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    Dr. D

    Agree: the U.S. is NOT that interesting. Media selection bias. The economy/environment is more meaningful than clown shows. …It’s just that I live with these clowns, so….

    For Kung-flu, without solid facts because everybody is lying with every breath like air, and because the data points don’t match, you can see me developing a model by trying new ideas. Luckily I don’t have to act on this information yet because I don’t know. Since action-item, I did solidly get 2 weeks of food to get boarded up in my house by the army, but the problem is more likely to be car parts…so the grid isn’t repaired…and the water purification plants are overused and overdue for parts…which don’t get fixed…and so on. No surprise, it’s a miracle any of it works even now, and it already didn’t in Flint. This is how you de-centralize. And how the centralization is fatally discredited, when it’s been ruining, impoverishing people, hasn’t worked correctly for 100 years, probably since it was built. Maybe this will make them notice for a change when the taps shut off.

    ..Long since collapsed for poor folks. That’s why they’re cranky.

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    Dr. D

    “Did China’s Tencent Accidentally Leak the True Terrifying Coronavirus Statistics?”



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    Dr. D

    From Appreciation article: “Our economic system values growth — nothing more. The luxuries are a side effect. And they come bound up with a plague of other side effects”

    Which is of course a very Socialist worldview. However, what is ‘luxury’? I can live with one begging bowl, is two a luxury? I have one robe, is a winter robe a ‘luxury’? No? How about a car so I can get to work? Yes in 1910, no now? What KIND of car, if, as he says, a Cadillac, then what about a 1984 Seville with 201k? It’s just sloppy thinking not to define these things.

    EVERYONE agrees we don’t need ‘luxury’…because that is Webster’s definition of ‘luxury’: a thing extra, you don’t need. You don’t NEED hospitals, health care, we lived without them for 6,000 years. You don’t NEED doors, heat, A/C…however you will also certainly die without them. That’s okay, but it’s not a thing people CHOOSE for. So the system DOESN’T value growth. PEOPLE in the system want THINGS they didn’t have before, like forks, pots, doctors, cars, they didn’t have before. “Luxuries” to you, desirables that extend their life and ease to them. The people who comprise the system and make the decisions couldn’t give a rip about “growth”, whatever that is, they just want to not be too hot, hungry, and without screen doors buzzed by flies.

    So the “side effects” he’s talking about are the PRIMARY effects: the use and transformation of materials that extends people’s live, ease, and prevents them from dying. The system – built by humans – naturally maximizes this “not dying” part. It may cause growth, in cities, transformations, populations, the “side effects” ARE the “effects”, the SAME side of the SAME coin, are you really going to advocate for MORE deaths and discomforts as so many do?

    Sure, why not? I can do with less. I don’t mind. Chasing the horizon is also a discomfort, a treadmill of endless desire and dissatisfaction, but I think you’re going to need to use other words and other frameworks to describe it, to encourage it, and to sell it to other people, because this just says, “You suck, give up your life and security, and unlike me, go live in a cave. Anything else is world destruction, is evil, is cheating.” I don’t think that line will get many converts, and I know because they’ve been trying it since 1975 and losing harder every year. Meanwhile the guy who invented the LED bulb has already saved more energy than all the hot air used on the subject since then.

    Want this world? Describe a Star Trek world where super-advanced ewok-humans live in the trees but make their own tricorders and medial 3-D printing materializers and quantum sub-space communicators. Just telling us to drop dead or go back to the caves won’t work.

    The car-less Archdruid has been doing a whole year on this subject, https://www.ecosophia.net/ (sidebar) because like everyone, he’s been sick of the smug satisfaction of constantly failing, then repeating the failing so they can win at failing all over again, then complain about always failing, you know, the environment and the elections again. Man Bad. Orange man Very bad.

    Homework, compare St. Greta and Swedish Homestead: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7GkLSNBmds1DZit_oHk-Fg
    One of these two people is actually doing something besides flapping gums.

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    Dr. D

    “65 fatalities – all in Hubei province”

    Question: why are they all in Hubei Province? Before they recognized and got support? Weaker, poorer people (not buying plane tickets)? Better supportive care for pneumonia outside China? New HIV/antivirals? Sure.

    For fun, how about this: you have an actual escape of an actual bioweapon, release and spread unknown. You need to lock down an ENORMOUS area and find the actual cases, but sure as heck aren’t going to admit it. So you release an innocuous generic-flu variety of some corona and let the 0.02% normal flu response hide and cover up your 50% actual-weapon corona release WHILE getting the actually deadly one under control with your full-army-mobilization. Thus Cheeto says “it’s going to turn out fine” because the flu released as cover story is…the flu. Winter 2020, 0.02%, like any other year.

    Stay tuned.

    Trump-Pelosi Feud Erupts During SOTU as Impeachment Trial Nears End (R.)”

    Some pointed out that, as old thinking, we can give the OFFICE respect without giving the person respect. That’s an important distinction, and one not made by AOC, who boycotted. The reason is, one intends to capture the office, the government for themselves, yet if you cannot stand even the office, the government, the blannketty-blank nation it stand for, then you just intend to tear it all down and wreck it, and replace it with I-have-not-yet-planned-what, warlords historically, and this is quite what they say. It’s what ‘revolutionary’ means. They are not kidding you about being revolutionaries any more than they are kidding about being Socialists. They say it and have the membership card. Why would I disbelieve them?

    Anyway, a fine distinction but an important one. About our (non)Pope, too. These things have happened many times, yet the office can recover and live on.

    “Joe Biden Flopped in Iowa. And so Did the Democratic Party’s Reputation (G.)”

    From yesterday:
    “I really admire how the DNC went about preventing Bernie from winning Iowa”
    Yes, that was amazing, a tour de force. First get the app so you can get data first, veto, perhaps even turn on the microphone and spy weeks ahead as there is essentially no security on any phone device. P.S. do NOT have the app vetted by anyone ESPECIALLY the DHS or they will find all these embarrassing “accidents” and close them. Then when Bernie wins, rig the vote…oh wait: Bernie wisely placed a person IN EACH OFFICE, fully expected a rigged count. Oops! They all meet in the principal’s office for a pow-wow, with Biden stomping his feet and refusing to allow any count at all, ever.

    The app — which is about to get double-checked AND fuel GOP calls for voter registration and paper trails in 2020 – then compromises on their crimes by counting ONLY the offices where Buttigieg won…barely. …After the enter polls were magically withheld after a meeting with Mr. Pete. Then suddenly, Lo! Lights out! The DNC sweeps in to count, which will take weeks, preventing Bernie from winning by 6%, taking that momentum into other states, and buying some time. P.S. 106% of all possible voters voted in Iowa last night…in 10 different areas, particularly Dallas — a city district, wot a coincidence! A little bad at maths, are we?

    Um, guys? So…you think Bernie Bros are going to go all-in for #MayorCheat, #NeverWarren or whatever? What are you smoking? That’s what burned you last time…and P.S. did NOT burn the GOP, much as they hated, protested, detested, running the candidate who actually won.
    …Because they were planning to lose to HRC anyway, so who cares? Ask your Cruz – Rubio all-RINO tag team about that.

    “Britain to Ban New Petrol and Hybrid Cars from 2035 (R.)”

    No grid = no driving. Everyone is staying home, immediately, in eco-austerity that will clobber the economy. …The economy of the poor anyway, look at France. The rich will be getting the contracts and stocks and run away while the poor are limited to 5mi from their house, with state travel permission. Bow before your masters, peasant! New boss same as the old boss: NeoFeudalism.

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    Dr. D

    “Jailing Anti-Vaxxers”

    Part of the new heresy laws. Being contrary to Science!™ even though like religion, Science doesn’t know what it’s saying, argues, and contradicts itself constantly. So if you’re a Scientist™, are you allowed to argue with other “Scientists”? A: no. The orthodoxy will cut your grant and bounce you even from tenure. Just like the Church™.

    “Opinions are Treason!” “When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you!”

    The only crime is asking questions and thinking for yourself.

    “I really admire how the DNC went about preventing Bernie from winning Iowa”

    Yes, that was amazing, a tour de force. First get the app so you can get data first, veto, perhaps even turn on the microphone and spy weeks ahead as there is essentially no security on any phone device. P.S. do NOT have the app vetted by anyone ESPECIALLY the DHS or they will find all these embarrassing “accidents” and close them. Then when Bernie wins, rig the vote…oh wait: Bernie wisely placed a person IN EACH OFFICE, fully expected a rigged count. Oops! They all meet in the principal’s office for a pow-wow, with Biden stomping his feet and refusing to allow any count at all, ever.

    The app — which is about to get double-checked AND fuel GOP calls for voter registration and paper trails in 2020 – then compromises on their crimes by counting ONLY the offices where Buttigieg won…barely. Then suddenly, Lo! Lights out! The DNC sweeps in to count, which will take weeks, preventing Bernie from winning by 6%, taking that momentum into other states, and buying some time. P.S. 106% of all possible voters voted in Iowa last night…in 10 different areas, particularly Dallas — a city district, wot a coincidence! A little bad at maths, are we?

    Um, guys? So…you think Bernie Bros are going to go all-in for #MayorCheat, #NeverWarren or whatever? What are you smoking? That’s what burned you last time…and P.S. did NOT burn the GOP, much as they hated, protested, detested, running the candidate who actually won.

    …Because they were planning to lose to HRC anyway, so who cares? Ask your Cruz – Rubio all-RINO tag team about that.

    How do you know all this is true? They did NOT blame RussiaRussiaRussia for something. 1st time ever and the smoking gun. …Oh and would launch DoJ investigations run by Bill Barr, Trumpers, and mouseketeers with a fine-tooth comb.

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    Dr. D

    So the expert on world bioweapons says Wuhan is a bioweapon? And they (Gilead) already have a vaccine for a bioweapon they themselves created? Huh, who’d a thunk.

    “Experts debunk fringe theory linking China’s coronavirus to [bioweapon]”

    Oops, wrong link. It was the WaPo who was printing fake news and debunked. Because: Not journalists.

    “Dr. Francis Boyle Creator of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon”

    Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon

    As have many others, citing several compelling and technical reasons within the RNA.

    “Xi has punished over 400 “servants” for failure. When’s his turn?”

    Mandate of heaven.

    So, that U.S. sure is lucky! Somehow China got four – count them, 1, 2, 3, 4! – pandemics at the same time. Rest-of-world before now? Zero. So Cheeto authorized running down China since they won’t negotiate and nobody wants a war? Why not? That’s what Marine Generals think and do. What they live for. Presidents authorize secret ways to kill people? When did this start? https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2017-01-17/obamas-covert-drone-war-in-numbers-ten-times-more-strikes-than-bush https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_intervention_in_Chile

    Ah, but there’s not enough paper in the world to cover this subject. And you think we’ll walk away from this?

    Unprecedented Cybersecurity Measures To Safeguard Iowa Caucus Results (DMR)

    How long before we blame RussiaRussiaRussia for the Iowa caucus app built by Sachs?

    “My estimate is that Bernie Sanders won Iowa, then the state Democratic party establishment ginned up a “systems failure” to deny him”

    I fear they may be right. He was maybe 6% ahead going in.

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    Dr. D

    Asides being slaves, they were born in 1815. Imagine what they’ve seen. 1815 is essentially the Revolutionary war, knee-breeches and all.

    “17,480 cases / 362 deaths”

    Steady 2% death rate. But 200,000 people could have it and we wouldn’t know.

    ““More than 2,500 stocks fell by the daily limit of 10%.”

    Ouch. Funny how lucky ol’ America just happens to win by accident again. Hey here’s a plan: the US knows what’s in the lab since we’re inside their Intel chips. We find out what they’re cooking since – clearly – we watched them importing it from Harvard and Canada and intercepted it. Then what? Well if I were these meddling bastards, I’d make my own, release it on China, and then China would THINK their own team made a mistake. Losing face! The worst! They fire the animal handlers, don’t believe their denials, cover it up like we hoped. They can’t protest, what can they say?

    But qui bono? Who stands to gain on this amazing, amazing accident, with amazing, amazing timing that Cheeto is not the least worried about? And why? Because we have the code and can turn it off at will? Because we know what it is and what HIV drugs stop it? He’s a terrible, terrible actor, don’t quit your day job.

    Meanwhile, everyone can roll out their worldwide control network undisturbed and blame the collapse not on the bad guys but an “Act of God.” Their god. The god of war, lies, and murder.
    …Or not. I dunno. Does it matter? That’s what everyone is going to do anyway.

