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  • in reply to: Debt Rattle March 23 3023 #131914

    Oh god someone else riding their hobby horse,,please desist
    I wonder if you can explain how the laser reflectors got to the moon,
    to measure elapsed time reflection and hence distance.
    Quickly put into use

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2023 #127860

    Thanks Raul and Dr D
    Just to give another perspective….how many ancestors have you had?
    (homo sapiens only, hard to guess for before)
    120K years of homo sapiens, so 5000-6000 generations
    So, 2^6000 or 2^5000 (2E6000) = 10^1500 or 10^1800
    Put a 1 (one) in upper left corner, fill 1/3-1/2 page with zeros
    can you see past your nose? maybe to navel?
    That’s a lot of lives and dreams in the distant past
    All those people made it to breeding age,
    the mother at least 6 months more…..
    or you wouldn’t be here

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 30 2022 #114652

    Troll? listen to the pot call the kettle black
    But I’d much rather read Dr D
    I’m getting rather annoyed with truthy’s spam,
    give it a rest, will you?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 26 2022 #112230

    Dr D,, no bees don’t switch genders,
    they can’t,,,, queens get ‘milk’ their whole life
    workers quickly get solid food
    Occasionally diploid drones happen (same sex alle),
    as soon as workers recognize this larvae is eaten
    All adult drones are monoploid, unfertilized egg
    But apis mellifera, apis cereana are different
    than nearly all other wild bees
    Most wild queens over-winter solitary
    and start new nest, all on her own
    So early brood is 1/2 starved
    And bees tasks change as they age
    Not so simple

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 25 2022 #112177

    I have had cows, even lost 1 to bloat, 30y ago
    (& it can happen damn quick, I was there, sent the
    kid running for knife, by the time he was back she was dead)
    transmutation..I don’t think this means what you think it means
    Organic transmutation….sorry, no
    Try feeding cattle only straw (low N), OK for a short while
    (or to stretch the feed). Long term, dead cows
    Rumen bacteria break up cellulose into sugars,
    grass contains protein, both are necessary to feed rumen bacteria

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 20 2022 #111865

    >– An experienced beekeeper told me to watch out for a raid by other hives on my new hive. He said once it happens there’s no stopping it

    I, to, am an experienced BK
    “Robbing” is REALLY annoying
    There is a trick, quite often works
    On the robbed hive, an empty super with a glass lid
    Shade with cover spaced on bricks
    Robbers fly up, bang heads on glass,
    after a few days smell ‘wrong’ for original hive
    New hive becomes strong from tricked robbers
    A form of judo

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 14 2022 #111535

    @ezlxa….> And it has appeared rather suddenly.
    I have had bees for quite a while…
    The 1st few washes/tests showed quite large infestations,,
    +10% where 1-3% is the usual treatment max
    Since drones fly +10 mi, not real good odds to stop it
    the poison is supposed to be removed when there are no more robbers
    We will see

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 3 2022 #110904

    The Holodomor had a lot to do with a rather long drought
    Its affects were NOT restricted to Ukraine, other areas suffered as much
    Unless you think Stalin could control the weather…….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2022 #108105

    Yah, bursa and kharkov are only minor tactical defeats, nothing of value there
    I did see, in print (FWIW) that the russians offered bus rides in bursa
    (when withdrawing, they were NOT withdrawing under fire)
    The rail lines are not near the kharkov AFU advance,
    The rail lines are near the artillery, I’m sure they don’t want to wear out the tubes with high rate fire,
    so slow fire out of lots of tubes is better
    There was some mention of 2nd level troops for back to keep law and order
    And for nazi’s creeping back
    I’m sure it is an immense problem, all the POWs, that right away tells who is winning
    And, I’m afraid (not really) that AFU is running out of bodies (and much else, there’s that logistics again)
    These lightweight 155’s will fit into a food delivery truck, still got to feed it (and fix it, they are not that durable)
    That’s if counter battery hasn’t found it 1st
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fresh 50K RA pinch off the karkov advance, a few more for the bag
    Time is on Putin’s side ,, so why rush?
    And westerners get quickly bored, no attention span

