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    @Antidote: “You might like this 5 part essay by Matthew Ehert : Logos?”

    Exceptional reading – all 5 parts. Thank you for linking it. This adds valuable perspective and insight to understanding the insanity of our times.

    It reminds me why we should be advocates for LIFE in daily living. In thought, word, deed. This is the revolutionary act if you want it…the game-changer.

    “…that in order for human beings to be made in the living image of a Creator, we must necessarily have had to be endowed with a quality of free will. The existence of free will gave us the choice to develop or not develop those creative, loving qualities that were innate with us at birth but which robots and animals had no access to. Machines could only do what they were programed to by people and animals could only do what they were programed to by God, but human beings could disobey our nature and become corrupt, materialistic and lose our access to our creative powers…”

    LOVE in the LIGHT.

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    WES: “How is your new wood-fired outdoor furnace to boiler project coming along?”

    All 1,600 pounds of her is snugly nested on a custom pad. The guys have the trench from the unit to the house dug and the double wide insulated PEX line and electrical are laid inside it – but not yet buried. Engineering to determine heat ex changer need and placement, pump, and tie in to boiler just finished – a roadmap for plumber. Holdup on plumber as all the old experts up here are aging-out. The most highly recommended guy in town is slammed with 2 house projects before me. Have a new guy (trained by the experts) coming here shortly. Maybe another couple of weeks before the unit can be fired up and I cut the propane usage to near zero. My woodpile is not as pretty and compact as Michael Reid’s – but getting there.

    You are being funny again John to Day: “The rumor is that Obama is operating the Biden-drone.”

    VP/Gary: Good guidance. Breath-work is the key to managing the ego and transcending worldly obstacles. WE come into this life gasping for air (in breath) and leave on a release sigh/puff (out breath). Ever wonder about the middle…access to Calvin frame 3???

    LOVE to Askers and Answerers of Questions.

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    @ Dr D and Ilargi: you always find the nuggets. Am grateful, and a better person for the experience. Walking the talk is my way of giving back.

    @ Bill 7: “It was very clever for our tiny, corrupt ruling class to use the ‘Democratic’ party to implement their dark plans on the rest of us.” Yes! And now more of the same from the ‘Republican’ party who will win big tonight.

    A beautiful pen and ink piece – Rembrandt van Rijn Self portrait with tousled hair 1629. I always look at self-portraits as an artist’s “study”. A very personal work in progress, a progression, as the lineup of self-portraits over the years is revealing. They (the portraits) become a “study” for the viewer if you want it. He did this one at 23 years of age. Perhaps coming to terms with his portly physique? Cat lovers may find more tracks here; intentional or not, they are fun + intriguing.

    Today’s Calvin is a gem. Frame 3 is the NOW that Eckhart Tolle so brilliantly advocates for. It is the center, a place of peace, balance. Frame 4 shows how we surrender the center, losing the joy of the present moment as our minds/ego pull us away into the future (teevee/social media = sugar). Oh how to stay centered? How to integrate the essential essence of pure presence (frame 3) in daily living?

    “Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free. It’s dizzying, the possibilities”

    LOVE to Wisdom Seekers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 4 2022 #120166

    “Head Girl” is the perfect name for her because she does not use her head (mind, intellect) to counter-balance the overactive feeling and doing aspects of her personality.

    Corporate America (in the late 80’s) used to love her as she would produce stellar results (perform above all expectations), build inspired/winning teams, recruit good people, and consistently beat quotas and other milestones. She was a champion of her ideas because seeing/knowing/feeling the future were available to her and implementing plans was her strength – she always new the best way forward! High standards and expectations (for her to meet/exceed) were the wind beneath her wings (hahaha).

    The rift arose when she wanted access to the C-suite during the TQM and leveraged buyout days. TQM had potential for positive change but the C-suite’s heart was never truly in it. The LBO’ s – the destruction of productivity, the waste and insanity of it all was too much. This Head Girl could not keep her mouth shut. In the end, she just had to let it go – the first of many wake-up calls. More importantly, the blossoming entrepreneurial world was calling.

