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    Dr. D

    Winning! They sure showed those bugs who’s boss. Finally! Killed every one of them in Britian, and if we can, on planet earth. Add a couple hundred more species, and we can finally rest.

    You know, we don’t have any of that trouble and bees and bats and all live fine here. Because it’s a haven from mega-farming with forests and hedgerows. Not for long though! Can’t live like Neanderthals, we have to take out a bank loan and level it, put in a parking lot, and hydroponic the farm under glass using solar power the way the schmartz-guys say. It’s the only answer.

    Until then, I guess we’ll have to put up with these constellations of lightning bugs and the unbearable noise of crickets keeping us up all night. How am I supposed to watch TV under these conditions? It’s inhuman.

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    Dr. D

    The Turkish thing is odd. First from a country running elections on the basis of restoring the Ottoman Empire, claiming Cyprus and all the islands, actively invading Syria and Iraq, and running 200 illegal sorties a day in the Aegean.

    So…Austria shouldn’t expel the more militant or expansionary Muslim voices because Islam is a “religion of Peace” and that’s too aggressive. Okay, fine. But then to suggest Turkey will invade or make other trouble if Austria does NOT allow these militant, colonizing voices? I think you just proved Austria’s misgivings, in more than spades, Erdogan! This in a part of the world that well remembers hundreds of years of sieges and devastating incursions, where the former Muslim expansion was stopped at the cost of a million lives.

    …Not the stuff of good memories. Erdogan: if you’re going to pretend to be harmless friends and everything’s open and multicultural, keep your trap shut about the aggressive invasions you’re planning/actively doing, okay?

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    Dr. D

    I thought the same thing for a different photo. The media was a-twitter (or a twit) for a reprise of the big-dick-handshake-contest DJT played a bit last time. The photo was of the imprint of Macron’s thumb still visible on Trump’s hand a minute later. Looks like he sure lost that one, right?

    Wrong. Like Raul, I had the impression if they’re going to childishly play this game…his game…then they already lost. You have to understand these are power people, it’s the only thing they think about, care about, or act about. So…who’s in charge? Who captures the focus? Who sets the rules? Who decides the agendas and what games we play? And it doesn’t matter who REALLY has the power, because in reality either the people or the Army always has the real power; from narcissistic sociopath’s view, it’s all about whose court you bow in. Do you go see Don Corleone, or do you ignore him? That’s the alpha and omega of power with narcissists: who’s getting the attention is the important person, they are the one in control.

    Playing this game means they already lost, but are so stupid, they don’t realize THEY are the ones giving Trump all his power. The media 24/7 TrumpTrumpTrump!!! What’s the meta on that message? TRUMP is the one who’s important, TRUMP has the power…which he doesn’t. He probably doesn’t control 20% of the executive yet. But by doing this, they’re making all the other important people, businessmen, agents, diplomats, got to Trump’s court and treat him like the king. Aye caramba! Stimpy, you eeediot! But they can’t help it. It’s not Trump’s ego that’s running things…it’s THEIRS. In fact, THEY have the power, not him, but being the trust-fund brats they are, being defied for the first time in their life so unhinges them, it’s so unfamiliar when they’ve robbed, cheated and murdered their way to the top, never had to act on real merit, that they don’t know what to do when actual gamesmanship, tactic, and merit is called for. …Basically, he’s running them around on their ego, the ego of a narcissist sociopath, which believes — MUST believe — that THEY are smarter, and everybody else is an idiotic fool, bumbling before their greatness. That’s what makes it a mental illness, that like a psychosis, they’ve live completely disconnected with reality that we ALL have strengths and weaknesses, people above and below us.

    Is that not what we read in the paper 12x a day? That Trump is an idiot, and got a billion dollar empire in one of the world’s premier shark tanks, knocked off 15 candidates, and destroyed one or possibly two political parties, and possibly the mainstream media because he’s “just lucky”, but really he has the IQ of a fruitcake and watches Sharks on the Discovery Channel all day? Yup. And so long as they think he’s an idiot…and he keeps feeding them all the idiotic misdirected nonsense, misspelling “Cofefe,” that keeps them in a useless lather…they never take the game seriously. ‘Cause he’s an idiot, right? How hard can it be? Like Macron, who went home last time crowing how Trump does whatever he says…just before he didn’t. At all.

    Seriously Emmanuel, does Trump LOOK like a guy who follows orders and does what he’s told? Perhaps this rebellious personality trait has come up in the papers before? Nope. He went home and said “Trump’s in my pocket, ’cause I’m awesome sauce.” 100 times in a row. You’d think when Trump has run the same pass play from pre-season to the payoffs, one of these other geniuses might catch on, but you’d be wrong. He MAY have another trick in the bag, but we’ll never find out because so far they’ve fallen for the SAME. DARN. TRICK. for 2 1/2 years in a row. ONE trick. And HE’S the dumb one. OMFG.

    He’s going to lose the empire? That’s the whole POINT of Trump, and the (Marine) Generals that put him into office. They know the attempt at world domination by what St. Reagan called “The Crazies in the Basement” has failed and the U.S. will collapse if it pushes further on this front. It arguably already collapsed, but they won’t report it. Therefore, the America First wing is attempting the best fallback to the borders as a pariah state, salvaging what they can. And that’s over the dead bodies of the Neocons, the Clintonista’s, the Bush cartel, and the empire maniacs like Soros and Brennan. That’s why they have a bankruptcy/restructuring expert in office.

    The POINT is to lose the empire. It always was. No one in the U.S. wants an empire or ever wanted one, not among the people anyway, that’s why they had to lie, lie, lie about it every day the hidden state was pushing for it, and come up with ever less plausible reasons for it. The people, the businessmen, the soldiers would never tolerate it. Maybe that’s why they can’t understand his plan, because to them, the plan must always be MORE power, MORE money, MORE dictatorship, where a return to the Constitution–should we ever get one–will reduce the size and power of government so substantially as to make empires, dictators, fascism — indeed any repression of the people — impossible.

    Please for the love of people all over the world lose the Empire as soon as technically possible. The lives of more innocent millions will be saved. And you want Trump to KEEP the empire, and will be mad when he DOESN’T bomb and control the rest of the world? I don’t care if it’s accidental or on purpose. The faster he “loses” the happier I’ll be.

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    Dr. D

    “Central bankers do not, with very few exceptions, understand they are the cause.”

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

    Or more precisely, power people know they exaggerate and worsen the business cycle, but they do it on command — that’s why they installed this useless level of harm, to CONTROL the hour in which the cycle starts and stops. As insiders, they then have access to inside information and influence for free money, then when to sell as they demand that money is shut off by claiming the economy is “too hot”, then forcing the economy into collapse and “austerity” they avoided by selling at the top, because they MADE the top. And the collapse. Then they need to “boost the economy” by having the Fed loan them unlimited free money at the bottom — but only them, not the dirty people.

    Do the bankers know this? Who cares? The real power people put the bankers, the Fed heads in place to execute it, they could care less whether like Bernanke and Yellen, they are are scholastic idiots, IYI Olympians, or whether like Paulson they are complicit, self-serving villains. It’s perhaps better if they’re ignorant and earnest, and we just remove them viciously if they catch on or attempt something helpful like Varoufakis. It doesn’t matter to them, or to us, WHY we are destroyed by theft and manipulation, only that we are, they know it, it’s proven, and we stop it. …Which we still don’t, of course.

    We don’t need any new laws to solve problems with plastics — and since this has gone on with unheeded warnings for 50 years, why does it come up now? Someone not pay their extortion money? We already know you can’t make poisons and leave them lying around. I can’t make up strychnine and leave in under the mailbox for the dogs to eat. But Dow Chemical can because they’re a corporation. Maybe as has been proposed, since corporations are people, you should imprison them by having the government take over the board of directors and run the company for 5-10 years while they’re “in jail.” Should there BE any company left after 6 months of the government “taking care” of it, they’re welcome to have it back, because those are the responsibilities and consequences for “people” who poison and litter. Right? What’s wrong with this simple argument? Only that we don’t enforce the law, and laws only apply to little people?

