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    So Trump is really mad at some of the people in the government. He is going to fire their asses right after the election. And he seriously means it this time.

    They are, in fact, awful at their jobs – Haspel, Barr, Wray, Devos – and are actively harming the public weal and ought to go. Now tell me again how they got into their positions in the first place.

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    It sounds like you are saying Biden is responsible for his adult son’s actions and he should pay a price for it rather than his son, while Trump is not even responsible for his own (much less his family’s) actions because he never pretended to be anything but a grifter.

    it’s an argument of sorts, I guess.

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    Uh-huh, except the laptop thing isn’t really about Biden so much as his son, right? His son, who is not (correct me if I am wrong here) running for president.

    Hell, Trump’s son-in-law gave classified information to Saudi Arabia in exchange for a nice bailout deal for his 666 property, and nobody is making that an election issue, even though it’s much more salient than Hunter Biden and his exploits on camera.

    They are all malign shits, is the truth of it.

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    I’m just not sure why I should care more about Joe Biden’s kid making book off his father’s position than Trump’s kids making money off his position. Or any other politician’s or world leader’s kids making money off their parents positions. Is it because Hunter is “ickier” because of his drugs? Well, shit, even the Kennedys have known drug and alcohol problems in their family. (Remember Chappaquiddick?)

    Seems to me the whole entire globe is rife with the families of politicians taking advantage of connections to get their kids, in-laws, wealthy donors, etc. into some lucrative deals of one sort or another.

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    An explosive New York Post story that sent Trumpworld into a frenzy is riddled with holes and red flags:


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    Trump has not handled anything about the virus well. It doesn’t matter what the media talking heads say, it matters what he himself has said and done – and he has been really bad in regard to Covid. I don’t need some spokesperson on CNN or FOX to tell me what to think – I can see with my own two eyes and hear with my own two ears and make my own judgment. His lack of response to Covid has nothing to do with the whole stupid Russia/Ukraine thing the idiots on the Democrat side have going on; I think you have somehow decided to dismiss criticism of the one topic because the other things are so egregiously ridiculous.

    I never said he caused all those deaths by himself or that he somehow brought Coronavirus into the US. I have, however, maintained that he and his administration’s responses were the worst and most inept they could have possibly been.

    I am really taken aback that you make the remark that we should all “be gracious” about Trump having Covid, “like with everyone who catches it”. A week or two back, I made a comment here on your blog about the death of my father. (I immediately regretted it – I was really missing Dad that day and otherwise would never have left such a personal comment on the damn internet – but there is no way to delete your comment here once it’s posted.) In any case, I did write the comment, and you sure didn’t bother to offer one word of sympathy. I never felt you were required to do so, but now that you are telling me how I am supposed to respond to Donald Trump having Covid, your own lack of response to a heartfelt comment from one of your readers makes your advice to “be gracious to everyone who catches it” look pretty hypocritical.

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    You want people to be gracious about Trump getting Covid?

    You do realize how dismissive he has been about 212,000 dead Americans, right? And how cavalier his attitude about wearing masks, providing testing to the population, exposing other people at rallies, etc, right?

    Moonofalabama has a very concise timeline and some interesting info on this event here:


    The guy who runs moonofalabama, “B”, points out that it is possible Trump could have infected Biden during the debate. Now wouldn’t that be something? Both candidates not only mentally unfit, but also physically incapacitated. The shit is piling up fast.

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    Ilargi, please, I don’t think you have understood my point very well. Trump needs to be held to account for the wrong actions he has taken. That is all I am saying. You seem to want to suggest that I am saying he is always bad and all his actions are always bad. I have not ever accused him of, or bought into, the whole dumbass Russia investigation, and that Ukraine impeachment thing was downright silliness. There are a lot of other ridiculous things he’s been accused of, but I don’t need to make a long list of them all.

    But when I castigate him for the way he and his administration handled the virus (as I did with explicit examples in a comment I left yesterday), I believe that everything I mentioned is worthy of censure. This has nothing to do with Woodward’s book; it has to do with the actual steps the Trump administration has taken since January and February. I have been thinking about this on and off all afternoon while I worked. (Luckily, I work at home, so no-one sees me staring off into the distance doing nothing occasionally.)

    So, I’ll tell you what it is about. This is my personal Covid story. My Dad died in April. At the time, he was in the rehab center at a nursing home. He was only there out of dire medical necessity. We never intended either of our parents to be in a nursing home, but he had taken a horrible fall down a flight of steps where he broke his back and sustained multiple injuries to several organs. Thus, he needed the sort of medical and rehab care he could only get in a medical care facility with 24-hour nursing staff. He had been in this facility since Dec . By March, we were under lockdown orders and were not allowed to visit Dad any more. Sometimes the nurses would hold their personal cell phones close to Dad’s face so Mom could do a face-time sort of thing over the phone with him.

    Our governor could not get PPE supplies from the federal government. Trump/Kushner had picked their favored states and really hated Hogan – the one Republican governor who criticized Trump. Hogan ended up ordering some testing kits from S. Korea and had to have the state troopers and state National Guard meet the plane and hide the fucking supplies so the Feds wouldn’t confiscate them. But we also couldn’t get masks, robes, testing swabs, etc. The staff at Dad’s nursing home had no PPE in March, and were re-using the meager supplies they had in April. In Jan and Feb, Trump was selling supplies made by US manufacturers overseas. In March, he and his team of miscreants were hoarding supplies and sending out stuff to only Republican states – and even that stuff was shoddy and dry-rotted.

