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    Dr. D

    Make space? And here I was squatting on your site just because it said, “Comments: please post here for free and save us regulars from lonliness.”

    Maybe this is an overly-polite request to run us off to make room commenters who play well with others?

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    Dr. D

    Least toxic poison ever:


    Maybe they should have tried salmonela? Much more deadly. If this is Russian quality you have nothing to worry about.

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    Dr. D

    Just what I was going to say. Now that they “know” it was the front door (having tea until you thought to check it 24 days later?) it should be easy-peasy to CCTV the world’s most universal invasive surveillance state, and get manhunt photos for the Bobbies.

    Oh wait: no CCTV? No manhunt? No deaths? In fact, Yulia Skripal has disappeared and Britain refuses access to Russia’s citizen? They’re in breach of international Chemical Weapons Treaty by refusing to provide evidence? That’s quite a deadly, hazardous, Pearl Harbor-making event if no one was killed — at all — by a nerve agent that basically a garage-made pesticide. So maybe it wasn’t even dangerous, because, facts? Yes, there is now *zero* chance that the official U.K. story is plausible, but like a bunch of dummies people still defer and hedge and politely imply that it was. ‘Cause WWIII? Pish posh.

    Speaking of, anyone see any footage from the last 5 U.S. events, FL, NV, AZ etc? Cause it seems like somehow accidentally, every time something happens, the cameras happen to be more off than the London Bridge. More malfunctioning than U.S. Police department cams. Maybe they should fire their security provider.

    I’ve been pondering this Facebook thing, where everybody knows — and has always known — and yet it’s in the news. And with a British company as the vanguard. Wha? But as it pops into a world-wide Facebook tale, something hidden underneath the dang und strum appears: CA and the Brexiteers are accused not of rigging the election, exactly — heavens no! that would require us to put in paper ballots and honest polling instead of a system so sloppy that (as the U.S.) the world monitors refuse to oversee it! — but that Facebook and Cambridge so overwhelmed those poor, bewildered, besotted, benighted darlings that their senses were just overcome and they voted Brexit without really meaning to.

    Therefore, we don’t need to follow Referendum, Democracy, and can ignore the vote again!!! Q.E.D.

    Oh yes, if you haven’t been following amid the distractions, they’re neck-deep in it now, using FB and CA to reverse the vote without having to, you know, actually vote again. …Which means they know the vote is so overwhelming, they would lose again despite a 2nd running start.

    Nice try, May! And your savaging of Corbyn is so outside the norm, so beyond the pale, it is even drawing attention from the sleepy Americans, where they see the same playbook run by the same people here: the corporate Democrats vs the people’s Progressives. Same bald, ugly, slanderous plan as McCarthy: paint all the progressives, anyone for the people and against the corporations, as a pinko red commie spy. Even as Russia is now ‘Capitalist’, and the West is now ‘Socialist’, but don’t let that stand in your way. Always stay classy U.K.!

    “Mr. Hines, I ain’t been here long. What is these goddamn reds?”
    “Well, sir, Hines says, ‘A red is any son-of-a-bitch that wants thirty cents an hour when we’re paying twenty-five!” –John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

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    Dr. D

    The odd part is, despite the hyperbole (do we have any other communication anymore?), the Dow is still around 25,000.


    All the same things are true: broke consumers, nosebleed debts, total lack of production, shattered real economy, 100M not in workforce, blinding gov’t resistance, record margin debt…for 20 years. So if it hasn’t mattered since 1999, why should it matter this week? Dow 25,000? Even back as far as 2001 it should have been Dow 6,000 or 3,000, and that was before we were gutted by the wars, the factories, erosion of middle class wealth, and the devastation in commerce and real estate.

    So record plunge? Are you kidding me? We’re 1,000 points or 5% from the relative high. A thousand sounds like a lot but that’s not even a correction. That’s just standard saw tooth action of the Elliot Wave.

    How do they do it? Well, every market is rigged, and most markets have paid fines admitting it’s rigged, yet no one goes to jail and the beat goes on. So why would we stop now? They are not going to stop until something stops them. PetroYuan? You out there?

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    Dr. D

    Finally clicked: sun filter. That’s not a CO2 device. So aren’t they saying that scientifically the sun is more intense than it used to be (as V says, never needed one before). Certainly until 2000 it would take 6-8 hours to burn. Now I can burn in 20 minutes. If so, what does a provably more intense sun say about CO2 gobal warming? Is this why all planets are heating, not just ours? Is now a good time to cut bait and finally admit this?

    No, they will never give up the low-income cost-increasing tax/power grab. Never. Why? Think of all the people you can kill “helping the environment”. They’ll cheer, as Ehrlich does. Listen to their talks and papers: killing humans is always the right thing to do. It’s always the right time to Kill All the Things™. And if they don’t die naturally, we’ll coat them in plastic and kill them all by accident.

    This is a world wide death cult every bit as toxic as the SS or Voldemort’s. No? Check out the 6 Million deaths and the parabolic increase in human slavery. But not the ‘happy’ kind we used to have. Sex-and-death slavery. And the people who are against the death-and-slavery are the ones you fight. That’s you. Your country. Your culture. Your people. Your government. You. What do you think happens to people like that?

    “The worst thing is the deafening silence, the way everybody just looks away, pretends like “ain’t my business” or, worse, actually takes all this grotesque spectacle seriously. What is wrong with you people?! WAKE UP!!!!!!!” –Saker

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    Dr. D

    Wot I said:
    UK Government Preparing To Confiscate Russian Capital “Of Dubious Origin”

    UK gets poor, looks around for who has the most assets for the least trouble. Politics aside, if your main (only?) line of work is to hold assets for other people, perhaps it is not the best long-term solution to be known for stealing the assets of other people. They get cranky that way.

    On precaution, it’s not legally viable to prove a negative. It also can be tricky to “prove” things in science. However, the many tests that are done are paid for, politicized, and leave the profiteer in control of what is released and what is not. Surely that is not fair law either. That’s ’cause no one cares about the truth, the law, or life itself, clearly evidenced.

    I can tell you anecdotally that bugs have been falling for some time here, (10-ish years?) and birds mostly only this year. While I might suspect the stronger sun and wild swings for the bugs, as far as I can tell, there has been no significant change to pesticides, or none admitted, at least. It’s a progression, not a collapse, yet we see a collapse, not a progression.

    Don’t worry, no one will care about that either until they can’t eat, then suddenly wonder why. Why? Because you’ve been openly destroying all life on earth, whatever the kind, type, variety, or genus for over 100 years. Did you think you were going to stop eating, you know, food, drinking, you know, water, and using, you know, wood and moving to a Star Trek Replicator? Or did you just not care how your bread was buttered? What am I saying? Butter comes from a package in a store, children literally don’t know what a cow is and don’t know that milk makes whipped cream then butter…even back in the 90s. So If you don’t know how anything works — anything, even what the food that creates you is — how can you know when it’s broken?