    The guidance had been circulated among a group of Russians who were covertly running a vast network of social media accounts”

    You mean like the ones the NYT reported were hired by the DNC? That they got kicked of FB for? RussiaRussiaRussia. It will never end. Let me ask you a question: if all it takes is a couple bots to win an election, why doesn’t Biden do it? Is he too stupid or too lazy? Somehow Russia can do it for $10k but the DNC can’t, having access to the same accounts and information for $1B. Huh.
    I’d ask how stupid they think we are, but no one asks any questions or finds this slightly weird. Synapse-free is not just for The Guardian.

    Democrats Need to Break Their Cold War–Addled Impeachment Fever (Maté)”

    I don’t know what to say: they are asking for research and evidence which was supposed to be long since completed by the House. By the very same Adam. NOW you want some research and evidence? Do you usually go to court before the police inspector has got back from the crime scene? Don’t worry: if the Mueller report had no effect, neither will this oversight. They are calling Civil War II instead…while being totally untrained and disarmed. No effect from that reality/fact either. #AntiLogos. Logic and Facts are my only enemy.

    P.S. Antifa’s new fight of the resistance is against clean streets in Salem. They fought a trash pick-up in poor neighborhoods tooth and nail this weekend. Keep our cities brown and needle-y! No help for you, poor inner-city districts! #Winning, if #Winning is making everybody think you’re both racist and crazy.

    The Real John Bolton (CP)”

    So now both John Bolton AND Crystal are “all Democrats now”. You should be so proud. Why not pick up the rest of the Bush cabinet while you’re at it. You already had W’s Treasury/Sachs guys, it’s not too many more.

    No effect. No synapses. Z-Zzzz. No connection.

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    Dr. D

    What ARE they thinking?

    …That goes double for driverless Uber-cars, they were disturbingly, illogically hot to MUST HAVE!!!! before 2020/2024. Must have or the world ends, dogs and cats, everybody dies!!!

    Nobody knew nuttin’. Uh-huh.

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    Dr. D

    I’d say guerilla gardening. Find a wild corner of a nearby park or some train tracks. Law? Nobody else follows it while killing people, why should I follow it saving them?

    No need to ask anyway: nobody knows what a tree is anymore, they won’t recognize the action.
    Speaking of drones, etc, all that rot makes no financial or engineering sense. Robot drones flying/driving from the warehouse/factory to your front door, for groceries no less! Garbage! Expensive! Lowers sales as you don’t impulse buy! What ARE they thinking?

    …Unless there’s an epidemic. Then all of that makes perfect, perfect sense. And all those wasted billions suddenly pay off, a big, darn coincidence.

    And what’s better than when you can only buy online or risk death outside, which all depends on your social credit score with FB and Spamazon? …But just ’cause it’s a plan doesn’t mean it’ll work and not be stopped.

    “there are now 17,205 confirmed cases across China,”

    What I was saying about getting enough tests into enough hands, I bet. Lead time is a pain but 6 days is still light-speed for such a task.

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    Dr. D

    Finally, real football. Before “safety” equipment ruined the game and caused permanent impairment. How? TBIs, which occur BECAUSE the pads allow you hit harder. Just like boxing. Say what? Yes, ironically, bare-knuckle boxing is SAFER because you can’t only hit so hard, AND they other guy goes down ‘faster’. With gloves you can slosh his thinker around his brain pan for hours, causing permanent damage no one intended.

    …Okay, now expand the principle to finance, bailouts, seat belts, drugs, airbags, free speech, fireworks, gun rights…

    Schmarty-peoples. Who can think them? Bring back the leather helmet!

    When liberals start rallying around John Bolton, you know something is off…

    Donald Trump’s far-right administration is one of the most dangerous in US history, which makes the disappointment over the imminent failure of his impeachment case understandable. But the impeachment proceedings never challenged what actually makes the Trump White House so fraught. In adopting hawkish Cold War chauvinism toward Russia, Democratic House impeachment managers embraced rather than opposed a perilous right-wing agenda. They did this while presenting a weak, overblown, and hypocritical case that posed no threat to Trump.”

    Thank you. Can I get a real Democrat, a real Liberal in here? You, one that doesn’t love John Bolton, and protect the CIA? Crickey what does it take?


    Social Media Networks Vow to Censor “Misinformation” About Coronavirus”

    You know, like that it appeared in mid-December, not January. Oops! That’s now true and official. Like that it’s an escaped bioweapon. Oops! Credible labs have now done testing and have evidence suggesting this. Save me Daddy Government! Save me Corporate Fascism! Save me from myself.

    And right behind them, Twitter saving me from election news, from ZeroHedge publishing public information, and from wrongthink authors who have opinions, however dumb. Because like the Slavs, I am but a wee child with a tiny mind and must be cared for and told by my benevolent betters what to do. Or else.

    The Supers Are Back: DNC Members Planning Move to Block Sanders… Again”

    Apparently they are trying a Biden-Clinton ticket. To keep them both out of jail for another month. Please, PLEASE run. The ensuing catastrophe will be one for the ages, and after bailing banks, starting 15 new wars, an open-slave market, and losing to the worst man they could imagine, possibly FINALLY enough to reform the DNC back into the people’s party.

    …But probably not. They’ll say “we won the argument” and RussiaRussiaRussia and try a civil war. Luckily this will probably be like Antifa’s attack yesterday. Yes, they took over Grand Central, spray painted the walls and glued all the ticket-readers for the NY Subway protesting public transit. …Because it’s ALREADY public and state-owned. And ALREADY as close to free as possible. And ALREADY broke and collapsing like all gov’t projects are. So like in U.K. environmentalists are protesting construction of trains? They don’t LIKE public transit? State-owned enterprises? In any case, the repairs are going to cost, AND they didn’t make their point. But if that’s any sign of the Revolution, I think we’ll survive it. It’s like Jr High sit-in the Cafeteria for student council.

    “that suspends 240 accounts?”

    Yes, like the airlines, they don’t give a s—t, but there are legal lawsuits that their god Mammon DOES care about. So the pencil-pushers say, snap to. P.S. so imagine a world without cars that is at the sole discretion of Uber, as planned.

    ““I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status, in the comments that they’re making.”

    Let’s see, the one side says there’s a vast conspiracy, run by Putin, and Trump is a traitor, and you’re worried about what THEY said? Thankfully we have elections to sort this out.

    “Pelosi added that Trump “will not be acquitted”

    Yes, we know. You’ve told us. He will be immediately impeached again for new things that you can’t find evidence for, again, over and over forever until the people stop you. Why? Because you’ve gotten literally NOTHING DONE for that unemployed black guy in Milwaukee with no health care. Congratulations. And that guy’s been telling you since the 90s.

    The DNC does the exact same thing again that lost them the 2016 election. It’s like a comedy act.

    Speechless. Since roughly speaking I’m on the other side, I don’t mind, but I hate seeing the game played badly and have said over and over for years how easy it is to win. Look: worst opponent ever. All you have to do is not be crazy, as Bill Maher said. But in #Oppositeland, we do the OPPOSITE of #Logic. It’s a religion, a way of life.

    The article on Tulsi says, the only candidate who could probably win in the only candidate CNN and the DNC (but I repeat myself) won’t allow. They like Trump better, I guess.

    “Calling Greta!”

    Nah, it’s in Asia. Don’t you know only white people are bad? You know that by their skin color.

    Kremlin Warns Chemical Provocation Coming Near Aleppo (ZH)”

    So predictable. No one cares. Have an opinion or say a naughty word in America though, and Hammer Time!

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    Dr. D

    Bosco: You’re not going to be around forever. Really need to plant a mulberry tree or something for crowlings. Anywhere in the neighborhood flight range.

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    Dr. D

    Wu-tang flu may be running against the number of available tests. Think of it: Every day we need say, 10,000 pathogen test kits. Then one day we need 10,000,000. You got a factory for that? Oh and the supply chains feeding that factory are broken. Good luck!

    Yet another fact we don’t have: is everyone we want getting tested or are tests themselves in shortage? If so, the “confirmed” number is in shortage. So we could have 200,000 infected but because it’s the flu, they didn’t even know it. Then the 250 death is nothing. If it’s actually 10k, then the rate is stable at 2%, which isn’t terrible, but annoyingly high. And if a guy flies into Chicago or Seattle and picks up his own car home, meh. But a person walking around the L train in NYC from Kennedy? Crap. We’ll know shortly. …Unless our tests and gloves come from China too, like the thoughtless dummies we often are. Remember kids: It’s racist not to outsource all your critical infrastructure!

    Note they’re getting in trouble now for the disease being visible a month earlier, in mid-December. If so, is that a death rate far lower, or unrecognized and higher?

    “The president’s approval ratings hover in the low to mid-40s,”

    Because: media, is this not essentially the same as Obama’s and many Presidents before? Look at it this way: two party system makes top approval 50%. Really we have 30%L, 30%R and 30%C uncaring/undecided. So he has 30% of his party plus roughly half the independents, like everyone. Okay, looked at another way: the approval of both the Media (BBC) and Congress is under 15%, you know, below cockroaches and bedbugs but above Avanetti. So he’s multiples more popular than either of you. Will he win? The only thing holding back the Democrats is themselves. Unfortunately they don’t seem in the mood to present a winning candidate. They’ve basically said they will investigate and impeach Trump again immediately. We’ll see how that goes over with the electorate, but I think an increasing number of the 30% uncaring will go to the polls just to punch them in the face and shut them up. That’s a rather American thing to do, to run a sick-of-it, you-need-a-good-lesson vote, but we’ve had it what, 5 times, including Obama’s “hope and change” then Bernie, then Trump, because they won’t learn the lesson. We don’t mind punching them some more. We’re Americans, we relish it, love punching for any plausible reason, and as Captain America says, “I can keep this up all day.”

    “here is no evidence indicating that Biden engaged in any kind of misconduct in Ukraine”

    OMGAYFKM. Stop! This is why the punching begins. On the media as much as the elections. This is where they overplay. We know he’s dirty: he’s a politician. We’re immune to it. But to claim there is NOTHING, not a teensy-weensie bit? That’s just insulting, punching us, gaslighting us, and that’s just no respect as the Mafia would say. You can’t be treated like a punk: that HAS to be met with a take-down or you lose all credibility. They run elections for 50 years with paid experts: how can they not know this?

    “Trump are “scared to death I’ll be the nominee”.

    Well that’s never been said. In fact, he said he was worried about Bernie. But compare this to Joe’s long list of quotes shoving voters, insulting them, and telling them not to vote for him. Even the Independent(?) asked “Is Biden really running?” And maybe not. He may just be dodging interrogation and jail. I mean, it was election tampering, as confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament and the ex-head of Poland, plus tens of millions foreign aid recycled back to his people/DNC campaign for more election rigging. I don’t even need subpoena power to prove that.

    “As of today, Bernie Sanders looks like one of the better, if not best, bets for the nomination.”

    Yes, and that’s great if he’s the honest heart of the Democratic Party, but it’s not a position that will take the moderate/Independents in the general. As weird reasons we still mirror each other, like Corbyn in the U.K. just ran this very election. No one noticed. The Left said, “Ha! See? We won!” –Speechless– Ok honey, you won. Now go sit in the corner out of government and watch cartoons while Daddy works, okay?

    Hillary Clinton Blames Bernie Sanders For Disunity In Democratic Party (WE)”

    Hey, has anybody thought that his geriatric election IS Bernie’s revenge on HRC? ‘Cause boy it sure seems to be, and it’s Hillaryous. She’s now losing –again– to a Bernie that’s even WORSE than last time, older, heart-attack, flip-flopping and all. They still hate her more than him, and it drives her crazy.

    “DNC Members Discuss Rules Change to Stop Sanders at Convention (Pol.)”

    Okay, here’s the only possible worse choice for them to take. So they take it. Slow learners. But Americans are happy to give them another ‘lesson’ at the polls.

    Billionaire Bloomberg just bought the @DNC”

    Sadly, that may be true, as apparently that’s what they’re up to in VA: Bloomberg literally, openly bought them all by funding every campaign, and set a policy that will get thousands on both sides killed. #Winning. But the real question is: Why’s it for sale? If you had firm principles, that wouldn’t be possible.

    “Democrats Announce New Debate Rules Likely to Allow Bloomberg to Join”

    Continuing: so they change rules to erase Gabbard and Yang, –then Bernie– then change rules to force-add Bloomberg. Question: why have rules? Clearly this is a dictatorship of some sort, with no rules at all but “what I say so.” …Trust me, this will not go well with us. Tulsi or even Pete could win if force-run with the media, as usual, using Bloomberg’s appropriate, winning ads. Nope. Anything but that. RussiaRussiaRussia. OMB.

