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    Oddly enough, I don’t trust a face I can’t see.

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    How is a 5% infection rate indicative of a HIGHLY contagious virus? The health officials are dancing around tests- “not-for-diagnosis” RT-PCR tests, 0-100% accurate antibody tests…
    Is this a fiercely contagious pathogen or not? If it’s so contagious, then it isn’t particularly lethal. If it’s incredibly lethal, then it isn’t so contagious. Health “officials” want it both ways and the numbers simply won’t support them. Vague and sparse test results work to keep the narrative intact.
    When the narrative falls apart, there are always the squirrels of war.
    I still can’t believe that Big Mother told us to stay away from each other, and we said “okay”.

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    Sorry: “Life on the Far Side”.

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    “The very idea of global social and economic shutdown as a means to fight an illness is itself the most vile example of Doublethink ever devised. The whole concept places the entire human race at risk of starvation and economic ruin in order to prevent some small fraction of humanity from getting sick.
    “Even more absurd is the notion that isolating those who have survived the virus, thus depriving the rest of us from sharing their immunity.”
    This from a site called The Far Side from Bernard Grover(“augenguy”). Those who think the world has been put under an evil spell by Fauci and Ferguson would appreciate it. It wouldn’t hurt those who think we are being “compassionate” with his nightmare behavior to read it, as well.

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    So what’s the solution to ennui?
    Lust, passion, fervor, purpose.
    War works, doesn’t it?
    What’s the solution to 30 million workers without a job?
    War works again.
    What’s the solution to a nation divided?
    What’s the solution to cowardice?

    Rattle those bright shining sabers.
    Their soulmates await in the distance.
    Let’s join with our friends and our neighbors
    And alter our state of existance.

    War. It may not be the usual response to an enigmatic pathogen, but it is the historical answer to economic upheaval.
    I don’t see how China is at fault for the West’s ineptitude. Of course, if they played us for Keystone Cops (six feet apart, of course), does that make them bad, or smart?
    Currency war; trade war; cold war, hot war. “The Art of War” is short enough for even generals and politicians to read. It is the Alpha Dog’s handbook.

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    The curve has been flattened. We will not stop the virus. That wasn’t the point, it seems. We want to drag it on and on until millions- billions- die in other awful ways. Fauci is a new Mengele, torturing people with untried nostrums (antivirals are known kidney killers), instilling in health care workers such terror of the virus that ghastly machinery is used instead of nursing back to health (or simply dying peacefully); instead of welcoming a cure that works for many. The lonely, unwitnessed deaths are the worst part. It’s such unbelievable cruelty considering the younger, and healthy are at micro- risk. Could it be he has a hand in the profits? (Sanders asked if “the vaccine” would be free or cheap to those who couldn’t afford it- the answer was a vague “no”.) I’m thinking if we will ever be able to look back at this (I have my doubts) we will see it as a mass murder. If you were a sadist, which profession would you take up? (I have known some very bad doctors, and some really wonderful ones- and the latter knew exactly who I meant by the former)
    There is so much more going on here than a virus which is blamed for killing ONLY 300,000 out of nearly 8 billion. This is the end of the world as we know it, and the really bad stuff hasn’t even begun yet.
    My computer died last night. I bet it was covid19.
    This was a bad day.

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    From David Crowe’s “The Infectious Myth” (pdf chapter (2020) about the SARS “pandemic” of 2003)
    Quotes I’ve chosen are from cited articles, with references provided in the chapter.

    “It was also found that the total dosage of the steroid prednisolone was the leading risk factor for osteonecrosis, the destruction of bones within the body. When it occurred it was about a hundred days after steroid therapy was terminated and often involved major bones such as the hips and femur. One study found that more than 30 percent of SARS patients experienced this devastating disorder and another found it in over 40 percent.”

    “When the patient looked like he was dying, one of the treatments given in desperation was even higher doses of methylprednisolone. One month after being quarantined with chills and a fever he was dead with fungus spread throughout his body.”