    Banning? That’s asking the SAME government who DOESN’T enforce any existing laws to selectively enforce a new law, and centrally-direct the economy as well. Whole new fields of payoffs, “exceptions”, selective enforcement, etc, on the same people we already know are corrupt, allowed Cod to collapse, permit China the strip-mine other nation’s waters, and so on. Why? It’s illegal to poison things and people. It always has been. Sue them under civil and criminal law.

    While true and long overdue, I smell a rat on the sudden interest in plastics they couldn’t dump enough of just last year.

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    Dr. D

    “It is [still] only known that the poison used in the attack was a nerve agent called Novichok,”

    Apparently the only thing they know is totally wrong. Any 6th grader, given the facts of what Novi is or isn’t, could tell you this could not possibly be Novi. Not then, not now, not ever. But it’s too hard for German ARD to figure out that a substance which a drop could kill a whole town, is not sprayed on a doorknob with a perfume bottle, all the people, roads, and hospitals affected are cleaned with windex and an old rag, and everyone makes a complete recovery. O.M.G.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

    Clearly everybody’s pay depends on lying and more lying. Oh, and lying. With lies on top.

    I don’t know if houses are all overvalued here. It’s like everything: the wealthy have all the cash, and the poor are living in a condemned building. (That goes to explain voting too, by the way, and “Millennials” who are either in useless suburbs or dying in trailers with opioid parents.) You can easily buy a 4 bedroom house mansion with full woodwork for $30,000 all day long. Hundreds, neighborhoods, towns and counties full of them. No takers. Too much? That’s less than the price of a car, now that the oligopoly has so savagely overpriced them.

    One problem: the houses aren’t even worth $30,000 because the taxes are $3-6,000/yr, and the wages in the area wouldn’t support it. I mean wouldn’t support even paying the taxes, much less the house+maintenance. That’s $3-600/mo. government “rent” when wages are $1,200/mo. Add anything, and you’ll go bankrupt in a house worth less than a used Beemer. You would die in it eating cat food with no access to health care, Greek-style. Example: a roof on such a house would cost $20k. Therefore, economically…and logically!…those 100 year-old, full woodwork 4,000sq ft mansions are being condemned and run over with payloaders everywhere I go. That’s what happens when you’re third world. That’s what happened in Venezuela, Argentina, and the Soviet Union. Oh wait! That’s what happens when you have socialism and stop the free market! Prices are wrecked everywhere, incentives collapse, and while the rigging is created to make rich houses worth $1M/1,000sq ft in S.F., it can only do that by making houses in the other areas worth $10,000/5,000sq ft in Indianapolis.

    Prices: once you rig them, it’s only the insiders vs the outsiders, only the rich vs the poor, people who give orders thoughtlessly, and those who are helpless and/or dead, like everything else in our culture.

    Hey, who bought Tesla stock when their last car burned the driver alive? It’s going straight up and making the rich…rich. Amirite?

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    Dr. D

    Don’t worry, Ben Bernanke’s never been right before, why start now? Emerging markets are all crying uncle already, but that’s not the plan: the U.S. hasn’t harvested them yet. Why oh why do they fall for it 50 years in a row? Bestselling books exposing this were widely public 10+ years ago. At what point do you stop being sorry?

    A “beloved country degraded and exploited by sociopathic agendas…” Yeah, you and everybody else. Don’t think that nations on the “top”, Germany, the U.S., Britain, get anything out of it. At ground zero, their people are more exploited than anyone.

    I see they’re starting the beta in Sweden for the Eurocrisis plan. Import wildly different migrants from war zones until there is enormous trouble, then counter them with a state-level purge and violence. When the state moves, now with the support of the people to stop being burned and raped, they install a long-term totalitarian state that burns books (now blogs) and ruthlessly imprisons anyone who reports the truth. Problem-reaction-solution, and yes, they wrote this in white papers years ago. Of course we could have justice and liberty, prosecuting crimes and deporting troublemaking non-citizens with evidence and due process, but that’s so last century. Will Sweden fall for it? Probably. They haven’t shown any signs of awareness yet, and it depends on how much death and violence they force on the people first.

    This is why they hate the Trump plan so much. He’s simply telling Justice to enforce the law, same as WJ Clinton. They are then deported through courts, insurgents MS-13 are locked out, and re-entry is closed, like every nation in the modern age. But with due process there is no outsized violence, racial attacks, and excuse for larger government and police state. …Which we have plenty enough as it is. If this is diffused and we return to a normal immigration policy, what excuse will they use to kill people? It would be so bad for the environment if people could live in peace.

    “…there are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. And tonight, I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Let me be very clear about this: We are still a nation of immigrants; we should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.” DJ Trump, 2017 –William Jefferson Clinton, 1996 …Guess I should have put this on the list of historical ironies.

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    Dr. D

    Armstrong on cooling:

    Volcanic Activity Melting Ice at the North & South Poles

    This has a tendency to better fit the 100,000 year evidence; the periods long before humans existed.

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    Dr. D


    Except they forgot they won’t get compliance, ultimately their new fiefdoms will default and throw them off. Germany is only rich because they’re owed money. What will they be when those states refuse to pay?

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    Dr. D

    No carbon? Come on. Because we have no electric cars, there’s no lithium mined to make them, and no grid to power them. And like Volvo still say they’ll have no petrol in, like 2020 or something. Does anyone check their head against the back of an envelope the size of Nebraka? Car development cycles are said to be 7 years, which seems outlandish in a world of tech and software, in a world where a prototype phone can be produced from ACad to hand in 5 days. But that’s why the West is 3rd world. Anyway, with a 7 year car cycle, you’re going to put electric in 5? And the grid is wildly, amazingly longer than that, AND if you swap half your energy use from liquid to electrons, you’ll need hundreds of new megawatt plants and the siteing permits, substations, and transmission lines.

    I’m sure all THAT will be economical and ecological, much like the more tons of steel in wind and solar than may perhaps be generated by that site EVER. It’s already a question if a solar panel creates more BTU’s than the mining, smelting, glass melting, and delivery consumes. Jacking the pricing system can make this seem profitable, but really you’re just pre-paying your electric bill ahead of time in a lump sum. More than likely damage to the panel 20, 40 years from now will make the investment a break-even, where the power could have been better used in a thousand ways.

    And yes, the U.S. is attacking right now, with such big moves you need to soft-approach with rate increases to sucker them in. Then you start to remove US$ liquidity worldwide, like ’08 and the last Euro crisis, then “accidentally” reveal that DeutscheBank, the world’s largest derivative holder and designated grenade-pin is an unsafe bank according to the Fed. –Coincidentally on the same day that one of their major holdings, Italy, tells the EU they’re going their own way. E.M. is just fallout from the elephants fighting, but it’s how the money will return to the U.S. “safe haven”, and one of a dozen ways Mexico is going to pay for the wall.

    I’m sure Americans will love it, money flooding back, everyone one else with their hair on fire, but attacking your neighbors tends to have consequences. Bad ones. But whatever, one thing at a time. The U.S. is clearly trying to pressure the EU and Euro to collapse without being considered responsible for it. Get out of the way.

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    Dr. D

    Germany is rich for being owed money by people who will never repay them? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    “EU Won’t ‘Meddle’ In Italy’s Affairs” –Jean-Claude Juncker

    “When it becomes serious, you have to lie” –Jean-Claude Juncker

    The new U.S. administration of “America First”, with their spokesmonkey Trump is cutting off the deep state at every power-and-finance point, forcing a multipolar world that also cannot easily be reversed. This looks counter-productive, and it might be, but the U.S. can either be an empire that takes over the world, or it can be one country among many and express American values its people want. Yes, that’s fine because without U.S. blackmail, arm-twisting, military occupation, Germany and France among many MUST turn and bolt themselves to Russia or die. Russian size, Russian gas, Russian military, Russian markets. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that even expelling the rats and roaches here the U.S. can do what we’ve done and escape unharmed. 6M dead in the last 20 years alone with a de facto war on the whole planet? Turning over a new leaf is good, and we appreciate the effort — and sacrifice in a small way — to get our soul back, but this is the big boys’ game and I can’t see how once they get the upper hand, Russia, China, and then their new servants Germany, France, Turkey, won’t take the advantage, cut us off, and grind us.