    “Brawndo: It’s What Plants Crave”

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    Dr. D

    ““Hotter days, longer periods of drought … are becoming the new normal”

    That’s odd, seems more like colder days, more snow and precipitation are becoming the new normal, in Greece, Spain, the Sahara, U.K…

    Nice tax grab guys, but guess what? We know from yesterday that you don’t care. You joyfully, exuberantly authorized and subsidized the death of every insect, bird, animal, and plant in your home countries, decade on decade, and you expect me to believe you care about Madagascar? Please. You’ve been using this same good cop playbook my entire life, diverting what small donations there are into hollow promises run like Oxfam. Plant a single tree in France, put back one hedgerow, and maybe we can talk. Til then you’re all hollow, useless hacks.

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    Dr. D

    As usual, complain bitterly about extinction of polar bears, rainforests, and whales, but when it comes to your own back yard where it costs 50 cents…well you know what to do. KILL ALL THE THINGS!!! Again, seriously, any 13th century peasant known enough not to cut out the hedgerows and that the salt marshes are useful, and he’s an illiterate mud-mover. Talk about I-Y-I, if these guys get any dumber, they’ll need help feeding themselves. If they get any more biophobic, there won’t be any life on earth to feed them with. …And yet it never, never stops. Why? The people don’t want it, so who does?

    Claire is remarkably uneducated in just so many ways. Yes, some central banks are de jure government owned, but the one she highlights, the Fed, is a government-enshrined private banking interest-group, or a public-private partnership if you’re generous. It would be foolish to BE generous, however, as the government, supposedly the senior partner, has not and can not audit the junior partner, which seems legitimate grounds for suspicion. The thought that adding the Central Bank somehow becomes a vast bulwark against private banks…who own the central bank as a legal fig leaf, seems a bit rich.

    Okay, we don’t really expect her to know, but this beating the weeds for “what on earth could anyone do” other than a central bank, clearly she knows nothing of money or history, because anyone who ever read anything, ever, would know you could use a gold standard — non-bank money; money of other people, Costa Rica does and the U.S. did 1700-1800; notes issued on private banks as the U.S. did in the successful period 1840-1913; a Treasury-issued money, as Kennedy planned; and moving forward, cryptocurrencies as well as things I haven’t thought of. Yes, that the world would fail and somehow private banks don’t own or influence the Fed cartel they are 100% stock-holding owners of is not exactly the consensus opinion, which is saying something. P.S. Advocates of End the Fed know all this and would have told you, if you read a single site from one of them. Apparently, all you need to be a journalistic expert is a keyboard and a childish disregard for the truth. If you don’t know, make it up! No one can tell anyway.

    I love how Parliament is shocked, SHOCKED! I tell you, that Facebook is mis-using data, then exempt themselves from any rules or restraint. ‘Cause us, right? When did we ever follow the law? Laws – insider trading laws, gun laws, spying laws, are for peasants.

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    Dr. D

    Ehrlich’s got problems. First, as the article states, his apocalyptic predictions never happened. Sort of. So like Hawking, he debunked or disproved his own thesis? I mean, maybe not, but that doesn’t inspire confidence. Second, geographically, all the people could fit into Texas, so what’s his scientific basis for a 2 Billion cap? That he doesn’t like people? There’s 6B now, and we seem alright, probably could all live pretty darn well, actually. If we all lived like monks, or some space eco-fantasy, we’d be cheerful and nowhere near the population cap. It might be double who knows? So we’ve got wrong, wrong, and wrong.

    Speaking of, he says the way to fix this is income redistribution. Wow. Agog. The one thing that’s killing people is unprecedented — and intentional — income redistribution. So, smart guy, what happens if you give the wealth of the top 10 people in America, or 3/4 of a Trillion dollars to the poor in India, or God forbid, America? I think they would go out and buy a middle class lifestyle, consuming 2 more Americas of resources. So the only thing PREVENTING his ecological Armageddon is the total devastation and poverty of most of the world. …Which is well-known, well-discussed, and arguably well-promoted by those same rich countries and billionaires who call for the new eugenics at every turn. Who I expect is Ehrlich’s employer, via newspapers, books, and universities who are well on board the eco-eugenics wagon.

    So if he believes what he says, he needs to support the income disparity to reduce population, not reduce it. Can’t have it both ways. …Or since year after year no one notices, apparently you can.

    Anyway, at the moment we aren’t trying anything. At all. Nothing. We’re actively doing the opposite with our Teslas, our private jets and malls. So I expect we’re nowhere near the population limit, even outside an eco-utopia. So I resent the proposal that billions need to be killed for the greater good. Of whom? Not those billions. I think for the greater good of those billionaires.

    Before we give up and murder billions maybe, just maybe, you should grow a 8×10 garden in the verge. I mean we tried the eugenics/murder thing last time and it didn’t work out so well. Can we? Or is $12 for seeds too much to start?

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    Dr. D

    I don’t know, that’s a tough call with a lot of definitions. Capitalism IS cooperation. It’s voluntary cooperation, by exchange, where I get to own what I make, and you get to own what you make. Concept, I know!

    As we are naturally cooperating, the problem is in practice, “cooperation” means I do the work and others party, then complain that I’m mean not to “cooperate” and “share” by giving them what they didn’t “cooperate” or help work for. That’s what the money is supposed to do: calculate how much “cooperation” you’ve been giving, and so get back equal to what you gave. However, corrupt the money and you corrupt the inter-people sharing/measuring system. Since workers aren’t going to corrupt the money in order to give MORE (they already can do that with charity) the only reason to corrupt it is to receive wealth for cheating. That’s not cooperation, but since it’s been over 100 years since we had a real money system, no one has anything to compare it to. It also means the system we have is not, can not, be Capitalism, but neither is it the cooperation of communalism, it’s a terrible hybrid that favors only the cheaters and is the worst of both worlds.

    “You did not help me plant my wheat. You did not help me pick my wheat. You did not help me take it to the mill to be ground into flour. And you did not help me make my bread. And my little chicks and I will eat it all by ourselves!” And they did.”

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    Dr. D

    The Facebook story is a media scam, but I haven’t figured out why. Possibly if they can be “regulated”, they will be gov’t enshrined and protected like all our other monopolies and the data rigging can go on, while the leaps FB’s competition have made (including Steem and former FB exec WhatsApp) disappear as the people are mollified and it’s all “fixed”. It’s all fixed alright.

