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DPC City Hall subway station, New York 1904


Coronavirus Survived In Vacated Cruise Ship Cabins For Up To 17 Days (CNBC)
46.5% Of Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Passengers, Crew Were Asymptomatic (CNN)
Italy Has A Brief Glimpse Of Hope As New Cases Drop To A 5-Day Low (SCMP)
India Faces Spike In Coronavirus Cases – Study (R.)
Coronavirus Treatment Developed By Gilead Granted “Rare Disease” Status (IC)
Man Dies After Ingesting Chloroquine (NBC)
‘Miracle’ Malaria Drug Saved Us From Coronavirus, Claim Americans (DM)
War Couldn’t Stop Parliament, So Why Should COVID-19? (Aus.)
Ecuadoreans Print 3-D Protective Gear For COVID-19 Doctors (Telesur)
Electricity Consumption In Italy Plummets Amid Countrywide Quarantine (ZH)
China’s Propaganda Campaign in Europe (Kern)
All the Fed’s Corporate & Investor Bailout Programs and SPVs (WS)



Scariest bit today? Here it is:



Cases 391,947 (+ 46,654 from yesterday’s 345,292)

Deaths 17,138 (+ 2,213 from yesterday’s 14,925)




From Worldometer yesterday evening (before their day’s close)

One look at the US suffices. It was up 9,293 at 42,893. So far today another 2,434 were added, total now 46,168. Death toll yesterday was 522, now 582.



From Worldometer -NOTE: mortality rate for closed cases is at 14% !! 2 weeks ago it was at 6%-



From SCMP:











Just today, March 24, two more deaths from the Diamond Princess were announced. The last crew members left the ship March 1.

Coronavirus Survived In Vacated Cruise Ship Cabins For Up To 17 Days (CNBC)

The coronavirus survived for up to 17 days aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, living far longer on surfaces than previous research has shown, according to new data published Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study examined the Japanese and U.S. government efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreaks on the Carnival-owned Diamond Princess ship in Japan and the Grand Princess ship in California. Passengers and crew on both ships were quarantined on board after previous guests, who didn’t have any symptoms while aboard each of the ships, tested positive for COVID-19 after landing ashore.

The virus “was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted,” the researchers wrote, adding that the finding doesn’t necessarily mean the virus spread by surface. “COVID-19 on cruise ships poses a risk for rapid spread of disease, causing outbreaks in a vulnerable population, and aggressive efforts are required to contain spread,” the CDC wrote, reiterating its guidance to vulnerable populations to avoid cruises during the pandemic.

[..] The new study set out to determine how “transmission occurred across multiple voyages of several ships.” They noted that as of March 17, there were at least 25 cruise ship voyages with confirmed COVID-19 cases that were detected either during or after the cruise ended. Almost half, 46.5%, of the infections aboard the Diamond Princess were asymptomatic when they were tested, partially explaining the “high attack rate” of the virus among passengers and crew. [..] The researchers found that 712 of 3,711 people on the Diamond Princess, or 19.2% were infected by COVID-19.

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And why wouldn’t this be true everywhere?

Note: the -unrelated- explainer video is pretty much a must see

46.5% Of Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Passengers, Crew Were Asymptomatic (CNN)

Nearly half of the Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers and crew who tested positive for the novel coronavirus were asymptomatic at the time they were tested, according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the 712 passengers and crew members of the ship who tested positive for coronavirus, 331 – or 46.5% – were asymptomatic at the time of testing, the CDC said. The agency said that the high rate of asymptomatic infections could partly explain the high rate of infection among cruise ship passengers and crew.

Traces of the virus were found “on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted,” the CDC said. However, the surface contamination on the ship can’t be used to determine whether transmission occurred from contaminated surfaces without further study, the CDC cautioned. As of March 13, 107, or 25%, of the 428 Americans on the Diamond Princess tested positive for coronavirus, the agency said.

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Italian newspaper La Repubblica apparently reports that infection rate in Italy is 10x higher than acknowledged. I like the tweeted response:

“That’s actually good news (if true). Death rate much lower and also means everyone has it.”

If everyone’s infected, there’s no more need for lockdowns.