    “The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich (Craig Murray)”

    What? You mean a DNC IT guy was NOT shot for no reason, in a non-robbery, the day after the leak and the Mayor and head of DNC got up and went to the hospital to see him at 3am, AND the guys who did it got shot AND all the police tapes got lost before Wikileaks put out a reward and BOTH Kim.com and the Ambassador suggested the leak was him? Color me surprised. The FBI lying, I mean. Here’s homework: is there any case the FBI has been involved in where they DIDN’T lie? Whitey Bulgar, MLK, Steven Hatfill, the whole meth-smoking FBI lab, blah blah etc going back to J. Edgar and…well, literally everyone.

    Lying? In America? Surely you jest. Anyhoo, yeah, they’re in trouble. But repeat after me: Nobody got arrested.

    “Flynn Prosecution Exposed as Massive FBI and DOJ Abuse of Power (NYP)” Uh-huh.

    Hey, where are those 302’s? Like Comey, they made them up out of personal recollection months later, when it was convenient — oh, and then swapped whose was whose. Okay, well you’re fired for that, OR you’re fired for lying. Take your pick. But? “No one was fired, no one was arrested, no one went to jail.” You know, except all of us citizens, of course. We got to jail for burning cloth or painting our house the wrong color.

    “conspiring to help President Trump win re-election”

    Speaking of lies, I have never heard anything so preposterous in my life. Facebook is probably coordinating with CNN, who is run by RussiaRussiaRussia because we all know they both run 99% pro-Conservative, pro-Trump stories all day. Oh wait: Columbia U. research showed it was the #OppositeLand. If only he were senile, but unfortunately, he’s insane. You know: like all his friends. But, when you reminisce about working with the Nazis to turn in fellow Jews as being the best times of your life, well… But it’s anti-Semitic to criticize a guy who works with Nazis to gas Jews. #OppositeLand much?

    He got elected because he ran the single best digital ad campaign I’ve ever seen”

    Also false. He didn’t screw up the campaign, sure, but this digital army were volunteer chats and meme-creators who did it for fun, and not even for the election. They can’t understand the concept of people not being controlled, working like minions on orders. Warren’s online Meme-army was the example: she wrote a handbook, issued by Harvard, about how memes work, what they should mean, and telling people exactly how they should create memes for her. Um, Liz? That’s not how comedy works. Or life.

    Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will stand up for principles like free expression and encryption”

    Wow. Can it GET any deeper in here? Start with the obvious: Apple has back-door keys, so they already have no encryption, the NSA is still reading all. Apple just provides the fig leaf that it exists, to keep you talking and wiretapped. FB is hardly even that clever. Free speech? They erase everyone every day, even the anti-war left, Jimmy Dore, trans people, so… His plan was to offload that to a hand-picked 3rd party that would accidentally agree with him, corporate fascism, and his (CIA) side of the government in every regard, then say “See? 9 out of 10 hand-picked minions agree, and we’re busy out back shooting the 10th one, so…” Please, please make it stop. I can stand the authoritarian statism, been nothing but all my life, but the lies, you must stop the lies.

    Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry s–t continues just shoot me now please.” –Tank Girl

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2020 #53305
    Dr. D

    WES: That was a sad thing. I have no idea what’s up with Canadians lately. Distracted? Disconnected? Maybe they have the rural-urban disorder on steroids, and makes sense: if things are pretty good in T’ronto, must be good in St. Johns’, amirite? They’re not. They were strong on community, and that seems all but missing lately. But I’m not there and the disorder seems quite subtle.

    But electing a Minister-in-blackface? Are you kidding me? And Virginia too, no less. Is which side of the aisle ironic or expected here, it’s always the opposite in history.

    Zero: I don’t know about that. It seems a genuine mystery that there is so little trauma afterwards for the Plague or the Spanish Flu. I’ve looked because it seems illogical. I think like war, when it’s a shared experience its somehow digested far better than being alone, in chemo, where only one friend drops by. That is hard to take. When everybody does it, everybody understands. And sadly, there is generally benefits for wars, pandemics, etc, AFTER, like the Renaissance-Middle Class was. So therefore the psychopaths at the tops say, “Why wait? If it’s so good, like market collapses I organize and short, why not CAUSE this wonderful effects AND kill a bunch of people and repossess their wealth? It’s only logical.” Rules for Radicals. Why, you lunatic? Because we’re HUMAN and that’s not what HUMANS do. We keep the sick, the weak, the elderly alive for NO logical reason, but for a HUMAN reason. Because we have a conscience, something you wouldn’t understand.

    That may be the anti-ant pheromone. We’re a mixed bunch: body-mind, trapped here where mind or spirit will get you killed and we do it anyway. Why?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2020 #53268
    Dr. D

    I have often wondered. Say, you’re a smart fella’, so how’s a smart fella’ like you not realize that when you make guns, the guns get used, when you make bombs, the bombs get used, and when you make bioweapons?

    And you’re a smart fella’, you don’t need this job. Why not go work somewheres else?

    Nope! Tech’ing the science tech since 1818! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenstein Same results every time. But you know Science™: when every experiment ever run fails, this time it’ll be different!

    Wish they were less smart and more wise. Or at least less hyperactive.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2020 #53265
    Dr. D

    That didn’t take long: an hour? Assassination attempt on “The Donald” at Mar Lago.

    That is just non-peachy. So expected.

    Didn’t happen/not related/nothing to see here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2020 #53253
    Dr. D

    You know, for a nation that wants war every time, every where, especially against Russia…

    “EU Army Ambitions Crushed as German Troops Forced to Use their Own Cars in War Drills”
    “RT News said only about one-fifth of Puma infantry fighting vehicles were operational in mid-2019, which is one of the top reasons why combat troops had to use non-military vehicles for transportation during drills.”

    Probably too busy shooting the eyes out of French women. On the plus side, here’s a nation that actually IS holding bake sales to fund its military while providing health care to all, so…#Winning. Priorities.

    Brexit is now going to blow a far bigger hole into that budget, though. And what was that? Britain would collapse, Pound would vanish, Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria if they left? Yes, just like HAVING the vote, just like WINNING the vote, just like WINNING the PM, just like having the NEXT vote, just like setting the date, …nothing has happened. It was all lies, totally fake, made up, scary nonsense to make you submit to losing your nation and laws.

    Okay, we’ll see what happens, but so far, every thing the Remainers and Labour has said has been 100% untrue. Will anyone ever notice? Will it ever matter? Probably not. Facts have no purpose here, only feelings. And I feel like if I give up more jobs, more power, import more poor, illiterate people, and paid higher taxes, only then would we get rich. It’s obvious. #Truthiness.

    “Ambassador Warns that Trump Will Put US Firms First in UK Trade Talks (G.)”

    And Europe is so bad it’s STILL better than the E.U. At least they won’t be bankrupted, starved, and sold to China like Greece.

    Here’s a telling headline: “U.S. Peace Plan Gives Israel All It Wants, which Could Be the Worst Thing for It” O Rly?

    So you’re saying that giving Israel all they wanted has backfired, just like giving them a decapitating Iranian strike has? Funny that. And it was brokered by compromised idiot son Kushner, which keeps him happily out of the way? And oh wait: isn’t Trump a racist Nazi that hates Israel and Jews like his daughter and son-in-law? #Facts Citizen of #Oppositeland

    Chinese people in Italy have been the target of racist abuse”

    So, people from China have a Chinese virus, and it’s “racist” to say that people from the center of the outbreak are more likely to have it than people from Iceland or Genoa? “Racism: 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” I don’t see anything about “primary determinants” or “inherent superiority” in that someone got the flu. But “The Guardian”; so unable to use a dictionary as well as google.

    How about if the outbreak is in Texas, we look at Texans? Is that too hard? A: yes. Because it is #Logic, my arch ‘enemy of the state.’

    his account of Trump asserting that $391 million in military aid would be withheld until Ukraine announced investigations”

    Meanwhile, Bolton received $100,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch when it all started. Still reminiscing of sending him to outer Mongolia though. That was hilarious.

    Welcome to the Trump Recession (Ind.)”

    Don’t quit your day job and become a journalist, Independent. There’s nothing like a recession going on, nor one hovering. We’re just flatlined same as the last 20 years, and maybe 1-2% off the mat, or possibly just a shift of 1-2% from coastal cities to non-blessed areas. Possible? Sure. The economy is a zero with a fabricated stock market. But anything out there, especially as they indicate, present-tense? Not that I can find. Hopes and Dreams, man. Like everything, we make it up, say it, and hope it happens for us. When it always, always doesn’t, we are never discredited and just make up some more. Like Krugman and Bernanke.

    Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election (Webb)

    They’re on that Civil War as Bernie organizers promised, and hopefully a race war, as kept artificially boiling since the 70s, and attempted now to force open fighting in controlled Virginia. Don’t see it though. Look at the self-control exhibited by the gun owners there, compared to the ridiculous and unsupportable acts of Richmond. What will happen is they’ll just get rolled over and lose the election, hard as it is to take being socked in the teeth each day and not respond except legally and with overwhelming restraint. Not too different with the constantly-attempted race war. Race relations are actually improving, Trump’s approval is increasing, blacks as example with Kanye are getting more conservative, and not coincidentally as interracial marriage, households, children, etc, rise each year. None of that will be reported – ever, they’ll die a thousand deaths before it leaves their lips – so you can’t see it unless you live here.

    That simulation, organized and run by the Israeli-American company Cybereason,”

    Sort of like that Bill Gates simulation, eh? Amazing how many simulations then immediately appear in real life. Like I said, though, this cannot happen unless one side owns the government, and the other side is armed and steadfast. They don’t own the government, and double for being totally, almost hilariously divided amongst themselves.

    The first U.S. transmission, in Chicago, sounds hazardous until you realize the gal came home and kissed her husband: of course he got it. And did he die, or get the sniffles? He’s still alive so far, so…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2020 #53209
    Dr. D

    Civil War? Virginia just had their little armed discussion with an enormous number of fully- armed citizens 10x more than needed to overrun the State.

    “Roger-dodger loud and clear. We hear you. So we are going to DOUBLE the number of gun laws, AND outlaw criticizing anyone in Richmond, AND have any case against anyone we bring be held in Richmond instead of “by a jury of your peers”. So going after the 1st, 2nd, and i dunno, 4th? Amendments now? Sigh. Okey-dokey.

    The thing of moving ALL trials to Richmond so we can get a hanging judge and jury is ominous, totally 3rd world. As much as this:
    The Seal of the State of Virginia. Thus to all Tyrants. How we’ve fallen.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2020 #53197
    Dr. D

    “The Choice is Now Between Witnesses and Dictatorship (Turley)”

    They’ve pointed out that the House was supposed to collect evidence, establish witnesses and refer to the Senate trial. They’ve failed to do any of that, including choosing a specific legal crime, much less a ‘High” crime. I have to admit that’s a compelling argument. If they didn’t want witnesses and evidence before, why would we add them now? I think this DOES happen in court, but in the movies where someone happens to find the missing person or the smoking gun and puts the trial in disarray as they struggle to add evidence later.

    And dictatorship? Words have meanings: use them some time. So dictators usually obey all court orders, send all legislation through parliament, stop if it doesn’t pass, tolerate impeachment and removals meekly and without so much as counter-arresting, counter-impeaching, much less calling the generals and having mass arrests of resisting officials? I think that may be the opposite of every tick on the checklist for “dictator”. “Dic·ta·tor /ˈdikˌtādər/ a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force”. Laughably lacking total power, and lacking control by force of any kind, and arguably much of any control at all as the executive refuses direct orders every day, and he cannot even fire insubordinate Ambassadors or reverse executive orders. But I’m sure if we don’t call ONE witness, all that will change and suddenly everyone will slavishly obey Cheeto-in-Chief, you know, ‘cause: reasons!

    …As if Americans obey anybody, ever. Talk about arguments “absurd”

    Actually, in a world of lies and madness I appreciate Dershowitz’s argument that you’re SUPPOSED to use “Abuse of Power”… but as a POLITICAL accusation, to win elections. It’s tradition. Go ahead, knock yourself out, it’s free speech, make your case, win your contest. …However, it is not a specific legal crime and has been hurled against 45 Presidents in a row, including George Washington, so it can’t be a legitimate standard. Seemed more compelling than Schiff’s “Orange Man is Bad, RussiaRussiaRussia.” Okay, great Adam: where and when? This is your case. Evidence please? “Adam Schiff just argued on the Senate floor that House Democrats can’t possibly be expected to prove their case” Because they, he, has no evidence, apparently? He’s not just the prosecutor, he’s the House manager who gathered the evidence and forced the vote. But now YOU, the chief gatherer-of-ecvidence find you have no evidence? The evidence you were supposed to have long before now as your job and your homework? Sorry, sir, I cannot help you now.

