Jul 232021
Debt Rattle July 23 2021

Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950   • Data From India Continues To Blow Up The ‘Delta’ Fear Narrative (Blaze) • Here It Comes (Denninger) • ‘Pingdemic’ Triggers Widespread Panic Hoarding At UK Supermarkets (ZH) • List Of UK Venues That Could Mandate “Vaccine Passports” Already Expanding (SN) • Italy Will Start Requiring Covid Vaccine Passes For Many Activities (JTN) • Thousands Protest as Italy Mandates Health Pass (GP) • 49 Fully Vaccinated People In New Jersey Have Died From

Jul 222021
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Debt Rattle July 22 2021

Edward Hopper Western Motel 1957   • Israeli Lab: Some Existing Drugs Could Stop Covid At Almost 100% (JPost) • Mefloquine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Physiologically Relevant Cells (BX) • Israel Reports Sharp Decline In Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Efficacy (YNet) • 5,522 People Have Died Within 28 Days Of Having A Covid-19 Vaccine In Scotland (DE) • English Care Homes Could Lose 70,000 Staff Over Mandatory Covid Jab (G.) • There Goes The Rest Of The Narrative (Denninger) • When

Jul 212021
A Pandemic of The Vaccinated?

John Singer Sargent Palmettos, Florida 1917     I’ve been trying to write this for a week or so, but every time I start, new things happen. The virus landscape has changed enormously, which we of course don’t see reflected in the media. They report only on increases in infections and panicking politicians. Which can all be nicely packed together in “the Delta variant”. But there should be much more attention -and questions- with regards to those rising numbers, more

Jul 212021
Debt Rattle July 21 2021

René Magritte Mysteries of the horizon (a.k.a. The Masterpiece) 1955   • Debate Erupts Between Trusted Medical Doctor And Dr. Fauci (Bbee) • Fauci Loses It With Sen. Rand Paul Over Wuhan Lab Funding Accusations (RT) • Pfizer Granted Priority Review for FDA Vaccine Approval (Claus) • Over Half Of Australia’s Population Now Under Stay-at-Home Orders (RT) • NSW Health Official Tells Australians To Refrain From Talking To People (RT) • More Than 200 Facebook Groups Actively Circulating Vaccine Misinformation

Jul 202021
Debt Rattle July 20 2021

Édouard Vuillard In bed 1891   • 60% Of People Admitted To Hospital With Covid Have Been Double-Jabbed (Sky) • Hospitalisation Data Not A Reason To Doubt The Vaccine (Moore) • Gottlieb Predicts ‘Most’ Unvaccinated Americans Will Get Delta Variant (HuPo) • The Flag Is In Tatters (Denninger) • Antibodies From Covid Infection Last At Least Nine Months (F.) • 45K Death Count From Covid Shot Lawsuit (Renz Law) • Viral Diversity and the Pandemic Response (McCullough) • On ‘Freedom

Jul 192021
Debt Rattle July 19 2021

Giuseppe Leone Ragusa Sicily 1953   • 2nd Week in a Row: More Covid Vax Deaths than COVID-19 Deaths in the US (GP) • Four New Discoveries About Safety And Efficacy Of COVID Vaccines (DfCE) • Response to Dr. Bhakdi (VanDen Bossche) • Israel Bans Entry To Vaccinated Tourists (JPost) • 2 More Texas Dems Who Fled State To Block GOP Voting Bill Test Positive (NYP) • Facebook Says 85% of US Users Are Pro-Vaccine (RT) • The Panic Pandemic

Jul 182021
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Debt Rattle July 18 2021

Pablo Picasso The blue room 1901   • Infections in Vaccinated Overtake Those in Unvaccinated For the First Time (LDS) • British Ministers Decide Against Mass Vaccination For Teens (R.) • The CDC Owes Parents Better Messaging on the Vaccine for Kids (Wired) • Fauci: US Might ‘Still Have Polio’ If Media Back Then Opposed Vaccine (Y!) • Biden Denounces Big Tech as “Killing People” By Not Censoring Speech (Turley) • Sheriff In California Won’t Enforce Mask Mandate: ‘Not Backed

Jul 172021
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Debt Rattle July 17 2021

Edward Hopper Summer interior 1909   • Something Really Odd Is Going On (CR) • As Covid Cases Rise, Gibraltar Tightens Rules On Isolation (GBC) • Pfizer Covid Vaccine Significantly Less Effective Against Delta Variant (JP) • Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks Of Desperation (Smith) • Biden Says Social Media Misinformation On Covid ‘Killing People’ (Y!) • White House Admits to Flagging Posts For Facebook (Turley) • Sorry, But No. And I Do Mean *NO* (Denninger) • Enemies of

Jul 162021
Debt Rattle July 16 2021

Vincent van Gogh Bridge in the rain (after Hiroshige) 1887   • Biden Admin ‘Flagging Problematic Social Media Posts’ (PM) • Question Everything (Ballan) • Spain’s Top Court Rules Lockdown Unconstitutional (BBC) • Long Covid Has Over 200 Symptoms And Leaves 1 In 5 Unable To Work • Huge Study Supporting Ivermectin For Covid Withdrawn Over Ethical Concerns (G.) • Top General Feared Trump Would Attempt A Coup After Losing The Election (DM) • Kremlin Papers Appear To Show Putin’s

Jul 152021
Debt Rattle July 15 2021

Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Evening Shower on the Great Bridge near Atake 1857   • Are Recovered Covid Patients More Protected Than The Vaccinated? (ToI) • 4,450 Breakthrough Cases, 79 Deaths Among Fully Vaccinated In Massachusetts (CBS) • Indonesia Regulator Allows Ivermectin Use For Covid Treatment (ZH) • Bayesian Meta Analysis of Ivermectin Effectiveness in Treating Covid-19 (RG) • Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rescues B And T Cell Responses To Variants (SciMag) • Yep *******s, And It’s About DAMNED TIME (Denninger) •