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    absolute galore

    oxmoron wrote: My two cents on dealing with other people but particularly in the working environment (but also friends) is to just humbly say you are afraid. You need to stoop to conquer.

    Except I am not afraid. Healthy concern? Sure. Looking at ways to protect myself? Yup.Vitamin D every day, Ivermectin in the cupboard. But afraid? No. And I’m not about to pretend I am (too late for that anyway.) There are times when it is best to shut up and go under the radar. For this one, I will be reasonable but I will tell anyone who asks directly, and has the right to ask (which I guess employers do) why I won’t be getting vaccinated. I’m not trying to conquer. I’m just trying to say to them,F*ck you.

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    absolute galore

    At the company I work for, I was the only office worker not vaccinated. Until they hired a new, 30-year-old admin. I guess they forgot to ask her, but she apparently has no intention to get herself jabbed at the moment. I have not spoken to her directly, just found this out through a coworker last night. I asked about it because the executives of the company were making noises about going back to a full schedule, everybody in the office 8-5. Right now we come into the office in shifts, the rest of the time working from home. This was brought up in an informal discussion prompted by the fact that Cuomo just relaxed most restrictions on small businesses like ours (about 12 office workers, 30 on site factory workers.)

    One of the execs is super pro mask, vaccine, follow the guidelines to a t. He said that they have the right to “discriminate”,ie, treat vaccinated and unvaccinated workers differently. He also said they have been told by the state to do everything they can to encourage workers to get vaccinated.This includes allowing companies to offer incentives for doing so, something that would have previously fallen outside the rules of employment.

    While I do not see the company trying to entice me with any benefits, I suspect at minimum I will be forced to continue wearing a mask.

    The same colleague who told me about the new hire not being vaxxed told me her son, who works for Homeland Security, has not only taken the double dose of Pfiser, but has received two “booster”shots of Moderna.

    Although she told me it was required, I could not find any official vaccination policy online. There may also be different protocols for different jobs within Homeland Security. I know military personnel are currently not forced to receive a vaccine (this would almost certainly change once the vaccines get officially approved, which we must believe is being super fast tracked.)

    When my company does directly approach me, I will object on philosophical, medical, legal, common sense, and logical grounds. Also, I will not take anything that offers a free burger and fries as an enticement I’m not vegan, but I’m not stupid, either.

    Ivermectin ftw.

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    absolute galore

    The energy policies adopted during the current decade will determine the range of social relationships a society will be able to enjoy by the year 2000. A low energy policy allows for a wide choice of life styles and cultures. If, on the other hand, a society opts for high energy consumption, its social relations must be dictated by technocracy and will be equally distasteful whether labelled capitalist or socialist. —Ivan Illich, Energy and Equity, 1974 (llink downloads a pdf of E&E)
    Illich understood that over consumption of energy leads to inequality, and concentrates power and wealth into a smaller and smaller group of people. Inevitably it leads to a technocracy.

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    absolute galore

    After watching the entire video with Dr. Kory, he recommends those over 40 andor with co-morbidities take a regimen of Ivermectin 1x per week. I had asked if A. this might reduce the drug’s effectiveness over time and B.if anyone here was taking Ivermectin prophylactically. It’s summertime here in NY, and I have been on Vit D supplements since December. Sorry if anyone answered, it gets hard to go over all the comments once we hit multiple pages (Raul, any chance there is a setting on your blog software that does not break up the comments into 40 per page?)

    Biking to the office myself right now, looking forward to reading today’s posts and comments!

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    absolute galore

    “If there is to be a culling the preferred plan would be to release a virus that quickly kills anyone not vaccinated at least 6 months ago. If this happens the vaxx cult will be dancing in the street.”

    Question: Can it really be a cult if 80% of the population are members? That’s the amount of people reported to be vaccinated in the state of Vermont. New York is claiming 70% and is now lifting most of the remaining restrictions.

    Here at TAE, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of Ivermectin being finally recognized as the miracle drug it would appear to be.

    As far as the vaccines killing people in2-10 years, not sure where that is coming from but it would seem highly unlikely and it gives the 80% a giant nuclear warhead to blow up the rest of the case for resisting the vaccines.

