhood. That’s the premise. Not by law but socially, because they want to see the brighter future (or else). So the people, the corporations, the government are all on the same side. Same team! Together. One big family, one big community. We don’t think of it that way from this side of history. However, as in all nations, the Government was directing all parts, the people, the corporations, the church, the propaganda. Even the art. But you see how this is effectively identical to Socialism, only the terminology varies. I don’t really “own” anything if 1) it is being entirely directed by someone else called the government, 2) all profits are also being directed by someone else called the government. 3) All events are controlled and the government, and all assets, profits, production, is being directed to its end location by the government.

    No, that’s literally Socialism. “The government OWNS the means of production.” Bosch can do nothing with it without the Reich’s permission, therefore they don’t own it. But aha! You see they SAID that Bosch owns it, so ha ha ha! C’mon. What do you get out of this exercise? Is there anyone who buys this junk?

    So the Government owns and directs all assets FROM everywhere, TO everywhere, and in every location in between. That’s literally Socialism. All PEOPLE, all Organizations work for this government, only as one. Of course it’s completely voluntary except we’ll smash your windows and jail you if you don’t agree. I fail to see any difference between Hitler and Stalin except a minor variation of revolutionary vocabulary, and that Hitler’s crew were also New Age Religious. Both were Hyper-Progressives and revolutionaries.

    Anyway, just because Hitler went on camera SAYING it was the SOCIALIST party doesn’t mean anything. He didn’t know what he was talking about, and hipsters in Brooklyn who read other Socialists from Columbia definitely do. They use their “Hitler-Telepathy” to tell him he’s wrong.

    Now we have the exact same thing, in every way, Boooooo—rrrrriiiiiing , exact same rulebook, no variations, from people who like Hilter say directly and openly, publicly, that they are Socialists, and their plan is to murder their enemies widely. …But we shouldn’t believe them. They don’t know their own minds or what they’re talking about. Me, using my TELEPATHY, I know they don’t mean what they say, and what they do is identical to all other times in history doesn’t actually indicate anything.

    The same is not the same because I used a different word! Now THEY use that word, openly. The dictionary uses that word. They match the dictionary definition of the word. But really they, the books, the dictionary, and the history books don’t know what they’re talking about. I guess because I want to be a Socialist, but I want to be a Socialist that doesn’t do or believe any of the things Socialists have done and believed in history? Unclear.

    Socialists are fine people. All my friends are Socialists. Caring and well-meaning. However, like we saw the Covid crowd, they will immediately kill everyone they can get hold of if left in groups and unrestrained. That was shocking to realize and hard to deal with. However, it’s really the historical norm, whether at a conference of Doctors in 1750, or a Church Picnic in 1550. There’s nobody there EXCEPT the leeches who will most probably kill everyone with bad science and hygiene, and shrill, intolerant housewives who must “save the childrens” by rounding up some Huguenots over the hill. That’s the norm, not the exception. I know they’re good people, but the entire Hitler election, government, round up, and collapse was run almost entirely by good people. Good people who couldn’t be bothered to look at things squarely and get their definitions right. Or not in the face of the slightest pressure.

    So we call a spade a spade. “I guess you side with the spades now? In favor of all the spades that bashed in heads and buried people over the years?” Uh….no? What the kind of non sequitur is that and where did it come from out of a vacuum if you’re not spade-bashing yourself? How are the two even related? We need to call the thing its name, which is the same name as by the people, by the organizations themselves. Simple! We need to check with the dictionary and encyclopedia that it matches although all words evolve over time. Then we need to follow the historical record, the ‘story’ of this named thing, what it is, where it comes from, how it works, how it acts.

    Did that. We have check, check and check. Indeed other people may use the word pejoratively, I can only use it accurately. Please provide specifics when you wish to refuse Webster and Britannica, the several hundred books written on the Soviet Union and the German Reich. When a guy stands up and says, “I hereby declare, I, and we, are the Worker’s Party, and Socialist!” you should probably believe him. Especially when he says he’s going to round up everybody who gets in his way and does that too – doesn’t sound like he was kidding. Words were his specialty. Language and propaganda are the cornerstones of Socialism and Fascism. He knew what he was saying. He was saying “I, and my Party, are Socialists. Fascism is the national expression of Socialism.”