    By April, when Hogan placed his order with S Korea, Trump was telling the governors they were on their own, and specifically mocked Hogan a number of times in public, via tweets and at live press conferences. At Dad’s nursing home, 42 staff members and 57 patients eventually tested positive for Covid (after we got the test kits on our own to test them). One staff member and 16 patients died from provable Covid. A significant number of other patients died due to lack of nursing care – this was true at all the rehabs and nursing homes; the staff was overworked, there were no supplies, doctors were working at both the long-term care facilities and at local hospitals.

    On Dad’s last day, someone on the nursing staff (realizing the end was near) let my Mom sneak in for a half-hour visit. Somebody loaned her a mask, gloves and a robe. Dad died later, in the middle of the night, all alone and having not seen any of his 6 children for more than a month. (Mom has not contracted Covid so far herself, thank god.)

    Dad’s life did not have to end this way. This is personal to me. It is also a fact – a FACT – that the Trump/Kushner/Pence handling of supplies, equipment, testing and tracing, supply transit routing, PPE procurement, the whole nine yards, was grossly negligent, inexcusably slip-shod, and showed such preference for Trump’s favored states that no-one can excuse it. I don’t blame him for the pandemic. I blame him for only and exactly what I itemized here.

    And while I am at it, let me tell you what else I am thinking right now. My father was worth a million Donald Trumps. Dad was a world-renowned scientist who was once nominated for the Nobel prize in physics. He was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in his home state. He could milk a cow, ride a horse, and fix the damn tractor with baling twine and bubble gum. He never lied, never cheated, sang like a lark, taught us to play chess, had us all reading before we ever went to school, ingrained in us a thirst for knowledge, and led his large family with humor and love, love, love.

    Trump cost me my wonderful Dad. Fuck Trump. And that is all I want to say about that.

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    Ilargi, it’s that you never, ever cover any news that might criticize Trump – except to point out how unfair it all is. There has been no coverage of Trump’s destruction of the environment, deregulation of and further massive bank bailouts to the banks, cronies placed in charge of agencies, increased usage of drone bombings around the planet, horrible sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba, incredibly bad decisions repeatedly made vis a vis Covid, a furthering of the wealth divide which surged with his tax cut bill and his administration’s mishandling of Covid funds, the huge increase in nuclear weapons in the US, etc., etc.

    There are things that Trump deserves blame and castigation for, and the fact that the asshats in the Democratic party are useless and swimming in Russia/Trump conspiracy theories does not alter the reality of the actual bad policies that Trump has undertaken.

    I couldn’t stand Obama, and didn’t vote for him. I never voted for a Republican in my life either, but my tendency to vote for the left never led me to offer up some excuses for Obama’s wrongs by saying how ‘unfair the Republicans were’, or that he was ‘not doing anything that Bush didn’t do before him’, nor would I simply ignore what he was doing in an effort to pretend like it was all acceptable.

    Each president is responsible for his own choices. Some of Trump’s have been awful, but you simply won’t allow any of that kind of talk. It’s true I can’t stand Trump, but then, I despised Obama and his smooth lies and his death march around the globe, and I found Bush intolerable before that. I excuse none of them. I consider it correct and just to let each carry the burden of blame for his destructive choices, or to receive the accolades for what he did right. This isn’t a hate fest against Trump, it’s me asking for a righteous recounting instead of pretending that the guy is above reproach.

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    You are closing today’s post with that silly tweet about Trump? That thing has been trotted out by twitter users for a couple of years now, and has been debunked. Took me just a few minutes of fact-checking to find that dozens of articles have already been written about the false claims in that tweet.

    Trump did walk down a NY street a few days after 9/11 – that is for sure a real photo of him walking down the street outside the NYSE on 18 Sept, 2001. There is no proof he paid any workers to help with cleanup or searching for bodies; matter of fact, private citizens were barred from the Ground Zero area by Sept 15. Trump himself certainly never did any such “clean up” or “rescue” missions, and except for that one photo-op shown in the tweet, nobody ever saw Trump (or any of his supposed hired hands) anywhere near Ground Zero ever again. Last year on the anniversary of 9/11, Trump told the story a little differently, saying that he had gone to Ground Zero with “men who worked for me to try to help in any little way that we could.” That’s a little different than the claim that he hired hundreds of workers to help with search and rescue or clean-up efforts. Yeah, well, maybe those guys standing behind him in the photo worked for him. Who knows what he means by either the first or the second claim?

    He did not donate any of the personal money he promised to any 9/11 fund, although the Trump Foundation did donate other people’s money to one such fund. [The Trump Foundation has since been shut down because of gross illegalities in the use of its funds.]

    And just this morning we have this news: “The Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from 9/11-related illnesses.”


    This Trump love fest you got going on has now reached the level of grossly stupid.

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    I can understand a president who doesn’t want to create a panic amongst the people; however, there are ways of speaking that can instead create a sense of unity and toughness, if you will, in the face of a big problem. Trump is not capable of that.