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 10 2022 #105849

    Just hilarious

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2022 #105734

    Rainbow Six—-Tom Clancy must have been a time traveler
    (also airplanes as weapons)
    Everyone seems to have a one-sided coin
    Man o man, I want one of those one-sided coins
    $1000 for one, any condition,, $10,000 for a fine example
    Some suitable phrases:
    elite cockroach
    recidivist liar,, for the “right” tone

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2022 #104858

    So I thought I should buy some Rubles, for various reasons
    I would NOT have expected to lose money (long term), but
    in Canada, not available. Is this the start?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 6 2022 #103677

    There was a bad harvest, the price of food went up, quite a bit
    That’s probably why the graffiti, and why it was a spark
    Expect to see a LOT more of that in the next year,
    thanks to the elite cockroaches, not only criminally incompetent
    but also recidivist liars

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2021 #96255

    Oh, forgot,, if it is fungus, fungus hates thymol, thymol IS poisonous in large quantity
    dissolve thymol crystals in alcohol, then dilute

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2021 #96254

    About your skin problem, boxers often soak their hands in saturated salt water to
    toughen the skin, not many ‘bare knuckles’ these days tho
    OR, finger cots with a vitamin E in each one, maybe alternate treatments,
    make it uncomfortable for any bug/fungus

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 19 2021 #93018

    For an engineer this may be eye-opening

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 8 2021 #91875

    I have squeezed a cows tits more than 10 years, so…..
    It occurs to me that homogenization is not pasteurization
    Quite correct
    Pasteurization, back in the day(<80 yr ago), was quite useful, TB and brucillousis(sp?) are
    both nasty diseases. By the 50’s this was mostly gone

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2021 #89463

    Is your friend wondering if the ‘pour on’ version will
    adsorb thru human skin the same as cow skin,, yes it will
    Will it help him? If it is the right dose at the right time,, yes
    Do be sure to use appropriate dose

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 7 2021 #89443


    Way back when, when it first came out, well a couple years later,,
    I poured IVM on cattles’ back, seemed to work. I think relies on DSMO to go thru skin

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 26 2021 #78323

    Dogs and ivermectin,,, if the dog has heart worms….
    the problem is dead worms in heart muscle
    When I had ccp virus for 3rd time, 2 months ago, ivermectin (whinney)
    made the acute phase be only 1 week
    From slight differences was probably a different strain
    There was a chronic sequelae, after a month took a second series

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 9 2021 #70877

    FWIW,, K2 can be helpful with calcium adsorption,
    there are 2 different compounds of different lengths
    and effects
    K2-4 is more for the cardio-vascular system
    K2-7 (and longer) is more for calcium metabolism
    I really hate cramps, so I pay close attention

    in reply to: Treat Your Own COVID #69438

    For those who like herbals, black elderberry is reputed
    to be useful, somewhat anti-viral
    Now I would not recommend breaking the law,
    but just who does this body of mine belong to anyway?
    A source of ivermectin is animal worm medication,
    a horse is a somewhat valuable critter, a dead horse less

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 18 2021 #68553

    BTW, the reason I say not nicotinic acid, you won’t find it easily,
    niacin is much more common

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 18 2021 #68549

    >vitamin B3 but leaves me a bit confused as to what is the correct type of vitamin B to take while listing what not to take!
    Vitamin B3 comes in 4 forms IIRR, niacin is less used because sometimes
    it (niacin) gives ‘flushes’, a bit alarming sometimes
    As your body gets used to it, this decreases, vanishes, until then use less
    As the article says, use niacin, not nicianamide or nicotinic acid or (I forget)
    for a SPECIFIC enzyme pathway required for rebalance
    Sometimes you have to read something a few times to get all the details,
    maybe print it

