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Arthur Rothstein President Roosevelt tours drought area, near Bismarck, North Dakota Aug 1936


Mueller Report’s Resurgence Gives Democrats New Dilemma On Impeachment (CNN)
Democrats Offering Passion Over Proof In Trump Impeachment (Turley)
Pelosi Pursues Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump (R.)
Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma And Hunter Biden (CDMedia)
Fed Goes Hog-Wild with T-Bills, But Repos Drop and MBS Shrink by $22 Bn (WS)
Filmmakers Sue To Shield Visitors To US From Social Media Vetting (IC)
French Strike Against Macron Reforms Enters Day Two (R.)
UK’s Labour Accuses BBC Of Bias In Election Coverage (R.)
Andrew Neil Tells Johnson “It’s Not Too Late” For Election Interview (BBC)
Leak Confirms Turkey’s “Gold-For-Gas” Scheme To Evade US Sanctions On Iran (ZH)
BPA Chemical Levels In Humans Drastically Underestimated (G.)



There’s a concerted effort to bring back Mueller into the impeachment narrative. I’m not entirely sure why the Dems would want that. A little video with the article suggests Trump would have lied to Mueller -in writing- about contacts with WikiLeaks. You know, Julian Assange, the man who can’t defend himself. The same reason why Mueller could leave him in the report. Along with the 13 Russians. Pelosi can swing from Ukraine back to RussiaRussia. She already did, actually.

So will they bring back Mueller’s bumbling testimony as well? Be careful what you wish for.

Mueller Report’s Resurgence Gives Democrats New Dilemma On Impeachment (CNN)

Democrats are debating a risky step that may immeasurably bolster their impeachment case but could multiply the political price for ramming it home. Including elements of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report suggesting President Donald Trump was guilty of obstruction would help arguments he did exactly the same in the Ukraine investigation. But reviving the controversy over the special counsel’s probe could blur the much clearer current abuse of power case and play into Trump’s claims that both Washington intrigues are all part of the same “hoax.” Such an accusation would not be based in fact, but it would surely increase the exposure of swing state Democratic House members already facing an existential vote over impeachment. [..]

Democrats provoked fresh speculation that they were moving towards admitting some Mueller evidence by scheduling a Judiciary Committee hearing for Monday with staffers from two committees: Intelligence, which investigated the Ukraine scandal, and Judiciary, which dealt with allegations of obstruction in the Mueller report. This followed comments by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, that could be taken as a hint that Democrats were examining the Mueller option. “President Trump welcomed foreign interference in the 2016 election. He demanded it for the 2020 election,” Nadler said in his committee’s opening impeachment hearing on Wednesday. “In both cases, he got caught. And in both cases, he did everything in his power to prevent the American people from learning the truth about his conduct.”

But in a situation as emotionally and politically fraught as an impeachment, confronting each action can provoke a politically damaging counter-reaction. Democrats who wanted to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump after the release of the Mueller report failed to convince a critical mass of their own leadership that the case was sufficiently clear to the American people. That was one reason why Pelosi held out so long against rising pressure in her own caucus for an effort to oust the President, amid fears of a political backlash. In the CNN town hall, the speaker suggested that the Ukraine case was far more black and white. “It wasn’t so clear to the public,” Pelosi said, referring to Mueller’s findings.

“The Ukraine (situation) has removed all doubt, it was self-evident that the President undermined our national security, jeopardized the integrity of our election as he violated the oath of office.” The President and his supporters, perpetrating a massive disinformation campaign to create uncertainty and ambiguity about the Ukraine case, has been trying to brand it as an extension of the Mueller saga. Folding in the special counsel’s evidence could help do his work for him. For instance, in the first televised House Intelligence Committee hearing last month, the panel’s top Republican, Rep. Devin Nunes, told witnesses: “the main performance — the Russia hoax — has ended, and you’ve been cast in the low-rent Ukrainian sequel.”

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Turley of course is the one expert who disagreed with the three others.

Democrats Offering Passion Over Proof In Trump Impeachment (Turley)

The most dangerous place for an academic is often between the House and the impeachment of an American president. I knew that going into the first hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on the impeachment of Donald Trump. After all, Alexander Hamilton that impeachment would often occur in an environment of “agitated passions.” Yet I remained a tad naive in hoping that an academic discussion on the history and standards of it might offer a brief hiatus from hateful rhetoric on both sides. In my testimony Wednesday, I lamented that, as in the impeachment of President Clinton from 1998 to 1999, there is an intense “rancor and rage” and “stifling intolerance” that blinds people to opposing views.