    I watched most of that 2.5 hour chat with Dr.Kory. Amazing story. If it is all true, the people at Youtube, etc. should be just as accountable for murder as those actively trying to keep the lid on this. Whatever happens, I am 99.87% certain nobody will be responsible. Everybody was just “following the science.”

    Another question:These figures of the percent vaccinated–they are for the population over 18 I assume? So why still the big push for kids?

    Final question: Dr. Kory mentioned that he is taking Ivermectin once a week, prophylactically. He recommended anyone over 40 and/or with comorbidity (overweight, diabetes, etc.) do the same. Is anyone here doing that? I know a lot of us are in our 50s, 60s, 70s. Will it eventually reduce the effectiveness of the drug if it is taken every week? Should I wait until after the summer to start that? Healthy and 61.

    I will say the cognitive dissonance of all this is extreme. While I do not think it was finely planned, the important actors knew something like this was highly likely if not inevitable, and they were ready to go full shock doctrine for their various ends, including making a lot of money.

    I see a very few heroes in all of this. But I don’t blame the average American for being stupid. It is very hard for any civilization to see itself as it really is, and it is easier to go along with all the cultural myths. It is mostly craven psychopaths in positions of power that have created this global travesty of a pandemic. I hope light is allowed in and some of this madness can stop.

    The scary thing is, more suffering is coming in the way of the economy, which as we know has been sick since way before Covid. How many more body blows can we take.

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    absolute galore

    “If you’re fully vaxxed, I wouldn’t be too worried, especially if you’re in a highly vaxxed region,” Wachter wrote. “If you’re not vaccinated: I’d be afraid. Maybe even very afraid.” a doctor, talking about the spread of the Delta variant in the U.S.

    Any doctors care to comment? Is Ivermectin still as effective with Delta, which they are saying is not only more contagious, but also comes with more serious symptoms.

    From my morning NYT email newsletter:

    Good morning. We have an update on Covid and the Delta variant.

    ‘If you’re not vaccinated …’

    It’s time for one of this newsletter’s occasional updates on the state of the pandemic. The brief version: The situation continues to look reassuring for anybody who is vaccinated — but has become more worrisome for anybody who is not, largely because of the Delta variant.

    Here are three more detailed points:
    1. Cases are no longer falling

    The news about Covid-19 has been mostly positive in the U.S. over recent months. The vaccines continue to work well against every variant, and the number of Americans who have gotten a shot continues to rise.

    But the U.S. still faces two problems. First, the pace of vaccinations has slowed, and a substantial share of Americans — close to one third — remains hesitant about getting a shot. These unvaccinated Americans will remain vulnerable to Covid outbreaks and to serious symptoms, or even death.

    Second, the Delta variant — which appears to be both more contagious and more severe than earlier versions of the virus — is spreading rapidly within the U.S., after having first been identified in India. It now accounts for about 10 percent of cases, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former F.D.A. commissioner.

    Together, these two forces help explain why new cases have stopped falling:
    Source: The New York Times

    Many experts are concerned that cases will eventually start to rise as Delta becomes the dominant form of the virus. “We are vulnerable,” Dr. Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution told Yahoo News. On Twitter yesterday, Dr. Robert Wachter of the University of California, San Francisco, wrote: “I’ll now bet we’ll see significant (incl. many hospitalizations/deaths) surges this fall in low-vaccine populations due to combo of seasonality, Delta’s nastiness, & ‘back to normal’ behavior.”
    2. But the vaccines work

    In addition to being more contagious, Delta also appears to be more severe. As my colleague Keith Bradsher reports about southeastern China, where the variant has been spreading: “Patients are becoming sicker and their conditions are worsening much more quickly.” (China has more detailed data than many other countries, because it conducts rapid, widespread testing.)

    But there is still one very big piece of encouraging news: The vaccines continue to work extremely well against the variants, based on the evidence so far. The best performing vaccines vastly reduce the number of Covid cases of any kind and virtually eliminate death.