    But leaving aside his personal inability to coalesce the public, to me the larger issue is that he went on to actively harm the public. He could have quietly had some teams working on PPE assessment and procurement, testing capacities, etc. before the lockdown became inevitable. Instead, the Trump administration was selling our PPE abroad in January, February, and March. They [Trump administration] secretly told some of the major manufacturers that they would help them apply for preferred status to sell US products through the fast-track sales exchange in Bejing. They refused to ship products to states run by Democrats because Trump didn’t “like them” and then, when the states were told to buy their own equipment from wherever they could find it, they had some federal goons intercept and confiscate the shipments. Our own governor, who is a Republican, had criticized Trump, so he ended up having to surreptitiously order supplies from South Korea and have them shipped to an undisclosed location so the Feds wouldn’t grab the goods. The territories and Indian reservations were ignored completely. A lot of PPE that finally went out to the states was dry-rotted and unusable.

    There has been no full testing and tracing ever put in place, and now schools are reopening without any way to adequately test the kids and teachers. The agencies in charge of keeping track of the pandemic have been ordered to lie about the numbers, and Trump has dicked around with who the hospitals are supposed to report to – there are a couple of weeks’ worth of numbers that are lost since the new reporting system mysteriously didn’t work.

    Trump had already down-sized the various agencies and put his cronies in charge of them, so none of the federal agencies were at all capable of handling a crisis when it came. To add insult to injury, he put Kushner and his old college chums in charge of PPE and supply chains, and put Pence in charge of the Corona task force – Pence, who thinks Covid is just a plague of the End Times that will weed out the sinners before the Rapture.

    Trump has recently written a couple of unworkable, useless executive orders and memoranda, but has said he will veto any legislation that gives financial aid to the states. The states, in the meantime, are running out of money and discussing major cuts to education, unemployment, etc. to try to balance their budgets. (And please to not talk to me about “states rights”, and all that hoo-hah. The freaking federal gov’t is the only entity that can help in this dire situation; if it won’t do it now, what is the point in considering this a country any more?)

    So, okay, he says he didn’t want to panic everyone. I don’t agree with that decision; you don’t get through a problem by treating the public like a bunch of babies. But Jesus on a cracker, the stuff that followed that initial impulse to keep the public in the dark is inexcusable. Once he knew action of some sort had to be taken, every single one of his actions was wrong, driven by politics, and cost lives. Screw Trump and the horse he rode in on. As to the members of Congress, the intelligence agencies, the CDC, Woodward, Fauci, and all others who had advance warning and did not speak out – fuck them, too.

    They are ALL using Covid to steal everything they can from the public domain.

    This is the final stage of what I call the Great Taking, and we are on our own.

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    The holiday weekend is over, so we are back to reporting the numbers again, I guess.

    So far today (on Worldometers’ time-frame), we have 912 Covid deaths, bringing us to just shy of 195,000 deaths YTD.

    Not sure Spain is such a good example of what to aim for. US has an average of 588 Covid deaths per million population. Not too many countries are worse, but Spain is one of them. They average 634 Covid deaths per million.

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    Ilargi; you don’t know? For real? So why not just leave this sort of thing in the comment section instead of publishing it like it was a valuable insight of some sort?

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    I read your website every morning, Ilargi. I would like to ask a question that I have asked three times in the past without the curtesy of an answer. However, now that you are highlighting Dr. D as a guest author, I believe a direct answer is warranted: is “Dr. D” an actual medical doctor? If so, what is his field?

    Dr. D, you may choose to answer this question yourself; I directed it to Ilargi as he is the blog owner.

    In other words, is he opining the way I do (I’m just a commenter with an opinion, which may be thought-provoking, valid, funny, stupid, interesting, irrelevant, etc. depending on how I strike the reader) or does he have some medical experience that ought to be taken into account and may add some weight to his commentary?

    I know there are plenty of doctors that have written lots of unadulterated crap about covid, and we have to learn to weed them out after researching their background and experience. I am not saying Dr. D is one of those, but I do think it is only proper etiquette to credential the bona fides of a person you have given the honor of guest-posting on a medical topic.

    Thank you, Teri

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    “Universal” mail-in ballots go to registered voters. It is not some random mailing to “Our Neighbor” or “Postal Customer” at 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA.

    Your article about voting by mail comes from The Daily Caller, a right wing website founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. Patel, who wrote this particular article on voting by mail, was a chief policy advisor to Dick fucking Cheney. The Daily Caller denies climate change and publishes articles from white supremacists. They are not rated well on sites that check for accuracy and honesty in reporting.

    The below is another article regarding “universal” vote-by-mail procedures. It is not written by someone affiliated with Fox News or Tucker Carlson or the Libertarian/Teabagger Party, so you probably don’t want to bother reading it.


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    The Kimberly Klacik video; meh. Same old political BS. She is correct that Baltimore is a mess, for lots of reasons (one of which – never mentioned as a real problem, although it makes the city impossible to travel through – is that the damn streets are always being worked on, with the attendant detours that take you miles out of the way, but none of the streets ever get finished. EVER. I have no idea how delivery trucks get anywhere.) Anyway, I noticed that she does the same old shit all politicians do; she says the other side can’t run things properly and can’t take care of the people, but offers absolutely no clue as to what her side has to offer instead. If she thinks she can fix Baltimore, what does she have in mind aside from not being a Democrat? Because that is not a “plan”. Heck, I could walk around my city and point out the flaws and find somebody else to blame them on, but that doesn’t mean jack.