My call for greater civility and dialogue may have been the least successful argument I made to the committee. Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands that I be fired from George Washington University for arguing that, while a case for impeachment can be made, it has not been made on this record. Some of the most heated attacks came from Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee. [..] As I stated Wednesday, I believe the Clinton case is relevant today and my position remains the same. I do not believe a crime has been proven over the Ukraine controversy, though I said such crimes might be proven with a more thorough investigation. Instead, Democrats have argued that they do not actually have to prove the elements of crimes such as bribery and extortion to use those in drafting articles of impeachment.

In the Clinton impeachment, the crime was clearly established and widely recognized. As I said 21 years ago, a president can still be impeached for abuse of power without a crime, and that includes Trump. But that makes it more important to complete and strengthen the record of such an offense, as well as other possible offenses. I remain concerned that we are lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. Trump will not be our last president. What we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations to come. These “agitated passions” will not be a substitute for proof in an impeachment. We currently have too much of the former and too little of the latter.

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More Mueller.

Pelosi Pursues Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump (R.)

Warning that U.S. democracy is at stake, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed a congressional committee on Thursday to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, a historic step setting up a fight over whether to oust him from office. In a dramatic televised statement, Pelosi accused the Republican president of abusing his power and alluded to Britain’s King George III, the monarch against whom the American colonies rebelled in forming the United States in 1776, saying that in the United States, “the people are the king.” “Our democracy is what is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt, once again, the election for his own benefit. The president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections,” said Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress.

At the heart of the Democratic-led House’s impeachment inquiry is Trump’s request that Ukraine launch an investigation targeting Joe Biden. The former vice president is a top contender for the Democratic nomination to face Trump in the 2020 presidential election. “Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders and our heart full of love for America, today I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment,” Pelosi said. She had opened the investigation in September. She was referring to Jerrold Nadler, whose House Judiciary Committee has the responsibility of drawing up the formal charges that would later be voted on by the full House. Two people knowledgeable about the process said the panel could draft and recommend the articles of impeachment to the House as early as Dec. 12.

[..] Judiciary Democrats said the report by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller documenting Russian interference in the 2016 election could be part of testimony they hear on Monday from a committee lawyer, who is presenting evidence along with a Democratic lawyer from the House Intelligence Committee. Republican committee lawyers are also expected to testify. Including material from Mueller’s report in an article of impeachment would demonstrate a pattern of behavior involving foreign interference in U.S. elections, House Judiciary Democrat Pramila Jayapal said.

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Talk about a swamp. Giuliani is talking to Ukraine people. Not sure where that fits in.

Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma And Hunter Biden (CDMedia)

Ukraine has fired the prosecutor investigating cases involving Hunter Biden and Burisma and has transferred responsibility to the Soros-controlled ‘National Anti-Corruption Bureau’ (NABU) for disposal. This is the same NABU led by Artem Sytnyk who was caught on tape bragging about helping the Clinton campaign in its effort to discredit Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Konstantin Kulik was fired from the General Prosecutor’s Office on November 22 due to corruption charges against him. Sources for CD Media describe the firing as being political in nature, as a way to ‘tidy up’ any loose ends regarding Biden and Burisma, to keep the information from the public eye during the ‘impeachment’ campaign in the United States.

They describe Victor Trepak (New Deputy General Prosecutor), Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaly Kasko, and Sytnyk as being under the control of the George Soros/Deep State infrastructure in-country. Trepak was involved in the infamous ‘black ledger’ in the Manafort affair, which is now considered to be fake. The State Bureau of Investigation may be headed by Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Trepak it was reported by “Ukrainian Truth” with reference to sources, reported Ukrainian news outlet “Soros and the Democrats appointed their agents of influence to the General Prosecutor’s Office (Kasko and Trepak). They put Sytnyk in NABU and Kholodnitsky in SAP (Special Prosecutor) in order to destroy the evidence of corruption of the Democrats in Ukraine and to continue the process of the country’s rape with impunity. They are corruption. If they put Trepak, the author of the ‘black ledger’, as the head of the State Bureau of Investigation, then the process of covering up their crimes will be completed,” declared a confidential intelligence source in Ukraine.

