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    CNN: You said debate qualifying process lacks transparency. But standards have been known. So what gives?

    Tulsi Gabbard:
    There’s questions about what polls are used

    CNN: But that’s been known for months. How is that not transparent?

    Tulsi Gabbard: I don’t think we have time to get into it

    Tulsi has a Russian problem, not CNN.

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    The FBI is about to get Hillary. The reality is: “The House Select Committee on Benghazi just released its report. It totally absolves Hillary Clinton and blames the deaths on a slow military response. Mind you, this was released by Devin Nunes who must now admit that Hillary’s testimony was truthful and the GOP accusations were BS.”

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    Gabbard?? She has no chance. She’s friends of Russia.

    US pressure on Venezuela was Trump’s way of rewarding Russia, pushing PDVSA into hands of Rosneft and Putin.

    Rosneft has become Venezuela’s top oil trader, helping offset US pressure. Rosneft is the main trader shipping oil to buyers in China & India, helping Caracas offset the loss of traditional dealers who are avoiding it for fear of breaching US sanctions.

    Trump and family have to refill their Russian money chests.

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    “CNN Hires Former FBI #2 Andy McCabe, Who Was Fired For Leaking And Lying (ZH)”

    Trump and his circus lie every day. Sarah Sanders and several others have been hired by Fox who lied every day. Liers being hired by Trump is just a job interview for Fox.

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    Chasing the Clintons is pathetic. The GOP and Russians have had 20 years and all they got was Bill lying about a blow job. Trump and his circus have obstructed justice and successfully. The Russians did and continue to spread disinformation and distractions like ‘any day now there will be a release of evidence’ against the Clintons. You sound like the Jehovah Witnesses and their end of the world days.

    The Clintons’ are the biggest most powerful, luckiest fantastic super global criminals or the GOP are the most incompetent of investigators. The Russians are a far bigger problem than the Clintons and Trump is the polar opposite of those leaders who made America a strong country.

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    Pardon her for uncovering the Putin attacks!!

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    Several articles here focused on how Robert Mueller did and not on what Robert Mueller had to say. They do this for a reason.

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    “I would think Ukraine is trying to provoke things, but western politicians and media all disagree.”

    Russian Navy rams Ukrainian tugboat in Azov Strait – translation

    This is a translation of video showing Russian naval vessel Don ramming Ukrainian tugboat Yani Kapu near Kerch on 25 November. Video was filmed by Russian sailors. #Azov

    Posted by Euromaidan Press on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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    It’s clear Trump wasn’t worried until Cohen got caught. But hey the AE points out that 2 lawyers, the only American citizens except for Fox News with a license to lie have an opinion and thus the wheels of justice should halt.

    V. Arnold, you are just a participant like I am and this is a public forum.
    You got anything other than names and accusations?

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    “Two lawyers in the WSJ warning that the FBI had so tainted the process, Mueller should at a minimum pause his investigation.”

    2 lawyers with an opinion and the investigation should be paused? Well, of course, stop the wheels of justice!

    Trump is acting so guilty, the only thing he hasn’t done yet is hanging himself.
    Trump tweets about the “witch hunt”

    May 2017: 3 times
    June 2017: 5 times
    July 2017: 6 times
    Oct 2017: 1 time
    Dec 2017: 2 times
    Jan 2018: 1 time
    Feb 2018: 3 times
    March 2018: 2 times
    April 2018: 9 times
    May 2018: 20 times
    June 2018: 22 times

    What happened between April and May?
    FBI raid on Cohen was in April.

    The Automatic Earth? Nothing to see here, move on.

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    The old CO2 is plant food argument equals “I haven’t thought this through” argument.

    Based on simple and appealing logic: if plants need CO2 for their growth, then more of it should be better. We should expect our crops to become more abundant and our flowers to grow taller and bloom brighter.

    Old saying, “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” For example, if a doctor tells you to take one pill of a certain medicine, it does not follow that taking four is likely to heal you four times faster or make you four times better. It’s more likely to make you sick.

    These conjectures fail to consider that increasing the availability of one substance that plants need also requires availability of others to accrue benefits.

    It also fails to take into account an increase in deserts and other arid lands, reducing the area available for crops and population.

    Economies do not live on debt alone nor do plants live on CO2 alone. It is not a simple task to increase water and fertilizer across the globe.

    Presuming that more green leaf area is a good phenomena doesn’t account for the depletion and subsequent deficiencies of the other necessary compounds and elements and can be indicative of an actual adverse response.

    As we require food, not just green leaves the impact of CO2 will have some necessarily negative impacts on agriculture and plant growth in general.

    “1. CO2 enhanced plants will need extra water both to maintain their larger growth as well as to compensate for greater moisture evaporation as the heat increases. Where will it come from? In many places rainwater is not sufficient for current agriculture and the aquifers they rely on are running dry throughout the Earth.

    We are experiencing more intense storms with increased rainfall rates. Such intense bursts do not have time to soak into the ground, quickly flooding into creeks, then rivers, storage reservoirs eroding top soil and leaching nutrients.
    2. Increased leaf surface means more fertilization to keep plants healthy. Fertilizers are made mostly from natural gas which will become increasingly more expensive over time, driving up the price of food.
    3. Too high a concentration of CO2 causes a reduction of photosynthesis in some important food crops. Higher CO2 reduces the nutritional quality of food staples, such as wheat. Less photosynthesis and low quality do not make a progressing civilization.

    4. Presuming that initial bust of green leafing is like endless cheap oil, will continue defies real experience and actual history. As always, that promising burst of growth upon initial exposure to C02, is no different than the “nitrogen plateau”. Debt, nitrogen and CO2 benefits soon truncate.
    5. Increased green leafing while decreasing quantities and quality of our food increases that of insects and herbivores. For example, injecting sewage sludge into the soil increased the growth of soybeans, it also greatly increased the population of rabbits which ate more and lowered the crop harvest.

    Thus the “more CO2 there is, is better” argument doesn’t hold up.

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    “Gossip sells.” Trump junior has made the gossip into a smoking cannon.

    Russia didn’t need anyone to do reveal negative information on Hillary or anyone. They could just have published it. Meeting only necessary for quid pro quo and by force of habit, the Trumps accepted.

    As a habit, it never occurred to them that Russia was free to use the Automatic Earth to publish their negative information for an example.

    Have to wonder what quid pro quos the Trump’s have given to the Russians over all the years.

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    Stop the nonsense. Comey, as a recently fired and as a private citizen revealed his notes in response to Trump’s public comments. By discussing it previously and openly, Trump effectively declassified and removed any executive privilege from the discussion and subject matter.

    And regarding Comey, what classified information did he reveal?

    Correcting your first point then:

    Comey admitted to subsequently sharing unclassified and no longer protected by executive privilege, his version of a private talk in the
    Oval Office, a private talk Trump made public and unprotected by executive privilege.

    So how great is that Financial Choice Act? Something I hope you would share your thoughts on.

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