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    Re the EuroZone – How to keep score continued:

    Always remember that the end game of the Illuminati is the centralization of every form of power to their leadership. The top of the pyramid (see back of $1 FRN for an illustration) would be the Rothschild clan / cartel. Totalitarian one world control is the end game, but they are currently occupied with centralizing power first into supra-regional power centers. This necessitates the destruction of all forms of national sovereignty in Europe, and most particularly of German.

    We are very close to the greatest fiscal crisis since 2008 and perhaps ever. As Reggie Middleton (the smartest guy in the room) points out, Europe’s giant banks are facing an imminent huge counterparty run. We are going to go into a hypercritical “crisis” shortly which will “force” Merkel and Schäuble to accept the issuing of German backed EuroBonds, despite their intense unpopularity among German voters, under the rubric that the Devil made us do it. (This would be closer to the truth than the media would ever recognize, but the publicly stated intent would be that they had absolutely no choice).

    Once Germany backs the EuroBonds, the slide into total neofeudalistic control of Europe through technocratic and bankster puppets in Brussels will be complete. People like Max Keiser are dead wrong that this is a ploy for Germany to “take over Europe without a shot fired.” The last thing that the Illuminati want is a powerful German national state, even a fiscally imperial one. Germany also will be crushed when they have to make good on their Eurobond backed debt.

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    Repent Ye Sinners! But the Wages of Sin are Lucrative (and certainly above minimum wage).

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    One should not be oblivious to three major benefits of the fracking scam:

    1) Suck in muppet money either directly from the naive former middle class or indirectly through governmental malinvestment.

    2) Eventually consolidate the remaining conventional industry into far fewer hands.

    3) Demoralize, weaken, sicken, and kill off segments of the population through environmental degradation and petrochemical poisoning.

    As they would put it in NY City, what’s not to like?

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    If it is a choice between the Orkin Man and Bryan Stevenson, I would take the latter every time.

    I recommend that you check out this TED video:


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    “[Tsipras] knows he can’t lose: if someone else wins this round, and the austerity plans are Greece’s immediate future, he’ll have another shot at gold a few months from now, because there is no way it’s going to work.”

    The only way that Tsipras will have “another shot at the gold” in a few months is if there is a total rebellion among the back benchers in the ND and/or PASOK parties amounting to at least 13 members resulting in a vote of no confidence. I regard this as unlikely though we are living in interesting times.

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    If our universe overseers actually saw an extinction level event on the horizon, don’t you think they would take action to head off such an event? Since they have not, at least not yet, then they must trust us to solve these many problems on our own.

    As I recall from Bible class many decades ago, not only did Yahweh not head off the great flood which pushed the human race into near extinction, he engineered it in a fit of pique. But I always suspected that he was psychotic.

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    When one person jerks off it is masturbation. When a whole bunch of guys help each other, it’s a circle jerk. Speaking figuratively of course.

    Einstein once famously noted that doing something over and over again but always expecting a different outcome is a functional definition of insanity. The Orkin Man solution has been tried since the start of conventional recorded history. OTOH, if the “doers” are pleased and satisfied with the outcome and have no desire for a different one, that is a different kettle of fish.

    I read an article a couple of years ago dealing with the Greek protests turning violent. The author, a reporter, would single out the most violent of the protesters repeatedly and then discreetly tailed him afterwards. Strangely enough, it always lead back to a police station. I was shocked, shocked I tell you!

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    English Memorial,

    I agree with much of what you write, however, I would be careful about demonizing the nation state at this particular stage of history, less you become an unwitting ally of the Illuminati Globalists, who are likewise demonizing the nation-state for a very different agenda. I, for one, would like to see the step-by-step dismantling of governmental structures from the “top” down, and starting with the UN, the IMF, the EU, NATO, BIS, and the yet to be publicly unveiled NAU (North American Union). Eventually it should reach the point of a hunter-gatherer sized community of about 100 people, where everyone knows each other well.

    I used to spend time on Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia. There is a group of indigenos who construct floating rafts from the local reeds usually measuring about 100 meters on a side. The Incas tried to draft them for their military, but they would become lame and useless after a couple of hours on hard, dry land. When the people had a dispute that could not be peaceably settled, they would take out a saw and cut the raft in half. The two parts would gradually drift apart. My idea of a truly human resolution.


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    TAE Summary

    Should have mailed you the draft of my post first. Could have saved a lot of electrons 🙂 You are just as clever as always.


    “I’d also point that Illuminati is like a conditioned “thought killer” word to the mostly uninformed general public. I understand enough of the term to know that these people are real and it makes sense, but most people will completely intellectually tune out, just like when they invoke “conspiracy theory” to mentally tune out.”

    Of course you are right, but I am tired of catering to brain dead muppets. Until they break the Illuminati mind control conditioning, it really doesn’t matter anyway.

    “1. I hear that all the toy army men for sale are of the United Nations variety, not the U.S. military variety. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know the army man set given out at my son’s school for 5th grade graduation was of the U.N. variety.

    Lamentable as it may be, the Illuminati are concerned that some American soldiers will refuse direct orders to shoot their unarmed brothers and cousins. Their remediation for this sad possibility is to condition American youth to regard UN uniforms as domestic. Thus when we are occupied by “unsympathetic” soldiers speaking English with thick foreign accents, we might still regard them as domestic. Isn’t it wonderful how they can make their agendas known to the Matel Toy Co. and your local school board, yet leave the rest of us muppets in the dark!

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    One cannot evaluate the capabilities of the Illuminati armed forces without knowledge of the secret space program and the advances in Tesla technology. Ben Rich was director of the Lockheed Skunkworks in Area 51, Nevada from 1975 to 1991. He died of cancer in 1995. I suspect that he retired when he was diagnosed with cancer. During a series of retirement speeches he repeatedly and publicly stated that “We are now in a position to bring ET home.” He was certainly endowed with a very wacky sense of humor for an engineer. BTW, please research for yourself everything I write.

    Regarding the SCO, many savvy researchers believe that a WW III is part of the agenda. Get rid of a lot of useless eaters for sure.