In an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Babel, Kasko discusses the development of Kulik’s firing. According to him, the National Bureau of Investigation will deal with almost all of the cases that Kulik conducted: “All the cases that Kulik was involved in are currently being inventory. In 99 percent of cases, NABU will deal with them. This is a good body to put an end to and clarify what actually happened in these matters. “

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End the Fed.

Fed Goes Hog-Wild with T-Bills, But Repos Drop and MBS Shrink by $22 Bn (WS)

The total amount of repurchase agreements (“repos”) on the Fed’s balance sheet as of December 4, released today, declined to $209 billion, from $215 billion a month ago. These repos included: • $70 billion in overnight repos, issued on Wednesday morning that unwound today; all prior overnight repos had already unwound. • $88 billion in multi-day repos with maturities of up to two weeks; • $50 billion in 42-day repos; of which $25 billion were issued on November 25 and $25 billion on December 2. They will unwind early next year. Before the repo market blew out in mid-September, the repos on the Fed’s balance sheet were zero. This chart shows the weekly balances of repos on the Fed’s balance sheet as of each Wednesday:

In these “repo operations,” the Fed buys Treasury securities, mortgage-backed securities issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and government “Agency” securities, under an agreement whereby the counter parties have to repurchase those securities on a set date at a set (higher) price. The interest rate is determined by the difference between the price the Fed buys the securities at, and the pre-set higher price it sells the securities back to the original counter party. [..] The Fed has stated many times that it wants to get rid of its holdings of MBS. And it’s progressing with the plan. In November, the Fed shed $22 billion in MBS, exceeding the self-imposed cap of $20 billion per month for the seventh month in a row. Over the past seven months, it has shed $160 billion in MBS, or about $22.8 billion a month on average. Its holdings are now down to $1.42 trillion, below where they had first been in November 2013:

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Big Brother appears inevitable.

Filmmakers Sue To Shield Visitors To US From Social Media Vetting (IC)

A filmmaker working on a documentary that’s critical of U.S. policies. A writer who operates a pseudonymous Twitter account to evade an authoritarian regime in their home country. An activist who uses Facebook to organize protests at the U.S.-Mexico border. These are the kinds of people who might not want U.S. immigration agents poring over their social media profiles before deciding whether they should be allowed into the country. Yet that’s exactly what the State Department now requires as part of the Trump administration’s “extreme vetting” of millions of visa applicants. As of May, people who need a visa to enter the U.S. have to disclose any social media handles they’ve used over the past five years on 20 platforms, from Instagram and Twitter to YouTube and Weibo (the Chinese microblogging service).

If they don’t, their visas could be denied. Two U.S.-based documentary film organizations filed suit on Thursday in federal court in Washington, D.C. to challenge the policy, arguing that it will have a chilling effect on the filmmakers they work with. Along with the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, the International Documentary Association and Doc Society are suing the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security because their international members are “concerned that their political views will be used against them during the visa process.” “They self-censor to avoid being associated with controversial ideas or sensitive topics,” the complaint states. The nonprofit groups surveyed over 100 international filmmakers and found that “a significant majority said it would chill their speech online.”

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“We’re going to protest for a week at least, and at the end of that week it’s the government that’s going to back down…”

French Strike Against Macron Reforms Enters Day Two (R.)

France faced a second day of travel chaos, shuttered schools and understaffed hospitals on Friday as unions said they would be no let-up in a strike against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms until the president backed down. Much of France ground to a halt on Thursday as transport workers went on strike – joined by teachers, doctors, police, firemen and civil servants – while smoke and tear gas swirled through the streets of Paris as some protests turned violent, leading to dozens of arrests. On Friday there were heavy cancellations of rush-hour trains into Paris and 10 out of 16 metro lines were closed while others ran limited services.

Traffic jams totaling more than 350 kilometers clogged the main roads in and around the capital, according to traffic app Styadin, as many commuters took to their cars. Rail workers extended their strike through Friday, while unions at the Paris bus and metro operator RATP said their walkout would continue until Monday. “We’re going to protest for a week at least, and at the end of that week it’s the government that’s going to back down,” said 50-year-old Paris transport employee Patrick Dos Santos. The strike pits Macron, a 41-year-old former investment banker who took office in 2017 on a promise to open up France’s highly regulated economy, against powerful unions who say he is set on dismantling worker protections.

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With 6 days left, what’s the use?

UK’s Labour Accuses BBC Of Bias In Election Coverage (R.)