Italy Has A Brief Glimpse Of Hope As New Cases Drop To A 5-Day Low (SCMP)

Italy’s number of new Covid-19 cases dropped to a five-day low on Monday, easing tension on overstretched hospitals and bringing a glimmer of hope to a nation that has lost more lives than any other country to the pandemic. In Spain, however, more people died in the last 24 hours than at any point since the coronavirus outbreak erupted in what has become Europe’s second most devastated country. Italian health authorities announced 4,789 new cases in the last 24 hours, a drop from 5,560 on Sunday and 6,557 on Saturday. It was also lower than the levels of Thursday and Friday, when the figures for confirmed cases were still rising. The number of hospitalised cases in Lombardy – the Italian region enduring the most serious outbreak – also declined for the first time since the contagion took root.

“Today is perhaps the first positive day we have had in this hard, very tough month,” said Giulio Gallera, the top health official in Lombardy, an area known as the economic engine of Italy. “It is not the time to sing victory, but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” The number of coronavirus cases in Italy has risen to 63,927 – compared to 81,093 in mainland China. [..] The overall death rate from the pandemic in Italy has further risen to 9.5 per cent, far exceeding the global average of 4.4 per cent. Of the confirmed cases, 3,204 were in intensive care, while 26,522 were under home quarantine.

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The US went from 409 cases two weeks ago to 46,000 now, sure to cross the 100,000 line in a few days, i.e. in under 3 weeks. This “study” claims this could take almost 2 months in India.

India Faces Spike In Coronavirus Cases – Study (R.)

India could face between around 100,000 and 1.3 million confirmed cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus by mid-May if it continues to spread at its current pace, according to a team of scientists based mainly in the United States. The estimates reinforce concerns among some medical officials and experts in India that the country of 1.4 billion people could see coronavirus cases jump sharply in the coming weeks and put its health system under severe strain. The scientists said projections could change as the country conducts more testing, while also putting in place stricter restrictions and measures to stem the spread of the virus.

“Even with the best case scenarios, probably, you are in a very painful crisis,” said Bhramar Mukherjee, a professor of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of Michigan who was involved in the study. The study was carried out by the COV-IND-19 Study Group of scholars and scientists looking into the threat posed by the coronavirus, and COVID-19, the disease it causes, in India. [..] India probably has only around 100,000 intensive care unit (ICU) beds and 40,000 ventilators, said Dhruva Chaudhry, president of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, based on industry estimates and other data. “We can handle it if an even number (of cases) come over a period of time,” Chaudhry said. But he warned that there was not sufficient infrastructure or staff to handle a sharp spike in critical patients.

[..] So far, India has reported 471 cases of the coronavirus and 9 deaths, numbers dwarfed by countries like China, Italy and Spain, but which are nonetheless beginning to accelerate. Authorities have imposed a lockdown across large parts of the country, including in the capital city New Delhi and the financial hub of Mumbai. The original study was based on data up to March 16, but following a request from Reuters, the team updated their model using cases from Indian health authorities up to March 21.

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Yeah, this stinks. But it’s not a “coronavirus treatment”. Remdesivir is an antiviral that’s alleged to be effective against Ebola and Marburg.

Coronavirus Treatment Developed By Gilead Granted “Rare Disease” Status (IC)

This afternoon, the Food and Drug Administration granted Gilead Sciences “orphan” drug status for its antiviral drug, remdesivir. The designation allows the pharmaceutical company to profit exclusively for seven years from the product, which is one of dozens being tested as a possible treatment for Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Experts warn the designation, reserved for treating “rare diseases,” could block supplies of the antiviral medication from generic drug manufacturers and provide a lucrative windfall for Gilead Sciences, which maintains close ties with President Donald Trump’s task force for controlling the coronavirus crisis. Joe Grogan, who serves on the White House coronavirus task force, lobbied for Gilead from 2011 to 2017 on issues including the pricing of pharmaceuticals.

“The Orphan Drug Act is for a rare disease and this is about as an extreme opposite of a rare disease you can possibly dream up,” said James Love, the director of Knowledge Ecology International, a watchdog on pharmaceutical patent abuse. “They’re talking about potentially half the population of the United States,” said Love, adding that “it’s absurd that this would happen in the middle of an epidemic when everything is in short supply.” The 1983 Orphan Drug Act gives special inducements to pharmaceutical companies to make products that treat rare diseases. In addition to the seven-year period of market exclusivity, “orphan” status can give companies grants and tax credits of 25 percent of the clinical drug testing cost. The law is reserved for drugs that treat illnesses that affect fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S.