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    I haven’t visited TAE in a coon’s age, but Ilargi’s piece popped into my email box this morning, and I read it with some interest as the fringes of his analysis are starting to touch on the Eurozone endgame. None of the Euro technocrats are directly elected. The sight of a ballot box would have them running in panic to the nearest restroom. It is even easier for the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, whom I prefer to call the Illuminati for historical reasons, to control the appointment of national and regional leaders (Monte, Juncker, Van Rompuy, Barroso, ad vomitum) than direct elections. In most of the western world we have speciously free elections. It is vitally important that the Illuminati have total control over any possible winner. As Lenin loved to say, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” If someone runs for national leader who is not in their hip pocket, then they have a problem, Houston.

    In most of the western world they have other armaments in their arsenal. Let us take the candidacy of Ron Paul for example, and let us assume, for the moment, that he is not in the hip pocket of the Illuminati. (Recent events cast even more doubt on that assumption however). First they use the MSM, particularly the subliminal tube, to hammer home to the electorate that he cannot be considered a serious candidate on the grounds that he is an erratic, looney loose cannon. And America considers itself to be a nation of winners, so it is best to vote for a winner, which he ain’t.

    (BTW, writing of the subliminal tube, did everyone notice that General Betrayus, newly appointed director of the CIA, announced in a recent interview with Wired Magazine, that all recent televisions have cameras in them which can transmit images of your home back to the “intelligence” agencies over the AC power lines? It appears that Fabian Socialist Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) suffered from premature anticipation with his 1984 novel. Also, that CIA and State are openly and blatantly using al Qaeda as a surrogate military arm to topple Libya and now Assad. Just think, eleven years ago they brought down three towers at the WTC and damaged the Pentagon, and now we are arming them to the teeth and transporting them into Syria. We are such a forgiving country! But these are topics for another place and a different blog where I have more freedom to write what my researches have indicated to be the truth).

    If that doesn’t work, then they simply use fraud as they blatantly did in the results of the Republican Iowa caucus and Maine primary. If that doesn’t work, then they use voter fraud in the general election as the did in both of W’s elections. (Actually the Illuminati didn’t care about the outcome as both candidates in 2000 and 2004 were under their complete control. They permitted the voter fraud by the Republican arm against the Democratic arm simply because they didn’t care. You might consider it individual jockeying for power within a multinational corporation where the board of directors considers both psychopaths to be acceptable.

    The point of the preceding is simply to point out that the Illuminati have control over all national and regional leaders of the western “democracies.” Once that is established we must ascertain if these Illuminati are a bunch of squabbling morons, or whether they are highly intelligent (at least on a mechanistic level), hire top strategists such as Quigley, Kissinger and Brzezinski, and have a multigenerational agenda. I propose the latter. And some of their top leaders have laid out that agenda quite openly in their arrogance. We need look no further than David Rockefeller’s Memoirs and Henry Kissinger’s published “white papers.” To summarize this agenda in the most basic terms, it involves one world government under the direction of enlightened Platonic philosopher kings such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and other family dynasties going back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. It involves the use of the United Nations as the governmental arm, use of NATO as the military arm, use of the IMF as the financial arm, and use of the multinational media corporations and the Vatican as the propaganda arm of central control of the planet. (I choose to leave out the Zionist agenda for the moment). The elimination of all significant national sovereignty. The drastic reduction of world human population back to roughly 14% of current numbers which would involve a rapid, drastic reduction of what Kissinger once infamously referred to as “useless eaters.” One need only watch the recent appearance of Sec Def Panetta before the Senate Armed Services Committee to see that this agenda has already been put in place. Panetta informed Senator Jeff Sessions this past March 7th, that the executive and the military no longer needed the approval of Congress to engage in war, but simply the approval of the UN and/or NATO. This left Sessions a bit breathless with shock and incredulity. It’s sort of like he just got handed a pink slip. Definitely worth watching this 7 minute segment for its entertainment value alone. Panetta obligingly let Sessions know that after certain international bodies made their decisions regarding military action, he would come to Congress and “inform” them in due course.


    So jumping to the chase, why have I written the preceding in regard to Ilargi’s feature article? Well, I have become bored with watching the spectator sport through both the MSM and the vast bulk of the alternative financial media regarding the collapse of the Eurozone for the simple reason that they do not know (or chose to pretend not to know) how to keep score. It’s sort of like watching 22 steroid hyped Neanderthals running about on a piece of astroturf without a clue behind the rules and motivations. In American football, the goal is quite simple – to move the football in the direction of the opponents goal line and eventually move it past. If that fails, move it close enough to kick it between the goal posts. Regarding the Illuminati, on this level, it is almost as simple. What ever consolidates power to a supra national organization on a financial, military, or regulatory or “law making” level is progress regarding the Illuminati end game, and the converse is true, at least on a strategic as opposed to a tactical and illusory level.

    Seven years ago, Naomi Klein published a book titled The Shock Doctrine:The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. She proposed that multinational corporations and despotic governments were using, as a primary tactic, catastrophic events to take control of populations. Sometimes these events were natural, as with hurricanes (at least prior to the invention of HAARP type facilities), and when natural disasters did not conveniently come down the pike in a timely fashion, then they could be secretly manufactured by the various tentacles of the Illuminati, as with 9/11, which has been a gift that just keeps on giving. So when I watch the collapse of the Eurozone, I score the various plays as I have just outlined. I assume that the Illuminati are intentionally driving the European and the world economy toward the jagged rocks in order to produce a global shocked stupor that will allow them to complete their end game of a total global neofeudalistic police state. Living in Mexico, I have not been able to view the film, The Hunger Games, but I did download it electronically and read it. That is what the end game will feel like. I propose in conclusion that the leaders and the strategists of the Illuminati are not morons, that they knew that the Euro must fail decades before it was put into effect, and that that failure would produce such an enormous state of shock and awe among the decent people of the world, that they would come running on bended knee to the Illuminati power structures and beg them to be put under total neofeudal bondage. When Tyler Durden and Co. rant on about what a freaking imbecile Uncle Ben is, I can see him lying back in his BarcaLounger and smiling in satisfaction. As I mentioned, watching a sport without knowing the scoring rules is really boring.