    Hey, that’s what I just said! And that it kills everyone it can find, lifting and enshrining oligarchs to power which is why even today, oligarchs and billionaire corporations remain tireless in their promotion of Socialism.

    But I’m sure he was kidding. What he said isn’t what he said. What is meant isn’t what was meant. ‘Cause I said so. I don’t want people to be bad.


    Macron or Macaron, the little french cookie

    Lecturing the Chinese on how to conduct foreign policy.

    Bet that went over like a lead balloon.

    Liar, liar, France is on fire






    CIA Head Says US ‘Blindsided’ By Saudi-Iran Deal

    Larry Johnson has repeatedly said to the effect that the culture currently in the Empire of Lies® CIA is like a turd floating in the Punch Bowl of Intelligence®


    Xi won’t take any calls from Presidementia Pedo Joe for the last seven weeks.

    Ya think it’s a message or something?

    Who would even want to speak to the Chief Duh-merican® on any subject

    The Empire of Lies® ‘foreign policy’ is just a disjointed series of grunts and farts and other animal noises you hear in a kindergarten class.

    85% of the world population is laughing at Pedo Joe cause he’s just a two-bit punk

    Need a shower?



    Bit of art trivia for this Friday for those interested in art..
    In the Church of Gesu in Rome there is a large canvas with scene of “Deposition” painted by the Bosnian artist Safet Zec.
    He is secular Muslim who left the country marred in civil war and lives near Venice in Italy.
    Just a prep studies, as shown at the beginning of video, are tour de force of contemporary realistic painting.
    Formidable size canvas had it’s partial trip via Venice canal to it’s final destination.
    Church itself is a sample of clear departure from Renaissance style and is considered as the first Baroque structure.


    The silent part Xi was thinking after Eurotardistan’s Little Napoleon and Ursula Vander Crazy opened their pie holes





    Dr D Rich, yes, those pix are epic..

    from prev. thread.

    Debt Rattle April 6 2023

    Ursula von der Lies and Jupiter (Macron), have a big problem they have no idea how put off, put on the back burner, ignore — or manage, treat with diplomacy, solve, never mind radically changing the situation in any way. Lost in the wilderness or on twitter!

    They need (as does Germany, see Sholtz flying off to China with a plane load of industrialists making nice…) to keep good relations with China for commercial and ‘globalist’ reasons, for supply chains, world commerce, the functioning of Big Corps, and so on.

    Yet, they are subservient to the USuk (or .. other descriptions) and seem to push for and stupidly attempt to convince China to not “support Russia, join with Russia, be on its side..”, trying to create some kind of wedge between the two, which is laughable and only discredits them and makes them look like idiotic fools who don’t even understand what is going on.


    S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole dies suddenly aged 46 with band ‘devastated



    D Benton Smith

    The large scale open wars like Ukraine, the collapsing Dollar, and even the Democrats’ Declaration of Tyrannical Supremacy over the USA is all just a side show to the main attraction. The “breaking stories” are mere dramatic productions for the small screen (and smaller balls) that are meant for broad public consumption, as distraction from the primary conflict, the REAL fight, that so few have the temerity to confront and say out loud.

    The real war is in our own hearts and values, as we apply them through the actions we engage in with other people, people who are very much like ourselves in every way. Did we give back as much or more than we took? Did we “make a killing in the market” without actually creating something of equal or greater genuine value in contribution back to the “market” that we took it from? Did we repair as much as we broke in that process? Did we treat others as well as we treated ourselves? Did we engage in or tolerate slavery, usury or extortion?

    You and only you, personally, knows the answer to that. Play fair and we get a functional society. Cheat and we get “modern” civilization.

    Such moral conflicts can not be decided by others. Victory will not be won for us by champions. It is not possible to farm out such “authority” to strangers we have never met and know only by their political photo ops and scripted speeches. We, the people, must individually and voluntarily of our own free will live up to the standards that we want in our society and expect from others, otherwise we will get exactly what we’ve got coming. Simple as that.