    White House Told Bolton His Book Contains ‘TOP SECRET’ Information (ZH)”

    Surprise to no one, media reported by this that Trump “attacked” Bolton. By telling him some things were still classified and would need to be reviewed. As is done 100% of the time. And is his required job to say. I guess Government officials doing their job really WOULD be news, wouldn’t it? And making them follow the rules in a time of universal failure really IS an attack! I mean, why single out this poor guy when no one else follows laws?

    Bolton also called Trump’s communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “warm and cordial,”

    Just like the House and the delayed foreign aid, Bolton was so disturbed by Trump, he told no one and reported nothing. He had no objections and filed no complaints. Then he went on T.V. in full support. Sounds serious! Who can stand such villainy? And all America loves John Bolton. We are breathless on his every word and trust him implicitly.

    Ukraine Investigates Ex-President Poroshenko over Embezzlement (RT)”

    They’re Slavs so nothing they say or do can ever matter to the Ubermench in the media and DNC. Even when they have official reviews, official statements, and start new investigations into Joe. That’s all “unproven” “not suggested” as if they don’t exist. Those silly slavs! They’re not like real people, they are just children who must be guided and told by their betters. White Swede’s burden, who will graciously tell them what to do.

    in reply to: 2019-nCOV #53193
    Dr. D

    Readers to Armstrong on Wuhan:

    “#1: Lots of work at a BSL-4 lab actually takes place at a BSL-2 level. CDC and Chinese officials have pointed out that BSL-2 protocols are completely inadequate for 2019-nCoV.
    #2: BSL-4 (and any serious study of both virii and bacterial agents) requires both incubations as well as “test subjects”. These can (and often do) bite…or at least escape from cages.
    There is a good Lancet article on the Wuhan origins. Again, having worked in BSL related to study for infectious agents, the Lancet overview of infections and also knowing Chinese “culture” there are a couple of salient points:

    #1 Gloves. If BSL-2 protocols were not sufficient and yet lots of tests were being run there….Gloves got contaminated. For the lab – no problems, just toss them out – but for any poor person picking through the garbage and suddenly finding a “treasure trove” of “hardly used” gloves…Well. I’ve been to these markets and the sellers all wore gloves…
    The massive spike of infected people going to some random market suddenly got an incredible boost as a disease vector.”

    Again, this goes back to my line of embarrassment and they knew, as the U.S. knows, or well enough, but also WHY are they developing a disease of this nature? Well, obviously to kill a lot of people. Random people? It has no natural containment like a time-limit, so why make such a thing unless you want to kill everyone, yourself included? Maybe John Day knows. Ah, humans. Why ask why?

    “compared to 1918, they have developed much more sophisticated models to do that, aided greatly by computing power.”

    Except that anyone who knows computers knows they are always wrong and only compound human error faster. …Look at 30 years of dead-wrong climate computing, still accepted as reasonable and not discredited, neither by method nor the Agencies and Universities that failed always. If I predicted the Cincinnati Bengals would win the Superbowl 30 years in a row in new and interesting ways, could I not get discredited, at least some day? Anyway, yes, if you ‘garbage in’ alarming parameters, you get alarming results. If you ‘garbage in’ moderate parameters, you get moderate results. Big surprise. I can do that without computers. If Hopkins put in better parameters, they would find 99.9% of humanity would die in 96 hours. …But since humans are just making this up using pretty colors on a computer, that concoction wouldn’t sound plausible and newsworthy. In reality the extreme events are predicted constantly, daily almost, but are rare. That’s what makes them “extreme.” Because decade after decade they don’t happen. No one notices. What did Einstein say ‘the real human tragedy was that people do not understand statistics”? Or was it compounding interest?

    For predictions, yes, pandemics occur with climate change, specifically cooling periods. That correlates to unrest and shaky governments. But that’s a 200+ year cycle, so you won’t get the year nor probably even the style. Spanish Flu was unusual as far as I can tell. It happened only once and struck the young and healthy particularly. Plague would be more usual, returning over and over for even decades, but we have selection bias that 1918 is closer and the most recent, and generally Western, I think. Just like we think the next GFC will be 1929, which it wasn’t in ’08 and won’t be now. Like they thought the next war would involve horses and dreadnaughts, which it didn’t. Making predictions is hard, especially about the future. Will it happen? Yes, someday. I’d bet when we’re a lot more run down than now.

    Cancelling flights and massive semis of food, supplies, and support that Charles Smith pointed out only REQUIRES Wuhan to slip through quarantine and go home. They’re not going to sit around and get killed, especially by senseless unemployment and starvation. There are limits and they are pretty sloppy and low. They’re lauded by the WHO for being draconian, of course, instead of hearing from Napoleon who said, “Do you know what amazes me more than anything else? The impotence of force to organize anything.” Socialists never learn. Voluntary cooperation is the only way. If China and the WHO are so great, why is the virus everywhere on earth already? Lauding your success at keeping it off of Antarctica? But when you call failing in computer models for decades a success, why not call a total failure to contain – or even identify patients — a success?

    “My agency wants money and power, and my friends’ agencies want more money and power.” There, fixed it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2020 #53155
    Dr. D

    @ WES was the answer.

    You are correct: 6,000 / 130 = 0.02 which is how to express 2%.

    2% of 6B = 120M. If I can only math correctly this time.

    What we don’t know is the alternative, that 300,000 people have it because how would you test more than 6k unsymptomatic people? Then the numbers shift magnitudes again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2020 #53147
    Dr. D

    Your tunnel vision reminds me of the old monks who would read scrolls by the light of a single incense stick. The ember lights up one Kanji at a time before passing into darkness.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2020 #53146
    Dr. D


    Posting for this job in Wuhan last month:

    “Dr. Peng Zhou (周鹏), Ph.D., a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Leader of the Bat Virus Infection and Immunization Group. Some more on Zhou’s background from the Institute (google translated):
    He received his PhD in Wuhan Virus Research Institute in 2010 and has worked on bat virus and immunology in Australia and Singapore. In 2009 , he took the lead in starting the research on the immune mechanism of bat long-term carrying and transmitting virus in the world. So far, he has published more than 30 SCI articles, including the first and corresponding author’s Nature , Cell Host Microbe and PNAS . At present, research on bat virus and immunology is continuing, and it has received support from the National “You Qing” Fund, the pilot project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the major project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
    Below is a list of several recent papers published by Dr. Zhou
    • Dampened STING-Dependent Interferon Activation in Bats
    • Fatal swine acute diarrhoea syndrome caused by an HKU2-related coronavirus of bat origin
    • IFNAR2-dependent gene expression profile induced by IFN-α in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on virus infection
    • Immunogenicity of the spike glycoprotein of Bat SARS-like coronavirus
    • Bat severe acute respiratory syndrome-like coronavirus ORF3b homologues display different interferon antagonist activities”

    But that is a total coincidence and is not suspicious at all.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2020 #53145
    Dr. D

    Am I wrong or is 132 of 6,000 (known) cases 0.02% death rate? I think given the choice, you should jump at Corona instead of contracting the common cold. So what’s driving this still?
    Is it “Harvard Chemistry Chair & Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties, Smuggling “Biological Material” ?


    So as we saw, Bill Gates foundation has Coronavirus test, a month or so later, Corona smuggled from Harvard/Canada to China and caught. 30 days later, a real corona just like the two in question accidentally and coincidentally runs the Corona epidemic as tested. Huh. Funny ol’ world.

    Next: so far as anyone can prove, Wuhan is not dangerous. So…we have China, with labs, testing such things, doesn’t want to be embarrassed when it comes out they not only were doing it, but exposes/pressures their thousands of compromised ‘agent’ types, in Harvard and in Feinstein’s office? Now that makes some sense at least. U.S. services say “You broke it, you buy it: clean it up quick or we’ll start talking.” China starts taking drastic – and somewhat weird — actions. The real, dangerous corona is forestalled, and the excuse to crash the economy (instead of pointing at runaway compounding interest) is a squib. Nice try though.

    Following yesterday’s gloves, also note there are 3-4 sizes. And possibly latex v. nitrile. So at 200/box x 4 sizes, I think you’ll find 100,000 gloves would be average in the smallest hospital known, and possibly no more than one shipping container. But hey! Journalists asking questions? Nevah! Give me any big number that sounds exciting and I’ll print it.

    British Airways Suspends All Direct Flights to and from Mainland China (BBC)”

    At the same time – and I hate to bring this up – AOC was at a Bernie campaign and said Bernie signed on to 100% open borders, erasing the departments, no border guards at all. No door, No wall, No one testing, no one stamping passports, NOTHING. And Bernie is the DNC front-runner, which kind of makes it official party policy. So everyone from Wuhan is fully, totally welcome to fly to Nebraska, buy a house, re-align the census and Congress, elect our politicians, and we won’t even know.

    …I can NOT see how that is a winning campaign. Who are they talking to? I mean, they were campaigning IN MEXICO the other month, but surely they still think there are SOME existing citizens who go to the polls. …No clue.

    Anyway: Vote YES! to Wuhan. Open borders! Import some today! Bad timing, man.

    “It would be interesting to conduct a secret ballot asking members of Congress — and indeed, members of the media — to confide whether they actually read the report.”

    Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows Congress and the Media are illiterate. They didn’t issue a comic book, so…

    unlikely horse trade of a witness like former National Security Adviser John Bolton for Hunter Biden.”

    This could not possibly be more foreseen and expected. If they fall for this trap, I don’t know what to say. Weren’t the other 500 traps since ’16 a warning? Even this minute, Kelly is out there saying “Oh golly! Don’t throw Bolton in the briar patch! Anything but Bolton who we salted with fake intel, to get Hunter under oath! Ow, ow!” YGTBKM.

    Trump and Netanyahu Dictate Terms of Palestinian Surrender (IC)”

    Since Gaza is the world’s largest open-air concentration camp, forgive me if I don’t like the plan to make more.

    Israel Will Now Officially Become an Apartheid State (Lauria)

    Yes, and the most officially racist state on earth. You must be proud. Maybe it’s better for it to be open and official though, so we can stop 50 years of idiotic denials. Not just racist, but violent and theocratic, like their good pal Saudi Arabia.

    shipping weapons to Kiev would effectively amount to the US turning its back on Ukrainian”

    So apparently if you ship arms you’re Russian, and if you DON’T ship arms, you’re Russian. If you help, you’re Russian and if you leave you’re Russian. If you break treaties you’re Russian and if you make treaties you’re Russian. Newsflash: You’re Russian! RussiaRussiaRussia! Who knew a nation the size of New Jersey was running the U.S. and setting elections worldwide! If only Karl Rove and John Podesta could access this technology that controls all minds, all matter, all nations on earth! Who knew a mere $10,000 could throw every election into disarray? If only I’d racked a credit card and taken over the world myself! Cleverly, they’ve surrounded themselves with U.S. nukes and military bases! No one will suspect when they finally push their own button and nuke themselves from Belarus! Hahaha! Then they’ll see!

    …Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what I say, or how illogical it is, it is still believed without the slightest hesitation. That’s what happens when in your religion, logic is your arch-enemy. The crazier it is, the more counterproductive, the better they like it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 28 2020 #53098
    Dr. D

    Even more appropriate questions from Smith:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 28 2020 #53097
    Dr. D

    40 days later they estimate possibly 200,000 “have” it. If it has anything like 3:1 transmission ratio, this would be required. Yet 2,000 have had a test and prove it. Death toll at 100, as statistically close to zero as possible. So statistically, 2,000 deaths / 365 = 5 deaths per day getting hit by lightning = 220 people, twice as likely as Kung-flu, officially.

    NYC has 40,000 health care workers who need gloves Lord knows, 5x a day? 110,000 gloves is a Tuesday. Sounds impressive unless you ask a single question. It’s journalists, so we’re safe.

    “The wildcard is not the fatality rate, but how infectious the Wuhan virus is.”

    Yeah, because if it doesn’t kill anyone, it’s not going to be that interesting. Right now you could slip in the shower while choking on a hot dog and still survive corona. The economic effects of a panic you yourself invented out of whole cloth? Why did you do that? Or are there 5,000 dead bodies somewhere?

    “the USA can get on with other business.”

    Hurling complete bull-pucky has been our top business since the 1650s. Gold on the beaches of Virginia, fish jump into the boats. Why stop now?

    A US lawyer has called on Prince Andrew to “stop playing games”

    If I were Andrew, I’d call on the U.S. to stop playing games and talk to Ms. Maxwell, who apparently can fly around the world as she pleases while people such as Assange are in jail.

    It’s a show. A sham. A con. A put-up. WWE monster trucks for the hoi-polloi.