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    JoeP post=1634 wrote: ZPE (zero point energy) – can anyone point me to a good paper on ZPE?
    Wiki defines it as pseudoscience? Now is that really fair?


    I will make one reply on this subject on this forum. And then not a peep from me here. Both relativistic and quantum mechanical approaches come up with an energy density in the vacuum of space which is often referred to as zero point energy. My understanding is that this problem which is connected to the cosmological constant drove Einstein crazy, as the energy density that popped out of his special relativity was near infinite, and he was not happy with that result. That is not considered pseudoscience. However, 99% of tenured professors regard this energy as inaccessible to do practical work. And one of the definitions of energy, at least when you teach it on the high school level, is the ability to do work.

    There are thousands of garage inventors and licensed engineers around the globe working on the issue of trying to access this energy. There are many claims of over unity devices. There are also many claims of men in black suits raiding and confiscating whole laboratories and physically threatening inventors with their families who claim to have reached “over unity” which means getting more energy out then one is putting into a device. There are also claims of over 5000 patents seized on the basis of “national security.” Because of this, many inventors have either gone secret or are working on an open source Internet basis similar to software like Linux and forgetting the patents.

    Some people claim that there is no possibility to this as it violates the second law of thermodynamics. Others counter that the second law states that entropy always increases in a real world closed system, but the system is, in fact, not closed at all. If these devices are real and could be manufactured reasonably cheaply and allow decentralized and inexpensive power, it would represent a huge threat to various global interests. Duh! This of course does not support the reality, but it does support the idea that if the claims are real, there would be a huge pressure to suppress it. My personal, and very tentative opinion is that I think that there is a better than even chance that there is a basis in reality to many of these claims. There was an exposition of these devices recently in Italy, I believe it was Milano.

    For anyone interested, the Internet is your friend. Nothing more from me here, other than the following, which is considered to be an excellent summary by conventional physicists.


    What’s the Energy Density of the Vacuum?

    John Baez

    June 10, 2011

    People talk a lot about “vacuum energy” or “zero-point energy” – that is, the energy density of empty space. In cosmology, people also call this quantity the “cosmological constant”, or “dark energy”. Sometimes kooky people get really excited about the idea that if we could only use this energy somehow, all our problems would be solved. But first things first! Does this energy really exist? And if so, how much of it is there?
    Once upon a time, someone named Amw wrote:

    I have heard widely varying numbers for so called “zero point energy”, some as low as practically zero and some as high as astronomical. It gets to the point I am not sure what to think.
    And here is my reply:
    Yes, one hears lots of conflicting stuff about this. However, you’ve come to the right place to get to the bottom of it all.

    Here’s the deal. We have two fundamental theories of physics: quantum field theory and general relativity. Quantum field theory takes quantum mechanics and special relativity into account, and it’s a great theory of all the forces and particles except gravity, but it ignores gravity. General relativity is a great theory of gravity, but it ignores quantum mechanics. Nobody knows how to reconcile these theories yet. That’s what people working on “quantum gravity” are trying to do.

    Now, the reason I’m telling you this is that quantum field theory and general relativity have really different attitudes towards the energy density of the vacuum. The reason is that quantum field theory only cares about energy differences. If you can only measure energy differences, you can’t determine the energy density of the vacuum – it’s just a matter of convention. As far as we know, you can only determine the energy density of the vacuum by experiments that involve general relativity – namely, by measuring the curvature of spacetime.

    So, when you ask about the energy density of the vacuum, you get different answers depending on whether the person answering you is basing their answer on general relativity or quantum field theory. Let me run through the 5 most common answers, explaining how people reach these different answers:

    We can measure the energy density of the vacuum through astronomical observations that determine the curvature of spacetime. All the measurements that have been done agree that the energy density is VERY CLOSE TO ZERO. In terms of mass density, its absolute value is less than 10-26 kilograms per cubic meter. In terms of energy density, this is about 10-9 joules per cubic meter.
    One can know something is very close to zero without knowing whether it is positive, negative or zero. For a long time that’s how it was with the cosmological constant. But, recent measurements by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and many other experiments seem to be converging on a positive cosmological constant, equal to roughly 7 × 10-27 kilograms per cubic meter. This corresponds to a positive energy density of about 6 × 10-10 joules per cubic meter.

    The reason they get a positive energy density is very interesting. Thanks to the redshifts of distant galaxies and quasars, we’ve known for a long time that the universe is expanding. The new data shows something surprising: this expansion is speeding up. Ordinary matter can only make the expansion slow down, since gravity attracts – at least for ordinary matter.

    What can possibly make the expansion speed up, then? Well, general relativity says that if the vacuum has energy density, it must also have pressure! In fact, it must have a pressure equal to exactly -1 times its energy density, in units where the speed of light and Newton’s gravitational constant equal 1. Positive energy density makes the expansion of the universe tend to slow down… but negative pressure makes the expansion tend to speed up.

    More precisely, the rate at which the expansion of the universe accelerates is proportional to

    – ρ – 3P
    where ρ is the energy density and P is the pressure. (This isn’t supposed to be obvious: there’s a nontrivial calculation involved, and I’m just telling you the final result. The 3 is there because there are 3 dimensions of space, oddly enough.)

    But as I mentioned, for the vacuum the pressure is minus the energy density: P = -ρ. So, the rate at which the vacuum makes the expansion of the universe accelerate is proportional to

    2 ρ
    From this, it follows that if the vacuum has positive energy density, the expansion of the universe will tend to speed up! This is what people see. And, vacuum energy is currently the most plausible explanation known for what’s going on.

    Of course, to believe this argument at all, one must have some confidence in general relativity. To believe scientists’ attempts to determine an actual value for the energy density of spacetime, one must have more confidence in general relativity, and also other assumptions about cosmology. However, the basic fact that the energy density of spacetime is very close to zero is almost unarguable: for it to be false, general relativity would have to be very wrong.