Labour’s co-campaign coordinator Andrew Gwynne said they had recorded numerous examples where his party’s leadership had received “more negative treatment, harsher scrutiny and slanted editorial comment” than Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. “That bias has been reflected in the framing, content and balance of BBC reporting during the campaign,” Gwynne wrote in a letter to the BBC’s Director General Tony Hall. “If the Conservatives are allowed to ‘play’ or manipulate the BBC, and this behavior goes unchecked, then the corporation will have effectively been complicit in giving the Conservative Party an unfair electoral advantage.”

The broadcaster, which is funded by a tax on all television-watching households and regularly faces accusations of bias from across the political spectrum, is bound by strict rules to ensure impartiality. “The BBC will continue to make its own independent editorial decisions, and is committed to reporting the election campaign fairly, impartially and without fear or favor,” a BBC spokesman said. Labour, trailing the Conservatives by about 10 points in opinion polls before the Dec. 12 vote, are particularly unhappy that Johnson has not agreed to be interviewed by veteran journalist Andrew Neil, who has already subjected the other major party leaders to tough questioning.

Labour said they had agreed to the Neil interview on the understanding that Johnson had also signed up. “Instead, the BBC allowed the Conservative leader to pick and choose a platform through which he believed he could present himself more favorably and without the same degree of accountability,” Gwynne said. On Thursday, having just interviewed the head of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage on BBC TV at prime-time, Neil issued an on-air challenge to Johnson to appear before him. He also detailed a series of questions he would ask, focusing on whether Johnson could be trusted over campaign promises.

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Ready for prime time TV. If Boris is MIA, just broadcast this.

Andrew Neil Tells Johnson “It’s Not Too Late” For Election Interview (BBC)

The BBC’s Andrew Neil says he wants to quiz Boris Johnson about whether he can be trusted. The Conservative leader is – so far – the only main party leader not to submit to an election grilling on BBC One.

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Great story. Who has the movie rights?

Leak Confirms Turkey’s “Gold-For-Gas” Scheme To Evade US Sanctions On Iran (ZH)

We first started noticing major ‘odd’ exports of gold from Turkey to Iran in May 2012. Turkey’s trade balance fluctuated wildly as gold stocks flowed out of the country in bursts. “Turkey’s going to continue it,” the Turkish economy minister said. “If those casting aspersions on the gold trade are searching for immorality, they should take a look in the mirror.” Then, in 2014, we discussed Turkey’s “200 tons of secret gold” trade with Iran detailing how a complex network that spanned Turkey, China, Dubai and Iran was used to skirt US sanctions on energy exports from Iran. The operation featured an Iranian-born businessman who liked fast horses, faster cars and the fastest planes.

His unique skill: Getting gold into sanctions-encircled Iran. Enough gold that for a time he became the government’s key instrument in improving Turkey’s irksome economic imbalance. At the time, the plot revealed what one observer called, “one of the most complex illicit finance schemes [prosecutors] have seen.” In 2017, the man at the center of the scheme, Reza Zarrab, was arrested (and briefly disappeared) and was tied to Turkey’s president. “Zarrab is thought to have been close to the Erdogan family and, indeed, he was given Turkish citizenship, alongside Iranian. This is a real stress point.”

Zarrab pleaded guilty in October 2017 and turned against Mehmet Hakan Atila – a director at Turkey’s Halkbank – who was convicted on Jan. 3, 2018, and after serving a total 32 months behind bars was returned to Turkey and has since become the head of the Istanbul stock exchange. And since then “one of the biggest money-laundering schemes ever” has disappeared from the headlines… until now. Thanks to a massive leak of more than a million documents from a British offshore shell company provider, think Panama Papers 2.0, we now learn exactly how Iran’s national oil company and its subsidiaries hopscotch the globe, with the help of intermediaries, in search of tax havens that help it try to wriggle free from the grip of crippling U.S.-led sanctions.

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We’ll end humanity yet.

BPA Chemical Levels In Humans Drastically Underestimated (G.)

Humans are probably being exposed to far more of a widely used dangerous chemical – found in plastics, canned goods and receipt paper – than previously understood, according to a new study. The analysis, in the peer-reviewed scientific journal the Lancet, uses a new method for evaluating exposure to BPA, or bisphenol-A. BPA disrupts hormones critical to many body functions and is linked with obesity and other diseases. Pregnant women who are exposed to it are more likely to have children who have problems with growth, behavior and fertility, as well as a higher cancer risk. Many companies have phased out using BPAs, marketing new products with similar replacement bisphenols as safer without sufficient evidence for their claims, experts say.