    I say that because the present scandal is the essence and purpose of Facebook. We knew they were a big 1984 data-harvesting machine for the Deep State, both in and out of government for the sole purpose of waping people’s personal reality for power and profit. Who doesn’t know that? The details of the C.A. case are a basic rundown of the 2012 Obama campaign. Using apps to look at not the Obama volunteers, but all their friends, where the campaign expert proudly said they collected “all of social media”. That is, they harvested the profiles of all relevant, online people in the U.S. In 2012. And used it to bend and win the election. Colluded to rig it? Or is that just advertising and running a campaign?

    So now when C.A. does the same thing years later, it’s new and wrong. How? They didn’t steal the data from FB. FB sold it to them because that is Facebook’s business model and purpose for existing. Additionally, since a foreign company colluded with a campaign to do election tampering and favor a candidate — as how elections are legally run — and not a peep. Because British election tampering isn’t tampering, but 13 Russians creating Rainbow Bernie memes are. Got it?
    Bernie“The Coloring is something that suits for all people.” Wow, Russia nailed it!

    This is all known, was known, is known, and is used by every campaign since it began, because it’s legal. Maybe it would bring up the uncomfortable question that if it worked so well and everybody knew it, why didn’t HRC hire C.A. and the 13 Russians and just win the election herself? Was she too clueless and incompetent or was it because she did the equivalent on her side as is legal to do?

    This leads to the conclusion that anything that elected DJT — like honest voter registration and auditable paper ballots — is de facto wrong and illegal, and anything that would have elected Democrats is by definition good and right, but I think that’s just an incidental side effect of general dishonesty. There’s something else puffing up this well-known nothing into the news. When other guys like James Damore want to talk, they’re relegated to A. Jones and RT, while this “whistleblower”, who told us what we all knew since Facebook was started, is getting immediate A-List treatment on CNN, although it cost FB $54B and savages the NYSE index. When was the last time THAT happened without a fight?

    They’re up to something and I want to know what it is. Also IF they’re up to something they’re keeping us busy chasing our tails with old news, what’s going on we’re NOT looking at?

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    Dr. D

    Because the data is “private” (as if there are any truly independent companies anymore), then it’s simple for the NSA to get one back door into Facebook, one into Google, etc, like they did back with AT&T going back past “Day of the Condor” and then plead FISA “National Security” or plausible deniability, which may in fact be LESS secure and protected than government data. All collected. All wide open. By design.

    Of course Facebook and Amazon are not actually independent, capitalist companies. Facebook for example makes no money, and Amazon took $1B in one contract for unsecured cloud storage via the CIA (a deal that allowed them to buy WaPo). So if a school is non-religious and must support freedom of speech, i.e. Federal rules if they accept one dollar from the government, shouldn’t Facebook and Google be held to the same standard? Pretty clearly they wouldn’t exist without the direct support and cooperation from the government.

    Hey, what’s it called when the state and corporations cooperate together, especially regarding the establishment of universal surveillance and policing? I forget.

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    Dr. D

    Facebook and the Deep State are the same people. Track the money if you don’t believe me. And UK, US, is all one to them, they don’t believe in national boundaries.

    “The data source appears to have leveraged the NSA’s ability to harvest and analyze raw, global internet traffic while also exploiting an unnamed software program that purported to offer anonymity to users, according to other documents.”

    Just what I said about Bitcoin. While as an open ledger, it’s not that anonymous; if you’re in the routers, it’s even less so. …But that still requires a lot of work and money. If they stay in the routers with increasing computer power, however, perhaps one day they’ll have them all mapped and every transaction will be easy and transparent. Buyer beware. And as TOR is a honey-pot, I bet Monero with its supernodes is not much more private.

    I’ve not been that impressed with Medium and not with this Claire, although at least she’s open and not dogmatic. Memo to all these smart-guys: You cannot print wealth. Printing, borrowing, inflation (identical today), is a wealth transfer FROM somebody (existing holders) TO somebody (new holders). That is, from the monetary outsiders, the poor, to the rich. That’s the OPPOSITE of what she means to advocate, so genius indeed as she promotes cutting her own throat. But she might notice that the more transfers and progressive taxes we have for 100 years, the poorer the people have gotten and the more our former support structures — family, society, church, voluntary clubs — have vanished. We didn’t even HAVE an unemployment problem until they screwed up the gold standard and real bills structure in 1910. …To cover the fraud and collapse of the former mostly-real gold standard. So naturally after cheating and stealing the collateral do they take punishment for their crimes? Not on your life! They cheat and bailout and cover it with Progressive Party P.R. using the only guy large enough and with enough guns to get money from the people to back-fill them: the Government. And so, since WWI, we’ve seen unemployment appear and it has never stopped. Ever. And every year, more people get more desperate.

    What’s sad is we’re mostly on the same page for the goals, but because of differing paradigms, all sides allow criminals to get away with one aspect of crime. …Except for Capitalism and Libertarianism: we haven’t tried that since 1850 and we ain’t starting now.

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    Dr. D

    Excellent point, Doc, hadn’t thought of that.

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    Dr. D

    I’d like to say, “Because The Guardian”, but really it’s “because Robert Shiller”, the way to indemnify countries against trouble is to encumber their assets before a crisis. ALL of them. Into the infinite future.

    Stop and think about that. So the best way to be most fiscally solvent and mobile, with the most money and options is to take your fully-paid house and add a mortgage? Or your pension and sell an income stream on its future revenue? This really puts the black in claiming black is white.

    Obviously no, and double no. A main fallback for nations that are troubled, or attacked and forced into trouble, like Greece, is to have unencumbered assets to privatize and sell. (which I wouldn’t anyway, but that’s another story). The double-no is that since governments inevitably spend every dollar they raise, they will also spend any ADDITIONAL dollars they raise by encumbering their future production, and since he’s drooling over the yummy GDP-bond stream he definitely means ADDITIONAL debt. Then they’ll be bankrupt AND have no sovereign assets. Those will be owned by private companies and private men. But hey, looking at Greece, that’s the point of this, isn’t it? To erase the sovereignty, the very existence of countries, as they are the only counterweight, at least grudgingly on the side of the people against the private billionaires? Yeah, that. If you want to add a third no: they’ll just lie about the GDP numbers like the U.S., China, and every other country does.

    But hey, what can you expect, he’s got three strikes: he’s an Economist, he’s a Nobel winner, and he’s from Yale. Translation: dumber than a box of hammers and complicit in hammering the people out of their money, and eventually their very voice. Destroying them, for their own good of course, as neoliberalism has been doing for 50 years. You might have noticed.

    Bonus: in the sidebar they have the requisite article, ‘You Do Not Know Anyone as Stupid as Donald Trump’ Wait: I think we found someone.