    We can try to calculate the energy density of the vacuum using quantum field theory. If we calculate the lowest possible energy of a harmonic oscillator, we get a bigger answer when we use quantum mechanics than when we use classical mechanics. The difference is called the “zero-point energy”. The zero-point energy of a harmonic oscillator is 1/2 Planck’s constant times its frequency. Naively we can try calculating the energy density of the vacuum by simply summing up the zero-point energies of all the vibrational modes of the quantum fields we are considering (e.g. the electromagnetic field and various other fields for other forces and particles). Vibrational modes with shorter wavelengths have higher frequencies and contribute more vacuum energy density. If we assume spacetime is a continuum, we have modes with arbitrarily short wavelengths, so we get INFINITY as the vacuum energy density. But there are problems with this calculation….
    A slightly less naive way to calculate the vacuum energy in quantum field theory is to admit that we don’t know spacetime is a continuum, and only sum the zero-point energies for vibrational modes having wavelengths bigger than, say, the Planck length (about 10-35 meters). This gives an ENORMOUS BUT FINITE vacuum energy density. Using E = mc2 to convert between energy and mass, it corresponds to a mass density of about 1096 kilograms per cubic meter! But there are problems with this calculation, too….
    One problem is that treating the vibrational modes of our fields as harmonic oscillators is only valid for “free field theories” – those in which there are no interactions between modes. This is not physically realistic.

    However, while taking interactions into account changes the precise answer, we are still left with an enormous energy density. The ridiculous ratio between this density and what’s actually observed is often called the cosmological constant problem. One way to put it is that in units of Planck mass per Planck length cubed, the cosmological constant is about 10-123. It’s hard to make up a theory that explains such a tiny nonzero number.

    But there’s an even bigger problem, too….

    Quantum field theory as it is ordinarily done ignores gravity. But as long as one is ignoring gravity, one can add any constant to ones definition of energy density without changing the predictions for anything you can experimentally measure. The reason is that without measuring the curvature of spacetime, one can only measure energy differences. The big problem with calculations 2 and 3 is that they ignore this fact. If we take advantage of this fact we are free to redefine energy density by subtracting off the zero-point energy, leaving an energy density of ZERO. In fact this is what is ordinarily done in quantum field theory.
    An even less naive way to think about the vacuum energy density in quantum field theory is the following. In quantum field theory we are neglecting gravity. This means we are free to add any constant whatsoever to our definition of energy density. As long as we are free to do this, we can’t really say what the vacuum energy density “really is”. In other words, if we only consider quantum field theory and not general relativity, the vacuum energy density is NOT DETERMINED.
    So, I’ve given you 5 answers to the same question:

    Which should you believe? I believe 1) because it is based on experiment and fairly conservative assumptions about general relativity and astronomy. Answers 2)-4) are based on somewhat naive theoretical calculations. Answer 5) is the best that quantum field theory can do right now. Reconciling answers 1) and 5) is one of the big tasks of any good theory of quantum gravity.
    The moral is: for a question like this, you need to know not just the answer but also the assumptions and reasoning that went into the answer. Otherwise you can’t make sense of why different people give different answers.


    For more on the energy density of the vacuum, try these:
    Ned Wright, Vacuum Energy Density, or: How Can Nothing Weigh Something?
    Sean Carroll, The Cosmological Constant.
    For a calculation that explains why the vacuum having positive energy density means it has enough negative pressure to make the expansion of the universe accelerate, see the cosmological constant section of my website about the meaning of Einstein’s equation. You may need to read a bunch of stuff in this website to understand the calculation – but it’s fun stuff!

    Framk B. Tatom helped me update this page. Here is how we got the numbers. Using the Λ-CDM model, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe estimates that Ω&Lambda = 0.726 ± 0.015. This means that the energy density of the vacuum is about 0.726 times the critical density. The critical density, in turn, is defined to be

    ρc = 3H2/8πG

    where H is the Hubble constant and G is the gravitational constant. The WMAP data estimate the Hubble constant at 70.5 ± 1.3 kilometers per second per megaparsec, and the gravitational constant is known much more accurately, at 6.67384 ± .00008 × 10-11 meters3 per kilogram second2. This puts the critical density between 9.0 × 10-27 and 9.7 × 10-27 kilograms per cubic meter, and the energy density of the vacuum between 6.4 × 10-27 about 7.2 × 10-27 kilograms per cubic meter. Please check our math, and our data!

    For more, see:

    Table 7 of G. Hinshaw, et al. (WMAP Collaboration), Five-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe observations: data processing, sky maps, and basic results, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement 180 (Feb. 2009), 225-245. Also available as arXiv:0803.0732.

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    el gallinazo

    And my arguments of my last comment also still stand. But I am going to drop any personal references in discussion now and in the future. I think our relationship is clearly, if unfortunately, newly defined. Yes, I regard the most reasonable explanation for the events I see as a long planned and detailed campaign by the global banking elite to establish a one world tyranny. They have become quite open and blatant about it recently, though they prefer for some reason to avoid the descriptive “tyranny.” After years of looking at these events unfold, that is my Occam’s Razor conclusion. It was not my viewpoint when I started reading TAE some four odd years ago. But even old dogs can learn new tricks. Everyone’s milage may vary. I just invite people to take that viewpoint around the block, research it, and see how it drives. I expect to support it with links to additional information in the future.

    But the heart of my argument is that the USA is very rapidly accelerating into a total police state. Anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear it. As with other police states in history, the most recent and largest being the Nazi, Stalinist, and Maoist, the rule of law broke down in most respects. As I have pointed out above, this break down can threaten Nicole’s lifeboat as only points 6 and 9 are not based on some rule of law and property rights. Whether this activity is generated by a globalist plan or is purely domestic and some sort of unplanned thermodynamic unfolding of a herd psychology interaction is both important and unimportant. It is important in that understanding may help one predict and survive it. It is unimportant as we are dealing with the reality of it on a very practical, here and now level.

    I have gone “off the reservation” now for two reasons. The first can be summed up by the NDAA and last week’s executive order, buttressing the “legal” framework of a total, national, police state. The second is that the new format to TAE gives me the opportunity of presenting my opinions about whatever without “derailing” the sole thread, as now there are a near infinite potential number of topics and threads available. People who think I have nothing to offer and am a total whackjob can easily avoid me comments.