    The very few who stayed in Corporate America sacrificed their values and voices to stay, many of them remained in key support positions. I am certain that PC’s and even “causal Friday” killed a key aspect of the way we worked and opened new doors; eventually working outside the office became a thing. But like everything else, Corporations only did what was best for themselves even tho it might have looked like “liberty” from an employees perspective.

    Head Girl’s power today is due to social media and the tools that give her a voice. Thank you Mr. House for the additional articles arising from the Amnesty ashes. This is getting interesting. May the momentum continue!

    LOVE to All who run food banks and soup kitchens.

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    @jb-hb: am appreciating your extremely sensitive and careful analysis of the “amnesty” article.

    Original thinking with this comment: “Her article is best understood as a plea for TARGET PRIORITIZATION.”

    Regardless of the reason (accidental release, f-up, intentional release), it should be considered a “canary” event – for what lies ahead. In Opposite-Land – there is no amnesty in the amnesty article; this presents a dangerous landscape for the real priority targets.

    Sorry to hear of your challenges finding decent work. Being very good at what you do is rarely valued and or appreciated at this time, so perhaps re-prioritizing expectations relative to reality would be the right exercise?

    Kudos for staying positive.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 2 2022 #120050

    @VP/Gary: good of you to share the details of your personal practice, and the challenges maintaining one. I find myself in a similar place. We will overcome.

    Recently I have been contemplating HATE/HATERS with new focus. Why have they emerged in such large numbers? How did they get there? Note: I am not referring to TPTB at the very top, they are in a league of their own. Am thinking about those everyday former friends and associates who went off the cliff.

    I think you may have answered that question for me with this:

    “Society has a duty & a moral/spiritual obligation to protect the innocent from liars, cheats, thieves, murderers & rapists (this also includes moneychangers) ~ When a society FAILS to do so, it is by definition EVIL.”

    How convenient to shift blame from the social contract directly to your “brothers and sisters”. Since we are all responsible for society, the breaking of this “agreement” may go un-noticed and un-attended for years. Somehow we lost our place, our ROLE and responsibility in shepherding the way forward. The de-humanization of everything clearly enables HATE and makes it real. In fact, de-humanization creates/delivers an environment where only hate can survive. TPTB are counting on it to continue!

    The counterbalance is the Golden Rule. It brings HUMANITY back into focus. It starts with the individual, it is a bottom up movement, it is easy to understand and implement. Anyone can do it wherever they are. They don’t need special tools or practices. They just need to remember (ignite the Light of LOVE and take action).

    Be Golden.

    in reply to: We ARE The Balance #120043

    Redneck: “Not to put too fine a point on it but it is really all about “you”, ain’t it?
    Nothing wrong with that , spend some time investigatin this feelin , this knowing ,”I am”. What is that centre you refer to? Ten words only thank you.”

    Yes, worth clarifying. Save myself = the responsibility for getting my own house in order using the wisdom I have gathered being human and living life to the fullest (throughout my lifetime).

    I find your request for 10 words to be harsh – as no one else has been asked to limit their response. However the request is worthy. Can I do it in 10 words so that someone could easily understand and remember? The centre/center is: the peace of being present and absorbed in the moment. That which I am is revealed.

    I hope the Suzy from your past was a great gal next door.

    LOVE to our neighbors.

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    @John Day: there is always this one.

    in reply to: We ARE The Balance #119951

    @citizenx: agree, the chanting of kumbaya will not change the world as it has zero impact on The Haters. Only “The One that left us here” can save it. I’m just trying to do my part while I’m here – and save myself. Returning to “center” (a positive state/place in body/mind/heart) is part of my practice. Mantra, song, dance, art, nature are all tools.

    @VP/Gary: RE: LOVE. So does that include the “dehumanizers” too? Should we just think *GOOD* thoughts, pretending THEY don’t exist with ALL their cheat cards? No. No pretending. It’s hard to LOVE the haters/dehumanizers. I’m not there yet. You?