    Watch it again. You might as well be watching Trump or Biden.

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    @ John Day: When you say “There may be another Texas of oil buried in Alaska. It has been kept top secret after a few wells were drilled in Carter years, then capped off. It could be nothing, but it would have taken them longer to be sure that it was nothing”, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you suggesting we ought to drill it up just because it might be there? We have already passed our storage capacity, so what would be the point right now? Plus, a lot of other stuff about preserving the wilderness, methane leaks, blah, blah, blah (I’m too tired right now to give all the bullet points), and the fact that they are killing off and impoverishing enough of us that I doubt there will be nearly as much demand for years going forward.

    @ Vietnam Vet: I have noticed in comments you have made before that you are a fellow Marylander. Just wanted to say hello from the north end of the state.

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    Coronavirus is now the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA.


    Dept of the Interior approves gas and oil leases on the ANWR

    US approves oil, gas leasing plan for Alaska wildlife refuge

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    I am curious as to where you got that chart showing that the voting absentee is so much better and different than vote-by-mail. The chart is not included in the original article, nor are any of the so-called “facts” about vote-by mail which are expressed in the chart. I find some of them rather doubtful, frankly; looks like a chart written by Red State.

    BTW, are we allowed to criticize Trump’s attack on the postal service? Can we mention his latest assaults on the environment? The seizing of the oil aboard 4 Iranian tankers day before yesterday? (Which Trump says is now in Houston, since we “confiscated” it.) May we find it odd that the new database company Trump/Kushner demanded that the states now report covid cases to seems to have technical issues, totally incorrect numbers, had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and is refusing to answer questions from Congress about how they are handling and disseminating the data? Or is all this considered just too much criticism of the sitting President? As a follow up question, will we be allowed to mention any of this after he leaves office and we are all breathing our methane straight up, or is he to be forever held blameless for any and all sundry things that happen during his tenure?

    Asking for a friend.

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    “ ‘..Congress inserted the words “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Those six words have perplexed scholars for 150 years.’   But being perplexed by them today is racist.”

    Hogwash. The 14th amendment was written that way for two reasons: 1) foreign diplomatic status; babies born to parents where one may be an American and subject to US jurisdiction, but the other parent may not be so subject. The applicable jurisdiction of the baby and the nonAmerican parent are handled through treaties between the US and the other foreign country.

    2) The 14th amendment was written in the 1860’s. The US was “at war” with the Indians at the time, and that continued well beyond the end of the Civil War. Native Americans were not considered citizens, were not taxed and were not counted in any of the US states or holdings census of the day. It wasn’t until 1924 that Indians were granted citizenship. (In their own country, mind you.)

    If I knew that, surely a “constitutional scholar” should know it. Pretending not to know it, as regards to Kamala Harris’ status, is indeed just racist bullshit. Turley could have looked it up on wikipedia, for god’s sake and found some paragraphs from scholars before him who have written at length about this clause.

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    @Dave Note,

    Well, the EO on drug pricing has not actually been published yet, meaning that 2 weeks after signing it, it has not been put in the Federal Register, which means it is not actually an official Order yet. Plus, right as he signed it, Trump said that it wouldn’t go into effect until Aug 25, so as to let the pharma companies come up with “a better idea”. His exact words were, “This one will go into effect on Aug. 25 if we don’t make a deal.” In other words, it was not even meant to be a real EO; it was a negotiation tactic with big pharma.

    Plus, nobody, not even the pharma companies, have been told what the text of the order says. The people in the pharmaceutical industry have resorted to trying to blow up press pictures taken during the signing so as to read the printing on the order Trump was holding up. The best they have been able to come up with, is that the page that would show the actual details appears to be missing. So this looks like a gimmick. Kind of like how we have been repeatedly told for the past three years that there will be “Infrastructure Week” within the next two weeks, or that there will be an “amazing Republican Health Plan” in the next two weeks.

    Trump did promise his base that he would never get rid of SS and Medicare, and he beat out a lot of other Republican contenders on that promise alone in 2016. But today he signed an EO that totally guts SS/Med funding through the end of the year (that’s what the P/R tax holiday does – employers don’t have to withhold FICA taxes from paychecks) and furthermore added that if he wins reelection, this “tax holiday” will be made permanent via EO in Nov. I.e., that will be the end of the SS and Medicare programs.

    Oh, and he announced there will be more EO’s coming along soon, which will be for more tax cuts and a further reduction of capital gains tax rates. You should have heard those wealthy people at Bedminster Golf resort, where he held today’s press conference, cheer when they heard that. Now those people are the base he cares about.

    Trump and promises….pffffft. Trump caring about his base (except the wealthy ones)…it is to laugh.

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    Looks like the stimulus deal is ending up the way both parties wanted it to. Both parties get to blame one another, but both also get to make the claim to their respective bases that they have “maintained their integrity to their core principles”. Trump may write some executive orders and signal willingness to spend some money on the proles (he’s looking like the “good guy” in this interpretation), but will also demand the Big Kahuna – the P/R tax cut – via executive order. This actually gives the Republicans the win. They get to starve SS/Medicare through attrition; ending SS and Medicare has been their goal since its inception. Plus, Trump for shit-sure won’t help any states with funding or do anything about healthcare costs, PPE, or do anything about the now-expired PPP program. More wins for the Republicans. Okay, the PPP loans and grants turned out to be a boondoggle of giveaways to the big companies thanks to Mnuchin and Kushner, but the little guys need the program extended to stay in business for the rest of the year, and the Democrats had that in the bill the Senate refused to vote on.