    All I am pointing out here is the reality of an increasingly lawless police state, and the question of how to deal with it should be integrated into a lifeboat strategy. I have not offered a solution myself, as I am not sure that I have one formulated yet, but more primarily, I am stifling myself to inspire all the commenters into offering suggestions for our mutual consideration. The only remark in that regard I wish to make at present is that any remediation would either be focused at some form of resistance or avoidance. RE, not surprisingly, was first off the line, with a comprehensive approach. But his approach IMO would only fit a minority of the readership. So I simply open it up to the floor ……………. any other ideas?

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    You use, perhaps intentionally, a (false) logical fallacy to counter my position. I never said it was a choice between A or B. I maintain that one need pursue both A and B. More specifically, I have never voiced opposition to any of the nine points in Nicole’s lifeboat as far as it goes. And I have never argued against a huge economic collapse in the near future. Nor have I argued that the initial collapse will be deflationary while the debt defaults unwind. However, I do argue that the lifeboat strategies could well be insufficient if the USA falls into a Nazi, Mao, or Stalinist dictatorship completely devoid of any rule of law. If so, these apparatchiks will not care whether you are in debt or not. They will not care whether you hold a mortgage to your house or not. The executive already has the “legal” right to confiscate your doomstead under its recent executive order. When and if they will execute that right remains to be seen. Hank Paulson didn’t permit much water under the bridge before firing his “bazooka,” which he purported that by simply brandishing he would never have to use. Thus, I am maintaining that a very minimum rule of law must be maintained for Nicole’s lifeboat strategy to succeed and that this is currently being threatened by political events. I just went through Nicole’s lifeboat, and only points (6) and (9) are not totally tied into property rights. Her lifeboat is built upon the premise of a minimal rule of law vis-a-vis property rights.

    I will not argue that there are fine points in judging the application of the Bill of Rights that your typical eighth grader would be bored to tears by. Only lawyers earning six figure and up could find these arguments of interest. However, those are not the issues which I am referring to. Let’s take the due process clause. Do you think that an eight grader would find Obama’s “I can imprison or murder any American citizen anywhere in the world whenever I feel like it” law, sometimes referred to as the NDAA in violation of due process? Once again you use arguments simply to obfuscate.

    The rest of your arguments are just as bogus, simply trying to mock my positions instead of countering them honestly. The readers of this blog are, for the most part, too intelligent for that. I hope you might respond in the future at a higher level of argument dealing with the issues I am discussing. I am sure you could do so if you choose to. The Inuits know that the wolf is the key to the health of the caribou. My arguments and positions are not meant to disqualify TAE, but rather through constructive criticism and debate, strengthen whatever remedial courses are available to us. I do not doubt that our over all goals are the same, namely to allow the 99% to survive with minimal hardship the oncoming tsunami. However, honest argument as opposed to sophistry would aid in that endeavor.

    As to my researches into ZPE (zero point energy), they were discussed in private email conversations between us and should not play a part in our current, public discussion, particularly in an attempt to discredit my other positions by intimating that I am a “nutcase.”. I see now that that was an error of judgment on my part which will not be repeated.

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    Glennda post=1601 wrote: Executive-order-national-defense-resources-preparedness

    For some reason the fact that the Secretary of Defense is in charge of all water, makes me know that they know that the next wars may be not so much for oil as for water.

    The typical human can live a couple of months (unhappily) without food and a couple of days without water. Most fortified cities through the millennia had internal wells and springs. The builders were not idiots.


    We are seeing a lot of blank posts that seem to be connected with a bug related to images and youtube links. I learned this morning that if a youtube link does not post in one line, then it will blank out the entire post. Original youtube links are always short enough to post in one line. It is the embedded links that are usually too long. The easiest work around is to take the title of the embedded link and paste it into youtube. This will kick out the original upload which can then be pasted into one’s post.

    in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #2008
    el gallinazo


    As Katherine Austin Fitts would put it, Mr. Global is in his end game. I will not argue that the Bill of Rights has not been subverted by money interests over the history of the USA, but if enforced by its letter, it is a bulwark against totalitarianism. The Supreme Court, like the Congress, is a den of thieves and I think that any previous interpretation that they made of the Bill of Rights should be thrown in the trash heap of history. Any eighth grader can read it and understand it. The USA has already entered a state of fascist takeover by the global banking cartel as demonstrated by the NDAA on New Year’s Eve and Obama’s last executive order where he nationalized everything including sunshine. (Does that have any economic relevancy?) What remedy do you have to oppose this? How much time do you think that this blog and others like it have? I am not talking something theoretical but something that could conceivable catch fire among the American people. I don’t think that a Hegelian interpretation of history will do the job. You think that they are about to abandon money within the next 12 months and go on to an anarchist utopia? I find here that the perfect is a deadly enemy to the good.

    in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #1988
    el gallinazo


    “Marginal command of the English language.” Jeez, you are a tough task master. I have been trying to learn Spanish for several years, and I still can barely buy a bus ticket without winding up in the wrong city. I have an excuse of course – half my brains have already leaked out of my ears, and the other half is experiencing turbulence.

    But enough of this character. I would like to bring the thread back to the clash between the Constitutionalist in the USA and Sauron’s minions out of Basle and the BIS.

    in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #1985
    el gallinazo

    You may be right about the origin – tough call. I went through it too quickly to savor the flavor 🙁 Yuk! Oh well. Physicians in the 19th century used to touch a patient’s urine to their tongue as part of a diagnosis. It is a bit on the stilted side; probably is ESL. Shows a very strong mastery of English none the less. But you are assuming that Sunstein hasn’t off shored his work. You are probably right. No need to economize with that $1.3 trillion federal deficit to spend. It’s good for the economy. When the Ministry of Truth off shores its apparatchiks you know TSHTF.

    As to getting the boot. Ash is minding the store now and he is very much into the idea of the free marketplace of ideas, with certain reasonable limitations. But we both may get the boot eventually.

    in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #1981
    el gallinazo

    I haven’t read Morris Berman in the original, and I do not intend to. I am having some eye trouble and have to triage my reading. Additionally, with my current location and life style, all my reading is now restricted to the electronic. That said, from Ash’s description, I would far prefer the late and sadly missed Joe Bageant’s analysis of where America’s aggressive and pugnacious attitude came from. He deals with it in depth in both his books.

