Dec 052019
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Debt Rattle December 5 2019

Arthur Rothstein Interior of migratory fruit worker’s tent, Yakima, Washington Jul 1936   • The Market Will Need The Fed Again In 2020 (Axios) • The Repo Market Is Broken And Fed Injections Are Not A Lasting Solution (MW) • Is Something Broken? Quants Running “Scared” As Nothing Makes Sense (ZH) • Legal Experts Called By Democrats Say Trump’s Actions Are Impeachable (R.) • Gaetz Grills Impeachment Witnesses Over Democratic Donations (Fox) • Judiciary Committee Member: Unfair, Politically Biased Ordeal

Dec 042019
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Trump Target

Vincent van Gogh Vase with honesty 1884-85   There are things you just cannot do. Partisanship, even the semblance of it, when discussing the US Constitution, is certainly one of them. But there we go: in Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee hearings starting today, the Democrats get to pick 3 Constitutional experts, vs just one for the Republicans. There is no bigger no-no. This is not about whether Trump has tried to bribe Ukraine president Zelensky, something the latter has denied

Dec 042019
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Debt Rattle December 4 2019

Arthur Rothstein Oregon or Bust, family fleeing South Dakota drought Jul 1936   • ‘Rumblings’ From Democrats On Censuring Trump Instead Of Impeachment (Hill) • Democrats Accuse Trump Of Abusing Power, Obstructing Impeachment Probe (R.) • Trump Unloads On ‘Maniac’ Adam Schiff: ‘He’s A Deranged Human Being’ (Fox) • Nunes Sues CNN Over ‘Demonstrably False’ Ukraine Report (York) • Durham Needs to Bring Indictments (Farrell) • Trump Says Barr Was Misquoted Regarding Horowitz (SAC) • Trump Was Right Before He

Dec 032019
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Debt Rattle December 3 2019

Arthur Rothstein Texas Panhandle Dust Bowl Mar 1936   • There Is No More Accurate Way To Describe All That Than As A Coup (Kunstler) • Republicans Issue 123-Page Defense Of Trump (G.) • Barr Disputes Major Horowitz Finding Based On Durham, CIA Evidence (ZH) • Leaked NHS Papers ‘Put Online By Posters Using Russian Methods’ (G.) • As Trump Heads To London For NATO Summit, Warnings On British Election (R.) • Japan Preparing $120-$230 Billion Stimulus Package As Recession

Dec 022019
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Debt Rattle December 2 2019

Russell Lee Migrant family in trailer home near Edinburg, Texas Feb 1939   • White House Says It Will Not Participate In Wednesday Impeachment Hearing (R.) • Political Affiliation Bias: We’re Embracing It Fervently (RT) • Could America Survive a Truth Commission? (CHS) • Why a Second American Revolution Is Necessary for the Entire World (Zuesse) • US Digs Deeper Into Deutsche Role In Danske Money Laundering Scandal (R.) • Albert Edwards Is Watching To Decide When The US Becomes

Dec 012019
Debt Rattle December 1 2019

Arthur Rothstein Family leaving South Dakota drought for Oregon Jul 1936   • Fastest-Growing Debt Category In US Not Student Loans Or Credit Cards (CNBC) • Automakers Offer Record Incentives As Trillion Dollar Auto Bubble Bursts (ZH) • The Fed’s Answer to the Ghastly Monster of its Creation (EP) • Germany Closes All Nuclear Plants, Must Bury Waste For 1 Million Years (CNN) • Spanish Judge To Question Assange Over Ecuador Embassy Spying Claims (El Pais) • ‘We’re Working For

Nov 302019
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Debt Rattle November 30 2019

Dorothea Lange Hoe culture in the South. Poor white, North Carolina July 1936   • China Shouldn’t Risk West’s Large Monetary Easing Of Last Decade – PBOC (SCMP) • EU Watchdog Tells Banks To Get A Grip On Costs, Merge Or Close (R.) • But US “Energy Independence” is More Complicated (WS) • Black Friday Is Dying (ZH) • Democrats Have A Better Choice Than Impeachment (CNN) • Adam Schiff’s Goat Rodeo (Jim Kunstler) • Telling The Truth Becomes A

Nov 292019
The Fed Detests Free Markets

Paul Gauguin Tahitians at rest (unfinished) 1891   To be completely honest, I wrote -most of- the second part of this a while ago, and then I was thinking this first part should be part of the second, if you can still follow me. But it doesn’t really, it’s fine. I wanted to write something to address how little people know and acknowledge about how disastrous central bank policies have been for our societies and economies. Because they don’t, and

Nov 292019
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Debt Rattle November 29 2019

Dorothea Lange Negro woman who has never been out of Mississippi July 1936   • The Limits of Lagarde (Varoufakis) • Millennials Have a Right To Be Pissed at Boomers (Vice) • What’s Behind the Subprime Consumer Loan Implosion? (WS) • DOJ Watchdog Expected To Downgrade ‘Spying’ On Trump Campaign (ZH) • Papua New Guinea Faces Cash Crunch As China Repayment Schedule Ramps Up (R.) • Britain’s Chief Rabbi Mirvis Is Helping to Stoke Antisemitism (Cook) • Boris Johnson Replaced

Nov 282019
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Debt Rattle Thanksgiving 2019

Paul Gauguin Brooding woman 1891   • Is Censure The Democrat Escape Clause? (Noble) • Tulsi Gabbard Slams Democrats for Calling Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’ (GP) • China Threatens Retaliation After Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Bill (ZH) • Obama Holdover Investigated for ‘Illegally Leaked’ Classified Document (ET) • The Real Barack Obama Has Finally Revealed Himself (Jacobin) • Reuters Gamed A Poll To Show Rising Support For Trump Impeachment (ZH) • Fewer Than 120,000 Tactical Votes Could Block Boris Johnson