The new research examined levels of BPA in urine but also counted the metabolites of BPA. Metabolites are formed when the body breaks down and eliminates a chemical. Using the new method, the scientists analyzed the urine of 29 pregnant women in their second trimester and found their BPA exposure levels to be an average of 44 times higher than what was measured with the traditional method. Patricia Hunt, a co-author of the study who is a molecular biosciences professor at Washington State University, said she was “horrified” by the high levels her group found in the pregnant women.

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    Arthur Rothstein President Roosevelt tours drought area, near Bismarck, North Dakota Aug 1936   • Mueller Report’s Resurgence Gives Democrats New
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 6 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Arthur Rothstein President Roosevelt tours drought area, near Bismarck, North Dakota Aug 1936

    Very nice; well done; sharp, good contrast, composition, spot on IMO…

    As for the rest? What I find most disturbing, is specifically the internationally criminal treatment of Julian Assange; but what is far, far worse is the blatant apathy of the entire “free” world, towards Assange’s obvious torture and worse, for simply telling the truth; about a fascist killing machine’s war crimes…
    I think most Usians just have no idea of what their apathy on this is going to bring them in their future; unspeakable crimes so bad that they’ll finally wake up and utter WTF?
    But it will be too f*^#@g late to act…


    Angela Merkel visits Auschwitz for first time

    She should have visited Assange instead

    Dr. D

    Roosevelt…just before he ordered farmers to plow under crops while people starved. Brilliant! Experts!

    Ah, but we care JUST SO MUCH about people imprisoned and dead 80 years, about statues and slaves happening 250 years ago…and absolutely nothing about concentration camps, executions, and slavery happening today. …In fact, people who oversaw the re-establishment of western slavery got the Nobel Peace Prize, I kid you not! That’s the #Helping and #Caring we have. And in our dudgeon, we wonder what THEY were thinking, those stupid people in 1939 and 1839. How dare they, immoral beasts! We are so, SO much better, enlightened. Practically perfect in every way. Ain’t none o’ that in St. Louis and San Antonio, Paris and Belmarsh, no sireee!

    “Make no mistake: all roads lead to Putin” – Nancy Pelosi, Dec 5th, 2019

    Great. One problem: HOW? So you’re now going to point to Mueller, who couldn’t find anything, and the three things he did sort of find are essentially reversed in court: Flynn, the click farm, and Popadopolous. Doesn’t matter. When you’re #AntiLogos religion, “We create reality now, and while you’re reacting to that, we’ll create it again, and again, and again…” Great plan, btw. However, it is paramount to madness, insanity, and despair. But when #AntiLogos is your god, madness, violence, and despair ARE your goals, QED, so everything is going perfectly.

    What strikes me is the weakness of the fascist, authoritarian, #AntiLogos people: total lack of latitude and imagination, they’re like cartoon minions. “No! It can’t be! My master plan! It’s Impossible!!!” So just as if they get orders from some Dr. Evil who will kill them if they waver even slightly, when the original plan for “Russia Interference” – confirmed to have been established day after election with Podesta and other top-strategists – goes awry, they just go forward into Mueller. And when that goes awry, they haul Mueller before Congress. And when that goes awry, they do the same accusations and reports in Ukraine. And when that goes awry, they resurrect Mueller, which just went awry a month ago, and proceed as if what they planned and hoped actually happened. …And like every day since HRC catastrophically lost to Cheeto. As some wag said yesterday, “If they think trotting out legal ‘experts’ from Harvard and Yale is going to sway the American people, they’ve learned nothing about why they lost in 2016.” Word.

    …So here we are again. Maddow’s dried off, Back in Baby’s Arms again, crying RussiaRussiaRussia! How can we NOT believe it? And myself, and every voter in PA, MI, WI, plus Nunes, Guiliani, McConnell, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, the media, the Vermont Electric Board, Jill Stein, and probably the Pope are all Russians too! People, I’m Serial here. Why won’t you believe me?

    And as they say, we send 14k troops as mercenaries to Saudi, who are supporting the deaths of 30k civilians in an illegal war crime and embargo that extends to pirating oil tankers to Syria too, and THIS is what they impeach on. Well, history will remember if there are any books left after the war.