    Maybe that’s better than the alternative, but that’s what you get. Once you burn the house down, there’s only the hard work and sacrifice of rebuilding it. No fun, no free Amazon purchases on the credit card from China, just hard work for 20 years.

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    Dr. D

    “There is no threat of a new sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone despite an anti-establishment coalition government taking power in Italy,” –Jean-Claude Juncker

    When it becomes serious, you have to lie’ –Jean-Claude Juncker

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    Dr. D

    With MSNBC it’s probably fake, but, good news:

    The Great Barrier Reef may be more resilient than we thought


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    Dr. D

    Not much around, it’s planting time here in the north. Most of what we see is altered by humans, for now. But it’s so complex and requires such depth of experience that we can’t see either the desert of forests or meadows, or the consequences of our intervention, even where it’s blinding, like in herbicides. Unfortunately, because it’s so complex and so local, I can’t explain it to you either. On the upside, in my area all you need to do is stop energy inputs for a year and nature will reclaim everything, for better or worse.

    I don’t know what tariffs U.S. cars have in Japan (we discovered they were twice as high against the U.S. compared to Europe) but Japanese buyers have their own unique preferences and don’t prefer U.S. cars anyway. From the other side, overseas auto parts, etc. have devastated the industry, and when the U.S. is cut off from the world shortly, we will need internal producers and markets as a matter of national security. So it may look silly or odd, but if you know the U.S. is going down (last) and the world will ring-fence us in retaliation, then this makes a lot more sense. Same with hitting Europe, where we seem to be promoting a crisis on several fronts, including raising interest rates and reducing US$ liquidity that will both cut off their nonsense (MI6 seems to be the source of the election rigging) and force financial panic into the U.S. “safe haven” (because the core dies last) …but it’s certainly going slow, and it ain’t pretty. This is the big boys’ game, and not played fair by anyone.

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    Dr. D

    Europe Should Be OK – But ‘I’m Very Worried About Italy’ (CNBC)

    This guy is a moron, liar, or both. But he’s from the IMF, I repeat myself. Italy has the (second?) largest debt in the world and is arguably 1/3 of Europe. “Europe” won’t be “fine” with 1/3 of Europe missing.

    Everyone seems enamored of weakness, perhaps the every-day-is-opposite-day reality where the more a useless, whiny, unworking victim you are, the higher your status and power. So China and the U.S. are circling in trade negotiations, fine, yes. They feint some punches, then we do, neither of which is really intended to land, but to communicate power. Yet this article takes it for given that the U.S. simply must give up unconditionally and concede everything anyone asks. So the U.S. “doesn’t have any leverage” and the “trade renege could leave Washington dancing with itself”? Really? So if the U.S., an enormous market, shuts entirely to Chinese goods, throws 1/3 of Chinese workers out of work, and thereby creates these same jobs back in America, and that’s not leverage? I know this is a bad idea with steep transition trouble, but riots with a direct risk of toppling the Chinese government is leverage. And what is China going to do? Stop importing food? They tried this bluff already and on a small scale it works, but not only are they bloody-well going to buy every ounce of that food or be toppled in food riots, but if they buy from Brazil, then Brazil’s former customers will buy ours. …They ARE going to buy that food, one way or another. Nice try. But according to these guys, the U.S. has nothing, and should concede. Maybe open the borders to 2 billion Chinese, complete with free health care and food stamps, I dunno.

    “Meat and fish companies may be “putting the implementation of the Paris agreement in jeopardy” by failing to properly report their climate emissions” What a fantasy! Here we have an agreement no one followed anyway — ever — but it’s the farmer’s fault they didn’t “report”? Not actually do something, but simply (voluntarily) report? And on something they had no intention of fixing anyway? Omg, pleeeease! Cows are not a risk compared to two nations (essentially) exempted from Paris, China and India. What, did meat producers not pay their shakedown money to AGW tax authorities this week?

    And not to be good on them, since these battery farms are an abomination, and you wouldn’t eat food from them if you knew. Not just from that side, but the sickness, unnecessary antibiotics and prescriptions they’re given, which are measurable in the meat, in the acute and unnecessary environmental hazard of hyper-concentrating waste, in the petrol needed from overseas to move the food in and waste out, the loss both of import/export thereby, the annihilation of workers, small farms, businesses, towns, and cumulative the nation’s economy, down the line: bad for cows, bad for you, bad for them, bad for us, bad bad bad. …So we double down, enhance the national tax and compliance laws, and do it more, guaranteeing eventual collapse.

    As Kunstler would say:

    “It’s hard to be an empire, for sure, but it’s even harder, apparently, to be a truly virtuous society. First, I suppose, you have to be not insane. It’s hard to think of one facet of American life that’s not insane now. Our politics are insane. Our ideologies are insane. The universities are insane. Medicine is insane. Show biz is insane. Sexual relations are insane. The arts are insane. The news media is utterly insane. And what passes for business enterprise in the USA these days is something beyond insane, like unto the swarms of serpents and bats issuing from some mouth of hell in the medieval triptychs. How do you memorialize all that?”

    Where are we going, and why am I in this basket?

    in reply to: Hotel Europa #40900
    Dr. D

    It’s really not the rates but the rate of change. That Italy chart is going to break all the derivatives. That is, the unbacked, unallocated insurance bets. Perhaps that’s the point because it’s been long since anyone told the truth.

    Did the U.S. have a transfer mechanism? Essentially no. It was meant to be the next thing up from a toothless confederacy that left all the power in the hand of the states (or the people). So New York was NOT going to be transferring money to South Carolina any time soon. However, it’s not entirely off-base. One of Armstrong’s hobby horses, since the EU leaders did in fact buy his financial advice when the Euro was created, was that Hamilton forced the states to consolidate debts — war debts, “federal” debts while still retaining state debts too in one of the hardest fought negotiations in U.S. history. This gave the bonds somewhere to go instead of breaking Delaware over the “currency”, or in this case bonds, of Virginia. At the same time, there was no ‘transfer” or any intent to do any such thing. That belongs to the socialist state that didn’t come in until Weimar, 1913, and Wilson’s Progressives.

    Then very slowly they began to tax states away and give to poor states, which is essential to have an outsized government that can collapse. States now bow to you to get that money, and bid on legislation and loopholes for donors, for states, for interests, and everything becomes for sale, but especially the Republic itself, and any fairness therein. Since Sitting Bull was on the Reservation back then and the Wright brothers hadn’t flown, it’s hard to remember there was any different time and sharply different ways. So yes? Thanks to Hamilton. But no? Thanks to virtually everybody else, but especially the South — that was not the premise of the new United States, but independence, self-sufficiency, and equality under the law. …At least as a common goal.

    It’s the very idea of debts, much less transfers to the unworking, they would find appalling. Bad for liberty, bad for spirit, bad for efficiency. For the borrower is forever the servant of the lender.

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    Dr. D

    Interesting case in Italy: yes, this mild economic rebuke is certainly not worth a revolt — and is certain to cause backlash, planned or unplanned (it’s all in who takes the blame0 — but bankrupt countries can’t take 500,000 non-speaking, war-damaged non-workers either. The author seems to assume Italy will shoot them or something, as he hasn’t even thought “hey, maybe we move them back to their home countries, but with foreign aid” which has already been done at least once recently. What to do with them is getting easier, as the Syrians can slowly return to Syria, and if we also leave Afghanistan, those can return as well.

