Dec 312020
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Debt Rattle December 31 2020

Pablo Picasso Portrait of the artist’s mother 1896   • Russia Is Developing World’s First Covid19 Antidote, 99% Effective (RT) • China Approves Sinopharm Covid19 Vaccine For General Use (G.) • New COVID19 Strain Spreading Faster Than All Forecasts – Irish PM (R.) • Senate Democrats’ Motion To Concede On $2,000 Checks (DP) • The Pseudo-Left Imperialists Fighting Against Universal Healthcare (MPN) • Intel On China Bounties Called ‘Less’ Credible Than Russia Payments (Pol.) • Trump Campaign Wants To Air

Dec 302020
Debt Rattle December 30 2020

Juan Gris Guitar on a chair 1913   • Travelers May Need A COVID Vaccine Passport To Travel In 2021 (JTN) • ER Nurse Tests Positive For COVID19 Eight Days After He Was Vaccinated (DM) • Covid Poses ‘Greatest Threat To Mental Health Since Second World War’ (G.) • Majority Of New COVID Cases In UK Are New Variant (Sky) • McConnell Blocks Vote On $2,000 Checks, Signals New Package (Hill) • Bernie Sanders Fights for a $2,000 Check for

Dec 292020
Debt Rattle December 29 2020

Juan Gris Portrait of the artist’s mother 1912   • WHO Chief Scientist: No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission (ZH) • WHO -Secretly- Changed Their Definition Of “Herd Immunity” (OffG) • UK Variant Linked To High Viral Loads, Neanderthal Gene Offers Protection (R.) • House Passes $2,000 Per American COVID19 Relief Bill Requested By Trump (RT) • Republicans Threaten To Deny $2,000 Checks To Their Own Constituents (DP) • House Overrides Trump’s Veto Of Bill That Blocked Afghanistan Withdrawal

Dec 282020
Thank You 2020

Eugene Delacroix Greece expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi 1826     A little personal thank you note from the Automatic Earth is in order. 2020 has been an annus horribilis across the world, but we have been blessed with lots of attention and comments, as well as great support from our readers throughout the year, both for the Automatic Earth itself and for the Monastiraki social kitchen in Athens. Problem is, I have so many people to say thank

Dec 282020
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Debt Rattle December 28 2020

Juan Gris Grapes 1913   • Trump Averts Shutdown, Signs $2.3 Trillion Spending And COVID Relief Bill (JTN) • Trump Signs Covid-19 Bill: Announces Congress Review of Section 230 (SAC) • Georgia Runoff Results May Not Be Known ‘for Weeks’ (RS) • Special Counsel Is Guaranteed If Biden Picks Yates, Cuomo or Jones as AG • Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse To Take Vaccine (ZH) • Vaccines To Cause COVID Rates To Drop In Nursing Homes Soon – Gottlieb

Dec 272020
Debt Rattle December 27 2020

Winslow Homer Spanish Girl with Fan 1885   • Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement (Webb) • The Breakthrough Medicines That Could Change The Course Of Covid (G.) • Japan Halts All Foreign Arrivals Over UK COVID Variant (AP) • Britain First To Infect Healthy Volunteers With Covid19 For Research (NYP) • Scientists Call For UK Lockdown After Rapid Spread Of Covid19 Variant (G.) • Two Pandemic Assistance Programs Expire, Leaving 12 Million Without Benefits (ZH) •

Dec 262020
Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2020

Salvador Dali Christmas Tree 1959   • Pfizer’s Vaccine Maximizes Profit, Not The Greater Good (Quelch) • UK Scientists Trial Drug To Prevent Infection That Leads To Covid (G.) • Rolling Out the Vaccine (Dorman) • Pfizer COVID19 Vaccine Causing More Allergic Reactions Than Expected (NYP) • Millions Wake Up To Tougher Restrictions As UK Covid Deaths Pass 70,000 (PA) • Pelosi, Democrats, UniParty and Media Spin Narrative Around COVID Relief (CTH) • Our Upside-Down Postelection World (Hanson) • Georgia

Dec 252020
Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2020

Juan Gris Man in the café 1912   • COVID19 Immunity Lasts For At Least 8 Months – Australian Researchers (RT) • Fauci Admits To Lying About Herd Immunity To Get Support For Vaccine (RT) • Study Investigates Effects Of COVID19 Vaccine On Male Fertility (L10) • Trump Told Congress To Give Americans More Money, Gets Bill With Less (Fox) • Larry Summers: $2,000 Checks Could Overheat Economy, Even $600 Is Too Much (RT) • Trump Granted Clemency Less Than

Dec 242020
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Debt Rattle Christmas Eve 2020

Paul Cézanne Forest 1902-04   • Asymptomatic Transmission Of COVID19 (BMJ) • Makers of Successful COVID19 Vaccines Wrestle With Placebo Recipients (Science) • France Reopens To UK, As EU Tackles New Coronastrain (EUO) • Trump Pardons Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Charles Kushner, 23 Others (JTN) • Why Trump Should Pardon Assange • The Legacy Of President Donald Trump (Taibbi) • Biden Threats Make Russia Discourse More Reckless, Dangerous (Greenwald) • DNC Was “Directly Involved” In Iowa Caucus App Development (IC)

Dec 232020
Debt Rattle December 23 2020

Edward Hopper Automat 1927   • Trump Kicks COVID Bill Back To Congress; Demands $2,000 Stimulus (ZH) • Force The Vote On Direct Aid (DP) • Biden’s Austerity Zealotry Helped Cut The Stimulus Bill In Half (DP) • COVID19 Catch-22: Regime-Change Policies Come With US Pandemic Relief (GZ) • White House Memo Details How ‘Pence Card’ Can Save Trump Presidency (NF) • Growing Number Of GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge (Hill) • Trump Pardons George Papadopoulos (DC) • WHO: