Sep 112022
Debt Rattle September 11 2022

Edouard Vuillard The two sisters 1899   • Zelensky To Headline US Defense Industry Conference (Hill) • US Military Aid To Ukraine Grows To Historic Proportions (IC) • The Izium Withdrawal – A Catalyst For ‘Starting In Earnest’ (MoA) • Russian Military Explains Partial Withdrawal (RT) • Are We Indeed Headed Into WWIII And What Can Save Us? (Doctorow) • EU Has Run Out Of Energy – Orban (RT) • Greek Citizens Saving On Food To Pay For Energy (RT)

Sep 102022
How to Invest in a War

John Martin The Fall of Babylon 1831     The Ukraine “war” narrative is changing. From the west/Kiev side, that is. They are trying to get Wall Street capital involved. Zelensky attempts to sell them parts of Ukraine that are not his to sell in practice, because he doesn’t control them, but that are according to US law, a country 10,000 miles away or so. Russia recognized Crimea as part of its territory 8 years ago after a referendum in

Sep 102022
Debt Rattle September 10 2022

Marc Chagall The Smolensk newspaper 1914   • Ukraine Will Retake Crimea In A Year – Ex-US General (RT) • Ukraine’s Top General Doesn’t Rule Out “Limited” Nuclear War (ZH) • Zelensky Is Literally Selling Ukraine To Wall Street Corporations (Norton) • Ukraine Counterattacks! Please Remain Calm (Big Serge) • Izyum: The Non-Salient (Big Serge) • Belgium Objects To Russian Gas Cap Plan (RT) • EU Fails To Agree Russian Gas Price Cap – Hungary {(RT) • Germany Frustrated Over

Sep 092022
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Debt Rattle September 9 2022

Andy Warhol Queen Elizabeth, Reigning Queens Series 1985   • The Price Of Poker (Denninger) • Putin: The West is Failing, the Future is Asia (Celente) • Asia’s Future Takes Shape In Vladivostok, The Russian Pacific (Escobar) • Putin’s 12,000 Ton Gold Hoard Sets The Stage For Asian Bretton Woods (Macleod) • Six Months In, What Exactly Does Russia Hope To Achieve In Ukraine? (Trenin) • The Coming Victory of Native Europeans in the UK and the EU (Batiushka) •

Sep 082022
Debt Rattle September 8 2022

Joan Miró The farmer’s wife 1923   • Western Elites’ “Sanctions Fever” Will See European People Freeze – Putin (ZH) • EU Gas Price Cap Plan Is ‘Foolish’ – Putin (RT) • Czech Republic Weighs In On Russian Gas Price Cap (RT) • NATO Will Pay A Price But We Must Stay The Course On Ukraine (Stoltenberg) • “Counter-Offensive” – You Keep Using That Word (Schryver) • Putin Comments On IAEA Report (RT) • Charles Gave: Europeans Are “Mad With

Sep 072022
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Debt Rattle September 7 2022

Salvador Dali Cabaret scene 1922   • Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Inflationary Depression, Currency Collapse (Every) • West Reluctant To Put Putin On Trial, Say Ukrainian Officials (G.) • US Shares Blame In Ruined Ties With Russia – Clinton’s Defense Secretary (RT) • Open Letter To Olena Zelenska – Stop The Slaughter (Roger Waters) • Salvini: Russia Sanctions Backfired, Citizens Are ‘On Their Knees’ (Celente) • Our Latest Interview with Jacques Baud (Postil) • Sanctioned Russian Bank Bypasses SWIFT

Sep 062022
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Debt Rattle September 6 2022

Man Ray Departure of summer 1914   • Australian Artist Removes Ukraine And Russia Mural After Backlash (BBC) • Labor Day Assessment (Jim Kunstler) • Main Gas Pipeline To EU Will Be Closed Until Sanctions Lifted – Kremlin (RT) • Enforcing Russian Oil Price Cap Is Problematic – Washington Post (RT) • Deterioration Of Living Standard Inevitable – Greece Gov’t Spokesman (KTG) • Leaked Paper Shows UK Cops Preparing For Greater Civil Unrest This Winter (ZH) • Kremlin Scathing Over

Sep 052022
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Debt Rattle September 5 2022

Marc Chagall Blue lovers 1914   • ‘Better To Negotiate Now Than Later’ For Ukraine, Retired US General Says (RT) • West And Russia Will Eventually Strike A Deal – Kremlin (RT) • Russia Is Unreliable Energy Partner – Germany (RT) • Germany Announces €65 Billion Inflation Relief Package Amid Energy Crisis (F24) • Greece Unfazed By European Energy Concerns (K.) • Greek Power Subsidy Cap As Of 2023 (K.) • Turkey Likely To Face Bankruptcy, Report Claims (K.) •

Sep 042022
Debt Rattle September 4 2022

Odilon Redon Breton harbor 1879   • France Says Imposing Price Cap On Russian Oil Will Be Difficult (CNBC) • Mass Anti-Government Protest Hits Prague (RT) • One In Six Italians Faces Energy Poverty (RT) • The West Wants To Disarm The ‘Powder Keg’ Of Europe, Risks Igniting It (Norin) • Gazprom Discloses Major Challenge For Nord Stream (RT) • Sweden, Austria Bail Out Energy Companies, Trigger Europe’s Minsky Moment (ZH) • Russia Wants UN To Pressure US On Visas

Sep 032022
Debt Rattle September 3 2022

Rembrandt van Rijn Belshazzar’s feast 1635-38   • Unicorns Are Real (Batiushka) • Soul Man (Jim Kunstler) • Physical Integrity Of Nuclear Plant ‘Violated Several Times’ – IAEA Chief (RT) • IAEA Nuclear Watchdog Should Be Mistrusted ‘By Default’ – Zelensky Aide (RT) • The Moment of Greatest Danger (Schryver) • Russia To Halt All Oil Exports To Countries That Impose “Absurd” Price Cap (ZH) • Gazprom “Completely Halts” Nord Stream Gas Supplies Due To “Unexpected” Leak (ZH) • EU