    I had a decent shot trying with my late husband. I couldn’t resist the brilliant engineer, handsome/older, bad-boy man. But it was always the undercurrent of childhood abuse and 2 tours in Vietnam that got him rolling from a dark place. In the 11 months of his dying at home (right here in the great room behind me, cancers everywhere) that I began to see the truth BEYOND his physical presence. You can LOVE that sweet light! There is this strange aspect to it tho, you know there is a part of themselves on auto-pilot (stuck in torture chambers of the mind), THEY CAN’T STOP. It’s like you see thru it and you are watching a picture show. Detached. These words come to mind: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” This is not meant to be an excuse. It just is where some people are. You can forgive them, love them, let go of them, and keep your power.

    LOVE to All who visit here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 1 2022 #119848

    Accountability NOT Amnesty!

    The “ask” is more proof of their all-consuming guilt. It is coming out, thanks to Emily for opening Pandora’s Box. Let’s use this opportunity to reset with the demand for expansive INQUIRY.

    From Mister Roboto’s excellent link. You can substitute the words ‘People with Integrity’ for conservatives and insert the word shot, mandate, Peace, for abortion:

    “The narrative that conservatives seek to limit access to abortion in order to keep women down is a just that—a story. In order to prop it up, fetuses had to be literally dehumanized, and the narrative bolstered with overtly anti-natal supporting philosophies, philosophies which, in their anti-natalism rob life of most of its meaning for most people. For women, this anti-natalism is expressly anti-mother, hence, anti-feminine, transforming motherhood—one of the few truly transcendent human experiences—into a dupe’s prison. ”

    THE dehumanizing of everything. Just like the financialization of everything – they are one and the same! Dr D’s Anti-Life perspective in lights, for all to examine.

    LOVE the masked cat who returns for another day.

    “Never surrender the right to be with people you love.”

    LOVE to All on this day of electric potentiality.

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    Am finally starting to understand the Picasso. It is a really funny piece – if you let it be funny. Bearded man has become like one of those twisted balloon characters. If only people would start morphing into this type of shape as they become annoying. It would put an end to the progression and we could have a good laugh along the way.

    I am usually the last person to “get” a joke, my default position is rarely in the FUNNY mode/realm. I admit to missing the point of this piece initially, but have come around! Bravo Picasso for twisting this one around and redirecting the energy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2022 #119558

    “Here is a number of articles that paint the picture of how the world is changing. No coverage in the west whatsoever. I hope those of you who come here regularly do grasp -part of- that picture.”

    Note to Ilargi: I come here every day and read every article/post just to face the bleak truth of where we are heading. I do not comment on these articles/posts when there is nothing more that I can add. Thanks to you and the comMENTORS for sharing insight and wide-ranging perspective day after day, you are having an impact.

    Today’s art selection is annoying, and I appreciate the opportunity it presents to peel back the layers (memories) and ask myself why. The lacy cloud-cover this AM prevented me from seeing the morning star show however, the clouds caught the sunrise – painting the entire eastern sky in pink, purple, orange, and gold. A beautiful start to the day.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 28 2022 #119494

    Clarification: We are not FIGHTING an Empire of Lies, we are FIGHTING the Empire of HATE and Lies. The hate part is the essential ingredient in all of this and should not be left out.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 28 2022 #119493

    Not to take anything away from today’s excellent selections, this piece linked from ZH really “painted the whole picture” for me. The role of HATE is revealed with blunt force. We are not an Empire of Lies, we are the Empire of HATE and Lies. The hate part is the essential ingredient in all of this and should not be left out.

    “Through Winston’s ordeal, the reader comes to understand the mindset of the Elite; they must first gain power over the masses:

    He paused and signed to the man in the white coat. Winston was aware of some heavy piece of apparatus being pushed into place behind his head. O’Brien had sat down beside the bed, so that his face was almost on a level with Winston’s.

    […] ‘The real power, the power we have to fight for night and day, is not power over things, but over men.’ He paused, and for a moment assumed again his air of a schoolmaster questioning a promising pupil: ‘How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’

    Winston thought. ‘By making him suffer,’ he said.

    Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

    They must strip humanity of self-worth:…..”

    Your response to the small things – matters. These are tangible expressions of humanity and builders of the Spirit, a display of self-worth, alive and at work in the world if you want it! Celebrate the rising sun. Watch golden leaves flutter in the wind. Lick the dog. Smile at a stranger. Call your customer for no reason. Go sit on the sunny front porch at work. The stars are up there even at 7 AM, who are the last ones to leave for the new day? This is your HOMEwork. Just for you sweetHEARTS.

    LOVE to All.

    Revolver being re-relased today. Would like to hear it. Original version here:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2022 #119155


    Either or both. One leads to the other. I try to meet most folks (including myself) where they are. Seekers are seeking, it is a state of duality with purpose.

    Appreciate the Seekers.

    Question: how is the immersion in mantra/chanting that you experienced (described above) serving you in daily living? What are the practical and tangible benefits?

    True: eventually chanting/mantra finds you in sleep/dreams. It is a blessing. It is Peace.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2022 #119144

    Many of the Samskrt chants/mantras are regenerative if you are open to it.

    “I wish I understood the language”
    In the beginning, better NOT to know Samskrt (which is a sacred language). Let go, and go with it where you are.

    A few weeks back you advised upstateNY to choose what was in/on her mind. This would be an example of a wise choice. This selection (and so many others) will take you to places unknown and unexpected.

    Always remember, “What you seek is also seeking you.” Rumi

    LOVE to Baba Hanuman

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 23 2022 #119134

    Today’s Rembrandt van Rijn selection is beautiful.

    The lighted “portals” are a source of great possibility. Consciousness is all around us, is us.

    As above so below………

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 21 2022 #119013

    California minimum wage is $15.00/hour.

    The art center/gallery where I am the Director pays all 3 of us (part time employees) much more than the minimum per hour. We have been on the job for 4+ years. We have a fully functioning saw mill in town (running 24 hours) with wages starting at $20.00/hour. It is still hard to find workers/to fill entry level positions. NOTE: we are located in a small town in rural Northern CA (town population of 3,900/Trinity County 18,000).

    Food and gas prices are where most folks take a big hit these days. Farmers Market (reasonable prices/great selection) just ended for the season. The downtown family-owned market is my first choice for many items, and on Friday they always feature an Indian food/curry lunch. The other local grocery store is employee owned, operating 15 stores, all in rural markets – and doing an excellent job. Prices are fair and competitive. The selection is outstanding. The traditional big box stores are an hour away. With gas prices on the mountain at $6.24 per gallon, the drive doesn’t make sense unless you have a family + other errands to do in the “city”. I am fortunate to be able to purchase most everything up here/in town.

    All of our local independent businesses (along Main Street) are hurting. The Chinese Restaurant just closed. There is a lack of customers everywhere. I work the Gallery on Saturdays and see/experience it for myself.

    Have enjoyed the art and discussions of recent weeks. Thanks to the contributors.

    LOVE to All.

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    Oversight from the other day: upstateNYer – sad to hear about your loss. My Heart holds yours remembering/knowing all things must pass.


    John Lennon would have been 82 today.

    “In My Life” is one of my favorite Lennon songs. Since I linked it within the last few weeks, here’s this one. Beautiful.

    LOVE to upstate and John.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2022 #117985

    VP – thank you.

    Well said and worth repeating:

    “I arrived at spiritual awakening after a period of EG0 deflation at depth, couple with inescapable, self-inflicted pain…

    I imagine that’s the same path for most of humanity, albeit there are exceptions, perhaps during this self-imposed destruction that “civilization” has brought upon itself there will be many that abandon EG0 as their reality & embrace the Infinite reality within.”