    Of course you’re free to attempt to do it some other way. Go ahead and give it a try, see what it gets ya.

    Yes, people can TRY democracy, socialism, fascism, communism, monarchy or anything else, all the way down to diabolical authoritarian dynastic monarchy. The ism or archy of your choice. None of it ever works very well or lasts very long.

    There is no “system” of governance or officialdom so perfect that it can absolve any single solitary one of us from personal responsibility for knowing and applying the underlying rules required of a functional society. That includes advising and insisting that those within your circle get with it as well.

    You don’t need me to tell you what those rules are. You already know them, although I must admit that I am experiencing a strong impulse to say them all again (just in case everybody here has never read a genuine history book), but every time I do that y’all treat me like I’m some kind of religious nut or pedantic know it all, so I will restrain myself this time.

    The rules are broadly known.

    All that’s left now is to study them, take them to heart, do them and defend them with your life. Otherwise the shit show we euphemistically call civilization is just gonna go right on falling apart. Like I said in comment #132945 in the wee hours of yesterday night, reality’s beatings will continue until morals improve.

    John Day

    D Benton Smith had a good rant on financial hierarchy andslavery last night. In a closed energy-dissipating system, for somebody to get free-stuff, somebody has to be robbed.
    Marx: “Property is theft.”

    “Hey, feel free to do anything you fucking want to, but my firm advice is to WANT to straighten up and fly right. Discover, assimilate and follow those rules. Until then, the beatings will continue.”

    There are energy-slaves. Marx had not yet worked that out. Now it is a thing. We each have 100 or 500 energy-slaves, depending on how you figure it. (I try not to use a hair-dryer.)
    Anyway, I agree with DBS. The energy slaves will be migrating away for the rest of our lives.
    Maybe I’m wrong.
    Don’t think so, though…


    kultsommer, what point are you making though?

    My puzzlement with your obsession with the Marx/comm taking over the US would be a good start.

    Are you, I don’t know, retired, don’t own a TV, don’t peruse the internet very much, don’t follow what is going on in everything from politics to academia to popular entertainment? Are you cut off from the world apart from logging into TAE?

    The whole point is no obsession is required at all.

    No hidden Marxist-Communist thingy needs to be detected because it is full-spectrum via every conceivable medium in your face. If anything, I spent years trying to tune it out, ignore it.

    Look at the sparring with Afewknowthetruth over 2 months as a ready example. He has been hammering away with simple talking points, relentlessly, unchangingly, for years here.

    It took TWO MONTHS to peel back the layers and get him to, bit by bit, reveal his REASONS for the repetitive talking points. By the end of it, we’d discovered a huge MANIFESTO of his which constitutes an environmentalist/doomer branded version of current year Marxism/critical theory

    And having done all the legwork, finishing up a month ago, I’m sure you’d like to say THAT never happened and make me start all over again, wouldn’t you?

    Uh did you NOT NOTICE 2020 at all? Did you sleep through that year or something?

    If you watch the Benjamin Boyce history of Evergreen College, I think that will give you a fairly good start in recognizing current year Marxism.

    The alternative would be that you’re saying there’s no elephant in the room, I cannot imagine where your outlandish paranoid theories are coming from for the same reason Afewknowthetruth wouldn’t EVER say “Oh hey, I am working off of a Jensenite manifesto, the reason for all these individual continual relentless pinpricks every day for 2 years”

    Go on and say people are imagining a Marxist thingy, are outlandish, insane, paranoid one more time. Deny the obvious and I will go to the trouble of drawing you the picture.

    But claiming that you are #%#^ing BLIND isn’t really an argument.

    Are you familiar with the work of Helen Pluckrose and her team? If you were to familiarize yourself with it, you’d be aware of the state of Western academia.

    John Day

    Dr D once said: “Words mean what I want them to mean.”

    Left totalitarianism, Right totalitarianism

    Power-relations with vanilla or chocolate artificial flavoring.
    No sense getting upset…

    Levels and flavors of non-totalitarian, but hierarchical government pick names/labels, and drift,
    usually towards totalitarianism, but not always. Sometimes they flounder.
    Like now.
    Desperately grasping for totalitarianism, like a drowning-swimmer.