    “The Delta variant is by far the most contagious variant of this virus we have seen in the entire pandemic,” Dr. Ashish Jha said yesterday. “The good news is the data suggests that, if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you remain protected, that the vaccines hold up.”

    The clearest place to see this pattern is Britain, where the Delta variant has spread widely and where the vaccination rate is high. In Britain, there is “still no sign of increase in deaths, well after the strain has become dominant,” as Dr. Eric Topol of the Scripps Research Translational Institute noted.
    Source: The New York Times
    3. The lesson is clear

    Nothing is more important than vaccination.

      Persuading more Americans to get vaccinated will save some of their lives. And a more rapid global vaccination program can save millions of lives around the world. Delta already appears to be at least partly responsible for rising case counts in several African countries, Russia, Ontario and elsewhere.

      “If you’re fully vaxxed, I wouldn’t be too worried, especially if you’re in a highly vaxxed region,” Wachter wrote. “If you’re not vaccinated: I’d be afraid. Maybe even very afraid.”

      More on the virus: Novavax announced today that a clinical trial of its vaccine in the U.S. and Mexico found an efficacy rate of about 90 percent.

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    absolute galore

    ^^^^ I wasn’t worried about debating. I’m just asking for a little credit for my awesome links. ;^)

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    absolute galore

    I’m a huge fan of Illich as well. In fact, I posted that same link to David Caley a month ago. Now I am starting to develop a conspiracy theory. Does anybody read my comments?:^ (Granted, the link was at the end of a long, screed-like post.)

    I’m still against the theories that this was all orchestrated by “the elite.” It’s mostly just the behavior of people in a system called “Dying Empire.” As I have mentioned, I think it is basically an advanced case of Shock Doctrine, with a good dash of Crackpot Realism.

    Energy and Equity by Illich is a good one for these times. This link is a pdf Download of Energy and Equituy.

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    absolute galore

    @John Day wrote: “mRNA “vaccines” are your-entire-future, not just in-your-future. (Thanks Dr.D)”

    What am i, chopped liver?;^) See first comment of today’s thread.

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    absolute galore

    NYT is worried about the Alpha. But NPR and Fauci are touting the dangers of Delta. What happens when we run out of Greek letters?
    The Highly Contagious Delta Variant Is On The Rise In the U.S.

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    absolute galore

    Re my NYT post above: A cynic would say they are manipulating the numbers and using the variants to re-ignite fear and get more people to get vaccinated.

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    absolute galore

    From NYT: Covid Live Updates: Hospitalizations Rise in Less Vaccinated U.S. Areas

    Something seems weird with the figures, though. If 8% of covid cases were hospitalized, wouldn’t that overwhelm the system? And if you are doing the division based on early PCR test cycles, you would have many more “cases” , so the numbers would be diluted in the earlier figure and not comparable. Any doctors in the housecare to weigh in on this one? As long as Ivermectin remains effective, I will sit tight.

    “People who become ill with Covid-19 now are, “in most age groups, twice as likely to end up hospitalized as people who got the virus earlier in the course of the pandemic,” Dr. Delbridge said.

    In Maryland, of those between the ages of 50 and 59 who contracted Covid-19 over the winter, about 8 percent were hospitalized, he said. From the end of April through the beginning of June, the hospitalization rate in that group was 19 percent.

    Dangerous virus variants are likely to be to blame, Dr. Delbridge said. The variant first found in Britain, now known as Alpha, is deadlier and more contagious than most others and is now dominant in the United States. Last month, Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the variant, also known as B.1.1.7, made up 72 percent of U.S. cases at the time.

    But vaccines have proven to be effective against the Alpha variant. A spring surge that scientists had warned of largely failed to materialize in the United States.

    “I think we got lucky, to be honest,” Nathan Grubaugh, an epidemiologist at Yale University, told The New York Times last month. “We’re being rescued by the vaccine.”