    While the Constitution of the United States is a far from perfect document, it’s first ten amendments are a shining beacon of human rights and freedoms, even if sadly ignored in much of US history. The country may be facing a civil war in the very near future between Sauron like globalists bankers, who wish to impose a totalitarian regime far worse, due to the available technology, than even George Orwell could envision in his worst nightmares, and an ornery and imperfect crowd which wishes to reinstate the supremacy of the Constitution, of which Ron Paul is currently the titular head. The victory of the latter confederation is our last hope. Thus I see it as a strange time for well meaning people to focus on the Constitution’s pimples and blemishes.

    in reply to: To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us #1980
    el gallinazo


    I have to admire your patience and fortitude with dealing with this new Viva Zapata character. Zapata has always been a hero of mine, and that someone espousing such creepy globalistic tripe should defame his name goes past the limits of blasphemy. He is knowledgable enough to know this himself, so his choice of the ID is in itself deliberate and arrogant disinformation. Sort of like someone using the ID Francis of Assisi and then going on to laud Pol Pot’s genocide. Smacks of Cass Sunstein’s cynical stable. Maybe the NSA troll bunch out in Anaheim. I would respect him more (which is saying very little) if he had IDed himself as VIPR Patrol or Darth Vader.

    in reply to: You wouldn't know it to look at it #1884
    el gallinazo

    Reverse Engineer post=1482 wrote: [quote=el gallinazo post=1480]Their ducks are now lined up in a row. We are frogs in the pot with the flame under it. What can we do about it? Aye, there’s the rub.

    Be Patient, find a good Hole, and wait for the Failure of the Conduits. Fail they will EG, the complexity level and energy requirements for this model are hopelessly mismatched. When they fail, somemighty big changes will come your way. You can either be a force for Good, or you can be a Hopeless Nihilist. Your Choice.


    As to your description of my comment as perhaps “hopelessly nihilist,” not at all. Anyone on this blog for more than a month knows that I am not a nihilist – far from it. As to “hopeless,” also not at all. I just wanted to open another line of creative thought to the swarming millions who read this blog. The question of what we can do about it is not rhetorical in the least. You already supplied one possibility; maybe the best, maybe not. Ilargi, Nicole, and Ash have supplied another.

    As to the break down of the Stasi state through complexity and energy resources, as you know, I am rather sure that they are not facing an energy shortage in the least. Even if you accept the peak fossil fuel paradigm, they are decades away. (I am not writing that we are not running out of cheap fossil fuels, but rather that TPTSB have developed other sources of energy. But I don’t wish to get into that here and now, other than that they are having quite a bit of trouble with their whack-a-mole strategy of suppressing it from “leaking” out.) And complexity breakdown is usually a function of energy shortage.

    Not that I don’t think that there will be a huge breakdown of international trade in the near future, precipitated by financial as opposed to energy reasons. But this will simply impoverish us farm animals, and not cripple the coercive state. That is what the presidential executive order of this weekend is all about

    in reply to: You wouldn't know it to look at it #1880
    el gallinazo

    TAE has given me a good education in finance and macroeconomics over the past 4 years. Even as a 20 year old taking Economics 101, I saw how bogus the whole field was, which just prompted me to avoid it and focus more on chemistry. It was only back in 2005 when I was seriously considering retirement, that I was willing to give it another look. At which point I soon saw the tsunami on the horizon heading at us at 300 km per hour.

    Ilargi’s article is an excellent analysis of the $25B scam. But my truth is that I didn’t need a detailed analysis to know that it would just be just another way to put the financial burden of the Ponzi onto us farm animals. You don’t need to master general relativity to know that if you let go of that concrete block, it’s gonna land on your foot. Data indicates that the human brain weighing into the arena at less than 1.5 kg or less than 2% of the mass of a typical obese Usaco, consumes over 20% of the entire body’s energy utilization. I am starting at this point to wonder just how useful it is to study the details of this stuff if there is next to nothing we can do about it other than Nicole’s defensive and reactive lifeboat. But the lifeboat is based on the idea that there will be a minimum of rule of law after the hammer falls. Suppose, for example, your local TSA VIPR commandant gets orders from his regional commander to shut down your farm because it is interfering with distribution of toxic GMO, corporate farm crops. He also needs a better house for his brother-in-law. He goes out to your farm, and you bring him all the papers showing that you have paid your taxes and you have no mortgage or debts. He responds by taking out his side arm and shooting you, your wife, and your kids in the head. Case closed.

    Suppose like in the classic movie, Gaslight, you discover that your husband is trying to poison you, and in the process make you doubt the reality of the evidence of your senses and your critical thinking. Is it worthwhile and germane to study how the poison involved creates a destructive cascade in the cytochrome process in your mitochondria? It may be interesting but is it useful? The central banks, owned by the giant primary dealers, have captured the political process in most of the developed world. They control the military and much of the local, paramilitary police forces. The USA is now under a de facto martial law with the passing of the NDAA, and this weekend the presidential executive order.


    Their ducks are now lined up in a row. We are frogs in the pot with the flame under it. What can we do about it? Aye, there’s the rub.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1873
    el gallinazo


    Just to keep the record straight, the USS Liberty was not sunk. Her surviving crew miraculously kept her afloat though she never had another mission and was decommissioned the following year and scrapped in 1974.