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    Dr. D

    Why do I need claims that fake videos are made incriminating fake people when Reuters is writing fake history as fact before the story is cold? We jumped that shark so long ago, it was discussed in journalism schools in the 90s. Whether you like it or agree with it, Russia held a referendum on self-determination, as supported by U.N. Article I, P2 and the ICCPR International Covenant on Rights. This is fairly well established to be a fair election, which had international access and review, +90% success rate, and no surprise, since Russia was on the upswing and Ukraine is into ethnic cleansing (perhaps eventually of the Crimean Tatars) and is one of the most corrupt, dysfunctional states on planet earth…really saying something there. That being the case, yes, Russia HAS treated territory they annexed by U.N. method in open elections as a part of Russia, that’s what “Annexing” means.

    Not to worry, the handful of Russians in Ukraine that haven’t already been ethnically cleansed won’t tip an election the Western media is feverishly covering as is there is any hope for the NATO candidates who last time ’round got 1%. So cute. I wish they’d cover Jill Stein with half the hope and fervor. The saving grace is the article is too short to have thrown in a gratuitous slight to Donald Trump, although I didn’t click on it, so I expect there is one. Or two. Or at least on the sidebar. Which is what “objective”, #notfakenews means these days, right?

    Oh Reuters, ’twas but a child when last you were honest, and now whole nations have grown up having never known.

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    Dr. D

    Because, The Guardian, promoting bullsh*t while debunking bullsh*t. (apologies, I’m an American. We literally can no longer talk without using expletives)

    So they are generating fake news, but note the second paragraph ONLY for Trump and Brexit. Hillary and the “Remain” crowd are pure as the driven snow. Oh, and while we’re being objective, toss in 2-3 gratuitous jabs at Trump. Yes he’s a boor, but don’t they ever get tired of saying the same thing and have it not matter? It’s bringing virtue signaling to cult Olympic status. “5 minutes of hate” is supposed to be fiction; as a writer and smart guy you should know that. You might have noticed the things they shot Kennedy for are the same things they complain in Trump: mafia put downs, law and order, going up against the MIC, making peace with the Russians, disclosure of secret projects. Half the country was appalled by that with Kennedy too, but it’s just re-writing history, the very subject he speaks of.

    Take MLK. They hated, hated, HATED him. So, so much. Our now-vaunted, lilywhite FBI harassed and surveilled him constantly and sent him letters telling him to kill himself. Documented fact. The nation was offended by the ruckus he was making, how it was dividing the nation and families. But the last straw was when he connected civil rights and the far-outsized death of poor black Americans in Vietnam, going full peacenik, as you might remember from Mohamed Ali. Doing the rights, flipping the vote, fine. Stopping buses, having useless marches, fine. Shut down the flow of blood and treasure to the military? Dead in a year. Anyway, the point was, they, we, the American people, hated, hated hated MLK, just as so many hated Kennedy. …Until he died. Then suddenly everybody loved him and always had loved him, like something out of an Orwell novel. “Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.” This was true of Eugenics too. In 1910-1940, everybody was for eugenics, teachers, politicians, businessmen, and ESPECIALLY Professors. After 1945, nobody had ever been for Eugenics, sterilizing deviants, purging races, because it was evil. Same with Continental Drift. Before, it was crazy tinfoil hat nonsense to suggest “continents” could “move”, then one day, EVERYBODY in science and larnin’ had ALWAYS believed they moved. Galileo probably had the same experience.

    Shariatmadari is the same, totally blind to how what he says has ALWAYS been true, and HE is the one who’s blind and has faults now, but all these faults are somehow in the future, maybe later. Same with how maybe someday we’ll be in danger of losing our privacy to corporations, you know, later, if we don’t click right on Facebook, or we’ll lose our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Amendments in the future, but we haven’t lost them now, although I can read articles all day every day about how those are trampled. But they’re not, because we would have noticed by reading in the paper, the things we ARE reading, which tell us they are trampled, except they aren’t. Got it?

    Same with the present Depression. This is not unique. First, they call it the greatest recession since 1929, which it probably is. But that doesn’t make it equal, (although it probably is, but more akin to the 1870 Long Depression). Again, since they lie, cheat, spin, and redefine history, they never told you that the Dow in 1979 had fallen 90% in purchasing-power terms. That is, it was a Stock crash equal to or exceeding 1929. But WE, us smart and modern people, aren’t as dumb as our Neanderthal grandparents, who were clearly all naive idiots. That couldn’t have happened, or we would have noticed, it would be in the papers, the textbooks somewhere. So this is the SECOND Great Depression since then.

    So with today. In 1930, if you had a job, you kept your head down and survived, floating from debt to debt, bill to bill, while the less fortunate stood in soup lines and lived in tent cities. So did you see the article on the hundred thousands in tent cities nationwide? The ones that have been increasing since Bush II? Do you see the increase in debt, the record-high 100M not in workforce, 25M on food stamps, our modern soup kitchen? You see the record people fleeing California, Illinois, Greece, and elsewhere? It happened slow last time too. And people didn’t see it then, either. In 1939, the newspapers, the NY Times were STILL publishing stories about how the Depression had ended, was ending, tomorrow, next month, same as they had written in 1930, a decade before. “Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow.”™ STILL what FDR did STILL had never worked, although the NY Times and the history books said it had.

    That is EXACTLY like today, and like 1929, it is fake news in the service of the powerful. Otherwise, why own a newspaper? To lie, silly! To make the people think what’s true isn’t true! “Buy now and save!” It sure ain’t for the money. No, with 100M out of workforce and +20M on food stamps, and everyone else in debt and sleeping on basement couches, it’s the very DEFINITION of a Depression. Same article as above, and that’s being generous, if you add the real 6% inflation over 10 years vs an anemic GDP of ~1%, you get a 5% decline in the economy compounded by 10 years, or 63% contraction. That matches nicely the debt, tax receipts, retail, bankruptcies, and unemployment numbers.

    We’re not smarter than our parents. We are fooled by the same things they were fooled by. Time, false promises, and lies upon lies.

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    Dr. D

    Kudlow. Grrrrrr.

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    Dr. D

    The slightest research will support any/all of what they’re suggesting, at least on this site.

    Conspiracy theories: because we know criminals NEVER commit crimes together. They are ALWAYS solo and don’t tell or include anyone. You know, like the MBS scandal, LIBOR, aluminum rigging, gold rigging, creating false bank accounts, Tyson chicken, Barclays’ copper, Singapore electronics, BNP Forex, Connecticut generic drugs, Loblow’s bakery, Mylan drugs, Canada’s CDOR, Germany’s RMC concrete, Enron, Norwegian shipping, car dealerships, car parts BMW, Daimler, VW, French yogurts, Bridgestone tires, police in Seattle, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Atlanta and elsewhere, Defense and Construction projects, and a few others in 5 minutes of Google search.