But a loophole allows drugs that treat more common illnesses to be classified as orphans if the designation is given before the disease reaches that threshold. As of press time, there were more than 40,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the U.S, and some 366,000 worldwide. The distinction could severely limit supply of remdesivir by granting Gilead Sciences exclusive protection over the drug and complete control of its price. Other pharmaceutical firms, including India-based pharmaceutical firm Cipla, are reportedly working towards a generic form of remdesivir, but patients in the U.S. could be prevented from buying generics with lower prices now that Gilead Sciences’ drug has been designated an orphan.

The distinction could severely limit supply of remdesivir by granting Gilead Sciences exclusive protection over the drug and complete control of its price. Other pharmaceutical firms, including India-based pharmaceutical firm Cipla, are reportedly working towards a generic form of remdesivir, but patients in the U.S. could be prevented from buying generics with lower prices now that Gilead Sciences’ drug has been designated an orphan. Today, Gilead abruptly announced that it would no longer provide emergency access to remdesivir, telling the New York Times that “overwhelming demand” left it unable to process requests for the drug through its compassionate use program. Hours later, the Food and Drug Administration gave the drug orphan status. Almost immediately, Gilead’s stock price shot up.

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Okay, I’m confused. Time for Dr. John Day and other medical commentariat to chime in. This suggests the “human” version’s generic name is hydroxychloroquine, but when we started discussing it here 5 weeks ago, we were talking about chloroquine phosphate, which the article says is for fish only.

Also, we don’t read how much these people took. And the woman is critical but still does elaborate interviews?

Man Dies After Ingesting Chloroquine (NBC)

An Arizona man has died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate — believing it would protect him from becoming infected with the coronavirus. The man’s wife also ingested the substance and is under critical care. The toxic ingredient they consumed was not the medication form of chloroquine, used to treat malaria in humans. Instead, it was an ingredient listed on a parasite treatment for fish. The man’s wife told NBC News she’d watched televised briefings during which President Trump talked about the potential benefits of chloroquine. Even though no drugs are approved to prevent or treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, some early research suggests it may be useful as a therapy.

The name “chloroquine” resonated with the man’s wife, who asked that her name not be used to protect the family’s privacy. She’d used it previously to treat her koi fish. “I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, ‘Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV?'” The couple — both in their 60s and potentially at higher risk for complications of the virus — decided to mix a small amount of the substance with a liquid and drink it as a way to prevent the coronavirus. “We were afraid of getting sick,” she said. Within 20 minutes, both became extremely ill, at first feeling “dizzy and hot.” “I started vomiting,” the woman told NBC News. “My husband started developing respiratory problems and wanted to hold my hand.”

She called 911. The emergency responders “were asking a lot of questions” about what they’d consumed. “I was having a hard time talking, falling down.” Shortly after he arrived at the hospital, her husband died. [..] On Monday, Banner Health, based in Arizona, said the couple took the additive called chloroquine phosphate. The couple unfortunately equated the chloroquine phosphate in their fish treatment with the medication —known by its generic name, hydroxychloroquine ..

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One coin, two sides.

‘Miracle’ Malaria Drug Saved Us From Coronavirus, Claim Americans (DM)

People across the US have come forward to call the anti-malaria drug a ‘miracle’ coronavirus treatment as New York state officials announce they will start trials with the medication on Tuesday. On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state will doctors will start trialing hydroxychloroquine this week after the number of coronavirus cases in New York City alone rose to 12,000, an increase of more than 3,000 overnight. The drug has not yet been proven as effective in battling the virus, but President Donald Trump drummed up excitement over it when he called it a ‘game changer’ last week. Dr Anthony Fauci, the White House coronavirus expert, said more work was needed before it could be heralded as a solution. But people like Rio Giardinieri, Margaret Novins and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim are praising the drug for saving their lives.

Giardinieri, who is the vice-president of a company that manufactures cooking equipment for high-end restaurants in Los Angeles, said his doctors administered the drug as a last hope for his recovery. The 52-year-old believes he contracted the virus during a conference in New York and immediately fell ill with a fever for five days, back pain, headaches, a cough and fatigue. ‘I was at the point where I was barely able to speak, and breathing was very challenging,’ he told Fox 6. He went to Joe DiMaggio Hospital in South Florida, where doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and coronavirus. Giardinieri explained that he was placed on oxygen but he was still unable to breath. After a week, doctors told him there was nothing else they could do and on Friday evening he said goodbye to his wife and three children.

