Jun 162018
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Debt Rattle June 16 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Paul Gauguin Nevermore 1897   • Trump Sets Tariffs On $50 Billion In Chinese Goods; Beijing Strikes Back (R.) • Why The U.S.-China Trade Deficit Is So Huge (MW) • Wall Street Builds Immunity To Trade War Rhetoric (R.) • Nomi Prins: The Central Banking Heist Has Put The World At Risk (UH) • Some Of The ‘Most Systemically Important Banks’ In The World Are Tumbling (ZH) • Merger Mania (Lebowitz) • The Key Word In The Trump-Kim Show

Jun 152018
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See? Now You Did It!

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Edward John Poynter Erato, Muse of Poetry 1870   This is something I’ve commented on many times. Like two months ago, when I wrote: “As for Donald Trump, as much as we would like to engage in constructive criticism of the man and his government, we find we no longer can. The anti-Trump echo-chamber has turned so deafening that any intelligent debate about his policies is being drowned out amid the never ending flow of fake news and half

Jun 152018
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Debt Rattle June 15 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin OR LIGHT Compassion 2018   • Argentina’s Peso Collapses Even Further Despite $50 Billion IMF Bailout (WS) • ECB Calls Halt To Quantitative Easing, Despite ‘Soft’ Euro (G.) • Japan’s Central Bank Dials Down Inflation View, Complicates Stimulus-Exit (R.) • Powell Orchestrates a Masterful Move (DDMB) • The Fed Creates Problems For Itself (Macleod) • The Art of the Deal Worked On Sentosa Island (AT) • Absence of “CVID” In Joint Statement? (Hani) • Optimism (Caitlin Johnstone) • Blackstone

Jun 142018
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Debt Rattle June 14 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Wassily Kandinsky Free Curve to the Point – Accompanying Sound of Geometric Curves 1925   • This Fed Grows Relentlessly More Hawkish (WS) • ECB Gets Ready To Pull The Plug On Stimulus Scheme (R.) • The ECB, Not The Fed, Is The Match That Will Spark Bond Market Volatility (MW) • China Holds Fire On Rates, Posts ‘Shockingly Weak’ Activity Growth (R.) • Riskiest Junk Bonds Completely Blow Off the Fed, Face “Sudden” Reckoning (WS) • Cryptocurrency Bloodbath

Jun 132018
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Debt Rattle June 13 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin John French Sloan South Beach Bathers 1908   • Capital Flight to Germany in Full Swing (Mish) • The Big Italy Short Was Hiding In Plain Sight (R.) • G7 Summit Highlights Western Leaders Hypocrisy (Lacalle) • Donald Trump Was Right. The Rest Of The G7 Were Wrong (Monbiot) • Centrists Very Concerned That Donald Fucking Trump Isn’t Hawkish Enough (CJ) • May Heads Off Major Defeat After Last-Minute Climbdown To Rebels (Ind.) • Tesla To Cut 9% Of

Jun 122018
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Debt Rattle June 12 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Henri Matisse The pink studio 1911   • Trump And Kim Sign “Comprehensive” Letter To End Historic Summit (ZH) • Dennis Rodman Cries As He Hails Trump-Kim Summit: ‘I’m So Happy’ (G.) • Trump, Kim Meet, But Body Language Shows Some Nerves (R.) • IMF’s Lagarde Says Global Economic Outlook Darkening By The Day (R.) • If Trump Wants To Blow Up The World Order, Who Will Stop Him? (Varoufakis) • World Wrassling Diplomacy (Jim Kunstler) • Twelve Tips

Jun 112018
Debt Rattle June 11 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Pierre-Auguste Renoir Les parapluies 1880-86   • Debt Clock Ticking (Mauldin) • Southern Mayors Defy Italian Coalition To Offer Safe Port To Migrants (G.) • Italy’s New Finance Minister Rules Out Leaving Euro (Pol.eu) • In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species (PCR) • Will Bilderberg Still Be Relevant As The Future Of War Is Transformed? (G.) • Saudi Arabia Suffers Shock Collapse In Inward Investment (F.) • French Farmers Start Refinery Blockade Over Palm Oil Imports

Jun 102018
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When Trump Met Fibonacci. And Won.

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Edouard Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergère 1882   Something curious happened during the Trump love fest at the G7 over the weekend. And I don’t think many people would have got it. In fact the entire western press, far as I could see, were blaming Trump for the dissolution of the treaties and whatall that the political class had worked so hard on for 50+ years. But when you look at the whole thing from an energy level,

Jun 102018
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Debt Rattle June 10 2018

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Paul Gauguin The Day of the God 1894   • Is The Existing Banking System Coming To An End? (Ren.) • The Credit Cycle Will Be The EU’s Undoing (Macleod) • China is in Trouble (Mises) • How To Plan For Next Round Of Fed Interest Rate Hikes (Freep) • Trump Open To US Embassy In Pyongyang, North Korea (Axios) • Trump Backs Out Of Joint G7 Communique With Attack On Trudeau (Ind.) • One ‘Rant,’ Rough Talks Sour

Jun 092018
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All US Homes Are Overvalued

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Dorothea Lange Children and home of cotton workers at migratory camp in southern San Joaquin Valley, CA 1936   My long time pal Jesse Colombo, now at Real Investment Advice, recently linked on Twitter to a Zero Hedge article, which quoted CoreLogic as saying more than half of American homes are overvalued. CoreLogic calls itself “a leading provider of consumer, financial and property data, analytics and services to business and government.” Well, CoreLogic is way off. All American homes