    It’s arguably US/NATO intervention in Sudan and much of Africa destabilizing it, so doing anything within 100 miles of the right thing there — even handing it to China — would allow Africans to return home, which is, and has been the majority immigrants for some time. I call them immigrants and not refugees because I suspect the majority are “economic refugees” which just means, “hey I thought I could make more money somewhere else”, and we’re ALL refugees in that sense, at least within the socio-economic readers of this blog. My economy sucks too, and if I could get on a plane from my burned-out town and get welfare indefinitely in the Amalfi coast, you can bet I’d go there tomorrow. While troubled, Africa itself is enormous and has a lot of good places too, not that you’d know it from the news, and as I said, the intervention. So how is it Europe’s responsibility to pay wages to every man on earth up to the level they would rather have? We know darn well that, unlike actual political refugees, journalists, former world leaders who need actual status, quite a majority is ruining it for those who are in more than economic trouble. …So many bad assumptions at once, because no one makes an attempt to think clearly or use words properly. It’s all emotional, and to be logical at all now extends beyond “heartless” into “Nazi-who-must-be-killed.” So we demonize and dismiss countrymen who ask practical questions in order to import mostly people who’d be fine back home but would like to make a little more money, by directly and measurably removing that money from our own country, while generally destabilizing it during the transition. Wot a world. These villains love it, because citizens have finally woken up to how bad Rajoy, Matterela, Merkel, Junker, and Barroso are, they desperately need a war, disorder, to convince the people to fight amongst themselves again and leave his Lordship on the hill. So in that way, it’s going swimmingly, and reporters are indeed vilifying anyone who believes in the existence of nation states, which does in fact require borders, entry rules, and prioritizing one’s own people on the inside, and yes at the expense of non-citizens on the outside. –Because 6 Billion people are outside of most every nation on earth and every individual nation even China and India would be immediately overrun if they had open welfare and open borders, I’m shocked I need to even remind such a thing.

    That said, the biggest threat to immigrants IS the open border policy, that encourages them to travel long distances through deadly territory using human traffickers — as well proven now — because they believe Europe is open to all comers. And P.S. that Europe is rich, which it also isn’t, it’s broke and treating the weakest citizens to a round of death by neglect by the thousands even before the economic crisis.

    Interesting case in Italy: yes, this mild economic rebuke is certainly not worth a revolt — and is certain to cause backlash, planned or unplanned (it’s all in who takes the blame) — but bankrupt countries can’t take 500,000 non-speaking, war-damaged, non-workers either. The author seems to assume Italy will shoot them or something, as he hasn’t even thought “hey, maybe we move them back to their home countries, but with foreign aid” which has already been done at least once recently. What to do with them is getting easier, as the Syrians can slowly return to Syria, and if we also leave Afghanistan, those can return as well.

    It’s arguably US/NATO intervention in Sudan and much of Africa destabilizing it, so doing anything within 100 miles of the right thing there — even handing it to China — would allow Africans to return home, which is, and has been the majority immigrants for some time. I call them immigrants and not refugees because I suspect the majority are “economic refugees” which just means, “hey I thought I could make more money somewhere else”, and we’re ALL refugees in that sense, at least within the socio-economic readers of this blog. My economy sucks too, and if I could get on a plane from my burned-out town and get welfare indefinitely in the Amalfi coast, you can bet I’d go there tomorrow. However, they’d arrest me, because it’s not about immigrants, it’s about the right kind of immigrants, whatever the fashion that day.

    While troubled, Africa itself is enormous and has a lot of good places too, not that you’d know it from the news, and as I said, the intervention. So how is it Europe’s responsibility to pay wages to every man on earth up to the level they would rather have? We know darn well that, unlike actual political refugees, journalists, former world leaders who need actual status, quite a majority is ruining it for those who are in far more than economic trouble. …So many bad assumptions at once, because no one makes an attempt to think clearly or use words properly. It’s all emotional, and to be logical at all now extends beyond “heartless” in the Thatcherite sense and into “Nazi-who-must-be-killed.” So we demonize and dismiss countrymen who ask practical questions in order to import mostly people who’d be fine back home but would like to make more money, by directly and measurably removing that money from our own country, while generally destabilizing it during the transition. Wot a world. These villains love it, because citizens have finally woken up to how bad Rajoy, Matterela, Merkel, Junker, and Barroso are, they desperately need a war, disorder, to convince the people to fight amongst themselves again, beg government to protect them, and leave his Lordship on the hill. So in that way, it’s going swimmingly, and reporters are indeed vilifying anyone who believes in the existence of nation states and the security they provide, a thing which requires borders, entry rules, and prioritizing one’s own people on the inside, and yes at the expense of non-citizens on the outside. …Because 6 billion people are outside of most every nation on earth and every individual nation including China and India would be immediately overrun if they had open welfare and open borders, I’m shocked I need to even remind such a thing.

    That said, the biggest threat to immigrants IS an open border policy that encourages them to travel long distances through deadly territory using human traffickers who enslave or kill them when convenient — as well proven now — because they believe Europe is open to all comers. And P.S. that Europe is rich, which it also isn’t, it’s broke and treating the weakest citizens to a round of death by neglect.

    …That small point took far longer than I intended, as always. Yes, the U.S. even as much as I make fun of it, is probably closer to B- or C+, just very badly distributed. They’re going to keep the lies going so raising interest rates, which we must internally, will savage emerging markets and ultimately Europe, and suck in that money in a U.S. safe haven, however badly deserved. That’s the reserve currency: the economy shrinks from the extremities to the core. If you don’t like it, get as far away as possible, which the U.S. seems to be demanding with otherwise irrational demands in Europe, Iran, etc, FORCING the world to go unipolar and off the dollar. …Otherwise, seeing how opposite the results are, wouldn’t they stop? Hard to believe, but to survive, the U.S. needs internal control, which they can’t get, hog-tied to monetary policy worldwide which encourages them to worldwide conquest Iraq-Arab Spring style. …Actually, that’s very similar to the immigration problem, that however powerful, a single nation cannot survive helping everyone else and not itself.

    The F35 is so bad the best thing the U.S. can do is sell as many as possible to Turkey until they’re incapable of flying to Greece at all without being shot down by a Sopwith Camel. …And it will bankrupt them faster, too, a win-win.

    And I’m surprised the Automatic Earth is even up today; I didn’t read the law, but if this is the one, it seemed intent to bankrupt anyone who said anything that wasn’t from the mouth of Himmler and Goebbels. Or Theresa May in this case. Good luck to us. They are openly arresting journalists who cover ordinary public interest stories now. I just assume I’ll be banned for life, and/or SWATted for daring to support the radical notion that nations have borders and entry rules. How dare I.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 25 2018 #40835
    Dr. D

    Killing Hospitals are part of the signed and approved Agenda 2030 “Green” policy. “Behold a Pale (Chloros) Horse!”

    The idea — or really more of a demand-or-else-we’ll-murder-you — is to make a fixed number of sci-fi 1984 megacities where people are easier to control, that way we’ll “save the planet” for the rest of the wildlife. …You know, the wildlife they cared so much about when spraying roundup, drilling for oil, paving for malls, and harvesting every living thing on or below the surface of the earth for profit. Funny thing, those big wild areas sure will make great medieval hunting estates, to be enjoyed by everyone provided you have a couple million dollars a pop to get out there. The rest of us will be in coffin cities seen by Japan, but really developed in China right now, using VR glasses so you never have to interact with the actual windowless shipping container you live in, much less jump out the window to Foxconn’s waiting nets.

    …You’d think I was making this up, but I’m not.

    Anyway, if rural people are … as the National Review said, “too stupid to rent a uhaul” and move where we tell them, central planning Chairman Mao- style, then they deserve what’s coming to them. https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2016/03/28/father-f-hrer/

    You might think this is being a crankee Yankee, but France has this plan a couple decades ahead of us, such that “national health” France has not only no hospitals in the countryside, but no doctors either. Love at its finest! Not content, they are driving the few stubborn holdouts into the sea, to insure there is –literally– no health care outside of the megacity.
    “It’s over for doctors like us. I’m among the last,” said Alain Ducoq, 67, of Leyme, southwest of Sousceyrac. “By 2015 there won’t be any more doctors around here.” Why? They won’t even keep telephone service up much less other infrastructure, yet invested $57B into cities, pulling cash OUT of the country. Like here, and Flyoverland. You can see if you have no telephone and health care, it’s hard to attract or keep people in your small town, but it’s our fault ‘natch, for being stupid and ignorant, ‘natch.

    Why? You be the judge. But I’m a coincidence theorist. Everything that happens is a big, god d–ned coincidence, and this coincidentally matches exactly the de-facto treaty initiative these same countries signed as far back as 1992, and started at exactly the same time. Hope they don’t expect any food! But you know they won’t worry: they’ll just eat cake!


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 24 2018 #40803
    Dr. D

    How about that National Health? Not only are they killing children, needing international legal intervention to allow them a chance at survival, (and this is not the only story) but now the costs keep rising, bankrupting the state, austerity, and disaster. And as a government system, neither can the doctors adjust and go private to get themselves and their patients out of harm’s way.

    Socialism always works at first, that’s why people still choose it. But this is what happens when you “run out of other people’s money,” then worse, there is no adjustment, no accountability, no cost-alignment, no backup system to move to. So they save people on the front end, then kill twice as many all at once on the back end, like Venezuela and Argentina. Every. Time. You can do what you want, but I’m on the American plan of not trusting them ever and taking my lumps all along, knowing that THERE AIN’T NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. You pay first, middle, and often. You can put it on the credit card, lash it to the mast of state, but it still costs. The reason it’s worse is that government (like the United States/Big Pharma) NEVER HAS ANY INCENTIVE TO MODERATE COSTS. Therefore costs become unmoored and rise unchecked until they bankrupt even nation-states, killing millions when healthcare and the state itself fails. All care costs, and over time the government is the worst possible provider of care for those two reasons, and I need a backup system for when they inevitably fail.

    With the North Seas fortune, it took a long time, but that is being played out in Britain right now.

    (“A Cornish councillor has compared children like mine to deformed lambs, saying they could be dealt with at birth by “smashing them against a wall”) Classy! Love in its highest form.

    Here’s a plan: STOP HELPING. You’re killing me and everyone. Go away.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 24 2018 #40802
    Dr. D

    Science! They both don’t know the effects of Global Warming, the cause (all their models have been wrong for 30 years) or the effects, much less the cost to within a trillion. But don’t let that stop you. Hey, did you hear everything they said about DNA is also wrong? Yes, it edits, (epigenetics) and no, every cell in your body does not have the same DNA code.



    Science! The authority failed again. And again. And again. But trust me. Although I’ve been wrong every day for 30 years, and cost you a trillion dollars in pointless adjustments that savaged the poor and profited my donors, this time I’ll be right. I promise.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 24 2018 #40801
    Dr. D

    This Is A Harsh Place To Have A Family (G.)

    It IS a terrible place to have a family, but that’s because it’s been scientifically engineered from the top for 50 years to be an inhuman, institutionalized, ‘soviet’ society with specific attacks on families, communities, and gender norms, mainstreaming the earlier psychotic development work on the institutionalized destruction of Native Americans and minorities.

    Author, again lost. Has to defend what’s killing her, her economy, her community, her family, and her children. Top indicator of childhood success? Fathers in the household, 2-parent families. So obviously we need to do the OPPOSITE of success in every way, every advertisement, every TV show, every law. So tell me, if you have economy=100, and you double the number of workers bidding for those jobs, what happens to wages? Wages=50%~? Amazing! That’s exactly the result we found when we put it in practice after Mary Tyler Moore! Now households that WOULD have needed only one income CAN’T, so you screwed all your neighbors in wage negotiations too, forcing all the OTHER women to have to abandon their kids and work, good job! (P.S. this is plank #8 in the Communist Manifesto.)

    Once you start down this road, see how pathological and ruinous it is, how “latchkey kids” can’t socialize, have ruinous, bankrupting divorces, and with the family unit the entire society dissolves, crime and drug use rises, do we turn around, prioritize our kids, and force a path to two-parent households and a single income? Not on your life, baby! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the ME generation, screw my husband, wife, kids, parents, bunch of fuddy-duddy Leave it to Beaver squares. I’m a hep cat. I’m cool. I’m down with it! You can’t restrain me with your rules about how if you sleep around, have serial parents, serial marriages, serial divorces, serial half-siblings, you’ll be financially ruined, exhausted, and damaged goods on the singles market, dying alone in old age. No way. The obvious law of consequences, thinking only 10 seconds ahead don’t apply to me. Women aren’t women, men aren’t men, children aren’t children. Why? Because I said so, I want it to be true. So you have children being the adults, men being women, women being men, and everybody trying to figure out why when you use a spoon as a hammer, and a hammer as an airplane wing, nothing works and everything’s confused.

    …And so this writer. If only the government — who promoted and/or enforced all these irrational, demonstrably ruinous, unproductive plans — would give us a little maternity leave, I’m sure it would all be great. We’d have the social cohesion of France or Sweden, who are coming apart at the seams and burning before our eyes. Look, it was worse in let’s say 1880 Europe, and you know what people did? They prioritized their family, their spouses, their children, even their communities and their churches before themselves. Because if you want to put yourself first, go “each his own” corporations –and lovers, and children — will surely reciprocate. The only way to stop this is to stop being selfish, extracting all you can at the expense of the other guy, the other gal, start keeping your word, taking responsibility, and work together as a unit. The ‘government’ is not going to help you, but neither can they stop you.

    But don’t worry, nobody’s going to do any of this. At all. They’re dedicated to being ruined, confused, blaming, victims who look to somebody else to bully the other guy to make them provide by force. Be it the hook-up you deserve, the husband who won’t do exactly as you tell him, the children who have their own minds and mistakes, or the wife who flakes out and takes both the money and the kids. Blame, blame, blame. Violence, violence, violence. Force, force, force. And you wonder why now your life, your country, is a harsh place to have a family. This is the magic utopia wonderland you wanted, you who were so much smarter than your fathers, now lie in the empty bed you still fight for, defend with your last breath like Westervelt does, and cry.

    “Life is hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2018 #40789
    Dr. D

    Would have to be careful — a parallel currency like Cuba or similar to the USSR ruble would have other problems and pressures.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2018 #40764
    Dr. D

    The U.S. is not going to pay its debts. It was never going to pay its debts. It has never paid its debts, and no other country has ever paid its debts. –Adam Smith, 1775, and incidentally, Martin Armstrong, 2018.

    “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. By increasing the number of U.S. dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the U.S. government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services. We conclude that, under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation.” –Ben Bernanke, 2002

    And why would they do that? UBI. Which is how Germany finally turned their printing to hyperinflation.

    So never, never fear about the debt. Don’t bother with charts about the debt. Don’t read articles about charts about the debt, or how much citizens owe on the debt. They’re not going to pay it. Mathematically, they can never pay them, it is impossible.

    “You know Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” –Dick Cheney

    That’s ’cause they made the decision to never pay them around 1979 and let Reagan go over the horizon of the point of no return.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 21 2018 #40745
    Dr. D

    Could leave small bank middle man and go to cryptos. –Just sayin’

    I don’t know about NZ, but everywhere else there are plenty of homes, most of which are empty. They’re empty due to housing costs, which turns them into greater-fool investments that pay for themselves, which is caused by each nation printing money and handing it to their insider billionaires, primarily by dropping interest rates.

    But let’s say that’s not true. Apparently in NZ — and in contrast to every other inch of planet earth — the road to pure riches is milking cows. Yay! So their solid dairy gold is so fabulously wealthy it’s drawing people OFF the farms and INTO the cities…hold on, I’m confused. Nevermind: my point is, like England the U.S., if you left Flint Michigan for San Francisco, then there are plenty of empty houses back in Michigan, and everywhere else from Arlington to Sacramento. So….why are the economies of Dayton, Billings, and Blackpool so utterly destroyed that human life is no longer supported there? Maybe if you fixed that people wouldn’t leave for London, S.F., or Christchurch and you’d have plenty of houses, just like before they started printing money and handing it out to billionaires in Minski’s Stage Three Ponzi Finance? I know no one will care, but something to think about doing after it collapses and the poor are going house to house with crowbars, hunting you in Georgetown. Maybe you could have just left them and their money alone and left them in Flint?

    in reply to: Who Needs Enemies? #40735
    Dr. D

    So in a single stroke Trump ended the American Empire and “rid Europe of all illusions”, i.e. told the truth to power? Let me know when the bad part starts.