    [“Therapeutic dose of methylprednisolone includes ≤40 mg/day, 80–160 mg/day, or ≥240 mg/day (intravenously once a day)”]
    “Our results show that corticosteroids may be of limited benefit in the suppression of chemokine production by SARS-CoV-infected cells.”

    I was put on prednisone after a severe asthma attack following a bad cold.
    I HATED the stuff- it made me want to bite off heads.
    I do, however, save my lightweight asthma corticosteroid for whenever it feels like a cold has dropped to my lungs, and it works. I hope they are using minimal doses.

    Stay distant while your face is masked,
    For demons lurk in every breath.
    Seclusion is our only task:
    We give up up Life to banish death.

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    This is one of my takeaways from Dr. D:

    Labor is an asset. It is not a liablility.
    Labor creates wealth by producing things and services.
    Wealth that is not created by labor is specious.
    Specious wealth ruins lives and economies.
    Governments abet specious wealth.
    The bigger a government gets the more mind-boggling the specious wealth.

    Most everything done by governments is a PR stunt to get you to think more government is better. The speciously wealthy love more government as a means to more wealth and power.
    Governments lie (cajole, seduce, scam, flim-flam, evade, manipulate, etc), as they are all PR campaigns to create bigger government. There are no limits on these campaigns.

    When we can’t say ‘NO” we have no free will.

    I cannot disagree with any of these things.

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    V. Arnold: Yes.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2020 #58609

    V.Arnold: It will take me about five minutes to get there tomorrow morning when I awaken, but I will feel the same. The world is not getting better. Nothing makes sense and it doesn’t seem like any one wants it to make sense.
    Some of us are getting sick and dying, so most of us have been sent to our rooms by Someone.
    And we went. AND WE WENT.
    And there will be no reprieve until we stop getting sick and dying.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2020 #58517

    Mr. House:
    “Divide and conquer” probably started as “It’s easier to conquer divided populations”.
    Boudica was probably envied by that other queen, and that other queen was probably easily bought off by the trinkets and promises of the Romans- so long as she remained a thorn in Boudica’s side.

    Concerning taters:
    And let’s not forget Andrew Taylor of Melbourne who ate nothing but spuds for a year and dropped 115 pounds. Nutritionists do not recommend the diet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2020 #58488

    “Alone together” doesn’t cut it. This is a massively abusive situation. It’s not just unconstitutional, it warps the soul and devours human agency.
    The only thing worthwhile about humanity is that realm that runs from intimacy to congregation, and it happens in person: voice, touch, smell, four dimensions.
    Isolation, “social distancing”, hiding our faces, living in fear- it cannot go on. It’s the basis of modern torture.
    Some worry that people are dying- I mourn that they are dying alone.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2020 #58486

    As May rolls by, millions of teenagers will not be getting together to discuss the meaning of life and love. Middle schoolers won’t get to huddle with classmates before they get shuffled and head to high school, and high schoolers won’t get to share wisdom before they face matriculation and the end of childhood.
    These, I recall, were some of the most important conversations I ever had.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2020 #58485

    “Fauci is a wanker and a rodent”… yup. So we all have cooties now.

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    Good grief- “I- parents- have…”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2020 #58413

    What Will Schools Look Like After COVID?
    Here are the guidelines one school has laid out. ZH 6 may 2020
    Me- parents- has added the numbers.

    Schools in Quebec, Canada are reopening on May 19th and one school released its guidelines. This list was submitted by a parent to the Facebook page, Kate for Education. The school was not named for the privacy of the parent.

    1 To minimize movement, we forecast assigning students to classes nearest the Berlin Street entrance (on all 3 floors if needed only);

    2 Once assigned to a class, students will spend their entire day (including lunchtime) in their assigned seats;

    3 Students must expect to be regrouped based on the number of students returning;

    4 Students must not expect to return to their regular class with their classmates;

    5 Your child may not be with the same teachers as before as several members of our staff will not be returning to school;

    6 Teachers not returning to school will continue working and keeping close contact with students remotely from home as recommended by the government;

    7 Activities completed while in school will not be evaluated or graded;

    8 No physical materials will be transported back and forth between home & school;

    9 Students must include a mini garbage and recycling bag with their lunch in order to collect their personal garbage and dispose of it at home;

    10 All students must bring in their personal, labeled, and filled water bottle as water fountains won’t be available;

    11 Sharing of ALL items (pencils, pens, sharpeners, wax crayons, rulers, toys) is not permitted;

    12 When weather permits, recess breaks will be held outdoors and will entail of walking outside safely distanced from one another in a prearranged pattern;

    13 Gatherings (groups of students together) will not be permitted;

    14 Limited travel throughout the school by all during the day;

    15 Bathroom visits will be monitored/escorted so that proper disinfection by our caretakers can follow before another student uses the facilities;

    16 As per government recommendations, masks and gloves will not be provided;

    17 Students are certainly welcomed to bring these items from home. They are also invited to carry their own personal disinfecting wipes with them if they wish;

    18 Lockers will no longer be used. Students will place their spring/summer jackets behind the chair they will be using & their school bags under their assigned desks;

    19 There will be no cafeteria service or Home & School pizza & frozen yogurt days.

    20 There will be no physical activity taking place in the gym, no art classes (although art and craft projects can be promoted as home suggestions), no library periods, and no drama classes;

    21 No fundraisers or after school activities will take place;

    22 Parent volunteers will not be permitted in school;

    23We recommend your child brings a book or two of interest from home to read;

    24 Students with fever or flu-like symptoms will be returned home.

    Okay- this is Daisy of the Organic Prepper Blog, via ZH, but still- it makes a point. Eleven is the creepiest: Sharing is not permitted.
    Tell me: what kind of future are we looking at?
    Deagel Deagel Deagel….. what could possibly make some flee and/or die of depression in the US?

    The soul is bent in isolation
    And the heart grows cold in a lockdown nation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2020 #58395

    The HCQ+ issue could expose Fauci’s conflicts of interest. Too many positive stories of HCQ+’s success belie his ominous warnings against it, and make it appear he has ties to pharma’s desire to cash in big with high-priced, barely tested (or dodgily tested) new antivirals. Fauci also has ties to the megalomaniacal Bill (“I know about viruses”) Gates with his promise of a vaccine. Coronavirus “vaccines” have an horrific history, and more and more people are aware of it.
    Why else discourage doctors from trying what works in so many cases?
    I watched a video yesterday of a tv show (“The Dead Zone”) from 2003 where a nasty coronavirus was taken down by “Hchloroquin”. Interesting. It was called “Plague”.

    It’s lovely to hear about the bees!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2020 #58367

    A lovely post at the Saker- thanks Huskynut, I haven’t been there in a while.
    There are bad days and good days. Today was good, as more and more comments on posts show folks are checking the numbers (such as they are) and becoming increasingly wary. “Manditory WHAT?” I expected more from religious people and sports fans. I also wonder at the spectacle of the US acting petrified. I am not a fan of the national preparedness types, but something is not right when the US military nurses its wounds in public.
    But good days go sour when I realize we don’t get any webnews that isn’t “allowed”. The confusion and the fast/tedious/fast/slow pace of things seems to be playing into a bigger game of mass strife and chaos. “Don’t trust anybody” isn’t much better than “trust your overlords”. That said:
    I think Fauci stands out like a pimple on the night before prom. He’s gonna get squeezed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2020 #58357

    Hmmm- New Zealand…isn’t that where all sorts of fancy people bought “bug-out” properties? Will someone keep an eye on the skies over NZ and make sure no airplanes fly in or out (except to Australia ’cause they don’t have the virus?!?)
    Oh, wait: “Both Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to ALMOST all foreigners…”
    Phew. For a minute there I thought I couldn’t fly my private jet to my 20 acre estate on that lake in NZ. /s

    The soul gets bent in isolation, and hearts grow cold in a lockdown nation.

    It’s time to read Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength” again.

    Oh- and Whitney’s done it again over at last american vagabond. Don’t read it before bedtime.

    in reply to: Why Lockdowns Work #58353

    There will be another disease. We could do with the seasonal flu what we are doing with the coronavirus. Hey! We could save 60,000 US lives a year if every fall we lockdown the country for the dark months!
    Vitamin D prices will go sky-high!
    We cannot come up with solutions to a post lockdown world because we can’t assemble. The platforms to discuss alternative ANYTHING to what’s going on are being removed.
    Impending death or the fear of impending death imparts the most aggressive sort of narcissistic behavior in individuals- empathy and honesty can disappear as long as I AM KEPT SAFE.
    It may seem compassionate to keep your loved ones safe by locking them alone in their rooms, but it is not. What it will cause is learned-helplessness, dissociative behaviors, and overall bad mental health. The pandemic is focussed on corporeal health as it cooks up a terrifying pandemic of mental illness.
    Those malevolent TV pharma ads will be pushing antidepressants, tranquilizers, sleep-aids, anti-psychotics, anti-anxiolytics, etc. as this drags on- another big win for pharma.
    I disagree that lockdowns are useful for world health, though I recognize it is compassion that inspires them. I think they are incredibly useful for malignant political agendas that are sought by psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists- persons notable for their ability to take the goodness of others and destroy them with it.
    Sumac.carol- please don’t go.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2020 #58322

    “Objective: To determine if latent or active TB increase susceptibility to SARS-CoV-19 infection and disease severity, and lead to more rapid developement of COVID-19 pneumonia.”

    “These findings, although preliminary, point to the need to assess whether MTB [mycobacterium tuberculosis] infection is a risk factor COVID-19 and whether a causal relationship exists.”

    From the website coronacircus.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2020 #58301

    A website called coronacircus has a fascinating article from 3 may 2020. It’s about a possible cofactor: TB. It’s a quick read; it’s got links, and the site’s many posts contain a bundle of interesting stuff.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2020 #58240

    Testing positive vs getting sick;
    Getting sick vs becoming severely ill;
    Severely ill vs hospitalization—> death.

    [from the NYT, 3 May]: “Research coming out of China indicates the false-negative rate [of tests] may be around 30%. …experts in laboratory medicine express concerns the false-negative rate in [the US] could be even higher.”

    I just don’t get the tests at all. (NOT FOR DIAGNOSIS, as the package states.) If they were accurate, that would be one thing, but this coronavirus seems to be one born of an imperfect test. False positives/false negatives…
    The real disease of concern has a clinical presentation: hypoxemia resulting in organ damage.
    It is a rare and very deadly disease. It is said to be caused by SARS-CoV-2.
    I am not convinced.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2020 #58198

    The next round of tyrants come with medicine as the new religion. They preach that micro-demons try to corrupt us and only the holy folks in white frocks will save us.
    Funny how social distancing removed the incredibly important health care advocate from the room. When someone in a hazmat suit says “take this or you’ll die”, what would most people do? As for the vaccines…
    Follow the money.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2020 #58154

    WES- I am checking into what these 3 new coronaviruses have in common and what they share with the 4 original ones.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2020 #58150

    “We’re still learning about how #COVID19 affects animals, but it appears that people can spread the virus to animals in some situations. Until we know more, limit contact with pets if you are sick or feeling sick.”

    — CDC April 23, 2020 (and I got it from ZH)
    Pets can get infected, they say. But again- do they get sick? Does the CDC know how many people are going to want to waste a test on their pet now? What are they up to? Social distance from your little Sparksy? Your only comfort in your illness, as no one is allowed to visit you?
    Obviously no one at the CDC has an animal who loves them. Deal with a dog or cat or ferret, etc, without touching them?
    When it comes to pets, tread lightly, CDC. You’re almost beginning to appear sadistic.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2020 #58144

    From “Healthline” website: There are 7 coronaviruses that infect humans. 4 are the common cold, the other three are SARS, MERS, and SARS2. As the first article I cited uses the word “components” I would like to know if their lab mice were exposed to any other of the (then) six coronaviruses. BTW, the Healthline article also states that SARS and SARS2 have 79% in common.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 1 2020 #58134

    Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus. 20 April 2012 Chien-Te Tseng, etal.

    “These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.”

    An introduction to immunology and immunopathology 12 sept 2018 Jean S. Marshall, etal.

    “The Th2 response is characterized by the release of cytokines..”