    @Doc Robinson – yours is an important contribution to the discussion. Worth repeating:

    “What it really means is to not be ruled by passions, desires, likes, and dislikes….
    It is evenness of mind, unshakeable freedom of mind, a state of inner equipoise that cannot be upset by gain and loss, honor and dishonor, praise and blame, pleasure and pain. Upekkha is freedom from all points of self-reference; it is indifference only to the demands of the ego-self with its craving for pleasure and position, not to the well-being of one’s fellow human beings…”

    One can hold the center in “equanimity” when practiced mindfully – as part of the journey of life. What is so wonderful about the practices discussed above is that they can BE EXPERIENCED. Yes study and converstaion is good, but what good is it if it is never put into practice?

    Om Shanti Friends.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2022 #117947

    Hey upstateNYer. So many great questions.

    In my experience, the best way to understand detachment is to start by examining your attachments. It’s amazing what/how/when/why we hold on to “things” (like stories, POVs, relationships/people, jobs, our perception of self, The Beatles, kids, pets, home). To make progress you have to be completely honest with yourself. In depth exploration leads to awareness. With awareness you can make changes, like letting go of the “things” that don’t serve you and or resetting your relationship to what does serve you.

    Notice how Tolle expands the condition of non-attachment by including non-judgment and non-resistance. These “things” deserve a look! What we resist persists.

    RE: “I’m just tossing out random thoughts about the “detach from the negative and all will be right in the world” philosophy. I find it lacking.”

    Because it sounds too simple to be true? Peace/LOVE/Unity is an inside job, they are at hand. It starts with you/me.

    Thanks for engaging conversation. Appreciate you.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2022 #117939

    Hi VP.

    Would you kindly sketch out a roadmap of the steps involved in the evolve process you highlight above?

    Hat tip Darya Sinusoid: According to Eckhart Tolle (in his book “A New Earth”, humanity’s current state of consciousness has reached a threshold. This is because our destructive ability (caused by our ego) is intensifying at an unsustainable rate due to advances in technology. If we’re unable to evolve out of the mindless ego-driven state of consciousness that causes this destruction, we’ll end up killing our species and destroying the planet.

    Tolle explains that when we connect with our inner self and live in a state of mindfulness, we will live in a state of non-attachment, nonjudgment, and nonresistance, which will allow us to break free from the ego’s control.

    When we no longer form attachments to material, thought, and emotional elements, we’ll no longer generate greed, consumerism, and pollution caused by the endless cycle of wanting.

    When we no longer judge things as “right and wrong” or “good and bad,” we’ll no longer have unrealistic expectations that cause disappointment, anger, resentment, and other forms of suffering.

    Consequently, we’ll cease resisting what simply is and cannot be changed. Tolle notes that nothing in the world is inherently good or bad, it’s only our judgments of them that make them so. We’ll no longer feel the stress, greed, envy, and negativity supplied by the ego because we no longer crave external validation. We will only feel peace.

    If the bulk of humanity dedicates itself to achieving this state of mindfulness, Tolle asserts that the violence and destruction caused by the collective human ego will cease.”

    Good stuff.

    It’s all in your mind. EGO included. Mindfulness is timeless.

    Oh Nevermind….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2022 #117923

    P. S. Gotta love Clare Daly. She has abundant courage. Her words are always delivered with fierce intent. Powerful!

    Only here at TAE do we see Clare in action.

    In appreciation, Ilargi.

    LOVE to Clare and Julian.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2022 #117922

    Incredible stack Michael. The tangible result of hours of focused work. It is art.

    Beautiful dog too.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 6 2022 #117848

    Thanks John Day, for the link to Walter M. Chesnut. It’s always a sobering visit. I take the time to read all of his recent posts while I am there. The guy is brilliant.

    My take away from today’s deep dive with Walter is to stay open – the un-vaxed like me are not in the clear – with the possibility for future/potential damage coming from my August 2021 Delta/covid infection. After all the spike is a key aspect of the virus and I have no idea if it was completely “cleared” by my immune system. He points to Curcumin and Quercetin as having an impact (however not translated into a protocol for use).