‘I really thought my end was there. I had been through nine days of solid pain and for me, the end was there, so I made some calls to say, in my own way, goodbye to my friends and family,’ he told the news site. Giardinieri said a friend then told him about the anti-malaria drug. He immediately asked a doctor to administer the medication. He then explained what came next, including the moment when he felt like his heart was beating out of his chest. ‘They had to come in, and get me calmed down, and take care of me,’ Giardinieri said. But then the next morning he says he ‘woke up like nothing ever happened’ and feeling much better. The doctors said they don’t believe Giardinieri’s episode was a reaction to the anti-malaria drug but instead was likely the virus progressing in his body. ‘To me, the drug saved my life,’ Giardinieri said.

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Keep distance everywhere except in parliament? There are pictures of UK nurses in overloaded London subway trains. Because the risk of infection at work is not high enough, I guess.

War Couldn’t Stop Parliament, So Why Should COVID-19? (Aus.)

The decision to shut down parliament until August goes against the entire underpinnings of our Westminster political democracy. The argument that it practically needs to happen is just rubbish. Parliament kept operating through both World Wars. It operated during the Great Depression and even the Spanish Influenza of 1919. In those days we didn’t have the technology nor know-how we do today to make it even easier to keep parliament open, whether from a transport or communications perspective. The same reason that well prepared private schools have seamlessly moved to online learning systems is the reason the nation’s parliament could operate — at the very least — as a virtual chamber if necessary. Or as it did this week with social distancing and limited attendance.

What message does it send culturally that parliament is apparently so irrelevant it can pack up until the second half of the year without concern? Our democracy is not about the executive running the joint without parliamentary oversight — especially in times of crisis when scrutiny and accountability become even more important. While parliament inevitably includes no small degree of buffoonery, the role of Question Time and the platform the chamber gives individual MPs to voice the concerns of their local communities is vital. As are the committee processes.

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Shouldn’t everyone be doing this? Where are governments’ purchases of 3D printers?

Ecuadoreans Print 3-D Protective Gear For COVID-19 Doctors (Telesur)

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecuador has become the second worst-hit country in the region with over 980 infected as of Monday and with the rapid spread of the virus the country now faces a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for its health workers. Yet this grim reality became an opportunity for a group of Ecuadoreans business owners and enthusiasts of 3-D printing to join together and apply their knowledge to produce much-needed equipment for the doctors and nurses fronting the virus. “As soon as the news came, we started to think and talk about ways to help…we saw there was a need for protective gear and realized we could help,” Mateo Arcos, co-coordinator of the Hacking COVID-10 EC initiative told teleSUR.

The group began with 60 volunteers that decided to produce face shields, which are PPEs that provide over the top, side, and front face protection against splash and splatter of fluid-borne pathogens. Now the initiative has over 280 volunteers. The decision to opt for this was based on the fact many medical personel across the country were cutting off plastic bottles in order to make their own masks, crippling health workers’ ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. “There is a clear scarcity of it so we opted to make them, also as it was the more viable option,” Arcos added.

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Imagine the earth protecting herself from mankind by debilitating its powers to destroy her any further.

Electricity Consumption In Italy Plummets Amid Countrywide Quarantine (ZH)

Italy has gone full “Wuhan” with a massive lockdown across the country amid a virus crisis that has paralyzed its economy. So far, 63,927 confirmed cases of COVID-19 had been reported, with 6,077 deaths. The Italian economy is being dragged into a depression as the fast-spreading virus cripples its northern regions, forcing the government to ban travel and close all industrial production across the country. The impact of the virus on Italy’s economy led to the collapse of electricity consumption last week. Electricity usage fell 16% YoY for March 16-22, according to Bloomberg calculations based on Terna SpA data.

Diego Marquina, an analyst covering European power markets at BloombergNEF, noted on Monday that electricity demand in every European country has declined due to the impact of quarantine measures to mitigate the virus spread. Marquina said if declining electricity consumption is “sustained…weekday power demand would most likely fall to Sunday levels – a 10-26% reduction, depending on the country.” He estimates that power prices could drop between 6-18 EUR/MWh.

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Remeber that, as I wrote yesterday in , the leadership in all these countries failed miserably. All of them, including China.