    Germ, yes the article from France Soir (F MSM news outlet, v. big readership) puts Covid + Vax solidly into bio-warfare territory, but without outing any Gvmts / Corps, or refering to Latypova and the like.

    link again, https://www.francesoir.fr/opinions-tribunes/l-histoire-du-covid-cachee-par-le-secret-defense-0

    What about this, you probably saw it:

    Skidmore article on Covid vaccine uptake and injuries retracted:


    John Day

    @Dr D: Sinvac is a traditional vaccine.
    Sputnik is a DNA viral-vector “vaccine”, gene therapy, like Oxford/AZ/J&J.

    @Bogaloo: The rest from Dr D was rght-on. “Teach your own body to make the deadly poison and keep doing it for months.”


    Past history, July 2005.

    Chinese general warns of nuclear risk to US:

    “A senior Chinese general has warned that his country could destroy hundreds of American cities with nuclear weapons if the two nations clashed over Taiwan.”


    — just a snippet from the history bucket.


    @ Boogaloo

    1. “Is the problem with mRNA delivery platform?” – Yes – the lipid nano particles containing the mRNA distribute throughout the body. They do NOT, as we were told, remain in the locus of the injection. In fact, Japanese bio-distribution data informs us that the LNPs concentrate in the ovaries, testes, spleen and liver. There are other serious issues with the LNP too:

    2. “Or the spike protein?” – Yes. Pathogenic period. All bad.

    In addition, the mRNA in the death vaxx is NOT like natural mRNA – the natural Uridine has been replaced by methylated psuedo-uridine. Completely unnatural and results in the mRNA in the death shot being resilient to normal breakdown mechanisms. ie. It stays around for much longer than would normally be the case.
    All bad.

    In addition, the mRNA has been optimised. All bad.

    There’s so much more – but it’s Friday night, my US in-laws are visiting (he’s vaxx injured) and it’s time for pizza and a movie chez moi (“Mash” 1970)



    My puzzlement with your obsession with the Marx/comm taking over the US would be a good start.

    No sense getting upset…

    Point taken. I’ll try this a different way.

    2020 was the big reveal. It showed there’s this Blob. Corporations, governments, NGO’s, educational institutions. We were shown that this blob carpet-bombs the populace with a uniform message while silencing/crushing dissenting voices. Everything short of physically rubbing our faces in it.

    We all have our particular points of interest – the injection that does not vaccinate, the ukraine war, economy/banking, energy, what have you.

    Are we really to believe that this Blob, which brooks no opposition, just so happens to ALSO blithely allow other, totally-unrelated messaging, delivered in the same style, supported with the same crushing of dissent. Like, hey guys, we’re super-authoritarian, controlling, and super-aggressive with use of our infrastructure, but go ahead and use it the same way we do, we don’t mind, because we’re also insouciant, unaware, and laisses-faire at heart!


    Who was it Stalin, Lenin, who said “You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in you.”?

    Maybe there’s something comforting in interpreting things as still being a freewheeling mishmash of disparate ideas. But what more of a demonstration do you need, honestly.

    There are a limited number of reasons to tell someone they are crazy when they observe and recognize messaging that is repetitive, consistent, specific, easily identifiable with a relatively small time investment.

    John Day

    Outspoken women’s rights activist and former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines – who first made headlines for speaking out for being snubbed of a trophy in favor of trans swimmer Lia Thomas – was assaulted by a pro-trans crowd at a speech at San Francisco State University Thursday night.

    She was “physically assaulted” following a speech she made at a Turning Point USA event, Fox News reported.

    Her husband, Louis Barker, said she had to be barricaded in a room for nearly three hours to protect herself after.

    He said: “She told me she was hit multiple times by a guy in a dress. I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it. She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.”


    And: Spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes infarcts, bleeds, inflammation – Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause severe neurological injuries



    D Benton Smith

    The world is a puzzle to which there is only one correct answer but an infinite number of ways to arrive at it. Free will is our license to try any route that we want. Getting it right is rewarded by success and failure is the consequence of getting it wrong (really complex and arcane esoterica here, ain’t it?)