    Trump is losing to all Democrats? Are they mental? Almost all Democrats are “my candidate or bust” so the turnout will be 1/2 – 1/4 turnout for any single offering. And I’m afraid that includes Bernie, especially lately when he’s pro-open border and re-education camp, and so weak on his competitors like Biden, I have no historical example to compare him to. He’s the weakest candidate ever, who attacks his own supporters while defending his attackers. That’s not a winning hand. And thus, impeachment, garden-variety election tampering, just like 4 out of 5 times. Hey, isn’t that what HE’S on trial for? Funny ol’ world.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 27 2020 #53096
    Dr. D

    We’re getting kicked out of the Middle East, and what are we going to do about it?

    Speed it up and make it irreversible of course! This is what the voters wanted. So the Shia were divided all over the map, are now united not only in themselves, but with the Sunni in gracefully requesting the Americanos hit the road back home. Thank God. Even Bolton cannot effectively reverse this move without tremendous work. And we got that by doing exactly what Bolton and the Neo-cons most requested. Savage win. Their little brains are still trying to figure it out.

    Speaking of, I guess we see him filled up with salted disinfo and shoved out the door just in time to write (and leak) his books. Leaked? To whom? Well Mr. Vindman, Col. Vindman’s twin brother, IKYN. But nobody nowheres ever expected he would a) authorize everything Bolton said as the legal censor and b) leak it all to the NY Times. Naw! Nevah. So as certainly as a train coming down the tracks you couldn’t have anticipated this in your strategy and legal defense. Nope, not when you sit around watching cartoons all day.

    Certainly is a show. A sham. A con. A put-up. WWE at its finest.

    Like the Kung-flu fighting? 40 days later they estimate possibly 200,000 “have” it. Death toll at 100, as statistically close to zero as possible. So statistically, 2,000 deaths / 365 = 5 deaths per day getting hit by lightning = 220 people, twice as likely as Kung-flu, officially.

    Are y’all serious here? Since I don’t hear vaccine manufacturers hovering, like we did in ebola, etc, who vanished with the disease the second they were paid, what’s it all about, Alfie? To generate a media spin cycle from thin air? For the impeachment? That seems extreme. For the imploding economy? Darned if I can tell right now, but let’s pick a real CoD: there are 3,424 traffic fatalities per day worldwide. There are 49,000 deaths/day from combined heart diseases, CVD. There were 27 deaths/day in 2019 from wars, low estimate of direct fatalities. So eat a burger, stand in the middle of the road on a high hill in Aleppo with an umbrella. If anything they’re saying is within a 100 fold of correct, you’re not going to die of Corona, because officially, according to them, nobody yet has any more than the common cold. If they said it, it’s a lie. They are saying it, LOUD, therefore ….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 27 2020 #53065
    Dr. D

    “French NGOs, Local Authorities Take Court Action Against Oil Giant Total (G.)”

    Desperate for austerity, Climate Austerity. Since that’s going so well since the gas tax hike! Don’t shoot ‘til you see the whites of their eyes. We’ll ruin this economy somehow! Then MORE government to fix that!

    “Locust Swarms the Size of Cities (AP)”

    Apparently locusts occur when there IS good weather. Rain = grass = locusts, who because it only just happened and is unusual, have no natural predators, who lag. That’s also why locusts are a predictable cycle, and show up in history in war and famine cycles. But note, this locusts ironically happen when there’s GOOD weather, and the desert first greens. …Don’t worry, won’t be reported. New lakes and grasslands aren’t news. Feel for them though: must seem like you can’t get a break.

    “NYT has allowed itself to be used by Bolton”

    The latest leak – again – shows that State Dept. people were openly obstructing and undermining the elected president, and that he was responding to this since the beginning of his presidency, months, years before Biden, and on issues not related to Biden.

    So…argument this is about election – afraid of a guy who slurs, doesn’t know where he is, smells little girls, and can’t think straight: not so good. I wouldn’t be afraid of him, I could only dream he would the DNC candidate. And that second level (that it’s election-related) has never been established. But this latest leak does establish the time: years before Biden declared. That leaves the question: does the President have the right to fire ambassadors? Yes he does, unquestioningly. So…did you just harm your own case leaking facts again?

    Since when have facts mattered? RussiaRussiaRussia. Bombshell. Walls closing in.

    Is it not JUST candidate that can never be investigated, not JUST every member of their family, but every person and every family member that MIGHT candidate, someday, years from now?

    Why can’t we pin Kung-Flu yet? Is it 50 people dead (world’s biggest joke) or 10,000 (worth locking down 50M) as random youtube clips are attempting to lead? Okay, something else? Need an excuse as to why China is slowing to collapse that isn’t the Chinese government? Can’t figure.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 26 2020 #53025
    Dr. D

    I was going to say, and NOW they complain we’re terrible, ecological wrecks, compared to THAT. …But what we’ve done is worse, in a way, paving all land from sea to sea and putting concrete houses on it it will take a glacier to erase. That’s “Clean” you see. Whereas having one coal-laden hot spot and 91% forest is “dirty”. Ah, humans!

    We may have found out why China didn’t immediately blame the U.S.


    I remember the airport stop but didn’t lodge the exact virus name, since it wasn’t relevant then. Too much going on.

    On that, a bad 2nd piece: “This Is How China Is Hiding The True Number Of Coronavirus Deaths”
    “Coronavirus Kills Man In Shanghai As China Confirms Nearly 2,000 Cases”

    And viewers are right: China doesn’t screw everything up and go into worldwide lockdown unless there’s a LOT more people affected, and it’s a LOT more dangerous (or embarrassing) than they admit.

    I have to suggest from their behavior that it’s not 100 dead. That would be what 50 Million lockdown / 200 cases, or they shut down their economy and blew $1B for 1:250,000 or even one in a million chance-death. No mas. No way. Nyet. The media is also lying and I wouldn’t credit different article that there are 10,000 cases in Wuhan 5 days ago, but that has to be a lot lot closer than 200 deaths.

    Still random, still very low count, single%, but we now know it can kill healthy people without issue, the transmission says everyone in the world will have it very soon, and the usual suspects – vaccine salesmen, authoritarian lockdown experts, even fear mongers mostly – are nowhere to be found even now. So they are not on the list. Similarly not buying the “random animal market” story, which then they knew where and when a day later? C’mon, make it plausible. No, China knew instantly, and how serious instantly, in a vast land of bureaucratic denial instantly, and responded with shock and awe instantly, which means they knew something.

    “The first person known to have been infected by the Wuhan coronavirus had never visited the city’s seafood market”

    “ US Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000 (Gallup)”

    Although confidence is nice, it’s a feeling and not reality. After 20 years of contraction (hidden by erroneous inflation subtractor) we’ve barely risen 1%. So we cut the country 30% in a 20-year depression and rose off the mat? Well, better than not, I guess.

    Stock Market A ‘Ponzi Scheme’ That Eventually Must Collapse – Guggenheim (RT) “

    Sure but in inflationary nations with a crippled economy like Argentina and Zimbabwe, money hides in the stock market and it goes up wildly, losing money less. It never collapsed numbers, only in real money terms.

    hung jury strategy.”

    That’s a good point and meshes perfectly with the plan to inspire a new civil war to hide everything. Bernie’s guys – although only one or two, again – said if they didn’t get their way it was “obvious” that like Nadler says, there’s a “cover up” maybe plus a rigged vote – 100% of the time that I don’t win – and therefore they would “take to the streets” and “burn it down.” Then the criminals that inspire it, just like the teachers and professors, can make their getaway, claiming “oh those violent people, those peasants left and right, we need violent, oppressive authoritarianism to control them”. …Or more than now, apparently, which is impressive indeed. I hate the plan, yes. But it’s a pretty good one. They’re just unarmed and some numbers short, which is why they’ve been importing and protecting MS-13.

    P.S. the Clinton trial was a much rigged nonsense with no “high crime” as the present one is. And just like now, there was a wide sweep of real crimes they COULD have presented and didn’t. Then everyone cries about ‘honesty’ and ‘what we did before’. What we did before? We lied, covered our side, and made it up. Why would we repeat that? Tradition?

    The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins.” ― G.K. Chesterton

    “VP Pence Appears To Suggest Americans, Nor Russians, Liberated Auschwitz”

    We’ve been at this since before it happened. Wow, Normandy! Bigliest in the war. …You know except every day on the Eastern front in Stalingrad and elsewhere. What was it, 60 divisions east to 10 west or something? And we didn’t take Italy and still couldn’t make it to Berlin on time? It’s amazing the Anglos flapping gums and polishing office-chairs until their bums are red-hot works so well for them. Not trying to diminish what was pretty hard for us dog-faces — just put it into context. Most things reported in history are true — it’s just that their opposites are also true. Which is real? Which is more accurate? One probably is but how do we know? We don’t even know what’s going on now, and it’s around us.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 25 2020 #52998
    Dr. D

    Here’s something useful from The Guardian: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-case-for-making-low-tech-dumb-cities-instead-of-smart-ones?utm_source=pocket-newtab

    Just as well to go to low-tech now and beat the rush, since high-tech is spiral of both increasing failures and higher costs. What is is Tainter said about “Collapse”? That it was a result of outsized infrastructure that then saps too much daily support? Our answer: more centralization, more infrastructure, more GDP=more costs.

    So the article can indicate scores of solutions, but we cannot use them – yet – because we cannot let go of centralization and power concentration, and the mind that makes the problem cannot be the mind that sees the solution.

    A lot of hype and alarmism about my Corona. Let’s see what happens and what the real numbers are. People may “have it” but if if only gives you the common cold, then that happens already with all the existing flus. Kung-flu, as they’re saying. It’s probably worse, but how MUCH worse? I’m not getting good info, because without a test, no one knows how many have it. Could be the whole world has already been infected, and the hundred deaths are the cap. Not looking too hard, 3,000 deaths a year in Australia for the common cold, population 25M = 1:8300, or 0.0001% That would be 700k deaths worldwide. See what I mean? Does it go up by fibonocci? It’s cool numbers to put on a page, but can you back it?

    “was holding Republican senators rapt”

    That’s not what Kunstler and other leftists said. They thought if only someone should throw a brick and end it all, like a Vogon Poetry reading. The comment itself is pretty standard these days: IF anything I said/wrote/implied was true, THEN that would be quite a story! Yes, and IF aliens landed and made Fluffy the Shibu king of all earth, that would be a story too. But it didn’t happen, you didn’t have evidence, nobody said it was, and there was no reason to think it ever will. “You can’t make this stuff up!” –CNN reporter, on making all the stuff up.

    Example 5 minutes ago, MSNBC: “Gay teen’s family says his homicide may have been a hate crime” …Or it may not have been. Because I’m a journalist, I didn’t call anybody, collect evidence, or check. Even if there were evidence, that would have to be proven somewhere, presented by the D.A., confirmed by a jury, and might even then be wrong…but at least there would BE a story. The story here is, “If I invent and presume things, there might be a story.”

    Back to the point, yes, IF anything Adam Schiff said was true, that WOULD be interesting and incriminating. However, it’s Mr. Adam’s job to PRESENT EVIDENCE of…anything, frankly…but hopefully something relevant to the non-crimes and non-charges in the impeachment, and after 3 days has failed or forgotten to do so. I can’t help him in that case. Trump could be totally guilty, but you wouldn’t know it through Adam Schiff because he presented nothing to the jury.

    Not exactly sure who the speech was for. It’s a grand-slam to the Twitterati who already agree with him. Okay, great, but a) you need to convince people who do NOT agree with you, and b) the only practical audience is the Senate, because if you convince some voters but not the Senate, he’s going to walk free and undermine your gains with the voters.

    And yes, his whole premise is to bomb Russia, who is the size of Italy and hasn’t been Soviet for 30 years. Even if they were, Schiff’s party is literally the “Democratic Socialist” party, so maybe that’s what they’re mad about: that Russia is NOT communist, but vaguely authoritarian mixed-capitalist like we are. I guess Carlson is right? According to Schiff the impeachment is about nuking Russia, not any action by Trump? That’s what’s on trial here?
    Do we all want to die? Will we vote for WWIII?

    Per Kunstler, is it instead a plan to discredit democracy, government, elections, and therefore incite a civil war? Probably, that’s been the plan since Limbaugh in the 90s, but I don’t know if they can get that far from here. Even Antifa doesn’t seem to be getting lift-off, and it requires one side in government, and the outside faction to be armed and orderly, like Virginia. However, Virginia was so orderly they had no news and even picked up all their garbage before returning home.