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 18 2021 #68526

    Yesterday? someone posted about “long covid” and again today’s article
    Seems to make sense,, TR,DR niacin, NO other form of B3
    I have long wondered at the love affair between wall street and china
    But now I see it is simple, shared morals and ethics
    Self-centered, lawless, avoidance of legal consequence
    All in all, rather repulsive

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 3 2021 #67661

    I had a “hunch” that B3 had something to do with it, got it wrong (don’t like flush)
    & that’s why smokers…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 22 2020 #65935

    Viruses, viruses,, I have other problems
    I have bees, for more than 1/2 my life
    Since ’08 I have been ‘fighting’ ccd (colony collapse..)
    Not 100 lost yet, but close (too old to ‘enjoy’ weight…)
    And then you have to sell it, 1/2 ton this year
    IMO, it is a virus, unfortunately a long-lived virus
    Why do I mention? 2 days ago, 3rd mite treatment,
    another 5 gone, typical dead brood frames
    Damn annoying

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 22 2020 #65933

    Earlier cases of wuhan flu,,maybe BUT…
    Why did it not spread??
    We do know that it is fairly infectious
    Myself, got it from a package, assembled Shenzen
    at end of ’19, 2weeks DHL, a week later I got sick,
    then very sick. Without my previous
    intake of “D” (4000IU, for other reasons)
    could well be having a “dirt nap” now
    We do know there was a ‘lock down’ in Wuhan
    in september around viral institute
    Why did it not spread elsewhere???

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 22 2020 #65930

    About the hourglass…..
    Someone is QUITE maff-challanged
    Everyone ever born has had a mother and father, and 4 grand parents and …..
    So, it becomes 2^ something (2Esomething if you like) for YOUR ancestors
    How many generations of humanity?
    2^6000 is quite a large number, much much much bigger than 108 billion
    This is an incomprehensibly large number,
    about 1/2 a page of zeros,, and yes, all those people existed
    You are here after all

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 20 2020 #64640

    And look at the other side, what are they getting? Saudia, bombs & missiles?
    China Tiawan & TSMC? I’m sure Saudia could buy French or Brit bombs, Russian missiles,
    they have no great problems. I would hate to see Tiawan crushed, if that happened would
    hope TSMC was bombed flat
    As to Trump’s competence dealing with Wuhan flu, I’m sure Madame Clinton would have done Much better /s

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2020 #64416

    >Or maybe they think it is because of the diet? I have been waiting to hear a non-mask explanation
    It has been noted that in Japan there is quite high intake of Iodine,,
    possibily close to reasonable maximum

    in reply to: Vitamin D #63901

    You may (or may not) remember when I posted early feb about my wuhan flu experience
    D was 1st recommendation,,, lots of Zn in oysters, brazil nuts for Se (not too many)
    But, but, vit D is toxic, you will kill yourself /s
    Maybe if you eat a polar bear liver, pretty hard otherwise,, maybe you have 10K pills?
    Most are 1K (IU)
    Black elderberry is a good anti-viral

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2020 #58576

    >It’s obvious why they gained it at the equator. Sunburn.
    Err, no. Destruction of folic acid = increase of spina bifida
    From sun shining thru skin into surface blood vessels

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2020 #55431

    >Take vitamin-D, 5000 units per day if you have been taking it awhile, but 10,000 units/d >until June if you have not been taking it and you are not an outdoorsy nudist
    Exactly right,, also
    Get brazil nuts, for the selenium, 2 nuts/day, more if sick (don’t go wild)
    For me, it is the 2nd go-around, not so severe this time (so far)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2020 #54433

    Spam filter caught me trying to edit???
    –continued from above–
    OH, I meant to say,, you don’t pee out oil soluble vitamins, like D
    So you can take in one dose(/day), body stores and preserves
    Certainly better to get vitamins in food BUT pills are
    a much LARGER source, want to eat 30 oranges?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2020 #54432

