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  • in reply to: Debt Rattle April 11 2020 #56999

    The natives are restless! The sky is falling! The world is coming to an end!

    Situation perfectly normal!

    My igloo still hasn’t melted yet!

    Spring is now being delayed until early May!

    Where is Al Gore when you need him!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 10 2020 #56954

    Dr. D:

    The “powers to be” are requesting that you be reprogrammed since you are not buying their propaganda!

    I am currently trying to find my old Fortran lV programming guides. I will also need a tray of new paper index cards, an index card hole puncher machine, a card reader station, and an IBM 360 computer.

    Due to the coronavirus, I may have a lot of trouble securing all of this equipment to reprogram you.

    So for now, I think you are safe! Carry on!

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    Biofuels are green. Being green means putting in more energy than you get out.

    Bio-gas means your car’s mileage is reduced requiring you to burn more bio-gas to get to where you wanted to go. This is very green.

    All of this is why Greta can afford to travel first class while my daughter cannot.

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    Look at it this way. The Saudis are just trying to limit the spread of the virus in Yemen. /s

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56743


    I think the simplified translated version is;

    they placed “One Way” signs on the entrances and “Do Not Enter” signs at the exit of each aisle!

    So now you can’t get burned in a 2 way aisle! (apologizes to Gordon Lightfoot).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56742


    Did you know rising Lake Ontario is threatening to flood our shorelines again?

    You are likely south of Lake Ontario or St. Lawrence River while I am north of you!

    Own a boat?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56738


    Getting the garden ready is real!

    Now regarding numbers! Numbers mean whatever you want them to mean!

    Example:. Company books. Up until about 1970 or so, my Father said the only way to tell if a company was cash flow positive, was to check and see if the company had actually contributed in full to it’s employees pension plan!

    After 1970, due to legal changes over who acutally owned company pension plans, companies all got out of the pension plan business in a hurry! (I remember my Father telling me in real time!)

    From that point onwards to this very day, there remains no sure way to determine if a company is actually cash flow positive!

    This proves that numbers are whatever you believe they mean!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56737


    Covidien just proves again how corrupt the CDC and FDA are!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56736

    My Father always said, “The only honest politician, is a broke one!”

    Speaking of ALMO!

    ALMO being broke, is promising the Mexican poor an “unoxthodox” coronavirus plan to help create jobs by maintaning government austerity and not spending more money and increasing government debt levels!

    Wow! If he can stick to his guns, not increasing the current debt levels means higher growth rates in the future! What an unselfish socialist thing to do!

    Naaaaw, it won’t happen! The rich want to rob Mexicans one more time!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56733

    Poor Boris Johnson is finding acquiring herd immunity isn’t so easy!

    But on the sunny side, Bill Gates will give him a Covid Pass!

    A Life Time Warranty, however costs $9.99!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56731

    About rich Old Joe.

    This is pure elder abuse! Please stop it!

    Stick him in an old folks home so he can catch the virus!

    This is the only humane option left for the DNC’s death panel!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 6 2020 #56730


    There are various kinds of modelling.

    Some models strutting down a fashion walkway selling an image of beauty are surreal in their thinness.

    Engineering models applying known science are limited by the real world.

    But scientists modelling unknown science, now there is a model you can’t believe in!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 4 2020 #56646

    My parents said know:

    Speaking of Boston, 101 years ago 21people drowned in the Great Boston Molasses Flood!

    That was one hell of a sticky mess!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 3 2020 #56613

    John Day:

    Some big green thumb! And to think you somehow manage to have 3 gardens growing at the same time!

    I am not sure if we could quite fit your garden into Moki’s cage even though she has a rather large walk-in cage (12′ x 12′ plus 4′ x 12′ plus 6′ x 12′ solarium) for such a small rabbit! I seriously doubt Moki could possibly eat even 1% of all those greens!

    But I do know, being an European rabbit, she would dig a burrow in your garden! (North American rabbits, contrary to Bugs Bunny, do not dig burrows!)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 3 2020 #56608

    John Day:

    I envy you your garden! Up here in Toronto, I have to wait another month or more before I can plant anything!

    My daughter’s little Dutch pet rabbit, Moki, all of 2 pounds, wants to come down and nibble away at your garden! She loves her greens!

    in reply to: Little Managers #56547

    It is a rare government that is ever prepared for the future.

    There are always people that are aware of the future and try to warn everybody. Naturally, nobody listens!