    “Ukrainian officials had actually opened a new probe into Burisma months before President Trump’s July 2019 phone call”

    Hey no kidding. So how was he going to rig an election to open a case they already had opened, twice? Three, four times? Doesn’t matter. ‘Cause I want it to be true and thought it in my mind. That’s beyond whether IF we were eventually able to prove wrongdoing – and to do that someone would have to look – then it would STILL be appropriate. In fact, it’s legally required, both at home and via the Clinton-era treaty. Nevermind: facts, logic. We can’t look, so we can’t know, because looking at my side is a crime. We’re as pure as the driven snow.

    And since there’s more targets than gunsights in a field this dirty, remind that Ukraine has already legally established that they DID rig the ‘16 election, and that has also been established here, with the release of documents on Manafort. But the Ukrainians are Slavs and therefore not real human beings. What they say doesn’t matter and nobody pays attention to them anymore than pigs or untermench snorting. Ask the tolerant, diverse, inclusive left. Nope! Slavs aren’t people, their countries aren’t countries, their laws, opinions, or self-determination don’t count! We don’t even ignore them: they literally don’t exist as humans anymore than flies or bugs.

    no one has suggested my son did anything wrong.

    I have no idea what he’s doing any more then Sanders who tried to say Biden was “not corrupt in any way.” In any way? He’s a politician, no American or other person on earth is going to believe that. Who are you talking to and why did you say it? Jut say, “Your guy’s more corrupt, why are you singling out po’ Joe and picking on his kids?” See how easy that was? Btw, and speaking of the GAO, the ethics rules don’t just say you can’t take bribes(duh), they delineate in detail that IF you are in charge of an area, you CANNOT have family members there, and, covering all, cannot have even the appearance of corruption. Even if he’s completely innocent, which he is, since nothing’s been proven yet, we’re only asking to look. So there’s a real and defined breach of ethics, rejection of rules, and ignoring of oversight. …But we knew that, since the State Department said there was, was covering and responding to it, and briefing the Ambassador for the expected accusations and fallout.

    …Except none of all that happened, though widely reported by the NYT, Politico, in public government records, because if the things that happened, did, it would be legal, logical, and required to ask questions about it. But asking questions about public record and widely-reported stories is treason and impeachable.

    “Professors Donate To Democrats Over Republicans By A 95:1 Ratio (Turley)”

    I think this makes them the least diverse, least tolerant group on the planet. Also reminds me of “If everybody’s thinking the same thing, nobody’s thinking.” And that’s even if you don’t credit throwing all Republicans into re-education camps, which I’ve been hearing from them for decades, and not just from a few young kids in Bernie’s campaign. Where do you think the kids GOT the idea? From trusted professors, who are going to run away like little girls and deny everything like milk-sops, leaving Antifa and the Bernie Bros to swing for what they incited like little weasels. Don’t know what to do with that. It’s what happens when you’re allowed to speak, but no one thinks or expects words to be backed by actions, ever. Since they have no actions but evasion, they’re just chickenhawks. I can’t respect that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2020 #52978
    Dr. D

    Besides, the GAO is the House. Yeah, we know they dinna’ like: big surprise. There’s a parallel inspector that also saw it and did NOT care, showing it’s debatable. But in any case we already KNOW the House and Congress disagree with the GAO and didn’t care since THEY WATCHED IT, saw it, recorded it, marked it, AND SAID NOTHING. So if they — the House — were concerned why isn’t his –still potential — withholding of aid in front of the Supreme Court? Why? Because the House never brought suit to compel. …Which they never had to, because he provided all that aid, plus naughty Javelin missiles that Obama wouldn’t.

    Which shows they never cared a bit. They just make stuff up, like everybody else. My side, right or wrong. I thought it, now it’s real.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2020 #52977
    Dr. D

    Meh, I dunno. He thought about not paying his rent, but eventually paid it. On time.

    …And that’s even if he ever thought about not paying, it, which I can’t prove.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2020 #52970
    Dr. D

    Am I crazy here, or does China have a different health perspective based on Chinese medicine and therefore not “General Practitioners” who are Western? Not sure what that means, but sounds similar to complaining there are only 27,000 TCM doctors in the U.S. Well, yes. We’re not China, China’s not us. We’re different.

    That’s not to say Western medicine isn’t better in a crisis or epidemic, it may be; it’s to say I don’t know and those numbers won’t tell me.

    In death tolls, when it was a dozen, apparently 8 were over 80, 5 were over 70, and three had serious underlying health conditions. Like usual, that ain’t much of a death toll, hardly greater than the common cold. Yet they are reacting very seriously and not blaming us, and I don’t know why. Isn’t it legally REQUIRED to blame America for everything? Also didn’t entirely grasp that sure, a dozen people at first, but 0.01% of 1.38 Billion is 13 million people, as we’re rapidly realizing.

    So, to commenters, given some weird elements here, a test run for plausible lockdowns? Why? For upcoming food shortages? How many journalists have gotten sick and “disappeared” compared to the general population, as set by a few years of their social-credit scores?

    Wuhan Virus Will Shape China’s Smart City Vision (R.)” Aha.

    Take a peep at the U.S. system: so everyone is catastrophically sick with completely voluntary diseases and the hospitals are full. Well-stocked, sure, but dizzying consumers of all supplies under our present procedures. So you think we can absorb 10,000 new patients per city? And what, kick all the heart patients and diabetics out on the street? Profit says you have to run at 100% capacity though, and with no cost or consequence to your bad lifestyle choices, it’s somebody else’s cost, somebody else’s fault.

    Doomsday Clock Moves within 100 Seconds of Midnight (NPR)

    So after being wrong for 60 years, they move the clock again? It’s been a second to midnight my whole life. Nothing’s happened but they sure scared the heck out of me and caused a lot of child suicides over the years. That was before I realized if a adult human said it, it’s a bat-s—t, fabricated, self-serving bald-faced lie. Children lie only half the time, a pleasant relief. So the clock is run by adults? It’s a lie. It’s run by schmarty-guyz, in the media? It’s definitely and COMPLETELY a lie, and almost certainly a knowing one. Known because smart people can’t say it’s two minutes to midnight for 60 years without failing statistics 120 semesters in a row. Lookin’ at you NPR, Yale graduates and the dumbest guys in the room.

    More productively? It’s political. Propaganda. Theatre. Now just look for the stage director and the script.

    ““the law of attempts,” a category of crimes”

    It cannot be a crime if it wasn’t committed. Even if you had a brain-intent recording machine on tape – which you don’t — it still wouldn’t be a crime. We don’t arrest people for wanting to swear and not, or thinking about not paying their rent. But isn’t this a caution about the problems of “Thoughtcrime”, which is not a joke to these people but actually believed and actually prosecuted? Just had this in a Danish interview with Facebook about a certain British Mr. Robinson. The Dane said, “Oh yes, I totally, totally believe everything you say about Robinson, of course! So…can you point me to the quotes where he said anything bad, incited or promoted ay violence?”

    Facebook say: “…Er…he has, that is…der…we all know…it’s more a contextual that WE at Facebook know what he MEANT by what he’s never even once said…”

    O RLY? So you know and bann people – forever, without trial or appeal – not even on what they’ve DONE, but on what YOU THINK THEY MIGHT SAY, BUT NEVER HAVE? = Thoughtcrime. Coming to your town, but it’s already there, planetwide, down to the tiniest Boy Scout meeting.

    Since y’all like fascism and tyranny so much and won’t lift a finger, You’re Next. Might what to brush up on your Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, it’ll come in handy in ‘Bernie’s’ education camps.

    Am I kidding? Germany just outlawed, “Climate Hysteria” as a plausible word yesterday. A French author was just jailed for having the opinion that a few million sudden immigrants could plausibly be characterized as an “Invasion”. Invasion /ɪnˈveɪ·ʒən The entering or taking over of a place, or being entered by force.

    Opinions are treason. When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.

    “Fed’s Repos Drop to Oct Level, T-Bills Surge, But MBS Fall (WS)”

    Finally to something important, the number hasn’t dropped, it’s $730B, what they’re doing is hiding it, but only a little since everybody loves fraud and nobody cares. For instance, FICC has now bought $60B. Who’s the FICC? Funny you should as: it’s an empty shell corporation, a clearinghouse with no assets run by the DTCC. Whos the DTCC? Since they’re the nexus of all stocks in the U.S. of $34 Trillion, maybe should look it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depository_Trust_%26_Clearing_Corporation
    They’re a shell corporation that’s owned by Cede and Co. (as in, surrender, give up), a shell entity that keeps bookwork on who owes what stocks to whom among EVERY bank, Hedge Fund, and Person on earth. –And owning paper copies are now illegal. That’s odd, why dat? So…when you have a “flash-crash” sale and Fargo doesn’t like taking a loss? DTCC reverses the trade so they win. When you have a stock vote in Taser and 130% more people vote than shares exist? That’s DTCC having so completely lost track of stock certificates that there are double, triple, quadruple more shares in Morgan and Citi slush than were ever issued: that is to say, they’re counterfeited. At will. Any time they like. For any reason. How to you think Sachs make 400 winning trading days in a row? With ONLY insider trading? And stock is now issued like with Overstock.com, at 2x, 5x, 25x multiples created out of thin air – because nobody’s watching the books – and used to short troublemakers like Overstock, or Blackberry, or whoever Tesla’s or Amazon’s enemies are today, and run them out of business.
    Every day of the year. It’s called “failures to deliver” and it’s been going on almost 20 years in numbers that beggar the imagination.

    So FICC, like the DTCC, has no assets and no oversight and no accountants. So they just say, “I have a used pack of Wrigley’s gum, and I can now borrow against that chewing gum to the tune of $60B, and $6,000 Billion tomorrow if I want”, and nobody says anything. And they did so earlier this month.

    Okay, so what’s the problem here, aside from the obvious one: money if worthless and everybody (that’s you) loves fraud more than air?

    We can be almost completely sure that, like Taser and Overstock, EVERY SINGLE SIFI BANK – all of them, UBS, Santander, Sumitomo, DeutscheBank, Morgan – has for historic reasons, to rig that price, to win that extra trade, 25 years ago, has COUNTERFEITED U.S. Treasury bonds in the system. …Because nobody’s checking the system. Nobody cares, so long as it expands and not contracts, so long as it wins and not loses. So we have a case where, if you check the serial numbers, SOME HUGE NUMBER OF BONDS ARE DUPLICATES, triplicates, googleplexacates. —Hey, just like all those MBS mortgages, back in the ’08 crisis, Docktor? Yes, Virginia, just like that. Like selling the same house 20x to Norwegian pensions, owned by Fargo, owned by 20 other funds in the MERS system, owned by YOU too – because they’re trying to foreclose and you have no mortgage at all —

    “...until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew
    whether this one was that one… or that one was this one…
    or which one was what one… or what one was who

    So when you have a REPO crisis, and somebody’s going down, maybe the real problem is that the banks are aware that 10%, 1/3, HALF of all bonds they are posting for overnight are FAKE? And they could get caught with the counterfeit? The whole system is essentially a fake? And being system-wide and going back to the 90’s, it literally can’t BE unfaked? No method on earth can possibly un-f—k the system this corrupt?

    What does the Fed do? Well the “Fed” is merely the SIFI banks and the banks are the Fed. So what do the banks do for themselves? They say, “We’re in a crisis. You just have to buy EVERYTHING, with NO QUESTIONS asked, FOREVER,” and therefore LAUNDER all the money, all the fraud, and make it money-good.

    Hey, Herr Docktor, is that like when the Fed bought AIG and the MBS at 100c on the $ when they were worth 15c? You know, making the banks whole at the taxpayers’ expense, and not only not PROSECUTING crime, but actually REWARDING it with multi-billion in bonuses, THAT YEAR and every years since? Yes, Virginia.

    So…this could be that kind of problem trader Armstrong was saying: a problem that is SO bad, SO systemic, SO insolvable, that no one will even TALK about it? Verboten, does not exist?
    Uh, yeah, something like that. Just a theory though. You can suggest it’s the trillions in negative Euro interest rates finally contaminating the Repo, or that it’s a generic bailout, but although those probably exist, from the actions I have to guess isn’t and is a lot bigger.

    “Tis a tangled web we weave / when first we practice to deceive.” The only way out is to come clean, stop lying. That will never happen, because the system itself is a lie and the system itself and all its power brokers will vanish and fail if truth returns. That’s why the only enemy, the only crime, is telling the truth. Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum. Because they will. Right now.

    America’s Radioactive Secret (Rolling Stone)”

    Oh if only it were this. In our area, a load costs, say, $10,000. However, if someone were to loosen the petcock on the back of the truck and it leaked out on the roads on the way there, well, you and the company would just have to split the $10,000, wouldn’t you? Accidents happen. Shucks, Gomer, I won. And then I took my daughter to get chemo. Was it all worthwhile? You can’t prove nothin’. “No evidence was published.”