    Ordered 1 and received 2 copies of Charles Hugh Smith’s new book “Self-Reliance in the 21st Century”. If anyone here wants one I will mail it your way. Give me the details. No cost to you.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 5 2022 #117772

    Keen observation Dr D. Time is in the mind of the Observer.

    Memory enables the past to exist. Memory is a collection of experiences. Imagine if there was no capability/capacity for memory. Where would the mind go?

    The future is created/appears when the mind is not in the present or the past. The future is a dream.
    (There’s more to the dream but that comes later).

    Reference to what is “back there” + dreaming of that which is “out there” creates the notion of forward movement – from past to future. Interesting how in both the past and future there is nothing tangible to hold on to – its all in your head. Past experience is a powerful driver: in the quest to recreate/resurrect the past, we bounce over the present and into the future.

    You can observe this for yourSelf. Watch how and where the mind gravitates. The power to break/stop the mind-process comes by/through steady and focused observation. This is an essential aspect of our life’s work.

    What about the present?

    The mighty Present. It is always HERE. The Present is the heaven (joy, contentment, peace, and LOVE) that you seek. It will present itself as/when you let go of past and future.

    The Observer of the Observer invites you to see for yourself. We can do our inner work as we watch the world go by…what’s on your mind?

    Be here now.
    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: An Endless Series of Hobgoblins #117613

    Regarding RIM’s comment: “I’ve long said that the only answer is using less energy, and that, given our wasteful ways, this is absolutely possible, we can cut our energy use by 90% is se put our minds to it with very little discomfort, but using less energy is not on the agenda.”

    I am certain that we do not have the time to get all the people on board with the truth – be it climate or covid. Therefore, those who can should pivot while we can. Note: this does not mean that we give up or minimize efforts to press ahead with the science and with the “facts on the ground”. The facts on the ground being the most underutilized and ignored resource ever – marginalized, manipulated, and hidden on purpose by our masters.

    In the meantime….why not initiate a “conservation campaign” from the grass roots for the grass roots? Something that can be duplicated and resurrected anywhere. And while we’re at it lets build a complementary local/regional “conservation currency” blockchain style. The “bank” would be funded by hours worked in building/creating/implementing conservation strategies at home, in the neighborhood, in the local community. The receipts could be refunded (on a percentage basis, like 50% Conversation Currency/50% cash) to buy equipment, supplies and additional labor from local/regional businesses. Community/regional investors and community members are welcome to contribute cash; in return they get nothing other than the satisfaction of helping to uplift and strengthen the resilience the community.

    RIM also said: “Of course I’ve also long said that we are -biologically- programmed to use as much surplus energy as we can (as all organisms are), so there are plenty dilemmas and contradictions involved.” Our selfish nature will be tamed in the pursuit of meaningful and productive good works that have a direct impact on the community where you live. Am guessing that your soup kitchen team understands the inter-connectedness of everything – and have deep respect for what is scarce and precious.

    Some people say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Practical, tangible, and actionable. Getting out into the world and mixing with people is where it’s at! The answers are out there.

    LOVE to ALL.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 2 2022 #117576

    Quite a reply, Bishko. Lots to absorb. In gratitude for the expansion of the conversation – with emphasis on the universal picture; an opportunity accessible to All, the one and only true refuge. YES we are that.

    “I found out in 2006 at Burning Man that I am a Shaman. I didn’t believe it at the the time but after a bit of study, I was rocked to my roots to find it true. My main task then was to find a way to keep them from fighting: Spirituality vs Science. Not only do they not fight, but they made an agreement to work together for the betterment of myself and for all I meet. Been quite a Journey.”

    I can relate. My moment happened in 8th grade English Literature class. Been quite a journey.

    Your “work” to balance the halves is potent and effective. Far-reaching. Divine.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 2 2022 #117519

    @bosco: No fire or ice for me just yet…but a bite of that perfectly layered chocolate wonder will do.