    Somehow people manage to muddle through just about everything thrown at them, even if it isn’t pretty.

    The US and Canada will somehow get through this but there will be casualties along the way.

    The little people will as usual pay the price, not the rich.

    Raul’s little managers will see to that!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56538


    Speaking of bears, my brother had a friend who was out hunting deer in northern Ontario. He was walking along a dirt road. Suddenly out of nowhere a small black bear attacked him! The bear hit him before he knew what had hit him!

    This guy was over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

    He said that scrawny little black bear tossed him around like he was a beach ball, as he was curled up to protect his face with his hands.

    Then for whatever reason the bear stopped and left. The guy could not get over how strong that little bear was, despite weighting less than he did!

    My Father got treed twice, by mother black bears. Once in northern Saskatchewan and Labrador.

    In Saskatchewan, he was walking in thick bush when her heard a bear. He managed to start climbing a small tree before the mother bear caught up to him. The tree was only tall and strong enough to support my Father and not the bear. The mother bear was able to reach and claw my Father’s boots. Then the bear left but my Father was afraid to climb down because of the thick bush. He couldn’t tell if the bear had really left or was waiting for him to come down! He stayed up in the tree until a co-worker came looking for him, several hours later!

    In Labrador, my Father first heard then saw a mother bear with her two cubs. Again he barely made it up another scrawny spruce tree where the mother bear did a nice custom job on his work boots! This time he could see the mother bear leave so his stay up in the tree was relatively short! This being his second encounter, it didn’t faze him as much. He was by then a pro!

    By the way, I have no idea how those poor black bears trying to make a living in northern Labrador, survive! There is nothing to eat up there! They are the smallest scrawny bears you will ever see! Winters last about 9 months up there!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56535


    The bear story anology is what I keep telling my daughter, just finishing her first year of business at Ryerson, in Toronto!

    She only needs to be smarter than the dumbest students in her class to pass!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56533

    Dr. D. Rich:

    I can tell you there is one guy, though alive, who won’t be adding his genes to the gene pool!

    This guy and a buddy were out hunting deer. When it got dark the guy discovered to his horror that his truck’s headlights did not work! After fumbling around he found that the headlight’s fuse had blown but he didn’t have a spare fuse.

    Since he couldn’t drive in the dark without headlights, he was getting desperate. Suddenly he realized that a bullet fitted into the fuse holder, located under the dash, perfectly!

    Sure enough the headlight’s started working again! So he and his hunting buddy started driving back home. Just before they got home there was a loud bang!

    Dr. D. Rich, I don’t have to tell you what vital part got shot off!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56531


    Yes, the government isn’t being nice because they love us!

    Maybe they are more worried that their tax slaves won’t be laboring to create enough wealth for them to steal to keep themselves in the style they have become accustomed to!

    After all the government rescue packages are just more blatant emergency transfers of wealth from us to them!

    It is all about their survival not ours!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56530

    Dr. D. Rich:

    You forgot to include all those clueless people going for a joy ride in a self driving Tesla!

    Their gene’s are no longer available to future generations!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56528

    Carol:. Yes some families would want to hide such things that happened in the past! I however, am not that way. Curiosity drives me!

    The fact is most of my relatives came to the states or Upper Canada on one way tickets! None left due to happy circumstances!

    Let’s face it crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship was a very risky thing to do back then! Much more risky than the virus we face!

    Mostly English, I do have some Irish in me! My Irish side (Mother’s side) has two vague stories. One came to Quebec City after the British replaced tenant farmers with sheep! The other Irish came over due to being on the losing side of some kind of Irish vs Irish clan struggle. The reason the stories only go back as far as Quebec City, is likely due to the fact that they probably couldn’t read or write. Anything recorded would have only been written by local priests in long lost family Bible’s. So all I have are the oral stories past down from gen to gen.

    I do know my great grandfather (on my Father’s side) left England in the late 1890s to avoid having his young son being put to work on a grinding machine which was basically a death sentence (like black lung) in those days! Also the very bad air pollution from coal too!

    The Bishop part of the family comes from my Father’s Mother’s side of the family. They were all Bishops being loyal to the crown, fled to Upper Canada (Ontario) as Empire Loyalists settling around Prescott – Brockville area. (That is why we have a family cottage in the 1,000 Islands!)