    I’ve never read any Marx. I probably should have but cursory awareness of his dismal results and bloody consequences made that look like a bad investment of my severely limited time and brain. Did he really say that property is theft? What a wacko. THEFT is theft. Property is the God given right to own what you make or fairly traded for.

    That’s why “profit” is theft. To get more than one gives (i.e. “profit”) requires (as you pointed out) that someone else was robbed of it, unless they knew, going in, with fully informed consent, that they were taking a chance and gambling.

    That’s why the Jews and Marxists keep getting kicked out of decent neighborhoods. There must be something within their cultural ideology or religion that condones or promotes certain bad behaviors such as or disingenuous profiteering as moral (which it isn’t) and thus permissible in the World (which it definitely is not, as per the First Law of Thermodynamics and the Universe itself).

    Do bad things to people that leaves the people feeling harmed and get expelled for it. Doesn’t really seem that complicated to me actually. In fact, it seems obvious enough to make me consider that the perps know damned well what they’re doing and just don’t give a fuck, so long as they get their free ride.

    John Day

    Chat GPT says Joathan Turly , professor at Georgetown, made sexual advances towards a female student, and groped her on a trip to Alaska, as reported in the Washington Post.
    False in every single detail. Never taught therre, never went on trips with students, never any story in the Post.
    Another chatbot at Bing repeated it.
    Where does he go to get his reputation back?
    Who does he sue for defamation?

    Defamed by ChatGPT: My Own Bizarre Experience with Artificiality of “Artificial Intelligence”


    Turley Defamed By ChatGPT: My Own Bizarre Experience With The Artificiality Of “Artificial Intelligence”

    recently I learned that ChatGPT falsely reported on a claim of sexual harassment that was never made against me on a trip that never occurred while I was on a faculty where I never taught.

    “ChapGPT relied on a cited Post article that was never written and quotes a statement that was never made by the newspaper. When the Washington Post investigated the false story, it learned that another AI program “Microsoft’s Bing, which is powered by GPT-4, repeated the false claim about Turley.””

    “Volokh made this query of ChatGPT: “Whether sexual harassment by professors has been a problem at American law schools; please include at least five examples, together with quotes from relevant newspaper articles.”

    The program responded with this as an example: 4. Georgetown University Law Center (2018) Prof. Jonathan Turley was accused of sexual harassment by a former student who claimed he made inappropriate comments during a class trip. Quote: “The complaint alleges that Turley made ‘sexually suggestive comments’ and ‘attempted to touch her in a sexual manner’ during a law school-sponsored trip to Alaska.” (Washington Post, March 21, 2018).”

    There are a number of glaring indicators that the account is false. First, I have never taught at Georgetown University. Second, there is no such Washington Post article. Finally, and most important, I have never taken students on a trip of any kind in 35 years of teaching, never went to Alaska with any student, and I’ve never been been accused of sexual harassment or assault.

    In response to Volokh’s question, ChatGPT also appears to have manufactured baseless accusations against two other law professors.”

    John Day

    @DBS: When Marx said “property is theft”, he seems to have meant big-estates and factories, the “means of production”, not so much shoes and coats, or even a modest dwelling with a garden and a well.

    D Benton Smith

    James Kunstler has done good again, and for those few of you who don’t already have him on auto-dial here is the link to his latest: https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/the-heros-journey/

    D Benton Smith

    Just in case no one has seen it coming, the creeps intend to ascribe to various AI’s the same bogus rights as are currently (and absurdly) granted to corporations as “persons”. That utterly fallacious assignment of “personhood” to abstractions (a corporation has no real existence) was one of the opening and highly “successful” salvos in the sneak attack of the rights of actual humans. Doing the same thing for AI’s is next. Turley needs to sue the bastards who created and RUN chatGPT, and not get suckered into addressing the chatbot as an entity of any kind other than nuts & bolts machine.


    Jim Kunstler’s World Made by Hand book series is a great lesson in the ‘energy slaves’ especially of Western Civ fading to black.

    The Green Conjob is meant to shoot a lot of energy slaves in the back of the head and then turn them into ‘bio-char’ for ‘proper re-cycling’.