    As to Johnson, he was responsible for many personal murders and the death of millions on a grander scale. We can only speculate, raised as a fundamentalist southern Baptist, what ghosts haunted him as he approached the pearly gates for judgment.

    in reply to: An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling #1861
    el gallinazo

    This article is about the results coming out of iterative processes which high speed computers make possible. Set a few rules and and a zero point and let it rip. Often the results are quite unexpected. Prior to computers, running these iterative processes was tedious to impossible. One successful example of the process is the game Monopoly which the creator, Lizzie Phillips, set up in 1904 to show how the rules of capitalism, starting out with everybody even, always would up with one dude with a stogie and a top hat holding all the marbles. One reason why I am not a true libertarian. What seems to aggravate the libertarian crowd on ZH the most is that its those other guys like Dimon and Blankfein who are on top. But back to Monopoly, I wonder how many eight-year-olds on rainy afternoons realized that they were running a pre-computer iterative demonstration?

    in reply to: Vancouver, Canada Real Estate #1860
    el gallinazo


    I read about 40 year mortgages in Canada being permitted as well as the up and coming thing a few years ago. But maybe they have petered out. I don’t follow Canada as closely as the USA. I would imagine you get about three cents per month off your principal for the first 25 years.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1858
    el gallinazo


    First let me commend you on the inappropriateness of your ID. I remember you back from the fall of 2009 on TAE. Same old tune.

    Would you care to cut the crap diversion about Jews and how envious everyone else is and proud we are about our ubermanship, and discuss the consequences of a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran regarding crude oil? Do you think they will use nukes since you seem to be connected? Do you think Putin might heave a few back into ha aretz? Were any of your Mossad friends involved in the hit on Rabin, who appeared to be a peacemaker?

    As to the discussion as to who is the dog and who is the tail, it certainly started out with the USA as the big dog. But I think it entered a mutual tug-o-war feedback loop as time went on. Johnson couldn’t have been ecstatic about the Liberty false flag operation, but he let it ride with barely a peep. Why? Even Ron Paul treads carefully. McKinney was defeated with AIPAC money. If one studies the history of the 20th century, the banking families couldn’t care less about Jewish carpenters and plumbers. They are just farm animals like everybody else.

    in reply to: Vancouver, Canada Real Estate #1849
    el gallinazo

    I read this weekend that the real estate in Shanghai is currently equally valued to that of the entire USA. Reminds me exactly of 1989 Tokyo, and we saw what happened there – a deflationary collapse lasting over two decades and bank zombification. I don’t think China will have a hard landing; I think it will have a crash landing, and damn soon. When China goes, Canada will go as the demand on natural resources will plummet. Consumers in Canada are totally tapped out debt wise. Same deal in Oz. I understand that most new mortgages are now for 40 years. Reminds me of Japan before the crash when the first born son had to come in and cosign the mortgage.

    The one thing that may “save” the Canadian economy for a while is the upcoming Iranian war which could boost crude and NG revenues immensely as crude goes for a moonshot. Depends on how long the Straits are closed and whether Iran can destroy the oil infrastructure of the other countries like the Emirates and Saudis.

    in reply to: el Gallinazo tin foil wraps of the day #1815
    el gallinazo

    Latest update from the City of South Park on the
    TSA – Toilet Safety Administration


    in reply to: el Gallinazo tin foil wraps of the day #1814
    el gallinazo

    But hot off the press.

    The NSA, the Big Brother to the CIA, not to be outdone:

    The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)


    in reply to: An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling #1813
    el gallinazo

    “UC Berkeley Professor Philip Tetlock in a study of the accuracy of predictions found that people who carry many models in their head, the foxes, are right far more often than people who carry one big model, the hedgehogs. Even better than foxes, however, are people who can create formal models. These are people who can put their assumptions about the world on paper (or rather a computer), and then test those models by running simulations through time with them.”


    Hedgehogs – people who refuse to let the outside world impinge on their preconceptions.

    Foxes – people suffering from cognitive dissonance but choose not to let it get them down.

    Unnamed wise ones – people who form a working hypothesis and then continually test and amend it against new data coming in.

    And the accuracy of their predictions (drum roll) …………… increase in descending order. Who knew? Thank the lord for these academics.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1812
    el gallinazo

    Babble, let me first commend you on the appropriateness of your ID.

    I am neither left wing nor right wing, and I find rooting for either the blue team or the red team absurd. These designations are simply a way of enforcing a pseudo democracy where the power and decisions are handed down to puppet government officials to implement. I find all the Repug candidates with the exception of Ron Paul at least as personally despicable as Obama. But Obama is even more dangerous than these crazies because he cloaks himself as a liberal, has violated every significant campaign promise, and is a puppet for the global banking cartel. To name a few: business as usual for Gitmo; readied, staffed, and expanded the FEMA concentration camps; continued the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as decimating Libya and Yemen; totally destroyed the Bill of Right of the US Constitution as well as enhanced the blueshirt TSA VIPR program and allowed these goons to sexually grope our children and elderly at airports as well as take and store naked photos of us; initiated a drone program over the USA; murdered US citizens in foreign countries without even an indictment, and claimed the right under NDAA to do so anywhere in the world including USA territory; refused to indict one major bank CEO including Jon Corzine despite massive evidence of embezzlement and criminal fraud; ran thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartels with the plan to use the blowback to confiscate the guns of US citizens; recently informed the Senate via the SecDef that they shall have no say in decisions about going to war and the “legality” of such rests solely with the UN and/or NATO…………….. Sorry, my fingers are tired. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. A decade ago I would have classified myself as on the left of the progressive wing, but old dogs can learn new tricks. I realize now that there is a concerted globalist banking agenda to enslave humanity in a neofeudalistic system, and we have to fight back against this takeover. Their takeover of the left is somewhat more hidden and thus more insidious than the right. I have an analytical mind and I could no longer fight off the overwhelming onslaught of evidence. I wound up reluctantly downing the “red pill.” But if you want to keep drinking the Kool-Aid, may I recommend the sugar free (of course) KiwiLime.

    And my support of Ron Paul is not total to say the least. For example, I reject certain aspects of his abortion position, and feel that there is nothing to stop the inevitable collapse of an ideal Libertarian economy in time into the crony capitalistic, fascist, centrally planned one we now have. But usually the perfect is the enemy of the good.

    What exactly would the slobbering idiots McCain and Palin have done that Obama has not? Hey, they are all vetted before they can become a “major” candidate and are handed their marching orders after they win.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1802
    el gallinazo

    I hate to debunk a good conspiracy theory, but my post is still quite accessible through the home page 🙂

    in reply to: The Official Thread for Open Comments #1787
    el gallinazo

    Why can’t the CIA psyops shoot straight?