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    absolute galore

    GMHB Genetically Modified Human Beings. From Wired uk:

    “While the world remains focused on the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, the race for the next generation of mRNA vaccines – targeted at a variety of other diseases – is already exploding. Moderna and BioNTech each have nine candidates in development or early clinical trials. There are at least six mRNA vaccines against flu in the pipeline, and a similar number against HIV. Nipah, Zika, herpes, dengue, hepatitis and malaria have all been announced. The field sometimes resembles the early stage of a gold rush, as pharma giants snap up promising researchers for huge contracts – Sanofi recently paid $425 million (£307m) to partner with a small American mRNA biotech called Translate Bio, while GSK paid $294 million (£212m) to work with Germany’s CureVac.”

    The mRNA vaccine revolution is just beginning

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    absolute galore

    From the opinion page of the SeattleTimes:

    “Some people fear the side effects of the shot more than they fear getting the virus. Others just can’t be bothered with getting it done or they worry – wrongly – that it will cost too much (it’s free) or they don’t like needles or doctors or smarty pants experts or big government.

    Or they watch too much Fox News and listen to too much right-wing radio or believe the wild things they read on social media and have become convinced that the vaccine is some kind of nefarious plot to put tracking devices into their brains or make them vote for a Democrat or give up their guns.

    Because of these millions of holdouts, this country may never reach effective herd immunity. It will be an inexact, harsh justice if COVID-19 and its more virulent mutations are stalking the unvaccinated among us for years to come.
    The challenge of lassoing bullheaded vaccine resisters/

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    absolute galore

    i don’t subscribe to the NYT but I get a couple of its newsletters, including one called The Morning. Today’s subject line: The Dangerous Delta Variant. From the summary:

    But the Delta variant does call for some changes in Britain, many scientists say. The country is accelerating second shots for vulnerable people. And people who have received only one shot
    should not behave as if they are vaccinated
    , (my emphasis)

    said Devi Sridhar of the University of Edinburgh.
    Three U.K. lessons

    I see three main lessons from Britain’s recent rise in cases:

    One, vaccines are still the most effective way, by far, to defeat this terrible pandemic.
    Nothing matters more than the speed at which shots go into arms — in Britain, in the U.S. and especially in poorer countries, where vaccination rates are still low.

    Two, behavior restrictions can still play a role in the interim. If hospitalizations or deaths in Britain rise over the next two weeks, there will be a strong argument for pushing back the full reopening of activities. And that has obvious implications for the U.S., too. Restricting indoor activities for unvaccinated people is particularly important.

    Three, caseloads are no longer as important a measure as they used to be. Before the vaccines were available, more cases inevitably meant more hospitalizations and deaths. Now, the connection is more uncertain. As a recent Times story put it, paraphrasing British scientists, “upticks in new infections are tolerable so long as the vast majority do not lead to serious illness or death.”

    Over the next couple of weeks, I promise to to keep you updated on Britain and the Delta variant.

    Help our journalists uncover the facts.

    Ha ha. Facts.
    James Kunstler has a phrase he uses to describe our times: “Anything goes, nothing matters.”

    It doesn’t matter that the official narrative is being exposed as a big lie.
    They will just ignore everything and keep on keeping on.
    Whatever they have to acknowledge will be attributed to something other.
    There is nobody left to be responsible.
    There is nobody home that will tell the truth.
    Nobody in all of my various circles is aware of Ivermectin. Nobody.
    Nobody can believe there would be a drug that can help but has been suppressed. Nobody.
    Almost everyone I know has bought the official line. Even people that I know that think about these things. They think they are still thinking. But they are mistaken.

    My ex will have my 11-year old vaccinated as soon as they drop the age requirement further or on his 12th birthday. I pray I can steer things her way to create enough doubt to at least postpone until more feedback is available. She works for a national magazine and has no clue about any of the stuff discussed here. The Vanity Fair article is too long for most people to read.

    I am torn between going underground and doing the best I can to “pass” as vaccinated, or with antibodies, and shouting from the rooftops and printing t-shirts “F**K the VACCINES! WAKE UP!

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    absolute galore

    Given the presence of the Gamma variant in the United States — about 7 percent of Covid-19 cases in the United States can be attributed to this variant — it’s possible that pediatric and newborn Covid-19 cases could soon become more prevalent. This is cause for serious concern.
    Why Are So Many Children in Brazil Dying From Covid-19?