    One of the Bishops was a personal doctor to a British general, so obviously they had to leave! There were a lot of doctors amoung the Bishops. On my Father’s side that tradition of doctors (3) still continues.

    I certainly wish I knew more about my family’s history but only on my Father’s English side can we trace the family back to early 1600. Even that family tree part took a retired engineering relative in England over 20 years to discover. He had to visit many church records and cemeteries all over England as nothing is digital.

    Interestingly, even the spelling of the surname was often spelled differently amoung a given family’s siblings! Probably this was a result of different priests spelling the surname as it sounded to them!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56522


    Maybe my use of guard was a bit extreme! He wasn’t carrying a gun!

    Actually the Walmart guard was very helpful!

    He is the one who pointed out the available of the wipes to clean the shopping cart handles!

    I think as far as wanting to go back to being as close to normal, we are on the same page!

    We both want an end to the lockdown!

    But if everyone does social distancing, wears a mask and gloves, then with a few other practical changes, we can get back to the normal business of life!

    Will it stop the spread of the virus? No! But it will slow it down so we can better manage it!

    Hopefully by then the medical community will be more robust along with easy access to testing for the virus as well as testing to see if you had the virus too!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56512


    Your comment about people being “burned at the stake” reminded me of my great, great, great, … relative Bridget Bishop being the first witch to be hung on June 10, 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts!

    Obviously she “objected” to charges of witchcraft to no avail!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56506

    Yesterday, I ventured out to the local Walmart to get groceries.

    My how things have changed in just one week! Slightly reduced store hours.

    First there is 2 meter spaced lineup to get into the store controlled by a security guard. One out, then one in. Metal handrails guide the line. More people are starting to wear masks and gloves. I wore my winter gloves but no mask. I guess I will have to sew some!

    Once inside, the security guard tells you to take a hand wipe to clean your grocery cart.

    Inside the store, on the floor of each grocery lane entrance, are home-made one way arrows to direct the flow of grocery carts. Grocery lane exits are marked with home-made “Do Not Enter” signs on the floor.

    I must admit myself and other shoppers were initially having a little difficulty catching onto this new one way grocery cart flow system!

    The 2 meter spacing part everyone seems to have no difficulty with.

    Red lines on the floor plus pylons with ropes channel and space carts waiting at checkout cashiers.

    Cashiers have home-made plastic shields to protect the cashier’s who now wear plastic gloves.

    Overall, I have to give my Walmart store credit for making these simple but effective changes.

    Less shelves are empty now than before. I got about a 90% of what I wanted.

    If this is what the new normal looks like, I can live with it. The other option, I don’t want to think about it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56504

    I agree that until a country gets serious about everybody wearing a mask, the virus will continue it’s exponential spread.

    It is not about the mask preventing you from getting the virus.

    It is all about the mask preventing an infected person from spreading the virus to other people!

    That is why the business of life in Taiwan can continue as before.

    Also wearing gloves in public helps reduce the spread too.

    I think once our governments finally figure this out, then our lives can go back to normal.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 2 2020 #56503

    Yesterday, I saw a news report that the province of Manitoba is allowing former nurses to return to work as nurses. They will wave the government’s registration fees. They may temporarily wave re- certifcation requirements. All of these are government restrictions placed upon already trained nurses being able to work.

    Whomever thought of this idea should be given some credit.

    However getting former nurses to go back to nursing will still be difficult. Most of these former nurses have carved out new careers away from nursing and will be reluctant to return.

    Why do most nurses leave? Constantly Rotating shifts.

    Somewhere I once read that for every practicing nurse, there are 2 nurses no longer practicing. That was certainly true in my family as both my Mother and sister were no longer working as nurses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 1 2020 #56482

    Speaking of goats!

    When I was working a Congo copper mine, a friend was working night shift. Behind the house he was staying in was an open grassey area that the local kids often played soccer in.

    One morning someone tied a goat with a long rope to his backyard fence to eat the grass and left it. The goat kept going baaa, baaa so much that my friend couldn’t get to sleep! Pissed off, he got up and untied the rope attached to the fence. That worked great and my friend soon fell asleep.

    That evening before sunset, a boy knocked on his door asking if he had seen his now long gone goat!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 31 2020 #56383


    If the new normal means PM Trudeau’s family can go to the cottage, then so can I!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 31 2020 #56382

    One chart we are not likely to ever see, is a chart showing the exponential growth of political corruption this virus has triggered!

    in reply to: Dr. Fauci: 200 Million Americans Will Be Infected #56342

    Federal Canadian health officials are busy telling Canadians to stay home and not go to their cottages!