    I enjoyed reading the latter article. It was a good addition to my crash course in cellular biology.

    Now I have to wonder: Has there been a vaccine given in recent years that was “contaminated” with SARS (or worse, SARS 2)?
    We have been promised a common cold vaccine for ages, but the coronaviruses are pesky things. There is no vaccine for coronaviruses, and likely never will be. I would be highly suspicious of any vaccine offered for them.

    To poke a hole in my own hypothesis, South Korea’s flu vaccination rates for the elderly are the highest in the world (over 80%, followed by UK, US, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.)
    To plug that hole, the elderly in care homes get vaccines for pneumonia, herpes, shingles, tetanus, and probably more.
    I know there was a bum batch of tetanus vaccine a while back. I’ll return when I find it if it seems relevant.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2020 #58043

    From the April 20th issue of Chemical & Engineering News:
    Some worldwide-popular hypertension/heart and heartburn meds are recalled for contamination with NDMA. NDMA was also found in metformin (for diabetes type 2), but that hasn’t yet been recalled. These drugs treated three of the major comorbidities for SARS 2 (The new brandname.)
    “As a result of this hassle and confusion, patients are losing faith in the health-care system, Erin Michos of Johns Hopkins says, “With this loss of trust…it’s even harder to convince patients to take the medications they need.” …Michos says she even had patients who stopped taking medications that hadn’t been recalled.”*
    The contaminant was found by using Valisure’s** new GC/mass spec. They were looking at the “acid reflux baby syrup” that was prescribed to the cofounder’s daughter. [Infants have heartburn?]

    *The Lurking Contaminant, by L.K Boerner. c&en
    **Valisure is a company. A gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer is as cool a toy as you could want. It tastes the cake and tells you the recipe.

    Just lookin’ for a co-factor… Sequentiality is the stumbler here. I do love the “faith”, “need”, and “trust” parts, though.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2020 #58040

    From the NYT Science section, 7 April, 2020: “Ms. Eckert and her colleague Dan Higgins were asked to create “an identity” for the virus. “Something that would grab the public’s attention,” she said.”
    And so “what has become the representation of the novel coronavirus” was born.
    It’s that dog-ball at the pet store. It’s a Christmas tree ornament. It’s Sputnik.
    It’s an artist’s representation and it fills that need for a visual marker in a screen-addicted world.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2020 #58031

    Coronaviruses are respiratory diseases. They can be deadly. They are not diseases of the blood, and doctors seem to homing in on hypoxemia.
    There’s something missing in this whole pandemic- a cofactor.
    It may be that the cofactor is the real culprit when a healthy, younger person suddenly dies “of” The Virus. (Sumac mentions exhaustion.)

    We need Dr. Gregory House on this. Of course, you’ll need a kidney transplant and a bionic arm before he finally realizes that all it was was a bad batch of meds. /s

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2020 #58030

    Sumac.carol: Unending, inescapable fear also weakens the immune system- forever, I understand, because cortisol levels permanently rise, especially in children.

    Every marketer knows that the word “banned” is a great sales pitch.
    Banning the two doctors video will greatly increase its popularity. Maybe that’s what they wanted?
    Unabated confusion and mixed messages lead to helplessness.
    Who would want a world of helpless tremblers?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2020 #58009

    UVC (100-285 nm or so) doesn’t work if the surface is in its shadow. All the surfaces need to be exposed. It doesn’t get into the interstices of of anything. The further away it is the longer time it needs. Cute little robot, programmed to do a half-assed job. Some UVC makes ozone (less than 185 [?] nm) which also sterilizes (be sure to air out the room!), but most lamps are 200-280nm.

    I am now off looking for correlations for the hypoxia of SARS 2019, because it surely is not The Virus.

    Too many have it and show no symptoms. Too many have severe symptoms and seem to have no virus. (Test problem, or what?)
    There’s something else going on.
    The tests? So far- confusing, to say the least. The antibodies test? Probably useless and stigmatizing or privileging, depending. There’s something else going on here.
    Brescia, northern Italy, 2018. US, “vaping” 2019. “Covid” 2019- 2020.
    “Symmetrical ground glass opacities” lung images. Low blood oxygen levels. Predominantly older, co-morbidities. Predominantly male. Few children affected.