    Saying math is ‘racist’ or saying there is no common consensus about what a man and woman are is straight out of the Brainwashing 101 handbook.

    If I get to redefine your reality and pervert the meaning of words and common speech, I can make you do anything.

    That is what is going on now.

    Part of it is ritual humiliation, making you accept Lies instead of Truth.

    Truth is Reality, Lies are Fantasy

    2+2=5 is a Lie

    If I can make you swallow that, the sky is not even the limit for your total humiliation.

    And if you live in Lies and Fantasy, you’re not really a human anymore in my eyes.

    You’re worse than a dangerous mental patient cause your operating system is not human or animal in nature, it’s an odious Fathom.

    Satanist worship Lies, they worship Fathoms

    That’s the state of the union at present, the Worship of Lies.

    These Satanist literally deny the Laws of Thermodynamics. Shazam!

    Compounding interest is also a Fathom.

    Guess who Worships Compounding Interest?

    If monetary compounding interest is an abstract representation of ‘money’ (i.e. wealth) increasing exponentially, then money-wealth, which at base is a representation of Energy, can’t exist in the long term presence of the Laws of Thermodynamics.

    And as a moral principle, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is often mistaken for Karma. It’s not.

    Real Karma in a recursive loop of mental constructs that people get perpetually trapped in instead of simply Being Present.

    The “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a physical principle of Reality at the human scale between the sub-atomic and intergalactic scales. (different Quantum Mechanic rules creep in there)

    The Woketard Madness is a Lie that will at some point experience the full force of “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

    Same with the Satanist in national politics.

    The Faucists Satanist have committed mass murder and continue with vaxing children.

    We will need a national Exorcism

    Burning at the stake keeps popping up in my mind as the historical ‘go to’ move as an equal and opposite reaction for such unspeakable abominations.

    The Blue counties are a small number compared to the Red counties

    The Blue counties should be ‘ring fenced’ by the Red counties on the map, and then ‘cleansed’

    Use your imagination as to what that might entail

    It’s coming like Riders on the Storm



    My mate and I were talking after seeing the heartbreaking pic of Julian Assange and I said it would be cool if Russia would exchange some fancy prisoner for him.
    Sergey Obuhkov’s suggestion sounds great to me. WSJ reporter fancy enough?

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Some of the blue counties are just blue for political legacy reasons, and are actually ok, and could be red just as well.
    Neither blue nor red is “the answer”.


    The Empire of Lies major cities are “First World Shitholes®” a new term I’ve coined.

    The Woketard’s strong holds are cities aside from the perverted, degenerate college towns.

    Those should be the targets of ‘every action results in an equal and opposite reaction’ consequence.

    I know several ‘blue counties’ that are anything but blue. That map is a general guide, but is gets to the bottom of the divide in the Empire of Lies.

    More Rural vs City

    The Woketards won’t last long in the rural areas, people there simply won’t tolerant that twisted insanity forever.

    The vast majority of the guns and weapons are in those red counties and the people who really know how to use them effectively. Most retired veterans also live in red counties.

    The Russian Civil War, the Red and White Armies, were not neatly divided like the US Civil War along North-South Axis.

    Just sayin, it’s coming.



    Great comment from Dr D well worth repeating.

    We don’t know what’s IN the shots. First problem. Different batches tested differently. It’s openly admitted that “quality control” was nonexistent for some reason, as given by the fired QC person quoted yesterday. And several companies all of which have no requirement to provide ANY ingredients as well as no QC. You can see that on the “kill list” as you can download yourself, vax by batch number where many batches have 10x the death rate, which is inconceivable in a normal environment. They also have similar numbers, like 101”A”, 305″A” which is also statistically impossible without intent.

    So we have lipid nanoparticles, which are bad. They don’t keep the vax near the injection zone, which is bad. They are intracellular, which is bad. We have graphene, which is deadly. There appear to be some other things, metals, magnets, or even parasites, which goes without saying is bad. We know this from 6’ clots, which are bad.