    Guess what!

    Trudeau’s wife and kids just went to their government cottage to wait out the virus since schools are closed!

    in reply to: Dr. Fauci: 200 Million Americans Will Be Infected #56340

    Is it possible that the government is the biggest problem inhibiting amore robust response to this virus?

    For example, supposed you want to make face masks. How long do you think it will it take you to get approval from the government before you are legally allowed to make face masks? Days? Weeks? Months? Or Years? If you chose years, you are correct!

    And while we are thinking about making face masks, how much money do you think you would need to jump through all of the government’s regulatiary hoops? $1? $10 $100? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000? $10,000,000? If you chose $10 million you stand a fighting chance of succeeding!

    So, by government decree it takes time and money to make medical face mask in America! So if you are alreadylicensed to make medical face masks, and you move your factory to China, just how high are the hurtles that a new competitor now has to jump? I would say barriers for a new competitor for making medical face masks in America are nearly impossible to surmount!

    Oh, yes! I forgot to mention the existing medical face mask maker has hired the US Chamber of Commerce to ensure new laws and regulations are in place to prevent your entry into making medical face masks!

    So in reality, your chances of making medical face masks are zero!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56336

    I noticed the CDC has been finally forced to allow the meds Dr. John Day told us about 3 months ago!

    But not before 2 Dem state governors banned doctors from proscribing these 2 meds! I wonder if doctors in these 2 states still have to abide by their governor’s bans? I can only think these 2 governors where more interested in protecting the big drug companies?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56334

    Finally the media admits Ontario is doing a crappy job of testing for the virus!

    They have finally admitted Ontario is only testing medical workers and those people so sick that they are admitted to the hospital! Their tent assessment facilities are just a smokescreen to keep people out of hospital ERs!

    Ontario, out of 10 provinces, has tested the least number of people per 100,000 people in Canada!

    BC has tested more than 3 times as many people as Ontario!

    I have been saying this on TAE for some time now.

    Sadly, Ontario lost the containment battle weeks ago!

    I wonder how long it will be before Quebec and Manitoba close their borders to Ontario!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56332

    Maxwell Quest:

    From an engineering point of view, your half full glass just means your glass is twice as big as it needs to be!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 29 2020 #56256

    Doc Robinson:.

    Yes, Tyler likes to exaggerate! Click bait!

    Gold and especially gold mining stocks are in a world of hurt at the moment!

    Someday paper gold prices will stop setting the price of physical gold but that day isn’t now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 29 2020 #56255


    Regarding Drinking water on Indian reservations. This is is just part of Indian politics!

    This problem has been around forever and will be in the future too. Sadly it has a lot to do with corruption on the Indian reservations.

    Do you remember the Harper government trying to bring transparency to tribal government finances? By requiring Indian governments to publically disclose annually how tribal money was spent?

    Do you remember how all of a sudden Indian chiefs were declaring drinking water emergencies all across Canada? This was merely the Indian chiefs way of hitting back at Harper!

    Then Trudeau was elected. The first thing Trudeau did was to eliminate any requirements for Indian chiefs to publically disclose how tribal money was spent. Notice how we suddenly no longer hear about Indian drinking water problems anymore!

    It was always about the power of Indian chiefs to spend their tribal money from the federal government as they saw fit! Try and take that power away and the chiefs will beat you over the head with drinking water!

    As for maintenance of water systems, well a new pickup is more appealing.

    I have a wee bit of experience with natives here in Canada and the US. In particular Naskapis, Montagnais, & Navajo. I have also run into a few others like Mohawk, Hopi, Crow, etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2020 #56192

    Late yesterday, I posted a few notes about making face masks and ventilators, from my Detroit based engineering brother who works for GM. we

    GM & Ford will soon be making face masks. They have everything they need except for the face mask fabric. Their biggest obstacle was finding a non-Chinese supplier of face mask fabric. Well they found one!

    An auto supplier of sound deadening material in South Carolina! This supplier is tweaking their machinery this weekend to reduce the sound deadening material down from 75% to the 25% required for face mask fabric. They will produce 1 million square yards of spun polypropylene face mask fabric by this coming Friday. That means both GM & Ford will soon be producing face masks in volume!