    Once those “friendly” executive orders are written, they will get stuck in limbo while various entities sue over their constitutionality – and they will be correct in doing so (Trump looks like the totalitarian fascist pig in this interpretation). However, it means that, like as not, no actual money will head out to the commoners in the meantime. A win for both parties! They stuck to their principles, but didn’t have to spend any actual money, and no-one decisively takes the blame for any of it. Trump plays two roles at the same time depending on your view point, but he doesn’t really give a shit since it isn’t his money and he doesn’t care if any little people end up with any relief as long as his core base thinks he is Doing Something and votes for him. They, after all, won’t realize the hit to their retirement plans until long after he is out of office and it will take another couple of months until everyone realizes what a horrible problem letting the states go bankrupt will be. Austerity in your local area will be worse to you personally and in a much more immediate fashion than any theoretical threat of the federal “debt bomb”.

    Whole shindig looks like Disaster Capitalism in action to me. Both parties sure hustled their asses off to make sure the big companies got bailed out, didn’t they? And they even gave them some tax percs along the way. And let employers defer their part of the SS contribution until two years from now – a fine-print screwing of the SS fund that the media won’t talk about. Oh, and they gave roughly $8 trillion bucks to the big banks along the way.

    Mnuchin, Blackrock, and various oligarchs wreak havoc on the US. The war criminal Eliott Abrams still walks to and fro on the earth, now unleashed by Trump to do as much damage as he can to Iran, having finished with the program of starving Venezuela into a puddle of pain. Biden is seriously considering Susan Rice, she of the many color revolutions around the globe, as his VP. Sweet Jesus. No relief for anyone on the planet there, for those who think Pompeo is a hard-liner.

    And that’s all I have to say about all that. Aren’t y’all glad I don’t post very often?

    Oh, wait, I thought of one more thing. I just read this article about the Godzilla movies. You may think it’s a silly topic, but the article is really good and not at all what you might be expecting. This being the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is, in fact, a timely article.


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    “No love lost for the NRA here, but c’mon, less than three months before the elction, the Democrat DA for New York squeezes Deutsche to fork over Trump’s tax records and the Democrat AG of New York all of a sudden goes after the NRA?! Both cases couldn’t have waited a few months? And nobody mentions election tampering?”

    Seriously, Ilargi? I mean this with all due respect. But, seriously, think about it.

    The NRA thing has nothing to do with the election. Trump’s taxes, yeah, well, so what? Comey didn’t hesitate to screw Clinton over (she sure deserved it, though), and no doubt there is some tit for tat going on. And….so what?

    In the meantime, Trump has repeatedly threatened to postpone the election, has repeatedly claimed the election results might not be valid, told the post office to slow down the mail (which I can tell you has happened for sure in my neck of the woods), has said that he has the unilateral right to stop any efforts to make mail-in voting easier, said he is going to sue the state of Nevada for sending mailed ballots to its residents, and has said that the only state that should be allowed to do mail-in voting is Florida (they have a great governor and their post office works better than the other states, he claims, although that would be the same frickin’ post office the rest of us use, too). He keeps spreading ridiculous lies about mail-in voting, trying to scare people into voting in person during covid.

    So who is election tampering here? Trump should have released his tax returns 4 years ago and gotten it over with; now there are a couple more years available which might make it obvious to even the blind just how much money the asshat is making off his position in office.

    Both sides do this shit. Trump wanted to play with the oligarchs and now he is. Until we get rid of the grifters and monied elite running things, this is just how they do business. I feel no sorrier for Trump and his family than I do for Biden and his stupid son – the only who took that job with Burisma. The House Democrats already passed a bill that would give some money to the states to help them secure their election processes and expand mail-in voting. The Senate Republicans’ bill (negotiated with the White House) does not include any money for election security.

    But then, Democrats rigged the 2016 primary to get rid of Sanders and there was certainly something odd about Biden’s sudden rise this year, the Republicans gerrymander like they are on a mission from God and take careful aim at whom they will disenfranchise from voting at all, both sides shut down polling places and seem to have trouble counting ballots.

    Point is, there is no need to reflexively defend Trump here. He’s doing more than his fair share of election tampering of his own. Some of what Trump gets, he deserves.

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    The GOP bill apparently does NOT mention evictions or a continuation of the evictions moratorium at all.

    Also, no relief for small landlords, who are trying to maintain properties without any rental income for the last several months. Now they can evict, but good luck finding new tenants when there are no jobs for anyone who might be otherwise interested in renting. The major landlords, who hold thousands of rental units apiece, however, and who are mostly affiliated with hedge funds and big banks, have made a killing on covid relief funds. The big banks alone have gotten over $8 trillion during this timeframe.

    Also, no-one has brought up home foreclosures, which I find odd. There is little or no data available because no-one is looking at it, but one should wonder how many people are now facing foreclosure on homes they own because they cannot make mortgage payments.

    Good opportunity for Blackrock (now in charge of the coronavirus SBA and PPP relief funds) to take over a whole bunch more of the rental units in the US. Good opportunity for the big banks to take back a lot of homes through foreclosure, and then be made whole via the Fed buying all the bad paper, which just makes sure the banks suffer no loss.

    Of course, these results are obviously intended. This is shock doctrine/disaster capitalism being carried out on the US population.

    What the GOP proposal also does not include:
    any money to help state governments with their shortfalls
    any increase in food stamp funding
    any expansion of Medicaid funding

    What the GOP proposal does include:
    $16 billion for increased Covid testing (Trump objects to that – he wanted no new funding for testing and tracing)
    $2 billion for F-35s
    $1.75 billion for an FBI building
    $1 billion for surveillance planes
    $375 million for armored vehicles
    $360 million for missile defense
    $283 million for Apache helicopters
    $20 billion for farmers (yeah, more farm bailout for the farmers who have been bailed out 3 times already thanks to Trump’s tariff wars – how much have they gotten already? Somewhere north of $75 billion is the number to date, if I recall correctly, not including this latest tranche.)
    $30 billion to the Pentagon (to help US military contractors “retain key skilled workers”, as though the contractors haven’t been grossly overpaid for the past 30 years). This additional money to Pentagon funding comes just a week after Congress voted to fund the Pentagon to the tune of 3/4 of a trillion bucks for next year.
    Also included: a business tax deduction – at 100% deductibility – for business meals. Because what is a Congressional bill without some egregious tax cut for big business?

    Now the two parties of both houses will work together – in a bipartisan effort, natch – to come up with a bill that does as little as possible to help anyone who isn’t already independently wealthy. The Democrats like to take their constituents out to a nice little movie first (preferably a romantic comedy with no bad words in it) and at the end of the date, they rape you. The Republicans don’t want to spring for a movie and popcorn – they just hit you over the head and rape you with no foreplay.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 6 2020 #60872



    “And miss out on Kim Kardashian as First Lady? Oh ye of little faith….”

    Hey, we already got a nudie cutie as First Lady. Two hot buns bunnies in a row? A little excessive, even for the US. Although, if you can’t find a First Man to vote for….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 6 2020 #60871


    Yeah, the Tom Cruise video is well-done in a cute way. My kids saw “The Last Samurai” when they were teens. When they got home, I asked how it was. They shrugged. “It was Tom Cruise. Dressed up like a samurai.” They were not impressed. And he is a Scientologist, which is not a plus, but surely not too far afield from the belief systems expressed by the other contenders.

    But at least he can remember his lines well enough, so there’s that.

    Dr. D.,

    Why would masks not work if the virus is airborne? Seems to me that’s why they would prove the most efficacious in closed spaces like stores, etc. And I don’t think you know what the word “socialism” actually means. And Martin Armstrong is a total nut job. But you pays your money and you takes your chances.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 2 2020 #60751


    Ok, I have to ask: Is “Dr. D” really a medical doctor? I frankly find that hard to believe.

    So, are you a doctor, Dr. D, or that just a nickname you picked up along the way? If you are not, please do not allow people on this forum to continue carrying on with this assumption based on a screen name.

    If you are…well, dear god.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 2 2020 #60741


    Excess deaths year-over-year in US:


    And I must add, screw Trump. No matter what else he is accused of (whether or not the accusations are true or false and no matter who has uttered them – forget all that other BS), the truth about Covid19 is that he has totally fucked up the response to it and a LOT of people died who otherwise would still be alive. A lot more will lose their lives because of this administration. We could have starved the virus of hosts with a strict couple of months on lockdown, followed by testing and tracing.

    This country that, during WW2, went through 6 years of food shortages, gas and food rationing, women suddenly leaving the home to work, kids entering daycare when such was unheard of before, teenagers replacing men at work and at home as the men were off to war, etc., couldn’t suck it up for a couple of months to stop the virus. Now we have a president who says we won’t shut down again (as if what we did was a proper “shutdown”) and who simply doesn’t care how many of us die.

    Lots and lots of information coming out about the long term health effects of Covid. Life expectancy in the US will be plummeting for the foreseeable future. No-one has written an article about this as yet that I have seen, but I expect there will eventually be studies that show how many years the average lifespan has decreased thanks to this disease. No doubt some politicians will see this as an answer to the so-called social security shortfall.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2020 #59702


    By the way, thank you for explaining your intro to that article to me yesterday, Ilargi. I had not understood what you were saying at all. Your reply to my comment totally cleared it up for me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2020 #59701


    Rosenstein, Comey, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Flynn, Page, Manafort…..dear God, it’s like reading an endless gossip column about the in-fighting amongst Marie Antoinette’s ladies-in-waiting.

    They’re all lying, they are all corrupt, the media just picks its side based on the political leanings of its editorial staff and then presents its lies about all of it, too. Who can possibly give a shit about any of it?

    Now, this sort of thing (below) bothers me, and seems important in the long run:

    Trump just signed an executive order using emergency powers to gut the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act, waiving the requirement for environmental review for construction projects. 


    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 7 2020 #59661


    Ilargi, your intro to an article about the jobs numbers reads: “Trump is so eager to praise the headline numbers that he forgets they are nonsense, and misses the opportunity to tell people to try harder.”