    @ Wes: just got my Classic Edge 560 EPA certified stick wood burning outdoor furnace (American made in MN). Will get it hooked it up (next week or two) to my giant hot water boiler/radiant floor heating system. Getting off the propane (cooktop the exception) for good! Now I can do fire remediation without such a heavy heart by putting all the dead trees to good use – beyond the insert/fireplace. Do send some cold weather over my way (NoCA).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 2 2022 #117516

    @ Bishko: an excellent post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This translation provides new understanding.

    Question (one of many) – Frequency is sound, right? So how does sound become “light”? And light become matter? Or is it that light reveals matter, matter being the manifestation of “light”?

    My curiosity is rooted in my study of Yoga, where Om (AUM) is the primordial sound. “In the beginning there was Om” (and the creation grew out of/from that).

    Love the mind-opening potentiality here.

    Om Shanti.
    LOVE to All

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2022 #116476

    @Polemos – a truly exciting post! I love the view expressed throughout.

    For the sake of love – we do our part to heal in every breath, thought, spoken word, and action/deed. Heaven’s here on earth. Heaven’s in our Heart.

    Day. Such a worthy practice! Keep God’s presence in your Heart and move on. I would walk with you anytime.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2022 #115789

    Hi VP.

    Thanks for the Eckhart Tolle quotes. One more: “Being must be felt. It can’t be thought.”

    LOVE to you.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2022 #115777

    DBS: Great final analysis. Deserves to be read again:

    “In the final analysis, we are met in a physically Holy War, but our weapons of choice, which will return the greatest victory with the minimum loss of life, are factual TRUTH, and unconditional LOVE. Never lose sight of the penultimate fact that each and every living thing in this world is the object of the “overwhelming, never ending, reckless love” of the One, God, Creator of the universe.”

    The only Way through is to wield the two-sided “sword” of TRUTH and LOVE in daily living. You can master the process through clarity of intention, sharp awareness, and detachment. Cut through the pain, fear, sorrow, and hate with TRUTH, when and where possible. LISTEN. No matter the result, be respectful, offer acceptance and forgiveness – all are LOVE in action.

    I am certain that this “practice” will change YOU. Just BE the “overwhelming, never ending, reckless love” in you life” and see where it takes you.

    Om Shanti,
    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2022 #115453

    RE: EU will propose a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” in order to “flatten the curve.”

    How stupid are they??? Do they really think we will jump thru hoops to flatten their freeking curve? Surely that brazen “ask” will wake a few folks up.

    @Dr D: “It’s the 50 year old Hillary. Sometimes we see the 70-year old one. Sometimes the 40 year old. Explain, anyone?”

    It is a “campaign” to position her for future leadership (under grave circumstances). The younger pics are designed to show strength, dynamism, and involvement. They want the whole Hillary to be remembered. Just goes to show how much power she wields + the degree that TPTB want her in the wings.

    Today’s art is classic Miro. Notice how the architectural elements/lines frame the characters and drive you through the painting. One very cool cat. I think the hare is in trouble. As for the farmers wife, she looks tired and determined, obviously she spends too much time on her feet. Her headlights are on high, a revealing peek inside the artist’s mind.

    Contentment, compassion, and tolerance are the three pillars of spirituality. God can’t be seen in a form sitting in heaven but can be experienced in loving every person….We can only do one thing, and that is to keep our mind positive in the present.
    – Baba Hari Dass, Everyday Peace Letters for Life.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 6 2022 #115324

    Kunstler had more to say in his Labor Day Assessment post. Here are a few gems:

    “Anyway, and in the meantime, we’re obliged to see where all this is taking us and what we have to do about it. The survivors of this disorder will be living in a world of generalized contraction, facing much-reduced standards of living. All the giant enterprises will be gone, including probably the federal USA government as we know it, and all the supports it offered. We’ll be gravely disappointed by the failures of advanced technology to mitigate any of this, and much of that technology will disappear, including reliable electric service and the Internet. Whatever you do will have to be much more local and, in one way or another, these activities will revolve around growing food.”