    First you have the purportedly aborted Zeta Mexican drug cartel hit on the Saudi ambassador to DC and now this:

    Man behind ‘Kony 2012′ arrested in San Diego- for masturbating in public

    March 16, 2012
    The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Christian filmmaker behind the Internet’s most recent famous activism campaign, “Kony 2012,” has been arrested. For masturbating. And being drunk. And vandalizing cars. In public. In the morning.

    Jason Russell, 33, was arrested Thursday morning by the San Diego Police Department in Southern California and the earliest reports detailing the incident suggest it was one hell of a day already for the Invisible Children co-founder and proclaimed “mastermind” behind the Kony 2012 viral video.Police say he was described as “in his underwear” when the first 911 calls were made.”


    Jeez. I’m a taxpayer and I expect quality disinformation to incite me to support the invasions other countries. Aren’t there any professional spooks left? What’s the world coming to?

    in reply to: Are You Going to Believe Your Masters or Your Lying Eyes? #1782
    el gallinazo


    Isn’t this the first of the Vrabel lessons that we were writing about? Came right up with Google.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1780
    el gallinazo


    You still may partake of the same wholesome fare as always from Ilargi, Nicole, and Ash. No hay problema. If you don’t like chopped liver, then don’t order it from the menu. Why do you bother to read the jumbled and deranged words of a buffoon anyway when it is FDA labelled in bold print on the can? Oh I see. Chopped liver is bad for the public health, so the public should not be allowed the option to injure itself. Nice blog you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.

    Let’s see, what did I say that was so bad? That Israel was going to force Obama’s hand earlier than he wished into a war with Iran? Looked at the headlines in the last couple of hours? Israel’s cabinet has effectively declared war on Iran by an 8 to 6 vote. Obama is probably not pleased with it due to his re-election campaign, but the real deciders in the USA have obviously also wanted to go ahead with it pronto. But being nice guys, they staged it so that Obama now just has no choice but to support an ally after the fact. The Peace Prize winner gets reluctantly dragged into another (really big) resource war. Otherwise the Enterprise and her crew of thousands would not have already set sail into her sunset mission.

    But look at the bright side. Since you are a first time poster, it appears that my commentary got you off the couch, perhaps with the help of a couple of phone calls? Now if you could only add something of substance next time. Also a nice big war should allow the DHS to really crack down on all dissident and buffoonogenic speech. Elegant way to deliver a coup d’grace to the Constitution. Let me offer you my congratulations for a job well done.

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1773
    el gallinazo


    I’ll let you apologize for me to my Jewish ancestors. I believe there is an ultra-orthodox procedure where I can hire you for that? I’m too busy apologizing to my Neanderthal ancestors.

    in reply to: The Official Thread for Open Comments #1766
    el gallinazo

    Zeus Y. writing in Of Two Minds gives a nice capsulation of current macroeconomic events. I don’t think there is anything in his analysis that the staff position of TAE would negate. Makes a nice primer to those new to the field.


    Also a poster for the upcoming resource invasion of Africa.

    Attached files

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1736
    el gallinazo

    Winston Smith

    Are you the Winston Smith who at the start of the book just couldn’t take the mendacious Stasi crap any more, or the Winston Smith, who at the end of the book saw what ever number of fingers O’Brien told him to see? I don’t think Naomi Klein would have objected to much of what I wrote in my comment, but if George Orwell were alive today, he would probably sue you. Typical disinformation.


    I agree that the International Bank of Settlements in Basle is getting very close to the head of the hydra, but I was referring to the tentacles where they execute power; Washington and Israel for military and NYC, the City, and Frankfurt for financial. That said, I really do not know how they reach consensus on current strategies, though their multigenerational goals are obvious. I really want to learn more about their inner workings, but it is cloaked in shadows and disinformation.

    What you say about conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts is very true. As you said, 10 years ago few Usacos would believe that the CIA overthrew the democratically elected center left government of Iran and installed the Shah monster to keep their oil under Anglo-American control. The sad part is that Kermit Roosevelt, who ran the CIA operation, revealed all the details decades earlier. But what do you expect where most people think that Africa is a nation? Like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.

    I really don’t want to pursue this “Jewish” diversion other than to repeat once again that the word was never used in my original comment. Getting back to a serious point in my comment though, I see it as a probability that if the US and Israel attack Iran, the world price of crude could stay over $200 for 6 months or a year. The result of that would seem pretty obvious regarding the global economy. So one has to ask the question again – Cui bono? The nuclear thing is a total fabrication.

    in reply to: Are You Going to Believe Your Masters or Your Lying Eyes? #1731
    el gallinazo


    Well we totally agree that Damon Vrabel does an excellent job of laying out the money system, but I think we disagree about what he said. For example, as early as 4’40” into Lesson #2 he starts naming the banks and countries in the international banking cartel. Yes, he repeatedly used the word “cartel.” He then says that Germany and Japan were integrated into it as a direct result of their loss in WW II. It was whispered around the internet by fairly responsible people that he had received death threats because of his lessons. As we agree, his lessons are great but it might be time for a refresher viewing, particularly that little circle top right on the left half division of the board. Now that I think of it, I could use a refresher course myself.

    in reply to: Athenians buy potatoes direct from farmers #1729
    el gallinazo

    I live in a mid-sized town in NW Mexico. In the center of town we have a large building housing a central market with 5 competing grocery kiosks. There are two butcher kiosks as well and a small tortilla factory. Here they don’t ask you paper or plastic, they ask you corn or wheat 🙂 The farmers come in with crates of fruits and veggies in beat up old pickups. This fills me with a lot more confidence than if the produce were coming in on 18 wheelers with 6 license plates attached to the back. I can get a bag filled with maybe 10 lbs of fruit and vegetables for about 4 dollars. I am pretty much making it on my SS check, living in modest comfort, and only use my savings for treats and travel. This has nothing to do with the question of currency, but if you don’t grow your own food, it’s nice to see it arriving with the local farmers. There don’t seem to be a lot of middle men. I think the kiosks owners deal directly with the farmers. We also have two separate markets which might be 1500 square feet each.

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