    Probably coincidence, but no doubt good timing since the vaccine companies are winding up the “trilals” on 2-11 year olds…

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    absolute galore

    From the nymag article about young males and myocardia:

    “The good news is the data show that the absolute risk from COVID-19 to children is extremely small. Pediatric mortality is on par with or less than that from influenza in recent seasons, and the already very low hospitalization numbers, as noted, were found to be significantly over-counted. Conversely, a number of experts Intelligencer spoke with believe, and at least preliminarily the data suggest, that the absolute risks from the vaccine to children are likely extremely small as well.”

    What kind of Alice in Wonderland world are we living in? COVID-19 does nothing to children. But we’re pretty sure for the most part although there have been problems and we have no long term data but sure, the vaccines are safe. So lets vaccinate all these kids from something that is harmless. Sheesh. What a bunch of maroons we are.

    Reason 19 I won’t get vaccinated: Because all the public figures exhorting me to “get a jab”are lying scum dirt balls with less brain power than a circus bear with a learning disorder. That clip from Peak Prosperity of DeBlasio shilling for Big Pharma and Big Macs at the same time was priceless. I think somebody said it was like a Saturday Night Live skit. If only.

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    absolute galore

    John Day wrote: ” ​A massive cyberattack, such as that simulated at Cyber Polygon 2020, would allow faceless hackers to be blamed for economic collapse, thus absolving the real financial criminals of responsibility.”

    Yes, depressing that these people always escape blame.

    If these scenarios are true, it just seems like the next level in the Shock Doctrine playbook. Rather than wait for natural disasters like hurricanes, or terrorist attacks, or bursting bubbles, to implement new “policies,” TPTB now actually create the disasters in order to implement the behavioral changes desired by the enforced responses.

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    absolute galore

    Mr. Roboto wrote: 90It needs to be said that a lot of these people go on to have some pretty serious health-challenges, from either post-viral syndrome or damage done by persistant internal blood-clots.”

    I’ve seen anecdotal stuff in MSM “features” but no real studies at this point. In fact, as I posted yesterday, the “long Covid” fears in kids has been pretty much found to have been much ado about nothing, as per an article in the NYT. Not saying this kind of thing does not happen–it also happens with regular flus and infections–but I’m not convinced thatit is “a lot of these people” and how serious or long-lasting these reported health challenges are.

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    absolute galore

    @ Timbuk: Have more than 50% of the people you know come down with Covid symptoms of any kind? If not, that might be proof that most people don’t get the virus? (Seeing as how most of the science now says masks are basically theater and lockdowns are ineffective at best.) I believe there has also been evidence presented that a good chunk of the population is not very susceptible to Covid-19 due to something about T-cells. Also prior exposure to similar earlier viruses. Although I will be the first to admit there is so much conflicting evidence out there that some of these claims are hard to verify. However, I can report that most of the people I know who tested positive had no or mild symptoms. Thankfully, nobody I know personally has died, and the deaths I am aware of are “friends of friends” or further removed than that.

    I certainly would prefer not to come down with the virus, but especially now that I have some medicinal compounds in my cupboard, I am not living in fear. I just hope something more deadly is not in the offing any time soon…

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    absolute galore

    “Ashrai live for hundreds of years and will come up to the surface of the water once each century to bathe in the moonlight which they use to help them grow.

    “It is proven that the steel of the fish farm cages draws many ashrai to the surface, with only one result: they melt.”

    It warned that male fishermen would be in danger as the fairies “will attempt to lure him with promises of gold and jewels into the deepest part of the ocean to drown or simply to trick him”.

    I don’t see these claims as being any more fantastical than our beliefs in endless oil, techno-salvation, Elon Musk on Mars, ceaseless money-printing, or the origins and effects of Covid-19. In fact these days I would put my money on the fairies.

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    absolute galore

    “Love hearing that everyone you know who got COVID only had mild symptoms. Good for you. For myself – I know someone young and healthy who died and have a cousin recovering from a heart transplant after COVID. Forgive me if I take all of this pretty seriously.”