    But other than that, there are no conspiracies. Nobody ever coordinates with anyone else to get rich, powerful, or to hide evidence to protect their careers.

    The Mafia doesn’t exist and they they’re just honest businessmen working alone.

    And I’M the crazy one here…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2018 #39422
    Dr. D

    So the U.K. goes broke and immediately thereafter takes the wealth of the richest but least connected people? I think we’ve seen that before.

    Okay, so…great start, the Russians DO have a lot of wealth there, probably the most of any location in the world. So tasty. One thing: Ms. May, so, if London gets a reputation of stealing foreigners’ wealth at the slightest pretext, without even the initiation of rule of law (as most U.K. and Russia are signatories to), and starting from the legal basis of proving a negative, then perhaps you might be sparking off overwhelming and unstoppable capital outflows? In a nation that has marginal wealth and creates most GNP being financial trustees? Good plan, bad plan, what do you think?

    And so we finally have something, anything, on the poisoning: it was apparently created by a Soviet Lab, and released 8 minutes from Britain’s main bioweapons lab. Let the second part drop for the moment, Christ on a popsicle, does anyone remember that there hasn’t been a Soviet Union in 29 years? You’re over 50 if even the NAME of this makes sense to you. Okay, details: where has this vial of whatsit been hiding for 30 years, the mini fridge down at the pub? These are reactive compounds and unstable. Or maybe under lock and key in one of the world’s very few biolabs? And, what? Putin got it out of the freezer in Moscow and sent a guy on British Air to kill him, you know, 10 years after he defected, days before an election?

    Speaking of, if you start killing ex-agents you’ve prisoner-traded fair and square, you’ve going to have a little trouble getting anything done, spy-wise. So then the FSB decided to destroy their personal long-term credibility by killing an ex-spy who was long retired, uncontroversial, living openly, and knew nothing relevant? I mean, the only thing he’s done recently was coordinate with Steele on the discredited Trump dossier, how dangerous could that be? I mean, it relates to multiple charges of Treason and election tampering in the U.S. via MI6, not Moscow, surely he had nothing to worry about.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2018 #39416
    Dr. D

    So…despite all original reservations, having to put guys in he didn’t like, no Goldman Sachs guys left. Despite opposition, no Exxon guys in the Cabinet. Progress. Can I get an amen brother?

    …And you’re going to put in Pompeo, Haspel and possibly John Bolton? These are literally the worst guys on planet earth. We might as well exhume and reinstate Dick Cheney. But now with the division, “my guy right or wrong”, they can’t (won’t) back out of supporting a candidate that is (re)instating the very guys and policies they rebelled against. Who’s left to be the opposition, the counterweight?

    Why not look at the DNC, whose single enemy appears to be Progressives of any color or type, willing — as now legally admitted — to break any law, accept any loss to the GOP as long as it will shut out Progressives and therefore support corporate donors. And at the exclusive expense of the people, otherwise there would be synergy with citizens and companies, not conflct. Wonder why they want to make such divisions that it may break up the country? Look no further than what is happening while we’re all made busy chasing our tails and each other: corporations are running and purging the DNC while generals, neocons, and the police state are running the GOP, while retaining the at least passive compliance of the Right/Libertarians who are the most effective resistance.

    Politicians lie, cheat, coordinate, and misdirect to concentrate their power at your expense? Did I just say that water is wet and the sky is blue here, or what? Beam me up indeed. Beam me up because people still don’t catch on, and defend it. This isn’t a nation of men, of personalities, it’s a nation of Ideals, of Laws. I’d like to see some of those laws come back.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2018 #39411
    Dr. D

    When they know what’s wrong and keep doing it anyway, is it an accident or a plan?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2018 #39398
    Dr. D

    I mean yes, yes, and yes?

    We buy steel for a military we don’t need to decommission later. Commodities are widely stockpiled, and I think China just filled every available lot with copper stores they don’t need.

    We can’t afford anything we buy, as measured by our personal and government debt. So little is bought from cash and profits, it’s considered bizarre non-economics. When everyone’s in debt, what do you mean by “afford?” Do we need more tanks and cars? No.

    All nations on earth are subsidizing all their industries in some level of corporate and state merger. Boeing and Airbus. Lockheed and Halliburton. Sachs and RBS. GM and Port Talbot and ArcelorMittal. All get billions and billions (as Carl Sagan would say) from Joe’s Towing to bail out Carnegie and Morgan.

    But to get this irrational mischief you need that there “flexible” money supply. You know one flexible enough to sneak into the nooks and crannies of the pockets of my friends. Good thing we don’t have one of those, amirite?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 12 2018 #39376
    Dr. D

    Following yesterday and the wisdom of emigrating:

    “Acting CDC chief: Drug overdose deaths are the highest ever in the US.”


    Sorry for the source. A 70% rise? So….anybody going to do anything? You know, like find out why with the exact same laws, exact same access, deaths are wildly increasing?

    Oh and PS, America now has 5 of the world’s most violent cities. Ahead of CapeTown. (Irony alert: these are the cities where guns are illegal) Hamilton would be so proud. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/5-violent-cities-world-america/

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 11 2018 #39367
    Dr. D

    Trump Is Going For A Clean Reset in The West Wing (Vanity Fair)

    Yes, a “risky sit-down with Kim Jong Un”, because nothing has more risk than sitting down for peace talks. Take a page from Lindsay Graham and Give War a Chance! But alas! No peace talk can be started without “rolling the nuclear dice.” Thanks to the outbreak of peace, we’ll probably be toast by morning. Or so says the reckless, bloodthirsty, war-mongering Vanity Fair.

    Should I go back and look for their articles joyfully lamenting how now that Trump is there, we’ll just have to go in for a ground attack, but all us good people only hope for an earnest resolution? Aaaaaaand here’s the beginning of your resolution, most promising one in my lifetime and…we can’t. It’s just too risky. For a reckless, unhinged President, raging with the new fury of opening his SECOND major peace, the first arguably being in Syria. Somehow, coincidentally, cutting off the funding in Syria coincided with you know, a lack of funding, bullets, soldiers, violence, and war, with the official government mopping up control of their whole country shortly after. To endless laments that the army re-establishing control of their own capital (outside Damascus) hurts people. War does that, you might have noticed. That’s why you shouldn’t start them and fund them. But as with the cross-media black-draped dirgefest that the world had ended when ISIS was driven from Raqqa, so it is with the last enclave of ISIS using civilian shields. When the Army comes in and the citizens are free to move, work, rebuild their lives, it’s a BAD thing, you see. So it goes here in Looking-Glass Land.