    Oddly, this is strongly at odds with other perspectives, for example, that by forcing a revolt and ending 50 years of extortion of Europe he’s going to get them to a) buy American gas we neither have nor can deliver, b) stop Europe from trading with Russia, which is killing them, particularly Germany but obviously Italy, or c) keep Iran from going financially independent in a Russia-China-Iran triangle.

    Is that what’s going on? Or is a different scenario the U.S. cracking the unipolar egg so it can’t be unscrambled, crushing Europe to do it, which is not only a major competitor but a source of the trouble, for when Trump puts “sanctions” on Russia, isn’t he just hurting Merkel, who will then flip Germany away from Globalists of the Deep State to nationalists, and also pick and choose oligarchs that may (or may not be) personal enemies of Russia, thereby allowing Putin to intervene in internal affairs his setup agreement had ceded to Medredev? Certainly years of previous sanctions has strongly strengthened Russia, at a price. So if this is working so “badly” why is being done and doubled down except that the plan — as you might remember from the campaign, which no one does — is PEACE with Russia, and to PULL OUT of Europe, interventionism, in Syria, South Korea, everywhere. So when that happens, when the U.S. has no ISIS to fight, has peace talks with NoKo, is going to be booted persona non grata from Europe for no longer helping, war-mongering, paying 60, 80% of NATO when we’re utterly broke and have no fight with Russia, it’s all an amazing accident? Yup. Amazing, amazing coincidence that the campaign promises are beginning to occur. Maybe it’s been so long anyone kept them, that they can’t credit it. Maybe they play chess by marching their pawns blindly across the chessboard instead of feinting and zig-zagging, I dunno.

    Again: Europe, you’re on your own. Get with the program, we’re broke and going home so do whatever it is you (non Globalist) guys do. And you might want to start with Greece, I heard their house burned down, and when the Red Cross came they looted the place. That’s not making you look good. So bad in fact that above Brexit, “anti-Europe” (obviously the OPPOSITE of any such thing as they ARE Europe) won 70% in an election, then all 3 winning parties in Italy are telling you to pack it too. There’s no “Europe” in Brussels that abandons and savages Europeans, I’m surprised I have to point out such a thing. After a place, Europe is only her people, the ones your “European” Project has killed by thousands. Knock it off, and don’t blame Trump for your garbage, we got enough of our own.

    in reply to: Have We All Been Silenced? #40702
    Dr. D

    Speaking of words:

    “Nationalists”? You mean somebody who believes nations exist and have limits and obligations under international law? So who are these “non-nationalists” that are implied? By contrast, what do they believe in? Lack of nations, lack of limits, lack of obligations, or lack of laws?

    And I’m quite sure that the police needed that PTSD therapy in case their hamster is also killed by the Russians by a nerve agent with no antidote and that can kill a town. Or was it the Salisbury Police that killed it by not bothering to keep their pets fed and watered? The world may never know how the Skripal’s hamster died, but we’ll keep printing stories on it and licking that door handle. News at 11:00.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2018 #40698
    Dr. D

    40% don’t eat or live anywhere? I smell a math problem, since they’re not dead. But food stamps, etc? Maybe.

    40% rates? Depends on where in the cycle you are. The U.S. had 20% rates to stop our inflation, Russia 18%(?), and Brazil like over 40% I think. Depends on confidence, and why anyone, anywhere has confidence in Argentina I don’t understand.

    Europe getting the message, but really slowly:

    “Trump’s strategy seems to be to force us to buy their more expensive gas, but as long as LNG is not competitive, Europe will not agree to some sort of racket and pay extortionate prices,” an EU official said.”


    This has been true from the get-go, but they couldn’t exactly say, “Of course our strategy isn’t to sell you U.S. shale gas LNG — heck, we haven’t even built the ships and terminals to say nothing of 2-3x higher cost!!! — We just need to make s**t up until we arm and fund enough bloodthirsty militants like ISIS to kill enough Syrians to get the Israeli/UAE gas through the new Syrian pipeline into Europe for another 30 year’s supply.” Yeah, optics on that: not so good.

    However, if you stop that, the obvious happens: Russia becomes Siamese twin to Europe, with corresponding power. That’s why Cheney and the neo-cons were determined to nuke them in the 90s and get them back in the box so Exxon would own the Russian gas and all the Russians would be more dead than they already were under neoliberal “reform.” It’s even worse now since Russia’s given up on Europe and doesn’t even WANT to sell to the criminally insane loony bin, preferring stable, rational, non-bloodthirsty non-Bandera neo-Nazi nations like China.

    Next question: since this is absolutely, positively HAS to be the result — the result of arm-twisting Europe, the result of getting out of Syria — is Trump setting up with Russia on purpose? He’s basically empowering them and therefore forcing the creating of a multipolar world by force, ending the U.S. empire like he promised, or is he a dummy and it’s all just a big accident? CNN assures me everything he’s ever done is a Chauncey Gardiner accident. Thoughts.

    in reply to: I Am Julian Assange #40665
    Dr. D

    “Looking at latest decisions of @realDonaldTrump someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies. But frankly, EU should be grateful. Thanks to him we got rid of all illusions. We realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.”— Donald Tusk May 16, 2018

    May be getting the message. Enough lying, you’re on your own.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 16 2018 #40658
    Dr. D

    I don’t know how they can call the Greek bailout “successful.” There are still a few Greeks left alive and a few assets not in Germany. I imagine they mean to remedy this oversight at the earliest opportunity.

    The Guardian article is not only well-meant but quite smart. That is the intent and the reason (as usual) for re-defining words to steal and destroy as good lawyers do. Everything about it is insanity. “Capitalism” is ill-defined as the word is created by its arch-enemy Karl Marx, but making things and trading them is supposed to be PART of a system, one aspect of human society and behavior that includes morals, religions, families, time, history, savings, sense, planning, and a thousand other things. You don’t reduce my telling the truth or helping my children to dollar signs. You don’t distill the seas and the forests that we are a small, transitory part of down to dollar signs. –If anything, the greater ocean, forest, earth should put a dollar sign on small, mobile, disposable us. But the madness of the West, of unrestrained ego makes us think we are somehow important, influential, meaningful. “Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow” and the earth, the seas, the things we pretend in our ego to price, go on and on without us. Some societies knew this. Some did not go mad. But at this time and place we have gone utterly mad and there’s no one left to notice. The earth didn’t forget us though, she will persist and when we exhaust ourselves with madness and return to our rightful, tiny place, she will still be there waiting. But don’t look for it soon. They don’t even know they’re off the path, much less looking for the right one, which is so nearby, and so easy.

    “In the middle of the journey of our life. I found myself astray in a dark wood. where the straight road had been lost sight of.” — Dante Alighieri 1308

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 15 2018 #40646
    Dr. D

    This would be counterproductive, but: the UK should print money to keep their poor people from dying. But priorities, you know. Printing for billionaire carbon-profits AND killing poor Englishmen is a win-win!

    in reply to: A Life Wasted #40643
    Dr. D

    Vets were super mad at McCain and called him “Songbird” who wasn’t really tortured because he immediately cooperated with the enemy against his own troops. E.g. Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain Pretty in character for a guy who bought his way into being a pilot, then walked away from a reckless, goof-off, court-martial murder of all those guys on the carrier. I ain’t no Senator’s (Admiral’s) son.

    McCain then used his position to suppress and make secret the truth about his time in Vietnam. Classy!
    However, some got out: https://www.oathkeepers.org/breaking-news-john-mccains-1969-tokyo-rose-propaganda-recording-released/

    When he got back, he dumped the wife who had waited for him for a new trophy wife. Classy squared!
    This was in addition to a life of war-mongering, theft, and allegedly child trafficking and murder. Then he took all money raised for his campaign, didn’t spend it on the race, then funneled it to himself via a Clintonesque-charity that can’t seem to give money to causes.