    I think the vast majority of comments on TAE over this Covid time have never gone to that “Covid is a hoax” place. While some of the links (original and from commenters) are of dubious quality, very few have claimed it to be a hoax along with 9-11, the moon landings, and the Newtown CT killings.

    I would imagine just as many now can say they know someone who died of the vaccine as those who can say they know a “young healthy person” who died of Covid. The few times I’ve heard someone claim this, upon further inquiry it is always someone they know who knows someone whose cousin died. And no real way to know if they had undiagnosed diabetes or a heart problem along with vitamin D deficiency etc.

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    absolute galore

    Children With Covid Inflammatory Syndrome May Overcome Most Serious Symptoms
    A small study found that six months after hospitalization, most children with MIS-C did not have debilitating health issues.

    So even the extremely extremely rare case of kids being impacted by Covid is… not a big deal. The teeny tiny percentage of the afflicted quickly recovers. But what the hell, lets vaccinate every last one of them in case they have to hug Joe Biden. Makes sense to me.

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    absolute galore

    Germ wrote: FYI – as well as buying IVM from Kachhela, I’ve also been able to get HCQ, Doxycycline, Dexamethasone tabs, Azithromycin, Budesonide inhalers and Fluvoxamine tabs.

    I just got my Ivm order, very quick. I did not see most of the other stuff mentioned on the site.

    IIRC, John D. recommended against Doxy.

    I don’t want to start a complete pharmacy, but after listening to the full McCoullough interview, I guess I should get another goodie or two in my cabinet. Right now I have zinc, Vit D and tons of IVM. Of all the other stuff you list, what would be a good compliment to have on hand for a possible resurgence this fall? I am leaning toward Budesonide inhaler. Also, what kind of dosages and therefore quantities should I be ordering per person supply?Thanks.

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    absolute galore

    I think we should rename our little visitor “General Faucci’s Chef Special GOF Wuhan NanoNoodles with Special MUSA Sauce”.

    I read that we are not only sending in the FBI and CIA and no doubt many other letters, but we are going to use massive super computing to try to figure out if the SARs virus that had its epicenter in Wuhan, where there was a lab experimenting with GoF on SARs viruses, came from said lab. Where is Sherlock when you need him?

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    absolute galore

    Re: is Ivermectin the new Penicillin?

    Question for J.D. Is it possible Ivermectin’s effectiveness will eventually be compromised like Penicillin due to indiscriminate use? I now have a nice stash courtesy of Kachhela. Got to me almost exactly 2 weeks from date of order! Now, what to do with my apple-flavored horse paste….

    Specifically, if one starts taking it as a prophylactic, can it lose effectiveness? How long should it be taken strictly as a preventative? (And if you should still catch Covid while taking it, you just go to the medicinal dosage?) And probably not necessary in the summer?

    Anyway, very glad to have something since I will not be getting the vaccine. Though I will still have to deal with the craziness of being labeled an anti-vaxxer.

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    absolute galore

    The New York Times is in such a clueless fantasyland it is amazing. Just about every story on the front page is B.S.

    Big Setbacks Propel Oil Giants Toward a ‘Tipping Point’

    From Houston to The Hague, environmentalists, fund managers and investors won battles against influential fossil fuel companies this week.
    The victories opened new fronts in a growing effort to force the world’s coal, oil and gas companies to address their role in the climate crisis

    You think lockdowns were a drag? Good luck trying to stop oil. Don’t worry, your wish will arrive soon enough,when we can’t afford to squeeze it from the earth any longer. “We have the technology. We just need the political will.” Uh huh. Thanks Al Gore. And thanks for inventing the Internet, which conservatively uses about 420 Terawatt hours per year (terrawatt being 10 to the power of 12)..

    ‘What Do I Do Next?’: Orphaned by Covid, Two Teens Find Their Way

    Fear. Keep it going. Highlight the rare that makes your case and makes people afraid.

    Eager Teens Give Needed Boost to U.S. Vaccination Campaign
    More than 2.5 million tweens and teens have gotten their first shot, making up about a quarter of all new vaccinations in recent weeks.

    Covid-19 risk in your area ›
    Dutchess County, N.Y., is at a high risk. Your risk is minimal if you are vaccinated. ›
    Finally went down from Extremely High just recently. So helpful! Science!