    “I called it a World Made by Hand in the cycle of four novels I churned out between 2008 and 2017. You can look there for a detailed, graphic description of how this new disposition of things might work. The society depicted is still recognizably an American culture, and the people still find joy, purpose, and meaning in being here on this planet, despite the reduction in comfort and convenience. In many ways, it is a world in recovery from the ravages of the super high velocity way-of-life we’re leaving behind, and because of that, it is shot through with grace. That is our destination.”

    “Keep that in mind — if you still have a mind — as you witness the unravelings ahead. This is not the end of the world or the end of the human project in this world. Not everybody will be violent or insane and the number of reality-based people with their emotional equipment intact will, oddly, grow in proportion as the others depart this plane of existence. For some of us, this is a movie with a happy ending.”

    I believe that we were built for this. The essential elements for adapting/succeeding in times of great change are within. LISTEN and you will find the Way.

    “…the people still find joy, purpose, and meaning in being here on this planet, despite the reduction in comfort and convenience.”

    Inviting you to live a meaningful life now – while we’re on the edge. It takes commitment and perseverance, all efforts are rewarded. You will become courageous and resilient with clarity of PURPOSE. Ups and downs the same. Living a meaningful life always takes you to a place of deep GRATITUDE. Embrace it. With GRATITUDE you will come to realize it’s not me but Thee.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 5 2022 #115214


    LOVE you Koko.

    LOVE to All the rest of you too.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 3 2022 #115124

    @teri: Yes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Go with the flow…here’s my experience: Upon viewing the photos you mentioned (Gorbachev and Regan and Gorbachev and others) captured a moment in time where co-operation among rivals was possible. It gave me an opportunity to grieve for where we are now with Russia, and to reflect on how we got here, and WHY does it have to e this way. The Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial was telling – seeing how we have been “corporatized” over the years, and how we spread it into every corner of the world. Sigh. The USA map with emphasis on watersheds was enlightening. Studying the web of rivers brings awe and gratitude into my Heart. What a beautiful design!

    @Dr D: The theory seems plausible to me. YOUR original thinking is very much appreciated. To answer the question “what would YOU do?” there is only one answer – tell the people the truth. Faced with a life-altering, monumental challenge – HUMANITY will adapt. Some will use the opportunity to create a more meaningful life and others will lose it and destruct. Many here UNDERSTAND that an end is near…and in your own words – We can only do what we can and stay lively.” To that I would add – stay positive.

    Why wait? The PRESENT is the present.

    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Ivermectin: The Truth #115036

    Ivermectin was the primary tool used to fight my August 2021 case of Covid/Delta. You can feel it working almost immediately following the FLCCC protocol. Intuitively I knew this was the answer and ordered a huge quantity from India – and have been sharing with family and friends. Most all who have taken it did well, experiencing less severe outcomes and faster recovery.

    It is important to have access to the most up to date protocol for Covid. The FLCCC protocol answers key questions: like how much Ivermectin to take. There are now 5 protocols, including one for those who are vaccinated. Checking this site often is important (I print out the latest version and hand it off to all of my Ivermectin recipients). Go to:

    COVID-19 Protocols

    Thanks Ilargi. The video says it all. LOVE to You and your circle of friends.

    LOVE to all.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 30 2022 #114655

    Hi Oxy. Your light is shining brighter than ever.

    Loved this comment. It is fresh perspective on why we’re here:

    “Namely we build a self, then chip away at the self once built to reveal a loving thunder that doesn’t really worry too much bout anything but has it’s heart in the right place and gives 2 shits about things that seem to matter while we seem to be here.”

    May LOVING Thunder be yours. All Hearts on deck, duty calls.
    LOVE to All.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2022 #113990

    @jb-hb: enjoyed your observations above.

    Curious about this comment – “in 2020, as a staunch atheist, I was forced to admit, religion appears to be part of the Human Operating System. If you pull it out, they will to fill it in again. ”

    What was it that forced you to admit this?

    From my POV: GOD is not religion. GOD is.

    GOD (not religion) is the Human Operating System in humans. Eternal Light never goes out or needs replacing. Conscience is one part of HOS.

    Who out there listens to their Inner Voice?

    LOVE to All.

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