    His push to steal thousands of miles of land (and mineral/water rights) for the NATFA superhighway is what pushed radio personality Dave Hodges to action: he was going to destroy Dave’s new house and steal all the water in town.

    Here’s when he met with ISIS in 2013, shaking hands with al-Baghdahi: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/6gjm99/will_mccain_mourn_the_loss_of_his_friend_abu_bakr/
    Who then of course killed thousands high on drugs from Saudi and arms from Libya, including killing children, rape slaves, and eating human hearts. Amazing! Is it natural, or is it John McCain?

    Here’s taking money honestly raised and NOT using it on charity: https://yournewswire.com/mccain-institute-child-trafficking/ Rumor has it this is more than not spending money, like Oxfam, it’s a cover for pedophilia and child trafficking, but although suspicious and in character, I cannot find open proof.

    And worst senator for children: https://thinkprogress.org/mccain-rated-as-americas-worst-senator-for-children-cd0438e4b764/ Straight up voting record.

    This is just some of the most recent allegations that surfaced in public without digging or subpoena power. But you can judge for yourself. Wouldn’t shock me if he’s totally faking being sick at all in order to get out of trouble and retire to a beach in Thailand. If so, it would probably be the smallest fraud/crime he’s committed in the last 40 years.

    Translation: not a fan of the McCain.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2018 #40618
    Dr. D

    What I’ve been trying to say: Truly Dickensian. I mean not hyperbole, but coldly, accurately, deadly Dickensian, Oh Albion. “But Dickensian is [ _____ ]. That’s not us.” Oh yes it is, just like the Great American Depression since 2000, complete with Joad families evicted from Bakersfield and living in cars, massive tent cities throughout the land, living in the L.V. sewers, exactly what happened in Dickens’ England is going on now: desperate workers shifting for jobs, sex work, exploitation, soft and hard, exportation, drugs, death, murder, gangs, and the complete and total uncaring of the eating class denying it at their ice-sculpture parties with pretty, unreachable words. They rolled it off as “normal” and “temporary” last time too: in 1930, in 1810. Watch Tess of the D’Urbervilles and tell me: millennial sex work after employment and hope fails? Check out SugarDaddy.com

    I sure am glad they have Social Democratic system that doesn’t let people fall through the National Health, hold them hostage until the only hope is Italian citizenship, and gives everyone a handout, keeps up proper high-rise safety codes instead of payoffs, and would never allow roving gangs commit gang rapes without a police response, because boy, if the government stopped support because they were bankrupt as Venezuela, having disarmed the population, it would be even worse than never promising that support at all. Their Social Democracy where the government does everything the church, family, charity, friendship, club, and business used to do, and now all those parallel structure are gone: from 8 table legs to one. Kick it out, and it’s the jungle.


    So, does this have anything to do with shifting to Minsky’s Ponzi Finance? You know, where London Banking is so profitable they shut down and demolished all other industry from Newcastle, Leeds, Blackpool, Manchester, and now there is no variety of industry to keep the wheels moving and people employed and productive? How’d that work out for one-show ponies Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and South Africa? The one thing you learn from history is nobody learns anything from history. In their arrogance, they just claim to be smarter than their fathers were, with no when they’re not even as smart as the citizens they despise.

    This border thing only shows how much they don’t want to solve it, and have no compunction to stall and squabble while people die. How’s that EU border with Norway? Impossible to cross? How about Switzerland? Since Ireland and England have been separate countries since at least 1921, yet there seems to have been some commerce between them. Heavens to Betsy! However was this accomplished??? We just can’t figure it out!

    Dump the EU or they’ll tie you up and drag you down, extort you for 100 years. Open your border however you wish, and if the EU boycotts it, militarizes it, lines up 500,000 immigrants at it, you can show the world who’s the real villain here. Problem Solved. Next!

    What’s probably going to happen and England is stalling for, is for the EU to crack in Italeave, and DeutscheBank collapsing, then they can play blameless. They could care less how many lives are ruined and citizens die until then. Egos and placing the blame is the most important thing in the whole wide world.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 11 2018 #40564
    Dr. D

    The Current Affairs Collectivist article is a hodge-podge impressionistic nonsense. Very popular these days!

    Basically, I can distill the problem down to that they think modern Fascism — a merger of state and corporations, focusing on special rights for some, protections, and monopolies — is “Capitalism” when in fact Fascism is most closely associated with the National Socialist Worker’s Party, which is, like all Socialists, Collectivists. Then being totally baffled when collectivist, socialist A is like collectivist, socialist B. Such are our choices these days.

    You want to know who hires anyone? Who will help out employees when they have families and need to stay home? Sole proprietors and small business under 20. Hey if blacks aren’t being hired, could that be because the once sizeable and healthy black business sector has been destroyed? And how did that happen? An asteroid from space? You know who would (is) eating your record execs, editors, and who would eat Tesla and Wells Fargo along with Best Buy and no-tax-paying-G.E. if the central cartel and government weren’t shovelling trillions in cash on top of their favorite sons, no matter how many fails, no matter how many crimes that would have the rest of us arrested? Yes, those same small businesses.

    It takes tremendous central power, favoritism, and inequality between groups to keep these idiots in power and Capitalism (that is, the freedom to act and to trade) out. That central power and favoritism is called “Fascism,” and I don’t use the word carelessly. So his problem of “collectivism” is that “collectivism” is in fact being used, with the same “some are more equal than others” results you saw with Soviet party members. There’s no difference between the Party/goverment owning and directing all, and giving vouchers to the workers than the “Capitalist” system we have were 2 companies in each industry are protected by bank and government, cannot be prosecuted, and pay off the poor with welfare and UBI. At least in Feudalism they had the decency to tell you they were the gods, you were the rats, and if you got uppity, they’d stab you. These guys can’t even rise to that level, see Greece: “Oh it’s all for your own good! We have nothing to do with it! We’re only completely vacating the population of Greece with our bombs of pure love and caring.”

    Spare their claptrap and give me equal protection under the law. Then I can open 10 million fraudent accounts in other people’s names and charge them overdraft fees and use the money to broker jumbo jets to Mexican drug cartels. I’ll be rich! And I’ll call it my “moral genius” and a “free market” like Elon Musk does! But “Current Affairs” has the collective brains of Harvard, need I say more.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini.

    in reply to: Let’s (Not) Make a Deal #40563
    Dr. D

    My God, I should hope so. The U.S. has broken every treaty they ever made, ask any Indian. If only Europe would break from the U.S., Europe, the U.S. and the whole world would be better off. That may indeed be the point. We’re cutting back to our borders, they’re on their own, they need to get the massage post-haste, and they’re not getting it.

    However, the key here is “no continuity from one administration to the next”. And with a Treaty, there is and must be. That’s why they’re hard to make! They’re very serious and hard to break. If you want your continuity, then get the votes and pass one. It ain’t Trump’s fault Obama was a lazy sot who didn’t bother (or couldn’t because what was in it — a thing we still can’t read). That’s a surprise to exactly no one. Congress SAID THEY WOULD DO THIS. They went to Iran and TOLD THE IRANIANS. That means France, Germany, all 195 nations know. So if it was never legal and no surprise, who’s offended except CNN? Certainly not John Kerry, he (allegedly) doesn’t know what’s in it.

    If I let you use my lawn mower, then want it back, is it yours? It’s not yours until you sign a contract. That’s not a reversal — the event never happened in the first place, and Iran knew it, Congress knew it, the French knew it and the Germans knew it. They all played a big game of let’s pretend while we siphon off what is reported to be $300B into unmarked, unnamed agencies.

    Just another case of everything reported being false, and it makes it really hard to follow what’s going on when everything reported is a lie.

    P.S. what kickback did Flint, Michigan get in this deal? A: Zero. $200M would have given then 100% new water and they got nothing. For $300B, 1,500 other collapsing cities got the same treatment. I’m one of them.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2018 #40545
    Dr. D

    It’s not an accident or coincidence, it’s a structure. Those in power pay government and other powers, the SEC, media, banks, to pay them more in a vicious cycle. More power = more rigging = more power. That’s not natural at all, it’s market rigging, advantaging contrary to anything like “law”, “society” or “capitalism.” Anyhow, the system is then rigged to give money to those who don’t work and away from those who do work.