    Okay, next thought: although they are mindless minions and zealots, they’re not stupid. An Impeachment goes to a Republican Senate and the bar is 2/3 vote. What are they up to? I know Pool for instance has deep frustrations with the do-nothing Republicans, but I think this is wanted and much desired. No one’s going to learn unless we have a Bright Red Mecha-McCarthy roaming free, smashing towns reporters and citizens with his illegal wiretapping AT&T subpoena-gun. The GOP has warned about this since before Reagan, that they would trample state customs, stop all speech, follow all reporters, confiscate all guns, cancel all Bill of Rights. No one cared, it was a joke. So…here ya go! Just like they said for 50 years! 100% totally correct. The public has their own problems at home, so they need to see that written large. Then these guys are establishing the best-possible, slam-dunk case for, say, Schiff to be indicted for doing exactly what he says Trump does, but McCabe, Nadler, Biden, Hillary, and even Obama too. Why stop them? And if they DON’T impeach, how are you going to have a trial in the Senate, with actual evidence, actual witnesses, and actual perjury, televised on a National TV that won’t report anything except its #OppositeLand? Please: carry on, you’re doing great. Transmute me unto that smilax genera patch hastily, at thine earliest convenience.

    For the GOP, there is yet a chance someone can come to their senses. It’s not ALL the DNC that’s involved; it’s not ALL of any one. It’s only this layer of self-serving sellouts to China etc, who are a rogue state led by the CIA openly named as far back as Kennedy, and Eisenhower before him. They didn’t invent this, you know. So if the DNC chooses, left and center, they can stop this madness, take their medicine, and let the bad apples of “Chinese spy-hire” Pelosi, “Human-trafficking port” Schiff, “State headmaster” Brennan, and his installed agent Obama take the fall for the actions they provably did, and move on fairly and openly with the reformed, people’s party. They may or may not do that, but a house impeachment vote will reveal their loyalties. My party right or wrong, my tribe uber alles? Or to look to their voters in Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan and away from billionaires Bloomberg, Gates, Sandeep, Zucker…and J.J. Epstein. Spot-check. That’s also critical for Barr and the GOP to know how to proceed as everyone indicts everyone, as Talib said she would, marching into the floor of Congress and locking up the President and his Generals in Detroit County Jail. (I expect she hasn’t read a military history book.) So, so many chances to back out, like the two recent House members who flipped. Or Lisa Page, who it seemed might have a sort of DoJ deal, now wants to go public against it. Does that show who wants to split the country, and who wants to just drain it? Only time will tell.

    Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden (CDMedia)”

    Since overseas, I’d be absolutely sure they already have all the evidence – they’ve had 3 years for the NSA to B&E – but this can muddy the chain-of-evidence, if that’s all you have. Nice how it brings Soros in, though. Much desired. But it’s impossible for him to do wrong because it’s a ‘trope.’ No billionaire has ever used his money for political ends, never, nor has he ever coordinated with other billionaires and power-blocs to do so. It’s unheard of! And if you removed all those pages from the history books, you’d have…well, probably just the title page and glossary. But nobody reads “books,” so who can really tell?

    Fed Goes Hog-Wild with T-Bills, But Repos Drop and MBS Shrink by $22 Bn (WS)”

    Not entirely. Like everyone else in ‘government’, they are lying weasels and put the continually-rising amounts in back-charts and footnotes. …Probably borrowed an expert from BLS on how to do it more weaselly. It’s $350B and still rising, and all the stated numbers are prefaced, with “At LEAST X” meaning $350B is a MINIMUM, with no drink maximum for Happy Hour. Timed perfectly to market-break if/when impeachment goes forward. Mnuchin is a villain but he’s not a dummy, he follows orders.

    a significant majority said it would chill their speech online.

    Well, that is the point. And I love how they keep saying, “If we don’t look out, we could end up in a dystopian 1984 state.” Could? Where have you been the last 10, 20, 30, 40 years? Ready to say “No” yet? Speaking of people opting out and going back to the woods to live in tents, I forget which mega-agency (U.N. related?) wants to make RV and Van life illegal now, since people were getting free, not making trouble, and not in debt. No citizen, you MUST live in a house, EXACTLY the size we say, and not a single foot bigger or smaller. If it doesn’t exactly match the system built by Google and deployed in China, EXACTLY, the SWAT teams will be over shortly.
    …Or if you’re drinking milk from cows. Very bad.