    Tell which people to try harder? The people who need jobs? The people who made the numbers up? I don’t get what you mean here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 16 2020 #57343



    You have used the acronym “CIC” a couple of times here. What does CIC stand for?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2020 #55998


    You did not ask me, you asked John. However, I will put in my thoughts re: chloroquine. It is the only thing on which I have reached a personal conclusion in the whole coronavirus drama. I will not take it, should I get covid19. I have told my children this, and hope that they remember should the need arise and I can’t speak for myself.

    My conclusion is based on reading quite a number of articles about it in the past couple of weeks. The Chinese tried it for awhile with some initial success, but as time went on found it problematic and strictly reduced its usage for Covid19. Chloroquine has serious side effects which ought to be considered before the patient accepts the drug. For me, with my existing eye problems, age, and history of drug sensitivity, it is simply not worth the risks. I can only recommend that everyone do some serious research on their own and decide for themselves.

    Here are some paragraphs from an article that is a fairly good summary of all the info I have discovered about this medication. Please also do note, as pointed out in this article, that Chloroquine is not to be used in conjunction with antibiotics such as azithromycin [Zpak, it’s called in the US]; I am not sure why Trump and others keep blabbing about using the two together as a treatment.

    From article:

    The drug touted by the U.S. President Donald Trump as a possible line of treatment against the coronavirus comes with severe warnings in China and can kill in dosages as little as two grams.
    China, where the deadly pathogen first emerged in December, recommended the decades-old malaria drug chloroquine to treat infected patients in guidelines issued in February after seeing encouraging results in clinical trials. But within days, it cautioned doctors and health officials about the drug’s lethal side effects and rolled back its usage.
    This came after local media reported that a Wuhan Institute of Virology study found that the drug can kill an adult just dosed at twice the daily amount recommended for treatment, which is one gram.
    As the drug hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration to treat the disease known as Covid-19, the Chinese experience may be useful as the American regulator studies the medication which has been endorsed by Trump as well as Tesla Inc. chief executive officer Elon Musk.[…]
    Chloroquine was among the first group of therapies Chinese scientists identified as being effective in curbing the new coronavirus. Clinical trials on about 130 patients demonstrated the drug’s ability to reduce the severity of the illness and speed up virus clearance, according to China’s Ministry of Sciences and Technology.
    Chroloquine phosphate was officially recommended on Feb. 19 in the Covid-19 treatment guidelines published by China’s National Health Commission, along with a few other drugs such as AbbVie Inc.’s Kaletra and flu drug arbidol as antiviral treatments for patients. The commission recommended no more than a 10-day course of chloroquine for adult patients at 500mg — half a gram — twice a day.[…]
    China’s recommendation to use chloroquine in treatment was quickly followed by a warning.
    Two days after the treatment guideline update, health authorities in Hubei province — China’s worst-hit region where the outbreak started and which accounted for majority of its over 80,000 patients — asked hospitals to closely watch for, and immediately report, any adverse side effects of chloroquine phosphate, according to a report in local media outlet The Paper.
    The drug is known to have short-term side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and tinnitus while long-term use can irreversibly impair eyesight. It’s forbidden for pregnant women as it can cause congenital defects in babies.
    China Health Commission revised the dosage in a Feb. 29 notice tightening chloroquine use. The drug cannot be given to pregnant women, those with heart disease, terminal liver and renal disease, retina and hearing loss and patients on antibiotics such as azithromycin and steroid.
    It can now be given only to patients between 18 to 65 years of age for a seven-day treatment course. Patients weighing over 50 kilograms (110 pounds) can take 500mg twice a day — the usual dose — while those weighing less will be administered the drug just once a day after two days of use, according to the latest guidelines.
    A woman in Wuhan proved how lethal chloroquine can be when it’s taken beyond the recommended dose. On Feb. 25, Shanghai-based The Paper reported that she took 1.8 grams of the drug she ordered online after suspecting she had the coronavirus. She did not, but the drug caused her to develop malignant cardiac arrhythmic, which can cause sudden death, and she was admitted to the intensive care unit.

    Virus drug touted by President Trump, Elon Musk can kill with just two gram dose

    The entire article is not very long, and I have not excised much of it.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2020 #55227


    World meter now showing US has 1762 confirmed cases.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 12 2020 #55216


    Just read this article, which was published in 2015 in “Nature”, which is a highly respected scientific journal.  Interesting, to say the least. It is likely this virus was created by US labs.

    Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research 
    Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells.
    Declan Butler
    12 November 2015


    Also, Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, and who drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, says he believes the infectious disease did escape from the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan – that the virus is dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain-of-function properties, and was purchased from the BSL-4 lab at the University of North Carolina, where it originated.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 14 2020 #52702


    With a heavy sigh and a sense of impending regret, I decided nonetheless to log in and leave a comment. I just can’t stand it any more. This is about Jim Kunstler (“Jim does a lot of reading into the topic. He’s becoming an expert.”)

    I used to read Kunstler for his intelligent and informative articles about the environment, fossil fuels, the commons, and other related topics. But for the past 3 years, he has only posted 2 articles, to the best of my recollection, that were not about the ‘horrible Democrats’ and the ‘besieged Trump’ – whom he always hastily reassures us he doesn’t like or support.

    Yes, he is becoming an expert on the matters of Russiagate, Impeachmentgate, and Ukrainegate. He has become unbearably, tediously, thoroughly, monotonous on these subjects. In the process, he has completely relinquished his position as an expert on the environment, even though under Trump there are an endless supply of blog-worthy articles to be written on the topic.

