Feb 252020
Debt Rattle February 25 2020

Andreas Feininger Production B-17 heavy bomber at Boeing plant, Seattle Dec 1942   • The Fall of Wuhan (Ben Hunt) • 40-70% Of People Will Be Infected With COVID19 – Epidemiologist (Atl.) • Xi Jinping Rings Alarm On Economy As China Shifts Priority To Growth (SCMP) • Confusion In Wuhan As Move To Ease Coronavirus Lockdown Is Reversed (SCMP) • How Iran’s Death Toll Came To Be The Highest Behind Only China (SCMP) • China Overestimating Economic Recovery By Leaving

Feb 242020
Debt Rattle February 24 2020

John Vachon Rain. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1941     • Wuhan Eases Coronavirus Lockdown As Xi Warns Of Historic ‘Crisis’ (G.) • Large Parts Of China Relax Coronavirus Curbs, Many Report Zero New Cases (R.) • Coronavirus China’s Fastest-Spreading Public Health Crisis – Xi Jinping (SCMP) • Chinese Workers Refuse To Go Back To Work Despite Beijing’s Demands (ZH) • Coronavirus Credit Crunch Hits Millions Of Chinese Firms (BBC) • 85% Of Chinese Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In

Feb 232020
Debt Rattle February 23 2020

Jack Delano Spectators at annual barrel rolling contest in Presque Isle, Maine 1940   • COVID19 Cases Outside China Go Exponential (ZH) • Millions Of Chinese Ordered Back To Work (Obs.) • China’s 92% Car Sales Collapse Sign Of Sharp Trade Decline To Come (SCMP) • Trump Furious Americans Infected With Coronavirus Flown Back To US (Fox) • 18 Koreans Test Positive For COVID-19 After Israel Pilgrimage (KH) • US Says Russia Behind Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign (G.) • Roger Stone

Feb 222020
Debt Rattle February 22 2020

DPC The Mammoth Oak at Pass Christian, Mississippi 1900   • Asymptomatic Wuhan Woman Infects Five Relatives With Coronavirus (G.) • COVID19 Mortality Rate Hits New Lifetime High Of 3.0% (ZH) • Italy Reports 1st Virus Death, Cases More Than Quadruple (AP) • 10 Italian Towns In Lockdown Over Coronavirus Fears (IBT) • US Prepares For Coronavirus Pandemic, School And Business Closures (R.) • Judge Blocks Transfer Of 50 Coronavirus Patients To Costa Mesa (CBS) • France Should Use Virus

Feb 212020
Debt Rattle February 21 2020

Jack Delano Cafe at truck drivers’ service station on U.S. 1, Washington DC 1940   • Coronavirus Kills Young Wuhan Doctor, 100s Infected In China’s Prisons (G.) • Whopping Rise In Infections At Beijing Hospital Puts Capital On Alert (GT) • South Korea Coronavirus Cases Jump To 156 (SCMP) • South Korea Designates Daegu, Cheongdo As ‘Special Care Zones’ (Yonhap) • Woman Returning From Iran 6th Case Of COVID19 in British Columbia (NP) • Australia Cruise Evacuees Test Positive Only

Feb 202020
Go Forth and Multiply

Saul Leiter Man with flowers, NY 1950s   A few days ago, I was thinking of writing another corona article, focusing on two things: 1) the ease and speed with which the virus spreads -because I think that is hugely underestimated-, and 2) testing. But then the situation with the two cruise ships started going berserk. I had intended to use the Diamond Princess as a case for the ease and speed of infection, but it became clear quite rapidly

Feb 202020
Debt Rattle February 20 2020

NPC Newsstand with Out-of-Town Papers, Washington DC 1925   • 2 Diamond Princess Passengers Die, Countries Rush To Evacuate Citizens (RT) • Two Coronavirus Patients From Diamond Princess Cruise Ship In Japan Die (SCMP) • New Coronavirus Spreads More Like Flu Than SARS (R.) • First Batch Of Diamond Princess Passengers Arrive In Hong Kong (R.) • Cruise Passengers Relieved To Be Ashore But Stranded In Cambodia (G.) • South Korea Reports 31 New Cases Of Coronavirus (SCMP) • Virus-Hit

Feb 192020
Debt Rattle February 19 2020

Arthur Siegel Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland. Liberty ship construction. Welding on a hatch assembly at night. 1943   • Elderly Guests Leave First As Diamond Princess Quarantine Ends In Japan (SCMP) • Japan Releases First 500 ‘Diamond Princess’ Passengers (ZH) • Coronavirus Up To 20 Times More Likely Than Sars To Bind To Human Cells (SCMP) • Russia To Ban Entry Of Chinese Nationals To Halt Virus (AP) • Foreign Pilots At Chinese Airlines Return Home On Unpaid Leave (R.)

Feb 182020
Debt Rattle February 18 2020

Jack Delano Entrance to colored drivers’ lunchroom at truck service station on U.S. 1 (New York Avenue) 1940   • 338 Americans Flown Home From Cruise Ship, Including 14 With Coronavirus (R.) • US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine (ZH) • Virus Kills Chinese Film Director and Family in Wuhan (Chow) • Disease Modelers See The Future Of COVID-19 (STAT) • China Faces Back To Work Concerns As Firms Report Coronavirus Infections (SCMP) • Apple Unlikely To Meet Revenue Guidance Due

Feb 172020
Debt Rattle February 17 2020

Jack Delano Discarded oil cans at truck service station on U.S. 1, New York Avenue, Washington, DC 1940   • Japan Braces For Hundreds More Cases Onboard Cruise Ship (G.) • Taiwan Confirms First Coronavirus Death On Island, Cases At 20 (R.) • Pay Attention To Shanghai, Beijing, Japan Infection Rates (F.) • Japan’s Economy Shrinks At Fastest Rate Since 2014 (BBC) • Coronavirus Cases Rise Again In China, Recession Looms In Japan, Singapore (R.) • Americans Disembark From Virus-Hit