Jun 032023
Debt Rattle June 3 2023

Paul Klee Hammamet with Its Mosque 1914   • NATO’s Big Gamble In Ukraine Has Failed (Zorawar Daulet Singh) • Blinken Dismisses Calls for a Ceasefire: Build Up Ukraine’s Military (Antiwar) • Ukrainian Counteroffensive Would Turn Into ‘Bloodbath’ – Orban (RT) • Orban Delighted At Erdogan’s Victory Over ‘Soros’ Man’ (RT) • Orban Warns Hungary Will Never Fight Russia (RT) • Zelensky Talks Peace Summit With Scholz (RT) • Europe Suffers Sharp Munitions Deficit Due To Military Aid Largesse (TASS)

Jun 022023
Debt Rattle June 2 2023

Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945   • Ukraine Calls for Massive Demilitarized Zone Inside of Russia (LI) • Zelensky Demands NATO and EU Membership For Kiev (RT) • Germany Tells Zelensky NATO Can’t Consider Ukrainian Membership Now (RT) • Zelensky Warns Doubts On Ukraine NATO Membership Endanger Europe (Az.) • Netherlands Looks To Buy Dozens More Tanks For Ukraine (RT) • The Guardian View On Vladimir Putin’s War: Terror Without Purpose (G.) • Sanctions Against Russia Failed.

Jun 012023
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Debt Rattle June 1 2023

Odilon Redon Wild Flowers in a Vase c1910   • Zelensky Issues Ultimatum To NATO – FT (RT) • Macron Wants ‘Tangible’ Security Guarantees For Ukraine (RT) • West May Change Aid To Ukraine If Conflict Becomes Protracted – Macron (TASS) • Zelensky and Macron Planning ‘Peace Summit’ Without Russia – WSJ (RT) • US Statements On Moscow Drone Attack Encourage Kiev Terrorists – Envoy (TASS) • Britain ‘De Facto’ At War With Russia – Medvedev (RT) • Russian Forces

May 312023
Debt Rattle May 31 2023

John Singer Sargent Palmettos, Florida 1917   • NATO Is Creating Another Battlefield On European Continent (GT) • NATO Is ‘Escalation Factor’ In Kosovo – Moscow (RT) • Maidan-Style Coup Attempt Unfolding In Belgrade — Russian Ambassador (TASS) • NATO To Send More Troops To Kosovo Following Clashes (RT) • Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? (GP) • US ‘Encourage’ Ukraine To Attack Russia – Ambassador (RT) • Russia Will Be Appropriately Represented At BRICS Summit – Kremlin (RT) • Oil

May 302023
Debt Rattle May 30 2023

Vincent van Gogh A Lane near Arles (Side of a Country Lane) 1888   • Russia Hasn’t Started To ‘Act Seriously’ In Ukraine – Envoy (RT) • Moscow Attacked By Drones – Mayor (RT) • Russia Will Not Negotiate Until It Wins In Ukraine Conflict – Borrell (TASS) • Memorial Service (Jim Kunstler) • Russian Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham Over ‘Killing Russians’ Remarks (ZH) • Clumsy Excuses: Russian FM On Claim Graham’s Words Taken Out Of Context (TASS) •

May 292023
Debt Rattle May 29 2023

Paul Gauguin Apatarao 1893     • Russia Ready For Ukraine Peace Talks, But On Its Conditions – Envoy (Tass) • Russia Outlines Conditions For Ukraine Peace Deal (RT) • Lavrov: West’s Plans To Send F-16s To Kiev Unacceptable Escalation (TASS) • West Waging Its War Against Russia ‘On All Fronts’ – Kremlin (TASS) • Moscow Warns West Against ‘Playing With Fire’ (RT) • F-16s For Ukraine Won’t Be A Game Changer – Bloomberg (RT) • State Department Won’t Say

May 282023
Debt Rattle May 28 2023

Vincent van Gogh The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy 1889   • No Truce With the Heartland (Luongo) • Eurasian Heartland Rises to Challenge the West (Pepe Escobar) • After Bakhmut (Douglas Macgregor) • Counteroffensive Can Start At Any Moment – Ukrainian Official (RT) • Ukraine Demands German Missiles Capable Of Striking Moscow (RT) • Africa Foresees End Of Unipolar World – Russian Envoy (RT) • Credit Rating Agency Downgrades US (RT) • Debt Ceiling Deal Between White House

May 272023
Debt Rattle May 27 2023

Vincent van Gogh Pollard Willows and Setting Sun 1888   • Air Defender 23: The Largest Exercise Since The Foundation Of NATO (Helmer) • G7 Members Want The Rest Of The World To Join Their Crusade (Lukyanov) • Lavrov Hails China’s “Balanced Position”, Ukraine Asked To Cede Territory (ZH) • NATO’s ‘Grave Mistake’ Led To Ukraine Conflict – Kissinger (RT) • Russia Protests To US Embassy Over Sullivan’s Crimea Statements (RT) • US Incites European Yes-Men To Poke Russia –

May 262023
Debt Rattle May 26 2023

Damien Hirst Renewal Blossom 2018   • Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar) • US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘For Months’ – Nuland (RT) • Shoigu Sees West Waging Undeclared War On Russia, Belarus (TASS) • More Than 2,500 Foreign Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine – Shoigu (RT) • Kiev Regime Must Cease To Exist – Medvedev (RT) • China Tells EU To Look At ‘Root Cause’ Of Ukraine Conflict (RT) • What Matters Is A

May 252023
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Debt Rattle May 25 2023

Damien Hirst Spiritual Day Blossom 2018   • Zelensky A ‘Servant Of The People’ – But Not The Ukrainian People (Kornilov) • Putin Has Led Russia To Failure With His Invasion – Prigozhin (DM) • Wagner Chief Reveals Losses In Fight For Artyomovsk (RT) • Russia Opposes ‘Freezing’ Ukraine Conflict – Kremlin (RT) • Mearsheimers Latest Talk On The War In Ukraine (MoA) • British Warmongering Is Driving Europe Towards Catastrophe In Ukraine (Cook) • NATO’s Eastward Expansion Shares Intent