    Why? Because obviously people who don’t work want to get paid anyway — something for nothing: that’s the whole reason to rig things! And they can only get money from productive sectors, i.e. those few who do work. Although this is always the case, this is done in our system via banking, credit, money-printing, and monopoly/regulation/protectionism.

    So short answer, the banking system profits reckless speculators and toll-making rentiers that don’t work over productive sectors that build real things. As the power increases, the money-funnel increases infinitely until all $12T GDP is spent exclusively on market-rigging, paper-shuffling theft, and $0 are spent on making things.

    In fact, it’s worse than that. For 30 years the speculative, parasitic system has been openly mining the wealth of the productive, “capital” and “capital goods” like factories, machine tools, grain silos, railroads, and worker training, then blaming the victim, not the thief. As always happens. Remember Minski’s hedge borrowers, speculative borrowers, and Ponzi borrowers? At the end, they keep profit and power in a hollow economy by Ponzi borrowing, that is, they stop working and mine real household assets to gamble at the casino, and this works as well for the nation as it does for grandma: i.e. insolvency and complete collapse.

    Bad news: we no longer have a nation.
    Good news: since it was all rigged and fake, completely irrational and counter-capitalist, all we need to do is STOP LYING, STOP RIGGING, enforce any level of ordinary, traditional law and equal justice, and the system will recover almost immediately. (Unfortunately, from the position of having been flattened and put in disarray, with a maximum of things we don’t need like OLEDs, lawyers, and hedge funds, and a minimum of real things we do like foundries, bridges, and power plants.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2018 #40537
    Dr. D

    I dunno, one of the big beefs is that employers have to train their employees anyway. High school, even college, is no value to them. Alternatively, “Society” catastrophically did NOT train either workers or people. But they sure took a whole lot of money to NOT do this. Denninger has been following this best, commenting on the recent report that almost NO high school graduates have competency: 37% in reading, 25% in math. In his decade of hiring experience 90% of applicants could not do simple math or write a business letter, 4th grade stuff.

    And this is the Millennial’s fault? I have the feeling they were the students during this period, not the teachers, administrators, parents, and congressmen.


    This is the GOOD news. In Baltimore, they have ZERO competency at graduation: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/project-baltimore/13-baltimore-city-high-schools-zero-students-proficient-in-math

    That’s not made up, it’s not uncommon, I see it every day in America for rural and urban students alike. Since the same kids who would read and learn at home are clearly doing it anyway, why not close the schools and save your time and effort, stop pretending?

    Because THE LIE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL COSTS!!! Damn the torpedoes, I don’t care who dies! I want mine and my paycheck, my comfy illusion. What was the #1 rule of slave owners? Don’t let the slaves read, don’t let them get educated. We sure learned that lesson, but the wrong way.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2018 #40522
    Dr. D

    I feel safer knowing the government is protecting me by studying widespread, deadly poison after just 44 years. …Doing nothing about it, mind you, just studying it. Maybe by 2062 we’ll be allowed to know what’s in it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2018 #40512
    Dr. D

    Speaking of, for our foreign readers, the U.S. system was originated to be like this: Congress was supposed to be like a permanently-standing Congressional Convention of Philadelphia in 1776 divided by State and public houses. However, they knew from hard experience that a committee would take a year to settle the bagel order, so the actual daily functions were wrapped in an “Executor”, a “Presider” who would then execute the express will of Congress like Gen. Washington did. So the President works FOR Congress. They give him the rules and can remove him at their pleasure. So the Justice Department works for who? The President, the Executive branch. That branch works for and reports to who? Congress. They’re even a bigger boss than the President. They have subpoena power, hold the purse strings, etc. and can ultimately remove anyone.

    So when Congress tells the Justice Department to stop jerking around and provide documents we paid for, we own, and have all authority over, what do they say? “Nah, we don’t feel like it.” And when the President, their direct report, gives orders to them, they…openly conspire and commit I-could-not-image-how-many felonies including sedition to remove him. Because they did not prefer this particular candidate in an election the former President has said was legitimate several times.

    And these guys, the NYT, WaPo, are arguing how there is no Deep State. “There is no deep state, [only] a deep … commitment to the rule of law…” –James Comey. Aw! So sweet! You know, no one in there at all who doesn’t immediately snap to and obey their commanding officer, whether they care for him or not. Having nothing to hide, they immediately provide documents for what they were doing and why, both to Congress and the Chief Executor, right? What? No? How can that be? In fact, how do they get away with it? If I worked in a hospital and they asked, “Why did you do this procedure?” and I said, “I can’t tell you,” What do you think would happen? If the Hospital Administration, the HMO lawyer, the patient’s lawyer demanded the records, and I said, “Yeah, you can’t see that.”? “But we paid for it.” “Yeah, about that: I don’t care.” “So you’re hiding something.” “No! No, not at all! Everything was great, totally legal, I have nothing to hide. I’m just never, ever going to tell you what happened regardless of how many subpoenas and court appearances I make.” Would they fire me a minute before arresting me or would they wait that long? I mean before suing me on behalf of 10 civil charges, then charging me with theft, obstruction, tampering, etc railroad my lawyer, and search my home and office without a warrant like they do everybody else around here?

    …No, I’m sure they would just keep employing me, ask politely again a year after the first request, and shower me with public accolades about my heroism, honor, and duty. Yeah, that would totally happen at any workplace on earth. You know, where there’s no Deep State total commitment to law, and no incentive to commit sedition by overturning a legally elected official. In fact, I’m going to go not do my job and refuse to turn over proof of any work I’ve done right now – forever. I’m sure they’ll understand. Not that I didn’t flip those burgers, mind you, just that it’s all honorable people always refuse to provide proof of work when they get paid, then are never questioned or fired for it. Especially (or exclusively) when they make six figures with a million dollar pension. This is your Democracy, this is your FBI.

    Hey, if you don’t like him, vote him out, bounce the midterms, that’s how it works. If he’s that bad it’ll be super-easy. Not Justice for me and none for you, because the rest of us can lie, steal, and not do our jobs too, and you won’t like it.

    “Do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely — sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election?” — Hillary Clinton

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2018 #40509
    Dr. D

    How on earth does the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover, (that was 1924-1971 … he got a special extension) have a reputation to uphold? At all? This is the FBI that told MLK to kill himself. This is the FBI that kept lists and locked up protestors, and investigated Quakers for war crimes after 9-11. These are the guys who DIDN’T investigate several leads on 911 and incidentally almost every other mass violence we’ve had in the last 20 years, including Parkland and San Bernardino. This is the FBI that was reported to have doctored forensic lab evidence on demand for decades and was listed by the no less than the New York Times to have fabricated or aided 90% of the people arrested for domestic terrorism. Who but a packet of sycophants and bootlicking toadies could possibly, possibly think that the FBI has any — ANY — reputation at all?

    And yet, reality never matters. Never, ever doing your job, always, always beng caught in political vendettas and power blackmail for 100 continuous years means nothing, has no effect.

    Yeah, down here on the street we’re super worried about tarnishing the FBI’s stellar reputation for honesty and restraint. Cause if I complain they’ll illegally wiretap me, fabricate evidence, and frame me as a terrorist when I’m a Quaker, then threaten to arrest my family if I don’t plead guilty without trial. …Proof in their own records, and 1st tier newspaper reports. But why bother with published truth when we have an “authority”? j/k Love you guys; don’t arrest me. Life on the line for a job 1/10th as dangerous as being a roofer and 5x the pay. True American heroes.

    in reply to: A Guide to American Political Ironies #40456
    Dr. D
    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2018 #40453
    Dr. D

    Like I said, if China buys Brazil beans, then whoever used to buy Brazil now has to buy U.S. beans. It may be short-term disruptive, but there is X food on earth and Y people. One way or another, those people are going to eat that food.

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