    Plasmodium falciparum is a parasite in the blood that dissolves and metabolizes hemoglobin. A mosquito injects it into the hapless victim, causing malaria. HCQ is toxic to the little critter.
    HCQ+ tends to work on the mysterious illness, no matter what the Lord of Nevada, the French Poobahs, or Gilead scientists say.
    That’s a start.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2020 #57966

    When the authorities tell you you must give up your humanity- just for a while- think twice. Soldiers are asked to do this for battle- humans don’t naturally like to kill each other. PTSD is their reward, if they’re sane.
    We want to comfort others- a crying child, a trauma victim, a friend in need…Who would have thought that it would one day be patriotic to be an illness-coward, a recluse- to tap into our inner Howard Hughes?

    Heaven help us if a truly deadly pathogen hits.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2020 #57963

    One of my favorite cures- when I’m sick and can’t breathe- is vick’s vaporub (there are other mentholatums). The really nice thing about chest rubs (with a warm washcloth) is that a loved-one applies it- and here-in lies my complaint about “the lockdown” and “social distancing”. When people are sick (and/or in the hospital!) , they recover because someone who loves them is there to care for them. It’s biblical (etc). It’s ancient. It’s common sense. It’s the basis of humanity- it’s the basic core of society. A kindly nurse without a mask, cooing and wearing a gentle smile will do if there’s no immediate family.
    If we buy that we must stay apart (leave it to the “heroes!) when a friend or loved one is sick, we have lost something very, very, very, very important.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2020 #57958

    Thanks, John Day, for that video- it would fall into my category of “not necessarily genuine, but very true.”
    I’m still wobbling back and forth between a real, new disease, or an iatrogenic problem arising from treating common disease.
    In the former, I look at the stylistics of what we do know- that some coronavirus specimens (all the rage, apparently) were stolen from western labs and taken to China. Then (wild speculation) the US brought the disease with the military athletes (you can’t leave it to accident!) for the cover that it “escaped” from the Wuhan lab. It fits in with the stylistics of other western plots to start something. It also explains the silly accusations against China. China saw through it- made much of it- and the west let their economies crash under the guise of benevolence and humanitarianism.
    In the latter, China uses a “novel” virus to cover pollution problems. The west picks it up, gives it a catchy name (PR!), and runs with it- using respiratory diseases as a means to test the toxic antivirals (and eventually “vaccines”) on hapless victims of old age and pneumonia (never let a crisis go to waste), as well as to manufacture maximum fear and helplessness. It also covers for the inevitable Reset. Some younger people have to participate or the data is too skewed. (It’s pretty darn skewed anyways.)
    I think conspiracy is the human condition- from surprise birthday parties, affairs, and where babies come from, to secret clubs, boardrooms, and Davos. What do people think is meant when someone says “knowledge is power”?
    It isn’t if everyone knows it.
    I don’t want to leave out that “They” may all be in on it together- as the Russian officer says- “They” intend to dispatch many, many people.
    The Georgia Guidestones: probably not genuine, but true.
    The Protocols: definitely not what they are purported to be, but true.
    My world is not dark as it seems. I’m a nature freak.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2020 #57956

    Daily Mail says the French are using nicotine patches on patients and healthcare workers.
    “A French study found that only 4.4% of 350 coronavirus patients hospitalized were regular smokers and 5.3% of 130 homebound patients smoked.”

    You catch a bad cold; you catch another bad cold. This virus is going to be like that- good thing, as it is relatively benign except for its economic and political side effects. See “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory” by David Crowe.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2020 #57917

    Check out the white house’s ai and american industry spiel. Read it and weep.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2020 #57915

    I’ve learned that I can’t oppose the system- I must go skew.

    My fear, it doth envelop me
    ‘Til what I fear is all I see.
    I turn my eyes to what is real-
    Then none can manage how I feel.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2020 #57902

    “why she’s still alive”
    An rotten choice of words on my part- may the gods of journalism keep her safe.

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