    Next bad thing is the tariffs, where having 2:1 tariff ratios are “fair” and “free trade” while moving them to 1:1, or 0:0 are “reckless”, “unfair” and a “bad thing” that will hurt American workers. You know the workers nobody cared about since that Giant Sucking Sound started in 1992? You know, the one that lost the election in 3 critical states? It might have made the news. Well, lo!, NOW they care. So, SO much. Deeply, passionately, about how that will hurt Trump voters. You know, the ones they wanted dead in every other article this year. Funny about that.

    Anyway, once again shows that, omg almost 36 months since the candidacy, and STILL no one has read his book. And that’s 31 years after it was written. I swear it’s like a goldfish bowl around here. Art of the Deal 1: Make sudden, reckless demands that can never be met and will break the deal, starting the game on the 30 yard line. 2: Actually deal, using the extra yardage to push the final deal far in your favor. 3: Close the deal with big, empty, glad-handing congratulations. 4: Repeat until someone catches on, which is apparently longer than 31 years around here. So what did Canada and Mexico cede to get this? Because the 3 countries are so intertwined, especially cross-Canada exchange, that it would be counterproductively disruptive. So he didn’t do it. But I bet still got something for NOT doing what he wasn’t going to do anyway, and keeping things the same as they were. And no one gets this? Ay caramba. And jeezus, stop me if this guy has only ONE play in the playbook, just one! and STILL the Ubermensch don’t catch on, and they call HIM stupid?

    So it goes in these great United States. Sorry if I sound hepped up, I honestly feel like everybody around here must be on drugs. Oh wait: they are! So very, very high. Statistically approaching 100%. High enough to kill by the thousands. But we have a solution: more drugs! I kid you not. You can find the articles in the news, but this is what happens when people plan a nation, or their own health care, while drugged out of their collective minds. It may not end well, but who could tell?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 8 2018 #39325
    Dr. D

    Nuclear’s not great but, as with guns, they turn a measurable bad into a hysterical hyperbole.

    I’m not even sure a 6 gram exposure could kill one person, much less 30 Million. We’re not even sure how exposure works, since MOST of the time, it seems to happen the way you read in books: radiation poisoning, sickness, death. But then we have people like McClusky and others have had abnomally high doses and yet die of other causes. No one knows why, but I for one am truly interested. Is the dose theraputic up to a point like they used to believe, then harmful above a threshold? Does it strike some people differently? Do they heal better? Can they flush the toxin? Clearly, the purging procedures are fairly effective. https://gizmodo.com/the-tragic-tale-of-atomic-man-the-most-radioactive-hum-1601443536 (I was looking for a similar case from the Manhattan project, but this is similar)

    Nevertheless, we can tell broadly from Chernobyl that it has the expected effects. And not. Chernobyl is a weird haven of flourishing wildlife, but also mutations.

    Anyway, what would happen? Widely distributed, England would get an airport X-Ray and not even notice. Radiation is ALREADY in the background atmosphere and is more increased by TVs and cell phones than by Russia. But as with alcohol we LIKE those things and don’t care. Most things we do every day: driving, high-altitude flights, basement radon, trans-fats, deskside sitting, chicken salad, are more dangerous than things we consider dangerous: sharks, terrorists, guns. I think you’re like 1,000 times more likely to be hit by lightning than shot, and 5,000 times more like than that to meet a terrorist. It’s all about emotion, not statistics. We’ve probably killed more kids in Syria than Hiroshima, and no one cares. Just research the real dangers, the real statistics, and find out for yourself.

    Before the U.S. stopped nuclear preparedness, official science was you only had to be in shelter for like 3 weeks after a nuclear strike before radiation levels became incidental. 3 weeks is very, very preparable, and places like Russia and China are prepared. In pop science (read: not science) and shows like “Jericho” no one on earth can or would survive even a limited nuclear strike.
    According to TV, even a loss of iPhones would be fatal, as humans have never survived without them before.

    This has a number of parameters, however, distance, yield, number of bombs, elevation at detonation, etc. Some, like neutron bombs would kill everyone and leave everything standing, EMPs would leave everything standing with the people but stop some unknowable fraction of infrastructure, others like cobalt bombs would make everything uninhabitable forever. But a modern nuclear strike on London is more than survivable for most of England. They wouldn’t even bother, but drop a heavy rod from space, kinetic-style. At the same time, a single SARMAT missile could take out every city center in Britain or France. Since everyone is lying, the only thing to do is research it and understand. Since it’s complicated, I can’t do that for you, but I can advise being rigorous, practical, and unemotional. Nuclear is just a thing, like thousands of others.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2018 #39291
    Dr. D

    I have, but yes, exactly. How do you prepare for an Argentina-like collapse and/or up to civil war we are so close to? People who have lived through it say, “you can’t.” If the whole country is mad, which it is, there is nowhere to turn for sense or even allies, to say nothing of dry goods. Co-Americans are now so immoral, so self-serving, so rapacious, so badly thinking, so ill-positioned and ill-prepared that they themselves are the largest single liability, to me, but mostly to themselves. Without basic morality — you know, like do your job, don’t lie about everyone around you, don’t sleep with other people and/or kids at the local high school — there is no “community” as Raul discusses. My place may be here, but I can only say: “stay exiled.”

    Think the 30% uptick in opioid overdoses is bad? In my small county there are now 3 support groups of 30 each for pedophiles. These are mostly court-directed, meaning these are only the ones we know about. That’s in ADDITION to the self-help groups for alcohol and drug addition. Hey, where did we get those volunteers for Oxfam, UNICEF, and Haiti? And are the police, judges, Congressmen and FBI not also from this same population? Or are they going to arrest themselves and stop it? Maybe I should go arrest the police and see how that goes. It ain’t good.

    Only Morality can fix it, where the nation cries out to God and says, “we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the return of justice and order, even if it means paying for my own crimes.” You see that happening yet? My biggest fear is the present turn will patch it over enough to limp on a little further with no reform, and yet that seems the most likely. Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Benjamin Franklin said, “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” This is just Tytler’s cycle of history:


    We’ve done it all but bondage. When China cuts off the imports and calls the loans, the cycle of bondage will be complete. Until we find faith, we’ll be peasants in our own land, as planned.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2018 #39287
    Dr. D

    The schizophrenia surrounding the tariff plan is really startling. But then I could just say, “the level of insanity everywhere is startling.”