China’s Propaganda Campaign in Europe (Kern)

Fortune magazine explained the motivation behind China’s propaganda push: “For China, the outreach to Europe is part of an effort to claw back an international leadership role after early cover-ups helped the virus spread well beyond its borders. President Xi Jinping’s government has sought to silence critics, including reporters and online commentators, and also spread conspiracy theories about where the virus originated. “Geopolitically, China’s move to brand itself as Europe’s savior aims to improve its standing on a global stage as both spar with the Trump administration. China and the U.S. have continued a wider fight for global influence — Beijing kicked out more than a dozen American journalists this week — while also seeking to deflect blame for their handling of the disease.”

On March 12, China sent to Italy a team of nine Chinese medical staff along with some 30 tons of equipment on a flight organized by the Chinese Red Cross. The head of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca, said that the shipment “revealed the power of international solidarity.” In recent days, China has also sent aid to:

• Greece, March 21. An Air China plane carrying 8 tons of medical equipment — including 550,000 surgical masks and other items such as protective equipment, glasses, gloves and shoe covers — arrived at Athens International Airport. The Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Zhang Qiyue, referred to words by Aristotle: “What is a friend? A single soul living in two bodies.” He said that “difficult times reveal true friends” and that China and Greece are “working closely together in the fight against the coronavirus.” This, he said, “confirms once again the excellent relations and friendship between the two peoples.”

• Serbia, March 21. China flew six doctors, ventilators and medical masks to Serbia to help Belgrade halt spreading of the coronavirus infection. “A big thank you to President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. China’s ambassador to Belgrade, Chen Bo, said the aid was a sign of the “iron friendship” between the two countries.

• Spain, March 21. The founder and president of the Chinese technology company Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, donated one million face masks. They were expected to arrive at Zaragoza Airport in northeastern Spain on March 23. The masks will be stored at a warehouse belonging to the Spanish apparel retailer Zara. From there, Zara will put its logistics network at the service of the Spanish government.

• Czech Republic, March 21. A Ukrainian cargo plane reportedly carrying 100 tons of medical supplies from China arrived at the airport in Pardubice, a city situated 100 kilometers east of Prague. On March 20, a Chinese plane carrying one million masks arrived in the Czech Republic, which reportedly ordered another 5 million respirators from China along with 30 million masks and 250,000 sets of protective clothing.

• France, March 18. China sent to France, the second-most powerful country of the European Union, a batch of medical supplies, including protective masks, surgical masks, protective suits and medical gloves. The Chinese Embassy in France tweeted: “United we will win!” The following day, China sent a second batch of supplies. The Chinese Embassy tweeted: “The Chinese people are next to the French people. Solidarity and cooperation will allow us to overcome this pandemic.”

• The Netherlands, March 18. China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, codeshare partners with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, donated 20,000 masks and 50,000 gloves. The shipment arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on a Xiamen Airlines flight. “These are extremely difficult times for our country and our company, so we are very happy with this help for KLM and for the Netherlands,” KLM CEO Pieter Elbers said. “Less than two months ago, KLM made a donation to China and now we are being helped so wonderfully and generously.”

• Poland, March 18. The Chinese government pledged to send Poland tens of thousands of protective items and 10,000 coronavirus test kits. On March 13, the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw sponsored a videoconference during which experts from China and Central Europe shared their knowledge on tackling the coronavirus.

• Belgium, March 18. A Chinese cargo plane carrying 1.5 million masks landed at Liege Airport. The masks, which will be distributed to Belgium, France and Slovenia, were donated by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, a Chinese ecommerce giant known as the “Amazon of China.”

• Czech Republic, March 18. A plane carrying 150,000 test kits for coronavirus landed in Prague. The Ministry of Health paid about CZK 14 million ($550,000) for 100,000 testing kits, while another 50,000 kits were paid for by the Ministry of the Interior. Transport was provided by the Ministry of Defense.

• Spain, March 17. A Chinese plane carrying 500,000 masks arrived at Zaragoza Airport. “The sun always rises after the rain,” Chinese President Xi Jinping told Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. He said that the friendship between China and Spain will be stronger and bilateral ties will have a brighter future after the joint fight against the virus. Xi said that after the pandemic, both countries should intensify exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of fields.

• Belgium, March 16. Another shipment of medical supplies donated by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation for epidemic prevention in Europe arrived at Liege Airport.

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Unlimited purchases announced and stocks tank. Is that the end of the line?