    GM production engineers, in the last 2 to 3 weeks, have sourced all of the over 700 parts needed to produce ventilators. Production will start this week and ramp up to 1,000 ventilators per day, in Kokomo, Indiana.

    So some good news in the fight against the virus for Americans!

    However up here in Ontario, the government is only now reducing restrictions placed on private companies to help in the fight. This is because the public health officials have resisted this every step of the way! This is our truf and everybody else keep off! Tests can only be done at government labs not private labs. This is still the case despite a huge backlog of tests to be preformed! (Private labs have to be certified by the government!)

    I know Americans love to bitch and complain about how incompetent their government officials are! No matter how well American politicians perform, it is never good enought! We could have done better! Everything is hung out on the clothes line for everybody to see!

    I have worked with Americans all over the world. The one thing that has always stuck me is how flexible they are! Saying NO to an American is asking for big trouble because they won’t accept NO for an answer especially when they think there is a way!

    When I compare responses between Ontario and the US, I see some big differences!

    In socialist Ontario, the public health (union) officials are resisting the privatization of any public services even in this emergency! They want to retain 100% control of everything even if many Ontarians die because of it. They don’t want to risk the public finding out how incompetent they really are by letting the private sector help out and show them up! And there is nothing we the people of Ontario can do about it since the socialist control everything!

    Then I watch what is happening in the US. Every state’s response is different especially those states run by Democrats. Several Democrat run states have banned doctors from proscribing medications discussed here on TAE! I wonder why and for who’s benefit they are doing this? Certainly not the peoples. I watch the speaker of the house! Stalin would be really proud of her!

    Yes, for political purposes, everybody cut the CDC’s budget even if they didn’t, maybe it was a blessing that the CDC were proven incompetent so early on! I don’t see anybody waiting for the CDC! Seems more like the hell with them! Remember CDC’s restrictions on early testing? FUBAR!

    Here in Ontario everybody seems to be waiting on everybody else! That is what I saw in Russia in 1983!

    Then I too also noticed how American private enterprises are rising to the challenge! Like what my brother is telling me. I see almost nothing like that here in Ontario, the so called industrial heartland of Canada! There is a small brewery, 2 guys, making hand sanitizer, bottled in beer bottles? That’s the big story up here!

    I have to wonder when this is all over just who rises to the challenge better, the government or the private sector.

    I think American private sector flexibility will prove to be the big difference maker in the long run.

    Meanwhile Americans, keep putting your dirty laundry out on the clothes line!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2020 #56144

    In our family, some good news.

    Whatever kind of flu my wife had she seems to be recovering and no longer has a fever. She was the one we were most worried about especially her lungs.

    What my daughter and wife had is the weirdest flu I have ever seen! To me the flu hits you right between the eyes! You know you have been hit! Then it backs up just to make sure you have been it hard enough!

    Tonight I was texting with my brother who works for GM in engineering in Detroit.

    First we discussed making face masks.

    Both GM & Ford are making masks. The fabric used to make masks is only made in China and they are not allowing any fabric to be exported. So what they are doing is having a US auto supplier in South Carolina that makes auto sound deaden material tweak their machinery to reduce their density from 75% to 25%. This will allow this supplier to produce 1 million square yards of the same spun polypropylene fabric used to make the fabric used in face masks!

    The supplier is supposedly tweaking their machinery this weekend! One million square yards of needed face mask fabric will be available by this coming Friday! So that is very good news for Americans!

    Then we talked about GM making ventilators. My brother spoke directly to a production engineer involved in this project.

    GM in the last 2 to 3 weeks has sourced the over 700 parts needed to produce ventilators. Production will start in Kokomo, Indiana this coming week with a planned capacity of 1,000 ventilators per day! This ventilator production is being done by what used to be known as Delco Electronics, GM’s radio supplier. Again more good news for Americans!

    The big difference that I see between the US and Canada, is that private companies are being used to quickly ramp up needed medical supplies. In Ontario, the public health service is resisting the use of private companies! Therefore we are experiencing huge bottlenecks every step of the way!

    From what I have seen NYS can test more people per day than all of Canada put together! P.S. Ironically NYS greater testing ability seems to be causing a mass flood of NYers to flee the state! To states with less testing!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2020 #56015

    Dr. D. Rich:

    When I could hear better, I often heard my wife’s stomach gurgling because there was no check valve to muffle the sound!o

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