    Yes, 85% sure I got it from pkg, assembled guangdong begin yr,
    shipped quickly. Mostly over, less coughing up phlegm,
    odd tasting, never tasted that before, more than a month now

    in reply to: It’s The Virus, Stupid #54409

    @V Arnold You are in the tropics, probably get lots? of sun
    If you are not too dark skinned, a hour of midday sun gives ~10K iu D
    (if not heavily covered with clothing)
    For those in more northern climes, your reserves of D are running low
    Take at least 5K/day for a week, then 2K/day thereafter even when not sick
    More if you get sick, even if you pee some of it out, it’s CHEAP
    What’s your life worth?
    A useful anti-viral is black elderberry

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 23 2020 #54279

    >Therefore, your recommended purchases will only help the seller
    You must know very little about nutrition
    All that I mentioned will improve immune response,
    unless the person is ALREADY adequate in them
    (and adequate is uncommon)
    Yes, an overdose of Se is quite toxic, don’t overdose
    You can overdose vitamin D, eat a polar bear liver
    The doses I recommended are not an overdose,
    literally could save thousands, I would estimate 1-2% total pop
    And BTW others also recommend this
    But few will do, stupidity is it’s own reward
    And Doctors don’t believe in nutrition, it’s too hard, competiton
    So you have to do this on your own, do several web searches,
    throw away top and bottom, use your head

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 23 2020 #54269

    OK, an update. I am still alive, a month later
    (I am 85% sure that I have had nCoV, from something
    assembled in guangdong beginning of year, quickly shipped)
    So, my guess is that the 9 days viability when dark & cool should be +50%)
    The 1st 2 weeks rather unpleasant, much sleep helps
    The pneumonia was only minor, I was watching like a hawk,
    I do have animal antibiotics if it seemed needed (was not)
    Bacterial pneumonia added would be a killer
    (since China is rather dirty, I suspect this is a factor there,
    _I_ got bacterial pneumonia there (near wuhan actually) 9 yrs ago)
    I did take vitamin C & D, I think D (in adequate dose)
    will cut mortality to 1/2. Also black elderberry may be helpful,
    and iodine, maybe selenium(carefully, don’t overdose Se)
    When phlegm started coming up, well it tasted quite odd,
    I never have tasted anything like that (only slightly ickky)
    Not so much fevers, more chills
    Myself* was already adequate with D, so only increased 5000 iu
    Most should take 10,000 iu or if sure deficient 20K for a week
    So, better get 2 bottle/person if it is usual 1000 iu pills
    (* a few yrs ago, I realized that more calcium (4+) would keep
    foot and hand (less) cramps away, if I didn’t add D
    I would have to double that, more of a problem in late winter,
    for obvious reasons)
    The horse has left the barn, probably nearly everyone will get it
    I have my doubts that it could have been stopped by any effort,
    but the blatant incompetence made it inevitable
    I also find it ironic that for both ccp AND usa add 2 zeros to the numbers
    So the CDC kicked the can down the road for a whole month, to save us panic,
    at the cost of at least 1/2 of their credibility,, WHAT A DEAL
    Most fortunate for ccp that children are little affected,
    nothing more fierce than a mother with sick child and someone to blame

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 26 2020 #53038

    Well I wish I wasn’t writing this, the horse has left the barn
    So, I bought a pinebookpro (pine64.org), this batch assembled very late 2019
    or beginning 2020. Shipped after a few days, received jan 14. Assembled shenzen or
    After about 8 days I started to get a cold, turned into maybe worst cold I have ever had
    And I can see how it is really trying to turn into pneumonia
    Now, about 3/4 over, take lots C and D to keep it from pneumonia
    Most unpleasant. One point, the virus is somewhat long-lived, 10+ days
    Wife and child now having their turn

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