    And you wonder why Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum. The only way to make it stop.

    “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 23 2020 #52949
    Dr. D

    Check 9Bill comments?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 23 2020 #52936
    Dr. D

    “China Quarantines 11 Million in Wuhan As Virus Kills 17, with 95 Critical (RT)”

    From yesterday, it doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is what China THINKS happened. And the Corona was patented by the West just a few years ago (2015) and related to a group fronted by Bill Gates. Again, doesn’t matter if that’s why and true, only that China can/might THINK that’s where and why it came from. ‘Cause you know: genocide? It makes people cranky.

    Gabbard Suing Clinton for Defamation over ‘Russian Asset’ Comments (Hill)”

    Since HRC is queen bee, this make a lot of sense. To wrest the party from two who go directly to the media and order the media what to cover and ignore (just like HRC ordered the media to give DJT coverage as “pied piper”, in the leaked emails), Tulsa has to head-on the queen bee to change and save the party. But don’t worry: they won’t. They will irreparably damage it instead. Why? They believe nothing and without the party as air-cover would all go to jail. For election tampering for starters. With Bernie, proven, among 100 other charges, and would be Federal Charge any other time and place. Been so long anyone was straightforward in the party, just doing what they say and acting on it, they don’t expect it or know what to do.

    The media for their part refused to take 30 minutes and read the simple lawsuit document, just like Covington, then commented on nonsense that didn’t happen they all made up in their minds. …But I said “media” so obviously.

    UN Demands US Probe of Alleged Saudi Hack of Bezos’ Phone (ZH)

    Hey U.N., my phone’s been hacked too, and I have some mail I’d like you to sort.

    Boeing CEO Expects to Resume 737 MAX Production before Mid-Year (R.)”

    Doing it to themselves. All about response and handling. They could have fixed and be over this by now except for the lying.

    The Great American Shale Oil & Gas Bust (WS)”

    They act like this matters. The whole point was to turn borrowed Fed money into oil. The companies went bankrupt? The “company” is a fiction. It’s a bunch of words on paper, nothing happens when you tear the paper. However we got real oil for a bunch of hot air clicking mice on a pixel. Sounds like a win, not a loss.

    Point: THEY DON’T CARE. Nor does the economy about this fiction. We’ll just do it again until the US$ is taken away.

    “Ghislaine Maxwell’s Personal Emails Were Hacked (DM)”

    Call the U.N. IT Support hotline!!!

    “TEPCO Estimates It Will Take 44 Years to Decommission Fukushima No. 2 (JT)”

    They re-occupied Hiroshima almost right away with little ill effects. Doesn’t that make General Electric 44x more dangerous than an atom bomb? American corporations and product kill more people than cancer? We’re No 1!!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2020 #52935
    Dr. D

    “The Democratic party is falling apart before our eyes, and they have only themselves to blame. This should have happened about 4 years ago,”

    Sad. Don’t do it! #ComeBack

    “USA’s use of atomic bombs on Hiro-Saki will see that it was a lunatic decision”

    Not at all. It WAS a pack of lies though. Sure, they wanted to avoid a Normandy landing of Tokyo, and rightfully so…but Japan was already surrendering and only wanted their 1,000-year emperor, an easy ask, as proven. No, they were really talking to the Russians, moving seamlessly on to that war, as shown. And also we leaked that nuclear info to them (also consensus reality now, look it up) to have your MICC arms-war, as Eisenhower, who was RIGHT THERE at the time, warned us about, but was already too far. Hype aside, the atom bombs were a joke. Dresden was much more bombed, attacking civilians not just incidentally but specifically. And the radiation that would salt them for 1,000 years, people live nicely there and almost right away. So yes, sure, bigger bomb. But so? Does it matter to get hit with 50 .22s instead of one 10-gauge slug? Not to the guy dying. Anyway, hardly lunatic, totally rational, such as military planners murdering everyone can ever be called “rational.”

    Also the whole premise is gone now. We’re beyond battlefield nukes down to pocket nukes, and they were probably tested out in Syria and Ukraine already, though hard to pin down. They too do not leave lingering radiation. The smaller and more conventional they are, the more likely to be used, so no one knows where the threshold to “Hold on” is anymore.

    Hunter Biden Ordered to Explain Why He Shouldn’t Be Held in Contempt Of Court”

    I was more concerned this is a Contempt of the Mother of his child. Everyone finds courts contemptible, what about your infant son, a Biden?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2020 #52883
    Dr. D

    “Repair and overhauling in Chicago”

    Americans doing stuff: we need to shut that down right away! There’s got to be some kind of safety, environmental or tax excuse we can find: go to it boys! Work is bad, mkay, find that crime so we can prosecute.

    New Coronavirus Has Unusually High Ability To Bind To A Human Protein (SCMP)”

    Don’t know if it’s true, but reportedly behind the scenes, China believed SARS was a human engineered virus meant to attack people by race, i.e. Asians, Chinese specifically. From the spread and death count it seems they were not entirely mistaken. Whether it is or isn’t we can’t know, and doesn’t matter, only that they THINK it is, so they will then respond to our politics that way. …You know a day after all their pigs mysteriously died, leaving them helpless to U.S. imports. Another gol-durned coincidence. Boy those Yanks sure are lucky!

    ““Proposed changes will insure that incomes and pensions are such that everybody has decent living conditions

    ‘Tis but to dream here, but I’ve got an easier one: leave us all the f alone, we’ll be rich in no time.

    Senate Votes Down Democrats’ Subpoena Proposals (G.)”

    Still no idea what they’re doing except prevent Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and Pelosi from being subpoena’d for crimes one more day.

    Adam Schiff Caught ‘Fabricating’ Evidence (US24)”

    There’s somebody left who didn’t know this? And from a guy who didn’t know the whistleblower “Charlie’s” name, but somehow for weeks knew which name not to say? Along with Google, Twitter, Facebook, who didn’t know either but knew which name to erase? Huh.

    This week, Bernie is sexist. Stay tuned for next week,”

    If only this were a joke. So…TDS, Bernie’s supporters say the DNC is rigging him – again – and with CNN, etc. Right. Then Trump says it. Lo! If Trump was for oxygen, Democrats would suffocate. Bernie then attacks TRUMP for defending HIM, and therefore attacks his own Bernie-supporter base as hostile lunatics. #OppositeLand #Winning! Then comes out not with a “Hey, the party needs to stand together against evil, now is not the time to question Biden…blah blah” Nope! He says, “I apologize, It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way.” In any way. Look, I don’t know who you’re talking to because NOBODY thinks Joe is not corrupt “in ANY way.” Maybe a reasonable amount, maybe unfair to single him out, not “not at all” and ESPECIALLY the far-left i.e. Bernie/AOC: they hate Biden and Obama and think they’re far-right Conservative Nazis. (Yes, that doesn’t exist and is an oxymoron, tell them to read a book: I’ve tried)

    Political takeaway: W T F ? The only person trying to get sink Bernie and election Biden/Trump is Bernie. He hates his own support. #Oppositeland, #AntiLogos what can I say? You win by losing, or in his case lose by being the winning front-runner.

    P.S. HRC says, “Nobody likes Bernie? It’s sad?” Well he whipped you with no media and no support and without trying so imagine how much MORE people dislike you. #EveryoneHatesHillary. More than Bernie. More than Trump. More than Cancer. Sit with that for a minute and have a nice day!

    Ukrainian Prosecutor Biden Pushed to Oust Heavily Investigated Burisma (RT)”

    We only deny public evidence we can see with our own eyes, like Biden’s video from CFR. We accept all evidence that makes no logical sense, we CAN’T see, have never seen, and is illegal to see or ask about. That’s logic! Or at least in a world of American AntiLogic.

    And so Biden gets to tell the media what to do? Must be nice, but they are not biased at all.

    Brazil Charges Glenn Greenwald with Cybercrimes (ZH)”

    Big holy yikes. Because “Exposing deep systemic corruption” was “discrediting the judiciary.” I’ll bet it was! That’s why we have reporters! But remember, in #OppositeLand, we have reporters to HIDE facts.

    The EU has done it. It’s turned the Greeks against immigrants.”

    That is the plan. Now they can steer a civil war or peasant against peasant instead of against their machinations where it belongs. It took a couple million to do it BECAUSE humans are so helpful and so tolerant, but if you push enough, and pay for enough media extremism to get out there, then fund enough organizations, you CAN indeed do what is unnatural for everyone, just like every time before. “The terrible Hun!” “Irrational slanty-eyed Japs!” Ah, high points in history, for which Bernays and Madison Avenue were very well paid. –And all those guys from Hannibal, MO died at Omaha. Or Aleppo. Sure wasn’t the Bush sisters.

    US Drinking Water Widely Contaminated with ‘Forever Chemicals’ (R.)

    Should we stop? Nah. Hey, if poisoning people is a crime, should we sue and/or prosecute? Nah. Are you crazy? We don’t arrest folks just for KILLING everyone, you know, ‘forever’! In #OppositeLand that’s a GOOD thing, just ask any environmentalist. Really, we need to give them a medal, or failing that, an enormous tax subsidy and immunity from all prosecution while they run the FDA. What? We already did that for 30 years? #Winning!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 21 2020 #52863
    Dr. D

    “Hillary Says Nobody Likes Bernie, Won’t Commit To Backing Him”

    So what are they saying? A retired private citizen who does nothing and holds no positions won’t vote for Bernie? So what? Or are you saying we should care, because HRC still is running the DNC? Seems like one or the other. If she’s running it, then why is she hiding and not honest about it? CNN, you’re a joke.

    “Markets Tumble As Human-to-Human Transmission Coronavirus Confirmed (ZH)”

    Is this like all the other 20 scares where the death tool is scarcely higher than the common cold?

    “Cry Wolf! And loose the lies of war!”

    “Still wondering how he got from near bankruptcy to hiring an A-list lawyer.”

    Yeah, amazing. And somebody seems to be inside handing out bread crumbs, as how does Powell know what was on the 302s nobody wrote, has, or has ever seen? Funny ol’ world. But she knows what the FBI and DoJ don’t and is almost certainly right. …But there’s no NSA or military intel anywhere. It’s all just a big accident.

    McConnell Proposes Compressed Schedule for Impeachment Trial (Hill)

    This probably would have helped if they’d got some crimes or evidence before now. It’s like the local constabulary saying, “He’s a bad seed: born bad.” So they just chase and harass him from the age of 13 until he’s proven right.

    “Sheriff John Brown always hated me
    For what I don’t know
    Every time that I plant a seed
    He said, “Kill it before it grows”

    Congress has already said, they don’t care about the impeachment; they are going to keep investigating forever until they find something. And as ever, #OppositeLand, “The World Turned Upside-down”: you are INNOCENT, innocent, innocent, innocent, until PROVEN guilty. Proven. As is the Jury reads the final words and the court is adjourned. And there must be a definitive CRIME to exist before we start looking for who committed it. But that would be #Logos, logic. We are definitively #AntiLogos, AntiLogic.

    “Chief Justice Roberts Under Pressure from Both Sides in Witness Fight (Hill)”

    What are you saying? That the law exists and he’s a judge? Or do you swim in a world of Twitterati group-think where everybody slavishly agrees all the time or is excommunicated from existence? Weirdos.

    Orlov runs down more details in the Putin-law changes:

    “During Putin’s period in power, Russia has solved the problems of separatism and domestic terrorism, reigned in the predatory oligarchy, paid off virtually all of its foreign debts including ones it inherited from the USSR, grew its economy by a factor of six (vs. China’s five and USA’s one), regained Crimea (which had been part of Russia since 1783), rebuilt its armed forces to a point where international security is no longer a major concern, and achieved an overall level of societal well-being that is unparalleled in all of Russian history.

    The system of governance he has built has worked well with him as the head of government, but it will require some adjustments in order to work well under future presidents, who may not be equally gifted. Recognizing this fact, on Wednesday Putin has launched a limited overhaul of the Russian Constitution.”

    Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition (Eric Mann)”

    The left hates MLK sooooo much and works tirelessly to undermine him every day, because he said, “I want people to be judged on the content of their character, NOT the color of their skin.” They do the #OppositeLand, caring only and exclusively about ever-smaller divisions of skin, and are repulsed by merit and character, and most ESPECIALLY Christian ones, as described by southern preachers. Ew.

    Ukraine, China Knew Hunter Biden Was Chronic Drug Addict, Hired Him Anyway (GP)”

    But there’s no suspicion, no evidence and even ASKING THE QUESTION is a crime.

    in reply to: Go Home Greta #52862
    Dr. D

    “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without: A motto for getting out of debt.”
    Book available.