All the Fed’s Corporate & Investor Bailout Programs and SPVs (WS)

With its announcement this morning, the Fed expanded its three fundamental mechanisms in which it is once again bailing out the biggest risk takers, over-leveraged companies, hedge funds, mortgage REITs, and PE firms; wiping out cash-flows for crash-averse savers and holders of Treasury securities; and creating special opportunities for well-connected individuals who have access to the Fed’s programs. And let’s get this straight: None of the programs are going to fix the economy.

These bailout programs fall into three mechanisms:
1. Fed buys assets directly. Until this morning, this was limited to Treasury securities, agency debt, and residential MBS backed by Ginnie Mae (US government agency) and the GSEs, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This morning, the Fed added agency-backed commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) to the list.

2. Fed sets up special purpose vehicles (SPV) and lends to the SPVs which then buy assets or lend. These SPVs can buy assets the Fed is not allowed to buy and they can lend to entities and individuals to buy certain assets. Under the Federal Reserve Act, these SPVs require taxpayer backing from the Treasury Department to protect the Fed from losses.

3. The Fed lends to its 24 Primary Dealers against collateral, and that collateral can be anything the Fed decides, including now stocks – and in the end finally old bicycles.

The entire alphabet soup of new programs will take a while to get set up and get started. And since they won’t fix the economy and its underlying problems, they might not work as well in accomplishing their goals – making the wealthy wealthier – as they did during the Financial Crisis. So we’ll have to see how this works out.

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    V. Arnold

    Imagine the earth protecting herself from mankind by debilitating its powers to destroy her any further.

    Yeah, imagine that…
    Gaia is her name…


    Giuseppe Berardelli offered a love that endures beyond his person. What a gift, what a man. Humbled


    “Imagine the earth protecting herself from mankind by debilitating its powers to destroy her any further.”

    Nature bats last.


    As for these numbers:

    It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases, 11 days for the second 100,000 cases and just four days for the third 100,000 cases

    300,000 cases were reached sometime early March 22. There are over 392,000 cases right now, so give it an hour, maybe two.

    Dr. D

    “It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases,”

    Cases mean nothing. I have a “case” of the common coronavirus flu every year and don’t notice. We’ve had 17,000 deaths in 4 months. There are 100,000 deaths every 4 months from influenza. Tortoise and Hare race sure has a long way to go to catch up. It’s 83,000 deaths short of “normal” “unimportant” “unreported” “ignored” deaths. Keep trying. However, if we shut the economy down we can kill way more than 400,000 a year. Too late. That was more “experts” in the CDC, Fauci et al.

    If everyone’s infected, there’s no more need for lockdowns.”

    Yes! Your numbers mean N O T H I N G because you have no denominator for your numerator. We’re about to find that out in the U.S. as (accurate) testing appears.

    The US went from 409 cases two weeks ago to … 100,000 line in a few days,”

    Yes, and we only barely crossed the line of deaths that occur in NYC in one DAY (~402). Oh noes. 402 / 330 Million = 0.000012. You know, on par with sharknadoes. AND we’ve now responded and already have an easy and solid treatment.

    Coronavirus Treatment Developed By Gilead Granted “Rare Disease” Status (IC)”

    As predicted, Fauci is going to slow our response, get more infected, then fight FOR $300k respirators and violently AGAINST $50 cholorquine. The media is doing everything they can to support this. “If you drink a gallon of choroquine you’ll diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!” (Thanks NBC, “Not News Network”) Yeah, and a gallon of caffeine or whiskey too. Ah, experts! Anything to lie, murder, and increase profits. Don’t see that happening. We’re not in the mood to humor them right now.

    ‘Miracle’ Malaria Drug Saved Us From Coronavirus, Claim Americans (DM)”

    Nope, Trump is dum, false hope, shut down the economy and get people into ICU on $300k respirators.

    “War Couldn’t Stop Parliament, So Why Should COVID-19? (Aus.)”

    Maybe it would be a mercy to shut down, instead of being so soft we’d give up our worldwide rights for the death rate of one day of traffic because a flickering box told me so. We make up fantasy problems from our heads and accuse and persecute others for psychotic inventions. Maybe a society like that should fail and be taken over by actual men. Because apparently no one has heard of “teleconferencing”. Invented in the 90’s? …The 1890’s, with the “telephone”.

    Ecuadoreans Print 3-D Protective Gear for COVID-19 Doctors (Telesur)”

    No we should absolutely NOT be doing this. The reason we don’t do this is because it’s way slower and more expensive.