    Leak Confirms Turkey’s “Gold-For-Gas” Scheme To Evade US Sanctions On Iran (ZH)”

    Going on 5+ years and working pretty well. U.S. itself demanded it by politicizing Swift under Obama. Russia yesterday said cutting off Russia on SWIFT would be – and I quote – “a declaration of war.” Not that anybody here cares. They WANT that war, abroad and and home. They won’t love death enough until they are nuked. …Or us anyway, since they think they’ll be safe in their DUMB bunkers. (See History Channel) They won’t.

    BPA Chemical Levels In Humans Drastically Underestimated (G.)”

    Like Monsanto, they’ve known about this for ever and never. They just don’t care, because they WANT us all sick and dead, just like the medieval peasants. Make less trouble that way, and too screwed up to avoid their wars.

    That’s all the news, but I’m sure it’ll double even before 5:00EST! We been Drivin’ that Train, high on Cocaine, and Casey Jones ain’t slowin’ down now!


    Words that will affect the US election,
    Apathy – of the evidence presented by the impeachment procedures.
    Enablers – revealing the structures needed to legally become filthy rich

    Modern Warfare:
    In today’s kind of warfare, the enablers are the generals and the road builders

    we now learn exactly how Iran’s national oil company and its subsidiaries hopscotch the globe, with the help of intermediaries, in search of tax havens that help it try to wriggle free from the grip of crippling U.S.-led sanctions.
    So, in conclusion, we now have two facts confirmed – trust no one and nothing; and gold is money. Given the level of grift here, we wonder just how long before more incriminating evidence is leaked about how Democrats have benefited greatly from Ukraine deals.


    December 06, 2019
    2:29 PM ET

    The Republican chairmen of three Senate committees are seeking records from and interviews with a former DNC contractor and a former Ukrainian diplomatic official to determine whether there was any coordination between the Ukrainian government and Democrats in the 2016 election, an allegation Democrats have dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

    Sens. Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham said Friday that they are requesting the records from Alexandra Chalupa, the former DNC contractor, and Andrii Telizkhenko, a former political officer who worked in the Ukrainian embassy.

    The senators said the request is a continuation of Grassley’s inquiry in 2017 about possible coordination between the DNC and Ukrainian embassy to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

    Chalupa met throughout 2016 with Ukrainian embassy officials, and sought to trade information related to Manafort, who worked through 2014 for former Ukrainian President ViktorYanukovych, on Jan. 11, 2017, Politico reported. Telizhenko told Politico he was directed by his bosses to help Chalupa in the effort.

    In addition to Chalupa’s efforts, multiple Ukrainian government officials spoke out against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

    One official scrutinized by Republicans is Serhiy Leshchenko, a former Ukrainian parliamentarian who gained international attention in August 2016 for helping publicize the so-called “black ledger” that detailed payments that the Ukrainian Party of Regions allegedly made to Manafort.

    Manafort denied receiving the payments, but was forced off the Trump team following reports of the “black ledger.” He was convicted in the special counsel’s investigation of financial crimes related to income from his Ukraine work. (RELATED: Memo Given To Fusion GPS Described Ukrainian Lawmaker As Potential ‘Conduit’ For Information)

    Serhiy Leshchenko during a press conference in Kiev on August 19, 2016. (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

    Nellie Ohr, a former contractor for Fusion GPS, told lawmakers in an Oct. 18, 2018, interview that Leshchenko was a source of some kind for Fusion, which commissioned the infamous Steele dossier.

    Leshchenko has told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he never knowingly met with anyone from Fusion GPS. He said he met Chalupa at least once during the 2016 campaign season at an event held for the Ukraine diaspora.

    The DNC paid Chalupa $412,000 for consulting work from 2004 through June 2016. The DCNF has been unable to reach Chalupa for comment.

    Democrats and numerous media pundits have downplayed allegations that Ukraine might have meddled in the 2016 election, calling the theory a distraction from Russia’s interference in the campaign.

    In a statement announcing their requests, Johnson, the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, criticized the press, which he said has dismissed the theory of Ukrainian meddling.

    “Contrary to the popular narrative in the ‘main stream media’ that Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 election has been debunked, or ‘no evidence exists,’ there are many unanswered questions that have festered for years,” Johnson said.

    Grassley, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said the DNC-Ukraine link has not been fully explored.

    “While there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, we know that Russia meddled in our democratic processes. However, certain reports of collusion and interference involving Ukrainian officials have not been sufficiently examined, and the few answers that have been given are inadequate,” the Iowa Republican said.

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