Nov 302021
Debt Rattle November 30 2021

René Magritte The endearing truth 1966   • Harsh Penalties Mulled For Resisting Compulsory Vaccination In Austria (RT) • DeSantis Says Lockdowns Not an Option Regardless of Variant (CTH) • Moderna Boss Says Vaccines Likely No Match For Omicron (F24) • Victoria Creates Australia’s First mRNA Vaccine (G.) • Pfizer Systematic Deployment in USA (Paardekooper) • Biden Reveals What New Normal Will Be (RT) • Judge Halts Biden Vaccine Mandate In 10 States (RT) • Biden Admin Delays Federal Vaccine

Nov 292021
It's Time To Dump Pfizer

Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the desert 1920     It’s time for the world to come to its senses. Maybe Omicron is a good guide for doing that. Because it shows how something that is not a threat at all, as far as anyone knows from evidence, can still be blown out of all proportions in order to manipulate behavior. Kind of a mini version of the past 2 years, a play within a play. For the past year, we

Nov 292021
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Debt Rattle November 29 2021

David Hockney Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1972   • Fauci Escalates Feud With GOP Senators, Declaring ‘I Represent Science’ (JTN) • Cruz Responds To Fauci’s Attack On Him, Doubles Down On Call For Criminal Probe (DW) • WHO: Omicron Poses ‘Very High’ Global Risk (R.) • Fauci Reveals Plan To Prepare Americans For Omicron (RT) • Biden and Fauci’s Omicron Travel Ban ‘Worse Than Useless,’ Critics Say (NYP) • BioNTech Testing New Covid Variant To See

Nov 282021
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Debt Rattle November 28 2021

René Magritte Youth 1924   • Early Action Against Omicron Is Imperative (Birney) • South African Medical Head: Slow-Roll the Panic Over Omicron (RS) • My Opinion On The New African Variants (VanDenBossche) • Are We Overreacting to Omicron? (BI) • The Right Way To Handle The Pandemic (Kirsch) • Only Two Things Are Infinite…. (Denninger) • 45% of Deaths After Covid Vaccination Happen In The First 2 Weeks (Kirsch) • Vaxxing Our Kids (CR) • Think Carefully About Accepting

Nov 272021
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Debt Rattle November 27 2021

Henri Rousseau The waterfall 1910   • Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (WHO) • This Is How Scientists Detect New Variants Of Covid-19 (WEF) • New Covid-19 Variant Could Show Immune Evasion, Enhanced Transmissibility (CNN) • Big Pharma Unveils Plans To Tackle New ‘Omicron’ Strain (RT) • Biden Delayed Africa Travel Ban On Advice Of Advisers Led By Fauci (NYP) • Decolonize This! (Kunstler) • Why The Retail Industry Is Fighting Vaccine Mandates (NYT) • A Pandemic

Nov 262021
Debt Rattle November 26 2021

Pablo Picasso Bather on the beach 1920   • Ignorant and Afraid (eugyp) • Ex-England Star Wonders If Football Player Collapses Linked To Vaccine (RT) • Ethics of Vaccine Refusal (BMJ) • WHO Calls Special Meeting To Discuss New Covid Variant (CNBC) • Former WHO Director Warns Making Vaccines Mandatory Could Cause Riots (SN) • COVID-19 Vaccine For Babies And Toddlers Could Be Approved Early 2022 (CBC) • Media Tells Americans to Check Vaccine Status of Thanksgiving Dinner Guests (SN)

Nov 252021
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Debt Rattle November 25 2021

Peter Stackpole SophiaLoren in a Manhattan Coffee, NYC 1958   • Fauci Claims His Critics Are “Killing People” (SN) • Dr. Marik Suspended After Suing Hospital for Banning COVID Treatments (CHD) • Are Adverse Events In Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Under-Reported? (DeMasi) • Severe Reactions to Covid Vaccines Far More Common Than VAERS Data Shows (BN) • Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines “Dramatically Increase” Heart Risk (Attkisson) • Reinfection From Covid-19 Is Rare, Severe Disease Is Even Rarer (CNN) • US COVID

Nov 242021
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Debt Rattle November 24 2021

Jean-Francois Millet The Young Shepherdess 1870-73   • SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Disrupts Human Cardiac Pericytes Function (CS) • Vaccine Data Transparency at the FDA (Kheriaty) • Fauci Speaks Of ‘Unfinished Business’ Before He Can Retire (RT) • Judge Tells Hospital: “Step Aside”, Give a Dying Man Ivermectin (Pfeiffer) • Kansas Governor to Allow Broad Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements (ET) • New Zealand To Stay Closed To Foreigners For Another Five Months (MSN) • Scottish Govt Vax Passport Sends People’s

Nov 232021
Debt Rattle November 23 2021

Max Ernst Ubu Imperator 1923   • Germany Promotes Moderna Shot As The ‘Rolls-Royce’ Of Covid Vaccines (RT) • German Politicians Refuse To Rule Out Mandatory COVID Vaccination (ZH) • Australian Army Moves COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps (ZH) • Gottlieb: ‘Fully Vaccinated’ To Include Boosters (Hill) • Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most….. (Denninger) • Monday Was The Deadline For Federal Workers To Be Vaccinated (NPR) • System Strained As Military Personnel Seek Religious Waivers

Nov 222021
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Vaccinated, Cured Or Dead

John Atkinson Grimshaw Battersea Bridge 1885     Europe is panicking over Covid. The more vaccinations there are, the more positive PCR tests. What no-one in Europe is yet ready to acknowledge is that 1/ more vaccinations may be the very cause of more positive tests, and 2/ the vaccinations are a dead-end street to begin with. The present vaccines will not get rid of Covid. Indeed, they may well make the problem – a lot- worse. No politician or