    Unlimited purchases announced and stocks tank. Is that the end of the line?”

    It’s been over since Sept 14th, 2019. We were always going to have a financial reset and a new currency since 1971. Here we are. You money means nothing to me. Carter, aside from inflation being “mysterious forces moving in mysterious ways” said inflation is “too much money chasing too few goods.” So now that the ports are closed and we have no goods, we’re going to print…More…money? And when MORE money doesn’t magically create goods – because FACTORIES do, WORK does – we’ll print MORE money? Hey, I think I’ve seen this movie before! In Argentina, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Germany, Russia, France…

    But go ahead, print more money and hand it out to the people. You will anyway. No one will learn otherwise.

    Fr. Giuseppe Berardelli … has died”

    This is because he knows life and death and doesn’t cower in fear. Like apparently everybody else does. But remember kids: Christians are evil and bad m’kay?

    Dr D Rich


    Zerosum and others have been right. It’s all about debt forgiveness for the poor…………yeah, the poor banks, the poor businesses just like with Obama, Geithner, Mike Silva and the NY FED back ten years ago. Ah, read it for your self. Btw, Dr. D, you’re right again about the numbers…..Nobel Prize!

    The New Federal Reserve as Garbage Can for All Capitalist Debt


    LOOK Its happening, HIDING BEHIND THE VIRUS. Its a jubilee for the connected elites.
    All of that MMT money is being used to save the elites.

    Covid – 19 Jubilee

    Historically, Jubilee forgives the debts of the poor every 7 years and every 49 (7×7) years, there is restoration of property to its rightful owners.

    Modern Jubilee, take advantage of the virus, forgives the debt of the elites and restore the property to the lenders.
    Reset to continue operations.
    All of that MMT money is being used to save the elites.


    So what if I use the word JUBILEE.
    Its the observation of a nobody.
    Don’t get upset.

    If I was connected maybe I would not speak for fear of not getting some of that MMT and ending up as one of the chosen survivor.

    Most of the readers here are smarted than me.
    Let’s see what kind of social/economic structures that we will end up with after the virus has run its course.

    I don’t expect to outlive the virus.

    Dr D Rich

    I have a personal anecdote about a poor kid from California, ambitious as hell, who lived across the hallway in college. Above average student and future naval aviator. His story is one of what an individual will do once he/she has access or proximity to the reigns of power. What you do is intimidate then fire the whistleblower and Goldman monitor, Carmen Segara, to curry favor favor with Geithner your boss. You wear a feather in your cap for being boots on the ground as lawyer turned economic advisor when the US “reconstructed” Iraq under Paul Bremer in the mid to late 2000s. ’83 Mike Silva.


    D. Rich fantastic link to Michael Hudson. I had been wondering if all this money printing would lead to hyperinflation, but it seems that, no, as per TAE long-time position, TPTB have cooked a plan to achieve debt deflation at the expense of the non-wealthy (small business, wage earners).


    And Kudos to TAE for emphasizing the importance of everyone getting out of debt.


    “And Kudos to TAE for emphasizing the importance of everyone getting out of debt.”
    Therefore, We don’t need a jubilee.

    Doc Robinson

    “An Arizona man has died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate…”

    On Feb 28, John Day quoted here an article listed at PubMed (National Institute of Health) which recommended chloroquine phosphate.

    “…recommended chloroquine phosphate tablet, 500mg twice per day for 10 days for patients diagnosed as mild, moderate and severe cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia and without contraindications to chloroquine.”

    Chloroquine phosphate, in some form, is/was available online without a prescription. As one aquarium supply website puts it:

    It is typically unavailable to the majority of the reefing community due to it normally being available only through a Veterinarian via a prescription. I feel your pain if you are like me and tried to get Chloroquine phosphate from a veterinarian. It is difficult to obtain, so I have worked with a national laboratory to obtain a 99% pure Cholorquine Phosphate solution…


    Jubilee Example
    Boeing, Which Demands A $60BN Taxpayer Bailout, Refuses To Give US An Equity Stake
    “Boeing, which is seeking $60 billion in “aid” – whatever that means – for the aerospace industry, said Monday that it would shut down its Seattle-area manufacturing hub for two weeks after a worker died of coronavirus complications.”