    And THEN we can discuss the mRNA. This was rumored to back-edit the DNA, which is bad. That’s been proven to be common, which is really bad. The mRNA creates spike proteins, which are bad. They could have chosen any unique feature of the virus, but they chose the one part that attacks and tears apart the body instead of an innocuous, inactive part, which is really bad. This causes a de-facto Covid attack, which is bad. It builds up in tissues and can’t be expelled, which is bad. The build up leads to sterility, which is bad. As it leaves the zone, it encourages all cells in the body to make this toxin, which is bad. This consumes the entire immune system, rendering it unable to function, which is bad. This mRNA production of open toxins appears not to shut off over time, but continues, which is very very bad.

    And yet there’s more! But this is a short run down of the few best-known, most provable effects!

    Sinovac and Russia’s vax use the N O R M A L vaccine process: dead viruses. They neither have, nor create spike proteins, and neither need, nor have adjudivents that create additional problems. That’s why they’re outlawed and not considered “vaccinated” here, although those are the “normal” vaccines and the mRNA are the still-experimental, untested, unproven ones, who are being sued widely in class-action, in multiple cases, in multiple countries, with multiple manufacturers, yet still required and advised as “safe and effective.

    There is also the matter of how the fake vaccines were stored and used. If we can believe what officialdom told us, the fake vaccines had to be kept very cold, otherwise they would degenerate.

    So the fact that there are a lot of people who were jabbed have not keeled over may be attributable to the clot shots having coagulated or degenerated in some other manner prior to injection.

    I hate sentences with could or may but sometimes have to use such sentence constructions, e.g. Joe Biden may still have some cognitive capacity left. However, all the evidence indicates he has been a nasty, self-serving, opportunistic liar since he first emerged on the American political scene. And it is very obvious the controllers didn’t need to bring him out of the closet until after they had rigged the so-called election.

    Just as on ‘Airstrip Five’, on ‘Airstrip Two’ you have to be a nasty, self-serving, opportunistic liar to be fully accepted into The Club, the one we are not in. And being of relatively low intelligence and having no morals are definitely attributes highly favoured by the selection committee of The Club.

    That’s why we have a Chipmunk Schoolboy supposedly in charge at the moment. And also, it is why this ‘Airstrip’ -can’t call it Aotearoa nor New Zealand- is circling the drain at an ever-faster rate.

    The only reason these clown-criminals are able to remain in power is because they (or rather their predecessors) have managed -over a period of many decades- to completely dumb-down the bulk of the populace and convince them that if it’s on television it must be true.

    Apart from the total fakeness of everything -financial, economic, energetic, political, environmental- this dumbing-down is why there is no hope for the vast majority.


    What is the adjective for health that describes the collective state of health of a group of people?



    For a while New Plymouth Deceit and Crime plastered every bit of Orwellian garbage they generated with ‘vibrant’ and ‘vibrancy’…’promotes vibrancy’ blah, blah, blah. Box ticked; move on.

    ‘Sustainable’. Box ticked; move on.


    Anyone catch when people were saying GRAPHENE was being found in novacaine used by dentists?

    Take care of your teeth, people.


    In case you missed it yesterday, a superb interview here:


    Property Rights.

    Does anyone ever own anything? Seems a rhetorical question, but it has extreme relevance in day to day living.

    I was pondering my metal working anvil the other day. At 220 pounds it weighs more than I do, which makes it a chore to move, but do I really own it? I get to “care take” it for a while. A few hours or a few decades but eventually, in a billion years or so, it will subduct into the mantle and there’s nothing I can do about it but ponder.

    @ D Benton Smith: “The real war is in our own hearts and values,…”

    Very concise and clear thinking. This is the type of insightful self examination that may yet save the world, if only enough people embrace it. Hope springs eternal, and some of the posts on TAE, though earthshaking in their potential, give me hope that intelligent people are working on these issues and looking for answers.


    jb-hb said

    Turley Defamed By ChatGPT

    Sounds like ChatGPT would be fun down the pub and about as reliable as the “news” one hears down the pub. It looks like ChatGPT is making things up randomly, maybe it does not think at all about the content other than statistical generation of conversation, able to generate convincing conversation but not able to understand what it is saying.

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