    Covid’s Deadliest Phase May Be Here Soon
    A new, more transmissible variant could devastate countries without vaccines
    We’re good, “eager” kids are lining up. Now we can do our famous generous American schtick and start worrying about all the people that can’t get a vaccine. Especially since they could be breeding grounds for worse disease, according to The Science..

    Why Are So Many of My Fellow Health Workers Unvaccinated?
    Medicine must address vaccine holdouts among us. Here’s how.
    And firefighters, and cops. Ie, “frontline heroes.” I guess they’ve seen enough…to not want to get the vaccine. Hmmmm. Not good optics. Maybe they will get a special lottery?

    Paul Krugman
    The Economy Is Spinning Its Wheels, and About to Take Off

    Economists as a whole are fairly worthless. But Krugman is a special kind of idiot.

    I can’t comment on the actual content, as I do not have a subscription and it is not as easy as it once was to get around the paywall.

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    absolute galore

    One other crazy thing about the Lotto vaxxes– taxpayers in the states running these are essentially paying for giant ad promotionals for the vaccine makers. Absolutely nuts. Obviously required some collusion between government officials and pharma–would make a good expose if we had any journalists left.

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    absolute galore

    Autocorrect must have put that apostrophe in the second “its.” I would never do that! Damn driverless keyboards!

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    absolute galore

    Re Couple on a bench. If this is Street Photography, I guess the woman’s expression and pose would be read as “Oh, hello there random photographer sneaking up behind me at night as I was about to make out with my lover on this beautiful Paris evening while perfectly made up to highlight my incredible beauty! Don’t you love the way my paramour’s hair blends into his fur collar and the way this little streetlight hits my cheekbones just right?” Or maybe it’s a highly staged photo shoot posing as street photography. Either way, nice photo. Mainly because the woman is beautiful and there is slight drama or mystery created by the man having his back to us.

    Re Vaccine Lotteries. Right, take your chances on a vaccine! It reminds me of being a child and getting a lollipop after visiting the doctor or dentist. Dog trainers use treats very effectively to get the correct behaviors from their charges.

    Re Inhaled nanobodies. Good news. Now we not only have virus lab leaks to be concerned with, but the possibility that our DNA can be manipulated via aerosol spray. Maybe we should be worrying about those jet contrails….

    Re the BBee humor. I find most of their stuff to be a bit too heavy-handed. They lack the slightly off-kilter approach perfected by The Onion, It’s not bad, it’s hit you over the head approach can be entertaining. Maybe an analogy would be Benny Hill vs. Monty Python.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2021 #76049
    absolute galore

    @ Dark Matter wrote: I will add that for me the best outcome is to take ivermectin prophylactically which will minimize the spike proteins from either source. I called a doctor from the list on FLCCC and they gave me a 6 month prescription along with a note for my employer giving me a medical exemption from being ‘vaccinated’.

    According to my tracking info, my package from India landed at the USPS in New York City on 5/24. Hopefully on its way up river to me and will arrive by the weekend. What is the FLCCC list? Interested as a back-up plan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2021 #76047
    absolute galore

    Might not have been clear on my comment above–agreeing 100% with Dr.P’s take.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2021 #76046
    absolute galore

    @ Dr. P This, from the link to that “article” aka letter to editor: The number of Americans who died after taking covid vaccines is already in the thousands, and realistic estimates put that number at tens of thousands (with more dying each day).”

    C’mon. Even our terrible leaders and news media couldn’t prevent widespread knowledge of this–people you know would be dropping dead.

    I am willing to believe the vaccines may cause unforeseen problems down the road. But I am also a bit taken aback at how gleefully we are looking for evidence that the vaccinated are f*#@!ed. Can we reign in some of the speculation? If only so TAE doesn’t get cancelled?;^)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 19 2021 #75592
    absolute galore

    British/UK variant. Ok.
    South Africa variant. Sure.
    India variant(s). Yes, yes.
    Brazil variant. Uh huh.
    China virus. Oh, no. NO NO NO NO NO!
    Someone please educate me on this.Thanks!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2021 #75476
    absolute galore

    I’m sure the NYT does not see the irony in the juxtaposition of these headlines (can’t read stories, free article limit reached.)