    Self-avowed schmartz-guys are all “doesn’t the U.S. know their empire is failing and everybody is cutting them off? What are they thinking starting trade wars with allies and raising prices???” Stop. So your argument is the U.S. is losing its influence, other nations are about to cut it off and end the trade deficit, and thereby basically halt imports? While the U.S. has no internal manufacturing? And your argument here is that, not if but when the world cuts us off we a) would like to have some steel and aluminum to build factories, washing machines and tanks or b) do NOT want to have access to the basic raw materials of society? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    I’m sorry that this generation burned down the factory, then retreated to the mansion, sold off and burned all the furniture there too, then ran up the credit card with cocaine and heroin parties while yelling “I’m a rock star! I’m a Contender!”, but they did. Now there are only bad decisions, like the ones real adults have. And there’s nothing but work to put that factory back up, and that’s going to cost something, in this case, money and higher prices, using the thousand-year method of protective tariffs. Why not? Europe has 25% tariffs. China has a virtual lockout. If the U.S. machine then also has higher real wages for U.S. workers they can afford the tariffs. I mean, what’s their counterargument? If it’s better to not have steel and aluminum, perhaps we should shut down the few remaining foundries and have NO materials? I mean, if a little is bad, surely none is way better.

    Mish for example thinks this way: if China is willing to give us cheap, under-market steel we should take it. No, not if you want to have a country, you don’t. Isn’t it a matter of national security to be able to make tanks, ships, railroads, and artillery? There’s more to the world than money.

    Nor is this arcane. You know that brewing Japanese scandal about approving sub-standard steel worldwide for going on 40 years? Well that sub-standard Chinese and Japanese steel was turned into, say, sub-standard U.S. Abrams Tanks, which may explain why they’ve been breaking and unexpectedly going up like roman candles. So how’s your low-cost steel discount look now that the U.S. doesn’t have an effective military? Come on, guys. Again, the world is not only money, to be measured in money. It’s strategy, it’s community, it’s values. I’m surprised we’re so lost I need to bring this up.

    Don’t get me started on how we don’t own (and therefore don’t really secure) our toll roads, ports, bridges, and utilities. They are also widely owned by foreigners now. Really? We (or they) sold every living thing out of the United States, and we’re looking for Russians and Terrorists under the bed? For the love of Pete…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 6 2018 #39273
    Dr. D

    As “Bowling for Columbine” pointed out, doesn’t seem to be much to explain the difference in gun violence between the U.S. and Canada.

    Except this.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 6 2018 #39270
    Dr. D

    “These kinds of accounting tricks will land you in jail in the U.S.,”

    Rickards is kidding, right? Who is he trying to fool? And China will “collapse” in bad debt? What? No, like the U.S. and Europe if anyone important fails, the government will print cash and spray it everywhere like fire foam for the rich. And wouldn’t that make China not capitalist? Which they never said they were? And wouldn’t that make the WEST not capitalist either? But you can’t have Capitalism with no rules and no failures. You have, like China, some form of Socialism/Fascism, but I repeat myself.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2018 #39253
    Dr. D

    Remedy is it will crash itself naturally. All natural processes do, and we are no different.

    See this chart? Some would characterize it as a “wolf wave”, that is, they keep interfering in the market, adding energy and distortions for profit that slosh back and forth ever-harder until the boat (society) capsizes. Next wave in theory is down to 6,000-4,000.


    Problem is, charts have two variables. It’s not to say when stocks are universe-long highs they won’t fall, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fall in US$ terms: the best stock markets in the world are Venezuela and Zimbabwe. So in gold, oil, or wheat terms it may reach 4,000 and probably will. But this actual chart Dow/US$ could show Dow 40,000. Anyway, God is not mocked. Nature comes last at bat.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 4 2018 #39252
    Dr. D

    Certainly is a challenge. Maybe you can talk to the internet boards about how everyone is going to go farm, throw some seeds down, then sit on the porch and watch the llamas all summer. As Zimbabwe knows and South Africa is about to find out, farming is very hard, and has extreme deep knowledge skills that can only be transmitted with time. Basically, you can’t import people in to be farmer, or train them in any reasonable amount of time. Britain can’t even stop the existing farmers from getting more stupid, as they pulled out the hedgerows any 12th century peasant would know are needed, to make way for larger machinery that makes the island more dependent on imported fossil fuels. #Winning

    I don’t know your predators, but we put a simple ring of 6′ wire around the tree. Problem is, grown trees need two rings of a small tree. There is a very good solar-electrified chicken mesh, a type of portable sheep fence, but gridded smaller. This has been effective against ground animals in garden and coop, but not flyers. Strangely, a single electric wire, stretched thin with few poles will stop deer, as apparently they cannot see the wire (at night) and run into it, spooking them.

    For large costs, but possibly large solutions, you could try an English walled garden. More than a predator deterrent (unlike 8′ chain-link, deer will not jump where they can’t see) it creates a real microclimate of all sorts, harboring warmth, water, and focus, where over time you create the soil inside wholesale. Downside: very permanent and walls cost $6 lin ft in materials alone. Still, they last 200 years, maybe that’s good. The one thing you don’t want to hear when market food is at a 100-year low: more money.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 3 2018 #39234
    Dr. D

    There are still smart people in the U.S. The trouble is, they’ve long been purged and none of them are in power. Much as you wouldn’t want to invade Russia summer or winter, you wouldn’t want to invade the United States either. The much (purposefully) misunderstood 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…” is because, like Switzerland, the U.S. is not supposed to have a standing army. Ever. Only with an enemy and declaration of war by Congress. And for exactly the creeping reasons we see today, Eisenhower’s Pentagon pork profit warning. National and personal self-defense was so self-evident that they didn’t bother elaborating as to why, say, minority groups should be permitted to have weapons to stop a tyrannical leader. WHEN that declaration of war should ever happen, the U.S., like Switzerland, will call its citizens to muster and become that Army. From where? The existing private militias. And if they don’t come, wouldn’t that mean it’s not really a just, defensive war? And it’s not like we don’t have them now: what do you think Blackwater is? But it’s okay if Exxon has a militia as long as Joe Smith doesn’t have one.

    Since there is no standing army, there are no standing army warehouses, etc, so the people will be bringing their own weapons and hardware, and in the case of John Hancock, their own warships. Obsolete? Quite possibly, but that is in fact, the law. Like Switzerland, the people are SUPPOSED to have the keys to the mortars and anti-aircraft guns hidden in mountainside bunkers. Ex-wives don’t seem to be blown up at any excessive rate in Geneva.

    Other than entertaining myself by alarming the activists and non-Americans, the point is, what do you think would happen if Russia or China invaded the United States? Exactly what happened when *anyone* invaded Russia. Horrible death tolls, grinding, unending horror, and eventual failure worse than the utter failures in Iraq and Vietnam. And they claim small-arms are useless in a modern war. Pffft! That’s the ONLY thing that won. That being so, why does the U.S. need that army again? Who are they “defending”? Or does this tell you that virtually 100% of the U.S. military is OFFENSIVE in nature, created to attack and invade others without a declaration of war. Qui bono?