    “We don’t have an economic problem; we have a political problem”

    “Walk the plank with our eyes wide open.

    Some people offered up answers.
    We made out like we heard, they were only words.
    They didn’t add up to a change in the way we were living,
    And the saddest thing is all of it could have been avoided.

    But it was like to stop consuming is to stop being human,
    You’ll want to make a change if you won’t.
    We’re all in the same boat, staying afloat for the moment.”

    When they stop buying stuff and lower GDP, I’ll believe them. Especially since it’s the buying and GDP that’s making us so unhappy. Until then, it’s all nonsense.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 20 2020 #52829
    Dr. D

    “Nadler Says Dems Unwilling to Negotiate Hunter Biden Testimony (Fox)

    All witnesses must be heard, except for all the ones I don’t want. Right!

    Warren Joins Bernie in Jabbing Biden on Social Security (Pol.)”

    Craziest things happening every day now. Warren says Bernie – who’s on tape calling for a woman president decades ago doesn’t believe in women presidents. …Months after HRC won the popular. Months after telling her he wasn’t a great candidate and if she was going to run he would stand aside and let her. She didn’t, so he did.

    Claims a tape of Biden, doing Biden things in the past – and nothing that strange, unlike now – are “doctored”, fabricated. Huh? This is just C-Span video of you talking in Congress.

    Fake claims Bernie says Buttigeig has a “gay problem”? What?

    Notice any pattern here? Oh yeah, 100% of them are against Bernie. But on his side, his campaign guy was outed as a violent-loving death-camp revolutionary. And that’s just one guy, however it can show what kind of people he attracts. Don’t mind that so much. However, he was not fired, and everyone nearby locked their accounts so no evidence could be found. …Always the first response of innocent men. And going into a critical primary where their accounts MUST be active to chat up that support. I wouldn’t go nuts about it, because they’ve been saying the same thing for decades (and trying it, see VA, but so, so many laws) but…

    Speaking of, NBC had an op-ed that supporting Trump was illegal and arrestable crime. No joke. So if you’re a-gonna do that, what would you call the prisons where you plan to hold 1/3 of all Americans? And I’m the crazy one here. Can you think 30 seconds ahead? Nevermind.

    Back to crazy-every-day, “NYT endorsed Warren AND Klobuchar yesterday.” Of course they did. Because who the fargleblaster has ever supported Klobuchar? Nobody I ever heard of, not even the press until now. Since Harris was too vile even for the media, they’re picking the next VPs, who must be women. …Not capable people but nobody cares who they are, nobody cares what they do, nobody cares if anyone likes them so long as they’re women. …Because gender is a social construct that doesn’t exist, and there’s no such thing as men and women.

    John Durham Investigates Months Before Mueller Appointment (WE)

    But apparently can’t find any indictments. You know, like when somebody takes home 30,000 emails then erases them for a subpoena. Speaking of, how about Cheeto’s new legal team! Can I get an “Epstein” up in here? Since we see bad law sink ships, like Flynn’s legal team not only rigging him, but all of Comey’s pals from Justice were immediately hired into that law group to leak his legal defense in the background and run the show, maybe Cheeto needs to have some really, REALLY sweet blackmail over his lawyers Dershowitz et pals to keep them honest? …Honest in lawyer terms, anyway. And are they good? Well they got Epstein off!

    immediate steps to allow the suppressed report into Russia’s interference in the British political system to be published

    I’m guessing he hand-picked the people and fabricated the document, like all documents these day. “17 intelligence agencies!” (including NOAA and the Coast Guard) Remember Blair and yellowcake? How about the OPCW? OxFam rapes and trafficking? Hey both of those were overseen by the U.N.! But that is a coincidence and both of them are totally trustworthy. Ask the Skripals, they’ll tell you.

    I think he should just declassify a warehouse of documents including these and watch them all squirm about “Suppression” and “publishing”. Is it true? Meh, maybe, probably not. But I’ll bet you can find a few ten-million foreign cash used to rig the “Remain” vote.

    World’s Richest 2,000 People Hold More than Poorest 4.6 Billion Combined (R.)

    I’ve got an answer: More market rigging! More government! Ask Carney, he just said he was going to do all that AND hand more poorest money to his 2,000 richest friends, so long as they used the special discount code “Green” in the last 500 days. When the rich hire the rich to oversee the rich, what could possibly go wrong? I know: let’s ask the rich. NYT, Guardian, Murdoch: what do you say?

    UN Decarbonisation Target for Shipping to Cost over $1 Trillion (R.)

    Once again, they think it’s money. Money is a big zero, a representation, a pronoun. What they’re really saying is they need to burn $1 Trillion in oil-energy to create all the ships and trains to save $1 Trillion in energy. Translation: we must burn the town to fire-proof the town. #Winning! Everyone applauds. “You rich peoples sure iz schmart! $1 Trillion went into your coffers and we burned more CO2 than ever! How’d dat happen?” Wouldn’t it be easier to hire people and manufacture locally instead? You know, the way you violently oppose at every turn, even with impeachment?

    Oil Firms Risk Public Backlash If Profits Put Before Climate, Says IEA (G.)”

    Being “The Guardian”, they’re probably unaware of all law, profit, and finance over the last 100 years, but it’s literally illegal if they don’t? They would be instantly sued for breach of fiduciary duty and bounced off the BoD. If they had any reporters over the age of 12, and/or called anybody on earth to ask, they would tell them, but sadly it is “The Guardian”, so synapse-free for 100 years.

    Europe already has enough infrastructure – such as pipelines and processing plants – to meet the continent’s future demand.

    That’s so odd since I remember just a year or two ago Europe ran out of gas and had a panic about their supplies from Russia. So they have all the gas they need except it went down yesterday. Right! The Guardian cannot Google “The Guardian” for old articles from “The Guardian” because they are reporters for “The Guardian.” Good thing we only trust mainstream sources!

    Some 90 years after the US dust bowl.

    Yes, and Australia had the same cycle then too, and is as predictable as rain they would have it again. Just go chart it, or look at the many climate cycle charts people have posted for you. But they’re “Crazy” people who post science recordings in graph form, while the people who doctor and hide data are “scientists.”

    PS. 9 days of snow in Bangladesh with 9” accumulation, not seen in 40 years, much less a de-facto blizzard. I blame Russia, and certainly not East Anglia who lied to you about it. Not the people who “lost” the ice cores, then the satellite data, then their computer models, then… Also snowing to Mexico, California, in Saudi Arabia, greening in Libya, Africa, and the whole Silk Road…

    Nope. Those people don’t count. Only report what sells my product: taxes and slavery. The other stuff? Green all over new areas? Croplands growing? Well: “Deny everything. Admit nothing. Make counter-accusations.” Science!™

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 19 2020 #52807
    Dr. D

    Things are moving too fast for me to keep up. Rosenstein was in the Trump camp’s crosshairs forever, but now all of a sudden he’s the other camp’s worst enemy?”

    Yes, like Comey, Dore, Trump himself. First they’re registered Democrats, far leftists even. Then they cross not the principles, not the party, but HRC or the NeoLibs and suddenly they’re far right Nazis who work for Putin. (except that Russia fought the Nazis) Expect no less. So if you believe in universal health care, social security, free speech, are antiwar etc, you’re now a Nazi, where if you DON’T want that, like Biden and HRC, you’re a Democrat. #OppositeLand.

    The weird part is, no one notices.

    Strzok and Page sent 100s, 1000s of messages to each other, often during work hours, but they still get to claim invasion of their privacy?

    Yup. See above. My side right or wrong. On a phone with a bone. In a boat with a goat. On a fully-monitored government phone, in their home. Enough texts that show they could not possibly have done any other work, or heck, even this work. And I paid for it all, paid for them to rig the elections. RussiaRussiaRussia!

    Always wonder why people claim to know exactly what the Framers meant

    Well that part’s easy: with their voluminous letters it would take a lifetime to read. Downside: they often disagreed with each other. They don’t bring that part up, as it would discredit both sides. What was it Lincoln said both sides pray to the same God for victory? Both sides refer to the framer-saints rather than engaging their brains today, an appeal to authority. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

    However, they were concerned if they put in impeachment, it would be constantly used instead of elections. You know, like the last 4 out of 5 Republican Presidents. (Snopes) However, the risks of NOT allowing impeachment are too high, and I agree. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Adams/99-02-02-3102 If the people themselves are corrupt, nothing can save them. They so often say “The Government” oughta do/fix/make/punish such-and-such” as if the government were not us and made of the same people. If we’re corrupt, they’re 100x more corrupt, because of selection bias and Lord Acton’s “Power Corrupts.” So we’re giving more power to the MOST corrupt people in our society. Nope. The answer to government corruption is more laws and more government. Forever. Hey, where’d all this tyranny come from in here? I meant pursue and arrest MY enemies when THEY have opinions, not me and mine. Hey, what’s this bag and why is it dark sudden?

    Meh. Suppose he even got booted. So what? If the people didn’t stand for it, they’d vote his equivalent right back in, or else hold sit-ins like the one in Alexandria. You can’t actually make them. …Which is why impeachment a day before election is so counter-democratic and infuriating. Is it really too much to pick a good candidate people like and vote them in? Fighting this guy has got to be the easiest election ever, yet they still fail. “All they have to do is be less crazy than Trump.” — Bill Maher Of course the whole thing is garden-variety election-rigging, just what they accuse him of. So…we should impeach the House of Representatives. I’d start the petition, but when VA representatives got their 10% recall petition in just a few days, they simply raised the threshold to 20%, kind of like the DNC debates. If they got to 20%, they’d raise it to 90%. If 90%, then 99%. Democracy!

    mayor turned Donald Trump stooge” Nice. I see no bias at all from The Guardian. And he was considered great because his city was bombed and he completely failed even any attempt to stop it, nor protected anyone from the health consequences, nor led the charge to fix the original breach. This is considered totally normal. No one notices. And he was defeated by a chicken, not McCain’s thundering herd of RINOs. I live here and I don’t even remember a chicken. But sure, Guardian, sure it was.

    were necessary to prevent a vague, yet allegedly imminent, threat

    Wow, face-recognition of the protestors showed they were trained militias organized by Iran and were at that minute destroying the Embassy. Even on the outside I can tell the top suspect for a really-smart attack on the U.S. would be Soleimani. Yet they’re like “What attack are you talking about?” The one that the media was breathlessly reporting 24/7 until it failed and then the media threw a temper-tantrum about it? That one? I’m not saying there were or weren’t others, but like, IT’S HIS JOB to have all sorts of military plans. So if he DIDN’T have plans, he should have been fired for dereliction of duty. But: no plans. Sure, media, sure.

    Anyway, what’s Trump and Rouhani supposed to say, we colluded to erase Rouhani’s chief rival, the same way he most probably requested permission from Assad and Putin to bomb (empty, targetless) Syria? (Why? Because Maddow and Williams demanded it, and such a charge could have been impeachable if he couldn’t pull up a signed document saying it could not possibly be a war crime. It went one way since there is nothing on earth Democrats and the Media love more than war, but it could have gone the other way, and I bet they wish they had.) Anyway, I can’t prove it, but what does their resulting behavior look like? Media is still reporting how Iran will attack us worldwide, using thousands of sleeper agents. Okay, when? 2055? That WOULD be tricky. “We’ll get you when you least expect us: 50 years after Trump leaves office, see if we won’t.” No. No. Your brain is on backwards. Iran hits essentially nothing, anywhere? We’re the world’s softest target. Our infrastructure is so third-world you could take out a whole city with a backhoe. Sure they’re super-mad. Sure they are.

    The Petrodollar and the Phantom of the Petroyuan (Webb)”

    Nah, they could use a gold-trade note and it’s safer. If RMB, we’d just rock their market with our usual unlimited manipulations, like we do every day, every where, and you can destroy the Petro and US$ just by stopping us from printing fake dollars for real goods, which a gold-trade, or even BTC-trade note would do. The U.S. would have to make stuff then, do work. Hey, is that what Cheeto has feverishly been trying to do, and resisted at every turn? The beginning of jobs, the beginning of the U.S. working for a living like a fair partner? Weird. Sounds like a coincidence.

    We will shut them up with reliable and fundamental facts.

    Boy is he going to be surprised. Since when have facts mattered to the Anglos or the whole West? They just think it, write it down, and it’s true! At least all my friends say it is, and they edit Wikipedia! Just like how Russia was a Nazi instead of the near-sole ENEMY of the Nazis, above.

    I like facts as much as the next guy, but I would like them to matter before I die.

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