    Sema Sgaier
    Meet the Four Kinds of People Holding Us Back From Full Vaccination
    Tell us where you live and we’ll show you why people aren’t getting vaccinated.

    Children of the Holocaust Who Are Anonymous No More
    Researchers using enhanced, rare footage of a transport to a Nazi death camp have been able to identify some passengers, including children who survived.

    (Love the implicit “we” opposing the “us” in that first headline. Obviously everyone who reads the Times is vaccinated.)

    And proving that they are in techofantasy lala land, right above those two stories on the front webpage:

    Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels, Fast, World Energy Body Warns
    A landmark report from the International Energy Agency says countries need to move faster and more aggressively to cut planet-warming pollution.

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    absolute galore

    @John Day Thank you. The 1x a week prophylactic is for my immune compromised sister, correct? I was not planning to take it prophylactically unless there was an outbreak or I was going into some situation. Question–if you take it prophylactically, does its effectiveness diminish over time?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2021 #75423
    absolute galore

    My sister cannot be vaccinated due to immune system issues. Will Ivermectin help her?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2021 #75422
    absolute galore

    Question for John D.

    As per the Princess ship early on, and statements that Covid only gets bad in about 20% of population, (and then morbidity only if you have underlying and/or old). If Ivermectin is 80% effective in prophylactic or early stages, wouldn’t that mean basically anything is effective in those stages for the non-20% (which may or may not be related to blood type).?

    I keep asking because when some of the Ivermectin proponents make statements that people are willingly killing their children if they have them vaccinated and many other unproven statements, it really makes me hesitate to put my faith in it. Note that I did order quite a bit, also have horse paste on hand if I should come down with something in the meantime.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2021 #75228
    absolute galore

    The no mask for the vaccinated is just another pressure ploy to increase the vaccination count and at the same time, as pointed out, make it seem perfectly logical to have vaccine passports. And don’t expect sympathy or understanding from the vaxxed.

    So ridiculously stupidly un-“scientific” and false. I will be forced to wear a mask at work, while everyone else does not have to–yet if I worked in the Yankee dugout, I would be almost guaranteed to get Covid–from a vaxxed coach or player. This just furthers my resolve that they are so blatantly full of bs. Holy crap.

    Here’s the way it is: You are vaccinated. Hurray! Now you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting hit by the proverbial bus. I am not vaccinated. I will take my chances, and I will stay home if I feel ill or have a temp.Even if I were asymptomatic (perhaps the high rate was more about high PCR cycles?) you would not be susceptible to falling sick. Unless your vaccine is running out. Better mask up!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2021 #75175
    absolute galore

    @Mister Roboto wrote: “…if the only thing the Covid vaccines can promise is a significantly reduced likelihood of experiencing severe Covid symptoms, I’m at a loss to understand how this would lead to herd immunity.”

    No need to understand, since it is not happening. NY Yankees, with over 85% vaccinated, have “clubhouse immunity” yet now report 7 covid cases among coaching and staff (tested multiple times presumably with the current lower cycle PCR so probably legit). It would seem that transmission by those vaccinated, since most often asymptomatic, would be more damaging than spread by those who are unvaccinated, who will typically stay home when they get symptoms. Some details:

    …It was also confirmed by Boone that pitching coach Matt Blake has joined third base Phil Nevin and first base coach Reggie Willits as members of the coaching staff testing positive for the virus. A couple additional staff members had positive tests confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the total there to four.

    Six of the seven are asymptomatic. All are fully vaccinated.

    “We’re seeing the vaccinations also kind of blunt the effects of the virus,” Boone said. “We’re also learning as we go and getting informed as what we need to do exactly and just try to do as best we can to be able to make quick adjustments on the fly. Just doing the best we can with it all.”

    The Yankees on April 30 were able to relax MLB protocols after reaching an 85 percent vaccination rate among players and staff such as managers, coaches and athletic trainers.

    Full article here

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