    P.S. the Navy IS to be standing and perpetual. As the Marines and naval, we would need to add the status of the Air Force. But we could rebuild the entire country in a fortnight by falling back to a defensive posture as Russia has. And eventually we will. But not without bankrupting ourselves first.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 2 2018 #39230
    Dr. D

    Nah, personal opinion the BTC Core team are a bunch of greedy bums, and “positioned” themselves to be self-serving billionaires, like everybody else.

    It went like this: Satoshi set the white paper on digital replacement money and disappeared. The team continued on, but as BTC ran into scaling problems, the team got conservative, not wanting to misstep. That’s fine, but as the $ went to millions, then billions, the Core team stopped developing, abandoned Satoshi’s vision and I dunno, bought Lambos or something. After a 2-year struggle that declined from adolescent to infantile, the Segwit happened and BCC broke off — you know, a currency that at least COULD do some transactions at a less-terrible price, and still be very secure. They’re still shouting at each other and you can hear it from here.

    So Bitcoin Cash is probably the real Bitcoin, a digital currency in the vision of Satoshi. Quite possibly LTC is more appropriate for that (a Bitcoin spinoff that is built far faster and better priced). There is no “Bitcoin”, it’s only software; they can code updates and solutions if they want. But they don’t want. So they “positioned” by being greedy, lazy bastards that refused to do any work. Just this week they refused to code the Lightning Network that could bail their slow, unworkable butts out of antique status. With a year of lead time and 6 months of press releases, they suddenly say, “Whoa! This is written in C; that’s not secure enough!” Really? You’re decade-old top programmers and you just noticed Lightning uses ‘C’? No, they knew, they just won’t do it. They want Lambos and salt on their margaritas. And given Crypto, that’s fine. Because BTC is small and obsolete, it IS in fact more secure. And cripplingly slower. So the rest of the world will leave them behind.

    I mean, we didn’t crush all the Model T’s when the Ford Coupe came out, did we? It will have a place in the market, and probably that place will be akin to vaulted gold: very expensive and seldom moved.

    Purchases will probably move to Litecoin, not exclusively because of its parameters either, but because it’s proven and widespread on platforms. Microsoft is deep into Ethereum, although it is not meant for transactions but contracts. And I wouldn’t consider BTC a candidate for actual central bank currency — they’d use their own and save the trouble. Just central bank-LIKE transactions. Say Iran and Somalia don’t trust each other. Or Sumitomo and Mugabe’s hidden account. The daily stuff would go on Swift and CIPS. Even so, it’s likely BTC will continue on in this fashion. It’s already been worth $20,000. Although a Satoshi-decimal is still small, that suggests it will be used for large scales, not small.

    And as we can see now, it’s not going away.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 2 2018 #39199
    Dr. D

    Maybe a million people who now have higher taxes should send Monbiot a quick note and ask, “What’s up?”

    I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 2 2018 #39196
    Dr. D

    So much dumb seeping in I wouldn’t know where to start. If you’re swimming the mental (or totally mental) cesspool as we all are now, it’s hard not to get dirty.

    Kennedy markets R Us? Yeah, both charts go up a little. Other than that, no proven similarity.

    S&P takes much-needed test of a trendline, as telegraphed by a Fed head rigger who knows banks make money on volatility, not stability. So call it his 2nd bailout transfer to them.

    Trump calling out GOP voters for the critical midterms with a clarion call to go right for Congress if necessary to stop Trump? Hey, why not?

    Yeah, caught that. Everyone, even ZH is now “Russia’s new offensive weapons” for “Expansionism”. You know why Russia can kick us up and down across the town, with a budget 1/10th or less of ours? Strictly BECAUSE their weapons are DEFENSIVE only. So could ours be. Projecting power is expensive. Compared to projecting power to Argentina with a parameter of fighting 2+ simultanious wars, having an branch office in Novgorod is a discount. As Ron Paul said, “maybe the budget isn’t too small but the mission (of 300 military bases and 15 wars) is too large???” Ya think? In any case, this propaganda wildly successful to leak through and pollute even the opposition. Gobbels would be proud.

    So if men and women are really identical and equal, then who cares which one is CEO? If they’re not identical, doesn’t the Feminists have some ‘splaning to do? And if the women (who are the same, but not the same, but the same, but really not) act as psychotically as the men, as we’ve seen everywhere from Thatcher to Clinton, then what’s the point? Kinder and gentler genocides? Killing you with love bombs and hug drones? Madness. Pick one reality, either one. But not two.

    Bitcoin HAS dropped in transactions, if anyone read anything before writing their articles. With delays of 48 hours and fees of $100, Bitcoin has positioned itself to be digital gold, seldom moved only for large movers, not your Litecoin/Lightning for ice cream. Everyone knows that, but hey, nice job spooking your audience with ignorance. Bloomberg: expect no less. Gold doesn’t move from the vault either, does that make it worthless? Or worth more?

    The seed vault is whining about setting their entrance AT SEA LEVEL, where the tunnel SLOPES DOWN. Hey, sorry, I’m not a mining engineer, but for the specifications, that sounds retarded to me, something only a shmartz-guy would do. But then to blame it on global warming, WHICH THESE GUYS TOTALLY BELIEVE IN, beyond the pale. Maybe a good proof of how they totally DON’T believe in global warming and sea level rise? Or that they’re such mouth-breathing morons they shouldn’t be entrusted with the world’s genetic lifeline? Either way. But don’t blame Norway for snowing or England for raining. Stupid is as stupid does.

    …Sorry, I’m just exhausted with 24/7 stories of the like for a year(s) and no consequences. Every day is Groundhog Day and like goldfish, we step on the same rake over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. D’oh!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 1 2018 #39182
    Dr. D

    Let’s not only break the law and undercut the only base, but eliminate due process as well. What could go wrong?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2018 #39165
    Dr. D

    For the first three, yeah, 30 years ago. You’d have to be over 50 to even remember those things. They don’t have the military power of 30 years ago, and neither does the U.S.

    So Greek wants to keep to upright, stalwart friends like the U.S. and E.U.? You’d be better off with the Turks, and that’s really saying something.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 28 2018 #39162
    Dr. D

    Why on earth hasn’t Greece flipped to Russia? I assumed before that if they did, NATO would have Turkey invade, but now?

    What are they thinking?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2018 #39122
    Dr. D

    Mises, solved it for you: the U.S isn’t growing, it’s now collapsing at a slightly lower rate.

    If every single thing weren’t falsely reported, animal, vegetable, and mineral, you might have noticed.

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