    Dr D Rich

    I’m with zerosum.
    —Debt Jubilee for all Americans in line with 2020 National Census. So there’s no discrimination.
    —Take Pelosi’s $2.5 trillion dollar bailout and divide it evenly among 330 million citizens.
    —That’s $7,575.75 dollars for each citizen
    —Forgive all individual student loan, mortgage, auto, and credit card debt
    —Prosecute ((abusively in the style the Justice Department pursued against Joseph Nacchio when he refused the Govt’s demand for users call records)) hospital CEOs which brought the healthcare system to this unprepared place, all bank CEOs who directed their institutions into unmanageable debt, and corporate leaders such as Boeing’s CEO who remain recalcitrant with their bailout demands.


    Trump has said, I understand, that he wants the US “opened up and just raring to go by Easter”.

    That’s April 12, 19 days from now. I think the US may not even have reached its peak by then, and the country will be awash in misery, sickness, death and heartbreaking stories. The US death toll is still vey low, but that is because the epidemic there is relatively new, and there are still hospital beds and ventilators available.


    @ Dr D Rich


    — forgive
    In our MODERN JUBILEE those individuals have been reversed.
    Those in charge of the jubilee are going to try dribbling down since it will save them first and keep them in charge


    The Easter rabbit is going to be leaving brown droppings but they won’t be made of chocolate.


    I got this link today from a neighbor. It is the best discussion of Lock Down (Hammer) vs. Mitigation strategies for handling the pandemic. The Dance part is farther down the road as the virus mutates over the years.

    The SF Bay Area is mostly into Lock Down. My daughter is doing all my food shopping now, since I’m in the over 70 age group. Most of the groups I’m involved with are doing meetings by Zoom, which is working rather well, especially since people don’t have to drive to meet.

    Thank again Raul for all your work both in helping getting me prepared, free from debt, and doing all the virus tracking you’ve been doing.

    How is the Greek community doing? People here are stepping up to help the many homeless villages/camps.


    My posts aren’t showing up. I hope what I just typed looks like nonsense.

    Dr D Rich

    Tomas Pueyo is appealing to authority from a secure, comfortable position.
    However, when one note is off, it destroys the whole symphony. I think that is a quote or paraphrase from Star Trek.


    @ Glennda
    I read your link.
    We are about to get into the “impossible to lock down, stay isolated, stay home”, for India,etc. because there is no ?????
    The data will be overwhelming to compare and analyse
    Societies will be changed.


    Okay- so I can’t post anything that looks like an url, and I don’t know how to link, so I’ll just say check out a site called “evolutamente”. It’s Italian, but I got linked to an english version via a Kunstler’s March 23, 2:32pm post.
    The articles on covid 19 are wonderfully interesting. They say there are 103 different versions of The Virus.
    Now I am going to go and figure out how to link.




    My wife is an epidemiologist, and I ran the “17 days” claim from the first article by CNBC by her… she said it is important to distinguish between viable virus RNA (that could infect you) and the bits of identifiable but non-viable RNA left around after a virus particle partially disintegrates due to time, heat, etc. The wording of the CDC release suggests the latter, though it isn’t especially clear on the point. To prove that it was viable they would have had to do a culture test, while doing the more usual PCR test would almost certainly pick up bits of the RNA, even if not viable. She knows and has worked with several of the authors of the CDC paper; maybe I can get her to prod them to update the article with more clarity.


    One thing I am beginning to see clearly now, is the big difference in the availability of test kits between Canada and the US!

    In the US, private enterprises have escalated the number of test kits available, exponentially!

    In Ontario, the government is only now considering allowing private companies to provide test kits and do testing!

    Ontario government health officials have resisted enlisting private companies to help by putting up all kinds of excuses as to why private companies can’t help. This is our union monopoly!

    Only now that Ontario government health officials have been totally overwhelmed, do we discover, way too late, their incompetence and lies.

    The number of test kits has ramped up very slowly. The ability to complete testing has lagged even further behind! Test result times have now reached 7 days and still rising!

    Unfortunately the damage has been done in Ontario with community spread now spirilling out of control.

    In the US, maybe you should be grateful that the CDC’s incompetence was exposed very early on, giving private enterprises an earlier start to meet the challenge. Maybe in the big picture, cutting the CDC’s budget was a big blessing in disguise?

    In the land of Medicare for all, government health officials told us soothing lies that everything was under control and they were well prepared to deal with the coronavirus, … hint, hint, … unlike the US!

    The only thing they were well prepared for, were the lies they would tell us!

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