Nov 302019
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Debt Rattle November 30 2019

Dorothea Lange Hoe culture in the South. Poor white, North Carolina July 1936   • China Shouldn’t Risk West’s Large Monetary Easing Of Last Decade – PBOC (SCMP) • EU Watchdog Tells Banks To Get A Grip On Costs, Merge Or Close (R.) • But US “Energy Independence” is More Complicated (WS) • Black Friday Is Dying (ZH) • Democrats Have A Better Choice Than Impeachment (CNN) • Adam Schiff’s Goat Rodeo (Jim Kunstler) • Telling The Truth Becomes A

Nov 292019
The Fed Detests Free Markets

Paul Gauguin Tahitians at rest (unfinished) 1891   To be completely honest, I wrote -most of- the second part of this a while ago, and then I was thinking this first part should be part of the second, if you can still follow me. But it doesn’t really, it’s fine. I wanted to write something to address how little people know and acknowledge about how disastrous central bank policies have been for our societies and economies. Because they don’t, and

Nov 292019
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Debt Rattle November 29 2019

Dorothea Lange Negro woman who has never been out of Mississippi July 1936   • The Limits of Lagarde (Varoufakis) • Millennials Have a Right To Be Pissed at Boomers (Vice) • What’s Behind the Subprime Consumer Loan Implosion? (WS) • DOJ Watchdog Expected To Downgrade ‘Spying’ On Trump Campaign (ZH) • Papua New Guinea Faces Cash Crunch As China Repayment Schedule Ramps Up (R.) • Britain’s Chief Rabbi Mirvis Is Helping to Stoke Antisemitism (Cook) • Boris Johnson Replaced

Nov 282019
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Debt Rattle Thanksgiving 2019

Paul Gauguin Brooding woman 1891   • Is Censure The Democrat Escape Clause? (Noble) • Tulsi Gabbard Slams Democrats for Calling Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’ (GP) • China Threatens Retaliation After Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Bill (ZH) • Obama Holdover Investigated for ‘Illegally Leaked’ Classified Document (ET) • The Real Barack Obama Has Finally Revealed Himself (Jacobin) • Reuters Gamed A Poll To Show Rising Support For Trump Impeachment (ZH) • Fewer Than 120,000 Tactical Votes Could Block Boris Johnson

Nov 272019
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Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews

Pablo Picasso Female bust R 1943   For political, but, much more, monetary reasons, the media makes their mark, and therefore Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews, Julian Assange is an unwashed rapist and Donald Trump is Putin’s handpuppet. And if you object, you’re a suspect human being. In order to make money, and retain or gain power, the media and intelligence services, along with the political powers friendly to them, inject opinions into the populace. How Orwellian do you want it?

Nov 272019
Debt Rattle November 27 2019

Margaret Bourke-White Beach Accident, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY 1951   • The House Will Not Vote On Impeachment. It Will Censure Trump (MoA) • The One Terrific Impeachment Defense The White House Is Not Making (DW) • Obama Privately Said He Would Speak Up To Stop Sanders (Hill) • MSNBC Doesn’t Try To Hide ‘Contempt’ Towards Gabbard (Hill) • China Risks Losing Its Financial Window On The World (G.) • More Than Half Of China’s Banks Fail Central Bank Stress

Nov 262019
Debt Rattle November 26 2019

Paul Gauguin Landscape with black pigs and a crouching Tahitian 1891   • The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings (Ron Paul) • Neocon Uses Impeachment To Push Russophobic Agenda (Stockman) • 12 Document Troves That Could Change The Ukraine Scandal (Solomon) • The Resistance Digs Their Hole Deeper (Kunstler) • CNN: Trump Is Leader Of ‘Destructive Cult’ , Uses ‘Mind-Control’ (SN) • Spiegel Finds Browder’s Magnitsky Narrative Is Riddled With Lies (RT) • Hong Kong Part Of China and

Nov 252019
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Debt Rattle November 25 2019

Dorothea Lange Resettlement project, Bosque Farms, New Mexico Dec 1935   • China Needs To Prepare For Zero Interest Rates (Global Times) • China Will Be The Next Country To Cut Rates To Zero (ZH) • Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Candidates Win 347 of 452 Seats (SCMP) • China Cables (Irish Times) • Both UK Parties Are Peddling Fantasies – Tony Blair (R.) • Why Did Trump Release Ukraine Aid? The Answer Is Simple (York) • John Solomon: They ‘Smeared Me,

Nov 242019
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Debt Rattle November 24 2019

Pablo Picasso Portrait de femme (Dora Maar) 1943   • Does Trump Have Bunch Of ‘Losers’ To Thank For Growing Economy? (Charlie Hall) • Phase 2 of the Great American Shale Oil & Gas Bust (WS) • Britain’s Carmakers Fear The Wheels Are Coming Off (G.) • Brick & Mortar Melts Down as Ecommerce Jumps by Most Ever (WS) • Ukraine, Trump, & Biden – The Real Story Behind “Ukrainegate” (Zuesse) • Yes, Ukraine Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election

Nov 232019
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Empty Frenzy

Salvador Dali Back the girl 1926   It wouldn’t be the first time we ask ourselves what American journalism has come to, but that question sure appears relevant today. There are again new accusations floating around about Trump. And of course we are all weary by now, after the Russiagate bomb and the Ukraine fizzle, but okay, let’s take a look. There is a newfangled poetically named “ethics watchdog” named American Oversight, which has received some documents after a FOIA