    I always check his Monday and Friday blog hoping for a return of the “old Jim” and his informative, witty writing; but after reading the opening sentence I inevitably abandon the article without going further. Because why read the same old shit again? If I want more dumb trivia about the silly shenanigans going on with the royal court and the ladies-in-waiting, I’ll watch CNN or Fox news. That’s all they cover, too.

    (Plus, it turns out that when he is talking about society, as opposed to the great outdoors, Kunstler has a tendency toward a wee bit of racism and homophobia, which surprised and disappointed me. Ah, well, now I know.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 9 2020 #52604


    Um, this “War Powers Resolution” of which they speak? Not one damn article has actually quoted the wording of the resolution. All this legislation does is limit Trump to 30 days of whatever action he might deem necessary against Iran, after which time he would have to come to Congress for approval of further action. It is basically what is in the Constitution already, further bolstered by the War Powers Act of more recent years, which state that the president can, in emergency situations, conduct war for a month and then has to come to Congress.

    What this “new” resolution offers to Trump is: if he decides he needs to bomb Iran, he can start doing so at any time, continue doing so for 30 days, and only then has to come to Congress and ask them to vote on whether he can continue doing so beyond the initial 30 days. The “new” part is that this piece of legislation takes out the “in an emergency” wording specifically in regards to Iran only.

    It’s a typical Democratic BS maneuver – throwing a fake-out bit of advertising to the voters about what they are doing to prove they stand for something, when the legislation in question doesn’t do anything like what they say it does. Actually, no, it’s worse than that, because under the Constitution Trump normally could not start a war by himself; Congress would have to declare war. With this law, Congress is saying, “If you are going to bomb Iran, we are giving you a pass on the ’emergency’ shit in the Constitution. You don’t have to tell us about it first – do whatever you want and clue us in after your initial month-long rampage.”

    Tramp can bomb Iran for 30 days, at will, with no interference from Congress, who are giving away their constitutional powers and duties with this bit of junk. It took Bush, Jr. just a couple of hours to utterly ruin Baghdad back in ’03, and that was with conventional weapons. Within days, several major cities in Iraq were razed to the ground. Now Congress is allowing Trump free rein to start with his new mini-nukes and other assorted weapons of mass destruction – imagine the speed with which he can destroy most of Iran.

    This isn’t Pelosi attempting to rewrite the Constitution (heaven forfend!) to limit a president. It is actually allowing the President more leniency in war-making decisions, as applied to Iran.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2020 #52500


    Look at the Democrats crying that Trump was supposed to come to Congress for authorization on the Soleimani assassination. What a joke. They already gave him authorization; they just passed, in the last week or so, the latest Pentagon budget and NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] which still contains the clause that allows the sitting president the absolute right to assassinate anyone he deems as a “terrorist”. He can kill the so-designated party anywhere in the world by any means he sees fit.

    Remember Obama and “Terror Tuesdays”? Remember the “kill list”? Remember when Obama used the NDAA clause to kill the American, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his teen-aged son? The kill list still exists and the authority to use it still exists. There were people who warned what would happen if we had a president who would use it to kill foreign leaders or to start a new war, but Congress did not ever get rid of this astonishingly unconstitutional power. Trump can fucking kill you if he decides you are a terrorist, and you won’t get an arrest warrant or a trial first.

    You hear Pompeo and Trump repeatedly referring to Soleimani as a “terrorist” now. This is because that will be their defense against the accusations that he needed Congressional approval.

    In April of 2019 (i.e., 9 months ago), Trump had the State Dept. designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its Quds Force as “foreign terrorist organizations”. No doubt he did this with some nudging from Pompeo, who is rabidly unhinged about Iran. This was the first time that the US has designated another country’s military to be a terrorist group.

    Nobody in Congress made objections to this action, as far as I can recall, although one should consider that it was basically a declaration of war against Iran.

    Now Trump is using his Congressionally-granted powers to kill people he has decided are terrorists – and it just so happens that he already declared months ago that Iran’s military forces IN ITS ENTIRETY was a terrorist organization and so can be assassinated one by one or as a group without further approval needed by anyone.

    And Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, et al had nothing to say about it then and can’t really do jack-shit about it now.

    Sure, it is illegal by international standards, immoral, stupid, misguided, and may start another new war, but they gave away the high ground a long time ago. Like, when the first NDAA that included the “kill list” clause was approved by them, and again each time they renewed it, and when they remained silent as the buffoon (Trump) and his snarling guide dog (Pompeo) took the first steps to make this particular assassination, and the ones that will surely follow it, “legal” by naming a foreign power’s military branch a terrorist organization.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 25 2019 #50833


    Eh, Trump is just as good at setting everyone up with “fake news” as anyone else is. The whole shebang is just BS now. I’m not wasting a second feeling sorry for the head dumbass in office.

    “Trump Pressed Ukraine’s President to Act Out a Fake News Script, Live on CNN”


    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 9 2019 #50486


    Jerome Powell: “This is not QE. In no sense is this QE.”

    I had a vision of Powell doing his best Jedi mind-bending trick, wiggling his fingers and repeating this phrase in a sonorous voice over and over, “This is not the quantitative easing you think you are seeing,” as he attempts to hypnotize the entire US.

    I actually laughed out loud and startled the cat when I read his how he had answered a question about it. God, they aren’t even trying any more.

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